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Help and advice for Devonport - Pigot, pre-1830

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Name Listing from the Dock (Devonport) Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Burt, T M: Academy                                              Cherry Garden Street
Carrington, N T: Academy                                        George Street
Mattock, T.B. Rev: Academy                                      Ker Street
Northy, Arthur: Academy                                         61 Prince Street
Wise, Jno Hutchings: Academy                                    St Aubyn Street
Hance, Richd: Agent                                             98 Fore Street
Hickes, Edwd: Agent (Dock Water Co)                             11 Fore Street
Oliver, Robt: Agent (Navy)                                      21 St Aubyn Street
Smart, Wm: Agent (Navy)                                         7 Market Lane
Spearman, Thos Richards: Agent (Royal Hospital Greenwich)       34 South Street
Berryman, Richd: Attorney                                       18 St Aubyn Street
Birkhead, R Hawker: Attorney                                    32 Chapel Street
Blackmore, Jn Pym: Attorney                                     50 Fore Street
Blackmore, Walter Pomery: Attorney                              6 Morice Street
Bone: Attorney                                                  24 St Aubyn Street
Chapman, Wm: Attorney                                           52 St Aubyn Street
Cole, Robt: Attorney                                            28 St Aubyn Street
Easton, Jas: Attorney                                           76 George Street
Elworthy, Jn Ed: Attorney                                       11 George Street
Foot, Wm: Attorney                                              11 Chapel Street
Leach: Attorney                                                 19 Chapel Street
Little: Attorney                                                19 Chapel Street
Lugger: Attorney                                                19 Chapel Street
Peers, Chas: Attorney                                           Ker Street
Rodd: Attorney                                                  24 St Aubyn Street
Smith, John: Attorney                                           27 King Street
Sole, Edwd: Attorney                                            28 Chapel Street
Sole, W Davey: Attorney                                         84 Duke Street
Tink, Chas: Attorney                                            60 St Aubyn Street
Ellis, John: Auctioneer                                         2 James Street
Hainsselin, D H: Auctioneer                                     89 Fore Street
Hance, Richd: Auctioneer                                        98 Fore Street
Horton, Geo: Auctioneer                                         22 St Aubyn Street
Lyne, Edwd: Auctioneer                                          76 Fore Street
Mortimer, Josh P: Auctioneer                                    27 James Street
Phillips, Stephen: Auctioneer                                   3 Tavistock Street
Thompson, Jn: Auctioneer                                        64 St Aubyn Street
Yeo, John: Auctioneer                                           Duke Street
Axford, Thos: Baker                                             13 St Aubyn Street
Boden, Anthy: Baker                                             38 Queen Street
Brent, Edwd: Baker                                              94 Duke Street
Brimacomb, H: Baker                                             11 St Aubyn Street
Butcher, John: Baker                                            18 James Street
Collings, Wm: Baker                                             27 Pembroke Street
Curtis, Richard: Baker                                          6 Pond Lane
Dinnis, John: Baker                                             112 Fore Street
Giles, Wm: Baker                                                11 Fore Street
Glanville, W: Baker                                             10 Catherine Street
Gudridge, Josh: Baker                                           17 William Street
Jackman, Wm: Baker                                              Clowance Street
Mumford, Ts: Baker                                              48 North Corner Street
Polkinghorne, Edw: Baker                                        11 Prince Street
Robins, Jacobs: Baker                                           Tavistock Street
Row, John: Baker                                                83 Duke Street
Ryan, Richd: Baker                                              34 King Street
Samson, Thos: Baker                                             104 Fore Street
Smart, Richd: Baker                                             89 Fore Street
Stanbury, Jas: Baker                                            81 James Street
Veale, John: Baker                                              40 Market Lane
Vooden, Edmd: Baker                                             12 Granby Street
Woollacott, Jn: Baker                                           11 Pembroke Street
Johns: Banker                                                   Fore Street
Shiels: Banker                                                  Fore Street
Husband: Banker (General)                                       78 Fore Street
Glencross: Banker (Naval)                                       77 Fore Street
Hodge: Banker (Naval)                                           77 Fore Street
Norman: Banker (Naval)                                          77 Fore Street
Germain, John: Block & Pump Maker                               Mutton Cove
Hingston, Edwd: Block & Pump Maker                              Richmond Walk
Byers, Wm: Bookbinder                                           109 Fore Street
Norsworthy, Ambrose: Bookbinder                                 70 Prince Street
Cock, Elizbh: Bookseller & Stationer                            53 Fore Street
Colman: Bookseller & Stationer                                  48 Fore Street
Congdon: Bookseller & Stationer                                 52 Fore Street
Congdon, John: Bookseller & Stationer                           28 Fore Street
Harris, Henry Ths: Bookseller & Stationer                       51 Duke Street
Hearle: Bookseller & Stationer                                  52 Fore Street
Hoxland: Bookseller & Stationer                                 48 Fore Street
Johns, James: Bookseller & Stationer                            56 Fore Street
Sandford, Geo: Bookseller & Stationer                           41 St Aubyn Street
Williams, Richd: Bookseller & Stationer                         54 Fore Street
Axworthy, Philip: Boot & Shoe Maker                             31 Fore Street
Brown, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    93 Fore Street
Budge, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  35 Market Street
Couch, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    82 George Street
Crews, Nich: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  12 Catherine Street
Drake, Henry: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 10 James Street
Ellis, James: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 66 Fore Street
Elworthy, Ths: Boot & Shoe Maker                                68 St Aubyn Street
Garland, S: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   40 North Corner Street
Heath, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                    39 Fore Street
Manicom, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                7 Duke Street
Medder, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 3 Catherine Street
Mitchell, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 6 Catherine Street
Oke, George: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  34 James Street
Rogers, Richd: Boot & Shoe Maker                                59 Queen Street
Rook, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   86 Fore Street
Swanson, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  65 George Street
Triggs, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 37 Fore Street
Triggs, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   25 Fore Street
Wheeler, Jas: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 9 James Street
Wheeler, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                66 George Street
Yeo, James: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   5 King Street
Hearle, John: Brazier                                           Fore Street
Sparke, W G: Brazier                                            32 Catherine Street
Colley: Brewer                                                  58 Fore Street
Condy: Brewer                                                   52 Chapel Street
Liscombe, John: Brewer                                          Market Street
Liscombe, Thos: Brewer                                          Market Street
May: Brewer                                                     58 Fore Street
Smith: Brewer                                                   52 Chapel Street
Baker, Wm: Brush Maker                                          2 Duke Street
Hinvest, Wm: Brush Maker                                        103 James Street
Bartlett, Wm: Builder                                           12 St Aubyn Street
Bettesworth, Saml: Builder                                      9 Marborough Street
Billing, John: Builder                                          39 James Street
Harris, John: Builder                                           51 Duke Street
Harris, Wm: Builder                                             51 Duke Street
Rickard, John: Builder                                          35 St Aubyn Street
Butland, Thos: Butcher                                          Pembroke Street
Cleife, Thos: Butcher                                           St John's Street
Cornish, John: Butcher                                          James Street
Easterbrook, Wm: Butcher                                        Barrack Street
Elson, John: Butcher                                            King Street
Harris, F: Butcher                                              Duke Street
Heard, John: Butcher                                            Barrack Street
Hyne, Simon: Butcher                                            Bragg's Alley
Milton, Ths: Butcher                                            James Street
Pike, Wm: Butcher                                               Marborough Street
Quance, Robt: Butcher                                           South Street
Spry, Jas: Butcher                                              Cumberland Street
Sutton, Geo: Butcher                                            Cherry Garden Street
Baxter, Mary: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       1 Ker Street
Clements, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                     83 George Street
Cock, Wiltshire: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                    23 James Street
Elliott, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      43 Chapel Street
Hodge, Saml: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        82 James Street
James, Geo: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                         96 James Street
Kimmins, Wm: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                        19 George Street
Knox, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                         84 Fore Street
Mewton, Wm: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                         89 James Street
Smith, Sidney: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                      64 St Aubyn Street
Thompson, John: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                     64 St Aubyn Street
Wakeham, Jas: Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer                       18 Fore Street
Batchelor, William: Captain Of Packet Ship - Amity              North Corner Street
May, John: Captain Of Packet Ship - Daniel & William            North Corner Street
Leveret, T: Captain Of Packet Ship - Dart                       North Corner Street
Davis, Robt: Captain Of Packet Ship - Edward                    North Corner Street
Searle, R: Captain Of Packet Ship - Fox                         North Corner Street
Beer, Wm: Captain Of Packet Ship - Good Intent                  North Corner Street
Reeves, George: Captain Of Packet Ship - Horatio                North Corner Street
May, E: Captain Of Packet Ship - James & Jane                   North Corner Street
New, Jas: Captain Of Packet Ship - Kingfisher                   North Corner Street
Reeves, W: Captain Of Packet Ship - Rambler                     North Corner Street
Reeves, M: Captain Of Packet Ship - Thomas & Elizabeth          North Corner Street
Abbott: Carrier                                                 Market Street
Auger, Henry: Carrier                                           Fore Street
Cayzer, Wm: Carrier                                             Tavistock Street
Clarke: Carrier                                                 Market Street
Collins, Geo: Carrier                                           Fore Street
Fusdale, Wm: Carrier                                            Tavistock Street
Hawke, John: Carrier                                            Fore Street
Henderson, N: Carrier                                           Fore Street
Samuels, John: Carrier                                          Market Street
Weekes, Robt: Carrier                                           Tavistock Street
Willcocks: Carrier                                              Fore Street
Saunders, Samuel: Carver & Guilder                              101 Fore Street
Hare, Rd: Chair Maker                                           17 James Street
Avery, Wm: Chemist & Druggist                                   112 Pembroke Street
Clark, Jas: Chemist & Druggist                                  37 Market Street
Dickerson, Jas: Chemist & Druggist                              33 Catherine Street
Gilbert, Chas: Chemist & Druggist                               87 Fore Street
Glencross, Jas: Chemist & Druggist                              59 Fore Street
Jeffery, Moses: Chemist & Druggist                              6 Market Street
Pearce, Wm: Chemist & Druggist                                  80 George Street
Reevey, Jas: Chemist & Druggist                                 24 Catherine Street
Birdwood, John: China & Glass Dealer                            5 Stafford Hill
Burt, J: China & Glass Dealer                                   85 Fore Street
Medder, Rd: China & Glass Dealer                                8 Catherine Street
Arnold, Wm: Clothes Broker                                      10 North Corner Street
Bartlett, Richd: Clothes Broker                                 27 North Corner Street
Brown, Jas: Clothes Broker                                      28 North Corner Street
Bynon, Rd: Clothes Broker                                       17 Tavistock Street
Dodd, Edw: Clothes Broker                                       2 Queen Street
Levi, Phineas: Clothes Broker                                   48 Queen Street
Makinson, Eliz: Clothes Broker                                  21 James Street
Nathan, Lyonel: Clothes Broker                                  88 James Street
Phillips, Rose: Clothes Broker                                  15 Market Street
Ryder, John: Clothes Broker                                     41 North Corner Street
Bowden, John: Coach Maker                                       99 Fore Street
Beer: Coal Merchant                                             James Street
Colenso, J W: Coal Merchant                                     North Corner Street
Honey: Coal Merchant                                            James Street
Paramore, Dd: Coal Merchant                                     68 George Street
Tapson, Ebsworthy: Coal Merchant                                60 James Street
Winlo, Robert: Coal Merchant                                    58 James Street
Best, Joseph: Confectioner                                      63 George Street
Bright, Joseph: Confectioner                                    62 Fore Street
Cornish, Jas: Confectioner                                      5 Catherine Street
Favey, Wm: Confectioner                                         Cumberland Street
Hussey, Thos: Confectioner                                      29 Fore Street
Lawrence, Jas: Confectioner                                     54 St Aubrey Street
Southwood, Rd: Confectioner                                     36 Fore Street
Steele, Thos: Confectioner                                      37 George Street
Vigurs, John: Confectioner                                      10 Morice Street
Gard, John M: Conveyancer                                       21 St Aubyn Street
Shapland, Wm: Conveyancer                                       12 Barrack Street
Mcclean, Michael: Cooper                                        47 King Street
Sweet, Robt: Cork Cutter                                        59 James Street
Biggs, Wm: Corn & Flour Factor                                  1 St Aubyn Street
Cock, Wm: Corn & Flour Factor                                   16 Ker Street
Smart, Rd: Corn & Flour Factor                                  89 Fore Street
Blight, John: Currier & Leather Seller                          45 Cumberland Street
Brown, Wm: Currier & Leather Seller                             13 James Street
Harvie, Abraham: Currier & Leather Seller                       92 James Street
Miall, Rd: Currier & Leather Seller                             38 Market Street
Abbott, John: Dentist                                           5 St Aubyn Street
Dawe, Chas: Dyer                                                48 King Street
Holloway, John: Dyer                                            Duke Street
Mortimer, John: Dyer                                            95 Fore Street
Mortimer, Wm: Dyer                                              36 Fore Street
Robins, John: Dyer                                              Duke Street
Peers, Chas: Fire Office Agent (2)                              Ker Street
Foot, W S: Fire Office Agent (Atlas)                            11 Chapel Street
Chapman, Wm: Fire Office Agent (Eagle)                          52 St Aubyn Street
Gard, J M: Fire Office Agent (Globe)                            21 St Aubyn Street
Hearle, G W: Fire Office Agent (Guardian (& Life))              Fore Street
Smith, J: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)                    King Street
Sole, W D: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)                  84 Duke Street
Garland, Eliza: Fringe Maker                                    94 Fore Street
Lidstone, Cath: Fringe Maker                                    96 Fore Street
Arthurs, Rebecca: Furniture Broker                              43 King Street
Ellis, John: Furniture Broker                                   2 James Street
Garland, Richd: Furniture Broker                                56 Queen Street
George, Edw: Furniture Broker                                   16 James Street
Gillard, Wm: Furniture Broker                                   36 James Street
Hancock, Robt: Furniture Broker                                 3 King Street
Hellyer, Eliz: Furniture Broker                                 7 Catherine Street
Henwood, Francis: Furniture Broker                              78 James Street
Hockin, Wm: Furniture Broker                                    6 James Street
Martin, John: Furniture Broker                                  6 King Street
Martin, Solomon: Furniture Broker                               15 James Street
May, Richd: Furniture Broker                                    63 St Aubyn Street
Rogers, Nicholas: Furniture Broker                              75 Duke Street
Sweet, Robert: Furniture Broker                                 5 James Street
Wood, William: Furniture Broker                                 31 King Street
Yeo, Edward: Furniture Broker                                   16 James Street
Fielding, O: Gilder                                             20 Mount Street
Abel, Israel: Grocer                                            57 North Corner Street
Andrews, David: Grocer                                          41 Chapel Street
Anthony, Charles: Grocer                                        55 Fore Street
Avery, Wm Js: Grocer                                            111 Pembroke Street
Bath, John: Grocer                                              5 Duke Street
Best, John: Grocer                                              18 George Street
Best, Peter: Grocer                                             34 Duke Street
Bloy, Nicholas: Grocer                                          113 Fore Street
Chidley, George: Grocer                                         22 James Street
Clark, Jas Edw: Grocer                                          37 Market Street
Coombe, Edward: Grocer                                          96 Duke Street
Davis, James: Grocer                                            27 James Street
Davis, Saml: Grocer                                             12 Fore Street
Denham, Henry: Grocer                                           85 Duke Street
Dingley, William: Grocer                                        10 Market Street
Evans, Saml: Grocer                                             34 Catherine Street
Hope, Wm: Grocer                                                25 Catherine Street
Icely, Thomas: Grocer                                           5 Prince Street
Jackman, W: Grocer                                              Clowance Street
Jeffery, Moses: Grocer                                          7 Market Street
Kennard, John: Grocer                                           45 Market Street
Kitt, John: Grocer                                              29 King Street
Knight, S D: Grocer                                             11 James Street
Nicholson, Benj: Grocer                                         33 Market Street
Palmer, John: Grocer                                            1 Prince Street
Pascoe, Peter: Grocer                                           35 Barrack Street
Peter, Arthur: Grocer                                           14 Catherine Street
Rowe, William: Grocer                                           50 Queen Street
Stephens, Jno: Grocer                                           23 Catherine Street
Truscott, Eliz: Grocer                                          47 Queen Street
Tucker, Harry: Grocer                                           8 Queen Street
Tucker, Wm: Grocer                                              41 Market Street
Webber, Rd Treroy: Grocer                                       38 Pembroke Street
Winnicott, Wm: Grocer                                           8 Queen Street
Bradley, Allen: Haberdasher                                     5 Market Street
Dikes, M: Haberdasher                                           25 James Street
James, E: Haberdasher                                           10 St Aubyn Street
James, R: Haberdasher                                           10 St Aubyn Street
Salterley, A: Haberdasher                                       36 Market Street
Salterley, E: Haberdasher                                       36 Market Street
Smith, Benj: Hardwareman                                        67 St Aubyn Street
Abram, John: Hat Manufacturer                                   57 St Aubyn Street
Budge, John: Hat Manufacturer                                   39 Market Street
Grose: Hat Manufacturer                                         North Corner Street
Kennard: Hat Manufacturer                                       North Corner Street
Medder, Saml: Hat Manufacturer                                  4 Catherine Street
Waugh, John: Hat Manufacturer                                   35 Catherine Street
Waugh, Thos W: Hat Manufacturer                                 24 Fore Street
Willing, Jas: Hat Manufacturer                                  38 Catherine Street
Andrews, Wm P: Iron Monger                                      1 Duke Street
Backwell, Rd Oliver: Iron Monger                                37 Fore Street
Blake, Sl: Iron Monger                                          5 North Corner Street
Bowhay, John: Iron Monger                                       87 James Street
Buchan, John: Iron Monger                                       8 Market Street
Clark, Thos: Iron Monger                                        31 Catherine Street
Clark, William: Iron Monger                                     93 James Street
Condy, Rd: Iron Monger                                          27 Catherine Street
Couch, John: Iron Monger                                        73 Fore Street
Gould, Ed: Iron Monger                                          5 North Corner Street
Heath, J: Iron Monger                                           21 Catherine Street
Heath, W: Iron Monger                                           21 Catherine Street
Kent, Wm: Iron Monger                                           39 Catherine Street
Olver, Thomas: Iron Monger                                      68 Fore Street
Pengelly, Wm: Iron Monger                                       8 James Street
Provo, Ld Yeo: Iron Monger                                      15 Catherine Street
Ramsey, Jno: Iron Monger                                        89 Duke Street
Sparke, Wm G: Iron Monger                                       32 Catherine Street
Fielding, H: Jeweller                                           Mount Street
Hope, W: Jeweller                                               Catherine Street
Dunsford, Jas H: Jeweller & Goldsmith                           43 Fore Street
Clements, Cath: Lace Maker                                      53 St Aubyn Street
Lyons, Aaron: Lace Maker                                        68 St Aubyn Street
Collins, Robt: Last Maker                                       97 James Street
Brockinton, Wm: Leather Seller                                  55 Queen Street
Hooper, Joseph: Leather Seller                                  75 Prince Street
Austin, Jno: Linen & Woolen Draper                              56 St Aubyn Street
Billings: Linen & Woolen Draper                                 34 Catherine Street
Birt, Josiah: Linen & Woolen Draper                             30 Catherine Street
Burnett, Jas: Linen & Woolen Draper                             80 Fore Street
Burnett, Rd: Linen & Woolen Draper                              80 Fore Street
Clark, Pr Courtnay: Linen & Woolen Draper                       45 Fore Street
Foster, John: Linen & Woolen Draper                             29 Catherine Street
Gilbard, Henry: Linen & Woolen Draper                           67 Fore Street
Hancock, Wm: Linen & Woolen Draper                              18 Catherine Street
Hook, Wm: Linen & Woolen Draper                                 9 Market Street
Kent, John: Linen & Woolen Draper                               20 Catherine Street
Ladbury, Edw: Linen & Woolen Draper                             26 Catherine Street
Parkyn: Linen & Woolen Draper                                   34 Catherine Street
Pinsent: Linen & Woolen Draper                                  43 Market Street
Williams, Ellis: Linen & Woolen Draper                          34 Market Street
Liscombe, Jno: Maltster                                         Market Street
Liscombe, Ts: Maltster                                          Market Street
Jarvis, Edmd: Marine Store Dealer                               Richmond Walk
Morris, Wm: Marine Store Dealer                                 Mutton Cove
Vincent, John: Marine Store Dealer                              32 Market Street
Barry, J: Mason & Hellier                                       Pembroke Street
Callard, Edward: Mason & Hellier                                Fore Street
Dyer, John: Mason & Hellier                                     Chapel Street
Knowling, George: Mason & Hellier                               Prince Street
Billing, Jno: Merchant                                          39 James Street
Billing, Thos: Merchant                                         Mutton Cove
Chappell: Merchant                                              Chapel Street
Hodge: Merchant                                                 Chapel Street
Rundle, R: Merchant                                             33 George Street
Winlo, Robt: Merchant                                           Mutton Cove
Marshall, Hannah: Milliner                                      40 Fore Street
Young, Johanh: Milliner                                         2 Catherine Street
: Newspaper (Telegraph & Chronicle)                             52 Fore Street
Cox, W C: Optician                                              86 Fore Street
Bennetts, Rd: Painter & Glazier                                 58 North Corner Street
Chapman, Matthew: Painter & Glazier                             10 Prince Street
Chapman, Ths: Painter & Glazier                                 10 Prince Street
Coombe, John: Painter & Glazier                                 Pembroke Street
Gay, John: Painter & Glazier                                    108 Pembroke Street
Priston, Nathl: Painter & Glazier                               5 St John Street
Selden, Thos: Painter & Glazier                                 20 Market Street
Shapland, P: Painter & Glazier                                  Prince Street
Thomas, John: Painter & Glazier                                 100 Fore Street
Weymouth, J: Painter & Glazier                                  Morice Square
Young, Alexander: Painter & Glazier                             King Street
Baker, Wm: Patten Maker                                         2 Duke Street
Channon, Geo: Pawnbroker                                        37 Cumberland Street
Cox, Elizabeth: Pawnbroker                                      9 Boot Lane
Dunn, Nathl: Pawnbroker                                         106 James Street
Ellis, Rd: Pawnbroker                                           6 North Corner Street
Eveleigh: Pawnbroker                                            84 James Street
Giddy, Rd: Pawnbroker                                           3 Granby Street
Gobegan, Rd: Pawnbroker                                         9 North Corner Street
Granville, Phineas: Pawnbroker                                  15 Boot Lane
Hockins, Mary: Pawnbroker                                       4 North Corner Street
Johns: Pawnbroker                                               84 James Street
Joll, Henry: Pawnbroker                                         97 Pembroke Street
Kent: Pawnbroker                                                14 Pembroke Street
Lane, James: Pawnbroker                                         38 King Street
Levi, Phineas: Pawnbroker                                       62 North Corner Street
Oram, Edw: Pawnbroker                                           11 Market Street
Prowse, Roger: Pawnbroker                                       19 James Street
Randall, John: Pawnbroker                                       17 Catherine Street
Row, Wm: Pawnbroker                                             1 Granby Street
Skinner, Wm: Pawnbroker                                         1 Boot Lane
Stocker, Susan: Pawnbroker                                      15 Granby Street
Treleving, E: Pawnbroker                                        28 Pembroke Street
Trimble, John: Pawnbroker                                       3 Stafford's Hill
Tyle, Samuel: Pawnbroker                                        3 Prince Street
Williams: Pawnbroker                                            14 Pembroke Street
Bennett, Jas: Perfumer                                          26 Fore Street
Glanville, Arthur: Perfumer                                     50 Fore Street
Seymour, Thos: Perfumer                                         33 Fore Street
Glasson, George: Physician                                      2 St Aubyn Street
Thomas, Chas: Physician                                         61 George Street
Hoar, Ann Neal: Pipe Maker                                      100 Pembroke Street
Hearle, John: Plumber                                           72 Fore Street
Palmer, Robt: Plumber                                           34 Pembroke Street
Williams, Edw: Plumber                                          44 Queen Street
Coffin, J W: Post Master                                        St Aubyn Street
Byers, Wm: Printer (Letter Press)                               109 Fore Street
Colman: Printer (Letter Press)                                  48 Fore Street
Congdon: Printer (Letter Press)                                 52 Fore Street
Congdon, John: Printer (Letter Press)                           28 Fore Street
Hearle: Printer (Letter Press)                                  52 Fore Street
Hoxland: Printer (Letter Press)                                 48 Fore Street
Johns, Jas: Printer (Letter Press)                              56 Fore Street
Williams, Jas: Printer (Letter Press)                           20 Cornwall Street
Williams, Rd: Printer (Letter Press)                            54 Fore Street
Wyatt, Saml: Provision Importer                                 38 Cumberland Street
Lambert, John Skinner: Public Notary                            47 Chapel Street
Cohen, Esther: Quill Dealer                                     101 James Street
May, Wm: Rope Maker                                             2 Fore Street
Pearse, Jas: Saddler                                            97 Fore Street
Sweetnam, John: Saddler                                         65 St Aubyn Street
Brockinton, John: Sail Maker                                    Mutton Cove
Jarvis, Edw: Sail Maker                                         Richmond Walk
Morris, Wm: Sail Maker                                          Mutton Cove
Banks, George: Seal Engraver                                    49 Fore Street
Beall: Ship Owner                                               James Street
Billing, Thos: Ship Owner                                       St Aubyn Street
Bullock, B: Ship Owner                                          Clowance Street
Clark: Ship Owner                                               James Street
Fry, S: Ship Owner                                              James Street
Hodge, Wm: Ship Owner                                           Chapel Street
Row: Ship Owner                                                 James Street
Rundle, Robt: Ship Owner                                        George Street
Thomas: Ship Owner                                              James Street
Tyler, John: Ship Owner                                         Clowance Street
Niner, James: Silversmith                                       44 King Street
Hope, W: Silversmith (Working)                                  25 Catherine Street
Gibbs, Thomas: Soap Boiler                                      89 Fore Street
Snow, Robert: Soap Boiler                                       13 Market Street
Grylls, Stephen: Statuary                                       16 Cumberland Street
Biggs, Wm: Straw Hat Manufacturer                               1 St Aubyn Street
Goodrick, Jane: Straw Hat Manufacturer                          2 Stafford's Hill
Spry, Elizabeth: Straw Hat Manufacturer                         10 Tavistock Street
Youlton, Cath: Straw Hat Manufacturer                           51 Tavistock Street
Baldy, John Patey: Surgeon                                      51 St Aubyn Street
Bone, John: Surgeon                                             9 St Aubyn Street
Dunning, Richd: Surgeon                                         5 St Aubyn Street
Evans, Wm: Surgeon                                              3 Queen Street
Goldsworthy, Jn: Surgeon                                        23 Clowance Street
Kerswill, Saml: Surgeon                                         36 King Street
Little, Daniel: Surgeon                                         27 St Aubyn Street
Penkivil, John: Surgeon                                         12 George Street
Rolston, Geo: Surgeon                                           28 Barrack Street
Rutter, Thos: Surgeon                                           11 King Street
Sparke, J Guyse: Surgeon                                        7 St Aubyn Street
Squire, Geo Blight: Surgeon                                     30 Chapel Street
Tripe, Cornellus: Surgeon                                       4 St Aubyn Street
Welch, Wm: Surgeon                                              91 Fore Street
Wharton, Anthy: Surgeon                                         33 St Aubyn Street
Willshire, Henry: Surgeon                                       77 James Street
Hance, Rd: Surveyor (Land)                                      98 Fore Street
Adam, Rd Routley: Tailor & Mercer                               41 Fore Street
Bastard, Wm: Tailor & Mercer                                    13 Tavistock Street
Bate, John: Tailor & Mercer                                     91 Fore Street
Batten, James: Tailor & Mercer                                  47 Fore Street
Dickie, James: Tailor & Mercer                                  46 Fore Street
German, Richard: Tailor & Mercer                                Fore Street
Grose, Richd: Tailor & Mercer                                   39 Catherine Street
Kemp, Richd: Tailor & Mercer                                    94 Fore Street
Morris, James: Tailor & Mercer                                  38 Fore Street
Organ, Saml: Tailor & Mercer                                    36 Catherine Street
Rowe, James: Tailor & Mercer                                    5 King Street
Symons, John: Tailor & Mercer                                   74 Fore Street
Willing, James: Tailor & Mercer                                 11 Boot Lane
Willing, James: Tailor & Mercer                                 38 Catherine Street
Rowe, James: Tailor & Mercer (Patron Hrh Duke Of York)          34 Fore Street
Gibbs, Thos: Tallow Chandler                                    89 Fore Street
Jones, Wm: Tallow Chandler                                      18 North Corner Street
Palmer, John: Tallow Chandler                                   7 Pond Lane
Penhay, W S: Tallow Chandler                                    18 Pembroke Street
Pool, James: Tallow Chandler                                    50 Pembroke Street
Snow, Robt: Tallow Chandler                                     13 Market Street
Williams, Jn: Tallow Chandler                                   10 Marborough Street
Davis, David: Tavern/Inn (Anchor & Hope)                        16 North Corner Street
Morgan, Robert: Tavern/Inn (Anchor & Hope)                      4 Marborough Street
Veale, Edward: Tavern/Inn (Barley Sheaf)                        18 Catherine Street
Mackay, Francis: Tavern/Inn (Barnstaple Inn)                    19 Prince Street
Squire, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Bell & Dragon)                     12 Catherine Street
Head, John: Tavern/Inn (Black Horse)                            9 Cumberland Street
Lee, W: Tavern/Inn (Blue Anchor)                                67 James Street
Benjamin, J: Tavern/Inn (Boot)                                  12 Boot Lane
Rottenbury, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Bristol Inn)                   51 Pembroke Street
Brown, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Carlton Inn)                        17 St Aubyn Street
Beer, John: Tavern/Inn (Castle & Keys)                          Prospect Row
Webber, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Chapel Street Inn)                  20 Chapel Street
Butcher, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Commercial)                          35 Fore Street
Horrell, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Cornish Arms)                     37 Pembroke Street
Every, Elizabeth: Tavern/Inn (Cornish Inn)                      14 Ordnance Street
Witt, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Country House)                        111 James Street
Veale, William: Tavern/Inn (Cross Keys)                         43 Queen Street
Burnett, Stephen: Tavern/Inn (Cross Oars)                       30 North Corner Street
Collings, P: Tavern/Inn (Crown)                                 1 George Street
Sanders, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Crown & Harp)                          63 North Corner Street
Aishton, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Dock Gates)                          63 Fore Street
Pearce, T: Tavern/Inn (Dockyard)                                9 Dockwall
Davis, M: Tavern/Inn (Dolphin)                                  72 Granby Street
Harry, Mary Ann: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Arms)                       51 Queen Street
Dorrington, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Exmouth Inn)                    54 James Street
Geach, S: Tavern/Inn (Foudryant)                                1 Queen Street
Whiteway, J: Tavern/Inn (Fountain)                              61 Fore Street
Dustin, Wm: Tavern/Inn (George & Dragon)                        92 Duke Street
Procter, T: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                                  12 Market Street
Rickard, Richd: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                              8 Beach
Hawkins, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Golden Lion)                           92 Fore Street
Dorrington, Francis: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)                     Pembroke Street
Beare, George: Tavern/Inn (India Arms)                          17 North Corner Street
Beer, Wm: Tavern/Inn (King & Constitution)                      20 James Street
Fawkes, Ann: Tavern/Inn (King & Queen)                          24 North Corner Street
Leslie, John: Tavern/Inn (King's Head)                          38 Clowance Street
Townshend, John: Tavern/Inn (London)                            81 Fore Street
Bray, Richard: Tavern/Inn (Lord Collingwood)                    14 Pembroke Street
Pinhoy, J: Tavern/Inn (Lord Hood)                               30 King Street
Fawkes, W: Tavern/Inn (Lord Nelson)                             56 James Street
Rickards, George: Tavern/Inn (Market House)                     46 Market Street
Naylor, Henry: Tavern/Inn (Masons' Arms)                        76 Pembroke Street
Howe, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Military Arms)                            114 Fore Street
Watkin, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Mount Edgcumbe)                       Mutton Cove
Dowrick, Jane: Tavern/Inn (Mutton Cove)                         Mutton Cove
Foot, R: Tavern/Inn (Navy Arms)                                 43 James Street
Tonkin, J: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                                 15 Fore Street
Fawks, Chas: Tavern/Inn (Old Half Moon)                         19 George Street
Herring, Richd: Tavern/Inn (Ordnance Arms)                      8 Fore Street
Trayes, Ann: Tavern/Inn (Ordnance Inn)                          4 Ordnance Street
Walkam, John: Tavern/Inn (Peace & Fame)                         64 Fore Street
Binford, John: Tavern/Inn (Phaeton Frigate)                     30 Pembroke Street
Eggins, J: Tavern/Inn (Phoenix)                                 65 Fore Street
Perkins, Saml: Tavern/Inn (Pilot Boat)                          9 Pembroke Street
Markham, John: Tavern/Inn (Plymouth Inn)                        26 Fore Street
Pumry, John: Tavern/Inn (Portsmouth Passage House)              29 North Corner Street
Bickell, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Post Office)                           21 Market Street
Lane, S: Tavern/Inn (Prince George)                             42 Fore Street
Rogers, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Prince William Henry)                  24 Cumberland Street
Hodgkinson, Rt: Tavern/Inn (Queen's Head)                       13 Duke Street
Symons, Danl: Tavern/Inn (Recruiting Serjeant)                  1 Fore Street
Johns, S: Tavern/Inn (Red Cow)                                  1 Barrack Street
Harris, Rd: Tavern/Inn (Richmond Walk)                          Richmond Walk
Angelley, Anthy: Tavern/Inn (Ring Of Bells)                     75 Fore Street
Goude, M: Tavern/Inn (Royal)                                    Fore Street
Pickin, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Royal Sovereign)                      102 Pembroke Street
Gaul, Philip: Tavern/Inn (Shakspeare)                           3 Cumberland Street
Down, R: Tavern/Inn (Sirius)                                    16 Pembroke Street
Higman, James: Tavern/Inn (Spread Eagle)                        65 Cumberland Street
Phillips, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Stag)                                 47 North Corner Street
Watts, Mat: Tavern/Inn (Star)                                   33 Queen Street
Tozer, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Steam Packet)                          Coal Quay
Edwards, Wm: Tavern/Inn (Tavistock Inn)                         30 Tavistock Street
Andrew, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (Theatre Inn)                        68 Cumberland Street
Jones, Charles: Tavern/Inn (Three Crowns)                       4 Queen Street
Corse, Rt: Tavern/Inn (Three Kings)                             10 George Street
Down, James: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)                            19 Catherine Street
Rolls, Thos: Tavern/Inn (Three Tuns)                            34 Prince Street
Cock, W: Tavern/Inn (Town Hall)                                 16 Ker Street
Barnett, John: Tavern/Inn (Turk's Head)                         7 Prospect Row
Richards, Joseph: Tavern/Inn (Two Trees)                        90 Fore Street
Traher, W: Tavern/Inn (Union)                                   105 Fore Street
Weakley, Robert: Tavern/Inn (Weakley's)                         44 Fore Street
Pardew, Arthur: Tavern/Inn (Wheat Sheaf)                        40 Market Street
Pengelley, Wm: Tavern/Inn (White Hart)                          82 Pembroke Street
Langdon, Thomas: Tavern/Inn (White Lion)                        16 King Street
Perkins, William: Tavern/Inn (White Swan)                       5 Beach
Hunt, Samuel: Teacher (Music)                                   54 St Aubyn Street
Toms, Jas: Teacher (Music)                                      58 George Street
Billing, Jno: Timber Merchant                                   Mutton Cove
Colenso, J W: Timber Merchant                                   North Corner Street
Greenwood, W: Timber Merchant                                   21 Cannon Street
Rundle, R: Timber Merchant                                      Richmond Walk
Hoar, A Neal: Tobacconist                                       100 Pembroke Street
May, Richard: Tobacconist                                       47 King Street
Cresswell, Wm: Toy Dealer                                       45 St Aubyn Street
Bray, John: Turner                                              0 Morice Street
Benjamin, Saml: Umbrella Maker                                  35 Fore Street
Farthing, John: Umbrella Maker                                  41 Catherine Street
Manning, Rd: Umbrella Maker                                     86 James Street
Hocking, John: Upholsterer                                      4 James Street
Bone, Geo: Watch & Clock Maker                                  76 James Street
Buckingham, John: Watch & Clock Maker                           4 Catherine Street
Edwards, Wm: Watch & Clock Maker                                44 Market Street
Elms, Joseph: Watch & Clock Maker                               55 Pembroke Street
Ezekiel, Philip: Watch & Clock Maker                            6 Duke Street
Fawks, Chas: Watch & Clock Maker                                19 George Street
Lancaster, Thos: Watch & Clock Maker                            58 Queen Street
Libbey, Daniel Harson: Watch & Clock Maker                      9 Tavistock Street
Towan, Joseph: Watch & Clock Maker                              11 Duke Street
Towson, John: Watch & Clock Maker                               59 Fore Street
Thomas, John: Wharfinger                                        59 James Street
Thomas, John: Wheelwright                                       27 Granby Street
Morris, Daniel: Whitesmith                                      37 Duke Street
Colley: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                  58 Fore Street
Cork: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                    5 George Street
Fox: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                     6 Catherine Street
Glencross: Wine & Spirit Merchant                               30 Fore Street
Lyne, Edw: Wine & Spirit Merchant                               76 Fore Street
May: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                     58 Fore Street
Paramore, David: Wine & Spirit Merchant                         George Street
Rundle: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                  5 George Street
Thomas, Rd: Wine & Spirit Merchant                              13 Barrack Street
Treffry: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                 6 Catherine Street
Welsford: Wine & Spirit Merchant                                30 Fore Street
Arnold, Joseph: Wire Worker                                     27 Fore Street

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999