Will of Elizabeth Mallett (1785)

[Moger transcripts, West Country Studies Library, Exeter]

Provided by Mike Mallett <mm-lists AT ntlworld.com>

MALLETT, Elizabeth. Stoke Damarell 1785

May 25 1785, I Elizabeth Mallett of Stoke Damarell widow

My body to buried at the discretion of my son William
Pengelly of his Majesty's Dockyard Plymouth, & of the parish
of Stoke Damarell.

To my son William Pengelly a mortgage of £500 on the estate
of Paul Trebby Ourry in the parish of Plympton St. Mary
consisting of a messuage and tenement and that messuage &c. called
Horndale, or Backmore, or Picjes, in the parish Plympton
St. Mary consisting of a roft where formerly was a
dwelling house.

To Maria Pengelly my grand daughter, daughter of William
Pengelly, all my messuage on the left side of Liberty Street in
the town of Plymouth Dock which I hold on lease from Sir
John Aubyn of Clowance, the interest to be given for her benefit
till she be 21.

All the money that I may have at the time of my death
to Elizabeth Pengelly, daughter of my son William Pengelly
and my son William Pengelly to pay £5 to the Minister of
the Moravian Bretherens Chaple in St. James Street in the
town of Plymouth Dock to be held in trust and the interest
to accumulate for the benefit of the said Elizabeth or to
be employed for her profit till she be 21.

My son William Pengelly, Capt. Richard Williams of his
Majestys Marine forces and Mrs. Mary Cross of St. Columb
Cornwall, widow, to be joint executors and guardians of
my grand-daughters Maria and Elizabeth Pengelly.

Elizabeth Mallett


Sarah Stephens
Elizabeth Stephens

Principle Registry Bishop of Exeter

(Cresswell 1940)

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