Will of Margaret Miall, Widow of Devonport

Proved 2 March 1840

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PROB 11/1924/265, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

This is the last Will and Testament of me Margaret Miall of Devonport in the County of Devon Widow made the fourteenth day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty three when of sound and disposing memory and understanding for which I desire to be grateful to the God and ffather of all mercies in Christ Whereas in or about the month of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty I purchased of my Son Richard Miall & Messieurs Richard Geake and Thomas Clarke The trustees under an Indenture bearing date on or about the thirteenth day of June one thousand eight hundred and twenty nine (by which my said Son assigned to them all his effects for the benefit of his Creditors) All and singular the share and Interest whatsoever of him the said Richard Miall in the Estate Assets and Effects whatsoever of his late deceased ffather and my husband Richard Miall of which he died possessed and which was bequeathed to my said Son After my decease by the last Will and Testament of my said husband and all accumulations or additions that has been or might be made thereto or to which my said son might become entitled Now therefore with a view as much as possible to prevent differences and disputes after my deceased I do hereby all and singular the said Share and interest in the Estate assets and Effects whatsoever by my said deceased husband so as aforesaid purchased by me of my said Son and the said Richard Geake and Thomas Clarke And all the rest residue and remainder of my Monies and Securities for money Goods Chattels Estate and Effects whatsoever & wheresoever over which I have a disposing power (subject nevertheless to the payment of my just debts funeral and testamentary expences and the charges of proving this my Will) unto my Son John ffegan Miall and my daughters Sally Clark Margaret Millar Mary Beall and Susan Miall equally to be divided between or amongst them share and share alike as tenants in common & not as joint tenants and to their several and respective Executors Admors & Assigns to and for their respective use and benefit and in case of the death of any or either of my said last mentioned Children before me leaving lawful Issue the share or shares of him her or them so dying shall go to and be applied for the benefit maintenance and education of such issue in such manner as my Executors hereafter named shall in their discretion see fit but in case of the death of any or either of my said last mentioned Children before me without leaving Issue as aforesaid the share or shares of him her or them so dying as last mentioned shall go to the Survivors or Survivor of my said Children And lastly I hereby nominate constitute and appoint John Motherell Gard and Richard Bennett Oram joint Executors in trust of my said Will In Witness whereof I the said Margaret Miall the Testatrix have hereunto set my hand and Seal the day and year first above written

(Attestation Clause)

J M Little Solicitor _ George Cox Shopman to Mrs Miall

21 March 1840 Administration with Will annexed to Margaret Millar (Wife of Charles Millar) and Susan Oram (Wife of Samuel Oram formerly Susan Miall Spinster) two of the Residuary Legatees the Executors having renounced