Contents and Preface to:

Plymouth Dock Guide: An Authentic Account of the Rise and Progress of that Town with Dockyard.

E. Hoxland, Printer; Sold by G.G.J.& J. Robinson, London: Paternoster Row (1796) 64pp.

Prepared by Michael Steer

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IN presenting the Public with a Guide to the second Port in the Kingdom, we find it necessary to observe that the Matter which crowded itself to our Notice was so accumulated, as to render it more difficult to curtail and abridge than to collect the Parts of this variegated Miscellany.
Gentlemen of the Navy and Army have peculiar Need of Information on many Occasions, when their Profession requires them to visit a Place they have before been
Strangers to. But our Guide, we trust, will be of general Utility; and Natives, as well as Strangers, may probably find some Grounds of Amusement, though they may not find Instruction necessary.
We have only to regret, that our Limits preclude us from inferring the more copious Stock of Materials, which have been prepared ; but we have endeavoured to preserve the most useful and entertaining.
If we have failed in any Particulars, the common Misfortune of most early Attempts of this Kind, the Communications of our Friends will be kindly received; of which we mail endeavour to avail ourselves, as far as we practicably can, on any ensuing
Occasion, as we have to acknowledge the numerous Favours of this Nature, which have been received for our present Purpose.



Chapter I Of the rise and progress of the town of Dock
Chapter II Of the tenure of the town of Dock etc
Chapter III Of the purchases of Government, and of the lines and defence of the Dockyard and Harbour
Chapter IV Of the Ordnance Wall, Governor's House etc.
Chapter V Of the Dock-yard, when begun, and reasons why it was not begun sooner, with its present state.
Chapter VI Of the Gun Wharf
Chapter VII Of places of religious worship
Chapter VIII Of taverns, boarding houses, pavements, circulating libraries etc.
Chapter IX Of places of amusement
Chapter X Of places out of the town
Chapter XI Excursions to Mount Edgecumbe, etc.
Chapter XII Excursions to St Germans
Chapter XIII Excursions on the Devon side
Chapter XIV Excursions up the Tamar
Chapter XV Water
Chapter XVI      Of Diligences, Coaches, Chairs, Porters, Waggons, Packets, Hoys etc.
• The distances of roads from Plymouth Docks to many of the principal towns and cities in England.
• Articles sold by Hoxland.