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Inscriptions From Gravestones in Branscombe

These gravestones are now in Branscombe, on private property, but are thought to have come from the old "Milehouse" cemetery which was an extension to, but not near,the graveyard of Stoke Damerel parish church. The interred remains were exhumed in about 1967 and sent to Efford cemetery after the electricity board bought the land to build a sub-station on. (A number of headstones were also transferred to Efford where they now stand against the wall in the area known as the "sunken garden".) [Information from Stuart Moverley.]

1.JOHN THOMAS who died June 26th 1891 aged 70 years
also CAROLINE beloved wife of the above who died Jan 2nd 1891 aged 69 years
and EVELINE MAUD STANLEY granddaughter of the above who died June 19th 1897 aged 17 years.
JOHN STANLEY beloved husband of ELIZA STANLEY and father of the above who died July 15th 1912 aged 61 years.
Sweet Rest
ZENA FLORENCE CONSTANCE beloved child of GEORGE AND BEATRICE TRUSCOTT who died April 17th 1912 aged 15 months.
A sunbeam for Jesus.

2.WILLIAM HENRY NETHERTON the beloved husband of M. JANE NETHERTON died Nov. 18th 1908 aged 68
and FREDERICK JOHN father of the above who died Jan 8th 1893 aged 73
also CHARLES died Sep 14th 1883 aged 4
and FREDERICK SAMUEL died Jan 15th 1906 aged 38 sons and grandsons of the above.
At Rest.
Also his beloved daughter DOROTHY NETHERTON died Aug 3rd 1912 aged 17.
Thy Will be done.

3.AGNES HUNT who died Aug 24th 1878 aged 82 years
Absent from the body present with the Lord
also W H HUNT son the above who died Aug 23rd 1882 aged 62 years
Lo I am with you always even unto the end
also ELIZABETH HUNT the loving wife of the above who died Jan 8th 1893 aged 72 years.
Not gone from memory not gone from love but gone to her fathers home above
also REBECCA the beloved wife of JAMES HUNT died June 17th 1909 aged 77 years her end was peace
also JAMES HUNT husband of the above who died July 8th 1916 aged 80 years
Blessed are the dead which lie in the Lord.

4.MARIA the dearly beloved wife of ELI. DUMBLE who departed this life Feb 28th 1895 aged 46 years
also FREDERICK CHARLES aged 4 years
and ALBERT JOHN aged 13 months both sons of the above who died in August 1888 and lie interred at Devonport cemetery
also EDMUND DUMBLE who died Jan 19th 1894 aged 44 years
also ELI. DUMBLE the beloved husband of the above MARIA DUMBLE who entered into rest April 8th 1922 aged 72 years.
Forever with the Lord.

5 WILLIAM GEORGE JAMES RN late of HMS Ocean who died June 27th 1904 aged 21 years
also HERBERT BETTINSON who died Nov 23rd 1903 aged 6 months
also WILLIAM JAMES father of the above who died Jan 9th 1919 aged 60 years.

6 CHARLES THOMAS the beloved husband of ELIZA THOMAS who died April 29th 1913 aged 77
Asleep in Jesus
Also his beloved wife ELIZA who died Nov 7th 1924 aged 84 in Gods keeping
also ELIZA HURRELL who died March 6th 1940 aged 76 years.

7. HENRY STRAW TORR who died Jan 15th 1901 aged 71 years
also MARY ANN beloved wife of the above who died August 14th 1897 aged 63 years
also ALBERT STANLEY HILL who died December 8th 1926 aged 49 years.

8. LILY ELIZABETH RENNOLLS the beloved wife of ALBERT RENNOLLS who died May 7th 1903 aged 32 years her end was peace
also JAMES HENRY CHARLES beloved son of WILLIAM and ELIZABETH LOCK Chief Officer SS Bassa who died aged 27 years interred at IKOYI cemetery Lagos West Coast of Africa
also ELIZABETH the beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY LOCK and mother of the above who died February 27th 1928 aged 81 years
also WILLIAM HENRY LOCK beloved husband of the above who died February 20th 1929 aged 81 years.

9. In living memory of JAMES the beloved husband of ALICE GUARD who died August 25th 1903 aged 3 years.
Farewell dear wife to you adieu
The Lord has called me soon from you
Grieve not for me nor sorrow take
But love your children for my sake.

10. In loving memory of MARY JANE SMYTH who died 13th May 1920 aged 75 years Ever in our thoughts
also our dear father THOMAS HENRY PAYNE SMYTH who died 29TH August 1931 aged 89 years
Reunited in Heaven
JOHN MAY who died August 1st 1903 aged 80 years
Also MARY beloved wife of the above who died May 4th 1905 aged 81 years late of Sheepwash Trusting in Jesus
also JOHN son of the above who died March 6th 1933 aged 80 years
also ELIZABETH daughter of the above who died May 14th 1937 aged 89 years At Rest.

11. SAMUEL RICHARD GEORGE BEAL born April 3rd 1852 died June 15th 1904
Thy will be done O Lord
also SAMUEL STANLEY second son of the above born March 29th 1887 died June 14th 1906
The Lord is my Shepherd
Also MARY A BEAL beloved wife of the above born Feb 19th 1862 Died Jan 29th 1907
For ever with the Lord

12. SAMUEL GEORGE WILLS who died 3rd March 1903 aged 73 years
also ELIZABETH ANN WILLS wife of the above who died March 27th 1907 aged 77 years
also JOHN WILLS who died March 12th 1909 aged 24 years.
Forever with the Lord.
Grandson of the above
also BENJAMIN NAYLOR beloved husband of ELIZABETH who died August 1934 aged 69 years.

13. SAMUEL WESTLAKE who died April 8th 1903 aged 70 years

14. RUBEN SAMUEL ROWE who died June 4th 1903 aged 22 years
His end was peace
also MARY ANN ROWE the beloved wife of WILLIAM ROWE and mother of the above died January 11th 1904 aged 61 years
also WILLIAM A ROWE late plumber RN son of the above and loving husband of MATILDA ROWE died August 17th 1908 aged 34 years.

15. ABRAHAM FARMER who died May 15th 1903 aged 73 years until the day break and the shadows flee away
also FRANCES wife of the above who died Dec 6th 1914 aged 84 years
Loved by all

16. WILLIAM HENRY CHING who died June 27th 1892 aged 50 years
For ever with the Lord
also of ANNIE youngest daughter of the above who entered into rest August 27th 1924 aged 50 years
In his keeping
also MARGARET SOWTON CHING wife of the above who died Feb 22nd 1927 aged 78 years he giveth his beloved sleep.

17. In loving memory of [NELLIE] HELEN LOUISE
The dearly loved child of G R AND M J MILLER DIED April 21st 1888 aged 7 years
also MARY JARVIS [POLLIE] beloved wife of CR MILLER and mother of the above died Feb 19th 1903 aged 44 years
Peace perfect peace
Also her beloved husband CHARLES ROBERT MILLER father of the above died Nov 6th 1938 aged 85 years

18. Our dear mother REBECCA CONNETT died 6th July 1903 aged 47 years sadly missed by her loving children
also REGINALD VICTOR youngest son of the above killed in action 1st July 1916 aged 19 years 6 months interred in France

19. JOHN T BRAMLEY died Feb 25th 1899 aged 36 years
also JOHN THOMAS son of the above died July 20th 1889 aged 6 years
A light is from our household gone
Which never can be killed
Also GEORGE BRAMLEY brother of the above died Nov 19th 1907 aged 49 years
also MARY JANE BRAMLEY beloved wife of JOHN THOMAS BRAMLEY died April 22nd 1937 aged 75 years
Also ANNIE BRAMLEY sister of the above died September 4th 1950

20. HENRY STANBURY who died Jan 18th 1894 aged 76 years
also GRACE STANBURY the beloved wife of the above who died April 2nd 1894 aged 70 years
The Lords will be done
Also WILLIAM HENRY STANBURY only son of the above who died Jan 14th 1904 aged 45 years
Safe in the arms of Jesus

21. Sacred to the memory of SARAH fourth daughter of the late J L RICKARD of Devonport Builder who fell asleep in Jesus 8th April 1855 aged 28 years
Her sun is gone down while it was yet day -
and her sister MARY ANN who died 24th October 1856 aged 34 years
also their sister ELIZABETH VEAL BRACKER who died 18th August 1859 aged 39 years
also MARY RICKARD the beloved mother of the above who died 10th July 1860 aged 64 years
also KATE fifth daughter and youngest sister of the before named who died 14th August 1860 aged 32 years
Their end was peace
also JOHN GEORGE RICKARD brother of the above who died on his passage home from Australia September 6th 1864 aged 34 years
Passed from death unto life

22. FLORENCE BEATRICE the beloved wife of F R BLACKLER who died September 14th 1935 aged 51 years
Rest at last
Also FREDERICK RICHARD BLACKLER husband of the above who died May 7th 1945 aged 62 years
also HORACE DOUGLAS DAVID BLACKLER son of the above died August 11th 1945 aged 24 years
On other side
JOHN KING the beloved husband of ELIZABETH SKINNER died Feb 11th 1900 aged 67 years
Peace Perfect Peace
also ELIZABETH dearly loved wife of the above died Mar 29th 1907 aged 64 years
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord
also SYDNEY FREDERICK BLACKLER Grandson of the above died February 10th 1916 aged 11 months sadly missed by Mammy
also ALICE MAUD LINDSEY SKINNER daughter of the above J
and E SKINNER died Feb 14th 1928 aged 44 years
All these dear ones asleep in the Lord

23.ELIZA HOCKADAY who died 4th Dec 1875 aged 50 years
Her sorrowing friends may mourn to part with their loved one dear but the Lord that has severed the tie can wipe away every tear
also JOHN HOCKADAY HUSBAND OF THE ABOVE WHO DIED 14TH February 1861 aged 59 years
also ELIZA A ADAMS I.O.G.T. grandchild of the above who died 7th December 1889 aged 13 years safe in the arms of Jesus
also MARY ANN ADAMS mother of the above who died 21st October 1891 aged 42 years
Thy will be done
On other side
MABEL ADAMS who died April 10th 1900 aged 13 years

24.ELIZABETH FROST who died April 16th 1889 aged 57 years she is not dead but sleepeth
also of GEORGE FREDERICK FROST son of the above who died March 20th 1900 aged 34 years

25. CAROLINE beloved wife of EDWIN PERKINS who died Feb 20th 1901 aged 74 years
The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away
Blessed the name of the Lord
also EDWIN PERKINS beloved husband of the above who died Oct 10th 1910 aged 75 years At Rest

26. EMILY ELIZABETH The beloved wife of WILLIAM FRENCH who departed this life January 2nd 1907 aged 57 years peace perfect peace
also SARAH J FRENCH who departed this life August 4th 1923

27. WILLIAM EWART J the beloved child of WILLIAM HENRY and SOPHIA TOTTLE born May 23rd 1893 died Jan 27th 1894
also WILFRED brother of the above born April 25th 1897 died July 28th 1897
also WILLIAM H TOTTLE loving husband of SOPHIA born July 10th 1870 died May 24th 1941

28. WILLIAM GEORGE ARCHER died October 22nd 1892 aged 60 years
also MARY JANE wife of the above died March 16th 1917 aged 82 years

29. MARIA PARSONS who died Feb 18th 1911 aged 98 years
also FREDERICK WILLIAM ESSERY Great Grandchild of the above who died Feb 26th 1912[8?] aged 3 years
Suffer little children to come unto me
Sacred to the memory of HANNAH MARIA HEARD daughter of the above who died Sept 10th 1931 aged 75 years
also ALICE PASCELLE who died Feb 14th 1939 aged 60 years
Daughter of the above
Dearly beloved wife of CHARLES and mother of STEWART

Transcribed by David Holland, August 1998