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Shepherd of Watton Court 

Devon & Cornwall Notes and Queries vol. VII, (1912-1913), Exeter: James G. Commin. 1913, pp. 138-139.


A.J.P. Skinner

Prepared by Michael Steer

TThis Note is related to its author’s articles; Stoke Gabriel Registers: Entries to Owners of Occupiers of Watton, vol. 11 (1920-1) p. 315, and from the same issue, pp. 315-320. Watton, since renamed Waddeton Court is a large country house, near the site of an earlier house, in landscaped gardens overlooking the River Dart. It was built in 1829 with a mid-19th century extension at the rear, and in Tudor style. Skinner's Notes (353 & 354) provide data on its earlier occupants extracted from the parish registers. A Shepherd of Honiton pedigree is included, as well as a copy of James Sheppard the elder's will, and information about the Shepherd monument in the parish church. The church was destroyed by fire in 1911. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Note 110. SHEPHERD OF WATTON COURT. - From Stoke Gabriel Parish Church Registers: -


1641, Jan. 1, ffrancis, s. of Nicholas Shipheard, esqre., and Margret, w.

1642, Dec. 4, Elizabeth, d. Nicholas Shipherd, esqr., and Margret ux.

1644, June 30, Susanna, filia, Nicol. Shiperd, gen., and Margret ux.

1645, Nov. 3, Jane, d. Nicholas Shipherd, esqre., and Margret ux.

1646, Jan. 10, Mary, d. Nic. and Marga Shepherd.

1648, July 18, Anna, filia, Nicolai Sheperd, Armig,, and Margaretae.

1649, Dec. 18, Sara, filia, Nicol. Sheperd, esq., and Margaretae ux.

1651, Apl. 8, Anna, filia, Nic. Sheperd, armig., and Margarethae ux.

1652, Feb. 24, Nicolaus, filius, Nicolas Sheperd and Margarethae, Esqre.

1654, July 18, Anthony, s. Nicol. Shepherd, Esq., and Margareth, w.

1656, June 11, John, s. Nicolaus Shepherd, Esq., and Margery his w.

1657, Feb. 2, Joane, d. Nic. Sheperd, Esqr., and Margery, w.

1682, Mar. 12, Margaret, d. ffrancis Shepherd, Esqr.

1686, Jan. 20, Peter, s. ffrancis Shepherd, esqre., and Mary his w.

1704, July 11, Fraunceis, s. Fraunceis Shepherd, Esqr., and Richoard, w.

I707, Mar. 27, Mary, d. Fraunceis Shepherd, Esqr., and Richoard, w.


1650, Apl. 20, Anna, filia, Nic. Sheperd, Esqr.

1658, Mar. 21, Margareth, filia Nic. Sheperd, Esq., Senior.

1658, Apl. 8, Margaretha, wife to Nicolas Sheperd, Esqur. , of Wayton.

1678, May 4, Nicholas Sheepheard, Esqr.

1688, May 18, Margaret, d. ffrancis Shepherd, Esquire.

1688, July 17, Mary, wife of ffrancis Shepherd, Esquire.

1697, Aug. 26, Sarah Shepherd.

1703, Francis Shepherd, Esq.

1720, Mar. 4, Francis Shepherd, Esq.

1731, Aug. 29, Richord, widdow of Franceis Shepherd, Esq.

1733, Jan. 25, Francis Shepherd, Esq.

                                                A. J. P. SKINNER.