From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

STOKEINTEIGNHEAD, or Stoke-in-Teign-head, is a small viIlage in a picturesque dell, about half a mile from the sea coast, one mile south of the estuary of Teign, and 4 miles E. of Newton Abbot. Its parish is one of the detached members of Wonford Hundred, and contains about 620 inhabitants, and 2250 acres of land, including the hamlets of Gabwell and Rocombe, and also part of Ringmore, a suburb of Shaldon, on the south side of the Teign, opposite the town of Teignmouth. (See page 197.) Saml. Trehawke Kekewich, Esq., is lord of the manor, formerly held by the Fitzpayne, Stowford, Speccot, Trehawke, and other families. Part of the parish belongs to the Trustees of the late Wm. Flamank, Elias Blackaller, J. and T. Rendell, Wm. Hearder, and several smaller proprietors. The farm, called Teign-Harvey, belongs to Elize Hele's Charity, Exeter. The Church (St. Andrew,) has a tower and four bells, and was repewed about 20 years ago. The rectory, valued in K.B. at £36. 15s. 10d., and in 1831 at £529, is in the patronage of the Bishop of Exeter, and incumbency of the Rev. J.N. Gould, B.A., who has nearly 38 acres of glebe and a commodious residence, on a pleasant accllvity, with tasteful grounds, which have lately been much improved. The tithes were commuted in 1842 for £429 per annum. Here is a National School, established in 1829. The Church House is let for about £10 a year, which is applied with the church rates. In 1741, Gregory Andrews, left 30s. a year for schooling poor children, and for distributions of bread, &c. This annuity has been changed for another of tbe same amount, charged by the Rev. Aaron Neck on two meadows called Rocombe Gardens, which he also charged with £6.10s. per annum for schooling poor children.

Marked + are in Ringmore; : in, Rocombe; ! in Gabwell; and the rest in Stokeinteignhead village, or where specified.

Bartlett Hy. gent.
Millman Mr
Coryton Capt. Hy., Platway House
Fowler, Jph. miller Charlycombe
Gibbings, John, wheelwright
Gould Rev John Nutcombe, B.A. Rectory
Hearder Wm. gent. Rocombe
+ Hore Wm. & Mrs. National School
+ Langley Wm. T. solicitor and agent to Globe Fire and Life Office
May Mr John and Mr Wm.
Nichols Geo. par. ck. & Jas. sexton
Pitts James, blacksmith
+ Stockdale Wm. gent
Parsons Mrs
Webber Mrs Christiana
Winsborrow Wm. baker and vict. Church House

Pepperill Roger
Weymouth Wm.

Adams Wm.
Prowse Richd.

(* are owners.)
Adams Wm.
* Ager Edward
* Blackaller Elias, Maidencombe
Bond George
Bond Geo. jun.
Buckingham Nes.
+ Commins Rd.
Devonshire Saml.
+ Hex Samuel
: Mitchelmore W.
Nichols Robert
: Nichols Wm.
* Rendell John
*! Rendell Thos.
! Tuckett Wm.
: Whiteaway Edw.
Whiteaway John, Teign-Harvey
+ Wills Chas.
*! Wills Joseph

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