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Help and advice for Stoodleigh Vestrymen - 3

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Stoodleigh Vestrymen - 3

Provided by Chris Whitehead

A list of vestrymen taken from the Stoodleigh Overseers accounts Vol. 3 (1788-1809). 

(Devon Record Office  - 2985A/PO4 STOODLEIGH)

The vestry consisted of the tenant farmers, plus the land owners (if they were resident). They met at Easter each year and appointed the various parish officials- waywarden, constable, churchwarden, & overseers of the poor. Some years the appointments had to be approved by a JP; the vestry would nominate three or four men, and the JP choose two. So "actual" are the ones chosen & those "nominated" were not.  

The entries marked "vestry" are the men who signed off the accounts and signed their attendance at the vestry meeting.

Tidboald, A.   1788-1789 overseer
Bere, William   1788-1789 overseer
Talley, John Junr    1788-1789  Churchwarden
Tidboald, Abraham   1789-1790  Churchwarden 
Abrahams, Dennis   1789-1790  vestry
Talley, John Junr   1789-1790  Overseer
Maunder, Thomas    1789-1790  vestry
Sharland, Thomas   1789-1790  vestry
Bowden, William   1789-1790  Overseer
Venner, William   1789-1790  vestry
Abraham, Dennis   1790-1791 vestry
Sharland, Thomas   1790-1791 vestry
Titboald, Abraham   1790-1791  Church Warden
Talley, John Junr   1790-1791  vestry
Webber, Richard   1790-1791  Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1790-1791  vestry
Venner, William   1790-1791  Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1791-1792 Overseer
Tidboald, Abraham   1791-1792 Church warden
Abraham, Dennis   1791-1792 vestry
Talley, John    1791-1792 Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1792-1793 Overseer
Abraham, Dennis   1792-1793 vestry
Talley, John Junr   1792-1793 vestry
Pool, William    1792-1793 Overseer
Tidboald, Abraham   1793-1794 Church Warden
Abrahams, Dennis   1793-1794 vestry
Talley, John    1793-1794 vestry
Talley, John    1793-1794 Overseer
Bowden, William junr   1793-1794 Overseer
Tidboald, A.   1794-1795 vestry
Tidbould, Abraham   1794-1795 Church Warden 
Talley, John   1794-1795 Overseer
Webber, Richard   1794-1795 Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1794-1795 vestry
Bere, John   1795-1796 Overseer
Talley, John    1795-1796 Church Warden
Maunder, Thomas    1795-1796 Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1795-1796 vestry
Venner, William   1795-1796 vestry
Talley, John    1796-1797  Church Warden 
Greenslade, Richard   1796-1797  Overseer
Copp, Thomas   1796-1797  Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1796-1797  vestry
Venner, William   1796-1797  vestry
Venner, Jacob    1797-1798 Overseer (actual)
Talley, John Junr   1797-1798 vestry
Tally, John   1797-1798 Church Warden
Webber, Richard   1797-1798 Overseer
Hatchwell, Thomas   1797-1798 Overseer(nominated)
Greenslade, Richard   1797-1798 vestry
Copp, Thomas   1797-1798 vestry
Sharland, Thomas   1797-1798 vestry
Talley, John    1798-1799 Church Warden 
Garnsery, John   1798-1799 Overseer
Garnsy, John   1798-1799 Overseer
Turner, Robert   1798-1799 Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1798-1799 vestry
Abraham, William   1798-1799 vestry
Venner, William   1798-1799 vestry
Talley, John    1799-1800 vestry
Talley, John    1799-1800 Church Warden
Copp, Thomas   1799-1800 Overseer
Hatchwell, Thomas   1799-1800 Overseer
Sharland, Thomas   1799-1800 vestry
Talley, John    1800-1801 Churchwarden
Turner, Robert   1800-1801 Overseer(nominated)
Maunder, Thomas    1800-1801 Overseer(nominated)
Sharland, Thomas   1800-1801 Overseer (actual)
Courtice, William   1800-1801 Overseer (actual)
Abraham, William   1800-1801 vestry
Talley, John    1801-1802 vestry
Talley, John    1801-1802 Churchwarden
Talley, Jonathan   1801-1802 Overseer (actual)
Maunder, Thomas    1801-1802 Overseer(nominated)
Sharland, Thomas   1801-1802 Overseer(nominated)
Courtices, William   1801-1802 Overseer(nominated)
Venner, William   1801-1802 Overseer(nominated)
Abraham, William   1801-1802 vestry
Poole, William    1801-1802 Overseer (actual)
Courtess, George   1802-1803 Overseer(nominated)
Poole, John   1802-1803 Overseer (actual)
Talley, John    1802-1803 vestry
Turner, Robert   1802-1803 Overseer(nominated)
Mounder, Rodger   1802-1803 Overseer (actual)
Maunder, Thomas    1802-1803 Churchwarden
Mounder, Thomas    1802-1803 Overseer(nominated)
Abrahams, William   1802-1803 vestry
Talley, John    1803-1804 Church Warden
Turner, Robert   1803-1804 Overseer(nominated)
Hurford, Thomas   1803-1804 Overseer (actual)
Maunder, Thomas    1803-1804 Overseer (actual)
Poole, William    1803-1804 Overseer(nominated)
Talley, John    1804-1805 vestry
Webber, Richard   1804-1805 vestry
Copp, Thomas   1804-1805 Overseer(nominated)
Copp, Thomas   1804-1805 vestry
Hurford, Thomas   1804-1805 Overseer(nominated)
Sharland, Thomas   1804-1805 Overseer (actual)
Hatswill, William   1804-1805 Overseer (actual)
Venner, Abraham   1805-1806 Overseer (actual)
Maunder, George   1805-1806 vestry
Harris, James   1805-1806 vestry
Talley, John    1805-1806 vestry
Talley, John    1805-1806 Churchwarden
Greenslade, Richard   1805-1806 vestry
Webber, Richard   1805-1806 vestry
Copp, Thomas   1805-1806 Overseer(nominated)
Hurford, Thomas   1805-1806 Overseer(nominated)
Maunder, Thomas   1805-1806 vestry
Sharland, Thomas   1805-1806 vestry
Bowden, William   1805-1806 Overseer (actual)
Hatswell, William   1805-1806 vestry
Teale, James Edward   1806-1807 vestry
Harris, James   1806-1807 vestry
Talley, John    1806-1807 vestry
Venner, John   1806-1807 vestry
Talley, John    1806-1807 Overseer(nominated)
Bowden, William   1806-1807 Churchwarden
Tidboald, Mrs Elizabath   1806-1807 Overseer(nominated)
Greenslade, Richard   1806-1807 vestry
Webber, Richard   1806-1807 vestry
Copp, Thomas   1806-1807 Overseer (actual)
Maunder, Thomas Junior   1806-1807 Overseer (actual)
Tidboald, Abraham   1807-1808 vestry
Harris, James   1807-1808 vestry
Tally, John   1807-1808 vestry
Thomas Wescott   1807-1808 Churchwarden
Maunder, Thomas    1807-1808 Overseer(nominated)
Bowden, William junr   1807-1808 Overseer (actual)
Tidboald, Mrs Elizabath   1807-1808 Overseer(nominated)
Webber, Richard   1807-1808 vestry
Maunder, Thomas    1807-1808 vestry
Bowden, William   1807-1808 vestry
Copp, Thomas   1807-1808  Overseer (actual)
Maunder, George   1808-1809 vestry
Harris, James   1808-1809 vestry
Talley, John    1808-1809 vestry
Courtice, David   1808-1809 Overseer(nominated)
Bere, George   1808-1809 Overseer(nominated)
Maunder, George   1808-1809 Overseer (actual)
Hattsell, Thomas   1808-1809 Overseer(nominated)
Copp, Thomas   1808-1809 vestry
Westcott, Thomas   1808-1809 vestry
Bowden, William   1808-1809 vestry
Bowden, William   1808-1809 Overseer (actual)
Bere, George West Whitnoll 1809-1810 Overseer(nominated)
Teal, James Edward   1809-1810 vestry
Long, James Holmingham 1809-1810 Overseer(nominated)
Brickdale, John   1809-1810 vestry
Crudge, John   Parsonage 1809-1810 Overseer (actual)
Talley, John    1809-1810 vestry
Tidboald, John    1809-1810 vestry
Tidboald, Mrs Elizabath Little Colford 1809-1810 Overseer (actual)
Wescott, Thomas   1809-1810 vestry