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Transcribed, with the permission of the Parochial Church Council, by Margaret Cook

Every care has been taken transcribing these entries, but it is always advisable to check the original register.

X Thomas SLEMAN Broadwoodwidger Bach. Charlotte KERSWELL o.t.p. Spin. Banns 25 Mar.1813 John Kerswell William Rundle
William KNEEBONE o.t.p. no entry X Catherine GERRY o.t.p. no entry Banns 20 Feb. 1814 William Rundle Wm. Williams
X William SMITH o.t.p. Bach. Jane ---KINS ? o.t.p. Spin. Banns 29 Mar. 1814 John Doidge Wm. Rundle.
William WILLIAMS o.t.p. Widr. Mary ABBOTT o.t.p. Wid. Banns 30 Mar. 1814 William (illeg.) Wm. Rundle.
X Zacharias WILLIAMS o.t.p. Bach. Mary FRISE ? o.t.p. Spin. Banns 28 Dec. 1814 William (illeg) Wm. Rundle.
John NORTHCOTT o.t.p. Bach. Grace CORAM soj. o.t.p. Spin. Banns 17 Jun. 1816 John Rapson Wm. Rundle.
James AYRES o.t.p. Bach. Jane Hawkins STANBURY o.t.p. Spin. Banns 1 Dec. 1816 Wm.Stanbury Wm. Rundle.
Francis RICKARD o.t.p. Bach. Jane CORAM Maristow Spin. Banns 8 Dec. 1816 John Doidge Wm.Rundle.
Robert WILLIAMS o.t.p. Bach. Emlin HODGE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 24 Mar. 1817 John Walter Wm. Rundle.
Richard Lambert PITT Bickleigh Bach. Mary DAWE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 24 Jun. 1817 William Dawe Wm. Rundle.
X William SLEMAN soj.o.t.p. Bach. X Mary WILLIAMS soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 8 Jul. 1817 Ralph Hays ? Wm. Rundle.
X Philip COLE o.t.p. Bach. X Maria WILLIAMS o.t.p. Spin. Banns 29 Sep. 1817 Wm. Brown Ralph Hays ?
John CROKER o.t.p. Bach. X Mary Ann CROKER o.t.p. Spin. Banns 30 Dec. 1817 James Croker Wm. Rundle.
X Peter STURTRIDGE Coriton Bach. X Ann WESTLAKE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 1 Aug. 1820 Joseph Bassett Wm. Rundle.
John WALTER Milton Abbot Bach. Elizabeth MASON o.t.o. Spin. Banns 26 Dec. 1820 William Mason Wm. Rundle.
X William KERSLAKE o.t.p. Bach. X Frances DAVY o.t.p. Spin. Banns 24 Jun. 1821 Edw. Wm. Webber Wm. Rundle.
X Samuel GOODMAN o.t.p. Bach. Elizabeth MAKER o.t.p. Spin. Banns 9 Sept. 1821 John Clifton. Wm. Rundle.
Richard DOIDGE Maristow Widr. Leanora LAN-? soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 17 Oct. 1821 Robert Knight Thos.Hockaday
John Gubbins NEWTON Bridestowe Bach. Charity EASTCOTT o.t.p. Spin. Licence. 7 Feb. 1822 Richard Rowe Wm. Rundle.
Thomas POMERY o.t.p. Bach. X Elizabeth HORN soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 24 Mar. 1823 William Horn Wm. Rundle.
William CROCKER soj.o.t.p. Bach. Mary DOWN soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 15 Apr. 1823 Margery Rundle Wm. Rundle
X William COCK soj.o.t.p. Bach. X Mary HIGGINS soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 31 Dec. 1823. Wm. Tapson. Wm. Rundle.
X John GERRY Maristow Widr. X Ann ELLIOTT soj.o.t.p. Wid. Banns 2 Mar. 1824 John Northcott Wm. Stanbury
X Humphrey AUTRIDGE Boyton. Con. Widr. Mary TAPSON o.t.p. Spin. Licence 30 Mar. 1824 Chas. Autridge John Tapson
Wm. Rundle
X Thomas WHITE o.t.p. Bach. X Ann WILLIAMS o.t.p. Spin. Banns 11 May 1824 Benjamin Hays Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Thomas HARRIS o.t.p. Bach. Wilmet RICKARD o.t.p. Spin. Banns 28 Dec. 1824 X Richd.Coombe Wm. Rundle.Jnr.
John HOCKADAY Bridgerule Bach. Jane Squire HAM o.t.p. Spin. Banns 3 Jan. 1825 William Ham Peter Brown
Wm. Rundle.
Richard Rowe RISDON Lifton Bach. Susannah DOIDGE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 29 Mar. 1825 John Doidge Wm. Rundle Jnr.
George LAMPEY soj.o.t.p. Bach. Grace BICKLE soj. o.t.p. Spin. Banns 25 Sep. 1825 George Bickle Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Richard WILLIAMS o.t.p. Widr. X Mary LANE o.t.p. Wid. Banns 8 Jan. 1826 Wm. Henwood? Wm. Rundle Jnr.
Henry SMITH soj.o.t.p. Bach. X Mary Ann BUTLER soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 27 Mar.1826 Mary Madeford Wm. Rundle Jnr.
John JACKMAN o.t.p. Bach. Ann TAPSON Lifton Spin. Licence 14 July 1826 Hannah Campion
Edw. (illeg.)
Jane (illeg.)
Wm.Rundle Jnr.
Richard DOWN soj.o.t.p. Bach Elizabeth Ann EASTABROOK o.t.p. Spin. Banns 19 Sep. 1826 James Eastabrook Wm.Rundle Jnr.
William PALMER Lezant. Con. Bach. Mary HEATH soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 7 Nov. 1826 Richard Parnell Wm. Rundle.
X Austin BENNET soj.o.t.p. Bach. X Jane WILLIAMS soj.o.t.p. Spin. Banns 27 Mar. 1827 Ralph Hays Mary Lang?
Wm. Rundle.
John BINNEY o.t.p. Bach. Maria HODGE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 19 Sep. 1827 James Hodge Wm. Rundle Jnr.
Mary Ann Coombe
Samuel COTTON Charles Plymouth Widr. Grace RICKARD o.t.p. Spin. Banns 14 Feb. 1828 Hannah Campion Wm. Rundle Jnr.
John Blatchford WALTER soj.o.t.p. Bach. Grace WILLIAMS o.t.p. Spin. Banns 30 Dec. 1828 X Wm. Husband Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Richard DOWN o.t.p. Bach. Elizabeth HUNT o.t.p. Spin. Banns 17 Mar. 1829 Wm. Eastabrook Wm. Rundle Jnr.
Amos DOIDGE o.t.p. Bach. Harriet PIPER o.t.p. Spin. Banns 26 Mar. 1829 Arscott Braund Hannah Piper
Wm. Rundle
X Richard DRAKE o.t.p. Bach. X Mary Ann STANBURY o.t.p. Spin. Banns 10 May 1829 John Rundle Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X John WILLIAMS o.t.p. Bach. Grace EVANS o.t.p. Spin. Banns 4 May 1830 John Tapson Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X James VEALE soj.o.t.p. Bach. X Elizabeth KELLAWAY o.t.p. Spin. Banns 3 Aug. 1830 William (illeg.) Wm. Rundle Jnr.
Nicholas PEARCE St Mellion Cornwall Bach. Ann DAVY soj. o.t.p. Spin. Licence 11 Nov. 1830 John Davy Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Samuel HILMAN ? o.t.p. Bach. Judith RICKARD o.t.p. Spin. Banns 16 Nov. 1831 John Hilson ? Wm. Rundle Jnr.
James MAKER o.t.p. Bach. X Maria LANE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 6 Apr. 1832 Wiliam Cundy Wm. Rundle Jnr.
William CUNDY o.t.p. Bach. Mary Ann EASTABROOK o.t.p. Spin. Banns 29 May 1832 Richard Down ? Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X John BLUETT Warbstow Cornwall Bach. Elizabeth ABBOTT o.t.p. Spin. Banns 8 Aug. 1832. Arscott Braund Wm.Rundle Jnr.
X Oliver GOULD o.t.p. Bach. X Betsy SNELL o.t.p. Spin. Banns 25 Sep. 1832 William Gould Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Richard MARTYN Germansweek Bach. X Elizabeth WILLIAMS o.t.p. Spin. Banns 16 Oct. 1832 John Williams Wm. Williams
William NORTHCOTT soj. o.t.p. Bach. X Ann TOWNSEND soj. o.t.p. Spin. Banns 29 Jan. 1833 Eliz. Northcott Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X George VEALE soj. o.t.p. Bach. X Rebecca SALTERN ? soj. o.t.p. Spin. Banns 2 Jun. 1833 Wm. Maunder. Wm. Rundle Jnr.
George CORAM soj. o.t.p. Bach. X Sarah TAWTON soj. o.t.p. Spin. Banns 10 Sep. 1833 Richard Coram Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Thomas GERRY o.t.p. Bach. X Mary Ann WORDEN o.t.p. Spin. Banns 6 May 1834 Philip Metherell ? Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Thomas PELLOW o.t.p. Bach. X Emily SOPER o.t.p. Spin. Banns 15 Sep. 1834 Richard Burrow Wm. Rundle Jnr.
William COREY o.t.p. Bach. X Elizabeth MARSHALL o.t.p. Spin. Banns 30 Dec. 1834 X Charles Parsons Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X William HEARN o.t.p. no entry X Maria KELLAWAY o.t.p. no entry Banns 19 Jan. 1836 (illeg.) Tapson. Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Robert MULLAND o.t.p. Bach. X Maria WILLIAMS o.t.p. Spin. Banns 21 Apr. 1836 Jno. B. Walters Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X William WILLIAMS o.t.p. Widr. X Sally BLAKE o.t.p. Spin. Banns 20 June 1836 Jno. B. Walters Wm. Rundle Jnr.
X Edward REDDICLIFFE o.t.p. Bach. Jane HEANES, signed HAYNES o.t.p. Spin. Banns 27 Sep. 1836 Wm. Henwood Wm. Rumo-----?
X James TOWNSEND o.t.p. Bach. X Susannah TAWTON o.t.p.. Wid. Banns 28 Sep. 1836 John Glanfill Wm.Rundle Jnr.
James BALKWILL soj. o.t.p. Bach. X Jane BASSETT soj. o.t.p. Spin. Banns 31 Dec. 1836 John Edgecombe Wm.Rundle Jnr.


Brian Randell, 3 May 2004