Will of Bartholomew Bery or Berry, Yeoman of Swimbridge, Devon

Proved 9 May 1595

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PROB 11/85/404, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Nancy Frey, 22 Nov 2012


1 In the name of God Amen the three and twentith day of
2 Januarie in the yere of our Lord god one thousand fyve hundred fowerscore and fowerteene. I
3 Bartholmewe BERY of the parish of Swymbridge within the Countie of Devon yeoman
4 do make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following that
5 ys to says FIRST I commend my soule unto my mercifull god my maker and redemer and
6 my bodie to be buryed in the holie grave of Swymbridge aforesayed. And all suche goodes
7 as god hath sent me in this transitorie worlde I do give and bequeath them as folowethe
8 IMPRIMUS I do give and bequeathe to the poore people of the parish aforesayed that ar moste
9 needy and iundigent tenne shillings. ITEM to every of my godchildren fower pence a peece. ITEM
10 to Batholomew BAKER1, the sonne of Thomas BAKER, one weanable lambe. ITEM to Bartholmewe
11 BERRY, Anthony BERY, William BERY, Thomas BERY, Henry BERY and Charitie BERY the
12 sonnes and daughter of Alexander BERY and to any of them one weanable lambe, and to the aforenamed William
13 BERY one weanable calfe. ITEM I will that Thomas BAKER my sonne inlawe should have one
14 halfe dozen of my silver spoones. And to take them in parte of payment of that I promised hym
15 after my decease and to be valeued and prised by the discretion of my rulers. ITEM I will that my
16 Sonne Alexander should have all suche goodes after my decease as I did promise him at the time of his marriage
17 except one silver goblett which was put away when I did take my living to hum and others. And allso
18 excpt thirtie three shillinges fower pence of yerelie wages which was promised hym. But because
19 he did not performe his promises in doing of his buisynes and worke but did his owne buysines more then

20 myne and did worke at his owne will and pleasure and overchardged me with more stuffe goying with
21 me then his promises. But that first yere he was payed his wages so long as he performed his
22 promises. The residue of all my goodes and chattels and quiet beasts not given nor bequeathed afore my
23 debtes Funeral and Legaceys discharged and payed. I do give them and bequeathe them freelie and
24 whollie unto Bartholmewe BERY the younger my sonne whom I do make my whole and sole exec[uto]r
25 of this my last will and testament in manner and forme abovesayed. ITEM I do ordeyne and make
26 my Rulers and overseers to see this my last will to be performed and kept in manner and forme
27 aforesayed Bartholmewe BERY of Wolsworthie my cozen and my brother Andrewe BERY of
28 Barstable (sic) and to have every of them for theire paynes thee shillinges and fower pence. And I utterly
29 revoke and admitt all and every other former testaments willes Legaceys bequests executors and
30 Overseers by me in any will before this tyme named willed and bequeathed. In witnesse whereof
31 I have hereunto subscribed my name and set to my seale unto this my present last will and testam[en]t
32 the daye and yere above written in the prsence of John BROOKE minister of the same parishe and
33 Paschowe [?] Trowtable [?]SMALDON2 and others.
34-38 Probatum fuit Testamentum etc. (all in Latin) [granted in London 9 May 1595 to Alexander SERLE.]

1. The numbers refer to lines in the original Will.
2. Bartholomew BAKER baptised 5 Apr 1579 Swimbridge, Devon. Father Thomas BAKER (FamilySearch). Andrew BERRY, brother of Bartholomew BERRY married Julian BAKER 18 Jul 1563 East Down, Devon (IGI Ext). Andrew BERRY married Julian daughter of Wm. Baker of East Down (Visitation). There appears to be a very close connection between these two families.
3. Richard SMALDON baptised 2 Feb 1568 Swimbridge, Devon. Father Pascho SMALDON FamilySearch)