Rectors of Talaton

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries vol. VII, (1912-1913), Exeter: James G. Commin. 1913, p. 179-180.


The Editors

Prepared by Michael Steer

St James the Great is a small Norman church, on the site since the 12th.century. Most of the present building dates from the early part of the 15th.century. Its original font now stands in the church and dates from 1170. Talaton is a pretty village well off the beaten track and surrounded by beautiful rural countryside. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Note 133. RECTORS OF TALATON. - In view of the frequent enquiries for lists of incumbents of various parishes the Editors propose to publish from time to time such lists as are available. We shall be glad of any lists which our readers can send. - Eds.

Date of Institution.             Name of Rector.

24th April, 1284 - Richard de Langeforde. (Occurs as "Parson" at this date.)
1st October, 1285 - Hugh le Engleis, Sub-deacon.
18th January, 1334-5 - John Prodhomme, Priest. Not recorded - John Bloyhowe.
28th November, 1375 - William Warre.
10th July, 1404 - John Hethen, Chaplain.
18th August, 1405 - Nicholas Ayscherygh, Chaplain.
22nd March, 1436-7 - Henry Webbere, Bachelor of
5th May, 1439 - John Chynge, Chaplain, Master of Arts.
6th April, 1443 - Thomas Hoygge, Chaplain.
21st April, 1479 - John Carnek, Chaplain.
15th June, 1501 - Laurence Caterall, Chaplain.
16th June, 1519 - John Baker, Professor of Sacred Theology.
28th March, 1520 - James Fraunces.
4th April, 1547 - Baldewinn Hill, Clerk.
28th September, 1571 - William Mericke, Clerk.
2nd November, 1576 - John Leache, Bachelor of Sacred Theology.
4th July, 1613 - John Flavell, Clerk, Bachelor of Sacred Theology.
31st May, 1624 - The Bishop, Dr. Valentine Carey, took the living in commendam and held it until his death.
26th June, 1626 - John Pinson, M.A. (Instituted by Archbishop Abbot.)
17th June, 1662 - Robert Terry (junior). (Instituted by Archbishop Juxon.)
29th June, 1677 - Walter Haydon, Clerk.
21st September, 1680 - Charles Harward, Clerk, Bachelor of Arts.
2nd June, 1731 - George Bradford, Clerk, Master of Arts.
13th August, 1762 - Charles Harward, Clerk, Master of Arts.
10th February, 1785- Robert Palk Welland, Clerk, Bachelor of Arts.
13th March, 1786 — Jonathan Palk, Clerk, Bachelor of Arts.
13th September, 1787- Robert Palk Welland, Clerk, Master of Arts.
7th January, 1835 - Lawrence Palk Welland, Clerk, Master of Arts.
27th January, 1860 — Charles Adam Hoggan, Clerk, Master of Arts.
22nd July, 1869 - Lawrence Palk Welland, Bachelor of Arts.
21st February, 1888 - Arthur Joseph Street, Bachelor of Arts.
1st December, 1898 — Richard Jenkins, Master of Arts.