Rectors of Talaton

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries vol. VII, (1912-1913), Exeter: James G. Commin. 1913, pp. 216-219.


A.J.P. Skinner

Prepared by Michael Steer

The Note’s author supplements information on the early rectors of Talaton presented by the Editors on pp. 179-180 of volume VII. St James the Great is a small Norman church, on the site since the 12th.century. Most of the present building dates from the early part of the 15th.century. Its original font now stands in the church and dates from 1170. Talaton is a pretty village well off the beaten track and surrounded by beautiful rural countryside The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Note 155. RECTORS OF TALATON (VII., par. 133, p. 179.) — Baldwin Hill was B.C.L., Oxford, 11 July, 1543. He became Rector of Nettlecombe, Somerset, 1554.

John Leach was son of John Leach of Crediton and uncle of Sir Simon Leach of the Cadeleigh Monument. Of Exeter Coll., Oxford, B.A., 5 July, 1567; M.A., 5 Dec, 1570; B.D., 14 Feb., 1575. Rector of Washfield, 14 Jan., 1574, and of Arlington; Chancellor and Canon of Exeter, 6 Ap., 1583; died 1613. He married Elizabeth, third daughter of Alexander Napier, who came from Scotland and settled at Exeter, time Henry VIII. He was son of Sir Alexander Napier, slain at Pinkie, 1547, and grandson of Sir Alexander Napier, slain at Flodden, 15 13.

Entries copied from Talaton Parish Church Registers: -


1636. Joanna, dau. (l), John Pinson, Rector of Talleton, and Joanna his wife, 28 July.
1637. Lazarus, s. John Pinson, Rector of Talleton, and Joanna his wife, borne 22 Oct., 2 Nov.
1642. Jonah, s. John Pinson, Rector of Talleton, and Joanna his wife, borne 31 July, 4 Aug.
1658. (3) Simon, s. (2) Robert Collins, Minister, borne 21 Sept.
1660. Henry, s. Robert Collins, Minister, borne n July.
1664. Elizabeth, da. w Robert Terry, Rector of this Parish, 24 April.
1665. Robert, s. Robert Terry, Rector of this Parish, 13 Sept.
1668. Honora, da. Robert Terry, Rector of this Parish, 14 July.
1699. Charles, s. Mr. (5) Charles Harward, 20 July.
1702. Catherine, da. Mr. Charles Harward, 11 March.
1737 John, s. Revd - Mr. (6 ) George Bradford, born 4 April, 19 Aug.
1739. Elizabeth, da. Revd - Mr. George Bradford, born 13 July, 30 Aug.
1764. Elizabeth Margaret, da. (7) Charles and Ann Harward, 9 May.
1765. Ann Augusta, da. Charles and Ann Harward, 4 May.
1766. Charles, s. Charles and Ann Harward,11 May
1767. John, s. Charles and Ann Harward, 9 March.
1790. Frances, da. (8) Robert Palk Welland and Susanna his wife, 7 Feb.
1791. Mary Ann, da. Robert Palk Welland and Susanna his wife, 5 May.
1792. Lawrence Palk, s. Robert Palk Welland and Susanna his wife, 21 June.
1775- George Ambrose, s. Revd - (9) George Rhodes, 12 Aug. . (10), John, s. Revd - George Rhodes, 22 Oct.


1663. Robert Terry, Rector of this Parish and Elizabeth Venner, da. of William Venner of Crediton, gent., 4 August.
1665. Thomas Potbury, Vicar of Pehembury and (11) Joyce Terry, 28 March.
1720. Arthur Chichester, Jun. of Hall Esqr. and (l2) Katherine, da. of Mr. Charles Harward, 26 April.
1758. Gregory Osmond and Ann Bradford, 19 June.
1769. Rev d - Hugh Northcott of the Parish of Upton Pyne, b. and Elizabeth Bradford of this Parish s. by lic, 9 March.


1623. (l3), John Flauell, Dr. of divinity and parson of this Parish, 27 Nov.
1632. Elizabeth, wife of John Pynson dyed the 12th and was buried the 18th day of December.
1655. (14) Thomas Sprat, Minester, 12 May.
1661. John Pinson, who was Rector of Talleton, 10 March.
1696. Bridget, wife of Charles Harward, Rector of this Parish, 26 Nov.
1711. Mrs. (15) Elizabeth Priddeaux, second daughter of Sr Peter Priddeaux of Netherton, Bart., 5 April.
1717. (l6) The Reverend Mr. John Pynsent, 10 March.
1718. (l7) Mr. Charles Harward, son of the Revd - Mr. Charles Harward, 4 February.
1723. Katherine, wife of Mr. Charles Harward, Rect of this Church, 14 January.
1730. The Reverend Mr. Charles Harward, Rector of Tallaton, 5 December.
1743. Ann, da. of Mr. George Bradford, 14 January.
1744. Mr. Robert Bradford, 7 March.
1762. The Rev d - Mr. George Bradford, 22 April.
1785. Mrs. Catherine Bradford, 2 May.
1790. Frances, da. of Robert Palk and Susanna Welland Rector, 3 April.



(1) Wadham Coll., Oxford, matric. 21 Feb. 1616, aged 20; B.A. from St. Alban Hall, 17 Dec, 1618; M.A., 7 June, 1621; Vicar of Cornwood, 1624; Canon of Exeter, 1624. Ejected 1645, restored 1660. (See Walker's "Sufferings”)

(2) The intruded Puritan in succession to Thomas Sprat. (See Calamy). Of Exeter Coll., Oxford, matric. 12 Nov., 1650; Fellow, 1652-5; B.A., 6 July, 1653; M.A., 5 July, 1655. Buried at Ottery St. Mary, 19 March, 1697.

(3) Buried at Ottery St. Mary, 18 Aug. 1663. without Common Prayer.

(4) Son of Robert Terry, Vicar of Payhembury, 1626-1665. Exeter Coll., Oxford, matric. 28 March, 1653; B.A. from New Inn Hall, 13 Nov., 1656; M.A., 25 June, 1659.

(5) Son of Richard Harward of Plymtree. Exeter Coll., matric. 2 July, 1675 aged 18; B.A., 1679; M.A., 19 Jan., 1681. He married at Farway 14 Feb., 1698 as his second wife, Katherine, fifth dau. of Sir Peter Prideaux, Baronet, of Netherton, and his wife Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Bevill Grenville of Stowe, and sister of John, Earl of Bath. Richard Harward of Plymtree, Yeoman, in his Will dated 20 March, 1684, proved 28 Sept., 1685, P.C.C., bequeathed  "To Charles Harward my third son now living all my estate in part of Manors of Talleton ffrancis and Tallet Hill lately purchased of Sr William Bassett, also the advowson Rectory and Patronage of Talleton purchased of the said Sr William Bassett."

(6 ) He married, as her second husband, Katherine, dau. of his predecessor, Charles Harward, (See Vol. II., p. 249).

(7) Clare Coll., Cambridge, A.B., 1745; A.M., 1755. Dean of Chichester. Elected Dean of Exeter, 16 July, confirmed 13 Aug. 1790; died 15 July, 1802, aged 79.

(8) Son of Richard Welland of Topsham, gent. Exeter Coll., matric. 21 March, 1777, aged 18; Fellow, 1780-7; B.A., 1784 ; M.A. 1785. Rector of Dunchideock with Shillingford, 1793, until his death there, 24 June, 1841.

(9) Assistant Curate, afterwards Vicar of Colyton. (See Vol. V., p. 11 and Appendix, Exeter Churches, pp. 39-40.)

(10) M.I., Ilminster Church, Somerset: - " John, son of the Rev George Rhodes, Vicar of Colyton, died 1785, aged 10 years."

11) Sister of the Rector.

(12) Vivian, p. 178, makes two errors, by stating that her father was D.D. and Dean of Exeter and that she died 1725; she remarried her father's successor George Bradford. Marriage licence, Exeter, 6 April, 1728. George Bradford of Tawton Epi cler. and Catherine Chichester of the same widow.

(13) Matriculated at Broadgates Hall, Oxford, 11 Oct., 1583, aged 14; B.A.. 7 Feb., 1587; M,A., 8 July, 1591; B. and D.D. 26 June, 1616. Vicar of Bishops Lydiard, Som., 1595, and Rector of Brushford 1599.

(14) The intruded Puritan on the ejectment of John Pinson. (See Calamy and Walker's Sufferings). He was son of John Spratt of Bedwin, Wilts. Matriculated at Lincoln Coll.. Oxford, 16 March, 1627, aged 18; B.A. from Magdalen Hall, 23 Jan. 1629; M.A., 25 Oct., 1632. He was the father of Thomas Spratt, D.D. of Wadham Coll., Oxford, F.R.S., Canon of Westminster and of Windsor, Dean of Westminster, Bishop of Rochester, died 20 May, 1713 and buried in Westminster Abbey.

(15) She was sister of Mrs. Catherine Harward, wife of the Rector.

(l6) Son of Jonah Pynson (bapt. 1642) and grandson of the former Rector. He matriculated at Exeter Coll., 10 April, 1690, aged 18; B.A., 1693.