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Help and advice for Tavistock: Drake's Treasure (1912): index

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Name Index


Drake's Treasure

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 44, (1912). illus. pp.512-529.


Colonel E T. Clifford

Prepared by Michael Steer

Devon's Sir Francis Drake was an adventurer and a true pirate of the 16th century. He is credited with being the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe. He led several voyages, many of them aimed at capturing Spanish territories and taking their treasure. While he made enemies with Spain, he enchanted Queen Elizabeth I, who is believed to have fondly called him "my pirate". Clifford's paper, delivered at the Association's July 1912 Exeter meeting proposes that Drake's "treasure" was not the only gold. His character was the gold that "enabled him to turn to account every force, and use every fibre in those who came within the sphere of his influence"; a treasure he bequeathed to the nation. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held at the Princeton University Library and is available from the Internet Archive.


Alexander the Great 516
Amadas, Captain 529
Bacon 512
Barlow, Captain 529
Billensley, Henry (also Billingsley) 527, 529
Blackley, Thomas 529
Blacoler, John 524, 529
Blacollers, Thomas 524, 529
Brewar, John 524, 529
Burghley, Lord 525
Cadwell, Richard 524
Cary, Sir George 529
Cary, Gregory 524
Carye, Edward 527, 529
Charles I 516
Chester, John 524, 529
Chester, Sir William 529
Clarke, Richard 524
Clifford, Lieut. General Sir Nicholas 517
Clive, Lord 512
Corbett, Mr Julian 513
Crane, Thomas 524
Cumberland, Earl of 529
Danelles, Renold 524
Drake, Sir Francis throughout
Drake, John 524-5, 529
Drake, Thomas 524-5
Elizabeth I 516, 521-2, 524-5, 527, 529
Elyot, Edward 529
Elyot, Lawrence 524, 529
Fenton 529
Fletcher, Francis 524, 529
Fortescu, George 524, 529
Fortescue, Richard 529
Foster, Dennes 524
Fowler, John 524
Fuller 517
Garget, Launsolet 524
Gilbert, John 527
Godolphen, Fred. 527
Gorges, Thomas (also Georges) 527, 529
Gotfalck, Bartel Myeus 524
Grenvile, Sir Richard 529
Grepe, John 524
Hals, Christopher 524, 529
Hals, John Esq 529
Harris, Mr Christopher 522-3, 525
Hatton 529
Hawkins, Sir John (also Hawkyns) 515, 517-8, 527, 529
Haylston, Thomas 524
Henry VIII 514
Hills, John 528
Hogges, Thomas 524
Hood, Thomas 524, 529
Horsewill, William 524
Huse, John (also Hewes) 524, 529
Jemes, Powell 524
Kidde, John 524
Kingesuod, Roger 524
Laus, Jhan 524
Legee, Willam 524
Mariner, John 524
Markes, Thomas 524
Marten, John 524, 529
Martyn, John 524
Martyn, Richard 525
Meckes, Thomas 524
Mendoze, Bernardino de 521, 525
Milles, Jeames 524
Mone, Thomas 524, 529
Morgan, Sir Henry 513
Mour, Necolas 524
Philip II 514, 516, 520, 525
Player, Roger 524
Pollimone, Robarte 524
Raymente, Grygorye 524, 529
Rowles, Richard 524
Sholle, William 524
Smyth, Willan 524
Sothern, Thomas 524
Tremayne, Edmund 520, 522-3
Walsyngham 522
Waspe, Chrastefor 524
Watterton, John 524
Whitley, Mr Michell 512
Wolsey 512
Woodd, Simon 524
Writ, Richard 524
Wynter 518