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Tavistock Abbey

Trans. Devon. Assoc., vol. 46, (1914) pp. 119-155.


Radford, Mrs. G.H.

Prepared by Michael Steer

Tavistock Abbey, also known as the Abbey of Saint Mary and Saint Rumon, is a ruined Benedictine abbey. Nothing remains of it except the refectory, two gateways and a porch. The abbey church was destroyed by Danish raiders in 997 and rebuilt under Lyfing, the second abbot. Lyfing and his successor Ealdred both became bishops of Worcester, and the latter is said to have crowned William the Conqueror. The 39th abbot, Richard Banham or Baynham, was made a lord of Parliament by Henry VIII in 1513.The church was further rebuilt in 1285 and the greater part of the abbey between 1457 and 1458. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Abina, Countess123-4
Adams, Miss151
Aelfgyth of Buckland121
Aelfgyth of Sourton121
Aelfric the priest121
Aelfthryth, Queen (Elfrida)120-1
Aldred, Archbishop124
Alford, Rev D P145
Alford, William139
Alneto, Henry de124
Amadas, Mr Serjeant John130-1, 136-7, 142
Amadas, Robert130
Arragon, Katherine of135
Arundell, Sir Thomas136, 138
Aunsell, Prior Richard128
Axworthy, John139
Banham, Abbot Richard129-34, 139
Bedford, Duke of128, 135, 141, 152
Bedford, Edward, Earl of150
Bedford, Earl William150
Bennett, John139
Bingham, Bishop Robert125
Blount, Lord William149
Boase, Rev C W134
Bodenham, Mr Richarde140
Boleyn, Queen Anne135
Bollowye, John140
Bosgrove, Leonarde140
Botoner, William145
Brantyngham, Bishop129, 153
Bray, Mrs154
Bray, Rev A E151, 153
Brock, Mr Loftus153
Brown, priest121
Brown, John127
Browne, Thomas140
Buckfaste, Nicholas139
Burden, Prior Robert139
Burgyes, Stephen140
Caley, John127
Canute, King124
Carter, John139
Celestinus, Pope132
Cervyngton, Mr John140
Champernowne, Sir Philip137
Champiaux, Abbot Robert (Campbell)126, 133, 143
Chanter, Rev J R125
Charles I133
Chester, William139
Chubbe, Abbot John126
Clare family155
Coche, John140
Colbery, Abbot Robert126
Cole, Thomas, gent136
Cornwall, Edward Duke of128
Cornwall, Reginald Earl of155
Cotton, Richard130
Courtenay, Abbot John de128
Cree, Dr152
Crumwell, Thomas130, 136-8, 142, 144-5, 147
Cullyng, Thomas129
Cunningham, Arthur151
Cunningham, John152
Cunningham, Elizabeth151
Cynsic of Lievton121
Cynsic the priest121
Dorset, Earl of149
Double, Richarde139
Drake, John140
Dugdale, Sir William143, 150
Dunstan, Archbishop121-2
Durannte, John140
Dynyngton, Abbot John132
Edgar, King120
Edgcumbe, Prothesia151
Edgcumbe, Robert151
Edmund Ironside124
Edward, the Black Prince129
Edward the Confessor120, 141
Edward I121, 126
Edward II127
Edward III121, 129-30, 141
Elizabeth I150
Eme, Abbot Richard130
Escott, Mr John140
Ethelred, King121, 143
Ethelred II, King121
Evscott, William142
Fitz family147
Fitz, Joan130
Fitz, John gent130
Fitz, Roger, MP130
Fitz, Walter130
Foulston, John153
Gardiner, Professor Rawson135-6, 138
Glanvill, Mr133
Glanville, Sir John150
Glaundefelde, John140
Goda the priest121
Gowden, William139
Gregory, Richard139
Grey, Lady Jane149
Grimbal, Betsy151
Grove, Thomas128
Growden, Edward139
Hallsham, William (also Habraham)139
Harris, Dan John (also Harreis)137, 139
Hemym, Elizabeth140
Henry I155
Henry II124, 128
Henry IV127
Henry VI132
Henry VII129-30, 139
Henry VIII131-2, 135-6, 138-9, 144, 146, 148-9
Herbert, Abbot132
Heydon, John gent148-9
Hobbe, Thomas140
Isabella, Queen129
John, Abbot131
John, King135, 143
Jule, Richard139
Jule, Thomas140
Kemble121, 123
Kemel, Stephen139
Kempe, Mr A J155
Ketyll, Thomas148
Landon, Robert Esq134
Langdon, Abbot Stephen128,
Layton, Dr142
Lenmart, priest120
Lenox, Duke of133
Leo X132
Leofric, Bishop120
Leofric of Sourton121
Luther, Martin132
Lychedown, William139
Lyfing Bishop (Livingus) nicknamed Wordenothe120, 124
Malmesbury, William of121, 123, 125, 130
Martin V, Pope145
Mayhowe, Richarde140
Maynard, Sir John (Serjeant)143, 150-1
Miller, Richard the126
Morkaitho, deacon120
Mountjoy, Lady Dorothy149
Mye, Mr142
Newbygyn, Thomas143
Oldham, Bishop Hugh131-2
Ordulf Ealdorman120-4, 130, 146, 152
Peers, Mr C R155
Peke, John139
Peperell, Thomas146
Peryn, Abbot John133, 137, 139-40
Peryn, Richard137
Peter, Thomas140
Pike, Prothesia151
Pike, Ralph151
Pole, Sir William de la150
Pollard, Richard, armg137
Pope, Richard128
Puxley, John139
Pyn, Edmund (Peryn)139
Randolph, Rev Hingeston143
Reichel, Rev O J124
Reynolds, Rev E120
Robye, Elynore139
Robye, Walter139
Rowe, Serjeant130
Rundle, Mr Ed153
Russell, Lady Anne140, 146
Russell, Sir John, Knt146, 148
Russell, Lord140, 147-9
Rychard, Don Thomas134
Saundercock, Mr Jacob151
Saunders, Elizabeth151
Saunders, Jacob151-2
Saunders, John Cunningham151
Saunders, Margaret151
Saunders, Prothesia151
Scudamore, Thomas141
Servington family (also Cervyngton)147
Servington, John147
Smale, Alson142
Sparki, William139
Spelman, Sir Henry136
Stapeldon, Bishop Walter126, 143
St Petrock120
St Richard of Chichester141
Strete, Mr142
St Rumon124-7, 132, 141, 143, 145, 155
St Thomas Becket132
Stuart, Lord Bernard133
Sussex, Duke of149
Symons, Margaret131
Symonds, Richard133, 147
Thompson, A H136
Thynnewode, Walter128
Tregonwell, Dr John137-8
Troup, Mrs Rose142
Vanstone, T153
Veysey, Bishop149
Walham, Richard139
Walsche, Prior Robert138-9
Walter, Abbot124
Warham, Archbishop William132
Wele, John139
White, Laurence139
Whiting, Abbot John138
Willesford, Elizabeth151
Willesford, Thomas150-1
William I124
William II-Rufus124, 141
William III150
Williams, Philip137
Willis, Browne144-5, 147, 151
Wills, Robert139
Wolsey, Archbishop Thomas133-4, 136
Wood, Richard140
Worcester, Florence of121
Worcester, William of125, 143, 145-6
Worth, R N124
Wulfyge, Bishop120
Wyllyams, John139
York, Oswald of122