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Tavistock and its Vicinity

By Rachel Evans

Tavistock, West Street: J.L. Commins; London: Simpkin and Marshall 1846

Index prepared by Michael Steer

This book affords an enjoyable read, offering the sorts of romantic poetry popular throughout the Victorian period, several very pretty scenic engravings, some useful history and a great many local names. An original copy is held at the Oxford University Library. It was digitised 13 March 2007 and can be downloaded via the search engine at: https://books.google.com/ Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired.


Section 1   Local attractions1
Section 2Walks in the neighbourhood of Tavistock33
Section 3Excursions in the neighbourhood of Tavistock94




Abberbury, Richard174
Abraham, Mr58
Aikin, Dr161
Albemarle, Elizabeth206
Albemarle, William, Earl of206
Alencon family132
Anne, Queen22, 87, 126
Arundell, William Arundell Harris, Esq216
Athelstan, King4
Balls, Mary126
Balls, William of Hadley126
Banham, Richard6
Barham, Charles, MD.27, 34, 145
Barham, Dr Thomas145
Baring-Gould, William, Esq170
Barnes, Lady Julia64
Baron, S.255
Bayley, Mrs95
Bedford, Duchess ofDedication
Bedford, Duke of10, 23, 29, 31, 34, 40, 78, 96, 206
Bedford, Francis, Duke of205
Bedford, John Duke of22, 201
Bedford, Earl of36
Bedford, John Earl of13
Bedford, William Earl of17, 206
Bellenden, Lady Margaret121
Beverley, Earl of132
Bickford, Mr145
Bickford, Mrs167
Bodrugan, Sir Henry118
Bompas, Serjeant224
Bonvise, Anthony21
Bottwright, John18
Brantyngham, Bishop12
Bray, Edward Esq137
Bray, Mrs12-3, 24, 30, 58, 65, 79, 99, 106, 124, 191, 199, 221
Bray, Rev E.A.23, 34, 37, 137
Browne-Willis13, 69, 174-5
Brougham, Lord143
Burgh, John de la57
Burns, Robert128
Burrington, Miss73
Caesar, Julius172
Call, Sir William103
Campbell207, 209
Cann, Abraham145
Carew family61, 103, 167, 221
Carminow family61
Carpenter, John Esq12, 24, 217
Carpenter, Rev Jonathan Phillippa149
Carrington (poetry)1, 49, 94, 104, 116, 133, 159, 171, 194, 201, 229, 255
Champernowne, Roger19
Charles I, King13-4, 112, 121, 123, 166
Charles II, King166, 175, 221
Charles II, King15-6, 191
Chaucer, Geoffrey80, 186
Childe, of Plymstock36, 244
Clobery family216
Cohum, Robert56
Collier, J. MP150
Colling, Mary Maria30
Commins, J.34
Copplestone family199-200
Copplestone, Sir John199
Cornish, H. Esq109
Cornwall, Duke of112, 174
Cornwall, Earl of221
Cornwall, Edmund, Earl of18
Cornwall, Richard Earl of173
Cothele, Hilaria de124
Cothele, Lady of120-4
Cothele, William de124
Courtenay family49, 61
Courtenay, John de6
Courtenay, Lord Edward192
Courtenay, Lady Elizabeth49
Courtenay, Peter de174
Crapp, Mr74
Cromwell, Oliver16
Crossing, Mr44
Cudlippe, John17, 111-2
Denman, Lord225, 227
Dennis family124
Dernford family124
Dixon, S.251
Drake, Sir Francis13, 15, 37-8, 151-3
Drake, Sir Trayton149
Dynynton, John6
Edgar, King4, 95
Edgcumbe family61, 124
Edgcumbe, Hilaria124
Edgcumbe, Sir Piers124
Edgcumbe, Richard, Esq217
Edgcumbe, Sir Richard118, 124
Edgcumbe, William124
Edward, King (Confessor)5, 173
Edward I, King18, 26, 174
Edward II, King74, 174
Edward III, King83, 124, 176, 216
Edward IV, King21
Edward VI, King50
Elford family106
Elfrida4, 95
Elizabeth, Queen12-3, 19, 24, 85, 132, 151, 153, 162
Ellott, General157
Erle, Mr225
Ernis family216
Esse family (de Esse)61
Essex, Earl of14
Ethelred II, King172
Evans, Miss230, 251-2
Evans, Rev W.2, 31, 34, 207
Ferrers family130
Ferrers, Sir William130
Fitz family13, 40, 49, 79
Fitz, Sir John13, 24, 40, 49, 192, 198
Foliot family199-200
Forester, Thomas the57
Forrester, Mr202
Fortescue, Hugh82
Fortibis, Isabella de137-8
Franklin, Dr181
Gatcombe family216
Gaveston, Piers de174
George family199-200
George III, King22
George IV, King174
Gilbert, Mr125
Gill, John Esq21
Gill, John Hornbrook Esq151
Glanville family58, 60-1, 64, 78
Glanville, Francis66
Glanville, Sir Francis13, 63
Glanville, Sir John13, 61, 63
Glanville, Judge13, 24, 64, 78
Glanville, Lady Winifred61-3
Glover, Robert19
Godolphin family61
Grenville, Sir Richard13-5, 175-6
Grey (Elegy)105
Grey, Lord207
Grimball, Betsy23-4
Gryreband, Thomas56-7
Gubbins (family?)191
Hains, Mrs167
Halborn, Colonel166
Hals, Colonel175
Hamilton-Smith, Lieut Colonel85
Hamlyn, C.P. Esq192
Hammond, Esq167
Harris family167
Hatherleigh, Miss Bridget166
Hazlitt, Mr207
Heathfield, Lord152, 157
Henrietta, Queen121
Henry II, King216
Henry III, King10, 118, 174
Henry IV, King174
Henry V, King18
Henry VI, King11
Henry VII, King163, 199
Henry VIII, King6, 9, 11, 71, 192, 199
Holborn, Colonel14
Holland family124
Hope, Solicitor General225
Hopton, Sir Ralph221
Howard, Lady49, 78, 192
Hunter, Dr172
Isabella, Queen74
James I, King61, 163
James. John Esq184
Jeffery, Lord Advocate225
John, King10, 222
Johns, Mr247
Johnson, Messrs139, 147
Kelly family61, 216
Kelly, Arthur216
Kempe, A. Esq12, 17
Kempe, Rev Edward28
King, John, Lord167
Kirwan, Dean35
Lacy, Edward, Bishop86
Lampiere, Kitty179
Langdon, Mayster Robert11
Lawrie, Rev Richard172, 181
Leo X, Pope6
Lockhart, Mr225
Long, Mr73
Lopes, Sir Ralph130
Luther, Martin9
Lyson brothers (Magna Britannia)12, 15, 21
Manaton family60-1
Manaton, Francis66
Martin, Albin Esq75
Martin, Mr55
Mason, Nicky210-16
Maynard, Sir John16
Mooringe family75
Morgan, William, Esq87
Morton, Robert Earl of221
Morton, William, Earl of221
Mount Edgcumbe, Earl of117-8, 217
Mount Edgcumbe, George, Viscount124
Mountjoy, Lady Dorothy12
Newman, Sir Richard170
Newton, John Esq192, 259
Newton, John Gibbins Esq259
Northumberland, Duke of217
Norwy, William de57
Oldham, Bishop Hugh6
Oliver, Rev5, 12, 74
Ordgar (Hordgarius)4-5
Ordulph (Eordulphus)5, 24, 218
Paleologus, Constantine126
Paleologus family126-7
Paleologus, Theodore126-7
Paris, Matthew174, 219
Pengelly family75
Penryn, Abbot John9
Pike, Farmer215
Pindar, Peter184
Piper, Sir Hugh221
Pole, Sir William173
Prince, John (Worthies of Devon)5, 40, 59, 61, 199
Prout, Samuel206
Pym, John16
Radcliffe family200
Raleigh, Sir Walter15
Richard III, King118
Richmond, Earl of118
Ridout, Jonas Esq75, 110
Risdon, Tristram19-20, 22, 26, 82, 162, 171
Robert, Abbot of Tavistock56
Robins, T. Esq82
Rolle of Heanton61
Rongleigh, George (Watchmaker)183
Rowe, Nicholas87
Rundle, John, Esq22, 26, 71
Russell family17, 26, 71, 205
Russell, Lord Edward26
Russell, Lady Elizabeth206
Russell, Sir John10
Russell, Lady Rachel16, 206
Russell, William Lord16, 206
Rychard, Dan Thomas11
Scott, Sir Walter121, 225
Selkirk, Alexander214
Siculus, Diodorus136
Slanning family198
Slanning, Sir Nicholas40, 198
Snow-Harris, Mr145
Somers, Benjamin Esq131
Stanning, Lady99
Stephen, King199
Stothard, Mr Charles128
Strode, Sir Richard175
Sydenham, Gandy (Ganby)168
Sydney, Algernon16
Tavistock, Francis, Marquis of206
Taylor, John Esq18-9, 34, 89
Thomas. The Rev192
Tillie, Sir James125-6
Trecarell, Sir Henry222
Trelawny, J. Esq26
Trelawny, Sir William94
Tremayne, Andrew82-3
Tremayne, Arthur83, 163, 167
Tremayne, Colonel165-6
Tremayne, Edmund Esq163, 165, 167
Tremayne, Elizabeth86
Tremayne family61, 83, 85, 163, 216
Tremayne, Rev Henry Hawkins163
Tremayne, John Hearle Esq163-4
Tremayne, Justice84
Tremayne, Mr163, 166-7
Tremayne, Mrs168
Tremayne, Nicholas82
Tremayne, Phillippa82
Tremayne, Thomas82, 86
Tynte, Sir Hasewell167
Tyrwhitt, Sir Thomas138, 174
Valletort, Lord117
Vandyke124, 166
Wales, Prince of174
Walker, Mrs198
Walton, Izaak209
Watts, Nicholas17
Wightwick, G. Esq83
Wilkins (Magna Grecia)126
William I, King (Conqueror)132, 221
Williams, Captain55
Wilton, Lady169
Wise, Arabella163, 166-7
Wise, Sir Edward163, 166-7
Wise, Lady Mary167
Wise, Sir Thomas163, 167
Wood family169
Woolcombe, H. Esq22
Wordsworthv, 41, 114
Zouche, Lord118