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Extracts from the Pipe Rolls of Henry II Relating to Devon, with an Appendix from Testa de Nevil.

Trans. Devon. Assoc., 1897, Vol XXIX, pp. 453-509.


Rev Oswald J. Reichel, B.C.L., M.A., F.S.A.

Prepared by Michael Steer

This paper was presented at the Association’s July 1897 Kingsbridge meeting. The author asserts that Pipe Rolls are among the most difficult documents to decipher among all of the existing local history materials. Without them the reigns of Henry II. and Richard I. would be almost a blank, as far as record evidence is concerned. The Pipe Rolls are records of the Exchequer, and contain an account of all moneys paid into or brought into account through the Treasury by sheriffs of counties from the lords of baronies or the tenants in chief of single estates held under the Crown not being parcels of any ancient Crown lordship. Inasmuch as the Treasury was the conduit or pipe through which the royal needs were supplied, these Rolls were consequently named Pipe Rolls. The article, from a copy of a rare and much sought-after after journal can be downloaded from the Internet Archive. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Abbe, Ralph le492
Abbe, Roger492, 497
Ailric the Moneyer (Aluric)464, 469, 471, 475, 480
Alba Marl, John de507
Albamara, Reginald de503
Albamara, Robert of465
Albemarle, Earl of457
Alcester, Amasa de455
Aldret (Aderet; Edret)493
Alexander, Archdeacon of Salisbury461
Allemagne, Richard de455, 460
Allinson, Mr504
Amicia, Countess of Devon461
Ascema, William de (Astona)507
Atris, William de502
Audomar, Henry de499
Aula, Warin de485
Avenell, Nicolas487, 498, 502-3
Avenell, William503, 505-6
Baldwin the Earl’s son503
Baldwin the Sheriff458, 486
Barnstaple, Prior of509
Bassett, Alice467, 503
Basset, Joanna467
Basset, Philippa467
Basset, Thomas467, 503
Bathon, Walter de460, 502-4
Battle, Abbot of476
Beaumeis, William de506
Beaumont, Constance de458
Beaumont, Richard de458, 460
Beaumont, Roselin de458
Beaumont, Sheriff de482, 485
Biset, John467
Blakeford, Robert de502
Blundevil, Ranulph501
Blunt, Acius499
Blund, Gilbert499
Blunt, Richard499
Boter, Roger le506
Botereus, William de506
Botreaux, William de454, 466, 470, 473, 476, 480, 482, 484, 488, 490, 496, 506
Braneys, Baron de455
Braosa, William de486, 495
Breosa, Lord Falk de503
Bretagne, Earl Eudo of485
Breton, Alured the492
Breusa, Eva de500
Brioniis, Baldwin de458
Brion, Gilbert Crispin Earl de458
Brion, Richard de458
Bronescombe, Bishop Walter457, 460, 469, 494
Brywer, William (Briwere)473, 502, 508
Buckfast, Abbot of476
Budelblowe, Henry494
Bulloc, Richard463
Bulzun, William< (Buzun)488, 490, 497
Burden, Nicolas503
Burden, Peter503
Burden, Richard503
Burden, Robert503
Burgh, Hubert de465
Burton459, 462, 473, 505
Busci, Hawise477
Busci, William477
Butor, Henry494, 497
Byset, John503
Cade, William472, 474, 476, 479, 481-2
Canonsleigh, Prior of509
Cantilupe family466
Carevill, Ralph491
Caswella, Basilia de (Carrevilla)488, 491
Chanter, Mr463
Chaurces, Patrick de508
Chaworth, Patrick de482
Cheppe, John499
Cherleton, John de506
Cherleton, Richard de506
Chester, Earl of501
Cissor, Robert463
Clare, Amice de465
Clare, Richard de465
Coade, Elizabeth459
Coade, Walter459
Colebroc, Alexander de472, 476
Colteworthy, Maurice de506
Colvil, Richard (Coldreuilla)498
Corbet, Robert455
Corbin, Philip506
Cornwall, Duke of461
Cornwall, Earl of455, 479
Cornwall, Reginald Earl of456, 466-7
Coutence, Bishop of487
Courtenay family457
Courtenay, Hugh de467, 503
Courtenay, Lord John467-8, 503
Courtenay, Robert500
Courtenay, Sir William467
Cowick, Prior of509
Cnut, King493
Damarell, Alice459
Damarell, Elizabeth459
Damarell, William459
Dawe, Ralph456
Dene, William de la457
Devon, Catherine Countess of497
Devon, Earl of492, 499
Digby, Robert472
Dinan, Gaufrid de (Dinham; Dinant)484, 503
Dinan, Hugh de498
Dinant, Alan de (Dinan)484, 498, 501
Dinant, Oliver de (Dinham)484-5
Dinham family464
Dionisia, Countess456
Doubridge, Robert de465
Drogonis, Richard508
Droun, John le456
Dugdale454, 456-7, 460-2, 465, 467, 477, 484-6, 493, 498, 501-2
Dun, Henry de la506
Dunstanville, Alice de457
Dunstanville, Henry de455-6
Dunstanvil, Maud de455
Dunstanvil, Earl Reginald455, 467
Dunstanvil, Robert de467, 470, 475, 479, 481-2, 489, 495
Dunstanville, Sarah de455
Dunstanville, Ursula de455, 467
Dunstanville, Walter de455, 467
Dunstanville, William de455
Edida, Queen461
Edmund, Earl of Cornwall455, 460
Edward, I455, 459-60, 467-8, 485, 500-1, 504
Edward II459-60, 467, 469, 501
Edward III485
Edward IV474
Egestone, John de463
Engleschevil, Tebald de456, 499
Erchenbald (Simon’s son)462, 479
Espec, Adeline477
Espec, Albreda477
Espec, Hawise477
Espec, Richard477
Espec, Walter477
Espec, William477
Essex, Earl of465
Estre, William Del (Lestre)502
Estrega, Almar (le Strange)462
Evreux, Earl of465
Exeter, Bishop of472, 477, 487, 492, 497, 500
Exeter, Henry Marquis of467
Exeter, Walter Bishop of456-7, 464
Faleise, William de481
Farendon, Adam de506
Felgers, Ralph de (Fugers)501
Fitz-Berner, Robert486
Fitz-Fulcher, Nicolas468
Fitz-Gaufrid, Robert466, 472, 487
Fitz-Gerard, Jacob502-3
Fitz-Henry, William476
Fitz-John family459
Fitz-John, William469, 486-7, 495
Fitz-Marcin, Colyn501
Fitz-Martin, Nicolas501, 505, 507
Fitz-Martin, Robert478, 480
Fitz-Matthew, Herbert501
Fitz-Reginald, Henry486-7
Fitz-Reginald, William487
Fitz-Stephen, Ralph464, 477, 481
Fitz-William, Henry487
Fitz-William, Richard488, 491
Fitz-William, William482
Flanders, Erchenbald of488, 491, 497
Flanders, Stephen of462
Foliot, Robert492
Ford, Abbot of476
Fornell, Henry de498
Fornellis, Philip de498
Fortibus, Earl William de457
Franceis, Richard462
Frederic II, Emperor499
Fridestik, Prior of509
Fuegers, Clemencia de501
Fuegers, Ralph de501
Furneaux, Alan de494, 498
Furneaux family (de Fornellis)498
Furneaux, Henry de502-3
Furneaux, Philip de459
Furnell, Philip de498
Furneus, John de498
Gaufrid the Monk479
Gerbilaunde, Regin de495
Gidley, Simon de466
Gill, Mr455, 463, 469
Gillo, Archdeacon476
Girard, Jacob’s son498
Girold the Chaplain458
Gloucester, Hamon de465
Gloucester, Isabell de465
Gloucester, Philip de465
Gloucester, Earl Robert de465, 471, 476, 480
Gloucester, Thomas of465, 469-70
Gloucester, Earl William de465
Gold, Walter494
Gosege, Robert499
Granvill, Hugh de (Grundevill)476
Gray, Sir John de502
Grindham, William de506
Hall, Hubert461
Halla, Warin de486
Hamelin, John463
Harold, Earl458
Hartland, Abbot of509
Haverhull, William de504
Haye, Maud de la486
Heanton, Reginald de494
Hembury, Ralph de493, 497
Henry I455, 457-8, 465, 477, 485, 489, 501, 507
Henry II453-9, 460, 462, 466-70, 472-4, 478, 481, 483-5, 488, 493-4, 503
Henry III455-6, 460, 467, 493, 497, 499-504
Henry the Earl’s son501
Henry, the King’s son495, 498, 501
Hereford, Earl of464
Hidon, John de488, 492, 497
Hilion, William de (Heliun)482-3, 489, 496
Hingeston-Randolph, Prebendary453, 457, 469, 481, 494-5, 504
Hugo, Earl508
Humfranvill, Gilbert de500
Humfranvill, Richard de500
Hurrell, Mr464
Hydon, Richard de497
Ilbert the Moneyer461, 468
Ipplepen, Prior of509
Isaac the Jew491
Izacke455, 461, 463, 497
Janitor, John489
John, King455-6, 458-61, 465, 467-8, 473, 485-6, 495, 499, 501-3
Judhel465-6, 490
Kemble455, 458, 463, 493
Koltesworth, Maur de506
Kyrkeham, Walter de504
Launceleue, Roger495
Lazuche, Alan508
Leicester, Earl of495
Leigh, Ralph de488, 492
Lettres, Nicolas de502
Lewin, Earl458
Limoges, Viscomte de455
Louis, King of France’s son502
Luci, Richard de476
Luscy, Galfrid de485
Maen, Godfrid de485
Malbedenge, Philippa467
Malbedenge, William467
Malet, William467
Malherb, William505-6
Malston, Robert de468
Mandevil, Geoffrey de465
Mandevill, Robert de501
Mandevil, Roger de462, 485
March, Earl of460
Marchant, Ralph498
Marescalli (Marshall)504
Mareschal, William461
Margan, Abbot of476
Margery, wife of Baldwin Earl’s son503
Marsh, Gilbert492, 497
Marsh, John de (Maresco)464, 477, 487, 493, 497
Martin, Nicolas481, 501
Martin, William501
Matilda, Queen455
Mayne, Joel de482, 485
Medueye, David de463
Mellent, Robert Earl de455
Melys, Colyn de499
Merland, Robert de506
Merton, Henry de500
Meulent, Ralph de502
Mohun, Reginald de502
Moletone, Walter463
Melys, Colyn de502
Molys, Nicolas de (Mules)456-7, 499, 502
Molys, Roger de (Mules; Miles)456-7, 459, 473
Meryet, Nicolas506
Molis, Nicolas de507
Montacute, Drogo de505
Montacute, Prior of508
Montacute, William de505
Morin, Alice de508
Mortain, William Earl of455, 457, 462, 474, 480, 505, 508
Mortimer, Ralph de473
Mortimer, Roger de506
Mules, John de473
Mullond, Ralph de501
Nevil, Alan de493, 497-8
Nevil, John de493, 508
Nevil, William de495
Nonant, Guido507
Nonant, Henry de484, 507
Nonant, Richard de497
Nonant, Robert de466
Nonant, Roger de (Nunhant)466, 470, 478, 484, 490, 507
Norden, John472
Norrish, Gilbert498
Okestone, Walter463
Oldbridge, Robert de465-6
Oldbridge, William de465
Oliver457, 461-2, 464, 468-9, 484, 509
Orivalo, Peter de473
Orsuals, William de (Orvalle)472
Orway, Thomas de506
Osmund, Clerk of Buckerel493, 497
Osmund de Tavi498
Osward, the Moneyer464, 469, 471, 475, 480, 482, 484, 489, 496
Otterton, Prior of509
Paganel, Ralph484
Paz, Hawys494
Paz, Master Richard494
Paz, John (Paes; Pace)494
Peuteton, Gervas de507
Peveril, Hugh478, 501
Peveril, Matilda484, 501
Peveril, William484-5, 499, 501, 504
Peyvre, Sir Pauiin502
Phear, Sir J.454, 457
Picon, Robert463
Pilton, Prior of509
Pin, Mazcius de498
Pine, Alexander de488, 492, 497
Piro, Robert de473
Plymton, Prior of509
Pole457-9, 467, 504, 507
Pole, Sir W499
Pollard, Michael463
Polsloe, Prioress of (Nuns)467, 476, 503
Pomeray, Henry de la485, 488, 490, 497, 500
Pomeray, William de la502
Porremore, Wormund de460
Prous, Alice459
Prous, Walter459
Prous, Sir Walter de459
Prydeaus, Roger de495
Pycot, John456
Pyn, Ralph del506
Quarera, Abbot of476
Quivil, Bishop Peter460
Raddon, Richard de473-4, 482, 490, 496
Raleg, Hugh de470, 474, 478, 481, 483, 486, 488, 494
Ralega, Walter509
Raleg, William de506
Ralph the Clerk (Exeter)492, 497
Redvers, Baldwin de457, 461
Redvers, Isabella de457
Redvers, Margaret de457
Redvers, Richard de455, 457, 478
Reginald, Earl of Cornwall474, 477, 479-80, 482, 489-92, 495
Reginald the Bailiff498
Reigni, Roger de462
Reigni, William de478
Revel, Robert506
Richard I453, 456, 467, 485
Richard, Earl467, 470, 475, 500
Robert, Bishop469
Robert the King’s son486
Roger, Algar’s son499
Ros, Adeline de477
Ros, Peter de477
Rouen, Archbishop of463
Rowe, Mr Brooking457
Sakevill, Robert de506
Sanford, Laurence de (Saunford)457, 503
Sanford, Thomas de (Saunford)467, 503
Sap, Baldwin de458
Satchville, Ralph de504
Satchville, Robert499
Saunford, Henry de503
Scotland, Eustace of477
Seleda, Robert de460
Sicca villa, Ralph de506
Siccavill, Robert de502, 506
Silvestris, Walter493
Siward, Richard467
Sowy, Godfrey de463
Speke, Richard477
Sprott, John498
St Amand, Almeric de501-2
St Amand, Ralph de502
Stapledon, Bishop460
Stephen, King457, 477
St James, Prior of (Exeter)509
St Mary Church, Robert de478, 485
St Nicolas, Prior of (Exeter)509
Strange, Richard son of462
St Walerie, Maud de486
Sully, Raymond de501
Tauntifer, Alfred de460
Tavistock, Abbot of473, 477, 487, 500, 508
Tinctor, Philip463
Tony, Constance de460
Tony, Geoffrey de460
Tony, Robert de460
Tony, Roger de458, 460
Torinton, Heirs of505
Totnes, Prior of509
Touny, Ralph de460
Tours, Martin de481
Tours, Stephen of464
Tours, William de481
Traci, Oliver de (Trazi)487-8, 490, 497
Traci,William de486
Tracy, Henry de500-1
Tradi, Albreda de477
Tradi, Nicolas de477
Tremenet, Joscelin de492, 497
Tremeneth, Richard473
Trubevill, Henry (Turberville)500
Valletort family466
Valletort, Joel de460
Valletort, Ralph de479, 487, 507
Valletorta, Reginald de460, 467, 472, 500, 503, 507-8
Valletort, Roger de460, 472, 478
Vaus, Beatrix de501
Ver, Isabella de507
Ver, Robert de507
Vernon, William de457
Veteri, Robert de466
Vieupont, Robert de (Viezpont)465
Vipont, John de466
Vipont, Robert de (Viezount)465, 498
Warwick, Henry Earl of467
Wayford, Baldwin de492
White, Reginald (Albus)494
William I502, 506
William, King’s brother476
William son of Earl Reginald478
Winchester, Bishop of507
Worcester, Robert Bishop of465
Wrey, John de482
Young, Drogo of Montacute505