From White's Devonshire Directory of 1850

TEDBURN ST. MARY, a pleasant village on the Okehampton road, 7½ miles W. by N. of Exeter, has in its parish 867 souls and 4433 acres of land, generally fertile, and hilly. It has a cattle fair, on the Monday before Michaelmas day, and includes the hamlet of Upcott, and many scattered farm-houses. At Domesday Survey, Tedbourne (Teteborne) was held by Ralph de Pomerai, under Baldwin de Sap. It is now held by John Hippesley, Esq. The manors of Hackworthy and Melhuish were formerly held by families of their own names, and now belong to Baldwin Fulford, Esq., of Fulford House, which is noticed with Dunsford, at page 192. John Abbot, Esq., and several smaller owners have estates in the parish. The Church is an ancient structure, with a tower and six bells; and the rectory, valued in K.B. at £18. 6s. 3d., and in 1831 at £319, is in the patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Charles Burne, M.A., who has 38½A. of glebe, and a good residence, finely embowered in wood. The tithes were commuted in 1838 for £410 per annnm. For the repairs of the church, seven cottages and two houses, &c., have been vested with feoffees from an early period, and are now let for about £20 a year. Another house, vested in the same trust, is occupied by paupers. The poor parishioners have £10 a year, left by Eliz. Tuckfield. (See Crediton.) They have also the following small annuities, viz., £1. 11s. 4d. left by Sir John Acland; 10s. left by Paul Triggs; 10s. left by James Lake; 20s. left by Wm. Strong; and 24s. as interest of £30, given by Sir G. Chudleigh, Agnes Westcott, and John Williams. Here are National Schools for both sexes.

Burne Rev. Chas. M.A., rector
Fulford B. Esq., Fulford House
Lake Wm. vict., Kings Arms
Lambert Miss Mary
Langdon Jas. school & post master
Marchant Danl. vict., Red Lion
Orchard Wm. thatcher
Pristton Andrew, saddler
Priston Wm. schoolmaster
Taverner Thomas, butcher
Trigg John, parish clerk

FARMERS. (* are at Hackworthy.)
Arscott Wm., Great Torwood
Bastow John
* Batten John
Batten Thomas
Blandsford Wm.
Browning John
Cole John
Guscott John
Goss Thomas
Henley John, Melhuish
Hodge George, sen., Huish
Hodge George, jun., Upcott
Holman Thomas
Kelly Edward
Kemble James
Kemble Samuel
Lambert Mary
Langdon James
Ledger George
Lethbridge Hugh
May Thos. Taverner, Duxhay
May Wm.
Parr Wm.
Priston Henry, Upcott
Pike Geo. (& auctioneer,) South hill
Priston Samuel
Priston Wm.
Saffin Thomas, Higher Town
* Stanbury John
Stoneman John
Taverner John
Twiggs John
Twiggs Wm.
Wills Wm.
Whidburn Wm., Haynse's

Belworthy John (& butcher)
Hodge Samuel
Linscott George (& butcher)

Marchant Wm.
Parr John
Taverner Thos.

Davey Richard
Phillips John

Lake John
Marchant John

Baxter James
Beer Nathan
Laskey John
Lethbridge J.
Milford George
Orchard Thos.
Pook Henry
Priston John

Marchant Daniel
Wills Wm.

Milford John
Morrish Wm.
Parsons Richard

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