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Surname Index


The Teignmouth Guide

Containing A Description of the Town, and of the Places and Remarkable Points of Interest in the Neighbourhood.
The Excursions and Walks, Climate, &c. &c. With considerable additions. (16th ed.)


E and G H Croydon

Teignmouth: E.Croydon (c1850), xvii, 143 pp: folded map

Index prepared by Michael Steer

The authors: Edward and George Henry Croydon were printers, booksellers, publishers, stationers, circulating library owners, engravers, with a print and music warehouse, with offices in in Regent Place, Teignmouth. They traded as Edward Croydon and Son, were both born in Teignmouth and probably best known for publishing a popular series of Guides to watering places on the coast between the Exe and the Dart. Teignmouth is a town and civil parish in Teignbridge, Devon, situated on the north bank of the estuary mouth of the River Teign. In 1690, it was the last place in England to be invaded by a foreign power. The town grew from a fishing port associated with the Newfoundland cod industry to a fashionable resort of some note in Georgian times, with further expansion after the opening of the South Devon Railway in 1846. Today, its port still operates and the town remains a popular seaside holiday location. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy held in the Bodleian Library collection that can be downloaded from, with a search by either author or title. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Ashton family 97
Attwell, Dr 88
Bath, Earl of 7
Beaumont family 59
Becket, Thomas à 65
Boon, Mr J W 19
Branscombe, Bishop 39, 68, 114
Brantyngham, Bishop 112
Bray, Mrs 49
Brewer, Bishop 58
Brunell, Mr 25, 127
Buckingham, Duke of 91
Buller, Judge 104
Burnet, Bishop 4-5
Bushel family 91
Camden 3, 117
Carew, Lady Anne Frances 51
Carew family 47, 104
Carew, Lady Gratiana 103
Carew, Sir Henry, Bt 104
Carew, Lord Nicholas 103
Carew, Sir Thomas 103
Carew, Sir Walter, Bt 103
Carrington 56
Cary family 84, 102, 126
Champernowne family 96-7
Charles I 91
Chudleigh family 114
Churston, Lord 86
Clifford family 57
Clifford, Lady 13
Clifford, Lord 8, 13, 45, 67-8
Compton family 102
Comyns, Rev John 36
Cornwall, Earl of (Duke) 128
Cotton, Bishop 116
Courtenay family 103-4, 118, 120
Courtenay, Hon and Rev C L 65
Courtenay, Sir Hugh 103-4
Courtenay, Sir William 117
Croydon, Mr 4, 10
Devon, Rt Hon Earl of 8, 117
Dinham family 60
Duntze, Sir John 123
Durant, R Esq 110
Edgcumbe, Richard 95
Edward I 95
Edward II 102
Edward III 115, 119
Edward VI 101
Elford family 132
Elizabeth, Queen 60, 66, 91, 95
Exeter, Bishop of 38, 79, 96
Exmouth, Lord (Viscount) 48, 53, 125
Ferrers family 89
Fitzroy, Admiral 17
Fortibus, Isabella de 117
Gardner, General the Hon W H, RA 37
Gilbert family 102
Grandison, Bishop 38-9, 64, 104
Granville, Charles (Lord Lansdowne) 7
Haccombe family 103
Henry II 102
Henry III 3, 47, 128, 133
Henry IV 93
Henry VI 67
Henry VII 95, 118
Henry VIII 3
Hockman, Gregory, sen. Esq 50-1
Hopkins, Roger Esq, CE 31
James I 91, 116
John, King 95, 100, 128
John XXII, Pope 39
Joland 73
Kekewich, Mr 117
Kendall, Mr 12
Kirkham family 86
Lacey, Bishop 96
Lawrence, General 114
Leland 84, 117
L'Ercedekne family 103-4
L'Ercedekne, Sir John 103
Lisburne, Earl of 115
Macaulay 6
Mackworth Praed family 48
Mallock, Rawlin Esq 84
Marie Amelie, Queen (France) 13
Martin, Rev Harry 51
Martyn family 115
Morley, Earl of 127
Murillo 84
Napoleon 127
Newman family 114
Newman, Sir Robert Bt 115
Ogle, Rev W R 36
Ou, William d' 118
Palk, Sir Lawrence, Bt 81, 114
Palk, Sir Lawrence Vaughan, Bt 116
Parson, J Esq 48
Pole family 102
Polwhele, Mr 63, 73-5, 135
Pomeroi, Ralph de 115
Pomeroy family 59, 96, 98, 100
Pomeroy, Henry 100
Pomeroy, John de 100
Pomeroy, Ralph de 97
Pomeroy, Sir Thomas 101
Prince, John 97-8, 103-4
Reynell family 91
Reynell, Lady Lucy 91
Reynell, Sir Richard 91
Richard I 100
Risdon 78
Rhodes, Captain, RN 37
Richard III 35
Seale, Sir Henry 112
Selby Hele, Rev G 36
Seymour family 97-9
Somerset, Duke of 58, 101
Southcott family 66
Stephens, Miss 36
Stirling, C Esq 13
Studdy, Henry Esq 86, 111
St Vincent, Lord 89
Templer family 53, 58
Templer, George Esq 9
Torrington, Earl of 4
Totnias, Judhael (Joel) de 95
Tourville 6
Tracey family 65
Tracey, Sir William de 65
Turon, Martyn de 115
Tyrwhitt, Sir Thomas 106
Veysey, Bishop 67
Wales, Prince of 128
Wall, Rev F 94
Watts, Whidborne & Moir, Messrs 19
William I (Conqueror) 95, 97, 115
William III 91
Williams, Deacon & Co 19
Wrey, Mary Anna 51
Wrey, Anne Burnett 51
Wrey, Caroline Sophia 51
Wrey, George 51
Wrey, Sir Boucher 108
Wrey, George Bouchier 51
Wrey, Rev John 50-1
Wrey, Rev W B 51
Zouche de la, family 95
Zouche, John de la 95