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Help and advice for Teignmouth - Pigot, pre-1830

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Name Listing from the Teignmouth Section

of an 1822-23 edition of

Pigot's Directory

Beilby, Chas: Academy (Classical)                               Fore Street
Lott, Eliz Esther: Academy (Ladies)                             Fore Street
Moore, Mary: Academy (Ladies)                                   Myrtle Hill
Squire, Eliz: Academy (Ladies)                                  Denhouse
Strangeways, Misses: Academy (Ladies)                           Dawlish Road
Teague, Eliza: Academy (Ladies)                                 Regent's Place
Webber, Thos: Academy (Mathematical & Classical)                Crescent
Bartlett, Thos: Attorney                                        Northumberland Street
Jordan, Wm R: Attorney                                          11 Northumberland Place
Tozer, John Chappell: Attorney                                  Upper Brook Street
Bickford, Wm: Auctioneer                                        Regent's Place
Carder, Thos: Auctioneer                                        Fore Street
Croydon, John: Auctioneer                                       4 Strand
Patey, Andrew: Auctioneer                                       High Street
Searle, John: Auctioneer                                        Upper Brook Street
Martin, James: Baker                                            Regent's Place
Passmore, John: Baker                                           Commercial Row
Ross, James: Baker                                              Holland's Row
Rowell, Thos: Baker                                             Northumberland Street
Upton, James: Baker                                             Old Market Street
Jordan: Banker                                                  Wellington Row
Langmead: Banker                                                Wellington Row
Scott: Banker                                                   Wellington Row
Croydon, Edw: Bookseller & Printer                              1 Regent's Place
Litton, John: Bookseller & Printer                              Fore Street
Babb, Thos: Boot & Shoe Maker                                   Upper Brook Street
Berry, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Fore Street
Bulley, Robt: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 6 Regent's Place
Gribble, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                38 Northumberland Place
Griffiths, Wm: Boot & Shoe Maker                                Upper Brook Street
Murch, Robt: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Fore Street
Taylor, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                 Courtenay Row
Wylie, John: Boot & Shoe Maker                                  Courtenay Row
Cock, Mary: Brewer                                              Upper Brook Street
Marshall, Jas: Brewer                                           Myrtle Hill
Parker, John: Brewer                                            Lower Brook Street
Rendle, John: Builder                                           Northumberland Place
Carder, Thos: Cabinet Maker                                     Fore Street
Hubbard, John: Cabinet Maker                                    Strand
Partridge, Wm: Cabinet Maker                                    2 Northumberland Place
Searle, John: Cabinet Maker                                     Upper Brook Street
Barker: Carrier
Cocks, C: Carrier
Edgcumbe, John: Carrier
Forward, Geo: Chemist                                           Wellington Row
Nott, Wm: Chemist                                               39 Northumberland Place
Pitts, Wm Timothy Squary: Chemist                               Fore Street
Martin, Jas: Confectioner                                       Regent's Place
Ross, Jas: Confectioner                                         Holland's Row
Webber, Robt: Confectioner                                      Wellington's Row
Bond, Saml: Cooper                                              Old Market Street
Goodenough, Wm: Cooper                                          Old Market Street
Hoare, John: Cooper                                             Old Market Street
Bentley, Christopher: Cutler                                    Fore Street
Jordan, Robt: Fire Office Agent (British)                       Wellington's Row
Webber, Thos: Fire Office Agent (Globe)                         Crescent
Litton, John: Fire Office Agent (Norwich Union)                 Fore Street
Butler, John: Fire Office Agent (Royal Exchange)                Fore Street
Cousins, Saml: Fire Office Agent (Sun)                          Dawlish Street
Hubbard, John: Fire Office Agent (West Of England)              Strand
Blackmore, John: Grocer                                         Old Town Street
Cotmore, Nicholas: Grocer                                       Holland's Row
Lang, Nathl: Grocer                                             Wellington's Row
Lipscombe, Wm: Grocer                                           Regent's Place
Matthews, John: Grocer                                          Wellington's Row
Neck, Rd Lear Pinhey: Grocer                                    Old Market Street
Skinner, Wm: Grocer                                             6 Northumberland Place
Higgs, Mary: Hatter                                             8 Northumberland Place
Portbury, Jas: Iron Monger                                      Fore Street
Stooke, Wm: Iron Monger                                         Old Market Street
Webber, Robt: Joiner                                            Old Market Street
Gregory, Benj: Linen Draper                                     9 Wellington's Row
Langley, Biddy: Linen Draper                                    Fore Street
Please, John: Linen Draper                                      7 Wellington's Row
Webber, Jas B: Linen Draper                                     2 Regent's Place
Wreford, Wm: Linen Draper                                       6 Wellington's Row
Cock, Mary: Maltster                                            Upper Brook Street
Langley, Saml: Maltster                                         Upper Brook Street
Loutten, George: Maltster                                       New Inn Street
Parker, John: Maltster                                          Lower Brook Street
Bartlett, Jacob: Merchant                                       Horthumberland Place
Bartlett, Thos: Merchant                                        Northumberland Place
Bartlett, Wm: Merchant                                          Northumberland Place
Bennett, Thos: Merchant                                         Ringmore
Boden, Wm: Merchant                                             Ringmore
Bulley, Job: Merchant                                           High Street
Butler: Merchant                                                Fore Street
Clapp: Merchant                                                 Shaldon
Clapp, G: Merchant                                              Old Market Street
Clapp, T: Merchant                                              Old Market Street
Codner, Wm Alsop: Merchant                                      Shaldon
Fox, Wm: Merchant                                               Shaldon
Goss: Merchant                                                  Fore Street
Mudge: Merchant                                                 Ringmore
Rendell: Merchant                                               Shaldon
Rowell, Michael: Merchant                                       Bitton Hill
Stephens: Merchant                                              Dawlish Street
Stone: Merchant                                                 Dawlish Street
Warner, Matt: Merchant                                          Northumberland Place
Whiteway: Merchant                                              Ringmore
Wilking, N H: Merchant                                          Shaldon
Wilking, Nicholas: Merchant                                     Shaldon
Wilking, Wm: Merchant                                           Shaldon
Bidgood, Grace: Milliner                                        Old Market Street
Bulley, Rosamond: Milliner                                      5 Regent's Place
Sutton, Eliza: Milliner                                         11 Wellington's Row
Sutton, Mary Ann: Milliner                                      11 Wellington's Place
Parish, Joseph: Music Seller                                    10 Wellington's Row
Snelling, Wm: Music Seller                                      37 Northumberland Place
Croydon, John: Painter                                          4 Strand
Haycraft, John: Painter                                         Russell's Lane
Hoyte, Thos: Painter                                            36 Northumberland Place
Labden, Thos: Painter                                           Fore Street
Rowe, Solan: Perfumer                                           Wellington's Row
Sclater, Thos: Perfumer                                         4 Regent's Place
Lucas, R H: Physician                                           30 Northumberland Place
Tayleure: Physician                                             Dawlish Street
Lott, P: Post Mistress                                          Fore Street
Passmore, James: Saddler                                        Commercial Row
Westlake, Rchd: Salt Merchant                                   Northumberland Place
Owen, Arthur: Ship Builder                                      Northumberland Place
Potter, Richd: Ship Builder                                     Den
Rendle, Wm: Ship Builder                                        Strand
Tucker: Ship Builder                                            Shaldon Green
Wills, Thos: Ship Builder                                       Den
Bartlett, John Adams: Ship Owner                                Kingsteinton
Bartlett, Jacob: Surgeon                                        Regent's Place
Cartwright, Wm: Surgeon                                         Fore Street
Cartwright, Wm Anson: Surgeon                                   Regent's Place
Lake, Anthony Proctor: Surgeon                                  16 Northumberland Place
Elliot, Wm: Tailor                                              Holland's Row
Reed, John: Tailor                                              Fore Street
Tarr, Nicholas Stanbury: Tailor                                 Fore Street
Wreyford, John: Tailor                                          Wellington's Row
Hutchings, John: Tallow Chandler                                Lower Brook Street
Smalldridge, John: Tallow Chandler                              Old Market Street
Bowden, Jonathan: Tavern/Inn (Commercial)                       Upper Brook Street
Babb, Jas: Tavern/Inn (Exeter Inn)                              Fore Street
Jones, Saml: Tavern/Inn (Globe)                                 Old Market Street
Atkins, Sml: Tavern/Inn (Half Moon)                             Holland's Row
Ryder, John: Tavern/Inn (Jolly Sailor)                          Northumberland Place
Cockram, John: Tavern/Inn (London Hotel)                        Wellington's Row
Loutten, Geo: Tavern/Inn (New Inn)                              New Inn Street
Burgoyne, Wm: Tavern/Inn (New Quay Inn)                         New Quay
Dennis, Mary: Tavern/Inn (Seven Stars)                          Dawlish Street
Holmes, Thos: Tavern/Inn (York Hotel)                           Den
Jonas, Benjamin: Watch Maker                                    8 Wellington's Row
Dennys, Nicholas: Wine Merchant                                 Upper Brook Street
Stockford, Josh: Wine Merchant                                  3 Wellington's Row

Extracted and reconstructed from a file made available by Cornwall Online

Brian Randell, 3 Jul 1999