Name Index


Donations of Peter Blundell (Founder) and Other Benefactors to
The Free Grammar School at Tiverton


Benjamin Incledon

Exeter: E. Grigg, typ. (1792)

Index prepared by Michael Steer

Peter Blundell was a very wealthy merchant of Tiverton and London. He died unmarried in April 1601. His will was lengthy, complicated and predominantly charitable. In it, he set out and funded plans for a free grammar school at Tiverton, providing a further £2000 to be used in the "establishing of six students in Divinity in the university of Oxford or Cambridge or both for ever". This book is a reproduction of an original held at the British Library. An original is also held at the Oxford University Library. It was digitised in 2007 and can be downloaded from: https://books.google.com/ Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired.


Abell, John(l)-li
Abell, William(l)
Acland, Sir Hughxliv-v
Acland, Sir Thomas Dykexlvi-vii, lxiv
Acland, Johnxliv
Acland, John Dykexlvii, lxiv
Acland, Sir Thomas D.vi
Amy, Edward (Amye)38, xli, xlii-iii
Anstey, Widowlv
Arscot, Alexander(l), lii
Atherton, Philip, MAxlviii
Atkins, Henry, MAxlv, xlviii, lii
Atkins, Peterxliv
Austin, John9
Ayshford, Arthurxlii-iii
Ayshford, H.xliii
Ayshford, Johnxliii
Ayshford, Roger38, xli-ii
Babar, Ann4
Bailey, Francis Turnerlxv
Bampfylde, Sir Charles Warwickvi, xlvii
Bampfylde, Sir Copplestonxliii
Bampfylde, Copplestone Warrexlvi, lxiv
Bampfylde, Sir Copplestone Warwickxliv, xlvi
Bampfylde, Johnxlv
Bampfylde, Sir Johnxlii
Barber, James Brudenel(l)
Barnes, Katherine5
Barnes, John(l)
Barnes, Robert9
Barratt, Richard8, 11
Bateman, John8
Batten, Henryxlviii
Beavis, Peterxlvii, lxiv
Beere, Charles Esq (Bere)38, xli
Bere, Richardlii
Bere, Robertxlv
Bere, Thomasxliii-iv
Bere, Williamliii
Bennet, Ellisxlii
Bennet, Johnxlix
Bennet, Josepjlii
Bennet, Richard(l)
Bernard, Jamesvi, xlvii, lxiv
Berry, Johnxxii, xlix, li, lix
Besley, Johnlii
Blackhall, Theophilus(l)
Blackmore, John60
Bladwell, Robert9
Blagdon, Henryxlv
Blagdon, Johnxliii, xlix
Blake, Roger(l)
Bland, Thomasli
Blewett, Richard Esq38, xli
Bluett, Johnxlii-iii
Blundell, Annxl
Blundell, Bettyxl
Blundell, Charlotxl
Blundell, Eddy49
Blundell, John38, 46, xxv, xli, xliii, xlix, lii-iii
Blundell, Maryxl
Blundell, Petervi, 1, 38, 46, 48, 51-2, 55-6, iii-iv, vi-ix, xi-ii, xv, xviii, xxvi, xxx, xxxiii-vi, xlvi, xlix. (l)vi-ix, lxiv
Blundell, Philipxlv, (l), lii
Blundell, Richard, Esqvi, xliv, xlvii, lv, lxiv
Blundell, Sarahxl
Blundell, Susannahxl
Bonde, Marten8-9
Bonde, William8-9, vi
Bonney, Robertxlviii
Bostocke, Charles51
Bowden, John63
Brace, Walterli
Bradford, Edwardxlviii
Bradford, Johnxliv, (l)
Briant, Williamlii
Brook, Johnli
Browne, Thomas53
Bruton, John Veryardlii
Brutton, John61
Buckland, Charleslii
Buller, Jamesxlv-vi
Buller, Johnxlvii, lxiv
Burgoin, Robertxliii
Burnard, Johnliii, lxiv
Burton, George(l)
Burton, Samuelli
Butler, Amoryxlvii
Butler, Johnli
Butler, Samuelxlviii
Butler, Williamli
Cade, Walter9
Cannington, Thomasxlix
Carew, Thomas Esqxlv
Carew, Sir Thomas Westvi, xlv, xlvii, lxiv
Carrington, William Henrylii
Carthew, Thomasxlix
Cary, Georgeliv
Colman, Humfrey9
Chamberlyn, Arthurxlix
Chamberlyn, Roger(l)
Channon, Abrahamli
Chapman, Johnlii
Chapman, Richard51
Chapman, William8
Charles II, King54
Chave, Tristramli
Chichester, Charlesvi, xlvii, lxiv
Chichester, Sir Johnvi, xlv-vii, lxiv
Chilcot, Amyxl
Chilcot, Elizabethxl
Chilcot, Joanxl
Chilcot, Johnxl
Chilcot, Josephliii
Chilcot, Robertli
Chilcot, William(l)
Chilcotte, John alias Comyn5, 47-50
Chilcotte, Robert alias Comyn5, 8, 38, 46-7, 49-50, vii-viii, xli
Chilcotte, William alias Comyn7, xlii
Cholwich, John Burridgevi, xlvii, lxiv
Cholwich, John Junxlvi
Choram, John7
Clapp, John(l)
Clark, John(l)
Clarke, James Esq25-6, 38, 49-50, xli
Clarke, Robertxliii
Clarkson, Nicholas9-10
Clare, Nathanielxlviii
Cogan, Humfryxliii
Cogan, Johnxliii
Cole, John(l)
Collens, Nathanielli
Colman, Francisxlii
Colman, Humphrey38, xli
Colman, Johnlii
Colman, Rogerxliii
Colman, William, Jun.xlii-iv
Cook, Johnlii
Cook, Samuel(l)
Cornish, George10
Cosserat, David Peloquinlxv
Courtenay, Sir Williamxlv
Cove, Nicholasliv
Coxe, John Hippesleyxlvi
Cras, William7, 38, xli
Crasse, Anthony7, 38, xli
Craven, Elizabeth4
Craven, William the Elder9, 46, 48-50, 53, xxxiv-v
Crispin, Josephliv
Crosse, Williamli
Crudge, Henryxliii-iv
Crudge, Johnxliv
Crudge, Richardxliii
Cruwys, Johnxliv, xlix
Cruwys, Samuelxlv
Cudmore, Danielxliii-iv, xlviii
Cudmore, Robertxliv
Cudmore, Zacharyxliii
Culme, Arthurxl, xliv, (l)
Culme, Charlesxlv
Culme, Elizabethxl
Culme, Maryxl
Culme, Richardxl, xlix
Cumming, Thomasliii
Daddo, William, MAxlviii
Dagge, Robert(l)
Dally, Samuel, MAxlviii
Davie, Sir Johnvi, xlv-vi, lxiv
Davey, Bartholomew(l)
Davy, Georgexlix
Davy, Johnliii
Davye, Lawrence10
Deeble, James64
Demond, John9, 38, xli, xliv
Devenish, Thomaslii
Dewband, Williamxlvii, li
Deyman, Johnxliii
Deyman, Robertxlii
Deyman, Williamxliv, li
Dickes, John63
Dike, Edwardxlv
Dixon, John10
Doble, Johnxliii-vi
Dorchester, Richard9
Drew, Francisxlv
Drew, Francis Rosexlvi, lxiv
Drewe, Francis, Jun.xliv
Drewe, Thomas Rosexliii, xlvii
Drews, Francis R.vi, xliii
Drews, Thomas R.vi
Dunsford, Henry59, lv
Dunter, Sir Johnvi
Durant, Williamli, lix
Duntze, Sir Johnxlvii, lxiv
Edwards, Calebliv
Elford, Walter(l), lii
Elizabeth, Queen1, 36, lvii
Eveleigh, Johnliii
Eveleigh, Rogerli
Ewings, Christopherli
Fardfielde, Thomas51
Finnemore, Jameslii
Fisher, Henry(l)
Foot, John(l)
Foot, Josiaslii
Forte, Francisli
Fortescue, John Inglettvi, xlvii
Fortescus, Richard Inglettlxiv
Fosse, Georgeli
Foulkes, Johnxlvi
Fowler, Thomasxlii
Foxe, Mary11
Frauncis, Johnxlii
Fursdon, Georgexlvi
Gandy, Johnlii
Garman, Edwardlxv
Gay, Johnli
Gibson, John52
Gidley, John57
Gifford, Georgexlii
Gifford, Roger Esq38, xli-ii
Gilberd, Benjamin58, 60-1, xxxviii
Good, Benjaminliii
Gorton, Williamliii, lxiv
Greenway, Johnlii
Greenway, Thomasli
Grills, Johnliii
Gwyn, Francisxlvi
Hall, Josephxlvii
Ham, John of Uplowman, Gent,54, 57, xvi, xxxv-vi
Ham, John (filius)55-6, xl, xliv-v, xlix
Ham, Robert56
Ham, Williamxxxv, xlii, xliv, li
Hamilton, Robertlxv
Handford, John63-4
Harness, Samuellii
Hartnoll, Johnxlv
Hartnoll, Thomasxlix
Hatheridge, Johnli
Haydon, Richardlii
Haycroft, John(l)
Hayne, Johnli
Hayne, Josephli
Hayter, Thomaslii
Heath, Benjaminxlv
Heath, Richardliv
Hellyngs, Nathanielxlviii
Hewett, Thomasli
Hewett, Williamxliv
Hewgoe, Thomasliii
Hey, Richard51
Hill, Richard, als Sporwaie38, xli-iii
Hill, Samuel Stxliv
Hoblyn, Richard(l)
Hole, Joshualiii
Hukely, Georgexlii
Hunt, Williamlxiv-v
Hume, Georgexlviii
Humfry, Zacharias51
Hutton, Henry(l)
Huyish, Mr Fancis64
Hyne, Nathaniellii
Impey, A. Elijahlxiv
Incledon, Benjaminvi, xlvi, lxiv
Incledon, Robert Newtonvi, xlvii, lxiv
Inglet, Richardxlvii
Jenkins, Williamlii
Jones, John, MA61, xlviii, (l)
Keats, Richard, MAxlviii
Kelland, Williamliv
Kennaway, Abraham58
Kerslake, Edwardxlii
King, Robertvi
King, Williamxlix
Kingwell, Jamesli
Kitson, Thomas(l)
Knyght, Williamxlviii
Kyrton, Richard(l)
Land, Henry(l), liii
Land, Lewisli
Land, John(l)-i
Leach, Johnli
Lee, Johnliii
Leigh, Thomasxliii
Levermore, John9
Lewis, Georgexl
Ley, Johnxlviii, lii
Littlejohn, Walterliv
Lugg, Adam(l)
Luttrell, Henry Fownesxlvi, lxiv
Luttrell, John Fownesvi, xlvii
Manley, Robertli
Manning, Johnli
Marker, Henrylii, lxiv
Marsh, Johnlii
Marten, Nicholas, the Elder9
Marten, William, the Elder9
Martyn, Williamlii
Mascal, Matthew, BAxlviii
Matthew, Charleslxiv
Matthew, Johnlxiv
Matthew, Williamlxv
Mawry, __xlix
Miles, Thomasliii
Mills, Johnliii
Minifie, Johnxlii
Moggeridge, Williamli
Moore, Georgeli
Morris, Sir Williamxlvi
Nesbit, Alexxl
Nesbit, Richardxl
Newman, Gabriel48
Newte, John62-4, iv, xxxii, xxxviii-ix, L.
Newte, Peter62, 64
Newte, Rev Richardxxxii, xxxix
Newte, Samuel62-4
Newte, Mrs Sarah64
Northcote, Sir Henryxlv
Northcote, Hughlii
Northcote, Sir Stafford Henryvi, xlvii, lxiv
Nosworthy, Johnli
Nott, Agnes59, xxxviii
Okes, William4
Olmond, Jamesxliii
Osborne, Henryxlvii
Owens, Georgexlix
Palfy, Georgeli
Parker, Mary10
Parker, Thomas10
Parker, William9, 49-50, 53
Parnycot, Johnxlix
Parnycot, Richardxlix
Parsons, ___xlviii
Pasmore, Henryli
Payne, Abraham(l)
Payne, John(l), liv
Payne, Samuellii
Pearce, Marylv
Pearce, Priscillalv
Pearse, Samuelliv
Pearse, Thomaslxv
Pell, Thomasli
Perrot, Richardli
Perry, Richard9
Peyne, Mary6
Pierce, James(l)
Pitman, Johnliii
Pokington, Johnli. lix
Pole, Sir John William de lavi, xlvii, lxiv
Pollard, Anthony Esq38, xli
Polsteede, Henry4
Pope, Thomas11
Popham, Alexanderxliii
Popham, Sir Francisxvi, xli
Popham, Sir John25, 36, 38, iv, ix, xxvi, xlii, xlviii, li, lvi, lix
Popham, Thomasxlv
Pottingham, Williamlxv
Powell, Johnliv
Prows, Elizabeth5
Prows, Richard5, 9, 38, 47, 49-50, xli
Prowse, Edwardxlix
Prowse, Robertxlii
Putt, Johnxlvi
Putt, Thomaslxiv
Pym, John56
Quick, Johnxlv, xlvi
Quicke, Humfry(l)
Quicke, Rev Nutcombe58
Rawlinson, Robert8
Rayner, William, MA64, xlviii
Rendle, Johnlii
Richards, Bartholomew(l)
Richards, Simonlii
Richardson, William63
Robinson, John8
Rodd, Bampfyldxliv-v
Rodd, Jamesxliii
Rolle, Johnvi, xlvii, lxiv
Roper, Jonathanxlviii
Rose, Mary57
Rose, Richard57
Rouse, Oliverlii
Rudd, Edwardli-ii
Russell, Johnlii
Sanders, John, MAxlviii, li
Sanford, George(l)
Sanford, Johnxliv-v, xlvii, lxiv
Sarell, Andrew Lovering61
Savage, Johnli
Scobell, Georgelxv
Sellick, Williamli
Shapcott, Philipxliv
Shapcott, Thomasxliv
Shapleigh, Johnxlvii, lxiv
Shepherd, Johnliv
Shibbow, Robertxlix
Short, Richardlii
Shortridge, Richardxlv
Skerrat, William(l)
Skinner, Nicholas38, xli
Skynner, Johnxlii
Slee, George (also Slye)5, 38, 47, 49-50, 53, xli, xliii
Slee, Jone5, xl
Slee, Roger38, 46, xli
Slee, Williamxlix
Sleeman, Richardliii
Smale, Williamlv
Smith, Samuel, MAxlviii
Somaster, William, MAxlviii, (l)
Spicer, Thomas48
Spry, John Teesdalelii
Spurway, Henryxliii
Spurway, Johnxliv-v, (l)
Spurway, Richardxlix
Spurway, Williamxlii, xliv, li
Spurweye, Richard als Hill5, 10, 47, 49-50, viii
Spurweye, Wilmote alias Hill5
Squibb, Richardli
Staddon, Hughlii
Stafford, Hughxlv
Standon, Hugh(l)
Stanley, James51
Staplin, Williamli
Steer, Andrewliv
Still, Annys10
Still ____ (son of Annys)10
Stoddon, Margaret8
Stucley, Peterli
Sweet, Charlesliii
Sweet, Thomas(l), lii, lxiv
Taner, Georgexlvi
Tanner, Thomas(l), liii
Tanner, William38, xli
Taylor, Michaelli
Thorne, Davidlii
Thorne, Georgeli
Thorne, Richardlii
Thruston, Malachili
Torring, Jamesliv
Tozer, Roger(l)
Tremlet, Georgeli
Trevelyan, Sir Johnvi, xlvii, lxiv
Tritt, Jeremiah (Trist)liii
Trust, John, BAxlviii
Tucker, Georgeli
Tucker, Peterliii
Tucker, Peter Commynslii
Tucker, Rogerlv
Tucker, Williamliii, lxv
Tuckfield, Johnxlvi
Tynte, Sir Charles Kemysxlvi
Upcot, Williamli
Vanston, Daniellxv
Venn, Richardli
Voysey, Johnli
Vyvyan, Charlesliii
Waldron, John38, xli-ii
Waldron, Williamxliii
Walker, John(l)
Walrond, Courtenayxlv
Walrond, Georgexliii
Walrond, Henryxliv,
Walrond, Williamxliii-iv
Walter, Johnxlvi, lxiv
Warner, Thomasxlviii, li
Warre, Richardxlii
Warre, Roger Esq38, xli
Warren, Hezekiahlxv
Webber, George10, vii
Webber, Richard10, viii
Webber, Thomasli
Webber, Williamli
Were, Johnxlii-iii
Were, Humfreyxlii
Were, Thomasxliii
Wescott, George11
Wesley, Samuel, MAxlviii
West, Christopherxlix
West, Johnxliv
West, Peterxliii-iv
Weste, Edith5-6, 46
Weste, John the Younger5-6, 38, 47, 49-50, 53, xxv, xxxii-iii, xli
Weste, John the Elder6, 38, 49-50, 53, xli
Weste, Peter6, 38, xli
Whaddon, Thomas(l)
White, James58
White, Thomasxlix, (l)
Whitlock, Johnlii
Whitmore, Anne4-5, vi-vii
Whitmore familyiv
Whitmore, Frauncis4
Whitmore, George4
Whitmore, Jane4
Whitmore, Margarett4
Whitmore, Mary4
Whitmore, Thomas1
Whitmore, William4, vi-vii
Whitmore, Sir Williamx
Whitter, Tristramliii
Wiborne, Thomas8
Wilcocks, Thomasliii
Williams, Johnlii
Williams, John Oliverxlvi
Windham, Sir Williamxlv
Winsloe, Thomas, Esqvi, xlvii, lv, lxiv
Wood, Johnxlvii, xlix
Wood, Humfrey8
Wood, Johnli-ii
Wood, Thomas, MAxlvii, li
Wood, William8
Woodhall, William53
Worth, Bampfyldeli
Worth, Johnxlii-v, liii
Worth, Henry Esq38, xli-ii
Worth, Simonxlix
Wrey, Bourchier Williamlxiv
Wrey, Sir Bourchiervi, lxiv, xlvii
Yonge, Sir Walterxliv