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Help and advice for Tiverton - Donations of Peter Blundell - index

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Name Index


Donations of Peter Blundell (Founder) and Other Benefactors to
The Free Grammar School at Tiverton


Benjamin Incledon

Exeter: E. Grigg, typ. (1792)

Index prepared by Michael Steer

Peter Blundell was a very wealthy merchant of Tiverton and London. He died unmarried in April 1601. His will was lengthy, complicated and predominantly charitable. In it, he set out and funded plans for a free grammar school at Tiverton, providing a further £2000 to be used in the "establishing of six students in Divinity in the university of Oxford or Cambridge or both for ever". This book is a reproduction of an original held at the British Library. An original is also held at the Oxford University Library. It was digitised in 2007 and can be downloaded from: Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired.


Names Pages
Abell, John (l)-li
Abell, William (l)
Acland, Sir Hugh xliv-v
Acland, Sir Thomas Dyke xlvi-vii, lxiv
Acland, John xliv
Acland, John Dyke xlvii, lxiv
Acland, Sir Thomas D. vi
Amy, Edward (Amye) 38, xli, xlii-iii
Anstey, Widow lv
Arscot, Alexander (l), lii
Atherton, Philip, MA xlviii
Atkins, Henry, MA xlv, xlviii, lii
Atkins, Peter xliv
Austin, John 9
Ayshford, Arthur xlii-iii
Ayshford, H. xliii
Ayshford, John xliii
Ayshford, Roger 38, xli-ii
Babar, Ann 4
Bailey, Francis Turner lxv
Bampfylde, Sir Charles Warwick vi, xlvii
Bampfylde, Sir Coppleston xliii
Bampfylde, Copplestone Warre xlvi, lxiv
Bampfylde, Sir Copplestone Warwick xliv, xlvi
Bampfylde, John xlv
Bampfylde, Sir John xlii
Barber, James Brudenel (l)
Barnes, Katherine 5
Barnes, John (l)
Barnes, Robert 9
Barratt, Richard 8, 11
Bateman, John 8
Batten, Henry xlviii
Beavis, Peter xlvii, lxiv
Beere, Charles Esq (Bere) 38, xli
Bere, Richard lii
Bere, Robert xlv
Bere, Thomas xliii-iv
Bere, William liii
Bennet, Ellis xlii
Bennet, John xlix
Bennet, Josepj lii
Bennet, Richard (l)
Bernard, James vi, xlvii, lxiv
Berry, John xxii, xlix, li, lix
Besley, John lii
Blackhall, Theophilus (l)
Blackmore, John 60
Bladwell, Robert 9
Blagdon, Henry xlv
Blagdon, John xliii, xlix
Blake, Roger (l)
Bland, Thomas li
Blewett, Richard Esq 38, xli
Bluett, John xlii-iii
Blundell, Ann xl
Blundell, Betty xl
Blundell, Charlot xl
Blundell, Eddy 49
Blundell, John 38, 46, xxv, xli, xliii, xlix, lii-iii
Blundell, Mary xl
Blundell, Peter vi, 1, 38, 46, 48, 51-2, 55-6, iii-iv, vi-ix, xi-ii, xv, xviii, xxvi, xxx, xxxiii-vi, xlvi, xlix. (l)vi-ix, lxiv
Blundell, Philip xlv, (l), lii
Blundell, Richard, Esq vi, xliv, xlvii, lv, lxiv
Blundell, Sarah xl
Blundell, Susannah xl
Bonde, Marten 8-9
Bonde, William 8-9, vi
Bonney, Robert xlviii
Bostocke, Charles 51
Bowden, John 63
Brace, Walter li
Bradford, Edward xlviii
Bradford, John xliv, (l)
Briant, William lii
Brook, John li
Browne, Thomas 53
Bruton, John Veryard lii
Brutton, John 61
Buckland, Charles lii
Buller, James xlv-vi
Buller, John xlvii, lxiv
Burgoin, Robert xliii
Burnard, John liii, lxiv
Burton, George (l)
Burton, Samuel li
Butler, Amory xlvii
Butler, John li
Butler, Samuel xlviii
Butler, William li
Cade, Walter 9
Cannington, Thomas xlix
Carew, Thomas Esq xlv
Carew, Sir Thomas West vi, xlv, xlvii, lxiv
Carrington, William Henry lii
Carthew, Thomas xlix
Cary, George liv
Colman, Humfrey 9
Chamberlyn, Arthur xlix
Chamberlyn, Roger (l)
Channon, Abraham li
Chapman, John lii
Chapman, Richard 51
Chapman, William 8
Charles II, King 54
Chave, Tristram li
Chichester, Charles vi, xlvii, lxiv
Chichester, Sir John vi, xlv-vii, lxiv
Chilcot, Amy xl
Chilcot, Elizabeth xl
Chilcot, Joan xl
Chilcot, John xl
Chilcot, Joseph liii
Chilcot, Robert li
Chilcot, William (l)
Chilcotte, John alias Comyn 5, 47-50
Chilcotte, Robert alias Comyn 5, 8, 38, 46-7, 49-50, vii-viii, xli
Chilcotte, William alias Comyn 7, xlii
Cholwich, John Burridge vi, xlvii, lxiv
Cholwich, John Jun xlvi
Choram, John 7
Clapp, John (l)
Clark, John (l)
Clarke, James Esq 25-6, 38, 49-50, xli
Clarke, Robert xliii
Clarkson, Nicholas 9-10
Clare, Nathaniel xlviii
Cogan, Humfry xliii
Cogan, John xliii
Cole, John (l)
Collens, Nathaniel li
Colman, Francis xlii
Colman, Humphrey 38, xli
Colman, John lii
Colman, Roger xliii
Colman, William, Jun. xlii-iv
Cook, John lii
Cook, Samuel (l)
Cornish, George 10
Cornish liv
Cosserat, David Peloquin lxv
Courtenay, Sir William xlv
Cove, Nicholas liv
Coxe, John Hippesley xlvi
Cras, William 7, 38, xli
Crasse, Anthony 7, 38, xli
Craven, Elizabeth 4
Craven, William the Elder 9, 46, 48-50, 53, xxxiv-v
Crispin, Joseph liv
Crosse, William li
Crudge, Henry xliii-iv
Crudge, John xliv
Crudge, Richard xliii
Cruwys, John xliv, xlix
Cruwys, Samuel xlv
Cudmore, Daniel xliii-iv, xlviii
Cudmore, Robert xliv
Cudmore, Zachary xliii
Culme, Arthur xl, xliv, (l)
Culme, Charles xlv
Culme, Elizabeth xl
Culme, Mary xl
Culme, Richard xl, xlix
Cumming, Thomas liii
Daddo, William, MA xlviii
Dagge, Robert (l)
Dally, Samuel, MA xlviii
Davie, Sir John vi, xlv-vi, lxiv
Davey, Bartholomew (l)
Davy, George xlix
Davy, John liii
Davye, Lawrence 10
Deeble, James 64
Demond, John 9, 38, xli, xliv
Devenish, Thomas lii
Dewband, William xlvii, li
Deyman, John xliii
Deyman, Robert xlii
Deyman, William xliv, li
Dickes, John 63
Dike, Edward xlv
Dixon, John 10
Doble, John xliii-vi
Dorchester, Richard 9
Drew, Francis xlv
Drew, Francis Rose xlvi, lxiv
Drewe, Francis, Jun. xliv
Drewe, Thomas Rose xliii, xlvii
Drews, Francis R. vi, xliii
Drews, Thomas R. vi
Dunsford, Henry 59, lv
Dunter, Sir John vi
Durant, William li, lix
Duntze, Sir John xlvii, lxiv
Edwards, Caleb liv
Elford, Walter (l), lii
Elizabeth, Queen 1, 36, lvii
Eveleigh, John liii
Eveleigh, Roger li
Ewings, Christopher li
Fardfielde, Thomas 51
Finnemore, James lii
Fisher, Henry (l)
Foot, John (l)
Foot, Josias lii
Forte, Francis li
Fortescue, John Inglett vi, xlvii
Fortescus, Richard Inglett lxiv
Fosse, George li
Foulkes, John xlvi
Fowler, Thomas xlii
Foxe, Mary 11
Frauncis, John xlii
Fursdon, George xlvi
Gandy, John lii
Garman, Edward lxv
Gay, John li
Gibson, John 52
Gidley, John 57
Gifford, George xlii
Gifford, Roger Esq 38, xli-ii
Gilberd, Benjamin 58, 60-1, xxxviii
Good, Benjamin liii
Gorton, William liii, lxiv
Greenway, John lii
Greenway, Thomas li
Grills, John liii
Gwyn, Francis xlvi
Hall, Joseph xlvii
Ham, John of Uplowman, Gent, 54, 57, xvi, xxxv-vi
Ham, John (filius) 55-6, xl, xliv-v, xlix
Ham, Robert 56
Ham, William xxxv, xlii, xliv, li
Hamilton, Robert lxv
Handford, John 63-4
Harness, Samuel lii
Hartnoll, John xlv
Hartnoll, Thomas xlix
Hatheridge, John li
Haydon, Richard lii
Haycroft, John (l)
Hayne, John li
Hayne, Joseph li
Hayter, Thomas lii
Heath, Benjamin xlv
Heath, Richard liv
Hellyngs, Nathaniel xlviii
Hewett, Thomas li
Hewett, William xliv
Hewgoe, Thomas liii
Hey, Richard 51
Hill, Richard, als Sporwaie 38, xli-iii
Hill, Samuel St xliv
Hoblyn, Richard (l)
Hole, Joshua liii
Hukely, George xlii
Hunt, William lxiv-v
Hume, George xlviii
Humfry, Zacharias 51
Hutton, Henry (l)
Huyish, Mr Fancis 64
Hyne, Nathaniel lii
Impey, A. Elijah lxiv
Incledon, Benjamin vi, xlvi, lxiv
Incledon, Robert Newton vi, xlvii, lxiv
Inglet, Richard xlvii
Jenkins, William lii
Jones, John, MA 61, xlviii, (l)
Keats, Richard, MA xlviii
Kelland, William liv
Kennaway, Abraham 58
Kerslake, Edward xlii
King, Robert vi
King, William xlix
Kingwell, James li
Kitson, Thomas (l)
Knyght, William xlviii
Kyrton, Richard (l)
Land xxviii-xxix
Land, Henry (l), liii
Land, Lewis li
Land, John (l)-i
Leach, John li
Lee, John liii
Leigh, Thomas xliii
Levermore, John 9
Lewis, George xl
Ley, John xlviii, lii
Littlejohn, Walter liv
Lugg, Adam (l)
Luttrell, Henry Fownes xlvi, lxiv
Luttrell, John Fownes vi, xlvii
Manley, Robert li
Manning, John li
Marker, Henry lii, lxiv
Marsh, John lii
Marten, Nicholas, the Elder 9
Marten, William, the Elder 9
Martyn, William lii
Mascal, Matthew, BA xlviii
Matthew, Charles lxiv
Matthew, John lxiv
Matthew, William lxv
Mawry, __ xlix
Miles, Thomas liii
Mills, John liii
Minifie, John xlii
Moggeridge, William li
Moore, George li
Morris, Sir William xlvi
Nesbit, Alex xl
Nesbit, Richard xl
Newman, Gabriel 48
Newte, John 62-4, iv, xxxii, xxxviii-ix, L.
Newte, Peter 62, 64
Newte, Rev Richard xxxii, xxxix
Newte, Samuel 62-4
Newte, Mrs Sarah 64
Northcote, Sir Henry xlv
Northcote, Hugh lii
Northcote, Sir Stafford Henry vi, xlvii, lxiv
Nosworthy, John li
Nott, Agnes 59, xxxviii
Okes, William 4
Olmond, James xliii
Osborne, Henry xlvii
Owens, George xlix
Oxton xxxviii
Palfy, George li
Parker, Mary 10
Parker, Thomas 10
Parker, William 9, 49-50, 53
Parnycot, John xlix
Parnycot, Richard xlix
Parsons, ___ xlviii
Pasmore, Henry li
Payne, Abraham (l)
Payne, John (l), liv
Payne, Samuel lii
Pearce, Mary lv
Pearce, Priscilla lv
Pearse, Samuel liv
Pearse, Thomas lxv
Pell, Thomas li
Perrot, Richard li
Perry, Richard 9
Peyne, Mary 6
Pierce, James (l)
Pitman, John liii
Pokington, John li. lix
Pole, Sir John William de la vi, xlvii, lxiv
Pollard, Anthony Esq 38, xli
Polsteede, Henry 4
Pope, Thomas 11
Popham, Alexander xliii
Popham, Sir Francis xvi, xli
Popham, Sir John 25, 36, 38, iv, ix, xxvi, xlii, xlviii, li, lvi, lix
Popham, Thomas xlv
Pottingham, William lxv
Powell, John liv
Prince iii
Prows, Elizabeth 5
Prows, Richard 5, 9, 38, 47, 49-50, xli
Prowse, Edward xlix
Prowse, Robert xlii
Putt, John xlvi
Putt, Thomas lxiv
Pym, John 56
Quick, John xlv, xlvi
Quicke, Humfry (l)
Quicke, Rev Nutcombe 58
Rawlinson, Robert 8
Rayner, William, MA 64, xlviii
Rendle, John lii
Richards, Bartholomew (l)
Richards, Simon lii
Richardson, William 63
Robinson, John 8
Rodd, Bampfyld xliv-v
Rodd, James xliii
Rolle, John vi, xlvii, lxiv
Roper, Jonathan xlviii
Rose, Mary 57
Rose, Richard 57
Rouse, Oliver lii
Rudd, Edward li-ii
Russell, John lii
Sanders, John, MA xlviii, li
Sanford, George (l)
Sanford, John xliv-v, xlvii, lxiv
Sarell, Andrew Lovering 61
Savage, John li
Scobell, George lxv
Sellick, William li
Shapcott, Philip xliv
Shapcott, Thomas xliv
Shapleigh, John xlvii, lxiv
Shepherd, John liv
Shibbow, Robert xlix
Short, Richard lii
Shortridge, Richard xlv
Skerrat, William (l)
Skinner, Nicholas 38, xli
Skynner, John xlii
Slee, George (also Slye) 5, 38, 47, 49-50, 53, xli, xliii
Slee, Jone 5, xl
Slee, Roger 38, 46, xli
Slee, William xlix
Sleeman, Richard liii
Smale, William lv
Smith, Samuel, MA xlviii
Somaster, William, MA xlviii, (l)
Spicer, Thomas 48
Spry, John Teesdale lii
Spurway, Henry xliii
Spurway, John xliv-v, (l)
Spurway, Richard xlix
Spurway, William xlii, xliv, li
Spurweye, Richard als Hill 5, 10, 47, 49-50, viii
Spurweye, Wilmote alias Hill 5
Squibb, Richard li
Staddon, Hugh lii
Stafford, Hugh xlv
Standon, Hugh (l)
Stanley, James 51
Staplin, William li
Steer, Andrew liv
Still, Annys 10
Still ____ (son of Annys) 10
Stoddon, Margaret 8
Stucley, Peter li
Sweet, Charles liii
Sweet, Thomas (l), lii, lxiv
Taner, George xlvi
Tanner, Thomas (l), liii
Tanner, William 38, xli
Taylor, Michael li
Thorne, David lii
Thorne, George li
Thorne, Richard lii
Thruston, Malachi li
Torring, James liv
Tozer, Roger (l)
Tremlet, George li
Trevelyan, Sir John vi, xlvii, lxiv
Tritt, Jeremiah (Trist) liii
Trust, John, BA xlviii
Tucker, George li
Tucker, Peter liii
Tucker, Peter Commyns lii
Tucker, Roger lv
Tucker, William liii, lxv
Tuckfield, John xlvi
Tynte, Sir Charles Kemys xlvi
Upcot, William li
Vanston, Daniel lxv
Venn, Richard li
Voysey, John li
Vyvyan, Charles liii
Waldron, John 38, xli-ii
Waldron, William xliii
Walker, John (l)
Walrond, Courtenay xlv
Walrond, George xliii
Walrond, Henry xliv,
Walrond, William xliii-iv
Walter, John xlvi, lxiv
Warner, Thomas xlviii, li
Warre, Richard xlii
Warre, Roger Esq 38, xli
Warren, Hezekiah lxv
Webber, George 10, vii
Webber, Richard 10, viii
Webber, Thomas li
Webber, William li
Were, John xlii-iii
Were, Humfrey xlii
Were, Thomas xliii
Wescott, George 11
Wesley, Samuel, MA xlviii
West, Christopher xlix
West, John xliv
West, Peter xliii-iv
Weste, Edith 5-6, 46
Weste, John the Younger 5-6, 38, 47, 49-50, 53, xxv, xxxii-iii, xli
Weste, John the Elder 6, 38, 49-50, 53, xli
Weste, Peter 6, 38, xli
Whaddon, Thomas (l)
White xxviii-xxix
White, James 58
White, Thomas xlix, (l)
Whitlock, John lii
Whitmore, Anne 4-5, vi-vii
Whitmore family iv
Whitmore, Frauncis 4
Whitmore, George 4
Whitmore, Jane 4
Whitmore, Margarett 4
Whitmore, Mary 4
Whitmore, Thomas 1
Whitmore, William 4, vi-vii
Whitmore, Sir William x
Whitter, Tristram liii
Wiborne, Thomas 8
Wilcocks, Thomas liii
Williams, John lii
Williams, John Oliver xlvi
Windham, Sir William xlv
Winsloe, Thomas, Esq vi, xlvii, lv, lxiv
Wood, John xlvii, xlix
Wood, Humfrey 8
Wood, John li-ii
Wood, Thomas, MA xlvii, li
Wood, William 8
Woodhall, William 53
Worth, Bampfylde li
Worth, John xlii-v, liii
Worth, Henry Esq 38, xli-ii
Worth, Simon xlix
Wrey, Bourchier William lxiv
Wrey, Sir Bourchier vi, lxiv, xlvii
Yonge, Sir Walter xliv