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Help and advice for Tiverton - The mighty curative powers of Mesmerism 1851 - index

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The mighty curative powers of Mesmerism

Proved in upwards of one hundred and fifty cases of various diseases.


Thomas Capern

London: H. Baillière, (1851), xxvii, 120 pp.

Prepared by Matt Tompkins

Mesmerism derives from the 18th century work of Franz Mesmer who postulated that illness has to do with blockages in the natural flow of a universal vital energy throughout the human body. Harmony could be restored by various techniques including hypnotism and laying on of hands, some of which are employed even today by practitioners of energetic techniques. Capern was an early Devon mesmerist who worked in Tiverton and became Secretary and Resident Superindendant of the Mesmeric Infirmary at Bloomsbury in London. Almost all the cases reported in this book relate to people in the East Devon area, centering on Tiverton, Bampton and Cullompton. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Harvard University Widener Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.

Acland, Jemima 111
Alderman, A Esq 113
Allen, Elizabeth 105
Allen, John 105
Amory, S Esq xii
Arthur, Mary Ann 98
Ashburner, Dr xvi
Baker, Henry 116
Barne, John Esq xii
Beck, Elizabeth 30
Beck, Mr 80
Beedell, Mr 88
Berry, Mr John 47
Bewy, George 29
Binton, John 52
Black, Dr Richard Harrison 56, 58
Bowden, Mr 29
Brewin, A Esq xii
Brittan, Samuel (also Britton) 45, 62
Brodie, Sir B xxvii
Browning, William 100
Burton, William 71
Byron, Mr 65
Candy, George 22
Cann, Abraham 58
Capern, Thomas throughout
Carew, Thomas Esq 21
Carpenter, Mr 33-5
Chambers, Dr xxvii
Channing, Robert 40
Chubb, Mr 37
Chudleigh, Samuel 5
Clarke, Mr 7
Clarke, Richard 39
Coles, George Esq xii, 2
Coles, James 48
Colquhoun, George Arthur 85
Colquhoun, H Esq 85, 87
Conolly, Dr xiv, xxi
Cook, Mr 20
Cooksley, Mrs 90
Cooper, Mr Bransby xxvii
Copland, Dr xxvii
Cornish, Harriet 88
Cosway, Mr George 14, 65
Cosway, Thomas 81
Crocker, Mr John 62
Croote, Elizabeth 71
Croote, John 2, 4-5, 64, 71
Cross, J Esq 78
Davey, Alice 113
Davey, James 61
Davey, Mr ix-x, xii
Davey & Cosway, Messrs 9
Doble, Samuel 27
Dowton, Joseph 65
Drane, Mrs 67
Drewe, Richard 55
Dumford, H Esq xii
Easterbrook, Ann 54
Easterbrook, William 54-5
Edwards, Francis 26
Edwards, Phoceon 26
Elliotson, Dr xvi, xviii, xxiii, xxv-vii
Escott, Ann 49
Esdaile, Dr xiv, 86
Ferris, John 13
Forbes, Dr xviii, xxi
Ford, Mr 46
Fowler, Henry 81
Fowler, Dan 85
Fowler, J 1
Fulford, Mrs Ann 102
Gervis, Dr 110
Gibbings, John 119
Gill, James 14, 98
Gill, John 10, 29
Gill, William 16
Goodland, Mr William 69, 84-5
Goss, Elizabeth 51
Greenslade, George 78
Gregory, Dr George xxvii
Grogan, Mary 72
Gunn, Mr William 33-5, 52
Hale, F Esq xii
Hall, Dr Marshall xxvii
Hall, Samuel 30
Harris, Harriet 83
Harvey xxv
Haskins, Fanny 52
Hatswell, Mr John 43-4
Hawkings, John 107
Hawkings, Susan 107
Hawkins, Mr Caesar xxvii
Hawkins, Dr Francis xxiv, xxvi
Hawkins, Mrs 43
Hawkins, Mrs Susan 70
Hawkins, William 15-6
Hayman, John 42
Heathcote, John Esq, MP xii, 10, 72, 78
Heathcote & Co, Messrs 18
Hill, James 103
Hill, Robert 21
Hill, William 103
Hoare, Sarah 76
Hodge, Philip 44
Hole, Robert 16
Hopgood, Joseph Esq xii, 31-2
Howard, Thomas 80
Isaacs, Betsy 79
Isaacs, Thomas 50
Isaacs, William 72, 79
Jackson, Mr xii
Janson, H U Esq xii, xvii
Johnson, Dr James xix, xxvii
Kean, Dr xiv
Kerslake, Elizabeth 9
Kerslake, John 9
King, James 99
King, William 38
Kingdon, Sarah 44
Land, Mary 90
Lee, John 68, 79
Lee, Sarah 68, 79
Lee, Mr Thomas 55
Lentall, John 9
Lethbridge, John 46
Liston, Mr xxvi-vii
Lower, George 30
Madgin, Rev Mr xi
Manley, William 83-4
Manning, Sarah 76
Maretin, Ann 10
Martin, Mr xxii
Martin, Mrs 56-8
Martineau, Miss xiii
Mayo, Dr Herbert xxi
Middle, William 23
Mitchell, Mr & Mrs 31
Mogford, Mrs Mary 33, 35
Mogford, Sarah Ann 102
Monday, Mr 20
Morrell, Charlotte 76
Mott, Mr xxii
Norman, George Esq 97
Norrish, John 35
Oxenham, Mr John 117
Paris, Dr xxvi
Parker, Robert Esq xii, xxii, 32, 97
Patch, F O Esq xii
Pattison, Mrs 42
Pattison, William 41
Pavord, Samuel 44
Peaster, Maria 12
Pitt, Mr & Mrs 59
Pook, Sarah 49
Pope, Elizabeth 51
Pope, William 41
Posford, Mr Richard 37
Prescott, Thomas 36
Pulsford, Sarah 106
Purdue, Daniel 11
Quick, Eliza 105
Quick, Isaac 32
Quick, John 36
Quick, Mrs 36
Quick, Richard 36
Quick, Sarah 32
Reichenbach 5
Rendell, T Esq xii
Rew, Mr 113-4
Risdon, H T 74
Rogers, John 96
Rooks, John 95
Rowden, John x, 18
Russell, William 48
Rutley, Mr John 96, 98
Searles, Nicholas 15, 49
Sharland, A C Esq xii
Shopland, George 113-4
Short, Martha 100
Skinner, Mr William 103
Snell, John Esq xi
Snow, Mary 40
Spurway, Rev John xi, 47
Stephens, Bessy 75
Stephens, James 75
Stevens, Mr Thomas 14
Stone, Richard 30
Summers, James 11-2, 28-9
Summers, Mr John 38
Sydenham, Charles 36
Talley, Thomas B Esq 16
Tapp, Mrs Mary 25
Tapscott, Richard 53-5
Taylor, Mary 89
Taylor, Mrs 115
Teesdale, Harriet 112
Teesdale, John T 108, 112
Teesdale, Mrs 100
Thompson, Dr A T 27
Thorne, John 120
Thorne, Richard 120
Tout, James 65
Tout, Janeretta 65
Tubbs, Mr xxii
Tucker, Ann 55
Tucker, Mr John 39
Turner, Mr John xxiv, 16
Turner, Mrs 16, 115
Upton, Mr 7
Vesey, Caroline 37
Vickery, John 77
Viney, Samuel 35
Wakley xviii, xxiii
Wallace, Miss xiii
Warren, Mr & Mrs 108
Webber, James 17
Webber, Mrs Sarah 56-8
Webber, William 20
Wellington, Mr 77
Welsh, Mary 45-6
Whateley, Dr xii
Williams, Mr John 28, 59-60
Williams, Thomas 21
Wilson, Dr J A xxv
Wilson, Mrs Emma 88-9
Winsborough, Thomas 8
Wolland, John 47
Wood, Benjamin 67
Wood, Mr George 64-5
Wood, Leah 93
Woodman, Mrs 99
Wotton, Elizabeth 37
Wotton, William 104
Wreford, James 80
Wyburn, Mrs Mary 33-4
Zelley, Elizabeth 111
Zelley, William 114