Historical memoirs of the town and parish of Tiverton, in the county of Devon

Collected from the best authorities, with notes and observations.


Martin Dunsford

Exeter: Printed by T. Brice (1790). A new edition remodelled & continued by George Boyce (1836). Printed by G Boyce & J Salter, Tiverton. pp. xiii, 466. illus., maps.

Prepared by Michael Steer

The author was born in Tiverton 2 Feb 1744 and died 13 M arch 1807 aged 63. In 1780 he married Anne Violl whose father was Samuel Tawman Violl, a surgeon of Moretonhampstead). Anne died 17 Oct 1872 . They had a daughter Eliza Dunsford who died 20 Dec 1782 aged 4 months. His "Historical Memoirs of Tiverton", was published in 1790 and he wrote several other works. His Historical Memoirs quickly became an information quarry for many later histories and documents. First George Boyce updated it, then William Harding considered that it needed extending with some things corrected, so authored The History of Tiverton, published in 1845. This rare and much sought-after book was produced digitally from a copy in the Bodleian Library collection and can be downloaded from Google Books. Google has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. These books, on which copyright has expired, are available for free educational and research use, both as individual books and as full collections to aid researchers.


Index to Pages i-xiii and 1-48.
(These are followed by an extensive appendix of historical documents, each paginated separately)

Alfred, King2
Apsley, Sir Allen35
Ashburnham, Colonel37
Atkins, Mr46
Beere, Mary23
Bellamy, Elizabeth23
Bere, Peter, Jnr45
Berkley, Sir John37-9
Berry, William45
Blagdon, Henry46
Blundell, Mr John2, 15, 17, 21, 23, 27, 29, 31-2, 35-6, 38, 44
Blundell, Peter16, 26
Blundell's School33, 43
Bowber, Widow23
Brionis, Baldwin de3
Brionis, Richard de3
Buckingham, Major35
Chapple11, 18
Charles I33-4, 43
Charles II36, 46
Charles V14
Chilcot, Mrs Joan23
Chilcott's School25
Coke, Thomas46
Coles, Mr31
Collis, Mary23
Connoke, Colonel35
Cromwell, Oliver43
Cunick, Mrs42
Cunninghame, Captain48
Dally, Christopher23
Dayman, Rev E A23, 29
Desborowe, John Lord44-5
Deyman, John45
Deyman, William, gent46
Dinham, Judge33
Dyer, Richard23
Edward I7-9
Edward II1
Edward III8-11
Edward IV12
Edward VI14-5
Elizabeth I17, 19-20
Ellis, William23, 38, 48
Essex, Earl of38
Ethelred II2
Fairfax, Sir Thomas36-9, 41
Farmer, Robert23
FitzWilliams, Henry45
Foot, Samuel45
Fowler, Thomas Esq44
Frost, Ralph23
Fry, Master33
Fursley, Joshua44
Goring, Lord37-9
Gover, Christopher18
Gover, Richord18
Gover, Widow23
Greenvil, Sir Richard (Grenville)37
Greenway, John12-3
Gregg, William23
Halse, William18
Harboard, Mr48
Hartnoll, alias Cordley, Mr Nicholas23
Hartnoll, Thomas45
Hatswill, John44
Heathcote, Henry Thomas42
Henry3, 5-6, 8-9, 11
Henry I3
Henry III5-8
Henry VIII13
Hewett3, 7, 17, 21, 23, 29, 31-2, 35-6, 38
Hollbiam, Margaret44
Hopton, Sir Ralph35
Isabella, Countess7
James I26, 29, 31
James II47
Jeffries, Judge47
John, King5
Kempe, John9
King, Henry44
Kingwell, Ellen23
Land, Joan23
Land, Thomas23
Leofricus, Bishop2, 3
Lock, Catherine23
Lock, John35
London, Rt Worshipfull William44
Louis XIV14
Malygh, Hatteryn18
Mary, Queen16
Massey, Major General38, 40
Maud, Empress4
Maurice, Prince35
Milton, Joane44
Monk, Christopher, Duke or Albemarle46
Monmouth, James, Duke of47
Morrel, Mary23
Mortimer8, 11
Norris2, 31
Nutley, Mr James46
Parkhouse, Hugh23
Parkin, Thomas21
Patey, Mr28
Peard, Oliver Esq43, 46
Perkin, Elizabeth23
Philip & Mary16, 27
Philip II25
Pollard, Sir High37
Powell, John15
Prowse, Mrs23
Prowse, Thomas45
Pullen, Mr2, 43
Ramster, Thomasin23
Rapin5, 15
Reed, Mrs Joan23
Rees10-11, 14
Richard II11
Richard III12
Rigby, Mr Justice43
Rivers, Earl Baldwin de7
Rivers, Lady Amicia7
Rivers, Earl Richard3
Roberts, Farmer33, 35
Rushworth, Mr42
Russell, Lord15
Sadler, Major42
Salter, John41
Satterlygh, Richard18
Sellake, John12
Sellake, William12
Skinner, Aquila45
Skinner, Mr45, 48
Slee, Mrs Eleanor23
Smith, Hugh23
Smith, Thomas23
Smyth, Robert44
Sprigges, Joshua36, 38-9, 42
Spurway, Mr Richard32
Stephen, King4
Sterton, John23
Talbot, Sir Gilbert38-9, 41-2
Tint, Sir Cresswell48
Tucker, Thomas23
Tyrrel, Mr Walter20
Waldron, George45
Waldron, John16
Waldron's Almshouses48
Walker, Sir Edward37
Waulker, William21
Weaver, Catherine23
Webber, Joan23
Weldon, Colonel38
West, Mrs Joan23
West, Mr John18
Westcote23, 29
Wild, Lord Chief Baron43
William III (Prince of Orange)48
Wolsey, Cardinal14
Wood, William45
Wyott, Thomas23