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Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

Is a large market town, a borough, both corporate and parliamentary, and parish, in the hundred of its name, 168 miles from London, 15 N. by E. from Exeter, and between five and six miles from Cullompton - the last named a station on the Bristol and Exeter Railway. This respectable town is situated in one of the most beautiful parts of the north of Devon, between the rivers Exe and Lowman, which run on each side of it, and unite a little below it. Its name is derived from Twyford, or Two-ford Town, from its situation between the two fords of the rivers before named. Tiverton enjoys many privileges; it was incorporated by James I, in 1615; and a second charter was granted by George I. The government, as regulated by the new municipal act, is vested in a mayor, a recorder, six aldermen and eighteen councillors - the corporate body being styled `the mayor and burgesses of the town and parish of Tiverton': the same act divided the town into three wards. There are ten gentlemen in the commission of the peace for the borough. The borough returns two representatives to parliament; the mayor is the returning officer. A court of sessions is held quarterly (at which the recorder presides), and a court of record for pleas not exceeding in amount £100. is entitled to be holden. This town was once famed for its extensive manufacture of serges, duroys, &c.; in 1790 there were seven hundred looms in daily activity, returning £150,000. per annum; but, unhappily, this branch of business is now almost extinct. Some years ago a large manufactory of lace was established here, which is now the staple, and furnishes employment to many hands - the principal manufacturers are Messrs. Heathcoat and Co. A public news-room, in Fore st, is ably conducted by Mr. Boyce, bookseller. The principal inns are, the 'Angel' and the 'Three Tuns' - excellently conducted establishments, and both posting houses. Tiverton has suffered severely from fires, having been almost wholly consumed at three different periods: for its security against this destructive element, an act was passed in 1732 containing many judicious regulations; a branch of the river Lowman, above the town, is so directed as to course briskly through each street, which, besides the convenience of application in cases of emergency, keeps the place conspicuously clean. In 1590 the stone bridge over the Exe was erected, chiefly by the munificence of one spirited tradesman, who bequeathed a considerable sum to keep it in repair. Some years ago a canal, called the Great Western Canal, was formed; it joins the river Parret and the Bridgewater canal, and has effected a convenient communication for supplying the town and neighbourhood with coal, culm and iron, from Wales; porcelain and other goods from places on the Bristol channel; while corn, potatoes, and various marketable commodities are forwarded to Taunton and other neighbouring towns.
Tiverton town and parish is divided into four quarters or rectories, each rector performing the duties of each church alternately. The old church being too small for the number of inhabitants, another, a very handsome edifice, in the modern style of architecture, was erected, dedicated to Saint George, and constituted a perpetual curacy by an act of parliament. The old church of St. Peter is a beautiful and very ancient structure; it has a good organ and contains many elegant monuments. The altar is ornamented with an admirable painting of the Magi, presented by the late Rev. Robert Hole, and in Greenway's Chapel is a picture of Saint Peter being delivered from prison, beautifully painted by the celebrated Cosway, who was a native of this town - which also gave birth to Mrs Cowley, the dramatic writer, and Alderman Wood, twice lord mayor of London. There are places of worship for Baptists, Independents and Wesleyan Methodists. In 1840 a neat Catholic chapel was erected in a beautiful spot, by the Barnstaple road, and, in 1843, a chapel of ease was built by subscript8ionk in Tidcumbe Quarter. The town is distinguished for its charities: the principal are the alms-houses in Gold-street, endowed by Mr. Jno. Greenway; others in Welbrook-street, for eight poor men, endowed by Mr. John Waldron; and one in Saint Peter-street, founded by Mr. John Slee, for six poor women. But the glory of Tiverton is its famous grammar-school, founded by Peter Blundell (at first a poor clothier, but subsequently a rich merchant,) in 1599, for one hundred and fifty scholars, and liberally endowed for the support of the masters, and exhibitions for scholars at Baliol college, Oxford, and Sydney college, Cambridge. The munificent founder observed - 'If I am no scholar myself, I will be the means of making more scholars than any scholar in the kingdom.' The school-house is a fine building, replete with every convenience. The late Samuel Wesley left his situation in Westminster school to become head master of Blundell's, which he enjoyed until his death. There are an English free school, founded by Robert Comins, or Chilcott, in 1609; and a public charity school, besides several Sunday schools; the original endowments of which charities have been considerably augmented by the gift of the late Benjamin Gilbert, of Exeter, grocer, who left to Blundell's school £1,500, Chilcott's £300, and another school £100. An edifice meriting particular notice is the castle, which, although erected in 1106, has still a commanding aspect; it sustained great injury in the troubles of Charles I. About two miles hence, on the road to Exeter, is Bickley, remarkable only for being the birth-place of Bampfylde Moore Carew, who deservedly obtained the soubriquet of 'King of the Beggars.' This singular character was educated at Blundell's school, and reputed a good scholar; and although descended from one of the most ancient families in Devon, and allied to others, yet nothing could draw him from a life of mendacity. He died at a great age, and was buried in the adjoining parish ground of Cadleigh, his body not being permitted to be interred in the family vault of the Carews. The weekly market days are Tuesday and Saturday, and great markets are held the first Tuesday monthly. Fairs on the Tuesday fortnight after Whit-Sunday and the 29th September. The borough and parish of Tiverton contained, in 1831, 9,766 inhabitants, and, in 1841, 10,040.

   POST OFFICE, Fore-street, Emma Tucker, Post Mistress. - Letters from LONDON, EXETER, TAUNTON, all parts of the SOUTH AND EAST OF DEVON, likewise CORNWALL arrive every morning at a quarter past five, and are despatched every night at ten minutes before nine. - Letters from BRISTOL and al parts of the North arrive every afternoon at half-past two, and are despatched every morning at a quarter past ten.
   Letters from BARNSTAPLE, BIDEFORD, SOUTH MOLTON, &c. arrive every morning at ten minutes past ten, and are despatched every afternoon at a quarter before three. - Letters from BAMPTON and DULVERTON arrive every evening at half-past seven, and are despatched every morning at six.

Baker Robert, esq. Collipriest
Barne Mr. John, St. Peter st
Barne Mrs. __, Welbroke
Binney Mrs. __, St Peter st
Blundell Miss __, gold st
Boulton Rev. Anthony, [Blundell's School]
Browne Rev. John, St. Peter st
Carew the Misses Ann, Charlotte and Dorothea, West Exe
Carew Rev. Thomas, Collipriest
Chamberlain Mrs. Lane, St Peter st.
Chesney Mrs. Sophia, St. Peter st
Chilcott Mrs. Ann, St. Peter st
Chilcott Mr. Joseph, St Peter st
Clarke John Were, Esq. Bampton st
Cleeve Mr. William, Villa Franca
Costello Rev. Thomas, St. John's Catholic Chapel
Cosway Miss Mary, Bampton st
Cross Mr. William, St. Andrew st
Dicken the Misses, Gold st
Dickenson Benj. B. Esq. Knightshay
Dickinson Wm. Esq. Little Howden
Dunsford Henry, Esq. Fore st
Dunsford Miss Mary, St. Peter st
Dunsford Capt. W. Ashley Court
Duntze James, Esq. Hensley
Gamlen William Horsey, Esq. Hayne
Gibbs Miss Frances, St. Peter st
Gregory Mr. William, Frog st
Hardy Colonel William, St. Peter st
Heandebourck Rev. __, St. Peter st
Hodge Mr. Wm. Henry, Park Villa
Hodges Mrs. Frances, the Castle
Hole Francis, Esq. Collipriest Cottage
Hole William, Esq. Clare House
James Mrs. E. S. Ashley House
Kirwin Rev. Edward, Newport st
Lane Mrs. Anna Maria, St. Peter st
Lardner Misses Maria and Lucy, West Exe
Lawson Robert, Esq. Fore st
Ley Rev. John, Island Cottage
Lloyd Rev. John Daniel, Bridge st
Manley Henry, Esq. Manley
Marsh Capt. Digby, St. Peter st
Nagle Joseph Chichester, Esq. Calverleigh
Noyes Henry C. Esq. Canal Cottage
Owen Geo. Welsh, Esq. Lowman grn
Ponfold Capt. Edward, Gold st
Rayer Rev. Wm. Tidcombe Parsonage
Riddell Mrs. __, Bingwell House
Roberton Colonel Peter Taylor, St. Andrew street
Rossiter Mr. John, Newport st
Saunders Rev. Hy. Blundell's School
Sharland Mrs. Harriet, St. Peter st
Singleton Rev. John, Frog st
Skinner Mrs. Ann, St. Peter st
Spurway Rev. John, St. Andrew st
Summers Mrs. Mary Ann, St. Peter st.
Talley Mrs. Frances Ann, Gold st
Teale, Mrs. __, Bampton st
Teschemaker Mr. Frederick Thomas Emanuel, St. Peter st
Teschemaker John, Esq. Hammet's sq
Voysey Mr. George, St. Andrew st
Walker Miss Fanny, St Peter st
Warren Mr. Charles, St. Peter st
Warren Mr. William, Gold st
Webber Mrs. Maria, St. Peter st
Welland Miss Emily, St. Peter st
Worth John, Esq. Worth House
Wotton Mr. William, St. Andrew st

BLUNDELL'S SCHOOL, Lowman green - Rev. Henry Sanders, first master; Rev. Anthony Boulton, second master; Mr. Wm. Mills, writing master
Boyce Ann (boarding) Bampton st
Browne Eliza (boardg) Barrington st
Browne Thos. (boardg) Barrington st
Capron George, St. Peter st
CHILCOTT'S FREE SCHOOL, St. Peter st - Thomas Parkin, master
Fisher Ann, Fore st
Gloyns Joseph, St. Peter st
GREENWAY'S BLUE COAT SCHOOL, Frog street - John Quick, master; Elizabeth Sharland, mistress
Hill Louisa, Bampton st
Nash Elizabeth, Bampton st
NATIONAL SCHOOL, St. Andrew st - John Fare, master; Ann Thayer, mistress
Turner Eliza (boarding) St. Peter st

Boyce Gideon Acland (& surveyor), Gold street

Dunsford Francis, Bampton st
Dunsford Henry, jun. Fore st
Hellings Thomas (and town clerk), West Exe
How John, Shuckburgh Lodge
Loosemore John, Fore st
Owen John Jones, St. Peter wt
Partridge James (& county coroner, clerk to the justices, and superintendent of the Grand Western Canal), Bampton street
Patch Frederick Owen, Gold st
Pierson & Tucker, Bampton st
Rendell Thomas Leigh Teale (& commissioner for taking acknowledgments by married women, clerk of the peace, commissioner of the land, assessed and property taxes, and in the insolvent court), Bampton street
Sharland Arthur Cruwys, Bampton st
Strong Chas. Blundell, Bampton st
Symes John David, Angel hill
Toms John Anstey, Gold st
Wotton James Denis & Robt. Wellbrook

Foster Thomas, Fore st
Gath Samuel, St. Peter street
Mead Henry, Bampton st
Walland John, Bampton st

Beedell Thomas, West Exe
Besley Thomas, West Exe
Bowden Henry, fore st
Clapp John, Gold st
Denham Mary, Elmore
Hobbs Elizabeth, Angel hill
Lee Thomas, Fore st
Paris Joel & Elizabeth, Bampton st
Quick John, Frog st
Symons Herman, Bampton st
Tongue John, Leet st
Voysey George (& corn factor), Gold st
Ward John, Fore st
Williams John, West Exe

Dunsfords' & Barne, Fore st - (draw on Sir J. W. Lubbock and Co. London)
NATIONAL PROVINCIAL BANK OF ENGLAND, West Exe - (draws on Hanburys' & Co. London) - Carey S. Kuyvett, manager
SAVINGS' BANK, Bampton st - (open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays) - A. C. Sharland, agent

Duckham John, New Inn court
Mudford Mary, Exe Bridge

Browning John, Bampton st
Dunsford John, Newport st
Glanfield Henry, Wellbrook st
Harvey William, Leat st
Hill Lavinia, Angel hill
Pool Robert, Leat st
Pullman Samuel, Frog st
Stevens John, Barrington st.

Boyce Francis (& news room), Fore st
Mead Henry, Bampton st
Parkhouse Theodore, Fore st
Sharland William, Bampton st

Adams William, Exe Bridge
Andrews John, Leat st
Bidgood William, Gold st
Boobier Stephen, Bampton st
Bowden John, Frog st
Brewer Wm. (shoe warehouse), Bampton st
Burgess Francis, West Exe
Capreu George, St. Peter st
Carter Joseph, Fore st
Cosway Thomas, Bampton st
Duckham John, Frog st
Grattan John, Bridge st
Hewett Stephen, St. Peter st
Hines William, Wellbrook st
Joyce John, Bampton st
Long Speccott, Bampton st
Oakham Thomas, Angel hill
Rivron John, Gold st
Thomas John, Fore st
Viney Lewis, Leat st
Ware Thomas, Bampton st
Woodgates William, West Exe

Craze John, Fore st
Gill Henry Septimus, Fore st
Hicks Henry, West Exe
Snell John, Bridge st

Dunn James, the Backway
Gill Henry Septimus, Fore street
Haydon Thomas Catford, Gold st
Kimmins James, Bampton st
Nott & Co. Fore st
Snell John, Bridge st

Beck John, St. Peter street
Beck William, Fore st
Gath Samuel, St. Peter street
Seward Richard, Barrington st
Watkins Thomas, Frog st

Baker Richard, Bampton st
Bennett George, Fore st
Bennett George, West Exe
Davey George, Gold st
Davey William (pork), Frog st
Goodland James, Bampton st
Haydon Thomas, Barrington st
Newton William, West Exe
Rowcliffe William, Bridge st
Smith wm. (pork) St. Andrew st
Taylor John, William st
Wreford Matthew, Bampton st

Hewett James, St. Peter st
Hobbs Nicholas, West Exe
Land Samuel, Bampton st
Reed John, Gold st
Searle George, Bampton st
Sharland William, Gold st
Skinner Henry, Bampton st
Tucker John, West Exe

Beck John, St. Peter st
Gath Samuel, St. Peter st
Paris Joel, Frog st
Perkins Joseph, Frog st
Pyle James, Barrington st
Wood & Co. West Exe

Cornish Samuel, Fore st
Holmes Thomas, Fore st
Mudford Mary, Exe Bridge

Beedell John, Fore st
Beedle Thomas George, Fore st
Frost Walter, Bampton st
Merson &Co. Fore st
Sanders George Lee, Gold st
Wood Samuel, West Exe

Davey & Cosway, jun. Canal wharf
Goodland, Quant & Co. Canal wharf
Hodge William (dealer), Leat st

Bowden Henry, Fore st
Hobbs Elizabeth, Angel hill
Lee Thomas, Fore st
Symons Herman, Bampton st

Baker James, Lowman green
Cox Thomas, West Exe
Cummings John, Bampton st
Morrish John, Bampton st

Burrough Robert, Bridge st
Pratt John, Bampton st
Viney William, Angel hill

ATLAS, Fras. Pratt, Barton's causeway
CLERICAL, MEDICAL and GENERAL (life), Geo. Lee Sanders, Gold st
COUNTY (fire) & PROVIDENT (life) J. W. T. Tucker, Fore st
CROWN, Thos. Catford Haydon, Gold st
FARMERS' & GENERAL, Henry Mead; and John Gath, Bampton st
FREEMASONS' (life), William Melhuish, Fore st
GUARDIAN, P. Battiscombe, Fore st
IMPERIAL, John G. Tucker, Fore st
LAW (life), Jas. Partridge, Bampton street
LONDON (fire), John Jones Owen, St. Peter st
NORWICH, Thomas Leigh Teale Rendell, Bampton street
PHOENIX (fire) and PELICAN (life), James Partridge, Bampton st
ROYAL EXCHANGE, Thomas George Beedle, Fore street
SALAMANDER, Theodore Parkhouse, Fore st
SUN, Arthur C. Sharland, Bampton st; & Theodore Parkhouse, Fore st
UNITED KINGDOM (life), John Jones Owen, St. Peter st
WEST OF ENGLAND, Frederick Owen Patch, Gold street

    (See also Shopkeepers, &c.)
Arnoll Sarah, Fore st
Besley Thomas Stone, Fore st
Bowerman John, Fore st
Coles Jeffery, Bampton st
Cornish Samuel, Fore st
Ellerton Francis, Fore st
Holmes Thomas, Fore st
Pratt Thomas, Bampton st
Risdon Hugh Torrington, Peter st
Snow John, Angel hill
Wills John, Gold st

Capern James, Fore st
Cosway Thomas, Bridge st
Elliott James, West Exe
Mitchell Henry, Bampton st
Oldham James, Bampton st

Collard Joseph, Fore st
Harris William, St. Andrew st
Marshall William, Fore st

(See also Taverns & Public Houses.)
Angel Hotel (commercial & posting house), Benjamin Joseph Cannon, Angel hill
Three Tuns Hotel (commercial and posting house, and excise office), Richard Hawkes, Fore st

Craze John, Fore st
Gill Henry Septimus, Fore st
Haydon Thomas Catford, Gold st
Nott & Co. Fore st
Snell John, Bridge st

Heathcoat John & Co. Leat st, and at 8 King st, Cheapside, London

Chave John Richard, Canal Wharf
Davey & Cosway, sen. Canal wharf
Talbot James, Canal wharf

Cobley George Dunn, Fore st
Hodge & Co. Fore st
Howell Robert, Gold st
Knight Joseph, Fore st
Lane John, Fore st
Trix Hugh, Fore st
Tucker, John, Fore st

Hewett John, Barrington st
Hill John, West Exe
Richards John, Bampton st
Snow Richard, Leet st
Wackrill & Gath (& brewers), Bampton st
Ward Richd. Morgan, Barrington st

Coombe Robert, West Exe
Gath John, Elmore
Gath Samuel, West Exe
Phillips William, Gold st
Rossiter Henry, St. Andrew st

Berridge Elizabeth, West Exe
Churley Lucy, Bampton st
Cook Elizabeth, Bampton st
Duserre Louisa, Frog st
Martin Mary Ann, Gold st
Mulford Mary, St. Peter st
Pinkstone Ann, Leat st
Searle Louisa, Bampton st
Smale Mary Ann, Bampton st
Stevenson Jane, Bampton st

Boyce Francis (& bookseller), Fore st

Copp Samuel, West Exe
Crease James, Gold st
Crocker Robert, West Exe
Gould Elizabeth, Bampton st
Hamlyn Henry, Frog st
Hewett Henry, Bridge st
Nash Thomas, Bampton st
Nash William, Angel hill
Reed James, Gold st
Stephens James, Bampton st

Burne John, St. Peter st
Kettle William, Frog st
Lewins Robert, St. Peter st
Merson William Farrant, Fore st


See under the head Booksellers.

Beck Frederick, Fore st
Norrish Samuel, West Exe
Rowden John, Bridge st
Skinner Thomas, Fore st
Snell John, Bridge st
Upham Francis, Bampton st
White Walter, Gold st

Beard William, Wellbrook st
Beck Ann, Bampton st
Beck Emanuel, Bampton st
Boobier Mary Ann, Elmore
Boobier Thomas, Bampton st
Bowden John, Frog st
Brabham George, West Exe
Brimson Elias, Gold st
Brimson William, Leat st
Davey William, Bampton st
Dunsford Henry, Bridge st
Foweraker William, West Exe
Fowler Elizabeth, Gold st
Gardner George, West Exe
Gillard Robert, West Exe
Hammersley David, Gold st
Hodge Henry, Gold st
Hooper Joseph, St Andrew st
Lee Thomas, Newport st
Long John, St Andrew st
Long Speccott, Bampton st
Marshall John, Bampton st
Marshall Thomas, West Exe
Newton Thomas, Barrington st
Pinkstone Richard, Leat st
Pinkstone Richard, West Exe
Pinkstone William, Leat st
Pitt Maria, Barrington st
Pope Faith, Barrington st
Powell Ann, Gold st
Rudd William, Wellbrook st
Sayer William, West Exe
Scott John, Barrington st
Stenner William, West Exe
Webster John, Leat st
Williams John, West Exe
Wills Mary Ann, Bampton st
Wonnacott James, Elmore


See under the head Milliners, &c.

Alderman Augustus, Bampton st
Coward James Eyres, St Peter st
Gervis Fredk. Sharland, St. Peter st
Lamotte Alexndr. Gulley, St. Peter st
McDonald Donald, St. Peter st
Mackenzie Frederick, Fore st
May Herman, St. Peter st
Quick John Fraine, Fore st
Reed Walter Hugo, Fore st

Beck John (building), St. Peter st
Boyce Gideon Acland, Gold st
Richards William (land), Bampton st

Marked thus * are also Drapers.
*Askew George, Gold st
Cockram Thomas, Barrington st
*Croydon James, Fore st
Elliss John, Bridge st
Hamlyn William, West Exe
Hatswell John, St. Andrew st
Hutchison William, Fore st
Land Thomas, Bampton st
Mead Samuel, Bampton st
Melhuish John, Wellbrook st
*Melhuish William, Fore st
Morrell William, Barrington st
Parkhouse John, Leat st
Reeves David, Frog st
*Seward Samuel, Bampton st
Stoyell James, West Exe
Westaway William, Fore st

Bakers' Arms, Nicholas Curwood, West Exe
Barley Mow, Thos. Cottrell, Barrington st
Barrington Arms, Jas. Jesson, Barrington st
Bell, John Shapland, Elmore
Black Horse, John Craze, Bampton st
Blundell's Arms, Richd. Cade, Loman green
Boar's Head, Sarah Body, Bampton st
Boot, Christopher Facey, West Exe
Canal Inn, Richard Davey, Canal wharf
Cross Keys, James Easterbrook, Gold st
Dolphin, Thomas Adams, West Exe
Exe Bridge Inn, Wm. Hewett, Angel hill
Exeter Inn, John Hill, Fore st
Fountain, Mary Blackler, Angel hill
Golden Lion, William Nitolls, West Exe
Half Moon, John Chittey, Fore st
King's Arms, Melmoth Beer, St Andrew st
Lamb, William Shaddock, Newport st
Market House, William Bird, Bampton st
New Inn, Robert Reed, Wellbrook st
New Inn, Emily Whipple, Fore st
Old Bampton Inn, Robt. Gooding, Bampton st
Phoenix, John Broom, Fore st
Prince Blucher, George Reed, West Exe
Prince Regent, Jas. Baker, Lowman green
Queen's Head, John Rookes, Frog st
Race Horse, James Sayer, Wellbrook st
Red Lion, George Hill, Barrington st
Rising Sun, Wm. Southwood, Bampton st
Royal Oak, John Puddicombe, Newport st
Ship, Mary Snook, Bampton st
Swan, Thomas Ford, West Exe
Tanner's Arms, George Way, Bampton st
Wheat Sheaf, John Hagley, Leat st
White Ball, Samuel Besley, Bridge st
White Horse, John Goodland, Gold st
Worth Arms, Martin Henry Dunsford, Leat st

Boobier Philip, Elmore
Burt Philip, Elmore
Hooper Joseph, St. Andrew st
Hunt Isaac, St Andrew st
Mead Henry, West Exe
Squire John, St Peter st
Way George, Bampton st

Amery John, Fore st
Churley Robert, Bampton st
Hatswell John, Bampton st

Leach Peter, Bampton st
Wotton William, Bampton st

Eames William, Welbroke st
Foster Thomas (& jeweller), Fore st
Pinkstone George, Bampton st
Sharland John (& jeweller), Gold st
Tucker John Walter Tothill (and jeweller), Fore st

Hodge William, Angel hill
Rudd William, Welbroke st

Beedle Thomas George, Fore st
Paine William, Fore st
Pratt Thomas, Bampton st
Wills John, Gold st

Aplin Hugh, glover and fellmonger, Fore st
BRIDEWELL, St. Andrew's st - John Radford, governor
CANAL OFFICE, at Mr. James Partridge's, Bampton st
Clarke Samuel, rope maker, Bampton st
Clements John, farrier, Leat st
Cornish Louisa, Berlin and fancy repository, Fore st
Cosway George, woollen manufacturer, Angel hill
Davey Anna Maria, stay maker, St Peter st
Hepper James, gardener and seedsman, Bridge st
Hill William, fruiterer and seedsman, Fore st
NEWS ROOMS, Fore st - Francis Boyce, proprietor
Nickols Thomas, coach maker, West Exe
Paris Thomas, stone mason, Leat st
Prickman Robert, farrier, Gold st
Reed Launcelot Elford, organist and teacher of music, Fore st
Scott John, dyer, St. Peter st
Snow William, tallow chandler, Leat st
Sparkes Jas. brick & tile maker, townsend
THEATRE, St. Peter st
UNION WORKHOUSE - Joseph collard, jun. governor; Eliza Collard, matron


Superintendent Registrar (and clerk to the Board of Guardians) - Thomas Leigh Teale Rendell, Bampton st
Registrar of Births and Deaths - John Jones Owen, St. Peter st

To EXETER, John Gunn, every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday morning at eight, & --Fletcher, from the Dolphin, every Tuesday.

The nearest Station is at CULLOMPTON, between five and six miles distant to the south-east, from whence passengers may proceed to BRISTOL, BATH, and intermediate stations, and to LONDON, &c.
Coaches and Omnibuses, from the Three Tuns and Angel Hotels, attend the arrival and departure of the Trains, the time of which is furnished by the Railway Tables.

To LONDON, BRISTOL, &c. Whitmash and Co. from Fore street, by the Great Western Railway, daily.
To ANDOVER, Whitmash & Co.s Van, from Fore street, three days a week.
To BAMPTON, __ Oxenham, from New Inn yard, every Tuesday and Saturday, and Robert Winter, from the Royal Oak, Newport street, every Tuesday.
To BARNSTAPLE and SOUTH MOLTON, Whitmash and Co.'s Van, from Fore street, three days a week.
To CULLOMPTON, ___ Bennett, from the Cross Keys, & ___ Ellicott, from the Red Lion, every Tuesday.
To DULVERTON, ___ Reed, from the Boar's Head, every Friday.
To EXETER, ___ Melhuish, from Leat st, every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday; ___ Wake, from the Boar's Head, every Thursday, and ___ Reed, every Friday.
To MINEHEAD, ___ Wake, from the Boar's Head, every Thursday.
To SOUTH MOLTON, Philip Baker, from the White Ball, every Tuesday.
To TAUNTON, Whitmash and Co. from Fore street, daily.