Topsham 1939-1945 War Memorial, Inside the Church of St Margaret, Topsham, Devon

transcribed by

John Williams

Note that the names on the 1939-45 war memorial inside the church also appear on the war memorial in the churchyard but that the latter includes all the names from the 1914-1918 war as well. The 1939-45 war memorial includes first names (aiding identification) of those who died during that conflict but when the same men appear on the memorial in the churchyard they are listed with only initials.

To the Glory of God and to the
Memory of the Men of Topsham who
Fell in the Second World War 1939 to 1945

Robin L. Boyle
David Chambers
William H. Pope
Wallace H. Trout
Harold F. Baker
William E. Landsdowne
Richard Norton
Ernest L. Vine
George H. Avery
Robin A.S. Pratt
Maurice Williams
Herbert Chambers
Owen M. Gould
Herbert H. Smith
Arthur H.Manning
Edward Graham
William H. Boundy
Leslie C. Irwin
John Davidson

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