Bond of Katherine Mallett of Topsham 1620

[Moger transcripts , West Country Studies Library, Exeter]

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Bond of Katherine Mallett of Topisham,

Wid. Oliver Mallett of Idsleigh gent. and Wm. Bartlett of city of Exon, gent.

28 Apr. 18 Jas. I. [1620]

Condit. that Katherine Mallett widow being administratrix of goods of Hugh Mallett late her husband and late of Topisham, gent. do exhibit an inventory etc.

[Initials K.M. (for Katherine) and good signature of Oliver Mallett]

[seals are both heraldic but being covered with paper, are indistinct Oliver's appear to have 2 shells near top of shield]

An inventory of goods of Hugh Mallett late deceased dwelling in parish of Topsham, gent. made and praised by Oliver Mallett, gent. Richard Bellows and Wm. Bartlett, 25 Apr. 1620.

His books 10s.

A fowling piece and rapier 20s.

The glass and sylinge £5.

Sum £101 5s 6d

Exhibd by Master Mallett in name of administrator. 27 Oct. 1620.

(Exeter Dean and Chapter court)

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