Will of Susannah Sargent, Widow of Topsham, Devon

Proved 28 December 1854

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PROB 11/2203/185, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

This is the last Will and Testament of me Susannah Sargent of Topsham in the County of Devon Widow I request to be buried in the same vault with my late dear husband Henry Sargent in the Parish Church of Topsham aforesaid I give and bequeath the several legacies hereinafter mentioned to the several persons hereinafter named that is to say To my nieces Priscilla Miller and Sarah Miller daughters of the late Ham(?) Miller the sum of three hundred and fifty pounds To my niece Elizabeth Bryant the sum of three hundred pounds To my niece Marion Absolom Wife of John Absolom formerly of Great Yarmouth in the County of Norfolk and now residing in London the sum of one hundred pounds for her sole and separate use and benefit exclusive of her husband and for which her receipt alone notwithstanding her coverture shall be a good and effectual discharge To such of the children of my said niece Marion Absolom who shall be living at the time of my decease the sum of two hundred pounds equally to be divided between them share and share alike as tenants in common To my Nephew Samuel Jones son of Thomas Jones the sum of one hundred pounds To my Godchildren Marian Sargent Ranney daughter of my Nephew Henry Sargent Ranney and Maria Sargent Ranney daughter of my late Nephew William Parker Ranney the sum of twenty five pounds each and if either of my said godchildren shall be under the age of twenty one years the said legacy shall be paid to the ffather or Mother of such infant whose receipt shall be a good discharge to my Executor in trust hereinafter named for the same To Cecilia Ranney Wife of my Nephew Charles Edward Ranney of St John's Row Bennowick (?) the sum of fifty pounds And I also give and forgive to the said Cecilia Ranney the sum of fifty pounds which she owes me on her Promissory Note of hand and all interest that shall be due thereon at the time of my decease And I request that the said Note shall be delivered up to be cancelled To Elizabeth Hodder and Harriet Hodder of Topsham aforesaid Spinsters with whom I now reside the sum of ten pounds each and to Thomas Charles Tothill of Topsham aforesaid Surgeon the sum of five pounds to purchase a ring or some other memorial of me And I direct that the said legacies shall be of lawful money of the United Kingdom and paid at the expiration of six calendar months next after my decease Also I give my linen and wearing apparel equally between my said four nieces Priscilla Miller Sarah Miller Elizabeth Bryant and Marian Absolom And I give my household goods and furniture equally between the said Elizabeth Hodder and Harriet Hodder And I give my Gold watch with a gold Key to my Nephew Henry Collings Ranney son of the said Henry Sargent Ranney and subject to the payment of my just debts funeral expences & proving this my will and the several legacies hereinbefore bequeathed I give and bequeath All the Residue and Remainder of my personal and testamentary estate and effects and property whatsoever and wheresoever to my said Nephew Henry Sargent Ranney And I appoint the said Thomas Charles Tothill Executor in trust of this my last Will and Testament and I declare my said Executor shall not be answerable for any involuntary losses and that he may reimburse himself all costs charges and expences which may be incurred in executing the trusts of this my Will And I hereby revoke all former wills by me heretofore made In Witness whereof I the said Susannah Sergeant have hereunto set my hand this twenty first day of November one thousand eight hundred and forty nine Susannah Sargent

(Attestation Clause)

Henry Thorp Incumbent of Topsham _ Charles Fox Surgeon Topsham

Proved at London 28 December 1854