Alphabetical List of Householders

Extracted by Terry Leaman terryleaman[at]tiscali.co[dot]uk from:

Torbay Household & Business Directory 1911-12

Published by Wm. J. McKenzie
At the "Torquay Times" Office
64, Fleet Street, Torquay


The letters at the end of each name and address signify the wards in which the homes are located, thus B-Babbacombe, M-St. Marychurch, TD-Torwood, C-Chelston, S-Strand, W-Waldon, E-Ellacombe, T-Torre, U-Upton


ABBOTT, Abram D., Newhaven, C
ABBOTT Samuel, 4a Laburnum Row, T
ABBOTT, Albert, Brazil House, TD
ABBOTT Alfred W,, Macelo, U
ABBOTT Phillip John, 5 Columbia Ter., U
ABBOTT Phillip John, 37 Hoxton Road, E
ABBOTT Alfred Joseph, 11 Rowley Road, M
ABRAHAMS J. T 9 Madeira Cottages, W
ABRAHAMS Edwin, 12 Princes Road East, E
ABSOLLON Ernest J., Harbourne, U
ACKLAND Herbert, 4 Marcombe Road, C
ACTON Mrs. Elizabeth, Summerfield . U
ACTON Mrs. Mary, Torquay Road, M
ACUTT R. Noble, Octon, T
ACKWORTH Arthur J., Strathearne, T
ADAMS, Margaret, 10 Victoria Terrace, C
ADAMS Mrs. Mary A., rear 4 Church St., T
ADAMS, John Shears, 6 St. Marks Place, TD
ADAMS Edmund, 5 Grosvenor Ter W
ADAMS, George D.. 4 Sunnybank,M
ADAMS, William, Banavie, M
ADAMS, Mrs. Mary Louisa, Althorpe,M
ADAMS Mrs. M., 28 Morgan Avenue, U
ADAMS the Misses, 13 Morgan Avenue, U
ADAMS, the Misses, Babbacombe Road, B
ADAMS, Mrs. H., Babbacombe Road, B
ADAMS, Mrs. Annie, 31 Belgrave Road T
ADAMS, The Cake Shop, Market Street,
ADAMS Capt. C. H Redden Hill Road, B
ADAMS, Mrs. Wm. Hy., Babbacombe Rd. B
ADAMS, Fredk. Wm., 3 Torwood Street TD
ADDEMS W. H., 145 Lymington Road, U
ADDEMS William G, 221 Union Street, U
ADDEMS William, 138 Union Street, W
ADDISON George Gibson, 1 Cary Parade, W
AGER, Thomas H., 1 Garfield Cottages, M
AGER, Henry E., 4 Regents Terrace, M
AGER John, Thorngate, U
AGGET, Miss C., 6 Homefield Cottages, B
AGGETT, William, 7 Greenbank Terrace, M
AGGETT George, rear 1 Welbeck Tce., T
AGGETT George, 4 Princes Rd. West, E
AGGETT George, Park Lane, TD
AGGETT William, Princes Road West, E
AGGETT, Wm. John. 13., 31 Westbourne Rd
AGGETT, James, 143 Windsor Road, F.
AGGETT, John, 94 St. Edmunds Road, B
AHSBERG, E., 20 Belgrave Road, T
AIRY Basil R. (Rev.), The Braddons, S
AITKEN William, Graigievar, W
AKEROYD Mrs. H., 59 Crown Hill Park, T
ALDGATE, William, 41 Dunmere Road, E
ALDGATE, Mrs. E., 12A Furrough Cross, B
ALEXANDER Henry, 1 Napier Place, E
ALEXANDER James, Princes Road West, E
ALEXANDER, Rt. Rev. Bishop, Haldon Rd.
ALFORD. Mrs. Harriett, 24 Dunmere Rd., E
ALFORD Henry, 38 Lr. Union Lane, W
ALFORD George, 8 Alexandra Road, E
ALFORD Frederick, 8 Alexandra Road, E
ALFORD J., 25 Lr. Ellacombe Church Rd., E
ALFORD C. T., 11 Chatsworth Terrace, E
ALFORD William, 107 Windsor Road. E
ALFORD George, 1 Albion Cottages, M
ALFORD Jeffery 1 Broomhill M
ALFORD: John, 3 Broomhill, M
ALFORD Mrs. Rebecca, 50 Mallock Road. C
ALFORD Robert, Princes Road West, E
ALFORD Miss Mary, St. Marychurch Rd., E
ALLAMS William Henry, Hylton, W
ALLAMS Daniel James, Glendene, TD
ALLAMS, Samuel James, Cheldon. TD
ALLAMS D. J. & Son 64 Union Street
ALLAMS & Son Torwood Street, TD
ALLAN & CO Torbay Road, W
ALLANSON, Mrs. Jessie H., Cleveland Rd., T
ALLCHURCH Mrs. S.E 55 Lymington Rd .,U
ALLCHURCIH, Mrs. Sarah 43 Westbourne Rd
ALLCOTT, Samuel E 11 Cavern Road, E
ALLEN William, 4 Alexandra Terrace, T
ALLEN Fredk. G., 6 Happaway Place, S
ALLEN, Miss 49 Fore Street, M
ALLEN Mrs., 3 Lisburne Crescent.
ALLEN Miss Sophie Efride's Road, T
ALLEN Mrs. Elizabeth A., St. Albans Rd., B
ALLEN, Mrs. Emily Woodfield Rd. Middle
ALLIN, Mrs. Ellen C., Vicarage Road, C
ALLWARD Mrs. Mary 2 Hoxton Road, E
ALLWARD Mrs Braddons Road (East), S
ALLWARD Mrs Mary 2 Hoxton Road, E
ALMOND Fredk., 62 Hoxton Road. E
ALMY Percival H. W., Bank Chambers, S
ALMY P. H. W., The Limes, T
AMBLER Miss Sarah, 8 Vaughan Parade. S
AMERY, Wm. Geo., 37 Victoria Road, E
AMPHLETT Mrs. Mary, 3, Modena Terrace. S
ANDERSON, F. C.. 8 Belle Vue Crescent, C
ANDERSON Hugh Scott, 1 Hatfield Pl.. E
ANDERSON Joseph, 3 Tor Ch. Cottages, T
ANDREWS Thomas, 45 Innerbrook Rd., C
ANDREWS, John, Babbacombe Road, B
ANDREWS Elias, 4 Myrtle Grove, S
ANDREWS Edwin C., 15 Braddons St., S
ANDREWS, Edwin C., Ridgway Cottage, TD
ANDREWS Mrs. M. A., 5 Faria Cottages. U
ANDREWS, John, 19 Walnut Road, C
ANDREWS Joseph, School House, W
ANDREWS Joseph Richard, 2 Oaklands, W
ANDREWS N., 59 Ellacombe Church Rd., E
ANDREWS W., 26 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
ANDREWS, Sarah, 11 Braddons Street, S
ANDREWS, George, 5 Berachah Road, E
ANDREWS William Henry, Knockmain, T
ANDREWS, Wm., 7 St. Matthias Terrace, B
ANDREWS John, 3 Chester Row, E
ANDREWS Charles, 8 Hr. Union Lane, U
ANDREWS Thomas F., 81 Lymington Rd., U
A NDREWS Henry Edward, Shirburn Rd., U
ANGEL, George, 3 Albion Place, M
ANGEL George, 52 Hoxton Road, E
ANGEL, Mrs. Edith Barton, M
ANGEL Mrs. Louisa, Cary Lodge, S
ANGEL, Samuel, 4 Walls Hill Villas, B
ANGEL Isaac John, 22 Melville Street , W
A NGEL, Frederick, Western Road. M
ANGEL, Samuel, Babbacombe Road, B
ANNEAR, Thomas, 12 All Saints Road, B
ANNESLEY Miss Laura E. V., Rydal Mt., S
ANNESLEY MISS C. W., Rydal Mount, S
ANNING Mrs. E., 9 Elm Tree Crescent; T
ANNING L, 8 Moorlands Terrace, U
ANNING, George, 19 Compton Place, M
ANNISS Henry, 16 Crown Hill Park, T
ANSELL James, 8 Church Street, T
ANSTEY Miss Mary, 2 Cary Place, S
ANSTICE, Mrs. Sarah, Glenandred, TD
ANSTISS, J. H., 16 Braddons Street, S
APLIN Albert E, Stoneleigh, T
APLIN, Alfred, 2 Star Cottages, M
APLIN Col., St. Albans Road, B
APLIN, Christopher, 46 Forest Road, U
APLINS The Misses, Roseadyhill, T
APPLEBY, Arthur B., Cranley House, C
APPLETON, Edward, Torcello, TD
APPLETON & SONS, Abbey Road, W
APPLEYARD John, 21 Warberry- Rd. Wt., E
ARBIN, James, 1 Park View Terrace, B
ARCHER J. M. M. 9 Chatsworth Ter., E
ARDLEY Mrs., 4 Higher Terrace Road
ARKWRIGHT, Miss E. A., 8 Lisburne C't, TD
ARMISTEAD Mrs. Evelyn, Greta, S
ARMIN Mrs. Mary, 1 Princes Road, E
ARMSTRONG, Mrs. E., 8 Plainmoor Ter., B
ARDLEY George Henry, 54 Mallock Rd., C
ARNOLD Gilbert (Dr.), Toorak, T
ARNOLD Mrs. C., 11 Thurlow Park, U
ARNOTT John T., 209 Lymington Road, U
ASBURY, Mrs. M, Babbacombe Road, B
ASH, Mrs. Eliza, 15 East Street, T
ASH, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Greenway Ter., M
ASH, Robert, 31 Fore Street, M
ASH, Henry, 177 Lymington Road, U
ASH, Mrs. E., 11 Corporation Buildings, S
ASH, Arthur, 1 Abbey Road, W
ASH Charles H., 108 Union Street, W
ASH William, 108 Union Street, W
ASH Mrs. Fanny S_ 108 Union Street, W
ASH George H., Sherwell Lane, C
ASH, Miss Emily, 37 Forest Road, U
ASHFORD, Mrs Mary A., 6 Park Place, TD
ASHTON Miss Annavella, Lessie, T
ASTEN Joseph Charles 1Marcombe Road.,
ASTON, Miss Margaret, 34 Sherwill Hill, C.
ATKIN, Tom. 10 Lumaton Place. M
ATKINS, Fredk. J., Dunreeth Cottage, TD
ATKINS Thomas S., 3 Kenwyn Road, E
ATKINS Frank, 41 Victoria Road, E
ATKINS. Frederick T., Chelston Manor, C
ATKINS Alfred, 27 Union Street
ATKINS, the Misses, Empire Road, U
ATKINS, Mrs, E., 45 Westbourne Road, U
ATKINS, Mrs., 3 Swan Street., W.
ATKINSON, Mrs., West View, Ashfield Gar.
ATKINSON, Mrs Mary A., 26 BeIgrave Rd T
ATKINSON, Mrs. C., Hr. Erith Road, TD.
ATKINSON, Mrs., Ashfield Gardens, C
ATWILL, Robert H., 13 Sanford Road, C
ATWILL, John Henry., 16 Sanford Road, C
AUSTEN, George, 2 Ilsham Cottages, TD
AUSTIN W. A., 3 Alwyn Terrace. U
AUSTIN William B.. 5 St. John's Place, S
AUSTIN Miss Maud, 1 Alexandra Road. E
AUSTIN Mrs. Annie 6 Cavendish Ter., E
AUSTIN, William. Braddons Street, S
AUSTIN, John, 38 Victoria Road, E
AVERY John William, Parkfield Road, U
AVERY George Henry, 60 Mallock Road, C
AVERY, Miss Alice Isabella, Cleveland Rd.
AVERY, Miss Sarah Hr. Erith Road, TD
AVENT John, 7 Orchard Cottages, U
AVENT Fredk. J.; 217 Union Street, U
AVENT Mrs. Jane, 15 Braddons Street, S
AVENT Frederick J., 15 Braddons St., S
AVERY Thomas, 19 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
AVERY Peter H., 20 Wellington Road, P
AVERY, Mark, 1 Barewell, M
AVERY, Charles, 5 Granville Cottages, M
AVERY William, 4 Victoria Terrace, U
AVERY Edwin, 14 Prospect Place, U
AVERY William, 20 Park Cottages, 11
AVERY, Samuel, rear 4 Church Street, T
AVERY, Mrs. Ellen, 8 Church Street, T
AVERY, Mrs. Sarah, Avonleigh, TD
AVERY R. Wm., 6 Hr. Terrace Mews, S
AVERY, Mrs. Maud, 38 St.. Edmunds Rd., E
AVERY William, Thurlow Road Lower, U
AVERY, George, St. Marychurch Road E
AYRES George, Public Slaughter House, U
AYRES Miss Susan, Gayhurst, E
AYRES Mrs. Ann, 7 Princes Road West, E
AYRES William, 6 Daison Road, U
AYSH, John, 13 Belle Vue Crescent, C
AYSHFORD C. lH., 6 St. Michael's Ter., U
AYSHFORD Harry, 3 Braddons Terrace, S
AYSHFORD W.. 1 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
AYSHFORD, George Henry, 21 Walnut R, C
AYSHFORD Wm., 1 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
AYSHLORD. Mrs. Emily, 22 Wellesley Rd, Lr.

BABBAGE, Mrs. Emma, 4 Lisburne Ter., TD
BABBAGE, Wm. H., 4 Haredown, Ter., B
BABBAGE. Alfred, 3 South Town Cott., M
BABBAGE, Mrs. E., 9 South Town Cott., M
BABBAGE, Wm. G., 12 Compton Place, M
BABBAGE, Wm., 18 Compton Place, M
BABBAGE, Jesse, 22 Compton Place, M
BABBAGE, Wm. Henry, 16 Waterloo Road
BABIDGE W. H., 49 Market Street, U
BABIDGE M. Wm. G., 49 Market Street, U
BABIDGE William, 78 Belgrave Road, T
BABIDGE A. H., 49 Market Street, U
BABIDGE Mark, 11 Ellacombe Road. E
BABWILL R. F., 11 Princes Road West, E
BACK Alfred, 2 Park View, T
BACK Henry, 30 Queen Street, S
BACK Robert, 23 Lr. Union Lane, W
BACK, William, 19 Old Mill Road, C
B ACKHOUSE Arthur, Pilmuir, T
BACKHOLER Thomas, 30 South Street, T
BACKWELL Frank, 15 Wellington Road, E
BACKWELL, Henry, 2 Grafton Terrace, S
BACKWELL Ernest, 26 Cavern Road, E
BACKWELL, William, 36 Cavern Road, E
BADCOTT, George H., 14 Victoria Ter., B
BADCOTT, Samuel, Glenside, B
BADCOTT, Henry, 24 St. Annes Terrace, B
BADCOTT, Albert Thomas, 1 Windermere rd
BADCOCK, John, 29 Princes Street, B
BADGER Charles, 45 Windsor Road, E
BADGER Charles, 45 Windsor Road, E
BAGLEY, Edward J., 10 Greenbank Ter., M
BAGWELL, William, 8 Trinity Place, TD
BAGWELL, Reginald Frank, Warren Rd., W
BAILEY Charles J., 17 Cavern Road, E
BAILEY William, 42 Fleet Street. S
BAILEY, Charles S., 2 Crescent Place, M
BAILEY, Charles A., 1 Victoria Terrace. B
BAILEY Mrs. Jessie, 2 Thurlow Park, U
BAILEY Albert John, 8 Princes Road, E
BAILEY Mrs. Ann, 20 1Kenwyn Road, E
BAILEY Mrs. Emma J., 23 Abbey Road; W
BAILEY Heaton, 26 Morgan Avenue, U
BAILEY James Alfred, 1 Hill View, W
BAILEY, Edwin. H., 11 Victoria Parade, TD
BAILEY Mrs. Alice Clara. Madrepore Rd., S
BAILEY John, St. James Road, U
BAILEY, Mrs. Mary, Abbey Road, W
BAILEY, William George, 19 CarIton Rd., E
BAILY, William, 112 Forest Road, U
BAINBRIGGE, Col, Arthur, Southcourt, TD
BAKER George, 12 Queen Street S
BAKER, Mrs. Caroline, Oakfield, TD
BAKER Sidney 13 Shirburn Terrace, U
BAKER John, 14 Hoxton Road, E
BAKER Arthur, 24 Lr. Wellesley Road, B
BAKER Alfred, 99 Windsor Road, B,
BAKER Thomas S., Upton Grove, U
BAKER, Mrs., 9 Belgrave Road, T
BAKER Mrs. Agnes M., Kister House, W
BAKER Mrs. Agnes Mary, Chillingworth, w
BAKER Miss Mary Jane, 49 Abbey Road, W
BAKER John, 2 Napier Place. E
BAKER, George F., 6 Oxford Terrace, M
BAKER Thomas, 3 Alma Place, S
BAKER Mrs. Agnes, Kistor House, T
BAKER Charles, 3 Beenland Place, T
BAKER J., 109 Ellacombe Church Rd., E
BAKER J. Kitto (Rev.), Elmsdale, T
BAKER J., 21 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
BAKER Dr., Edginswell House, Newton Rd
BAKER, William H. 12 Braddons Street, S
BAKER, Edmund, 27 Forest Road, U
BAKER, Fredk. Wm., 23 Forest Road, U
BAKER Mrs. Mary., 51 Union Street
BAKER Mrs. K., Torquay Road, M
BAKER, Walter James, 20 Daison Road, U
BAKER Albert, 12 Crown Hill Park, T
BAKER Miss Florence, Empire Road, U
BAKER John, Park Hill Road, TD
BAKER Miss Rose, Rousdon Road, C
BAKER Mrs Mabel, Victoria Parade, TD
BAKER Thomas, 94 Windsor Road, B
BAKER, George, 18 Wellington Road, E
BAKER, Albert, Cambridge Road, M
BAKER, William, 13 Daison Road, U
BALDWIN Ernest C., Alpha Cottage, S
BALDWIN, Ernest C., Wellesley Rd. Hr., E
BALDWYN-PUGH Miss C. E., Lavender Ce, T
BALL Alfred, 13 Church Street, T
BALL Joseph H., 4 Crown Hill Park, T
BALL, Rev. G. H., St. Raphael's Lodge, TD
BALL William, 10 Hoxton Road, E
BALL William, Walmer House, U
BALL W., junr., Herrington, St Luke's Rd S
BALL Edward J., 9 Princes Road East, E
BALL Mrs. Lily, Princes Road West, E
BALL Thomas Edmund, Shirburn. Road, U
BALL Mrs. Esther, Shirburn Road, U
BALL, Miss Christlan A., Wellesley Rd. Hr
BALL, Pierce, 17 Broadmead Road, B
BALLEINE, James A. (Rev.), Ochiltree, C
BALLER, Mrs. 1 Beacon Terrace TD
BALLSDON John, 10 Church Street, T
BALLSDON John Henry, 10 Church St., T
BALSOM, William, 4 Orchard Cottages, M
BALSOM, Richard, 2 Highbury Place, M
BALSOM Samuel John, 1 Alma Place, S
BALSOM W. J., 14 Hr. Union Lane, U
BALSOM Walter J., 217 Lymington Rd., U
BALSOM Frederick, Hele, M
BAMSEY William G., 1 Faria Cottages, U
BANBURY William L., Saratoga, E
BANFIELD Miss Mary, Haddon House, S
BANFIELD Miss Ann, 3 Cary Parade, W
BANGLE David, 17 Westbourne Road, U
BANKS George, Hazelmere, W
BANNERMAN, Jane, Cloudlands, C
BANNISTER, William, 2 Homer Terrace, B
BARBER, Arthur S., Ranscliffe TD
BARCLAY Alexander, 1 Lr. Wellesley Rd, E
BARKER, T., Cotesleigh, Ruckamore R., C
BARKER, John, 3 Ashburton Terrace, M
BARKER Sydney, 55 Abbey Road, W
BARNARD, Fredk. H. C., Park Hill House, B
BARNELL, Mr. J., 2 Thornacre Terrace, B
BARNELL John, Warbro Road, B
BARNES John, 11 Princes Road East, E
BARNES A. G., Parkwood, Park Hill Road
BARNES Thomas, 2 Hr. Terrace Mews, S
BARNES, John, 2 Forest Road, U
BARNES, George, 46 Woodville Road, E
BARNES Miss Alice, 3 Madrepore Road, S
BARNES, John W., Walnut Rd. Upper, C
BARNES, G., 65 Westbourne Road, U
BARNETT Frederick, Beausite, S
BARNETT, Miss Mary J. Hesketh Villa, TD
BARNHOUSE George, 3 Arch Row, S
BARRETT Edwin, 3 Torre Square, T
BARRETT Henry, Walnut Mews, C
BARRON Sydney, under 15 Queen Street, S
BARRON, Miss Elizabeth Barewell Court,
BARTER John, 129 Lymington Road, U
BARTER, Samuel S, 21 Dunmere Road, E
BARTLETT Tom, 1 Braddons Cottages, S
BARTLETT Edward T., 21 Crown Hill Pk, T
BARTLETT, Wm. Henry, 6 Meliora, TD
BARTLETT Joseph, 13 Alexandra Road, E
BARTLETT E. J., 31 Lr. Union Lane, W
BARTLETT Mrs. F., 9 Florence Terrace, W
BARTLETT William, Model House, 8
BARTLETT W., Forage Stores, Rock Rd. W
BARTLETT James, 15 Braddons Street, S
BARTLETT, Richard, 47 CarIton Road; E
BARTLETT, Mrs. Martha, Castle Road, U
BARTLETT, Fredk., Hatfield Road, E
BARTLETT Mrs. Emily, Torre Hill Road, T
BARTLETT Mrs. E., 30 Union Lane Lr., W
BARTON, Chantler W., Ashfield Road, C
BARTTELOT, Brian Barttelot, Ditton, TD
BASKERVILLE W. T., 19 Princes Rd. Wt., 10
BASKERVILLE Frederick, Upton Road, U
BASKERVILLE, Miss J., Babbacombe D'n Rd
BASSETT, Miss Ann, 5 Sea View Terrace, B
BASSETT, Edward J., 3 Fairfield Ter., B
BASTARD William, 246 Union Street, T
BASTARD, Rev. William P., Cofflete, TD
BASTARD Alfred, 10 Temperance Street, W
BASTARD, Ernest, 2 Orchard Cottages, M
BASTARD, John M., 7 Westbourne Road, U
BASTIN Henry, 51 Abbey Road, W
BASTOW, Arthur, 8 Portland Road, B
BASTOW R., 7 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
BASTOW, Wm. J., 2 Waymouths Cott., M
BASTOW John, Princes Road West, E
BASTOW James Henry, Teignmouth Rd., U
BASTYAN Henry P., 5 Fore Street, M
BATE, William M. C., 20 Cavern Road, E
BATEMAN A., Shiphay House, Newton Rd
BATER, James 12 Broadmead Road, B
BATHE William & Co., 24 Fleet Street, S
BATHE, William, Wellesley Rd., (Higher)
BATTEN, Thomas, 8 Meliora, TD
BATTEN Miss E. J., 40 Abbey Road, W
BATTERSHALL, J W. H., 7 Regents Ter., M
BATTERSHALL. Frederick T., 8 Daison Rd.
BATTERSHILL S. G., 34 Kenwyn Road, E
BATTERSHILL Miss Jessie S., Stafford Lge, T
BATTERSHILL Miss A. K., Stafford Lge, T
BATTERSHILL George , 48 Abbey Road, W
BATTERSKILL, Lewis, Coombe Pafford, M
BATTYE, G. M. (General), Frognal, C
BAWDEN, J. Q. (Rev.), Mount Pleasant, C
BAWDEN, Amelia, 9 Sanford Road, C
BAWDEN, Mrs. Flora, 21 Belgrave Road, T
BAWDEN, Henry, 28 Forest Road, U
BAWDON Miss Mary, St. Maur, S
BAYNES Walter Francis, Braganza, S
BAZLEY, Sir Thomas, Kilmorie, B
BEAZELEY James B., 72 Mallock Road, C
BEACHEY, Richard, Olivet , M
BEADON, Cecil (Col.), Copthorne, C
BEALE Capt., 2 Avenue Villas, T
BEALE Mrs. A. M., 22 Luclus Street, W
BEAN Maurice (Capt.), Armathwaite, T
BEAN Mrs. Louisa, Stanton Grange, W
BEARE William Charles, 17 Chester Row E
BEARE, Mrs. Eva, 38 St. Edmunds Road, E
BEARNE Frederick, 27 Hoxton Road, E
BEARNE Lewis E., Clinton, T
BEARNE, R. H.. Pettiwell Cottage, M
BEATTIE Mrs. Mary I, St.. Michael's, T
BEAVIS, William, Greenstead, TD
BEAV1S James,, Upton Hill, U
BELLETTI, Upton Hill, U
BEAZLEY John, 5 Princes Road West, E
BEAZLEY, John W. L., 49 CarIton Road, E
BEAZLEY Ernest Owen, 24 Highbury Rd., E
BEAZLEY Henry, 18 St, Edmunds Road, E
BECK J. H., 8 Lr Ellacombe Church Rd., E
BECKERLEGGE Ernest H., Roseberg, U
BECKETT Thomas, 56 Crown Hill Pl., T
BECKETT George, St. Matthias, B
BEDDOW Frederick, Portland Road, B
BEDFORD George, Berner's Hill, T
BEDFORD, Charles, 6 All Saints Road, B
BEECH Francis Benjamin, 8 Marcombe Rd. C
BEECH, Francis B., 8 Marcombe Road, C
BEECHEY G. T., Warren. Road, W
BECKETT, Ashton, Warren Road, W
BEEL, Joseph, 8 Belmont Road, E
BEER S. J., 48 Kenwyn Road, E
BEER Miss Lavinia, St. Levan, T
BEER, E., Ashfield House, Ashfield Road, C
BEER William, 12 Abbey Road, W
BEER, Alfred Edward, BampfyIde Rd., T
BEER, George, 16 Fore Street, M
BEER, Andrew, 7 Portland Place, M
BEER, Henry R., 8 St. Mark's Place, TD
BEER Mrs. Minnie S., 115 Union Street, U
BEER William, 12 Abbey Road, W
BEER Richard, 2 Shirburn Terrace, U
BEER, George John, rear 1 St. Denis, B
BEER, James, 21 Park Lane, TD
BEER, Arthur, Braddons St. (Higher) S
BEER, William G., 23 Dunmere Road, E
BEER Leonard Charles, 40 Kenwyn Rd., E
BEER Harry, 33 Sherwell Hill, C
BEER Alfred. 240 Union Street
BEER, John, 31 St. Edmunds Road, E
BEER, John, 11 Broadmead Road, B
BEER, Mrs. Susan, 47 Broadmead Road, B
BEESON Miss Ellen, Sunbury Hill, U
BEHESNILIAN Rev. K., Thurlow Road, U
BEHRENS Frederick, 49 Victoria Road, E
BELCHER Miss H. L., St. Matthews Road, C
BELL, Alfred, Marina, TD
BELL, Frederick, Meadfoot Lane, TD
BELL, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Homer Terrace, B
BELL, John, 26 All Saints Road, B
BELL Henry, under 3 Coburg Place, W
BELL Mrs. Eliza, Melville Hill, W
BELL Mrs. Frances, Newton Road, T
BELLAMY, Thomas, 6 Coombe Park Ter., M
BELLAMY, John, 10 Austen Place. M
BELLAMY John, 29 Queen Street, S
BELLAMY James, 4 Old Woods Cottages, T
BELLAMY Charles, 18 Queen Street, S
BELLAMY, Charles, rear 45 Broadmead Rd.
BELLETTI, F. G., Upton Hill, U
BELLIS Major John F, St. Matthias, B
BELTON, Marie, North Cray, Walnut R., C
BENBOW, Vernon, Kempsford, TD
BENDING Lewls, 2 Kenwyn Road, E
BENDLE, Charles, 4 Fore Street, M
BENJAFIELD Harry., 47 Victoria Road, E
BENNET Mrs Emily S., St Matthias, B
BENNETT Dr, Allan, Five Ways, T
BENNETT, Mrs. R., 17 Barton, M
BENNETT J. H., 171 Lymington Road, U
BENNETT William, 22 Queen Street, S
BENNETT. Henry, 28 Belgrave Road, T
BENNETT William, 57a Victoria Road, E ,
BENNETT William, 7 Elstow Terrace, E
BENNETT Samuel J., 6 Windsor Road, E
BENNETT Miss Jessie, 21 Highbury Road, E
BENNETT William, 2 Mount Pleasant, E
BENNETT, John, Devon Arms, TD
BENNETT, Samuel J., Hatfield Road E
BENNETT, Richard, Hatfield Road, E
BENNETT Wm. Hy., 2 Innerbrook Rd., C
BENNETT John Alfred, 5 Pennsylvania Rd.
BENSON, Miss Janet, Hacqueville, M
BENT Mrs., La Rochelle, T
BENTHALL Mrs. M. D'A., St. Mayrch. Rd, U
BERGSMAN F. A., Manor Road, B
BERGSMAN, Mrs. F. A., Manor Road, B
BERNARD, Miss Minna C., Holmer, TD
BERRY Joseph H., 20 Lucius Street, T
BERRY Joseph, 66 Fleet Street, S
BERRY G., 19 Warberry Rd. West, E
BERRY, Mrs. E., 13 Hesketh Crescent, TD
BERRY, William, 3 Portland Place, M
BERRY, Miss Jane, Norham, M
BERRY, Wm., 11 All Saints Road, B
BERRY Harold J.. 15 Market Street
BERRY William, 2 Park Lane, TD
BERRY Thomas 11 Petitor Road, M
BERRYMAN, R. H., 23 Belle Vue Crescent, C
BESLEY Miss Bessie C., Rathmore Rd., C
BESS, Emily , 16 Goschen Road, C
BESSELL James B., 41 Fleet Street, S
BEST Samuel, 5 Banner Place, W
BEST William , 16 Alexandra Road, E
BEST, the Misses, Ash Hill Road, U
BEVAN John, A. B., 3 Union Terrace, B
BEVAN, Rev. Ll. W., Cary Avenue, B
BEVAN, Jack, 25 Crown Hill Park, T
BEVENOT, Pro. Clovis, Cleveland Road, T
BEWHEY S., 86 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
BEYNON Fredk., 44a Fleet Street, S
BEYNON William. B., 44a Fleet Street, S
BEYNON William B., Rathmore Road, C
BIBBINGS W. H., 15 Warberry Rd. West, E
BIBBINGS, Richard Wm., Warren Road, W
BICKFORD, Edgar, 26 Compton Place, M
BICKFORD, John, 9 Lumaton Place, M
BICKFORD Samuel A., 3 Melville Place W
BICKFORD A. B., 3 Jubilee Terrace, Ui
BICKFORD, William, 2 Elstow Terrace, C
BICKFORD, Edgar, Church Lane, T
BICKFORD Charles, Melville Street, W
BICKFORD Wm. John, 36 Sherwell Hill, C
BICKFORD Mr., 23 Temperance Street, W
BICKLE William, 2 Tor Square Cottages, T
BICKLE, William, 46 Belgrave Road, T
BICKNELL The Misses, Rothonfels, T
BICKNELL, Mrs. Helen, 3 Garfield Cott., M
BICKNELL, Mrs. Helen, Barton M
BICKNELL, Arthur, Warbro Road, B
BIDGMAN William. 29 Cavern Road, E
BIDWELL, Miss Mabel, 10 Rowley Road, M
BIGGE, Francis Edward, Hennapyn, C
BIGGE, Fredk., 4 Homefield Cottages, B
BIGGE Mrs. Isabel Charlotte Claythorpe, W
BILLINGS, Mrs. Catherine, The Cleave, TD
BINDING H., 15 Upton Ch. Road, U
BINDING Frederick, Upton Road, U
BINDON G. D Penrice, Burridge Road, C
BINDON: Albert Henry, 36 Walnut Road, 0
BINDON Mrs. Edith F 40 Innerbrook Rd.
BINGLEY Rev John G.., Woodford, TD
BINHAM Wm. Harvey 8 Crown Hill Pk T
BINHAM William , 109 Union Street, U
BINHAM Herbert, 27 Sherwell Hill, C
BINMORE, Henry, 1 Oxford Terrace, M
BINMORE, Thomas, 7 Sunnybank, M
BINMORE, Mrs. Mary, 17 Orchard Cott., M
BIRBECK, Mrs. Mary, 4 Granville Cott., M
BIRCH, Miss Marion, BampfyIde Road, T
BIRD, George 12 Palk Place, M
BIRD R. H., 16 Warberry Rd. West, E
BIRMINGHAM, Walter Ellis,, Highfield, C
BISHOP Thomas, 5 Church Street, T
BISHOP Wm. J., 18 Laburnum Street, T
BISHOP Walter H., 16 Corporation Builds, S
BISHOP George, 11 Moorlands Terrace, U
BISHOP Hugh, 1 Shirburn Cottages, U
BISHOP, John, 4 Madrepore Road, S
BISHOP Frank (Rev.), Trinity Vicarage, S
BISHOP, Fred, 6 Palk Place, M
BISHOP Richard T., 7 Alexandra, Road, E
BISHOP, John, 18 Alexandra Road, E
BISHOP, Frank, 73 Windsor Road, E
BISHOP John, 1 Bowmanville Terrace, E
BISHOP C., 109 Ellacombe Church Road, E
BISHOP, Mrs., 60 Woodville Road, E
BISHOP, Thomas, 12 Crown Hill Park, T
BISHOP John, Madrepore Road, S
BISHOP, William Charles, Market Street
BITSON, C., Handsworth. Ruckamore R., C
BLACK, George (Dr.), Greta Bank, C
BLACK, Mrs Ann. Torwood Lodge, TD
BLACK, Miss L. M. P., Meadwood Villa, TD.
BLACKBURN, Arthur, Rockend, TH
BLACKER, Carmen, Vane Tower, TD
BLACKHALL T., 2 Pennsylvania Road. E
BLACKLER J., 9 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
BLACKLER Mrs. E. A., 57 Lymington Rd., U
BLACKLER E. T., 39 Market Street, U
BLACKLER W ., 61 Market Street, U
BLACKLER A. J., 66 Union Street, W
BLACKLER James, 74 Union Street, W
BLACKLER W,. J., 5 Alwyn Terrace, U
BLACKLER James, 78 Union Street, W
BLACKLER John C, 5 Melville Street, W
BLACKLER, Thomas A., Fore Street, M
BLACKLER. James, 112 & 114 Union Street
BLACKLER, Mrs. C., Vansittart Road, T
BLACKLOCK John G., 4 Mallock Terrace, W
BLACKMAN, Frederick, Coombe Pafford M
BLACKMORE, Miss Eva,, Channel View, M
BLACKMORE William, 25 Chester Row, E
BLACKMORE Ernest, 70 Hoxton Road, E
BLACKMORE Mrs. E , 17 Alexandra, Rd., E
BLACKMORE & CHALICE, 31 Union Street, S
BLACKMORE, Mrs. Ellen, 18 Barewell, M
BLACKMORE, Mrs Mary, 4 St. Denis, B
BLACKMORE, William, 11 CarIton Road, E
BLACKMORE, William, 56 Broadmead Rd., B
BLAKE John, 3 Elm Tree Crescent, T
BLAKE. Ann A., Kismet. C
BLAKE Henry, rear 34 South Street, T
BLAKE William. 121 Lymington Road, U
BLAKE, George, Commercial Hotel, M
BLAKE Mrs. Anne A., St. Matthews Rd., C
BLAKE Alfred, 13 Upton Church Road, U
BLAKEMAN Mrs., Ivanhoe, Marcombe Road
BLAREMAN, Thirza; 3 Marcombe Road, C
BLAKEMAN Mrs. Thirza, 3 Marcombe Rd.,
BLAKEMAN, Mrs. Thlrza., 3 Marcombe Rd
BLAKER E. S., The Beeches, Braddons Rd U
BLAKER, E. S., Braddons Rd., (Upper),
BLANCHETT Mrs. Anne, 38 Cavern Road, E
BLANCHETT, Frederick H., Sunnyhill, B
BLANCHETT, Arthur R., Empire Road U
BLANCHETT, Mrs. Anne, 38 Cavern Road, E
BLANK, William, 30 CarIton Road, E
BLATCH-COX Mrs. Ellen, Shelton, E
BLATCHFORD Thomas, 1 Haytor Terrace, E
BLATCHFORD Frederick, 5 Lucius Street, W
BLATCHFORD Samuel, Nestleton, U
BLATCHFORD F., 183 Lymington Road, U
BLATCHFORD H, 1 Springfield Terrace, U
BLATCHFORD R., 33 Market Street, U
BLATCHFORD, Frank, 62 Forest Road, U
BLATCHFORD Mrs. L., 18 Union Lane Lr., W
BLATCHFORD John, 14 Mallock Road, U
BLIGHT Thomas, KilwinnIng. T
BLOOMFIELD & NORTON, 20 Torwood St., S
BLOOMFIELD, Edwin, 2 Park View, B
BLOOMFIELD Miss 20 Torwood Street, Td
BLOOR, Mrs. Edith, Hartop Road, M
BLOXAM Miss Agnes, 7 Palk Street, S
BLOXAM, Sidney, 1 Ilsham Cottages, TD
BLUETT Chas. E. L. (Col.), Tormohun He, T
BLUETT (Col.) C. E. L., Newton Road, T
BLUNDELL John, 8 Trafalgar Terrace, E
BLUNT Edward J., 22 Lucius Street, T
BLUNT, Samuel B. V., 9 Torwood Ter., TD
BLYDE, Milo, Beach Road B
BOADEN Miss E., rear 167.Unlon Street, U
BOADEN, John, 8 Sunnybank, AI
BOARD Joseph, 9 Melville Street, W
BOASE, Elizabeth, Priory Road, M
BOATFIELD, Thomas, Upton Road, U
BOCCALERI Mrs. Adele, 11 Kenwyn Road, E
BODLEY, Mrs. Ann, Parkston, M
BODLEY, the Misses, 32 Belgrave Road, T
BODY, Arthur Leslie, 2 Hampton Place M
BOHN, Frank E., 37 Abbey Road, W
BOLCKNOW Carl F,, Kents Road, TD
BOLLAND, Mrs. Louisa, 6 Trinity Place, TD
BOLT, Samuel, 1 Lumaton Place, M
BOLT, Richard, Hop Cottages, B
BOLT Samuel, 1 Lymington Terrace, U
BOLT Alfred, 35 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
BOLT Robert, 13 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
BOLT Mrs. Mary, 4 Hilldrop Terrace, E
BOLT William Fredk., Wadlands, T
BOLT Frederick, 15 Queen Street, S
BOLT, John, 294 Union Street
BOLT Henry, 63 Sherwell Hill, C
BOND George, 1 Tor Square Cottages, T
BOND, William, Primrose Cottage, C
BOND Wm. T. D., 4 Rosery Terrace, B
BOND Theodore T., 5 Highfield Terrace, B
BOND George J., Hill View Cottages W
BOND Charles J., 21 Market Street, U
BOND Elias, 12 Hoxton Road, E
BOND W., 51 Ellacombe Church Road, E
BOND John, 2 Warberry Vale. E
BOND Frederick, 95 Windsor Road, E
BOND Eliza, 6 Upton Ch. Road, U
BOND John, 9 Madrepore, Road, S
BOND Mrs. Nancy, Rose Cottage, TD
BOND Alfred, 7 Belmont Road, E
BOND, John, 18 Belgrave Road, T
BOND, Thomas, Dunalister, TD
BOND, George, 38 Belmont Road, E
BOND, Frederick, 7 Brunswick U
BOND, Alfred John, 22 Forest Road. U
BOND Ernest Joseph, Torre Church Rd., T
BOND Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Union Lane Higher
BOND Mrs, Sarah Ann, 34 Mallock Road, C
BOND James, 58 Mallock Road, C' ,
BOND James W., 62 Mallock Road, C
BOND, Frank 18 Daison Road, U
BOND, John, 44 Westbourne Road, U
BOND Henry, 16 Hoxton Road, E
BOND Mrs Laura, 31 Innerbrook Road, C
BOND, Frederick W., 95 Winsor Road, E
BONNING Robert. 8 Mallock Road, C
BONSFIELD, Miss Agnes, Empire Road, U
BOON Alfred J., 1 Buckland Terrace. U
BOON John, 7 Grafton Terrace, E
BOON J., 17 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
BOON Alfred, St. Andrew's, T
BOON John, 7 Laburnum Row, T
BOON, Richard Wm., 97 St. Edmunds Rd.
BOON, Wm. Bertram, 97 St. Edmunds Rd.,
BOOTH Mrs. Mary C., 5? Bexley Terrace, T
BORDER, Henry, 11 Victoria Terrace, C
BORDER, Arthur 3 Wm., Woodville Rd., E
BORLACE John E., 1 Beenland Cottages, T
BORLACE Richard, 201 Unlon Street
BORLACE, John E., Braddons Street, S
BOSANQUET. Mrs. Elizabeth F., Teignm'h R
BOSENCE Mrs. Mary, Bexley Lodge, T
BOSENCE S., 2 Lime Grove Terrace, T
BOBWELL Samuel, 11 Hr. Union Lane, U
BOURHILL David, 4 Mallock Road, C
BOURNE, Miss Mary Jane, Finedon, M
BOURNE R., 2 Beaconsfield. Terrace, U
BOURNE Henry Fred., 11 Strand, S
BOUSFIELD Miss K. G., Avenue Road, T
BOVEY, John Richard, Fairlight, C
BOVEY Edward, 2 Bath Cottages, T
BOVEY Edward Palk, Briarfield, S
BOVEY, Alfred, 10 Portobello Cottages, B
BOVEY Peter, 1 Warberry Rd. West, E
BOVEY, Miss Ellen, 2 Park Mount, TD
BOVEY, E. P., junr., 17 & 18 Victoria P. TD
BOVEY, Jabez E., Avenue Road, T
BOVEY, E. P. junr., Babbacombe Road, S
BOVEY, Mrs. Mary J., 13 St. Edmunds Rd.
BOVEY, Joseph, 4 St. Edmunds Road, E
BOW, Henry., 130 Forest Road, U
BOWDEN Courtney T., 63 Belgrave Rd., T
BOWDEN Charles, Lodore, T
BOWDEN, James P., 3 Meadfoot Lane, TD
BOWDEN Courtney, 211 Union Street, U
BOWDEN E, 14 Marchwood Terrace, U
BOWDEN George, 8 Wellington Road, E
BOWDEN Andrew, 13 Upton Ch. Road, U
BOWDEN Miss E. A., 3 Faria Cot. U.
BOWDEN G., 205 Lymington Road U
BOWDEN, Mrs Anna, 44 Belgrave Rd., T
BOWDEN Arthur John, 4 Camden Road, E
BOWDEN George E., 2 Hr. Queen Street, S
BOWDEN John, 8 Thurlow Terrace, U
BOWDEN, Joseph, 1 Star Cottages, M
BOWDEN, John, 2 South Town Cottages. M
BOWDEN Mrs. Mary J., 47 Abbey Road, W
BOWDEN, Mrs. Fanny, Fanara, B
BOWDEN, William J., 9 Thornacre Ter., B
BOWDEN, Stephen J., 14 Palk Place, M
BOWDEN William. Cotswold Cottage, W
BOWDEN, Grear, 5 Waymouths Cott., M
BOWDEN, Herbert H., Lawes Bridge, M
BOWDEN, Miss Mary. 7 Albert Place, M
BOWDEN Henry, 4 Brunswick Terrace, U
BOWDEN Fredk. G.. 1 Braddons Street, S
BOWDEN Wm. Thomas, 3 Myrtle Row, S
BOWDEN, Mrs. Louisa, Avenue Road, T
BOWDEN, Mrs. E., 14 Braddons Street, S
BOWDEN, Alfred, 18 Camden Road, E
BOWDEN, Wm. John, 8 Woodville Road, E
BOWDEN H. Goss, Torre Hill Road. U
BOWDEN, Mrs. Clara, Empire Road, U
BOWDEN, George, Union Street
BOWDEN Charles Urban, 238 Union Street
BOWDEN, Mrs. Emily, 50 Westbourne Rd.
BOWDEN E 23 Market Street
BOWDITCH George T., 6 Jubilee Terrace. U
BOWDITCH, Miss Jessie, Hatfield Road, E
BOWE Charles Albert, 7 Cavern Road, E
BOWE, Albert John, 34 Cavern Road,
BOWEN Frederick, Dunesk, S
BOWEN, A. P. H. Babbacombe Road B
BOWER, Capt. Edmund T. C., St Elmo, TD
BOWER, William, 3 Old Mill Road, C
BOWERS Alfred J., 58 Sherwell Hill, C
BOWLES, Phillip, Teignmouth Road, M
BOWLES Daniel, 32 Crown Hill Park, T
BOWRING. Harry, Borohaye, M
BOWRING, Mrs K Braddons Road (East
BOXHALL, Henry J., Babbacombe Road, B
BOXER Monsell M, 93 Windsor Road, E
BOYCE Ernest John, 22 Sherwell Hill, C
BOYCE, Mrs. Ann 59 Broadmead Road, B
BOYD Mrs. Mary E., Woodside, S
BOYD, Robert, Silver Hill House. TD
BOYER-BROWN, Miss E., Hr. Erith Rd., TD
BRADBURY Joseph. Warren House, W
BRADFORD Fredk. John, 32 Queen St., S
BRADFORD, Denis John, Hankford, B
BRADFORD, Sydney, 55 Ellacombe Ch. Rd
BRADFORD William, 17 Princes Road, E
BRADFORD Richard, 19 Princes Road, E
BRADFORD Wm. Henry, 60 Sherwell. Hill, C
BRADLEY, Fredk. E., 94 Forest Road, U
BRADLEY Mrs. Sarah, 85 Sherwell Hill, C
BRADRIDGE Miss E., 1 Lansdowne Place, T
BRAGG, Sydney J., 18 Orchard Cottages, M
BRAGG Herbert. 8 Pembroke Road, E
BRAGG, Herbert, 22 Victoria Parade, TD
BRAGG Herbert G , 9 Pembroke Road E
BRAMLEY Mrs. M. J., Cranicombe, B
BRAND Mrs. F, J. St. Marychurch Rd., E
BRANDT, Miss Emily C., San Roque, TD
BRATCHER W., 57 Ellacombe Ch. Road E
BRATCHER J., 18 Warberry Rd. West E
BRATCHER Phillip H.,26 Lr. Union Lane W
BRATCHER R. J., Princes Road West, E
BRAUND W. H., 7 Marchwood Terrace, U
BRAUND George, 10 Alexandra Road, E
BRAUND William, 7 Waterloo Road, E
BRAUND Ernest, 5 Queen Street, S
BRAY Robert, 19 Hoxton Road, E
BRAY, Richard J., Meadfoot Lane, TD
BRAY, Wm. H, 32 Fore Street, B
BRAY, Alfred, 30 All Saints Road, B
BRAY, William, 10 Orchard Cottages, M
BRAY John H. D., 2 Moor View; T
BRAY Emily, 24 Old Mill Road, C
BRAY John St Annes Road, B
BRAYLEY Mrs, Woodstock, Abbey Road
BRAYLEY, Mrs. Mary, Abbey Road, W
BREALY Charles 2 Terra-cotta Cott., M
BREALY Alfred Wm.,55 Fore Street M
BRETTON Stephen, 7 Vaughan Parade, S
BREWER, Mrs. Annie, Havelock Cottage, M
BREWER S., 6 Lower Wellesley Road, E
BREWER Chs. H.; 17 Innerbrook Road, C
BREWIN, Rev. Wm. de Bruen, Warren Rd.
BRICKWOOD John, rear 27 Union Street, S
BRIDGMAN, William, May Villa, C
BRIDGMAN Miss Alice, Gleniffer, T
BRIDGMAN Lewis Wm., Dalkeith, T,
BRIDGMAN Henry T., Bencoolon, T
BRIDGMAN, Walter Henry, Barton Rd., T
BRIDGMAN Frederick, 38 Hoxton Road E
BRIDGMAN, Hon. Mrs, Woodfield Rd. Middle
BRIDLE Isaac, 8 South Street, T
BRIDLE, George, 2 Kents Terrace, TD
BRIDGEMAN, Hon. Mrs. John, Frognel, TD
BRIDGMAN Miss M. A,, Melville Cottage, W
BRIDGMAN John,, 1 St. Edmund's Ter., E
BRIDGMAN, John, 2 Osborne Terrace, M
BRIDGMAN, Mrs. Ann, Coombe Pafford, M
BRIERLEY. George Henry, The Bryn, C.
BRIGGS, Miss Anne, E., Pentwyn,TD
BRIGGS Mrs. Eleanor, Roseneath, T
BRIGGS Miss Winifred, 6 Sanford Road, C
BRIGGS Mrs. M. Eveline Park Street, TD
BRIGHT, Edwin, 2 Walnut Road, C
BRIGHT Robert, 17 Springfield Terrace, U
BRIGHT, Miss Kate, 3 Camden Road, E
BRIMBLECOMBE Edwin, 11 Hoxton Road, E
BRIMICOMBE, William, 10 Barewell, M
BRINE, Capt. Arthur, Erith Cottage, TD
BRINE, Mrs. Caroline, Lr. Erith Road, TD
BRINHAM, Henry, 3 Park Lane, TD
BRINHAM John, Meadfoot Lane, TD
BRINHAM Henry, 4 Park Lane, TD
BRINNING Mrs. B, 214 Lymington Road, U
BRISTOW Edwin, 9 Braddons Street, S
BRITTAIN, Thomas B., Crossdoney, B
BRITTON W. T.. 79 Windsor Road, E
BROADBENT Mrs. Annie. Torbay Road. C
BROADBERRY, A. Singleton Cottage, TD
BROCK & Co., 146-156 Union Street U
BROCK Fredk. John, Mount, View, S
BROCK A. E., 43 Ellacombe Church Rd., E
BROCK George, 6 Corporation Buildings, S
BROCK, John D., 58 Westbourne Road, U
BROCKEN George, 5 Braddons Street, S
BROCKINGTON, F.. rear 7 Portobello Cot., B
BRODERICK, H. S., Wilts & Dorset Bank, M
BROKENSHIRE, H. 1 Terra-cotta Cott., M
BROKENSHIRE, Ernest, 10 Barewell, M
BROKENSHIRE S., 11 Moorlands Terrace, U
BROMELL, Norman W., 27 Woodville Rd., E
BROOK W. E., 92 Ellacombe Church Rd., E
BROOK, Miss Helen M., 10 Belmont Rd.,
BROOK Thomas 21 Sherwell Hill, C
BROOKER Mrs. M, B., Scarborough Road, T
BROOKING Frank, Pimlico, S
BROOKING Mrs. Thomasina, 30 Rosery Rd.
BROOKING The Misses, 7 Belle Vue Crescent
BROOKING Mrs. J. A.. 11 Belle Vue Crescent
BROOKING, Josiah, 66 Belgrave Road, T
BROOKING Mrs Laura 7 Ilsham Cott., TD
BROOKING: John, 11 St Mark's Place, TD
BROOKING, Mark, 2 Wellswood Place, TD
BROOKING George, 9 Wellington Road, E
BROOKING S. H. W., 6 Laburnum Row, T
BROOKS, Thomas, 5 Princess Street, B
BROOKS Sydney, 3 Alma Terrace, W
BROOKS W. J., 5 Upton Vale Terrace, U
BROOKS, Charles, 9 Regents Terrace, M
BROOKS, John, 51 Fore Street, M
BROOKS, John, 32 Compton Place. M
BROOKS, Robert Hy. rear Trinity Place, TD
BROOKS Frank, 5 Bath Terrace, T
BROOKS A. J., 29 Union Street. S
BROOKS George H., Rising Sun Hotel, T
BROOKS A. J., 29 Union Street
BROOKS, John James, Happaway Hill, S
BROOKS Mr., rear 3 Kents Road. TD
BROOKS John Thomas, under 9 Queen St, S
BROOKS Robert, Melville Street,, W
BROOKS, Alfred, Teignmouth Road, M
BROOKSBANK, O. O., Braddons Rd. (West)
BROOM George, Market Street
BROTCHIE Mrs. Gertrude, 23 Morgan Ave., U
BROUGH G. F., 11 Rosery Road, C
BROWN William , Hargrove, E
BROWN, James, 8 Highfield Terrace, B
BROWN, Mary Ellen, 18 Walnut Road, C
BROWN Thomas, Brunswick House, T
BROWN William H., 4 Torre Hill Rd., T
BROWN Harry, 24 Church Lane T
BROWN G., 22 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
BROWN John, 66 Kenwyn Road, E .
BROWN, Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Warbro Ter., B
BROWN Ernest J., 2 Woodlands, W
BROWN, Robert T., 9 Princes Street, B
BROWN, Roland, 3 Princes Street, B
BROWN Theodore, 1 Marine Cottages, W
BROWN William H., 2 Marine Cottages, W
BROWN, John, rear 23 Victoria Parade, TD
BROWN and RICHARDS, 7 Torwood St., TD
BROWN, Thomas, Woodfield Dairy, TD
BROWN, Mrs. C., Cranbourne House TD
BROWN,T. Hy., 2 Meadfoot Lane, TD
BROWN, Miss Alice L., Merton Lodge, TD
BROWN, Miss Lilla M., Merton Lodge, TD
BROWN, Miss E. R., Morton Lodge, TD
BROWN, Mrs. Selina, Florence Court, TD
BROWN, Charles, 2 Cavern Villas, TD
BROWN George, 103 Windsor Road, E
BROWN F. J., 65 Windsor Road, E ,
BROWN John Henry, 10 Victoria Road, E
BROWN Mrs. Johanna, 17 Victoria Road, E
BROWN William Henry, 3 Chester Row; E
BROWN Richard, 1 Elgin Terrace, E
BROWN William John, 4 Elgin Terrace, E
BROWN, Wm. A. G., 5 Albert Cottages, M
BROWN H. L., Manor House, Newton Road
BROWN Crosbie, St. Abbey Road, W
BROWN Crosbie C., St. Christopher's, S
BROWN Samuel, 5 Marchwood Terrace, U
BROWN, George, 50 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
BROWN, Albert Thomas, Derwent Road. E
BROWN John Henry, 73 Kenwyn Road; E
BROWN the Misses, Lincombe Rd. Mdle., TD
BROWN Ernest, 31 Mallock Road, C
BROWN, Miss Aurelia, Warren Road, W
BROWN, Miss Emma, 23 Wellesley Rd. Lr.
BROWN Mrs. Elizabeth, 57 Temperance St.
BROWN John, Teignmouth Road. U
BROWN James, 10 Upton Church Road, U
BROWN, Cecil Ernest, 14. Victoria Road, E
BROWN, James, 13 Warberry Rd. West, E
BROWN C. Wm., 17 Princes Road East, E
BROWN Denham J., 29 Market Street
BROWN, George, 102 St. Edmunds Rd., B
BROWN, Edward G. Wm., 59 Kenwyn Rd.
BROWN, Evans, Babbacombe Road, B
BROWN, Fredk. Geo., 16 Broadmead Rd B
BROWNE Fredk. Wm., 25 George Street, S
BROWNE John J., 4 Modena Terrace, S
BROWNE J. J., Cary Hotel, W
BROWNE Harry, under 10 Coburg Place, W
BROWNE Robert R., 9 Lucius Street, W
BROWNE Elizabeth, rear Stanley Cottage, T
BROWNE Miss Kate. 19 Abbey Road, W
BROWNE Miss A. H., Meadfoot Road, TD
BROWNING George F.. 7 Coburg Place. W
BROWNING A. J., 13 Market Street, U
BROWNING F. D., 13 Hr. Union Lane, U
BROWNING Mrs. Bella, 6 Warren Hill, W
BROWNING Francis, under Swanbourne, W
BROWNING Charles, 5 Camden Road, E
BROWNING, James J., 4 Princes Street, B
BROWNING, James, Inglenook, TD
BROWNING, George, 22 Rosery Road. C
BROWNING, F. D. Braddons Road, (West)
BROWNING James, 2 Brunswick Ter. U
BROWNING James, 54 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
BROWNING Joseph, Abbey Road, W
BROWNSON Thomas, 1 All Saints Road, B
BRUCE Alfred, 35 Fleet Street, S
BRUETON, Frederick, Western Road. M
BRUETON, F, Strand, S
BRUSH Thomas Henry, South Street, T
BRYANT George W., 3 Queen Street, S
BRYANT. Henry S., 2 Hesketh Crescent, TD
BRYANT Mrs. Mary, 6 Berachah Road, E
BRYANT, Edward, Wellesley Rd. Hr. E
BRYANT, Hubert C., 46 Westbourne Rd., U
BRYANT James, 21 Princes Road, E
BRYANT, G. H, 3 Forest Road, U
BRYCE, Dr. George, Barton Road, T
BRYER, Miss Susannah, Coombe Pafford, M
BUBB Henry, Studley Road, U
BUCHANAN Walter Patrick, Placentia, E
BUCK, H., Ballinglen, Ashfield Gardens, C
BUCKLE, Miss Jane Stretten B
BUCKLEY S. E., 8 Mt. Hermon Road, E
BUCKLEY W. F. & SONS, 254-6 Union St.
BUCKPITT Mrs. Ellen, 2 Bedford Row, , S
BUCKPITT Richard, 5 Hr. Queen Street, S
BUCKPITT, Thomas, 22 Braddons St S
BUCKTON, Mrs. Elizabeth, Rievaulx, M
BUDD, Miss Caroline Rose Esperanza, TD
BUDDEN, Charley, J., 10 Petitor Road, M
BULKELEY, Spencer, Barramore, C
BULKELEY, Miss Mary H., Shanawan, M
BULKELEY, Mrs. Barbara, Petitor House, M
BULL Arthur Henry, Shirburn Road, U
BULL, Mrs. Elizabeth. Abbey Road, W
BULLEID Thomas E., 8 Barlow Terrace, U
BULLEID Samuel, Shrubland House, U
BULLEID W. H. , 62 Kenwyn Road, E
BULLEID Robert, 44 Hoxton Road, E
BULLEID Thomas, 20 Ellacombe Road, E
BULLEID, Robert J., 68 CarIton Road, E
BULLEID, Mrs., 50 Woodville Road E
BULLEN, Henry B., 1 Warbro Rd. Cot. B
BULLEY, John, 3 Plainmoor Terrace, 11
BULLEY, Mrs. A. E., 4 Meadfoot Lane, TD
BULLEY C. H., 8 Marchwood Terrace, U
BULLEY, William, Barton, M
BULLEY Herbert, South Street, T
BULLEY, John, 37 Windsor Road, E
BULLEY Wm. Henry, Torquay Road, B
BULLEY, Henry, 15 St. Edmunds Road E
BULLEY Mrs. S., 19 Pennsylvania Road, E
BULLIVANT John H., 38 Crown Hill Park, T
BULLOCK Charles H, 36 Torwood Street, S
BUNCH Henry R Queen Street, S
BUNCH Mrs Annie, 43 Pennsylvania Rd., E
BUNE, John, 12 Victoria Terrace, B
BURCH, Fredk. E., 3 Lumaton Place, M
BURDETT John, 2 Exeter Villas, E
BURDOCK F. H., Park Hill Road, TD
BURGE. Mrs. Annie, 3 Coombe Pafford, M
BURGE, Richard, 9 Rosery Road, C
BURGE, Mrs. A., 77 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
BURGESS, Mrs., 7 Abbey Road, W
BURGOYNE T. L., 55 Victoria Road, E
BURGOYNE J. W., 11 Mt. Hermon Road, E
BURGOYNE Harold P., 52 Union Street, W
BURKE Richard, Perrett's Buildings, S
BURKE, Edward, The Presbytery, M
BURKE Mrs. Ellen, 12 Melville Street, W
BURKE Alfred, 27 Temperance Street, W
BURN John, 39 Ellacombe Road, E
BURN Eli, 23 Laburnum Street, E
BURN Col. C. R., M.P ., St. Matthias, B
BURNS, Henry, 3 Regents Terrace, M
BURNS, Charles 7 Glenwood Terrace, C
BURNARD, Willice John, 26 Sanford R., C
BURNET David, Millaton, T
BURNETT John, 13 Church Street, T
BURNETT William, 2 Bowmanville Ter., B
BURNS, John, 3 Woodside Cottages, M
BURRIDGE, J. H, 8 Victoria Parade, TD
BURRIDGE W., 8 Victoria Parade, TD
BURRIDGE F., 213 Lymington Road, U
BURRIDGE John, 10 Portland Place, W
BURRIDGE Thomas, 4 Orchard Cottages, U
BURRIDGE John H., 30 Tor Hill Road, W
BURRIDGE, Alfred, 17 Warberry Vale, E
BURRIDGE, Henry, 1 Cavern Road E
BURROW Charles, 146 Union Street, U
BURROW, William, 48 Westbourne Road, U
BURROWS Mrs. Mary Ann, 0livet, T
BURROWS, Samuel, Rose Grange, B
BURROWS Richard, 21 Princes Road, E
BURT, William, 9 Endsleigh Place, B
BURT Mrs. Sarah A., 127 Windsor Road, E
BURT, Mrs. Sarah Arm, 127 Windsor Rd., E
BURTON George, Cartmel, W
BURTON, John C. W., Efride's Road, T
BUSH George, 6 Hoxton Road; E
BUSS Rev. Francis F., St. Matthews Rd., C
BUSSELL Mrs. Sarah, Park Road, M
BUSSELL, John James, Wellesley Rd. Hr., E
BUSWELL Mrs. E. C. Lynthorpe, U
BUSWELL C., 110 and 118 Union Street, W
BUTCHER , Miss L. A., 11 Torwood Ter., TD
BUTLAN Edward Chas., Teignmouth Rd., U
BUTLAND, Thomas. 1 Ashburne Villas TD
BUTLAND, Charles Henry, 34 Walnut R., C
BUTLAND Miss Emma, 12 South Street T
BUTLAND Robert L., 6 Alma Terrace, W
BUTLER, William, Watcombe Cottage, M
BUTLER, Robert 15 CarIton Road, E
BUTT John, 10 Marchwood Terrace, U
BUTTERS, Miss Marlon B.. Warren Rd., W
BUTTERWORTH The Misses, Stapleton,
BYLES, Bertha, M., Shirley, C
BYNE Walter, Staplegrove, T
BYRNE, Miss Victoria, 36 Westbourne

CAHILL, John, 4 Forest Road, U .
CALDER, Wm. Reginald, Empire Road, U
CALLANHAN the Misses, St Marych. Rd., U
CALLARD Mrs. Sarah, 16 Highbury Road. M
CALLARD J. R., 25 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
CALLARD George, 34 Victoria Road, E
CALLARD Frank , 162 Union Street, U
CALLARD W. 13a Torwood Street, S
CALLARD: William, 24 Walnut Road C
CALLARD, Thomas, 18 Palk Place, M
CALLARD William, 43 Fleet Street, S
CALLARD William, St.. Leonard's, T
CALLARD Samuel T., 13 Market Street
CALLARD W, 13A Torwood Street. TD
CALLETT, Miss, 8 Rowley Road, M
CALLWAY, Mrs. Phoebe A ,Warren Road, W
CALLICOTT Fredk., 11 St.Edmunds Rd., E
CALLINGS Mr., Mento, Ashfield Road
CALTHROP, Harry, Fairbank, TD
CALVERT, Miss E. W.. 9 Lisburne Cre'nt, TD
CAMBERS, John, 6 Woodville Road, E
CAME, Mrs., 21 Warberry Vale, E
CAME William Henry, 21 Victoria Rd., E
CAME Wm. H. 2 New Springfield Ter., B
CAME Charles, 9 Corporation Buildings. S
CAME Arthur Alfred, 17 South Street, T
CAME John H., 9 Brunswick Terrace, U
CAMELLO Miss Bertha, 12 Marcombe Rd., C
CAMERON, Annie, Donnee, C
CAMERON Mrs. Ann P., Varese, S
CAMERON W., 2 Westbourne Crescent, U
CAMERON George, 2 Bethel Cottages, E
CAMERON Mrs. A., 9 Innerbrook Road, C
CAMERON Fredk. J., Barewell, M
CAMES, John, 23 Princes Street, B
CAMPBELL, the Misses, Woodfield Rd. M'dle
CAMPBELL Mrs M, Hr. Erith Road, TD.
CAMPION Frederick, H, Park Road, M
CAMPION, John, 5 Compton Place, M
CAMPION, Edwin, 10 Compton Place, M
CAMPION, George, 1 Chenneck Cottages, M
CAMUS Sister Marie, Kent House. T
CANDISH Edmund, Cliftonville, T
CANN Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Pembroke Road, E
CANN Mrs. Grace, 69 Sherwell Hill, C
CANN, John, 6 Sea View Terrace, B
CAXN, William, 38 Fore Street, B
CANN, Joshua, 3 Victoria Terrace, B
CANN, William, 6 St James Cottages, B
CANN, George, 4 Fairfield Terrace, B
CANN, Albert, 23 St. Annes Terrace, B
CANN, James E., 8 Warbro Rd. Cottages, B
CANN Miss Sarah E., Groveleigh, T
CANN, Samuel, 4 1Hatfield Terrace, C
CANN Mrs. Ann, 10 Melville Street, W
CAPEL-CURE, Mrs. G. F., Villa Borghese, TD
CAPRON Alfred, Springfield Road, B
CARDEN Miss, 32 Rowley Road, M
CARISS, Miss M., Lauriston Cot., Torre Hill
CARLILE. Mrs. Elizabeth, Western Road, M
CARMIDY, Joseph, 4 Palk Place, M
CARPENTER Mrs. E., 2 Coburg Place, W
CARPENTER G., 4 Westbourne Crescent, U
CARPENTER James, 1 Marchwood Ter., U
CARPENTER George 25 Temperance St., U
CARR John, 12 Braddons Street, S
CARR, Miss E. C. Greenwood, TD
CARROLL Richard, 13 Fleet Street, S
CARSLAKE Louis, 30 Cavern Road E
CARTER, Edmund, 5 Plainmoor Cottages, B
CARTER Arthur W., Babbacombe Road, B
CARTER F. C., 170 Union Street, U
CARTER Mrs. Sarah, 11 Shirburn Ter., U
CARTER Miss M. A., 42 Tor Hill Road, W
CARTER Miss Margaret P., Elfordleigh, W
CARTER John Stephens, ElfordleIgh, W
CARTER Mrs. Catherine, Kenton, W
CARTER I. J., 8a Abbey Road, W
CARTER Isidore J., Baddesley-Clinton. T
CARTER. Henry, Hop Cottages, B
CARTER William. Romford, W
CARTHEW William, 5 Portland Cottage W
CARTWRIGHT W. P. (Rev.), Moutdore, E
CARVER Arthur E (Dr.), 8 Hr. Terrace. S
CARY, Henry, 3 Albert Cottages, M
CARY L. F. B. (Col.), Torre Abbey He., T
CARY, Joseph, 7 Mount Pleasant, M
CARY Wm. R., 75 Lymington Road, U
CASELEY George, 1 Portland Cottages, W
CASH Alfred M. (Dr.), Limefield, T
CASPERZ, Mrs. Jane, Burcot, B
CASSELLS. Thomas. 6 Woodside Cott., M
CASSON Miss A. 11., Lincombe Rd. Hr., TD
CATER Mrs Ellen Upton Road, U
CATER John, Tor Hill Road W
CATER, George, Tor Hill Road, W
CAUNTER, Mrs. Samuel. 9 Redden Hill Rd.
CAUNTER, Sampson, 1 Barnfield Cott M
CAUNTER, Miss Jane, 2 Barnfield Cott., M
CAUNTER, Mrs. E., 11 Endsleigh Place, B
CAUNTER Mrs. Ann, 15 Braddons Street, S
CAUSEY, Thomas, 28 Barton, K
CAUSLEY, Frank, 55 Dunmere Road, E
CAUSLEY, James, 59 Dunmere Road, E
CAUALEY, Frank, 80 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
CAVE John. 6 Brakefield Terrace, B
CAVILL Wm. Owen, Pembroke Road, E
CAWDLE, W. E., South Street, T
CAYZER Alfred. 7 Braddons Street, S
CHADWICK George W., Dalwood, U
CHADWICK, Miss Emily, Normount, TD
CHAFFE John, 12 Princes Road East, E
CHAFFE Robert, 12 Princes Road East, E
CHAFFE William, 7 Laburnum Street, T
CHALK William. H., 4 Warren Hill. W
CHALK George, 6 Marchwood Terrace, U
CHALK Alexander, rear 286 Union St., T
CHALK F., 218 Lymington Road, U
CHALK Mrs 9 Church Lane, T
CHALKE J. W., 11 Grosvenor Terrace, W
CHALKE, George J., 8 Austen Place. M
CHALLEN, George, 13 Braddons Street, S
CHALLICE George, 1 St. John's Place. S
CHALLICE Fredk. Wm., 16 Queen St., S
CHALMERS Francis, Gas Works, M
CHAMBERLAIN John, 5 Tor Square Cots., T
CHAMBERLAIN, John, 58 Belgrave Road, T
CHAMBERLAIN Mr., Upton Hill, U
CHAMBERLAYNE Mrs., Springfield Road, U
CHAMBERS Brian, under 10 Queen St., S
CHAMBERS, Mrs. Sarah, Warren Road W
CHAMMINGS Giles. 4 Park Cottages, U
CHAMPION Mark, 17 Rosery Road, C
CHANCES. Alexander M., St. Mark s Rd. TD
CHANDLER, Wilfred, Kenilworth, M
CHANNING W., 51 Temperance Street, W
CHANNING Alfred 85 Windsor Road, E
CHANNON, John K., Barton, M
CHANT Mrs. Emilie, 21 Abbey Road, W
CHANT James, Thurlow Road Lower, U
CHAPMAN Samuel C., Crofton, E
CHAPMAN Thomas. 56 Mallock Road, C
CHAPMAN, Frederick R., Inglewood, B
CHAPMAN, T. J., 7A Meadfoot Lane, TD
CHAPMAN William, 2 Princes Road, E
CHAPMAN J. E., Cadewell, Newton Road
CHAPMAN MISS, Bettws-y-Coed, Old Mill Rd
CHAPMAN Messrs., 55A Union Street
CHAPPELL William, Manor Road, B
CHAPPLE, James S. H., 1 Finglewood E
CHAPPLE, John, 1 Rosery Terrace, B
CHARD G., 99 Ellacombe Church Road, E
CHARD Harry, Country House Hotel, E
CHARLES Frederick, Upton Road, U
CHARLES A., 29 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
CHARLES William, 32 Princes Road, E
CHARLESTON Stanley, 1 Hillesdon Bank, S
CHARLTON Mrs. E. H., 6 Matlock Terrace, W
CHARLTON J. R., 114 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
CHATTO, Denis Potts, The Daison, M
CHATTOCK, Mrs. Maria, Warbro Road, B
CHAVE Joseph, 4 Avondale Villas, T
CHAVE William Henry, 10 Warberry Vale, E
CHAVE. Alfred, 5 Victoria Road. E
CHAVE Louis J., 27 Princes Road East, E
CHAVE Alfred Henry, 44 Kenwyn Road, E
CHEFFERS Ernest A., 14 Lucius Street. W
CHESSEWORTH, Jessie, 13 Rosery Road, C
CHEESEWORTH, Samuel, 45 Broadmead Rd.
CHENOWETH, Samuel H., 26 Rosery R., C
CHESTERFIELD, Reginald C., 5 Coburg Place
CHESTERFIELD, Fredk. W,. 3 Coburg Place
CHESTERFIELD Mrs. H., 3 Coburg Place, W
CHESTERFIELD Philip, Gloucester Villa, W
CHESTERFIELD S. H., 64 Sherwill Hill, C
CHEVELEY, Miss Harriett, Falkland Rd., T
CHICK Mrs, 9 Waterloo Road, E
CHILCOTE, Miss C., Babbacombe Down Rd.
CHILD, Rev. T. H. J., Huxtable Hill, C
CHILLINGWORTH, Rose A., Torbay Hall, C
CHING, Mrs. M. A., rear 6 Braddons St. (H)
CHING Mrs. Selina, 21 Hoxton Road, E
CHING Henry, 22 Hoxton Road, E
CHING Richard, 22 Hoxton Road, E
CHIPMAN John Holman, Enfield, T
CHIPMAN, James, 13 Woodville Road, E
CHIPMAN, Mrs. Susan, 4 Factory Row, W
CHISERTON Frederick. 86 Kenwyn Road, E
CHISHOLM, Robert A., Stokeleigh, C
CHISHOLM, Wm 17 St Annes Terrace, B
CHIVERTON Frederick, 86 Kenwyn Rd., E
CHOWEN, William, 2 Hatfield Terrace, C
CHOWEN, T., 2 Hennapyn Cottage, C
CHOWEN George, Princes Road West, E
CHRISTE John, 14 Warberry Rd. West, E
CHRISTIE,, William, 2 Union Terrace, B
CHRISTIE, Mrs. Mary, Lr. Erith Road, TD
CHUBB, George H., 24 Belmont Road, E
CHUBB John, 10 George Street, S
CHUBB John J., Torquay Road, B
CHUDLEIGH, Henry, 11 Trumland Ter., M
CHUDLEIGH W. H., under 5 Coburg P'e., W
CHUDLEIGH, Anna, 74 Belgrave Road T
CHUDLEY Lewls J. & A. A., 21 Fleet St. S
CHUDLEY Robert, 8 Brunswick Terrace, U
CHUDLEY Lewis James, 41 Windsor Rd., E
CHUDLEY A. E., 4 Wellington Road. E
CHUDLEY, Alfred C., 41 Westbourne Rd, U
CHURCHWARD, Abraham J., 12 Church St, T
CHURCHWARD, Wm., 7 Orchard Cottages, M
CHURCHWARD George, 1 Laburnum St T
CHURCHWARD Edwin, 67 Belgrave Road, T
CHURCHWARD E. T., 8 Somerville Ter., E
CHURCHWARD John, 1 South Town Cott., M
CHURCHWARD Henry, 21 Mallock Road, C
CHURCHWARD, Charles, BampfyIde Road, T
CHURTON, Rev Ed T. Longcroft, TD
CLAMP, Elizabeth, 8 Windsor Road, E
CLANCEY, Miss Edith, Westhill Road, M
CLANCEY R. J., 92 Kenwyn Road, E
CLANCEY Mrs. B., 4 Thurlow Park U
CLAPP Miss L., St. Margarets Road, M
CLAPP George, 27 Highbury Road, E
CLARK, Frank, 3 Compton Place. M
CLARK, Rev.. Henry, Tho Cote, TD
CLARK David, Hesketh Crescent Lodge, TD
CLARK Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Fore Street, B
CLARK Henry, 5 Laburnum Street, T
CLARK Mrs. Mary, 4 Church Street T
CLARK, Miss Ann H., 57 Crown Hill Park, T
CLARK Thomas, 7 Princes Road, E
CLARK Frank Alfred, Parkfield Road, U
CLARK, William J.. Westbourne Road, U
CLARK, Mrs. A. C., 10 Braddons Rd (West)
CLARK, John, 40 St. Edmunds Road, E
CLARK, Mrs. Elizabeth V,, Western Road., M
CLARK-JERVOISE, Miss A., Ash Hill Rd., U
CLARKE E., Heightley, Warren Road
CLARKE, Egerton, Warren Road, W
CLARKE, Mrs Anna, Warbro Road B
CLARKE, the Misses, Walnut Rd. Upper, C
CLARKE, James,117 St. Edmunds Road, B,
CLARKE, John, 6 Princes Street, B
CLARKE, John, Babbacombe Road, B
CLARKE, John, 23 Broadmead. Road, B.
CLARKE, Charles Wm., 54 Woodville Road
CLARKE Miss Jessie, St. Marychurch Rd., U
CLOAKE, Charles A., 12 CarIton Road, E
CLARKE, Mrs. Wilberforce. Chelston Rd., C
CLARKE E. Derwent Road E
CLARKE, Edgar, 43 Forest Road U
CLARRE Miss Elon, 93 Lymington Road, U
CLARKE Fred, 93 Lymington Road, U
CLARKE T. W., 9 Marchwood Terrace, U
CLARKE, Robert Fredk, 17 Barewell M
CLARKE, Frederick,59 Windsor Road , E
CLARKE, John, 6 Princes Street B
CLARKE, William, 3 Endsleigh Place B
CLARKE Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Coburg Place, W
CLARKE C. J., under 4 Coburg Place,. W
CLARKE, Lewis. 4 Highbury Place, M
CLARKE, Wm. T 2 Regents Cottages, M
CLARKE, Edgar G, 23 Compton Place, M
CLARKE Mrs. Jane, Arlesey Dene, T
CLARKE, Charles, 20 Goschen Road, C
CLARKE, Mary Ann, Derwent Hill, C
CLARRE, Mrs. Anna Marla,, Killerton, TD
CLARKE, Edwin, 4 Meliora, TD
CLARKE Mrs. E., 34 Highbury Road, E
CLARKE Mrs. A., The Manse, Babbacombe Rd
CLARKE Mrs. Lucy Abbey Road, W
CLARKE, John, Babbacombe Road, B
CLARKE, Mrs. J. A, Babbacombe Road TD
CLARKE, George E. BampfyIde Road, T
CLAY Miss Gladys E, Brampton, W
CLAY, William, 1 Laurel Cottages, M
CLAY, Cecil, Ivy Cottage. B
CLAY, Oliver, 10 Mount Pleasant, M
CLEAR, John Trood. 4 Albert Place, M
CLEATHER, A. B., 2 Warborough Mount, B
CLEAVE E., 61 Sherwell Hill, C
CLEAVE, John G., 10 Park Road, M
CLEEVE, William, 8 Union Terrace, B
CLEGG, John, 7 Victoria Terrace, C
CLEGG Walter, 52 Mallock Road, C
CLEMENS Percy Richard, 72 Kenwyn Rd E
CLEMENSON Mr., 37 Pennsylvania Road. E
CLEMENTS, F. J., Ellacombe Church Rd., E
CLEMENTS William Henry., 27 Princes Rd., E
CLEMENTS W., Redden Hill Road, B
CLEMENTS George, 50 Kenwyn Road, B
CLEMENTS Mrs, ., rear 1 Grafton Ter., E
CLEMENTS, George T., 1 Woodside Cott., M
CLPMENTS, Miss Grace, 14 Trumland Ter., N
CLEMENTS, Mrs. Mary, 4 Trumland Ter., M
CLEMENTS, Thomas, Daison Cottage, M
CLEMENTS Fred, Teignmouth Road, U
CLEMMET John, Market Street
CLIFF Henry, 1 Somerton Terrace, T
CLIFF Thomas G., 61 Windsor Road, E
CLIFT Benjamin, 20 Melville Street, W
CLIFT Mrs. Alice, 6 Coburg Place, W
CLINNICK James. 4 Alwyn Terrace, U
CLIVE, George H., Walnut Road, C
CLOAD Albert, Pembroke Road, E
CLOAD George, 11 Market Street, U
CLOAD Charles Howard, 1 Pembroke Vs., E
CLODE Robert J., 260 Union Street, T
CLODE Charles Henry, Mapleton, W
CLODE, Charles H., 9 Fleet Street
CLODE Edwin Harold, 18 South Street, T
CLOKE Samuel, Hele, M
CLOKE, Charles A., 63 Dunmere Road, 1
CLOKE, George, 9 Market Street
CLOKE Mrs. E., 68 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
CLOKE Samuel, 96 Union Street
CLOTWORTHY, Sydney J., 7 o Fore Street, M
CLOUGH, Miss Jane E., Thorpe Stapleton, B
CLOW George, 57 Market Street
CLOW, George, 40 Fore Street, M
CLOW, William, 4 Exmouth Terrace, B
CLYMO William Henry, Curland, T
COAD Alfred, 9 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
COAD, John 9 Wellesley Rd. Lower, E
COAKER S. W., 106 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
COBB Richard, 3 Melville Street, W
COBB, Anthony B., York Road, B
COBLEY M. Tonia A. J., 49 Windsor Rd., E
COBLEY, Herbert James, 55 Sherwell Hill, C
COBLEY the Misses, 12 Innerbrook Road,
COCHRANE Helen, Cragside, W
COCHRANE Arthur M., Astwell, W
COCKMAN A. W., 10 Westbourne Crescent, U
COCKRAM, George, 6 Furrough Cross, B
COCKS John Walter, Trevoria, U
COCKS Henry, 32 Ellacombe Ch. Road E
COCKS J. W., 2 Tor Hill Road, W
COCKS & DUNSFORD, 2 Tor Hill Road, W
COCKS Harry 13 Park Street, TD
COCKS Francis, 105 Lymington Road, U
CODNER, Elias Reginald, 4, Milbrook V.,
CODNER, Fredk. Wm., 4 Torwood St. TD
COFFEY Frederick, 1 Brunswick Ter., U
COGAN Mrs. Ethel Cordelia, Henbury, E
COGAN, A. J. T., 2 Mead Cottages, TD
COGHLAN, John, 4 Coastguard Station, TD
COHEN, M., 56 Fleet Street
COKER, John, 3 Albion Cottages, M
COLAH, Ardeshar D., 4 Park Crescent. M
COLBECK Mrs. Isabella, Shirburn Road, U
COLE William H, 5 Beatrice Terrace, T
COLE Joseph, 7 Princes Road. E
COLE Charles H., 22 Princes Road, E
COLE John, 11 Grosvenor Terrace, W
COLE Mrs. E., 13 Scarborough Ter., W
COLE, Frank, 34 Rowley Road, M
COLE, Mrs. Zekiah, Coombe Pafford, M
COLE, Thomas E., 6 Mount Pleasant M
COLE Robert, 29 Ellacombe Road , E
COLE W., 17 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
COLE Samuel, 10 Elstow Terrace, E
COLE Owen, 1 Thurlow Terrace, U
COLE W., 2 South Town Cottages, U
COLE, Richard, 93 St. Edmunds Road, B
COLE, John, Happaway Hill, S
COLE, Frank, 41 Innerbrook Road, C
COLE Edwin, 143 Lymington Road, U
COLE Robert Wm, 19 Mallock Road, C
COLERIDGE Miss Christabel R., Cheyne, T
COLERIDGE, Edith, Goodrest, C
COLERIDGE William, 18 Morgan Avenue, U
COLES, Miss Elizabeth, Glenside(?), TD
COLES Mrs. Anna, Hurst Bank. T
COLES Charles, Kensham Lodge, U
COLES, Herbert, 6 Berachah Road E
COLES R.. 23 Pennsylvania Road, E
COLES William H, 12 Ellacombe Road, E
COLES Abram, Springfield Road, E
COLLARD Francis, 5 Edinburgh Villas, T
COLLARD, Francis F., 18 Princes Rd., E
COLLERICK Edwin, 1 Brunswick Terrace, U
COLLETT, Mrs. Ellen L., Highclere, TD
COLLIER John, 2 Factory Row, W
COLLIER, SADLER & Co.. 4 Fleet Street, S
COLLIER Mrs. Alice P., Torre Church Rd., 1
COLLIER Thomas, Park Road M
COLLIHOLE Richard, 13 Windsor Road, E
COLLIH0LE. S., 41 Ellacombe Road, E
COLLINGS, John, 12 Braddons Street, 8
COLLINGS Miss Lucy, under 11 Queen St., S
COLLINGS Richard, 1 Braddons Terrace, S
COLLINGS J. W. 15 Warberry Vale, E
COLLINGS R., 3 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
COLLINGS Mrs. M., 6 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
COLLINGS John Baker, 6 Hatfield Terrace, E
COLLINGS J. B., 6 Hatfield Terrace, E
COLLINGS W. J., 15 Springfield Terrace, U
COLLINGS James, 2 Peditford Terrace, U
COLLINGS, James G., Avenue Road T
COLLINGS, Wm., 13 Wellesley Rd. Lr., E
COLLINGS George, 16 Upton Church Road U
COLLINGS, Frank, 46 Union Street
COLLINGS, J. Ernest, 11 Westbourne Rd., U
COLLINGS J. H. R., 16 Pennsylvania Rd., E
COLLINGS, William, 16 Forest Road, U .
COLLINS, John, 12 Trumland Terrace, M.
COLLINS, James N., 3 Watcombe Place, M
COLLINS, Frank A., Trelawney, TD
COLLINS, William Henry, 39 Abbey Rd., W
COLLINS, James Bousfield, St. David's, C
COLLINS, Charles, 8 Albert Street, B
COLLINS, Oliver, Teignmouth Road, M
COLLINS James 7 Redden Hill Road, B
COLLINS Mrs. Emma, 13 Petitor Road, M
COLMAN Henry James, 2 Pimlico, S
COLMAN W. G. E., 227 Lymington Road, U
COLMER, William. David, Lamorna, M
COLTON John Henry, 38 Hoxton Road, E
COMER, George, 9 Forest Road, U
COMMINS, Mrs. Mary, Hele, M
COMPER Miss Helen M., Danesbury, T,
COMPTON Mrs. Rose, The Chase, U
CONGDON Mrs. Susan, Parkfield Road, U
CONGREVE, Miss Louisa, Morven, B
CONIAM William, 4 Madeira Cottages, W
CONNETT S. J., 15 Hr. Union Lane, U
CONNETT, Wm. J., 19 Mount Pleasant, M
CONNETT,, Christopher Barewell, M
CONNETT, Mrs. Anna, 21. Compton Place, M
CONNETT John, 4 Melville Street, W
CONNETT Thomas, 15 Melville Street, W
CONNETT Robert, rear 19 Hoxton Road, E
CONSFIELD, Miss K. G., Avenue Road, T
CONSTANT Mrs, Hannah, Grisedale, T
CONWAY Charles, 6 Upton Vale Ter., U
COXWAY William H., 10 Coburg Place, W
CONYBEER E. J., 4 Mt. Hermon Road, E
CONYBEER Edward, 3 Elgin Terrace, E
COOK James Henry, 92 Belgrave Rd., T
COOK, Ernest, 20 Abbey Road, W
COOK Benjamin. 3 Prospect Place, U
COOK Thomas D. (Dr.), Glendon, U
COOK, Thomas, 99 St. Edmunds Road, B
COOK Mrs., St. Matthias, B
COOKE, Joseph, Greenway Road, C
COOKE, Rev. E. C., Falkland Road, T
COOKE, Edwin J., 72 CarIton Road, E
COOKESLEY Rev. W. J., 2 Fern Cottages
COOKSLEY, Mrs. Bessie, 32 Princess St., B
COOKSLEY William, 18 Queen Street, S
COOKSLEY Mrs. Bessie, 5 Albert Street, B
COOKSLEY William , under 18 Queen St., S
COOMBE, George, 6 Ilsham Cottages, TD
COOMBE John, 10 Church Lane, T
COOMBE John Cope, Erin, T
COOMBE, John T. BampfyIde Road, T
COOMBE George T. 39 Lymington Road, U
COOMBE John Henry 22 Church Lane, T
COOMBEB, Thomas, 6 Brunswick Terrace U
COOMBES Thomas, 15 Church Lane, T
COOMBES Edward J., 3 Alexandra Tce., T
COOMBES Christopher, 34 South St., T
COOMBES Fredk. J., 19 Crown Hill Park, T
COOMBES Charlie W., 3 Fleet Street, S
COOMBES Sydney T., 3a Fleet Street, S
COOMBES Charles, 52 Victoria Road, E
COOMBES John, 11 Lucius Street, W
COOMBES H, 21 Lr. Union Lane, W
COOMBES Charles, 44 Princes Road, E
COOMBES Thomas, Kenwyn, U
COOMBES, Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 Victoria Rd, E
COOMBES Sydney, 11 Princes Road, E
COOMBES Fredk., 19 Princes Road East, E
COOMBES Mr., 14 Park Street, TD
COOMBES, F, H., 79 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
COOMBES, Albert E., 10 Brunswick Ter. U
COOMBES, William, 47 Belmont Road, E
COMPER Miss H. M., 1 Bridge Road, T
COOMS Joseph, 1 Beaufort Villas, T
COONEY Mrs. Isabella. 69 Kenwyn Road, E
COOPER William, 11 Church Street, T
COOPER Samuel Spencer, 3 Megla Villas, E
COOPER James, 1 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
COOPER, Arthur, 2 Peasland Cottages,
COOPER, David Wm., Wellesley Rd. Hr., E
COOPER John, 4 Melville Street, W
COOPER Miss Annie, Park Street, TD
COOPER Miss Mary, Hele, M
COOPER, Thomas, 102 Forest Road, U
COPPIN, Joseph, 19 Woodville Road, B
CORAM, Wm., junr, 2 Lawes Bridge, M
CORD Edward, 23 Pennsylvania Road, E
CORFIELD Mrs. Matilda, Berachah, E
CORFIELD John, Rathmore Road, G.
CORLINE Samuel H. H., 16 Ellacombe Rd E
CORLINE Mrs. Ann, 20 Victoria Road, E
CORNELIUS, A. T., 7 Lisburne Crescent, TD
CORNELIUS Wm. Hy., 4 PrInces Road E
CORNELIUS Joseph, Torquay Road, B
CORNELIUS L, 111 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
CORNHILL Samuel, 8 Waterloo Road, E
CORNHILL Mrs. Mary, 2 Victoria Road, E
CORNISH, John, 7 Lower Regents Ter., M
CORNISH J. J., 63 Ellacombe Ch. Road., E
CORNISH J. S.. 7 Hillside Cottages, U
CORNISH, William, rear 5 Church Street,
CORNWELL George, 54 Sherwell Hill, C
CORY, Robert, 8 Mount Pleasant, M
COSERAT, Lady Mary, Silverton, B
COSTER Miss Amelia, Portland Road, B
COUCH Conroy, 1 Strand, S
COUCH C., 128 Union St., W
COUCH, Ernest Jarmond, Family Hotel, M
COUCH, Mrs. Harriett, Church Street, T
COUCH, Frederick George, Church Street, T
COUCH, Thomas, 12 Braddons Street, S
COULMAN Thomas, 7 Faria Cottages, U
COULMAN Wm., 41Pennsylvania Road, E
COULSON Thomas Henry, Sherwell Lane, C
COULTHURST, John W., Terrace Road, S
COUNTER Wm. George 2 Beaufort Villas, T
COURPON, Miss E., 9 St. Margarets Ter., M
COURTIER George, 7 Victoria Terrace, U
COURTIER Alfred W, Thurlow Rd. Lr U
COURTIER Stephen 14 Highbury Road, E
COUSENS Allinson. E. St Matthias., B
COUTTS (Dr.) John M, Park Street, TD
COVE Richard Gillard, Arley. T
COVE George P., 56 Union Street, W
COVE William; 27 Victoria Road, E
COVE Fredk. Gillard, Warren Road, W
COVE, G. P., 60 & 61 Fleet Street
COWDELL A. W. 3 Vaughan Parade, S
COWDELL Mr.. Fontainbleau, St. Luke's Rd
COWDELL Alfred Wm., St. Luke's Rd S, W
COWDELL W. H., 48 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
COWLEY, Samuel, 33 Ellacombe Road, E
COWLING Frederick J., 40 Windsor Road, E
COWLING, Frederick, 14 Goschen Road, C
COWLING, Alfred, Sylvania, C
COWLING, Richard, 2 Lisburne Crescent, TO
COWLING, William, 13 Belmont Road, E
COWLING, Herbert C., 90 Windsor Rd B
COWLING, John C., Shirburn Road, U
COX Samuel, 8 Warren Hill, W
COX John Henry, Melville, Hill, W
COX John, Braddons Road, (West) S
COX Miss Lindsay,. Harlsowen Lodge, M
COX, William, Coombe Pafford, Ai
COX, George, 3 Happaway Terrace, M
COX Mrs. Mary, 8 Springfield. Terrace, U
COX, Charles, 4 Ilsham Cottages, TD
COX, William Wilkinson, Kinbrae, C
COX Mrs. Louisa, Bangor, T
COX & SON, 8 Strand
COX, Mrs. Jessie, 7 Warbro Rd. Cottages, B
COX, Miss Mary Ann. Lowood, B
COX, Miss F. C. S., Surrenden Lodge, B
COX & SON, 8 Strand
COX Mr. A., Montpellier, Braddons Rd. Wt.
COX. William, Warbro Road, B
COX, Alfred B.. St. Luke's Road. W
COX Mrs Melville Street, W
COXON James T., Park View Cottage, TD
COYSH Frederick, 3 Portland Road, B
COYSH, Henry W., 1 Redden Hill Road. B
COYSH, Wm. Carter, Babbacombe Road, B
COYTE, Walter, 58 Union Street; W
COZENS Henry D, 14, Fleet Street, S
COZENS Leonard, 15 Fleet Street, S,
COZENS, Henry D., 3 Portland Place
COZENS, Leonard, 3 Portland Place
COZENS, Henry Doutch, 10 Windsor Rd., E
CRABB. John S., 12,Wellswood Place, TD
CRABB Miss E. A., Old Torwood Road, TO
CRABTREE James Albert, Garulia, E
CRABTREE James Albert, 71 Kenwyn Rd., E
CRANG, William, Happaway Hill, S
CRANMER Mr., Torbay Road, C
CRANMER Mrs., Torbay Road, C
CRAWFORD Mrs. F.C., 15 Scarborough Ter., W
CREASEY, Alfred, Holne Crest, C
CREASEY John Henry , Princes Road Wt., E
CREBER Sydney, 3 Cary Place, S
CREBER Wm. Henry, Terrace Road, S
CREED Arthur, 17 Old Mill Road, C
CREEDY Mrs. Elizabeth, Portland Road, B
CREWS Joseph, 7 Chester Row, E
CREWS, Miss Bessie, 10 All Saints Rd., B
CREWS, Mrs. Maria, Hartop Road, M
CRIBBETT, George, 8 Portobello Cottages, B
CRIBBETT Thomas L., Babbacombe Rd., B
CRIBBETT, Geo. L., junr.. 9 Albert St., B
CRIBBETT T., rear 19 Hoxton Road, E
CRICK Elizabeth, 16 Melville Street, W
CRICKETON, Wm. Hy., 14 Woodville Rd., E
CRIPPS-LAWRENCE, Dr. H., Cary Avenue, B
CRITCHLOW W. T., 147 Lymington Road, U
CROCKER Ch. H., 5 Hr. Braddons St., S
CROCKER Wm. Henry, 9 Happaway Place, S
CROCKER, Josiah, 2 Rosery Terrace, B
CROCKER Josiah B., 242 Union Street, T
CROCKER Richard, 258 Union Street, T
CROCKER John, 6 Hilldrop Terrace, B
CROCKER, Wm. B., 5 Sherwood Ter., TD
CROCKER Bertram 2 Hatfield Terrace, E
CROCKER C. B., 1 Warberry Vale, E
CROCKER Edward, 17 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
CROCKER Frederick J., 32 Union St., W
CROCKER Arthur F, 44 Union Street, W
CROCKER Herbert J., Conway House, W
CROCKER Charles, 15 Melville Street, W
CROCKER, Mrs. Edith, 4 Woodside Cott., M.
CROCKER Mrs. Sarah, 7 Ellacombe Road, E
CROCKER George, 1 Orchard Cottages, U
CROCKER Henry E., 14 Morgan Avenue, U
CROCKER Ernest A., Woodbine Cottage, U
CROCKER, John, 55 Broadmead Road, B
CROCKER Henry T. Warbro Road B
CROCKER Walter, Thurlow Road, U
CROCKER. John, Teignmouth Road, U
CROCKER Francis William, Shirburn Rd., U
CROCKER Sarah Jane, 11 Madrepore Road, S
CROCKER, Albert, 15 Daison Road, U
CROCKER, Albert E., Empire Road, U
CROCKWELL Mr. P. J., Arundale, T
CROCKWELL, the Misses, BampfyIde Rd., T
CROCKWELL G., Court Netherleigh, E
CROCKWELL, GEO. & SONS, Terrace Rd., S
CROFT Thomas, 5 Homer Terrace, B
CROFTS W H 57 Lymington Road, U
CROFTS William Edward, 3 Highbury Rd E
CROKER S. A., 9 Princes Rd. West, E
CROKER,. Thomas, Glenbower, M
CROKER, Samuel, Brendon. M
CROOK. John, 13 Brunswick Terrace, U
CROOK J., shoeing forge, Upton Ch. Road, U
CROOK Henry T., Beausite Stables, S
CROOK, Samuel, 5 Union Terrace, B
CROOK William, 7 Wellington Road, E
CROOK Frederick B., 45 Kenwyn Rd., E
CROOK, George, Neville House, TD
CROOK, Miss Mary, Warren Road, W
CROOK, Mrs. Selina, Torquay Road, B
CROOKS George, Bexley Cottage, T
CROOT, James, 13 Westbourne Road, U
CROOTE Henry, 14 East Street, T
CROSBIE Henrietta, RIngswood, C
CROSS Fredk. Pomeroy, Beechcroft, T
CROSS, Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Victoria Road, E
CROSSE, Miss Fanny, St. Matthews Rd., C
CROSSLAND Mrs. Sarah, 38 Innerbrook R., C
CROSSLEY, John, 9 Beacon Terrace, TD
CROSSMAN T. J., Saw Mills, Union Rd., L
CROSSMAN Thomas J., Uplands, E
CROSSWAITE Joseph, 105 Union Street, U
CROSSWAITE Joseph, 20 Old Mill Road, C
CROWDY F. D. (Dr.), Belvedere House, S
CROWE, Edward, 49 Kenwyn Road, E
CROWTHER, John, 44 Belmont Road, E
CROUCH, Wm. H., 13 Trumland Terrace. M
CRUDGE Thomas, 20 Melville Street, W i
CRUMP, N. C., 22 Walnut Road, C
CRUMP. Percy, 12 Cavern Road, E
CRUMP George, 3 Warren Hill, W
CRUSE,, John, 22 Woodville Road, E
CRUTE Robert E., 3 Woodland Terrace, M
CRUTE., James H., 2 Garfield Cottages, M
CRUTE,, John, 13 Barton, M
CRUTE Joseph H., 3 Laburnum Cottages, T
CRUTE., Thomas, 26 St. Annes Terrace, B
CRUTE. James, 14 Fore Street, B
CRUTE, Frederick, 60 Broadmead Road, B
CRUTE George, 1 Princes Street, B
CRUTE, Miss E., Braddons Road, (East),
CUBITT, Hon. H. S., Lincombe Rd. Middle
CUDLIPP Ralph Brooking, Pendreath, T
CUDMORE John, 7 Hr. Union Lane, U
CUGLEY Louis William, 2 Arden, W
CULLUM Ambrose, 160 Union Street, U
CULLUM John Thos., 160 Union Street
CUMMING R., 35 Lr. Union Lane, W
CUMMING, Mrs. Jane, 6 Coombe Pafford. M
CUMMING, Hugh Gordon, Walton Lodge, TD
CUMMING, Michael, 5 Stoneycroft Ter., C
CUMMING, Stephen, The Corbyn, C
CUMMING, Wm., 5 Myrtle Cottages, B
CUMMING, Rupert, 6 Plainmoor Terrace, B
CUMMING, Dr. Geo. W. H., Overton. TD
CUMMING, Lewis H., 6 Meadfoot Lane, TD
CUMMING, Mrs. M. A., Babbacombe Rd., B
CUMMING, Frank, 14 All Saints Road, B
CUMMING, George, 73 St. Edmunds Road, B
CUMMING, Miss Emily, Warren Road, W
CUMMINGS George, 44 Hoxton Road, E
CUNNINGHAM David D., Torre Mount, T
CURRELL MISS Edith M., Thurlow Road, U
CURTIS, Mrs. Mary J., 10 Victoria Ter., B
CURTIS, Herbert, Ansteys Lea, B
CURTIS Edward, Sherrington, T
CURTIS Henry D., 33 Crown Hill Park, T
CURTIS J. R., 15 Pennsylvania Road, E
CURTIS, James, 42 Fore Street, M
CURTIS, Samuel 7 Austen Place, M
CURTIS John Henry, 5 Albert Place, M
CURTIS: Mrs. Mary Jane, Upton Road, U
CURTIS, Frederick J. 76 CarIton Road, E
CURZON Mr., Cintra, Braddons Road Upper
CURZON Mrs. E., Braddons Rd. (Upper) S
CUSS Arthur J., Grafton Terrace, E
CUSS Alfred Abel, 16 Victoria Road, E
CUSS Charles, 173 Union Street, U
CUTLER, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, The Pines, TD
CUTMORE. Frank. 45 Fore Street, M
CUZNER Harry. 117 Lymington Road, U

DAGWORTHY Wm., 5 Victoria Place, M
DAILLEY Richard H., 44 Crown Hill Pk., T
DAINES James, 14 Princes Road West, B
DALBY Miss, Rosehill Children's Hospital
DALBY Herbert (D.) Palmero Road, M
DALE, Samuel, 12 Ilsham Cottages, TD
DALE Samuel A., 66 Windsor Road, E
DALE, Wilfred C., 17 Wellswood Place, TD
DALE the Misses, Cary Park, B
DALE Harry E., Hunsdon Road, S
DALTON Thomas J., 7 Kenwyn Road, E
DALLYN Miss Annie, Somerton, T
DALY. Denis, 2 Cotford Terrace. U
DALY, Daniel,, Empire Road, U
DALLIMORE Frederick G., Babbacombe Rd
DALMEER John, 50 Union Street, W
DAMEREL John R., 4 Ingatestone Ter., W
DAMEREL John H., 65a Fleet Street, S
DAMEREL, Sydney, 50 Fore Street, M
DAMARELL J., 15 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
DAMARELL Sydney, 27 Abbey Road, W
DAMARELL Wm. Hy., 35 Innerbrook Rd., C
DAMARELL, Ernest, Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
DAMARELL, George, 42 Windsor Road, B
DAMARELL George, 11 Pimlico. S
DAMARELL Samuel, 23 Old Mill Road, C.
DAMERELL R. A., under 1 Hill View, W
DAMARELL William, 29 Queen Street, S
DAMARELL Edwin, 10 Sherwell Hill, C
DANCE, Mrs. Sybil M., Stanmore, TD
DANDY, William, 2 Cleeve Terrace, TD
DANIEL, Ernest A., 15 Barewell, M
DANIEL, John Bovey, 16 Barewell, M
DANIEL, Martin Theodore, The Mount, M,
DANIEL Rev C. A., Warberry Rd. West, S
DARE Miss Lizzie, 4 Portland Road, B
DARE Charles Edward H., 4 Park Street, TD
DARE Charles Arthur, under 8 Queen St., S
DARKE M. J., 7 Park Cottages, U
DARLINGTON, R., GIencraig Cottage, C
DARVILLE, Arthur E., 10 Ashburton Ter., M
DART, Henry, 2 Furrough Cross, B
DART, John, 5 Warbro Terrace, B
DART, Miss Sophia, 15 Park Street, TD
DART, William, 1 Coastguard Station, TD
DART William, 43 Kenwyn Road, E
DART Thomas. 45 Pennsylvania Road. E
DART, Mrs. Mary, 9 Furrough Cross, B
DART, William, 27 Westbourne Road U
DART Sydney, under 5 Queen Street, S
DART Samuel, Hele, M
DART Henry, 23 Upton Church Road, U
DASHFIELD Tom, Ilsham Road, TD
DASHPER Fredk. Wm., 5 Crown Hill Pk., T
DASHPER, Harry, 9 Hatfield Terrace, C
DASHPER Lewis. 5 Orchard Cottages, U
DASHPER George, Parkfield Road, U
DASHPER, Alfred F., 79 Ellacombe Ch. Rd.
DASHPER Edwin, Shirburn Road U
DASHWOOD Miss Susan Alice. Harleston, W
DAVENPORT, Walter B., Falkland Road, T
DAVES Miss Mary 6 Abbey Crescent, W
DAVEY A. Wm., 121 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
DAVEY Mrs. Elizabeth, 77 Windsor Rd., E
DAVEY, Samuel P., 4 Woodland terrace, B
DAVEY, E., 4 Stoneycroft Terrace, C
DAVEY John, Everilda. T
DAVEY Samuel Philip, 1 East Street, T
DAVEY William H., 1 Torre Hill Road, T
DAVEY James, 15 Ellacombe Road, E
DAVEY A. G., 200 Lymington Road, U
DAVEY John 22 Alexandra Road E
DAVEY Albert Edward, 73 Union Street, U
DAVEY, William, The Globe Inn, B
DAVEY, John H., 2 Beaumont Cottages. B
DAVEY, William J.. 2 Rock Cottages, B
DAVEY John, 4 Balaclava Cottages, B
DAVEY, Fredk. J., 19 Wellswood Place TD
DAVEY, Wm. R., 16 Mount Pleasant, M
DAVEY, Albert, Yeadon House M
DAVEY. Albert J., Moyriesk, M
DAVEY Thomas, under 1 Coburg Place, W
DAVEY W. W.. 1 Melville Street, W
DAVEY, F. George, 34 Alexandra Road, E
DAVEY, John junr., Avenue Road T
DAVEY, Fredk. John, 44 Forest Road,
DAVEY, Miss, 21 Fore Street, M
DAVEY George Henry, St. James' Road, U
DAVEY, William 75 Winsor Road, E
DAVEY Alfred 43 CarIton Road, E
DAVEY Alfred William, 4 Belmont Road, E
DAVEY, Montague, 73 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
DAVEY Wm. H, ., 65 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
DAVEY Mrs Ellen rear 1 Chester Row E
DAVEY Sydney Ellacombe Church Road, E
DAVEY James, 19 Innerbrook Road. C
DAVEY, Wm. 81 St. Edmunds Road, B
DAVEY, Fredk ., 82 St. Edmunds Road, B
DAVEY, Richard, 113 St. Edmunds Road, B
DAVEY, Albert, 114 St. Edmunds Road, B
DAVIDSON Miss, MarIborough H'se, Bab. R
DAVIDSON, Miss E M Babbacombe Rd., S
DAVIES, John, Glyn Hall, TD
DAVIES Joseph Claramount U
DAVIES, Mrs., Windsor Road B
DAVIES . Mrs Anne, Avenue Road T
DAVIES, Joseph, 14 Wellington. Road, E
DAVIES Sir Horatio D Teignmouth Road, U
DAVIS Edward, rear 17 Church Street, T
DAVIS, George Edward, Derwent, C
DAVIS John, 184 Union Street, U
DAVIS John, 14 Warberry Vale. E
DAVIS, John Horatio, W., Adyar, C
DAVIS Samuel Hallett, 23 Chester Row, E
DAVIS T., 12 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
DAVIS Mrs. Winifred 13 Victoria Road, E
DAVIS Mrs. Florence A, 5 Braddons St., S
DAVIS Frederick, 17 Strand, S
DAVIS, Horatio, Watcombe Hall, M
DAVIS, John, 13 Orchard Cottages, M
DAVIS Joseph, 18 Corporation Buildings, B
DAVIS John 60 Forest Road. U
DAVIR Fredk. & Co., 39 Fleet Street, U
DAVIS ,John, 9 Morgan Avenue U
DAVIS, George, 17 St. Edmunds Road, E
DAVIS, George, Braddons St, (Higher) 8
DAVIS Henry, 18 Pimlico, S
DAVIS Miss, Lincombe Road Middle TD
DAVYS Rev. E M Park Road,
DAVY, Harriet Helen. Park Hill C
DAVY. W. H., 14 Belgrave Road, T
DAVY, M., 65 Fleet Street
DAVY, Mrs. Jane, Terrace Road, S
DAVY David, Lincombe Hill Road, TD
DAVY Albert Joseph, Bridge Road, T

DAVY Jane. Terrace Road, S
DAVY, Miss, Old Mill Road, C
DAW, Miss Ellen, The Laurels, B
DAW Miss Mary J., Babbacombe Road, B
DAWE, Thomas, 36 Rowley Road, M
DAWE, George, 4 Petitor Road, M
DAWE, Francis, 5 Russells Cottages, M
DAWES, Mrs. Paulina, Florence Villa, M
DAY Charles, 58 Crown Hill Park, T
DAY Miss Mary, St Efrids T
DAY John, 3 Portland Cottages, W
DAY & Co., 74 Fleet Street
DAY Hamilton S., 17a Hoxton Road, B
DAYMOND A. W., 12 Princes Road West, E
DAYMOND Mrs. Ellen, 1 Somerville Ter., E
DEABILL George, 3 Beaconsfield Ter., U
DEACON Miss Louisa, St. Luke's Road, W
DEACONESS Fanny, 12 Bexley Terrace, T
DEAKINS William, 3 Cleeve Terrace, TD
DEANE Edwin (Dr.), Bronshill House , E
DEAR Charles, Redden Hill Road, B
DEAR, Thos., Portland Road, B
DEATH Alfred H, 10 Innerbrook Road, C
DECRING, William Hy., Babbacombe Rd. T
DEEBLE, A. J.. 14 Torwood Terrace, TD
DEED Alfred, Hendersyde, W
DE HASE Miss Betty L., Terrace Road, S
DELAFIELD D. H., 3 Springfield Terrace, U
DELANO, Frederick George, Baythorp, C
DE LAUTOUR Miss E. Maude, Kents Rd., T
DELBRIDGE, Harry, 9 Austen Place, M
DELBRIDGE Richard, 10 Daison Road, U
DENBOW Robert, 125 Windsor Road, E
DENDLE John, 12 Union Street, W
DENDLE John, Torre Hill Lodge, T
DENFORD Ernest, John, 60 Hoxton Road, E
DENHAM, Mrs. Ann, 81 Forest Road, U
DENNING Thomas, 4 Lumaton Place, M
DENNIS James, 29 Alexandra Road, E
DENNIS John, 4 Elm Tree Crescent, T
DENNIS William, 19 Hr. Union Lane, U
DENNIS Alfred, 1 Warren Cottages, W
DENNIS Charles, under 12 Queen Street, S
DENNIS Samuel 29 Alexandra Road, E
DENNIS James, 58 Woodville Road E
DENSHAM Mrs. A., 10 Mt. Hermon Road, E
DENSUM, William Henry., Beta, C
DE PONCY George, Old Mill Road C
DE PONEY Mr., 9t. Cecilia, Old Mill Road
DERRICK George W., 2 Hillesdon Bank, S
DERRICK, George, Upton Road, U
DESCHAMPS Mrs. J., Babbacombe Beach R
DEVERELL Clifford, 6 Elstow Terrace, E
DEVEY, Hamilton B., Syracuse Lodge, TD
DEVLIN, Daniel, 4 Beacon Terrace, TD
DEVON ROSERY Co., Manor Road, B
DEWDNEY R., 16 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
DEWEY, Mrs. Martha E., 42 Belgrave Rd.
DEWEY, Rev., Warren Road, W
DIAMOND the Misses, Scarborough Rd., M
DICKIN, Miss E. C., 4 Asheldon Terrace, TD
DICKINSON, James (Rev.) The Hollies B
DICKINSON, Rev. James. Windsor Road, B
DIMMOCK Mrs. Emma, Woodleigh, E --
DIMOND Charles John, 8 Victoria Road, E
DINELEY, Arthur G.. 88 Windsor Road. B
DINGLE Mrs. D., Devonhurst, Babbac'be R
DINGLE, Mrs. C., Babbacombe Road, S
DINHAM James C., 34 Union Street, W
DINHAM Harold G., 34 Union Street, W
DINHAM, James, 5 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
DINNEFORD, George, 7 Ashton Cotts., TD
DINSDALE George, 3 Torre Hill Road, T
DISCOMBE, Mrs. H., 10 Warbro Terrace, B
DIST Samuel, 12 Mallock Road, C
DIST, Harry, 3 Lumaton Place, M
DIST, John, 1 St. Edmunds Road, E
DOBBIN, Miss Hannah, 3 Haroldene, B
DOBELL Frederick, Darlaston, T
DOBSON, Frederick, Sunny Bank, M
DOBSON, Mrs. Martha Ann, Warren Rd., W
DOCKER John, 16 Princes Road East, E
DOCKRAY, Margaret B., Chelston Bank, C
DODD Eli George, 83 Windsor Road, E
DODD Lewis, South Street, T
DODD Thomas, 62 Fleet Street, S
DODD, Thomas, Warren Road, W
DODD, William G., 61 Woodville Road, E
DODD Thomas, 48 Mallock Road, C
DODGE John, 4 Clifton Terrace. S
DODGE, Selina, 25 Sanford Road, C
DODGSON (Rev.), Rostelian, E
DODGSON Rev. F. V,, Ellacombe Vicarage
DODGSON, Rev. F. V., Bronshill Road, . E
DOIDGE, James, 26 Endsleigh Place, B
DOLBEAR Mrs. Edith, 232 Union Street, U
DOLBEAR, Charles William, 6 Rosery R., C
DOLBEAR John, rear 2 Welbeck Terrace, T
DOLLING, Francis, Teignmouth Road, M
DOMESTIC BAZAAR CO., 19 Union Street
DOMETT, John, 11 Haredown Terrace, B
DONABIE Mrs. Annie, 4 Abbey Villas, T
DONISTHORPE, E. Ilift, Vansittart Road, T
DONOVAN Cornelius, 7 Princes Road Et., E
DONOVAN, Miss Mary, Vansittart Road, T
DORAN Herbert, 302 Union Street, T
DORSETT, Mrs. Honora, Narborough, TD
DOUGLAS, George R., 7 Victoria Ter., TD
DOUGLAS, Henrietta, Mapledene. C
DOUGLAS Vincent Y. A., Thornthwalte, T
DOUGLAS & SON, James, la Strand, S
DOUGLAS, Wm. B., 1 Victoria Parade, TD
DOUGLAS William, 21 Cavern Road, E
DOUGLAS, Bowery Chelston Road, C
DOUGLAS, George R., 5A Fleet Street
DOUTCH, George, 26 Victoria Parade, TD
DOUTCH, G. J., 25,Victoria Parade, TD
DOVE, George. 38 Rowley Road, M
DOVE Edgar P., 20 Sanford Road, C
DOVETON, Frank B., Karsfield, B
DOWDELL, Edwin, 7 Woodland Terrace, C
DOWELL Charles E; 5A Meadfoot Lane, TD
DOWN Mrs . M. J., 2 St. Michael's Ter U
DOWN, Mrs. Susan, 8 Springfield Terrace, B
DOWN, William, 19 St. Annes Terrace, B
DOWN, Wm. G., 8 Warbro Place, B
DOWN, John H., 2 Southerland Terrace, M,
DOWN, Robert, 2 Daison Road, U
DOWN Jesse, 1 Queen Street, S
DOWN Thomas, under 8 Hoxton Road, E
DOWNES Mrs., Armley House, Avenue Rd, T
DOWNES, Mrs. Hannah, Avenue Road,
DOWNEY A. E., 100 Ellacombe Ch. Road,
DOWNEY William Henry, 1 Exeter Villas E
DOWNEY Wm. Hy., Princes Road West E
DOWNEY William, Orwell Cottage, S
DOWNEY, Samuel J., 42 Woodville Rd., E
DOWNING Fredk.. Eaglescairne Stables. S
DOWNING Miss Florence M., Ilsham Rd., TD
DOWNS Samuel, 1 Peditford Terrace, U
DOWNS Thomas, 17 Hr. Union Lane, U
DOWRICK James, Babbacombe Road, TD
DRAKE Cecilia, 1 Woodland Terrace, C
DRAKE C. A., 5 Brentonville Terrace, E
DRAKE Edwin A., 3 Bowmanville Ter., E
DRAKE Francis, Ellacombe House, E
DRAKE George, Leighton, E
DRAKE Ralph, 95 Lymington Road, U
DRAKE R, 31 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
DRAKE, Donald, Clorane, M
DRAKE, Miss Lilian, 20 Belmont Road, E
DRAKE Mrs. Thlrza, 10 Sanford Road, C
DRAKE, Charles A., 35 Windsor Road, E
DREATON, Miss Elizabeth, 4 Petitor Ter., M
DREW John, 6 Madrepore Road, S
DREW John, 34 Torwood Street, S
DREW Arthur, 5 Wellington Road, E
DREW, E. J., Congham Lodge Cottage, TD
DREW WilIiam, 2 Wellington Road, E
DREW William Henry 27 Alexandra Rd., E
DREW, James, 39 St. Edmunds Road, E
DREW, John, 36 Victoria Road, E
DREW, William, 19 Warberry Rd West E
DREW George Donald, Torquay Road, 13
DREW, William,1A Daison Road, U
DREW, John, 6 Madrepore Road, S
DRINKWATER, Miss E. G., Lyncombe, TD
DRISCOLL Wm, 2 Madrepore Road, S
DROWER, George R, 37 Fore Street, M
DRUITT Mrs. C., Torwood Gardens Road TD
DRURY Mrs. Mary, 1 Lauriston Place, T
DRURY George H, Delmonte, W
DRYDALE Alfred, 49 Kenwyn Road, E
DUBOIS, A. T. G., 2 Lumaton Place, M
DUBOIS-KOHNE Mrs. Thurlow Road Lr. U
Du BUISSON Mrs, Mary, Balnageith, TD
DUCKHAM W. J., 107 Ellacombe Ch. Road E
DUCKWORTH John, Seedley, T
DUDDEN Mrs. Ellen, Lausanne, T
DUDMAN John, rear 27 Union Street, S
DUGARD The Misses, Kentor, T
DUGARD William, 109 Windsor Road E
DUGARD Miss M. S. E., Torwood Gardens R
DUNDAS, Jane B., Duddingstoun, TD
DUNHAM Arthur, 2 Laburnum. Street, T
DUNLOP, W.. 24 Belle Vue Crescent, C
DUNLOP Dr Thomas, Cary Park, B
DUNN, Arthur, 3 Haredown Terrace, B
DUNN C (Dr.), 4 St. Alban's Terrace, U
DUNN, Fredk. J., 6 Richmond Cottages M
DUNNING, Walter, 2 Lumaton Place R
DUNSFORD Thomas W, 2 Tor Hill Road., W
DUNSFORD Robert C., 4 Belgrave Cots., T
DUNSTAN, Fredk. T., 105 St. Edmunds Rd.
DUNSTAN, Alfred J., 103 St. Edmunds Rd.
DUNSTON S. L., 199 Lymington Road, U
DURBAN Frederick 132 Forest Road, U
DURBIN William Gilbert Magdala, U
DURBIN & Co. Ltd., 82 Union Street, W
DURBIN & Co., Ltd., 122 to126 Union St., W
DURBIN Mrs. Mary E. 29 Morgan Avenue. U
DURBIN Alfred J.. Efride's Road, T
DURKMrs Isabella, Gronant,, T
DURRANT R. K. & Son. 46 Fleet Street S
DURRANT Miss, Southover, Bronshill Road
DURRANT Miss Clotilda, Bronshill Road E
DUSTAN W. G., 117 Ellacombe Ch. Rd.,E
DUTCHMAN George, 32 Malock Road, C
DYER, Mrs. Charlotte, Rothenfels, B
DYER Ernest George, 9 Hilldrop Terrace, E
DYER Henry, 17 Princes Road West, E
DYER Henry T., Blythswood, E
DYER John Henry, 3 Hilldrop Terrace, E
DYER James, 3 Banner Place, W
DYER John W., 20 Lr. Union Lane, W
DYER John Batt, Old Toll House, W
DYER Albert, Torquay Road, M
DYER, William Hy, Cary Avenue, B
DYER, Miss Mary E., Efride's Road, T
DYER George, 296 Union Street
DYER, William, 100 Windsor Road, B
DYER William M, Mona, T
DYKES, W. F, 2 Marcombe Road, C
DYKES W. Forbes, 2 Marcombe Road, C
DYKES, W. Forbes. 2 Marcombe Road, C
DYMOND, James, 4 Crescent Place, M
DYMOND Mrs. M., under 5 Happaway R. S
DYMOND & FINDEISEN, 1 Lawrence Place, S,
DYMOND William, 50 Sherwell Hill, C
DYMOND, George, 1 & 3 CarIton Road, E

EALES, John, 10 St. Annes Terrace, B
EALES, John W., 22 St. Annes Terrace, B
EALES, William, 3 Exmouth Terrace, B
EALES George Y (Dr.), 1 Matlock Ter., W
EALES Samuel C., 1 Warberry Grove E
EALES Mrs. Emma, 7 St. Michael's Ter., U
EALES, Mrs. Laura, Hr Erith Road. TD.
EARDLEY-WILMOT MissMona Linden Le, T
EARLE George Hudson, Rocklands, W
EARLE, Miss E. M. B., Grafton Road, S
EARLEY, MISS Jane Park Street Td
EASTERBROOK Frank, 23 Lucius 9treet, T
EASTERBROOK C. E. 2 Shirburn Cots. U
EASTERBROOK. S., 8 Lr, Shirburn Road, U
EASTERBROOK T. H., 35 Market Street, U
EASTERBROOK Mrs, M. J., 4 Avenue Vs T
EASTERBROOK Frederick JJ, Oak Dene, W
EASTERBROOK E. G., 28 Tor Hill Road, W
EASTERBROOK, S. H., Min-y-don, C
EASTERBROOK, Sarah Jane Spreyton C
EASTERBROOK, George, 7 Plainmoor Cot., B
EASTERBROOK, John, 5 Endsleigh Place, B
EASTERBROOK Edwin, Central Hotel, S
EASTERBROOK George., 9 Fleet St., S
EASTERBROOK Reuben F., 51 Belgrave Rd. T
EASTERBROOK, Charles, 52 Belgrave Rd., T
EASTERBROOK, Elias.,, 20 Broadmead Rd., B
EASTERBROOK Mrs. C., 1 St. Edmunds Rd, E
EASTERBROOK, Edwin, Upton Road, U
EASTERBROOK Mrs., Torquay Road, M
EASTERBROOK Charles., Thurlow Road, U
EASTERBROOK William Daniel, Sherwell Lane C
EASTERBROOK Alfred, 33 Mallock Road, C
EASTERBROOK Ernest Geo.,17 Mallock Rd., C
EASTERBROOK Rueben, 42 Abbey Road, W
EASTERLING, Mrs. Ann, 2 Elson Place M
EASTERLING Mrs. Jane, Madrepore Rd., S
EASTLEY, John Phillip, Warberry Court, TD
EASTLICK James., 22 Wellington Road, E
EASTLY, Mrs Elizabeth, Brimley Villa, B
EASTMAN LTD., 130 Union Street, W
EASTMAN LTD., 9 Abbey Place, S
EASTMANS LTD., 43 Union Street, S

EASTMANS, Ltd., 26 Fore Street, M
EASTMANS Ltd., 15 Market Street, U
EASTMANS LTD., Upton Hill, U
EARTMANS LTD., 15A Old Mill Road, C
EASTON Samuel, 4 Beaconsfield Ter., U
EASTWOOD Robert, 203 Lymington Road, U
EASTY, J. P., Braddons Road (Upper) S
EBDON, Charles, 24 Cavern Road, E
ECROYD Alfred R., 8 Walnut Road, C,
EDDY Albert W., 70 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
EDDY John H., 25 Pennsylvania Road, E
EDDY William John, St. James, W
EDDY Henry 32 CarIton Road, E
EDE, EIton Becheley, Mornington, M
EDEN T. B., 8 Upton Church Road, U
EDEN Thomas L., 26 Upton Ch. Road, U
EDEN Thomas, Upton Road, U
EDEN Alfred Edward R., Upton Hill, U
EDEN Alfred, Upton Hill, U
EDEN T. L. junr., 79 Lymington Road, U
EDGE David, 185 Union Street, U
EDGCOMBE R., 10 Thurlow Terrace, U
EDGECOMBE R., 10 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
EDGECOMBE, Frederick J., 5 Kenwyn Rd, E
EDGECOMBE Geo., 25 Princes Road Past, E
EDGECOMBE Mrs. Bessie, 6 Queen Street, S
EDGELOW Wm. F. (Dr.,),Braddons Villa, S
EDMONDS, George, 25 All Saints Road, B
EDMONDS James Wm., 16 Innerbrook Rd, C
EDMONDS John, Hele, M
EDMUNDS George R., Highstead, E
EDWARDS C. D., 10 Thurlow Park U
EDWARDS Evan (Rev.), Springleton, U
EDWARDS E. A., 10 Lr. Ellacombe Ch Rd, E
EDWARDS Walter, 39 Victoria Road, E
EDWARDS Edwin, 13 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
EDWARDS John Edwin, Avenue Hotel, T
EDWARDS Frederick, 3 Chester Place, T
EDWARDS James H 3 Melville Place, W
EDWARDS, George, 1 Walnut Road, C
EDWARDS, John, 9 All Saints Road, B
EDWARDS, Mrs. Catherine, Walderlea, B
EDWARDS, Mrs. St. Clair, Hillesdon Rd
EDWARDS, Henry J., 2 Plainmoor Ter., B
EDWARDS Miss A. St. Clair 10 Brad'ns Te.
EDWARDS Mrs. Martha, 2 Fleet Street, S
EDWARDS Wm. C,, 36 Fleet Street, S
EDWARDS, Mrs., 9 Fore Street, M.
EDWARDS, Richard 11 Compton Place M
EDWARDS, John Edwin.43 Belgrave Rd., T
EDWARDS Mrs. Helen, 112 Union Street, W
EDWARDS, W. R and E, Barton, M
EDWARDS, Norman V 13 Thurlow Road, U
EDWARDS, Benjamin, Tor Hill Road, W
EDWARDS Harry, 8 Tor Hill Road, W
EDWARDS George, Thurlow Road, U
EDWARDS Thomas 46 Sherwell Hill, C
EDWARDS-MOSS, Sir John. Roby Hall, M
EFFER, Mrs. Edward, 35 Victoria Road, E
EFFER, Edward, 83 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
EGBEER Thomas, 8 St. Michael's Terrace, U
EGGBEER Mrs Emily, Hele M
EGGBEER, Miss Helen, 40 Belmont Rd., E
EGGLEDEN Mrs. Matilda A., 27 Sanford R,C
EISMIE, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hunsdon Road, S
ELD, Mrs. Francis F., Belvoir, TD
ELDERTON, Mrs. J M, 3 Clifton Grove TD
ELFORD Ann, 3 Scarborough Terrace, W
ELIN, Mrs. Grace E., 6 Barton Lodge. M.
ELIOTT. Mrs. Emma, Hartop Road, M
ELLICOTT, George, 12 Rosery Road, C
ELLICOTT, Alfred, 2 Haroldene, B
ELLICOTT, William, Junr., 33 Fore Street, M
ELLICOTT, A. and J., 4 Hampton Place,
ELLIOT Mrs. Ann, 43 Pennsylvania Rd., E
ELLIOTT Frederick, 49 Pennsylvania Rd, E
ELLIOTT, Mrs. Emma, Hartop Road m
ELLIOTT, Frederick, 100 St. Edmund's Rd.
ELLIOTT Mrs. Minnie, Parkfield Road, U
ELLIOTT, Frank, Braddons St (Higher) S
ELLIS, Edmund Hall, 4 Victoria Road, E
ELLIS, Wm. Baker, Western Road, M
ELLIS George, Springfield Road, E
ELLIS Dr. Clarence, Palermo Road, B
ELLIS Frederick G., Melville Street, W.
ELMS Desmond, Babbacombe Road TD
ELLIS, Mrs. Nanny, Cambridge Road M
ELLIS, Herbert, 22 CarIton Road, E
ELPHINSTONE Henry W.. Teignmouth Rd, U
ELSE, Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Mead Cottages, TD
ELSE, William, J., 53 Belgrave Road, T
ELSMIE, Mrs., Drayton, Hunsdon Rd
ELSON, Richard, 8 Orchard Cottages, M,
ELSON. S. W. J., 2 Myrtle Cottages, M
ELSON, James, Castle View, M ,
ELSON, A. R. W., 5 St . Matthias Terrace, B
ELSON James, 6 Church Lane, T
ELSON, Henry S., 3 Furrough Cross, B
ELSTON George, 12 Highbury Road, E
ELSTON, Mrs. Laura, 87 Forest Road, U
ELSWORTHY. John, 9 Regents Cottages, M
ELWORTHY Edward, 23 Warberry Vale, E
EMBURY Wm. George, 8 Innerbrook Rd., C
EMERY, Fredk. Wm., Stitchill House, TD
EMMETT Frederick, 6 Model House T
EMMETT, Frederick, 21 Sanford Road, C
EMMETT Charles, 7 Brunswick Terrace. U
EMMETT, Sydney, 39 Forest. Road U
EMMETT, Albert, rear 19 Chester Row, E
EMMETT, Frederick, Church Lane, T
ENDACOTT J. W ., 76 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
ENDACOTT T., 33 Pennsylvania Road, E
ENDACOTT George, 30 Ellacombe Road, M
ENDACOTT James, 1 Normount Cots E
ENDACOTT William, 10 Waterloo Road, E
ENDACOTT John, 2 Abbey Road, W
ENDACOTT, George, 1 Hampton View, B
ENDACOTT Joseph, 7 Cotford Terrace, U
ENGLAND, Albert 1 Westbourne Road, U
ENGLAND, Wm. Hy., 37 Westbourne Rd., U
ENGLAND Charles, rear 29 Union Street
ENGLAND Frank, Thurlow Road Lower, U
ENGLAND Sydney, 14 Princes Rd. East, E
ENGLAND John, Parkfield Road, U
ENGLAND, Edwin, 14 Prospect Place, U
ENON W. J. C., Headingley, U
ERMAN Miss Emma E., Newton Road, T
ERSKINE, Mrs. G. F., 1 Portland Place, W
ESCOTT, William, 18 Rosery Road, C
ESSERY, Mrs. R., 26 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
ESSERY W. T., 9 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
ETHERIDGE, Charley, 4 Alexandra Rd., E
EUSTACE, Mrs. Eliza A., Ellerslie, T
EVANS Thomas, 1 Morgan Avenue, U
EVANS George, Kildare, T
EVANS Richard E., 177 Union Street, U
EVANS Job, Mount Braddon, S
EVANS, John, 5 Belmont Road, E
EVANS, John Wm., 31 Victoria Road, E
EVANS, Dr. Wm. James, Vansittart Rd, T
EVANS, Mrs. Ann Jane, Vansittart Road, T
EVANS, Walter, 25 St. Edmunds Road, E
EVANS Caleb Gaskell, Torbay Road, C
EVANS, Thomas, 1 Morgan Avenue, U
EVANS, George, Kildare, T
EVANS, Richard E., 177 Union Street, U
EVANS, Job, Mount Braddon, S
EVANS, Ernest F., rear 19 East Street, T
EVENS, Mrs. Ann, 8 Thornacre Terrace, B
EVENS, Mrs. E., Hartop Road, M
EVENS, Mrs. Ann, 8 Thornacre Terrace, B
EVERETT, William, Dromore, TD
EVELEIGH Henry, 13 Princes Road, E
EVELEIGH, Sydney, 225 Lymington Road, U
EVELEIGH, Frank, 8 Madera Cottages, W
EVERETT, William, Dromore, TD
EVERY, Henry (Rev.), The Rowdens, T
EWBANK, Lucas, Chumleigh, TD
EWELL, William Atwell, Courtland, T
EWEN, Mrs. Emma, 45 Crown Hill Park, T
EXELL, Samuel, Ashton, TD
EYTON, Miss C, E., Woodfield Rd. Middle

FACEY, Mrs. E., 92 Forest Road, U
FAIR Philip K., Teignmouth Road U
FAIRBOURN Alfred, 6 Lucius Street, W
FAIRMAN Mrs. Maria, 1 Cavendish Ter., E
FAITHFULL Miss C. M, Old Torwood Rd., TD
FALLS, Mrs. A. V., Sandhurst, M
FARLEIGH W., 30 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
FARLEIGH, John, 16 All Saints Road, B
FARLEY John, 29 Hoxton Road, E
FARLEY Charles H., 21 Lr. Wellesley Rd, E
FARLEY John. 4 Wellington Place, E
FARLEY, Richard, 23 Haredown Terrace. B
FARLEY William C., 4 Berachah Road E
FARLEY Elizabeth, 63 Union Street, U
FARMER James, 2 Sunbury Terrace, U
FARR Richard H., 51 Forest Road U
FARR John R., 4 Tor Ch. Cottages, T
FARR, William, 6 Hatfield Terrace C
FARRANT George, 123 Lymington Road, U
FARRANT Henry, 41 Market Street, U
FARRANT & CO., 99 Union Street, U
FAUSTEN, Oscar, Cockington Lane, C
FAWN, Mrs., Babbacombe Road, B
FAY Ernest, 2 Hill View, W
FEATHERSTONE, William, The Dene, TD
FEDRICK, Harry; 16 Fore Street, B
FEDRICK Mrs J, 7 Broadmead Road B
FEDRICK Wm., 4 New Springfield Ter., B
FEDRICK, William, 4 New Springfield Ter., B
FEDRICK, Mrs. Emma, 9 Home Cottages, B
FEDRICK, Tom, 7 Palk Place, M
FEDRICK Wm. J., 33 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
FEGAN Mrs. Mary, Avondale, U
FEGAN Owen J., 2 Camden Road, E
FELIX Lewis Henry 43 St. Edmunds Rd, B
FELLOWES, Archibald, 32 Woodville Rd., E
FENDICK, Robert G., Cockington Lane, C
FENNER, Miss Mary A., 6 Portland Place, M
FENTON William, Park Road, M
FENTON-WINGATE, Wm. E., Millearn, TD
FENWICK-GILES, Miss H. Alice, Mimont. M
FERGUSON, Miss J., Burridge Road, C
FERNELEY, Mrs. B.; 9 Western Terrace, M
FERNS, Arabella G., 3 Sanford Road, C
Ferny Bank, } Houses of Rest for women In
Ferny Combe}, business.
FERRERS, the Misses, Castle Road, U
FERRETT William, St. Marychurch Road, E
FERRIS Mrs. E. A., 60 Crown Hill Park, T
FERRIS James Prout, Thurlow Road, U
FERRIS Miss Mary, 46 Ellacombe Road, E
FERRIS Charles, 4 Thurlow Terrace, U
FERRY Mrs. Mary E., Warren Road, W
FEW Charles E., under 1 Ellacombe Rd., E
FEWING, L. Sharem, 1 Cary Place
FEWINGS, Geo., 4 South Town Cottages, M
FEWINGS James, Osborne House, T
FEWINGS WM. L., 2 Buckland Terrace, U
FEWINGS Frederick 7 Alexandra Road, E
FEWINGS, George, 25 Rosery Road, C
FEWINGS Mrs. Selina, 10 Furrough Cross, B
FEWINGS James, 34 Fore Street, B
FEY Charles John, 39 Sherwill Hill , C
FEY George, 1 Park View, T
FIELD Frederick J., 13 Lucius Street, W
FIELD, Josiah, Ambersgate, C
FIELD William, 15 Upton Ch. Road, U
FIELD, Harry, 2 Balaclava Cottages, B
FIELD Edwin, 13 Marchwood Terrace, U
FIELD Edwin, 19 Rosery Road, C,
FIELD Thomas, Hele, M
FIELD Mrs. Emma, 11 Morgan Avenue U
FIELD, John, rear 19 Chester Row,
FIELD William, St. James Road, U
FIELD Harry, Torre Square, T
FIELDEN-TAYLOR, Rev, R., Teignmouth Rd
FIETY Paul, 45 Abbey Road, W
FILBY Albert E., 35 South Street, T
FILLINGHAM Miss E. J. 3 St. Alban's Ter., U
FINCH, Miss Harriett, 2 St. Matthias Ter., B
FINCH, W., 15 Belle Vue Crescent, C
FINCH G., 3 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
FINCH, Mrs, Rosa, Westville, M
FINDERSON, A. G., Cockington Lane, C
FINLAYSON Gavin, 67 Sherwell Hill, C ,
FINSON, Mary E., Babbacombe Road, B
FISH John, 94 Ellacombe Church Road
FISHER, William, 46 Victoria Road, E,
FISHER William, 32 Sherwell Hill, C,
FISHER Charles, 68 Sherwell Hill, C
FISHER, Mrs. Louisa, 9 Church Lane, T
FISHER, Mary, 19 Goschen Road, C
FISHER John, 26 Church Lane, T
FISHER T. Carson (Dr.), Carlsbrooke, U
FISHER, Alexander, 1 Lisburne Ter., TD
FISHER Alexander. 30 Torwood Street, S
FISHWICK, John Henry, Warren Road, W
FISK, Mrs. Emma, 4 Greenbank Terrace, M
FITZGIBBONS Miss Frances A., St. Annes Rd
FITZHERBERT, T. E., 5 Lisburne Crescent, TD
FITZROY Miss Adela L., Fairfield, T
FITZWALTER, F. C., 30 Ellacombe Road, E
FLACK Robert, 9 Queen Street, S,
FLEET Mrs. Violet, 7 Queen Street, S
FLEET George, 18 Melville Street, W
FLEET, Charles Fredk., 12 Trinity Place TD
FLEET, Emanuel, rear Torwood Street, TD
FLEET Albert, 2 Braddons Street, S
FLEET William, rear 19 Melville Street, W
FLEMMING, Mrs. Mary., 3 Daison Cott., M
FLEMYNG, Mrs. Anna, Cumbernauld, TD
FLETCHER John P., 9 Lr. Union Lane, W
FLETCHER R. A., 85 Lymington Road, U
FLETCHER George Henry, Market Street
FLETCHER, Mrs. Valentine, 8 Wellswood Pk
FLETCHER, Mrs Louisa, 1 CarIton Place, M
FLEMING REID & CO., 51 Union Street
FLINT Henry Thomas, Heathcourt, T
FLORY, Mrs. Mary A., 84 Forest Road, U
FOALE, Frederick, Babbacombe Road, B
FOALE, Mrs. Louisa, Barton, M
FOGG, Charles Thomas. Heathbank, B
FOGWILL Thomas C, 22 Cavern Road, E
FOGWILL George, 8 Princes Rd. West, E
FOGWILL William, 17 Bath Terrace, T
FOGWILL Richard Hy., Torre Hill Road, U
FOLL, Mrs. Minnie, St. Denis, M
FOLLAND William, 49a Abbey Road, W
FOLLAND Mary Ann, 5 Buckland Ter., U
FOLLAND James H, 13 Wellington Rd.. E
FOLLAND, William. Barewell Court. M
FOLLAND, Mrs. Ann, Warbro Road, B
FOLLARD, James Henry, 13 Wellington Rd.
FOLLETT, William, 42 South Street, T.
FOLLEY, Henry, 10 Ilsham Cottages, TD
FOOT Mrs. Mary., 22 Ellacombe Road, E
FORBES J.. Redholm, Braddons Rd. East
FORCHE A., Shirburn Road, U
FORD Mrs. Mary, Parkfield Road, U
FORD Charles WM., Studley Road, U
FORD William Henry, 28 Princes Street, B
FORD, Henry, 49 Broadmead Road, B
FORD, George William, Warren Road, W
FORD, John H., 84 Windsor Road, B
FORD, John. 141 Windsor Road, E
FORD John, 2 Warren Hill, W
FORD Alfred, 5 Florence Terrace, W
FORD, William, 4 Trinity Place, TD
FORD, Rev. R.. The Larches, TD
FORD Michael, Ravenswood, S
FORD William, 8 Madrepore Road, S
FORD Richard, 16 Morgan Avenue, U
FORD Mrs. E., 3 Westbourne Crescent, U
FORD, Mrs. Mary, 3 Elmfield Terrace, M
FORD Solomon . 18 Windsor Road, E
FORDER William, 94 Belgrave Road, T
FORORD Wm. C. H., Haddon Lees, T
FORDYCE. Mrs. Mary H. M., Hayford, TD
FORORD Mrs. Maria, 30 Kenwyn Road, E
FORSTER, Mrs. Jane, Holne, TD
FORSTER, Dr. E. W., 14 Hesketh Crescent. TD
FORSYTH James Mortlach, New Court, W
FORTESCUE Capt. R. J., Rowdens Road T
FORWARD Frederick J., 57 Victoria Rd., E
FOSTER, Theodore, Bay View, B
FOSTER S. F., 5 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
FOSTER, John Wm., 2 Ridgway Villas, TD
FOSTER Mrs. Eliza, 5 Matlock Terrace, W
FOSTER, John 3 Park Place, TD
FOSTER, Mrs. Isabella, 3 Cambridge Ter., M
FOSTER & SOMERVILLE, 3 Hampton Place, M
FOSTER & SOMERVILLE, 5 Victoria Parade
FOWERAKER, Alfred, 11 Woodside Cott., M
FOWKES Archibald T., 5 Maranatha Te., E
FOWLER Frank, 120 Union Street, W
FOWLER John, 5 Brentwood Terrace, W
FOWLER, John, 21 All Saints Road B
FOWLER Stephen G., Vista Linda, T
FOWLER R. W., 2 Warberry Rd. West, E
FOWLER MISS Mabel E., St. Luke's Road, W
FOX Albert Henry,, 23 Pimlico, S
FOX William T., 7 Rowley Road, M
FOX William & Son, 35 Fore Street, M
FOX James Robert, 14 Crown Hill Park, T

FOX, William. H., Royal Hotel, B
FOX Edward, 7 Madrepore Road, S
FOX Mrs. Elizabeth, 1 Clifton Place, S
FOX Frederick, 14 Church Street, T
FOXWORTHY Thomas, 1 Prospect Place, U
FRADD Miss Mary Ann, Torbay Road, W
FRAGALL, Samuel, rear 17 East Street, T
FRAGALL, William, 16 Belmont Road, E
FRAGALL Miss Matilda, 32 Abbey Road, W
FRAGELL S. F., 3 Orchard Cottages U
FRAGELL Ernest, 3 Orchard Cottages, U
FRANCES Miss M., Warberry Rd. Middle, E
FRANCIS George H., 5 Trafalgar Ter., B
FRANCIS William H., rear 34 South St., T
FRANKS Frank, 8 Parkfield Terrace, U
FRANKS Mrs. Jane, 224 Lymington Rd., U
FRANKS William. 1 Old Wood Cottages, T
FRANKS, William H., 2 Sunnybank, M
FRANKS, Thomas, 6 Warbro Place, B
FRANKS, George, 7 Albert Street,, B
FRASER, Percy B., Meerborne, M
FRAYNE, Robert, 8 St. Annes Terrace, B
FREATHEY Miss A.,7 Ingatestone Terrace, W
FREATHY, Archie, 6 Gregorys Cottages, M
FREEMAN, Joseph H., The Coppice, B
FREER Samuel H., 11 Park Cottages, U
FREER Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Cavern Road, E
FREER Fredk George, 15 Mallock Road, C
FREER John Edwin C, Parkfield Road, U
FREER, Albert, 39 Westbourne Road U
FREETH Charles E., 19 Fleet Street, S
FREETHS; Tofferies, 29 Union Street. S
FRENCH, F. W., Braddons Street, (Higher)
FRENCH John, Union Street,
FRENCH, Thomas, 27 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd
FRENCH, Richard. 15 Haredown Terrace, B
FRENCH, John, 19 Melville Street, W
FRENCH, John F., 6 Old Mill Road, C
FRENCH William 14 Ellacombe Road, E
FRENCH John, 29 Princes Road East, E,
FRENCH, Miss C., 9 Clifton Grove TD
FRENCH John, 8 Prospect Place, U
FRENCH, George M., Ash Hill Road, U
FRENCH G . M., Firmont, Ashfield Road
FRENCH, Frederick R., 5 Albion Cottages, M
FRIDAY, Miss Emma, 19 Princes Street, B
FRIEND Mrs. Mary, 9 Queen Street, S
FRIEND Mrs. R., rear 24 Tor Hill Rd., W
FRIENDSHIP Mrs. E.. 3 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
FRIENDSHIP J., 19 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
FRIENDSHIP Samuel H., 9 Vaughan Parade., S
FRIENDSHIP, John, 3 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
FROST, Miss Elizabeth, 9 Brakefield Ter., B
FROST, William, 1 St. James Cottages, B
FROST, Samuel J., 18 Haredown Terrace, B
FROST Thomas W., Orchard House, W
FROST John, 46 Kenwyn Road, E
FROST William H., 7 Springfield Ter., U
FROST Mrs. Sarah A., Clarence Villa, T
FROST Henry, 2 Happaway Place, S
FROST Charles Edward, 24 Pimlico, S
FROST, Albert, 5 Coombe Pafford, M
FROST, John, 3 Palk Place, M
FROST George, 32 Victoria Road, E
FROST William H., 123 Windsor Road, E
FROST, William Thomas, 7 CarIton Road, E
FROST Mrs. Lenora, 195 Union Street
FROST Charles, 8 Park Street, TD
FROST Mrs. Mary Ann, Parkfield Road, U
FROST William, 3 Princes Road,. E
FROST Thomas Hy., 3 Laburnum Street, T
FROST William J., 5 Laburnum Street, T
FROUDE, Fredk., 1 Asheldon Terrace, TD
FRY Mr. and Mrs. C. H., 40 Crown H. Pk., T
FRY CharIes, 244 Union Street. T
FRY Miss Alice F, 203 Union Street, U
FRY John, Teignmouth Road, U
FULL, Mrs. Lydia , 25 Fore Street, B
FULL, Albert James, 8 Westbourne Rd., U
FULL George S., 43 Innerbrook Road, C
FULLER, Mrs. Ada, East Street, T
FULLER, Mrs. Annie S., Cleveland Road, T
FULLER, Mrs., 31 Morgan Avenue, U
FULLER, J. F. (Rev. ), Hyperion, C
FULLER Charles, 5 Elm Tree Crescent, T
FURNEAUX Samuel. D., 14 Church Lane, T
FURNEAUX Mrs. M., rear 1 Torre Hill Rd, T
FURNEAUX, Wm. H., 7 Park Hill Cott., TD
FURNEAUX Mr S. C ., 2 Happaway Row, S
FURNEAUX Samuel, Perrett's Buildings, S
FURNEAUX James, under 1 Queen Street. S
FURNEAUX James E., 8 Parkfield Ter., U
FURNEAUX Charles, 10 Prospect Place, U
FURNEAUX, Henry, 24 All Saints Road, B
FURNEAUX, George, 26 CarIton Road, E
FURNEUX. Mrs. Elizabeth, Hartop Rd., M
FURNEAUX Mrs. E., rear 4 Laburnum R., T
FURNEAUX Geo. Hy., 6 Woodville Rd., E
FURNEAUX, George, 115 St. Edmunds Rd
FURNEAUX, Mrs, Elizabeth, Hartop Road
FURSDON, Charles, 59 Woodville, Road, E
FURZE Robert, White Hart Inn, W
FURZE Thomas, 26 Highbury Road, E
FURZE Mrs. Sarah, 54 Hoxton Road, E
FURZE W., 3 South Town Cottages, U
FYSH, Miss Esther, 1 Woodland Terrace, B

GAGE, James Thomas, Torre Square, T
GAGG George M., 9 Camden Road E
GAGG, William H., 11 Hatfield Terrace, C
GAIRDNER Mrs. Eliza L., Mt. Charles, S
GAIRDNER, the Misses, Church Road M
GAISFORD Ch., 5 Hr. Braddons Street, S
GAISFORD Job, 28 Windsor Road, E
GAISFORD Job, 28 Windsor Road, E
GALE Joseph, 4 Laburnum, Cottages, T
GALE William Stephen, 7 Factory Row, W
GALE, Mrs. Jessie, 21 Wellswood Place, TD
GALE, Wm. T., 3 Ilsham Cottages, TD
GALE William, 36b Ellacombe Road, E
GALE George, 4 St. Edmund's Terrace, E
GALE James, 28 Innerbrook Road, C
GALSWORTHY, Hubert, Sebakwe, B
GAMBLE Henry J., 4 Temperance St., W
GAMLEN, Mrs. Annie, Cricket Field Lane, T
GANE Frederick James. Egremont, T
GARD William, 7 Corporation Buildings, S
GARD, Charles, 7 Hatfield Terrace, C
GARD Mrs. Rosetta, Parkfield Road,
GARDINER, Lucy, Ellacombe House, C
GARDINER, Mrs. Sarah., Warbro Road, B
GARDNER William, 13 Belgrave Road, W
GARDNER Charles Alan, 6 South St., T
GARDNER, Joseph, 7 Plainmoor, B
GARDNER Samuel, St. Helen's, T
GARDNER Henry J., 199 Union Street, U
GARDNER, William, 13 Belgrave Road. T
GARDNER, Frank, Babbacombe Road, B
GARDNER, Mrs., 64 Windsor Road, E
GARDNER Percy Wm. D., Torre Square, T
GARMENT, Mrs. C. E., 3 Park Crescent. TD
GARMENT, Mrs. C. E., Park Street, Td
GARRATT Mrs. Mary Jane, Lynwood, T
GARRATT Henry A., Kingsdale, TD
GARSIDE , Firth., Torbay College,, C
CARSIDE Mrs. D., Sherwell Lane, C
GATTING John Junr., 43 Temperance St., W
GATTING Charles, 28 Queen Street, S
GATTING, Thomas. 54 Victoria Road, E
GATTING John, 2 Madrepore Road, S
GAWNE Vincent, 1 Hilldrop Terrace, E
GAY, John, Duddingstoun Stables, TD
GAY, George, rear 1 St. Mark's Place, TD
GAYDON, Mrs. M. E., 8 Park Hill Cott., TD
GAYLON, Frederick, 60 Westbourne Rd., U
GAYTON, Ernest, 25 Westbourne Road, U
GAYTON George, Shirburn Road, U
GEACH Albert, Park Road, M
GEACH, William, 29 Woodville Road, E
GEDYE F., Granville Mansion, St. Luke's Rd
GEDYE Mrs. Maude H. S., Vicarage Rd., C
GEDYE Rev. Frank W., Sunbury Hill U
GEE Mrs. Mary, 2 Upton Ch. Road,
GEEN Harry Avenue Road. T
GEGG, Alfred, 2 Rockside. TD
GELLATLY Miss Jean. 38 Windsor Road, E
GENAWAY Giles; H., 14 South Street, T
GEORGE, Charles, 39 Fore Street, M
GEORGE Miss Mary, Sherwell Lane C
GEORGE Miss Ada Mary, Rawlyn Road, C
GERMAN John, Hele, M
GERMAN William, 278 Union Street
GERMON Mary Ann 9 Upton Church Road
GERRY William, 2 Old Woods Cottages, T
GERRY Charles Henry, Glendhu U
GERRY George, 228 Lymington Road, U
GERRY & SON, 3 Braddons Rd, West, S
GERRY, William, 2 Broomhill M
GERRY, Ernest, 13 All Saints Road, D
GERRY Mrs. Mary, 15 Sherwell Hill, C
GERRY, Louis H. C. 25 Ellacombe Ch. Rd.
GERVIS F. H. (Dr.), Roborough House, U
GETSOM Tom B., 4 Upton Ch. Road, U
GIBBINGS Wm. T., 38 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E,
GIBBINGS, Frederick, 8 Woodville Road, E
GIBBINGS, William. T., 11 Daison Road, U
GIBBINGS, Andrew A., 36 Dunmere Road C
GIBBINS Mrs. R., 41 Pennsylvania Rd., E
GIBBONS Mrs. S., 5 Ingatestone Terrace, W
GIBBONS John H .,Barewell Court, M
GIBBS Henry F., Ellerton, U
GIBBS, Mrs. Roscoe, Innerbrook Rd
GIBBS Walter J., 80 Kenwyn Road, E
GIBBS Mrs. Fanny, 62 Belgrave Road, T
GIBBS, Robert, 110 Forest Road. U
GIBBS Mrs. Sarah, 32 Innerbrook Road, C
GIBBS, Charles Frank, 3 Wellington Road, E
GIBBON Mrs. Matilda, Mirfield, U
GIBBON Mrs. Mary Ann 11 Bath Tce., T
GIBBON, Miss Mary, 3 Lisburne Terrace, TD
GIDDY, Richard, 5 South Town Cottages, M
GIDLEY, Richard, Kilburn Hall, TD
GIDLEY, William J., 107 St. Edmunds Rd.
GILBERT John Hy., 11 Wellington Rd., E
GILBERT Ernest, 4 Peditford Terrace, U
GILBERT William, 6 Plainmoor B
GILBERT Richard Henry, Torre Square, T
GILBERT J., 47 Innerbrook Road, C
GILDING, George, 3 New Springfield Ter., B
GILES Mrs . Emily, Redden Hill Road, B
GILHAM, George, 33 Dunmere Road, E
GILL Mr. R., Courtenay, Braddons Rd. Up.
GILL, John, 1 Meadfoot Lane, TD
GILL, Edwin, 4 Trumland Terrace, M
GILL, James, 4 Waterloo Cottages, M
GILL Samuel, 3 Bath Cottages, T
GILL, Mrs. M. A., Braddons Road (Upper)
GILL, George E., 18 Dunmere Road, E
GILL, Thomas A., 31 Crown Hill Park, T
GILL, Ernest W. 37 Dunmere Road, E
GILL George 35 Mallock Road, C
GILL Reginald, Market Street
GILL, Edward, 40 Woodville Road, E
GILL, William, 62 Woodville Road E,
GILL, Mrs. Emma, Torquay Road , B
GILLARD, Stanley, 2 Trumland Terrace, M
GILLARD, Charles, 6 Trumland Terrace, M
GILLARD, Henry, 5 Petitor Terrace, M
GILLARD, Mrs. Louise, Barewell Court, M
GILLARD, Mrs. Harriett, 10 Beacon Ter., TD
GILLARD John, Redden Hill Road, B
GILLARD Ernest, 18 Rowley Road, M
GILLARD, Henry, Braddons Street (Higher)
GILLBERT, Mrs. Lucy, 2 Compton Place. M
GILLBERT, Henry R,, 28 Fore Street, B
GILLIAM, Walter, 18 Sanford Road, C
GILLETT Walter J., 1 Lauriston Villas, T
GILLEY J. B., Clarence Hotel, Newton Road
GILLEY, James Broad, Grand Hotel, C
GILLEY Tom Henry, Aylwood, T
GILLEY George, 8 Church Street, T
GILLEY Wm. Farrant, Torre Park Road, T
GILLSON Mrs. Annie, Oak House, W
GILPIN, William, 2 Barewell, M
GILPIN, William, 25 Westbourne Road, U
GITSHAM, Albert E., 97 Windsor Road, E
GITSHAM, Mrs. M. 1 Pennsylvania Road, E
GITSHAM, A. J., 81 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
GLANFIELD John. The Rowans, W
GLANFIELD, Percy, Devons Road, B
GLANFIELD John Wm., Sunbury Hill, U
GLANFIELD, Edwin, rear Fore Street, M
GLASBY Robert, Brunig, U
GLASBY, the Misses, Scarborough Road, W
GLOVER Miss Agnes, The Laurels, S
GLYNN William C., 2 Brentwood Ter., W
GOATER Miss Alice, 52 Sherwell Hill, C
GODBEER, Charles V., 15 Compton Place, M
GODBEER, Miss M., 6,Homer Terrace, B
GODBEER, Wm. J., 3 Highfield Terrace, B
GODBEER, Mrs. Susan, 11 Park Road, M
GODBEER Albert J., Thurlow Road Lr., U
GODBEER, Miss Margaret, Warbro Road, B
GODBEER, Mrs., York Terrace, B
GODBEER, Mrs. C., Rear Fore Street
GODBEER, William, 33 Princes Street, B
GODDARD, George, Barewell Court, M
GODDEN, Miss Mary B., 7 East Street, T
GODFREY William, 15 Lr. Shirburn Rd., U
GODFREY Wm. James, 21 Laburnum St., T
GODFREY, Mrs. Susan, Barton, M
GODFREY, William J., 5 Church Lane T
GODFREY George, 25 Princes Road, E
GODSLAND Mrs. Charlotte, Park Street, TD
GOLDSWORTHY, Rev. Wm. W., Dromore, TD
GOMAN, William, 24 Barton, M
GOMM, Miss Mary, 41 Belgrave, Road., T
GOOCH, Miss Emily, Enderlie, W
GOOD, Mary Agnes, Dingley, C
GOODBODY Charles A., 82 Fleet Street, S
GOODBODY Walter C., 82 Fleet Street, S
GOODER, Miss Mary, 2 Barn Cottages, M
GOODER, John, Springfield Dairy, C
GOODER, George, 2 Plainmoor Cottages, B
GOODEVE Mrs. Mary, 18 Abbey Road, W
GOODING, Thomas, 2 Portobello Cottages, B
GOODING, Donald R., 1 Mt. St. Bernard's, E
GOODING, Thomas, 7 Church Lane T
GOODMAN, Augustus, 54 Union Street, W
GOODRIDGE, Mrs. Mary A., The Haven, B
GOODSON, A. L., Meadfoot Road TD
GOODYEAR, Mrs. Lily, 2 Rose Cottages, U
GOODYEAR, Alfred, 17 Chester Row, E
GOODYEAR, G. H., 3A Balaclava Cot., B
GORDON, A. M. A., 36 Innerbrook Road, C
GORWYN Albert J., Ermington House, U
GOSDEN, Charles Henry, 105 Windsor Rd.
GOSLIN, Edward, 5 Home Cottages, B
GOSPEL HALL (Open Brethren), Fore St., M
GOSPEL HALL, Fore Street, B
GOSS, Mrs. F. A., 3 Thurlow Park, U 1
GOSS, William H., 5 Geneva Cottages, W
GOSS, Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Kenwyn Rd., E
GOSS Henry C., 14 Windsor Road, E
GOSS, the Misses, 298 Union Street
GOSS, William. H., 34 Tor Hill Road, W
GOSS, Harry C., 38 Fleet Street
GOUGH, Dr. John Harley, Glenallon, TD
GOUGH Henry James, Torquay Road, B
GOULD, John, 8 Victoria Terrace, B
GOULD, Edward, 2 All Saints Road, B
GOULD Tom, 9 Braddons Terrace, S
GOULD George E., 1 Anglesea Terrace, T
GOULD Miss Mary P., St. Luke's Lodge, W
GOULD Thomas, 56 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
GOULD, John, 1 Crown Hill Park, T
COULD, Miss F. B., Braddons St. (Higher)
GOULDEN, Mrs. Emma, St. Cyres, M
GOULDING, Richard, 15 Victoria Road, E
GOULDSWORTHY John R., Formosa, T
GOVE, Arthur, Rock Road, W
GOVIER George, 8 Windsor Road, E
GOWEN Edgar, 4 Alma Terrace W
GOWER, Joseph, 13 Ilsham Cottages, TD
GRAHAM, Fredk, 2 Haredown Terrace, B
GRAHAM, George, 2 Homefield Cottages, B
GRAHAM, Thomas, 1 Fairfield Terrace, B
GRAHAM, Wm. H, 7 St. Mark's Place, TD
GRAHAM James. 54 Kenwyn Road E
GRAHAM Herbert, 1 Albert Street, B
GRAHAM, Fredk. Wm., 13A Furrough Cross
GRAHAM, Alfred T., Princes Road West, E
GRANGE James, Tor Vale, U
GRANGE Mr., 4 Clarendon Park, Tor Vale
GRANT & SON, 10 Strand, S
GRANT, Wm. H, 15 St. Margarets Ter., M
GRANT, Wm. H. G., Dunmow House, M
GRANT & SON, Harry, Art Potteries, M.
GRANT. Thomas T., 1 Clifton Place, M
GRANT, Sidney, 5 Barewell, M
GRANT Joseph W., 9 Grafton Terrace, E
GRANT John, 21 Temperance Street, W
GRANT Mrs. E. K., 90 Union Street, W
GRANT, Edwin R., 88 CarIton Road, E
GRANT, Mrs. A., 28 Belmont Road, E
GRANT Mrs. E. K., Park Hill Road, TD
GRANT Allan R., Park Hill Road, TD
GRANT Mrs. Mary, Rathmore Road, C
GRANT & SON, 90 Union Street
GRAY, Wm. W., 23B Victoria Parade, TD
GRAY Mrs., Solsbro Road, C
GREATER, C., 6 Victoria Parade, TD
GREEK, Ernest Wm., 41 Woodville Rd., E
GREEN, Albert, 9 Goschen Road, C
GREEN, James, 3 Millbrook Villas, C
GREEN, Thomas, 27 Rosery Road, C
GREEN Edward, 151 Lymington Road, U
GREEN George, 2 Spring Place S
GREEN George, Perrett's Buildings, S
GREEN Arthur, 2 Bethel Villas, E
GREEN, John A., 10 Albert Street, B
GREEN, Rev. Geo. R., BampfyIde Road, T
GREEN Mrs. J. E., 65 Lymington Road, U
GREEN Frederick 70 Mallock Road, C
GREEN, Thomas Henry, 91 Forest Road U
GREEN Charles Edward, 74 Sherwell Hill, C
GREEN, Arthur, 12 Torwood Street, TD
GREENFIELD Basil E., Woodburn, U
GREENHILL, Miss W., Scarborough Road, W
GREENSLADE, Miss Emily. Mentone, B
GREENSLADE BROS., 1A Wellswood Place, TD
GREENSLADE Mrs. Eliza, 12 Alexandra Rd, E
GREENSLADE, George. 6 Crescent Place, M
GREENSLADE, W. R, The Manor Hotel, M
GREENSLADE, George, 3 Fore Street. M
GREENSLADE, William F., Castle Road, U
GREENWOOD J. F., 71 Lymington Road U
GREENWOOD, John Wm., 116 Forest Rd., U
GREER, Miss Gabrielle, 144 Forest Road, U
GREGG E. P. (Rev.), Upton Rectory, U
GREGORY & SCOTT 28 Fleet Street, S
GREGORY, Alured W., Orchard Lodge;, M
GREGORY James, 5 SomerviIle Terrace, E
GREGORy Wm., 13 Lr. Ellacombe Ch Rd, E
GREGORY Mrs. Jane E., Tormarton E
GRESHAM, Mrs., 12 Belgrave Road, T
GRESHAM, Miss Ethel, Chestnut Avenue, T
GRIBBLE Henry James, Lisarda, U
GRIBBLE Frederick, 19 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
GRICE Wallace, 11 Elstow Terrace, E
GRIFFIN, Thomas J., Jessamine Cottage, M
GRIFFIN George H., 1 Preston Cottages, U
GRIFFIN William, 6 Pembroke Road, E
GRIFFIN, Frederick W., St. Edmunds Rd.
GRIFFITH Miss Edith, 1 Lr. Terrace, S
GRIFFITH, Isabel M., Babbacombe Rd., B
GRIFFITH, Mrs. Monica. 11 Union Terrace, B
GRIFFITHS Henry, 43 Crown Hill Park, T
GRILLS John, 28 Crown Hill Park, T
GRILLS Robert, la Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
GRILLS Richard, 18 Highbury Road, E
GRILLS E. R., 17 Pennsylvania Road, E
GRILLS John, 8 Happaway Place, S
GRILLS, Robert, 18 Woodville Road, E
GRIMES, W. H, 4 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
GRIMWOOD, C, 16A Furrough Cross, B
GRIST, Frank, 15 Victoria Terrace, B
GRIST, Mrs. Eliza G., 15 Victoria Terrace, B
GRIST, Edgar, 1 St. Matthias Terrace, B
GRIST, Ernest, 3 Lisburn Square, TD
GRIST, Percy, 3 Lisburn Square, TD
GRIST, William, Dimora, TD
GRIST, Alfred E., 8 Wellswood Place, TD
GRIST, John, junr., Hesketh Mews, TD
GRIST John & Son, Edgemont,, S
GRIST, Robert Henry, Walnut Villa, C
GRIST, Mrs, Babbacombe Road. TD
GRIST Eugene L. Thurlow Road U
GRIST, E. L., Vaughan Parade, S
GRIST E. L., Vaughan Road, S
GRIST & SON, Grafton Road, S
GRIST, John, Grafton Road, S
GRIST, Miss Jane, 20 Ilsham Road, TD
GROOM, Miss Mary, Penarth, M
GROVES, Mrs. M. A., Warberry Rd. Lr., TD
GRUTE, Matthew B., Vansittart Road, T
GRUTE, Charles F., 7 Beacon Terrace, TD
GRUTE, Mrs. Jessie, 1 Austen Place. M
GRUZILIER, Benjamin 19 Orchard Cott., M
GRYLLS Thomas , Elmslelgh, T
GUARELLA, Giuseppi, 90 Kenwyn Road, E
GUARELLA , Giuseppi 90 Kenwyn Road, E
GUEST, Thomas, 88 CarIton Road, E
GUEST, John Henry, Princes Road, (West),
GUISANI MISS Mary Ann, St. Margarets Rd.
GUMBLETON, Miss Frances, Connemara, TD
GUNDRY, Wm., 23 & 24 Goschen Road, C
GUNN, Nicholas, 10 Union Terrace, B
GUSCOTT Walter J., 60 Kenwyn Road, E
GUSCOTT William John, Market Street
GURNEY, Arthur L., 5 Marcombe Road, C`
GUTHERIDGE, Peter H., Trevorder, C
GUY, Mrs. Caroline, 4 Elmfield Terrace, M
GUYER, Miss Mary, Girton Hall, TD
GUYER, James Brett, Wrentham, TD
GWILLIAM, Mrs. Mary Bessie, Belmont, M
GWYNNE, Wm. Frances, Goschen Road, C
GWYTHER, Charles E .39 Woodville Rd., E
GYDE Mrs Bessie, 9 Marcombe Road, C
GYNWNE W. F, Kildalton, Rathmore Road

HAARER, Mrs. Clara Lucy, Warren Road, W
HAARER, C. Fredk., 27 & 28 Victoria P., TD
HADDON Miss Mary Grace, Rathmore Rd, C
HADDON, MISS Mary G., Rathmore Road, C'
HAGAN Mrs. Emily, 1 Tamar Villas, W
HAGGER, Samuel R., 27 Wellesley Rd. E.
HAINES Daaid Redden Hill Road, B
HAINES Miss Francls C., 136 Forest Rd., U
HALL Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Laburnum. St., T
HALL William, 19 Braddons Street, S
HALL Mrs. Hannah M., Abbey Road, W
HALL James Walter T - Greenhill, U
HALL Mrs. Jeannie, 7 Alma Terrace, W
HALL Albert, rear 7 Alma Terrace, W
HALL, Miss Sarah Ann, 15 Barton, M
HALL, Samuel, 5 Park Terrace, M
HALL, Robert, 23 Barton, M
HALL, Miss Margaret, Meadfoot Lodge, TD.
HALL Hannah 10 Belle Vue Crescent, C
HALL Mrs., Little Roke. Ashfield Road
HALL Frank Edward, Moss Vale, C
HALL, Matilda, Vernon Lodge, C
HALL, George, 20 Compton Place, M
HALL, William C. B., Priory, Road, M
HALL, Mrs Alice Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HALL George Springfield Road, F,
HALL-DARE Miss Alice, Falkenstein, W
HALLETT Percy, 6 Prospect Place, U
HALLETT C. S., 10 Park Cottages, U
HALLETT Samuel T., 8 Pennsylvania Rd, E
HALLEY Mrs Jemima, 9 Warbro Terrace, B
HALLS John, Rosemont, T
HALPIN, Walter C. (Dr.), Falkland Lodge, T
HALSE, William, Warren Road, W
HALSE, Frederick, 30 Belmont Road, E
HALSTAFF G., 102 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HALSTAFF G. Jr., 104 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
HALSTAFF Thomas H., 6 Highbury Rd., E
HAMBLEN, Fredk. C., 10 Fore Street, M
HAMBLYN, Wm. B. 32 Fleet Street
HAMER, Frederick, 5 Elstow Terrace, W
HAMER, Frederick M, 54 Windsor Road, E
HAMER, Richard, 1 Scarborough Ter., W
HAMER, Mrs. Eliza, 44 Abbey Road W
HAMERTON, W. A..B., Herbert Road, C
HAMILTON, Mrs. E. M., 11 Braddons Rd W, S
HAMILTON, Mrs., Avenue Road, T
HAMLYN, Alfred, 91 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HAMLYN, Thomas, 4 Pettiwell Cottages, M
HAMLYN, Wm. B.. Wydecombe Cot., B
HAMLYN, Edward Geo., 2 Albion Place, M
HAMLYN, Wm. J., 7 Granville Cottages, M
HAMLYN, Mrs, Mary, Hele, M
HAMLYN, Mrs. Jessie. 191 Lymington Rd., U
HAMLYN, John, Park Road, M
HAMLYN, Mrs. E. J., Cambridge Road, M
HAMMETT, Fredk., 22 Union Lane Lr., W
HAMMETT, Charles, 39 Victoria Park, E
HAMMETT, C. J. 0., 6 St. Edmund's Tce., E
HAMMETT, John, Rock Cottage, S
HAMMETT, Charles, 8 St. Edmunds Road, E
HAMMETT, Albert, 4 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. Lr.
HAMMOND, Herbert, 9 Bexley Terrace, T
HAMMOND, Walter, 1 Cleeve Terrace, TD
HAMMOND, Miss M, 12 Florence Terrace, W
HAMP, Thomas, 77 Sherwill Hill, C
HANCOCK, Miss Amy , 7 Western Terrace, M
HANCOCK, Henry John, Melville House, W
HANCOCK, Nicholas Victoria House, C
HANCOCK, James, 8 Union Street, W
HANCOCK, H. T., 29 Torwood Street, S
HANCOCKS Oliver, 274 Union Street, T
HANDFORD George H.. Keevil, T
HANKEY, H. E. A. Meadfoot House, TD
HANKEY, Mrs. C. H. A., 1 Hesketh Cre'nt, TD
HANNAFORD, Wm. J., Upton Cottage, U
HANNAFORD, Frank, 3 Hillesdon Bank. S
HANNAFORD, Robert H, 33 Hoxton Rd., E
HANNAFORD, Ernest A., 41 Abbey Road, W
HANNAFORD, S. G., 1 Trumland Terrace, M
HANNAFORD, Richard, Myrthyr, M
HANNAFORD, Samuel, 9 Albert Place, M
HANNAFORD C. M., 99 Lymington Road, U
HANNAFORD, John, 7 Albion Place, M
HANNAFORD, Miss L,, 3 Albert Place, M
HANNAFORD, Miss Ann, 5 Crescent Place, M
HANNAFORD, E., 5 Happaway, Terrace. M
HANNAFORD, Albert, Meadfoot Road, TD
HANNAFORD, John, 17 Daison Road, U
HANNAFORD, Augustine, 46 Hoxton Rd., E
HANNAH, David, Courtfield, M
HANSFORD T. H., 3 Brentwood Ter., W
HANSON, James. Grafton, S
HANSON, Joseph, rear 11 Park Street, TD
HARDEN, Arthur, Derwent Road, E
HARDIE, Mrs. Elizabeth M. S., Penquit,TD
HARDING, Henry, 8 Cavern Road, E
HARDING, Thomas, 43 Hoxton Road, E
HARDING, Mary, 5 Sanford Road C
HARDING, G. Hy. H., 2 Lr. Wellesley Rd, E
HARDING, Walter George Inn, B
HARDING: John, 3 Coastguard Station, B
HARDING, William, 8 Brakefield Terrace, B
HARDING, John, Brick House, S
HARDING, Geo., 12 Upton Church Rd., U
HARDING, J.. 23 Upton Church Road, U
HARDING, Frank, The Lindens, T
HARDING, Albert H, 26 Crown Hill Pk., T
HARDING, T. L., Elmington, St. Agnes Lane
HARDING, Frederick. 16 Hoxton Road, E
HARDING, Ernest, 43 Hoxton Road, E
HARDING & SONS 10 to 18 Market Street
HARDING John, 8 Madrepore Road, S
HARDING, Alfred, 70 Windsor Road, E
HARDING, Wm., 90 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HARDISTY, Mrs. Jane E., 94 Kenwyn Rd, E
HARDWICKE, Alfred W., 10 Highbury Rd, E
HARDY, John, 3 Beatrice Terrace, T
HARDY, C. G., 178 Union Street, U
HARE, Miss Mary A. C Brancaster M
HARFIELD, William, 2 Fairfield Terrace, B
HARLEY Richard, 11 Church Lane, T
HARLEY Samuel, 5 Hr. Queen Street, S
HARLEY, Mrs. E., 6 Park Hill Cottages, TD
HARLEY Richard, 24 Melville Street, W
HARPER, Mrs. Eliza, 18 Fore Street, B
HARNOTT Mrs. Mary F., BampfyIde Rd. T
HARRINGTON, Miss K., 7 Beaumont Cot., B
HARRIS Mrs. Percy, Sorel, W
HARRIS Mrs. Amelia Ida, 4 Coburg Place, W
HARRIS Miss Emily, Brighton Lodge, W
HARRIS Mrs. A.. Under 1 Happaway Row S
HARRIS Mrs. Eliza, 1 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
HARRIS, Mrs. E., 2 Endsleigh Place, B
HARRIS, Thomas H., Torghatten. B
HARRIS Thomas, 195 Union Street, U,
HARRIS William J. 47 Kenwyn Road, E
HARRIS William, 50 Ellacombe Road, E
HARRIS, Wm. G., 2 Clifton Grove Stables, T
HARRIS Wm., 8 Westbourne Crescent, U
HARRIS W. T. 223 Lymington Road, U
HARRIS, W. H., 9 Belle Vue Crescent, C
HARRIS, A. & M., 6 Hampton Place, M
HARRIS, Alfred, 6 Cambridge Terrace, M
HARRIS, Alfred, Woodstock, B
HARRIS Richard, Piercefield, U
HARRIS, Richard, 1 Wellington Road, E
HARRIS, Robert, 3 Rock Cottages, B
HARRIS, Mrs, St. John's Lodge, S
HARRIS, Charles H, 2 Haytor Terrace, E
HARRIS Henry, 51 Ellacombe Road, E
HARRIS, John U., 7 Hampton Place, M
HARRIS, George, 23 Rosery Road, C
HARRIS, C. W., 204 Lymington Road, U
HARRIS, T. W., 7 Lucius Street, W
HARRIS, T., 190 Lymington Road, U
HARRIS, Mrs. Kate, Vansittart Road, T
HARRIS, Ernest, 87 St. Edmunds Road, B
HARRIS, Mrs. Louisa, Warbro Road, B
HARRIS, John U., 7 Hampton Place, M
HARRIS, Miss Frances, 9 Empire Road, U
HARRIS, Miss M., 19 Fore Street
HARRIS, William H., 62 CarIton Road, E
HARRIS, Sydney Geo. 53 CarIton Road, E
HARRIS, Wm. G., 9 Daison Road U
HARRIS, Mrs. Ellen, 28 Dunmere Road , E
HARRIS, John A. C., 2 Ellacombe Ch Road.,E
HARRIS, Reg E., Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HARRIS, John, 8 Empire Road, U
HARRIS, Mrs., Grafton Road. S
HARRIS Robert, 190 Lymington Road, U
HARRIS Mr., Park Hill Road,, TD
HARRIS, John, St. Annes Road, B
HARRIS, William George, 11 Torwood St..TD
HARRIS, William, 5 Daison Road, U
HARRIS, Albert Edward 78 Sherwell Hill, Co
HARRIS, Francis R., 51 Forest Road, U
HARRISON Charles, Thurlow Road Lr., U
HARRISON George, 39 Crown Hill Pk., T
HARRISON C., Free Mission Hall, W
HARRISON Mrs. Ella, 49 Crown Hill Pk.. T
HARROD, William. J.. 169 Lymington Rd., U
HARRY William. rear 34 South Street, T
HARRY Mrs. Annie, 3 Lansdowne Place, T
HARSANT Austin T., 14 Torwood Street, S
HARSANT Austen T., 32 Torwood Street, TD
HART, John. 10 Lumaton Place, M
HART, Fredk., 1 Lawes Bridge, M
HART. Samuel Lear, Coombe Pafford, M
HART, Harry, 7 Happaway Terrace, M
HART Mary, 3 Hr, Braddons St., S
HART James Henry, 26 Sherwell Hill, C
HART John, 79.Sherwell Hill, C
HARTLAND, Edwin A., 5 Elmfield Ter., M
HARTY, John Wm., Victoria Road, E
HARTY Mrs., Park Street, TD
HARWARD, the Misses. St. Matthews Rd. C
HARVEST Herbert (Major), Manor Road, B
HARVEY. William J., 2 Fore Street, B
HARVEY William. 15 Braddons Street, S
HARVEY W. H., 222 Lymington Road, U
HARVEY Mrs. Mary, 4 Parkfield Ter., U
HARVEY Tom 2 Springfield Terrace, U
HARVEY, H.,14 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
HARVEY Edward, 56 Hoxton Road, B
HARVEY Harry, 27 Lr. Union Lane, W
HARVEY, Edward, 5 Sunnybank, M
HARVEY, Miss Emily B.. 6 Western Ter., At
HARVEY, A. E., 7 Coastguard Station. TD
HARVEY, Frederick. 3 Princes Rd. West, E
HARVEY Edwin, 280 Union Street, T
HARVEY William. 14 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
HARVEY George L.. 292 Union Street, T
HARVEY John, 1 Victoria Road, E
HARVEY Mrs. Jane, 4 East Street. T
HARVEY, John, 26 St. Edmunds Road E
HARVEY, Fredk., 10 Broadmead Road, B
HARVEY, Frederick, 14 Wellesley Rd Lr, E
HARVEY, Wm. junr., 14 Wellesley Rd Lr.
HARVEY Mrs. B., Lincombe Hill Rd., TD
HARVEY, James, 4 East Street, T
HARVEY, Mrs. Jessie, 1 Chester Row, E
HARWOOD William, under 9 Hoxton Rd., E
HARWOOD Fredk. Chas., Teignmouth Rd, U
HARWOOD Thomas, 15 Bath Terrace, T
HARWOOD, George, Walnut Rd. Upper, C,
HASLAR, William. Hele, M
HASLER William, Westwood, W
HASLER, George Thomas, Braddons Rd. (W)
HASLETT, John, 8 Victoria Terrace, C
HASLOPE, E., Elm Brae, Seaway Lane, C
HASSALL Mrs. Annie E., St. Matthias, B
HASTIE, Miss J. E.. 2 Torwood Gardens, TD
HATHERLEIGH, William, Laurel Cottage, M
HATHERLEY S., 13 Lower Shirburn Rd., U
HATHERLEY, George, 4 Barewell, M
HATHERLEY, Stephen, 11 Austen Place, M
HATHERLEY, John. 8 Greenbank Ter., AI
HATHERLRY H. W., 5 Laburnum Ter., E
HATHERLEY Samuel, 25 Sherwell Hill, C
HATTON, Mrs. L., 53 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HATTON-HALL Mrs., Stelvio, Westhill Road
HATTON-HALL, James, Westhill Road, M
HAVILL Mrs. Eliza Ann, 8 Bexley Tce.. T
HAVILL, Edwin. 5 Warbro Place, B
HAVILL Edwin B., 61 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
HAVILL Harry, Parkfield Road, U
HAVILL Wm., 67 Lymington Road, U
HAWES Henry J,., rear 2a Church Street. T
HAWES, Mrs. M. E., Warberry Rd. Lr., TD
HAWES John, 6 Mallock Road, C
HAWKE, Francis, 6 Lumaton Place, M
HAWKE, Frederick C., Redden Hill Road, B
HAWKEN S. G., 181 Union Street, U
HAWKEN George, 181 Union Street, U
HAWKEN H, 13 Moorlands Terrace, U
HAWKEN E. E. 13 Moorlands Terrace. U
HAWKEN Miss Laura, 284 Union Street, T
HAWKEN Charles, Babbacombe Road, B.
HAWKEN Joseph, 29 Innerbrook Road, C
HAWKER, Mrs. Mary, Vicarage Road, C
HAWKINGS, William, 6 Cambridge Ter., M
HAWKINGS, Sarah, 8 Dunmere Road, E
HAWKINS, the Misses, St. Matthias, B
HAWKINS, the Misses, Wellesley Rd. Hr., E
HAWKINS, William, 42 Westbourne Road, U
HAWKINS, B. J., Braddons St. (Higher) S.
HAWKINS, M. A H. G., BampfyIde Rd
HAWKINS E. Wm., 26 Innerbrook Road, C
HAWKINS S., 1 Mallock Road, C
HAWKINS George Charles, Market Street
HAWKINS Mrs. Caroline, 6 Pimlico, S
HAWKINS Edward R., 8 Princes Rd. East, E
HAWKINS Mark H, 8 Sanford Road, C
HAWKINS, Mr., Devons Road B
HAWKINS, Francis G., 17 Belgrave Rd., E
HAWKINS Mrs. E., Savernake Mansions, T
HAWKINS F. W., Underhill, C
HAWKINS, Ernest, 20 Orchard Cottages, M
HAWKINS, William, 2 Woodside Cottages, M
HAWKINS. Bernard, 20 Barewell, M
HAWKINS Robert, 3 Hr. Braddons Tce., S
HAWKINS Mrs. Caroline, 6 Pimlico, S
HAWKINS Mrs. Ann, 6 Church Street. T
HAWKINS, Mrs., 15 Camden Road, E
HAWKSLEY, Mrs. C. B., Castle Road, U
HAY Mrs. Emily C., Rathmore Road, C
HAYDON Misses, Abbey Dene, Avenue Rd
HAYDON Miss, 5 Rowley Road, M
HAYDON Miss Nellie, Old Mill Road, C
HAYES, Mrs. Elizabeth J. G., Castle Rd., U
HAYE Alfred, 2 Warberry Grove, E
HAYES John, 9 Laburnum Street, T
HAYMAN, Albert William, 21 Belmont Rd
HAYMAN Charles J., 5 Factory Row, W
HAYMAN F., 13 Melville Street, W
HAYMAN Ernest, 5 Abbey Road, W
HAYMAN Richard, 45 Fleet Street, S
H AYMAN Wm. Rbt., 19 Braddons Street, S
HAYMAN Samuel G., 3 St. John's Place, S
HAYMAN, Edward Wm. 6 Albert Place. M
HAYMAN, Albert E., 6 Forest Road, U
HAYMAN Frank, Torquay, Road, B
HAYMAN Frank, 149 Windsor Road. E
HAYNES Mrs. Mary Ann, 6 Grafton Tce., E
HAYNES, William H., Hale Bank, B
HAYNES, William, Sea Lawn. B
HAYNES, John. 11 Fore Street. M
HAYNES Mrs. Sarah Ann, Park Road, M
HAYTER, Arthur. St. Annes Road, B
HAYTOR. James, 14 St. Annes Terrace. B
HAYWARD John S., 24 Lucius Street, T
HAYWARD, William, Keldori, M
HAYWARD Henry, 50 Crown Hill Park, T
HAYWARD Henry, 5 Grafton Terrace, S
HAYWARD, James, 35 Forest Road, U
HAYWOOD, Edwin G. 13 CarIton Road, E
HEYWOOD William, 1 Ellacombe Road, E
HAYWOOD George., 12 Church Lane, T
HAYWOOD William J., 7 Kenwyn Road. E,
HAYWOOD Alfred, 30 Highbury Road, E
HAYWOOD Frederick, 32 Highbury Rd., E,
HEAD, Albert T., 2 Warbro Terrace, B
HEAD, James., 11 Trinity Place, TD
HEAD, James, 19Princes Road East, E
HEAD, Henry, 101 Windsor Road, E
HEAD, William H., 2 Berachah Road, E
HEAD, Samuel, 3 Daison Road, U
HEAD, Frank Dearden, Cockington Lane, C
HEAL, Lewis G., 20 Crown Hill Park, T
HEALE, Mrs Florence, 4 Park Hill Cott., TD
HEALE, Joseph, 43 Abbey Road, W
HEALE, Henry, 6 Belmont Road, E
HEALE Mr., Meadfoot Lane, TD
HEARD, George T., 56 Victoria Road, E
HEARD, Horace J., 39 Princes Road East, E
HEARD, John, 3 Princes Road East, E
HEARD, William, 6 Marcombe Road, C
HEARD, Robert B., 2 Woodville Road, E
HEARD, Geo. H., 15 Pennsylvania Road, E
HEARD, William, 6 Marcombe Road, C
HEARN, John, Warbro Road, B
HEARN, Elija, 1 Thornacre Terrace, B
HEARN, Edwin P., 36 Ellacombe Church Road, E
HEARN, William G., 5 Fore Street, B
HEARN, Mrs E. A., 51 Lymington Road, U
HEATH, Joshua, 6 Woodland Terrace, M
HEATH, Mrs Ann E., 6 Happaway Row, S
HEATH, Mrs M.J., 9 Wellswood Park, TD
HEATH, F., Erdsleigh House Cottage, W
HEATH, Mrs Sarah, 7 Morgan Avenue, U
HEATH, Miss Mary, 8 Redden Hill Road, B
HEATH, Mrs Sarah, 7 Morgan Avenue, U
HEATHER, W., 70 Union Street, W
HEATHER, John, Cambridge Road, M
HEATHFIELD, A. Wm., 19 Waterloo Road., E
HEATHFIELD, F. T., 34 Ellacombe Road, E
HEATHFIELD, Mrs Ann, 35 Ellacombe Road,
HEAVEN, Mrs Lucy E., Kilworthy, M
HEAVISIDE, Charles, 27 Torwood Street, S
HEAWARD, Henry, Falkland Road, T
HEAWOOD, Miss Mary H., Teignmouth Road
HEBBES, Harry C., Stanley Cottage, T
HERBERT, Miss Amy, 66 Sherwell Hill, C
HEBBS, Ernest, 1 Hennapyn Cottage, C
HELLIER, Joseph, under 4 Happaway Row, S
HELLIER, Henry, 3 Lower Regent's Ter., M
HELLIER, Mrs C., 2 Elm Tree Crescent, T
HELLIER, Robert, Sherwell Lane, C
HELLIER, Charles, 12 Pimlico, S
HELLEY, James, 5 Berachah Road, E
HELLYER, A. J., 5 St Alban's Terrace, U
HELMAN, H., 4 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HELMAN, Harry, Ellacombe Church Rd., E
HELMORE, Richard J., 37 South Street, T
HELMORE, G., 192 Lymington Road, U
HELYAR, Albert, Ruckamore Road, C
HEMSTED, J. Garnet, 48 Belgrave Road, T
HENDERSON, Mary B., Solsbro House, C.
HENDERSON, Frank, Aratitia, C
HENDERSON, T., rear of Springfield Ter., B
HENDERSON, Gordon, 64 Sherwell Hill, C
HENDERSON, Dr. Mowbray, Devons Road, B
HENEY, Walter, 48 Belmont Road, E
HENIG R. L., Barton Road, T
HENLEY A. G., Higher Terrace Road
HENLEY, Ebenezer, 40 Union Street W
HENLEY, Miss Mary F., 40 Union Street, W
HENLEY, Miss Anna, 36 Tor Hill Road, W
HENLEY, Miss Kate, 36 Tor Hill Road, W
HENLEY, Richard T., 31 South Street, T
HENLY, James H., 27 Queen Street, S
HENLEY, A. G., 2 Higher Terrace Road, S
HENNING, James (Rev)., The Vicarage, C.
HENWOOD, Herbert, 41 Mallock Road, C
HEOO, Mrs E., 4 York Terrace, B
HEPBURN, Mrs Mary, 112 St. Edmunds Road
HEPWORTH, Joseph, Hazelwood, TD
HEPWORTH'S, 71 Union Street, U
HERD, Mrs Mary Apter, Madrepore Road, S
HERD, William J., Hartop Road, M
HERNE, Miss Matilda, Derwent, E
HERRIDGE, William., 4 Wellesley Terrace, E
HERSEY, William, 3 Windsor Road, E
HESTER, Allan, 81 Windsor Road, E.
HEW, Mrs Edna, York Road, B
HEWETT, T. P., 12 Meadfoot Lane, TD
HEWINGS, Herbert, 3 Star Cottages, M
HEWINGS, Abraham, 13 East Street, T
HEWITT, Wm. R., Devons Road, B
HEWITT, Edwin, Ivy Cottage, C
HEWITT, Mrs Mary Ann, 10 Brunswick Ter.
HEX, John, 4 St Matthias Terrace, B
HEX, James G., Babbacombe Road, B
HEX, Frederick S., Shedden Road, W
HEXT, Geo. H., 15 Victoria Parade, TD
HEXT, Mrs. Maria., St Helliers Cottage, T
HEXT, Wm. Robert, 1 Pembroke Road, E
HEXTER & CO., Teignmouth Road, U
HEYWARD, Mr., Clifford House, Falkland Road
HEYWOOD, Mrs F., 7 Wellswood Park, TD
HEYWOOD, Thomas, 10 Alexandra Road, E
HEYWOOD, Percy G., 51 Westbourne Road, U
HEYWOOD, George M., 35 Morgan Ave., U
HEYWOOD, Mrs., 1 Ellacombe Road, E
HIBBERD, James John, Ravensfield, C
HIBBES, Edward, 3 Alexandra Road, E
HICKEY, Miss Eva, 42 Fleet Street
HICKMAN, Samuel, 8 Park Road, M
HICKS, Robert, 4 George Street, S
HICKS, Miss J. H., 12 Morgan Avenue, U
HICKS, Miss G. H., 12 Morgan Avenue, U
HICKS, Samuel, 5 Laburnum Row, T
HIGGINBOTHAM, F. B., 17 & 18 George Street
HIGGINS, Wm. J., 3 Beaumont Cottages, B
HIGGINS, Mrs E., 28 Ellacombe Church Road, E
HIGGINS, Richard, 18 Camden Road, E
HIGGINS, William, 3 Kents Terrace, TD
HIGGINS, E. G., 5 Torwood Street, TD
HIGGINS, Richard H., 40 Princes Road, E
HIGGINS, Henry, 79 St. Edmunds Road, B
HIGGS, Harry Richard, Avenue Road, T
HILL, George A., Acadia Lodge, TD
HILL, William, 2 Madeira Cottages, W
HILL, Charles, 3 Asheldon Terrace, TD
HILL, Miss Elizabeth, 1 Park Street, TD
HILL, James, 28 Rosery Rd, C
HILL, E., Streamlett, Old Mill Road, C
HILL, Sidney J., 2 Lauriston Place, T
HILL, John, 2 Waterloo Road, E
HILL, Mrs Helen, Portland View, B
HILL, Henry, Lamorran, B
HILL, William E., 14 Union Terrace
HILL, Miss Nancy, 3 Warbro Terrace, B
HILL, Albert, 8 Warbro Terrace, B
HILL, Richard, 9 Springfield Terrace, B
HILL, Thomas H., 1 Woodland Grove, S
HILL, George, 13 Braddons Road West, S
HILL, Humphrey Grylls, Hillesdon, S
HILL, William Alfred, 7 Strand, S
HILL, Sydney, 2 Brewery Cottages, S
HILL, Misses, 5 Abbey Crescent, W
HILL, C. H. S. J., Lynsted, U
HILL, Mrs M., 2 Moorlands Terrace, U
HILL, John Hurrell, 82 Belgrave Road, T
HILL, John E. A., 3 Galheta Cottages, T
HILL, George, 55 Crown Hill Park, T
HILL, William E., 2a Hoxton Rod, E.
HILL, Frederick, 8 Kenwyn Road, E
HILL, George F., 1 Maranatha Terrace, E
HILL, Edward, 54 Ellacombe Church Road, E
HILL, William, Apsley Villa, TD
HILL, Harry T., Bellair Cottage, TD
HILL, Thos. Harry., 71 St Edmunds Road, B
HILL, Charles William, 25 Belmont Road, E
HILL, Alfred R., 28 Carlton Road, E
HILL, Mrs Elizabeth E., Cary Park, B
HILL, William, 64 Ellacombe Church Road, E
HILL, Wm. Richard, 35 Lymington Road, U
HILL, George, 4 Pimlico, S
HILL, Mrs Rose, Pimlico, S
HILL, Wm. Shaw., Shirburn Rd, Lower , U
HILL, Miss Laura, 1 South Street, T
HILL, Edwin, 58 Woodville Road, E
HILL, Miss Martha, Upton Road, U
HILL, John, 21 Walnut Road, C
HILL, E., Union Lane Lower, W
HILL, Mary, 54 Westbourne Road, U
HILL, Mrs Emma, 58 Kenwyn Road, E
HILLIER, Edward, 4 Florence Terrace, W
HILLMAN, T. E., 4 Endsleigh Place, B
HILLMAN, Edwin, 2 Ebenezer Cottages, U
HILTON, Robert, 1 Old Mill Road, C
HINCH, John, 2 Belgrave Place, T
HINCHLIFFE, Alfred John , Seaway Lane , C
HINGSTON, Philip, 25 Princes Road East, E
HINGSTON, Miss Jessie, Carshalton, W
HINGSTON, John, 3 Brunswick Terrace, U
HINGSTON, Mrs Alice, 26 Queen Street, S
HINGSTON, Norman, 2 Clifton Place, S
HINGSTON, Reginald John , Vicarage Road, C
HINGSTON, Geo. Hy., Waldon Hill Steps, W
HIPKINS, Miss Dora, Teignmouth Rd. T
HIPPER, Mrs Matilda, Upton Road, U
HISCOX, Henry, 53 Broadmead Road, B
HITCHINS, Frank, Market Street
HOAR, William, 5 Madrepore Road, S
HOAR, Mrs Margaret A., 8 Sherwell Hill, C
HOBBS, John, 2 Alwyn Terrace, U
HOBBS Mrs Sarah A., 1 Park Mount, TD
HOBBS, Miss Annie J., 16 Belgrave Road, T
HOBBS & RODGERS, the Misses, Cary Crescent
HOBBS, Hy Wm., 8 Fore Street, M
HOBBS, Robert, 3 Westbourne Road, U
HOCKADAY, Richard, Windermere, W
HOCKADAY, George, 9 Church Street, T
HOCKEN, Ernest, 6 Waymouths Cottages, M
HOCKIN, Mrs., Savile House, TD
HOCKIN, Mrs Emma, 17 Melville street, W
HOCKING, Eli, Teignmouth Road, M
HOCKINGS, Wm., 1 St. James Place, U
HOCKINGS, Mrs Ann, 30 Fore Street, B
HOCKINGS, James, 6 Highbury Place, M
HOCKINGS, John, Coombe Pafford, M
HOCKINGS, Charles, Idewell Farm. M
HOCKINGS, Thomas, 1A Daison Road, U
HOCKINGS, Robert, Hele, M
HOCKRIDGE, Thomas, 25 Kenwyn road, E
HODDER, Richard W., 11 Scoriton Terrace, E
HODDER, Samuel, Rosedale, T
HODDER, R. W., Windsor Road, E
HODDER, Richard W., 24 Woodville Road, E
HODGE, E. A., 57-58 Fleet Street, S
HODGE, Richard, 25 Union Street, S
HODGE, Mrs Emma, 18 Ellacombe Road, E
HODGE, John, 10 Torwood Terrace, TD
HODGE, Mrs Charlotte, 10 St Edmunds Road
HODGE, James, Torre Square, T
HODGES, John, Barton, M
HODGES, Joseph F., Prospect Cottage, M
HODGES, John Caleb, Plainmoor House, M
HOGAN, Thomas, 86 Carlton Road, E
HOGGETT, Isaac T., Cary Crescent, W
HOLBRY, William M., 70 Kenwyn Road E
HOLDEN, John, 2 Queen Street, S
HOLDEN, Miss, 6 Clifton Terrace, Braddons
HOLDEN, Frederick A., 19 Windsor Road, E
HOLDING, A. J., 8 Brunswick Terrace, U
HOLDING, Joseph, 3 Wellesley Road Lr., E
HOLE, George, Highclere Cottage, TD
HOLE, Richard, 19 Highbury Road, E
HOLE, Edwin R. D. 13 Bath Terrace, T
HOLE, Albert, 13 Coburg Place, W
HOLE, Frederick (Col.) Elm Court, B
HOLE, Samuel, 1 Southlands, T
HOLE, Henry, 6 Laburnum Street, T
HOLE, Miss Emily L., Stanton, TD
HOLE, Mrs Elizabeth, Stonehall, W
HOLE, Mrs Elizabeth, 22 Belgrave Road, T
HOLE, Mrs Florence, Warberry Rd, Lr., TD
HOLE, Joseph Sims, 46 Carlton Road, E
HOLE, William George, South Street, T
HOLE, Miss Mary, Woodfield Road, Middle
HOLLAND, William, 8 Braddons street, S
HOLLAND, Alfred E., 11 Sunnydale Crest., E
HOLLAND, Sidney, 1 Moor View, T
HOLLAND, Frank, 40 Hoxton Road, E
HOLLAND, William, 24 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
HOLLAND, Alfred E., 47 Dunmere Road, E
HOLLIS, Sister Ellen M., Kent House, T
HOLIS, James, 30 Crown Hill Park, T
HOLLIS, Miss, Falkland Road, T
HOLLOTT, Lewis, 40 Carlton Road, E
HOLLOWAY, Alfred, 1 Montpellier Villas, S
HOLLOWAY, Alfred, 2 Montpellier Villas
HOLLOWAY, Alfred, 12 Fleet Street, S
HOLLOWAY, Wm. Charles, 1 Rockside, TD
HOLLOWAY, Wm., 70 Ellacombe Church Road, E
HOLLOWAY, Mrs Anne, Redden Hill Road, B
HOLLOWAY, Mrs Annie, St Annes Road, B
HOLMAN, William P. Matlock Mews, W
HOLMAN, Frank, 26 Princes Street, B
HOLMAN, Frank, Cotswold Mews, W
HOLMAN, Charles, 2 St Denis, B
HOLMAN, William H., 21 Princes Street, B
HOLMAN, George, 15 Orchard Cottages, M
HOLMAN, John, Vicarage Road, C
HOLMAN, John, 32 Walnut Road, C
HOLMES, Mjr. T. M.., Torwood Gardens Road
HOLT, Henry, 32 St Annes terrace, B
HOLWILL, Frederick J., Babbacombe Rd., TD
HOME & COLONIAL STORES, 55 Union Street., S
HOMER, Mrs Rosetta, St Margarets Road
HOMEYARD, Frank, 68 Mallock Rd, C
HONEYWELL, George, 3 Hr. Terrace Mews, S
HONEYWILL, William H., 22 Victoria Rd, E
HONEYWILL, James, 80 Belgrave Road, T
HONEYWILL, George, 129 Ellacombe Church Rd
HONNOR, William Fdk., 37 Morgan Avenue, U
HONSLOW, Henry, 4 Oxford Terrace, M
HONYWILL, John, 2 Delhi Cottages, B
HONYWILL, Miss L., 12 St Margarets Terrace, M
HOOK Miss Maud, Cleave House, W
HOOK, John junr., 193 Lymington Rd., U
HOOK John. 188 Lymington Road, U
HOOKER, Mrs. R., rear Trinity Place, TD
HOOKINS, Rev. Wm., Torre Hill, T
HOOKWAY Thomas, 20 Melville Street, W
HOOMAN Thomas C., Frogmore, E
HOOPELL, Joseph, 12 Goschen Road
HOOPER, Mrs. Ellen, The Bourne, TD
HOOPER, Richard, rear 9 Park Street, TD
HOOPER George, 4 Waterloo Road, E .
HOOPER Henry, rear 19 South Street, T
HOOPER, Harry Dundee, Ardvar, TD
HOOPER, Briscoe, Bournbrook, TD
HOOPER Thomas, 127 Lymington Road, U
HOOPER & WOOLEN 2 Lower Terrace , S
HOOPER Arthur J., 8 Alexandra Rd. E
HOOPER, Thomas, Hartop Road, M .
HOOPER, Lawrence, 6 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
HOOPER, Walter G., 12 Dunmere Road, E .
HOOPER, Harry, 39 Belmont Road, E
HOOPER George, 24 Queen Street, S
HOOPER Arthur T. H, 9 St. James Road, U
HOOPER, Richard B. C., 44 Woodville Rd.
HOOPER George, Tor Hill Road, W
HOOPER, Samuel., 5 Westbourne Road, U
HOPGOOD Richard. 1 Foundry Cottages, S
HOPKINS William, 47 Union Street, S
HOPKINS, Reg., 18 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HOPKINSON Mrs. F., 1 Greenbank Ter., M
HOPPE R. H., Belgrave Hotel, T
HOPPE, John Ray, Belgrave Road T
HOPPER Richard, Hollybank, U
HOPWOOD Thomas, 1 Alma Terrace, W
HORE Wm., 5 Cotford Terrace, U
HORE Frederick W., 1 Torre Square, T
HORE George, 22 Torwood Street, S
HORE, Sidney George, 48 Forest Road, U
HORE Henry S. B., Sherwell Lane, C,
HORE C. W., Palk Hill Road TD
HORN, Mrs. Elizabeth, 93 Forest Road. U
HORNBROOKE, J. 5 South Town Cott.., U
HORNBROOK, John, Walnut Road, C
HORNBY George, 19 Alexandra Road, E
HORNBY John, 19 Alexandra Road, E
HORNE Miss Char., St. Marychurch Road, U .
HORNER, Robert, 28 Walnut Road C .
HORRELL George, Vine Cottage, U
HORRY Miss, Catherine M., Torre Hill Rd., T
HORSBURGH, Andrew, Lynton, M
HORSBURGH, Rev. Andrew, Western Rd., M
HORSWELL Albert, 2 Exeter Villas, E
HORSWELL, Charles, 1 Gregorys Cott. M
HORSWELL, George, 3 Park Hill Cott., TD
HORSWILL, Charles, 29 Rosery Road, C,
HORSWILL, Frank. 6 Regents Terrace, M
HORSWILL Mrs., 8 Madrepore Road, S
HORSWILL John, 127 Lymington Road, U
HORTON Miss Annie, Monksilver, W
HORTON Thomas (Dr.), Leicester Lodge. W .
HORTON Robert, 159 Lymington Road, U
HORTON, John, 22 Walnut Road, C
HORTON, Miss Annie, Cary Crescent, W
HORTON, Henry, 124 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
HORWILL T. G., 12 Pennsylvania Rd., E .
HOSGOOD A. Wm., 6 Victoria Terrace, U
HOSGOOD Mrs Jane Princes Road, (West) .
HOSKEN, Leo, 9 Victoria Parade, TD
HOSKEN Leopold B, Wellesley Rd. Hr, E
HOSKEN William, 8 Highbury Road, E
HOSKIN John, 71 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
HOSKIN, Miss M. Isabella, York Road. B
HOSKING, Miss Elizabeth, 23 Belgrave Rd.
HOSKING, George, 3 Bedford Terrace, B
HOSKINS Mrs. H., 3 St. James' Place, U
HOSKINS, Miss C. E. ' Cricket Field Lane, T
HOTTEN Miss Emily, 6 Florence Terrace, W
HOUGHTON, Miss Emily, Bencomb, B
HOUGHTON, John C. A., Croft Road, W
HOUGHTON, Henry, Grafton Road, S
HOVELL Louis, Scarborough Road, W
HOWARD, Jacob D., 12 St. Annes Ter, B
HOWARD, Miss Ellen Florence. Hartland, B
HOWARD, Henry, Chelston Hall, C
HOWARD, Samuel, 3 Chelston Grove, C
HOWARD, Rev. A. B., 1 Belmont Road, E
HOWARD, John, 3 Barewell, M
HOWARD, William, Derwent Road, E
HOWARD, William W., 124 Forest Road, U
HOWARD Samuel George, 70 Sherwell Hill, C
HOWARTH George, Pimlico, S
HOWE William H, 3 St. Edmund's Ter., E
HOWE William, 5 Mount Pleasant, E
HOWE Robert, 3 Alma Terrace, W
HOWE, William, 24 Princes Street, B
HOWE Samuel, 12 Kenwyn Road, E
HOWE Arthur, 3 Waterloo Road, E
HOWE George, 8 Belgrave Cottages, T
HOWE, Joseph, Walnut Mews, C
HOWE, Josiah, 3 Sunnybank, M
HOWE Thomas, 98 E llacombe Ch. Road, E
HOWE Joseph Frederick, Market Street
HOWELL, Mrs. S., 1 Braddons Cottages, S
HOWELL, Hy. Charles Junr. 53 Kenwyn Rd
HOWELL Albert R., 18 Innerbrook Road, C
HOWELL Henry C. junr., 53 Kenwyn Rd., E
HOWELL, Thomas, 96 Windsor Read, B
HUBBARD A., Hermosa, Woodfield Rd. Mle
HUBBARD Arthur J.. Woodfield Rd. Middle
HUCKETT, Miss Fanny S., Fairholme, TD
HUCKETT, Rev. Walter, Haldon Road, T
HUDSON, Harold, Weston, M
HUGGINS, William, The Coombes. M
HUGHAN W. J., 7 Castle Terrace, U
HUGHES Joseph Arthur, Abbey Road, W
HUGHES, Mrs. A., 8A Victoria Parade, TD
HUGHES, Miss, Rowdens Road, T
HUGHES Herbert, Pimlico, S
HUGO Amos, 75 St. Edmunds Road, B
HULL William Grove, Cartref, T
HUMPHREY Mrs. Isabella, 1 Regents Ter. U
HUMPHREY, Joseph, 54 Fleet Street
HUMPHREYS, John, 40 Ellacombe Road, E
HUMPHREYS Henry (Dr.), St. Aubyn's, U
HUMPHREYS, Wm. Geo., 44 St. Edmunds R
HUMPHREYS Mrs. L. E., St Luke's Rd S, W
HUNT James, Perrett's Buildings, S
HUNT Alfred, Percy Lodge, W
HUNT Henry, 2 Trafalgar Terrace, E
HUNT, 32 Tor Hill Road, W
HUNT, Mrs. Eliza, 1 Pettiwell Cottages, M
HUNT. Henry J., 6 Compton Place. M
HUNT Charles E., 21 Lucius Street. T
HUNT, W. H. Hazeldene, Walnut Rd., C
HUNT, L., Eaglehurst, Burridge Road, C
HUNT, S., Sunnyside, Sherwill Lane C
HUNT, Arthur Roope, Southwood. TD
HUNT Thomas E., 10 Pennsylvania Rd., E
HUNT The Misses, Glendevon, Bronshill Rd
HUNT, Graham, Vicarage Road, C
HUNT, Mrs. Rose E., Meadfoot Lane, TD
HUNT, J., 12-14 Walnut Road. C
HUNT, Harry, Devons Road, B
HUNT, John E., 57 Dunmere Road, E
HUNT, Warwick, Braddons Rd., (East) S
HUNT, Miss Sarah A Bronshill Road, E
HUNT, William, Cambridge Road, M
HUNT John, 68 Kenwyn Road, E
HUNTER William J.. Mentone, E
HUNTER John T., Scarborough Road, W
HUNTER Harry Eustace, Torre Park Rd., T
HURD, Henry, 2 Woodfield Cottages TD
HURLEY George, 12 Wellington Road, E
HURRELL W. H., 89 Ellacombe Ch.. Rd., E
HURST, Miss Kate, Matthias Lodge, TD
HURVID William, 5 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
HURYID, Elias, 1 Daison Road, U
HURVID, Miss Annie, 15 Waterloo Road, E
HURVID John, 7 Pennsylvania Road, E
HUSEY, Edward, Hillside, TD
HUSSELL Albert E., 35 Princes Road East., E
HUSSEY, Rev. James, Asheldon, TD
HUSSON Miss Florence, 1 Elstow Ter., E
HUSSON, Miss Florence, Hatfield Road, E
HUTCHINGS, Harry, 2 Princes Street, B
HUTCHINGS Thomas, 9 Maranatha Ter., E
HUTCHINGS Miss E., 2 Anglesea Terrace, T
HUTCHINGS Walter, 4 Megla Villas, E
HUTCHINGS, Ernest, Brierley, C
HUTCHINGS, Miss Sarah J., Avenue Road, T
HUTCHINGS Charles, Madrepore Road S
HUTCHINGS Frank K., 53 Sherwell Hill, C
HUTCHINGS Geo. H., 24 Union Lane Lr., W
HUTCHINS Samuel, 3 Bedford Row, S
HUTCHINS Wm. E., 5 Bedford Row, S
HUTCHINS Hubert, 23 Victoria Road, E
HUTCHINS John Reed, 1 Oaklands, W
HUTCHINS Hermon, 16 Hilldrop Terrace, E
HUTCHINS, Miss Matilda, 12 Fore Street, B
HUTCHINS James, 4 Braddons Street, S
HUXHAM Henry under 17 Queen Street, S
HUXHAM, Lionel , 4 Woodville Road, E
HUXHAM, Lionel, 64 Forest Road, U
HUXTABLE, Anthony, 3 Myrtle Cottages, M
HYNE Frederick W., 54 Abbey Road, W
HYNE Frank, 4 Laburnum Street, T
HYNE William, 8 Madrepore Road, S
HYNE, Frederick, Melville Street, W

IGGLESDEN, Mrs. M, Torwood Villa, TD
INCH Walter J. T., 3 Lucius Street, W
INCH, William T., Avenue Road, C
INCH William. T., Clarence Hotel Stables, T
INCH, John Arthur, Glenburnie Stables, T
INGHAM, John Owen, Cricket Field Lane T
INGLEBY Mrs. M. A., Warberry Rd. Lr. TD
INGLISH Mrs Mary, 16 Abbey Road. W,
INGRAM Charles, Glenholme, T
INSTRELL Charles, Thomas, Market Street
INSTRELL Walter, Market Street
IREDALE, Andrew, Edgerton, C
IREDALE Andrew 13 Strand, S
IREDALE George, H., 13 Strand, S
IREDALE, George Herbert, Babbacombe Rd. T
IRELAND, C. J. 119 Ellacombe Ch. Road
IRELAND, Mrs Jane, Barton, M
IRELAND, James Parr, 19A Walnut Rd., C
IRELAND Henry E., 42 Union Street, W
IRELAND Thomas, 82 Sherwell Hill, C
IREMONGER Miss Mary D., 26 Rowley Rd, M
IRVINE, J., Cromartie, Livermead. Hill, C
ISAAC John, rear 38 Hoxton Road, E
ISAAC, Alfred. 5 Warberry Rd. West, E
ISAAC, Henry, 26 Forest Road, U
ISAACS, James, 1 Exmouth Terrace, B
ISAACS William, 161 Lymington Road, U
ISAACS William, 13 Cavern Road, E
ISAACS, Mrs., 51 Broadmead Road, B
ISAACS, George T, Hr. Erith Road, TD.
ISLIP Miss Mary, Rousdon Road, C

JACKMAN Henry. 113 Windsor Road, E
JACKMAN Miss Elizabeth, 7 Elm Tree Cot, T
JACKMAN, John James, The Coombes, M
JACKMAN Mrs Kate, 2 Daison Cottages, M
JACKMAN Henry C., Redden Hill Road, B
JACKSON Charles J., 40 Crown Hill Pk., T
JACKSON D'Aguilar (Mjr.-Gl.), Dene He, T
JACKSON Mrs. Winifred E., Sorley, T
JACKSON, Miss P., 9 St. Matthias Ter., B
JACKSON William, 6 Thurlow Park, U
JACOB John T. (Rev.), Tor Vicarage, T
JACOBS WM., 11 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
JACOBS Albert Edward, Sunbury Hill, U
JAGGER William, Madrepore Road, S
JAGGS, Ernest, 118 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
JAGO, Mrs. Grace. 29 Windsor Road, E
JAMES, William, Vane Hill Road, TD
JAMES, William, 16 St. Edmunds Rd., E
JAMES, Francis. 49 Fore Street, M
JAMES Miss Mary A., 10 Chatsworth Tce., E
JAMES, Miss Louisa, 12 Chatsworth Tce., E
JAMES George, 44 Windsor Road, E
JAMES Mrs. Louisa, 3 Bath Terrace, T
JAMES Mrs. Mary, 11 Madeira Cottages, W
JAMES, Frank W., Redden Hill Road, B
JAMES Herbert, Meadfoot Road, TD
JAMES Ernest C. F., Meadfoot Road, TD
JAMES Mr., under 14 Queen Street, S
JAMES Frederick, 16 Princes Road E
JAMES Alfred J., 67 Kenwyn Road, E
JANES Walter Henry, 47 Ellacombe Rd., E
JANES William, Melville Street, W
JARRETT Mrs. H., 20 Upton Ch. Road, U
JARROTT William, 84 Kenwyn Road, E
JARMAN William Frederick, Torridge, T
JARVIS, Alfred, 16 Woodville Road, E
JARVIS Albert Thos., 14 Union Lane Lr. W
JARVIS, William, 17 St. Edmunds Rd., E
JARVIS, Mrs. S., 3 Trumland Crescent, M,
JARVIS Mrs. Emma, 73 Lymington Road, U
JARVIS, John Henry, 11 Belmont Road, E
JARVIS, Mrs. Lucy M., Babbacombe Rd., B
JARVIS, the Misses, Babbacombe Road, B
JARVIS Ernest Walter, Parkfield Road, U
JARVIS, John, Cambridge Road, M
JARVIS David, 13 Pennsylvania Road, E
JASPER Richard, 9 Belmont Road, E
JEFFERIES Mrs. Florence, 41 Morgan Ave, U
JEFFERIES Mrs. C. E,; 49 Morgan Avenue, U
JEFFERSON, William, 4 Warbro Place, B
JEFFERY, Charles, Sherwell Lane, C
JEFFREY, Mrs. Elizabeth, 3 Park Road, M
JEFFREY, John, 2 Petitor Terrace, M
JELLARD Mrs. Mary, Redden Hill Road, B
JENKIN & SON. Lymington Road, U
JENKINS & SON, 132 Union Street
JENKINS, Miss L., 3 Torwood Gardens, TD
JENKINS Ernest, 4 Napier Place, E
JENKINS, Mrs. C, 12 Furrough Cross, B
JENKINS, Edward, 15 Princes Street, B
JENKINS, J. F., 13-14 Victoria Parade, TD
JENKINS Walter Wiltshire, Clovis, W
JENKINS & Co., 7 Strand, S
JENKINS Miss Mary, 16 Fleet Street, S
JENKINS, Henry Tozer, Donard Lodge, C
JENKINS William, 3 Peditford Terrace, U
JENKINS Richard, 101 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
JENKINS Walter Wiltshire, Thurlow Rd., U
JENKINS, Miss Ann, 7 Woodville Road, E
JENKINS Richard, Ruckamore Road, C
JENKINS, Richard, 51 Dunmere Road, E
JENNINGS, Harry, Warren Road, W
JENNINGS John A., 14 Alexandra Road E
JENNINGS William, 19 Ellacombe Road, E
JENNINGS, George T., 1 Orchard Cott., M
JENNINGS, Henry W., 11 Orchard Cott., M
JENNINGS Mrs. Edith, Princes Road, Wt., E
JENNINGS Richard T., Meadfoot Lane, TD
JERMAN Mrs. Rate, 52 Hoxton Road, E
JERMAN Mrs. Jessie. 37 Torwood Street, S
JERMAN Miss Elsie, 4 Lucius Street., W
JERMAN Miss Elsie, 276 Union Street
JERRETT John, 6 Portland Place, W
JERVIS-WALDY W. (Col.), Howden Ct., W
JESSOP Charles, Shirburn Villa, U
JESSOP, Bertrand, 48 Woodville Road, E
JESSOP Robert, Parkfield Road, U
JOB, Henry, Sutherland View. TD
JOB Andrew, 2 Park Street, TD
JOB Mrs. Ann Maria. 25 Hoxton Road, E
JOHNS, Charles E., 12 St. Mark's Place, TD
JOHNS, John, 30 Compton Place, M
JOHNS Wm. J, 7 Hr. Terrace, Mews, S
JOHNS Joseph, 63 Lymington Road, U
JOHNS Arthur, 3 Braddons Street, S
JOHNS, Albert, rear White Hart Hotel, B
JOHNS, Albert, 48 Broadmead Road, B
JOHNS, Samuel, 6 Warberry Vale, E
JOHNS Mrs., Market Street
JOHNSON Edwin, 3 Athenaeum Place, S
JOHNSON, Mrs. B., 61 Temperance Street, W
JOHNSON & SON, 8 Victoria Parade, TD
JOHNSON, Charles, 5 Trinity Place, TD
JOHNSON Mrs. Mary, 25 Windsor Road, E
JOHNSON, Francis, Brocklehurst, C
JOHNSON, William. Barewell, M
JOHNSON W. F., 109 Lymington Road, U
JOHNSON W., 6 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
JORNSON BROS., 4a Strand, S
JOHNSON Wm. H., Half Moon Hotel, S
JOHNSON Emily S., Bay Fort, Warren Road
JOHNSON, Mrs. Mary, 33 Victoria Road, E
JOHNSON A. R., Warberry Rd. Middle, E
JOHNSON, Mrs. Catherine, Hatfield Road, E
JOHNSON, Mrs., 64 Forest Road, U
JOHNSTON J. C. (Rev.), Mount Warren, W
JOHNSTON, Francis C. R., Cockington Lane
JOHNSTON, Dr. W. H. O., Devons Road, B
JOINT, Harry, 1 Enfield Cottages, B
JOINT Mrs. Mary B., 2 Alexandra Road, E
JOINT, William, 6 Stoneycroft Terrace, C
JOLLY Isabella Miss. Torwoodlee. T
JONES Miss Mary, St Matthias, B
JONES Rev. Dr. Arthur., Teignmouth Rd, U
JONES, John, Victoria Road, E
JONES Miss Elizabeth, 1 Modena Terrace, S
JONES, Thomas, Babbacombe Road, B
JONES O. L., 59 Lymington Road, U
JONES, Albert, Barton Nursery, M
JONES Mrs. Ann, 1 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
JONES George E, 3 Elstow Terrace, E
JONES Thomas, 12 Warberry Vale, E
JONES William, 7 Windsor Road, E
JONES, William E., Avenue Road, T.
JONES, Miss Jean W., Babbacombe Rd., S
JONES John Sydney, Endwood, T
JONES William A., 1 Lansdowne Place, T
JONES, Dr. Wm. Makeig, Beaumont, TD
JONES, Miss J. E., 1 Wellswood Park, TD
JONES, Wm. M., 1 Babbacombe Bay Ter., B
JONES Mrs E., rear 14 Tor Hill Road, W
JONES John, 144 Union Street, W
JONES Mrs. Sarah, Union Street
JONES Mrs. Alice C., Kents Road TD
JONES (Dr.) Wm. M., Lincombe Hill Rd., E
JONES, Joseph, 96 Forest Road, U
JONES, George, Church Lane, T
JONES Wesley Rowland, Babbacombe Rd.
JORDAN William, 1 Madrepore Road, S
JORDAN, William, Teignmouth Road, M
JORDAN, E., 24 Torwood Street, TD
JORDAN Albert, Torre Church Road, T
JORDAN Edmund, 8 Faria Cottages, U
JORDAN Robert, 226 Lymington Road, U
JORDAN, William A., 6 Woodland Ter., C
JORDAN Burney, Roma, T
JORDAN, John, 3 Plainmoor, B
JORDAN'S Hotel, Fleet Street, S
JORDAN, Harper Benson, Western Road, M
JORDAN Wm. Henry, 10-12 Sherwell Hill, C
JORDAN Charles Edward, 48 Hoxton Rd. E
JOSLIN, Samuel, 13 Barewell, M
JOSLING, Sydney, 7 Warberry Vale, E
JOSLING Mrs. E. A., 3 Pennsylvania Rd., E
JOY, John, Market Street
JOY, John, 113 Ellacombe Church Road, E
JOYCE, Miss Elizabeth, St. Luke's Road, W
JOYCE, Miss Eleanor, 1 Rowley Road, M
JUKES-BROWNE, A. J., Bridge Road, T
JULIAN Miss, Margaret, Park Street, TD
JULIAN, Henry F., Braddons Road, (East)
JURY Samuel Shapter, Fairlawn, U
JURY, Mrs. Susannah, Rear Fore Street
JUTSON John 11, 41 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E

KAY Mrs. Mary, Seaway Lane C
KEANE, Mrs. Mary, Vicarage Road, C
KEARY, Miss M. A., Grafton Road, S
KEATES, Mrs. Elizabeth, Dunstone, TD
KEEFE, William, 13 Camden Road, E
KEELING Frank, 6 Bath Terrace, T,
KEENAN, John M., 134 Forest Road, U
KEENOR Charles, 7 Parkfield Terrace, U
KEENOR, Richard, 7 Gregorys Cottages, M
KEENOR James, 6 Hoxton Road, E
KEEP, Miss A. E., Cary Park, B
KEETLEY Miss E. H. A., 10 Fleet Street, S
KEIGHLEY Josiah, Nethway, T
KELLAND Thomas, Cotswold, W
KELLAWAY, Alfred, 5 Meadfoot Lane, TD
KELLAWAY, William, 20 Daison Road, U
KELLAWAY, William, 106 St. Edmunds Rd.
KELLETT, Arthur, 11 Ilsham Cottages, TD
KELLEY Thomas, Torre Hill Road, T
KELLIGREW Wm., Perrett's Buildings, S
KELLOW, James, 7 Warboro Place, B
KELLOW, John, 8 Palk Place, M
KELLOW Alfred, 10 Palk Place, M
KELLY C. J., 4 Westbourne Crescent, U
KELLY, Samuel, 9 Park Road, M
KELLY Thomas, 72 Belgrave Road, T
KELLY, William, rear Fore Street, M
KELLY John, 24 Mallock Road, C
KELLY, Mrs. Sarah, Torre Hill, T
KELWAY Robert. 45 Victoria Road, E
KEMP William, 4 Exeter Villas, E
KEMP, Alfred, rear 3 Laburnum Row, T
KEMP John, Eccleston, T
KEMP Mrs. Maria, 5 Westbourne Crest., U
KEMP John, 3 Carp Place, S
KEMPTHORNE, Frederick, 78 Kenwyn Rd, E
KEMPTHORNE Miss L. A., 3 Innerbrook Rd.
KENDALL, James, 1 & 2 Portland Place, M
KENDALL, Capt. Thomas H., Rosemont, TD
KENDRICK, Albert C., Warren Road, W
KENNAWAY & Co., 31 Victoria Parade, TD
KENNEDY, Daniel, The Presbytery, M
KENNY Joseph, 45 Fleet Street, S
KENT Edmund Ford. Hatherley, T
KENT F. J., 208 Lymington Road, U
KENTISBEAR, Ernest, 2 Happaway Ter., M
KENTISBEARE William C., Hele, M
KENTISBEER John, 71 Windsor Road, E
KENTISBEER, John, Hatfield Road, E
KENTISBEER, Mrs. B., 9 Mt. Hermon Rd., E
KEPPEL, Mrs. Mary, 7 Fairfield Terrace, B
KEPPELL, Miss Mary, Warbro Road, B
KEPPELL, Miss M., Warbro Road, B
KERCHBAUMER, Joseph, 14 Forest Road, U
KERNICK Frederick, 6 Kenwyn Road, E
KERNICK William. H., 10 Kenwyn Road, E
KERNICK Samuel J, 2 Abbey Crescent, W
KERNICK, Hy. Francis, 19 Westbourne Rd.
KERNICK, John, 4 Warberry Rd. West, E
KERSLARE, Isaac, 44 Fore Street M
KERSLAKE, Tom., 2 Gregorys. Cottages, M
KERSLAKE Mrs. E., 6 Parkfield Ter., U
KERSLAKE. Wm. Thomas, Castle Road, U
KERSWELL. John, 23 Kenwyn Road, E
KERSWILL William, 22 Windsor Road, E
KESLAKE, Miss Annie, 35 Fore Street, B
KESSELL Miss Amelia, Lismore, T
KESSELL, John, Cambridge Road, M
KEUL Henry, Southdene, S
KILLEY Robert J., 32 Alexandra Road, E
KILMINSTER, George, 6 Victoria Terrace, B
KILMINSTER, Charles, 46 Fore Street, M
KIMBER The Misses, Daylesford, T
KIMBER, M. A., Tracey, Seaway Lane, C
KIMBER, Miss, BampfyIde Road, T
KIMBER, Miss Ruth, 8 CarIton Road, E
KINCH, Sarah, 6 Walnut Road C
KINCH Harry, 83 Lymington Road, U
KINCH, Hermon Henry, Elm Tree, C
KINDELL, Mrs., 2 Beacon Terrace, TD
KINDERSLEY Frank M., St. Albans Road, B
KING Miss Emily A., Furzecot, U
KING John Callard, 3 Market Street, U
KING George, 11 Fleet Street, S
KING, William. 15 Wellswood Place, TD
KING, George, 3 Rockside, TD
KING, Edwin, 8 Torwood Street, TD
KING Robert, under 22 Abbey Road, W
KING, Annie, 49 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
KING, Charles, 9 and 10 Ellacombe Road, E
KING, 10 Abbey Road, W
KING Bernard G, 64 Hoxton Road, E
KING Victor, 17 Queen Street, S
KINGDOM Walter E., Fernhill, U
KINGDON Mrs. Emily, 32 Ellacombe Rd, E
KINGWELL, Henry, rear 292 Union Street, T
KINGWILL Mrs. M. G., 65 Lymington Rd, U
KIRTON, Samuel G., 11 Lumaton Place, M
KIRTON, Thomas. 10 Madeira Cottages, W
KITE, Samuel, 42 Sherwell Road, C
KITSON Mrs. Edith F., Bemerton, W
KITSON John. Hengrave House. Newton Rd
KITSON, Robert P., Collaton, TD
KITSON, Miss Mary Caroline, Collaton, TD
KITSON, the Misses Church Road. M
KITTO William, 65 Market Street, U
KITT Samuel, 87 Windsor Road E
KITTS Tom, 2 Springfield Court, B
KITTS, Samuel, 46 St. Edmunds Road, E
KITTS, William, 109 St Edmunds Road, B
KNAPMAN Samuel, 4 Highbury Road, E
KNAPMAN Samuel, 21 Pennsylvania Rd, E
KNAPMAN, Wm. B., 23 All Saints Road, B
KNAPMAN Mrs. Susan Jessie, St. Moritz, W
KNAPMAN Mrs. H. M., Erdsleigh House, W
KNAPMAN George, 1 Alma Terrace, W
KNAPMAN Henry, 42 Crown Hill. Park, T
KNAPMAN, Henry R. 2 Regents Terrace. M
KNAPMAN John, 149 Lymington Road, U
KNAPMAN W. G, Chapel House, U
KNAPMAN R., 14 Shirburn Terrace, U
KNAPMAN, Ernest, 82 CarIton Road E
KNAPMAN, William J., Happaway. Hill, S
KNAPMAN, Alfred, Happaway Hill, S
KNAPMAN George, Princes Road West, E
KNAPMAN Edward, Thurlow Road Lr., U
KNAPMAN Wm. Gilbert, 44 Victoria Road, E
KNAPP, Miss, 24 St. Edmunds Road, E
KNEIL Henry, 11 Upton Ch. Road, U
KNIGHT Robert T.. 14 and 15 Strand. S
KNIGHT, R. T., Gratnar, Hunsdon Rd
KNIGHT Benjamin, 67 Union Street, U
KNIGHT, William, Barewell Court, M
KNIGHT John, 6 Ingatestone Terrace, W
KNIGHT Robert T. 2 Clifton Grove, TD
KNIGHT William, 28 Victoria Road, E
KNIGHT, John, 9 Sea View Terrace B
KNIGHT, Miss Margaret, 10 Portland Rd., B
KNIGHT, Wm. Hy., 81 Fleet Street
KNIGHT Robert T., Hunsdon Road E
KNIGHT Miss Frances Torquay Road, M
KNIGHT J. LIMITED, 43A Union Street
KNIGHT, William Hy., 81Fleet Street,
KNIGHTS Joseph, 44 Sherwell Hill C
KNILL Thomas, 4 Coburg Place, W
KNOTT, John, Castle Road, U.
KNOWLES Dan, Ferndale, U
KNOWLES Mrs. Matilda J., Laywell, T
KNOWLES, George, 5 Rosery Road, C
KNOWLES Eli, 41 Sherwell Hill, C
KNOWLING Charles H., 2 Alma Terrace, W
KNOWLING, Samuel, 18 All Saints Rd., B
KOHLER Matthew, Upton Hill, U
KRAJEWSKI, S., St. Mark's Road, TD
KRAMM John, 65 Fleet Street, S
KRAM, 4 Union Street, W
KREMNITZ Major G. A., St. Matthias, B
KRIMBLE, Mrs., 2 Cavern Road. E

LABDON Edmund, 2 Grosvenor Ter., W
LABDON, William., 9 Compton Place, M
LACEY Hugh K.(Dr.) 143 Union St., U
LACEY, Miss E.H., 2 Woodland Terrace, B
LADNER William, C., Elsford, U
LADNER Walter., 37 Innerbrook Road, (1
LADYMAN, John. Fingle, TD
LAITY. Mrs. E J., 11 St. Annes Terrace, B
LAKE William, 5 Bradford Terrace, U
LAKE, Mrs. E., 6 Plainmoor Cottages, B
LAKE, George. 1 Waterloo Cottages, M
LAKE, John, 1 Watcombe Place, M
LAKE James. 39 Pennsylvania Road, E
LAKEMAN, Miss Lavinia, Honley, TD
L AKEMAN William E., 31 Windsor Rd., E
LALE Mrs. Emma, 13 Church Lane, T
LALE Mrs. Louisa, Melville Hill, W
LAMACRAFT Joseph. 5 Alma Terrace, W
LAMACRAFT, Wm. Hugh, 41 Forest, Road, U
LAMBERT, Walter, 5 Beacon Terrace. TD
LAMBLE, Walter, 10 Wellington Road. E
LAMBLE, William, 23 Hoxton Road. E
LAMBLE, James, 13 Compton Place, M
LAMBLE, John under 12 Queen Street, S
LAMBLE, Henry, 29 Hoxton Road, E
LAMBLE, Edward, 61 Dunmere Road, E
LAMBLE, William. P., 2 Ellacombe Road, E
LAMBERT, Arthur, 19 Belgrave Road, T
LAMBLE Mrs. Jane, 3 Happaway Place, S
LAMERT M. (Rev.), St. Bernards House, T
LAMBTON-DAWSON Miss M, St. Matthias, B
LAMY Mrs. Camille Louis,, Teignmouth Road
LAND Mrs. Emma J., 16 Lr. Wellesley Rd, E
LAND William H., 1 Mt. Hermon Rd., E
LANDEN William, 1 St. Michael's Ter., 11
LANDEN Miss E., 97 Lymington Road, U
LANDER Phillip, 18 Alexandra Road, E
LANDER Thomas, 7 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
LANDER Richard. 19 Wellington Road, E
LANDER, Mrs,, 52 Ellacombe Road, E
LANDER Albert, 17 Upton Church Road, U
LANE Charles, 52 Abbey Road, W
LANE Stephen H. G., 1 Erin Place, T
LANE Mrs. Charlotte, 19 Queen Street, S
LANE Francis John, Braddons Cottage, S
LANE W. H., 1 Preston Cottages, U
LANE John. rear 4 Torre Hill Road, T
LANE Arthur, 59 Temperance Street. W
LANE Thomas, 32 Lr. Union Lane, W
LANE Charles. 2 Chatsworth Terrace, E
LANE Percival M., 32 Windsor Road, E
LANE Vincent, 12 Madeira Cottages, W
LANE Robert Joseph, Melville Hill, W
LANE, Raymond, Holmdene, M
LANE, Frank, 25 Victoria Parade, TD
LANE, John, Lansdowne, TD
LANE, Frederick, 24 Rosery Road, C
LANE S. N., 187 Union Street, U
LANE S. H. N., 33 Morgan. Avenue, U
LANE, Mrs. Phyllis M.. 20 Princes Street., B
LANE George, Torre Church Road, T
LANE Christopher G., 10 Old Mill Road, C
LANE Mrs. Maud E., Abbey Road, W..
LANG John, 1 Ingatestone Terrace, W
LANG, John, 1 Church Road, AI
LANG Miss Jane, 3 Mt. St. Bernard's, E
LANG Harry. 11 Pennsylvania Road, E
LANG, Rev. W. F., Dashwood, Lisburn. TD
LANG, Miss Ellen, 7 Homer Terrace, B
LANG, Robert H., 13 Union Terrace, B
LANG, John, 5 Portobello Cottages, B
LANG William, 68 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
LANG George, Upton Road I.T
LANG Edwin, Princes Road West, E
LANG William H., Park Hill Road, TD
LANG Harry, 11 Pennsylvania Road, E
LANG, Wm. C., 127 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
LANG, Albert W., 24 CarIton Road, E
LANGDON Samuel, 20 Braddons Street, S
LANGDON B.. 6 Braddons Road West, S
LANGDON, Wm., St. Margaret's, B
LANGDON, William, 7 Woodside Cott.. M
LANGFORD, Mrs. M. A.. 11 Mount Pleasant, M
LANGFORD, Miss Mary, Cleveland Road, T
LANGMEAD Edwin, 8 Coburg Place, W
LANGMEAD E. E., rear 240 Union St., U
LANGMEAD John, 175 Union Street, U
LANGMEAD William, 4 Bowmanville Te., E
LANGMEAD William, 175 Union Street
LANGMEAD Thomas, 13 Queen Street, S
LANGMEAD, William, 8 Coburg Place, W
LANGMEAD, Thomas, 7 George Street, S
LANGRIDGE Mrs., 221 Lymington Road, U
LANGTON Miss Louisa. Hillside, T
LANGTRY, Robert, 45 Dunmere Road, E
LANGWASSER, Mrs., 9 Warberry Vale, E
LANGWORTHY, E., 19 Belle Vue Crescent, C
LANGWORTHY, Ann E., 2 Woodland Ter., C
LANGWORTHY Mrs. M., rear 24 Tor Hill Rd
LANGWORTHY William, 5 Sherwell Hill, C
LANHAM, Miss Sarah E., 7 Park Street. TD
LANSDOWN, Mrs. Emma,37 Mallock Road, C
LANYON Vivian, Pennare, T
LARK G. B., 108 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
LARK, Herbert. 1 Rosebank Villas C
LARK John, 2 Maranatha Terrace, E
LARK A. E., Park Hill Road, TD
LARK, John junr.. 55 CarIton Road, E
LARKWORTHY, William, Juniper, M
LARKWORTHY, John, 14 Belmont Road, E
LARTER, Miss Clara, 2 Summerland Ter., M
LASKEY, William, Riviera Stables, TD
LASKEY G. W. P., 45 Lymington Road, U
LASKEY Thomas, 1 Alexandra Ter., U
LATHROP Henry, Laburnum Row, T
LATIMER Miss Frances, Fernlea, T
LAUDER Thomas, Sherwell Lane, C
LAUNDER, John, 7 Hilldrop Terrace, E
LAVERS, George T., 4 Victoria Terrace, C
LAVERS, Mrs. Ellen, BampfyIde Road, T
LAVERS Frederick, Athlin, U
LAVERS, Mr., 55 Kenwyn Road, E
LAVERS George Thomas.. Sherwell Lane., C
LAVIS William Francis, 21 Church Lane,
LAVIS Ann H., 17 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
LAVIS, William, 30 St, Edmunds Road, E
LAVIS, Walter, 5 Forest Road, U
LAVIS Jonathan, Teignmouth Road, U
LAW, Miss Mary Elizabeth, Ilsham Dene, B
LAW, Robert H., 29 Walnut Road, C
LAW, Joseph Henry, 31 Victoria Road, E
LAWRENCE, Wm., 6 Plainmoor Cottages, B
LAWRENCE Mrs. E., 10 Laburnum Row, T
LAWRENCE, Mrs. E.J., 13 Regents Ter., M
LAWRENCE, Arthur, 9 Woodside Cott, M
LAWRENCE Arthur, Barton, M
LAWRENCE, Dr. H. Cripps, Cary Avenue, B,
LAWRENCE, Mr., Hatfield Road, E
LAWRENCE James, 11 Princes Road, E
LAWRENCE, Sydney, 41 Belmont Road, E
LAWSON, J. D., Barton, B
LAYLAND-BARRATT. Sir F., Manor House, TD
LAZZARI Gildo, 24 Hoxton Road. E
LEA, Albert Percy, 17 Woodville Road, E
LEACH, G., Kilmeny, Chelston Road, C
LEACH, Miss Amy, 20 Haredown Ter, R
LEACH, John Gorial, 6 Dunmere Road, E
LEACH, Charles, Derwent Road, E
LEACH, Frederick R., 27 Belmont Road, E
LEADER, Mrs. E., 8 Elm Tree Crescent. T
LEAKER, Miss Sarah Jane, Torbay Road, W
LEAMAN F. G., 74 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
LEAMAN, George, 69 Windsor Road. E
LEAMAN Charles Henry, 1 Napier Place, E
LEAMAN Ernest, 21 Pennsylvania Road, B
LEAMAN Alfred F., 8 Madrepore Road, S
LEAMAN Richard, 6 Braddons Street, S
LEAMAN Henry, 19 Prospect Place, U
LEAMAN W., 10 Moorlands Terrace, U
LEAMAN J. G., 74 Ellacombe Church Rd.
LEAMAN T.J., 1 Moorlands Terrace, U
LEAMAN William, 5 Park Cottages, U
LEAMAN Francis, Torre Cottage, T
LEAMAN W. C., 9 Albert Place, U
LEAMAN Miss Catherine, 296 Union Street
LEAMAN William Charles, Upton Hill, U
LEAMAN, Geo. Hy., 6 St. Edmunds Road, E
LEAMAN, Mrs. Jane, 42 St. Edmunds Rd, E
LEAMAN, Geo. Hy., 6 Warberry Vale, E
LEAMAN John, Princes Road West, E
LEAMAN George, 43 Sherwell Hill, C
LEAMAN Edward, 22 Mallock Road, C
LEAMAN George, 51 Hoxton Road, E
LEAMAN Alexander. Wm., Thurlow Rd., U
LEAMON Edward, 27 Fleet Street, S
LEAR John, 96 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
LEAR Henry, 2 Highbury Road, E
LEAR Mrs. Ellen, 23 Princes Road, E
LEAR, James, 11 Home Cottages, B
LEAR, Mrs. Eleanor, 14 Haredown Ter., B
LEAR, Frank, 1 Medina Terrace. B
LEAR, Miss Caroline, 4 Medina Terrace, B
LEAR John, 16 Queen Street, S
LEAR Edward, 26 Alexandra Road, E
LEAR Wm. H, 2 Bradford Terrace, U
LEAR Robert, 9 George Street, 8
LEAR Thomas, 7 Happaway Place, S
LEAR Joseph, 181 Lymington Road, U
LEAR Albert J., rear 4 Wellbeck Tce., T
LEAR A. G., Geneva House Stables, T
LEAR, Miss Amelia F., Torre Square, T
LEAR, Henry, 34 Dunmere Road, E
LEAR Albert John, Lime Avenue, T
LEAR Miss Helen, 9 Palk Street, S
LEAR Harry, 23 Princes Road, E
LEAR George, Torquay Road, B
LEAR Thomas, 10 Pimlico, S
LEATT, Richard, 15 Petitor Road, M
LEATT, Richard, Hartop Road, M
LE BRETON, Miss E. C., Braddons Rd., E
LEDAN, Henry, 86 St. Edmunds Road, B
LEDGER, Alfred, Babbacombe Road, B
LEE James, 12 Windsor Road. E
LEE Benjamin A, 11 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
LEE, Joseph, 6 Ashton Cottages, TD
LEE, Gilbert, 7 Wellswood Place, TD
LEE, George Henry, Holm Lodge, C
LEE, James, 6 Highfield Terrace, B
LEE William H., 33 Union Street, S
LEE William, 9 Pimlico, S
LEE William, 13 to 19 Pimlico, S
LEE George, 19 Morgan Avenue, U
LEE William, rear the Glenkens, W
LEE Edward James, 53 Abbey Road, W
LEE Thomas F., 3 Abbey Road, W
LEE William James, 18 Church Lane, T
LEE. Harold C., Reddecliffe, M
LEE, William Ernest, 20 Barton, M
LEE Edwin, 111 Union Street U
LEE, Charles F., 12-13 Fore Street, M
LEE, the Misses, Efride's Road, T
LEE Wm. Henry E., 18 Torwood Street TD
LEE, Albert Edward, 145 Windsor Rd, E
LEE, Willie Henry, 38 Westbourne Road, U
LEE, Benjamin A. Jun., 11 Wellesley Rd. Lr.
LEE. Mr ., Upton Road, U
LEE, the Misses, Old Mill Road, C
LEE, Edwin, 95 St. Edmunds Road, B
LEE, Miss Selina, 14 Broadmead Road, B
LEE Wm. Henry Edwin, 5 Park Street, TD
LE GEYT, William P., Snowdon Lodge, C
LEGG R. J., 195 Lymington Road, U
LEGGE Mrs Elizabeth 1 Regents Cott., M
LEGGERI Frederick , 7 Highbury Road, E
LE HADMOINDS, Miss R., 9 Ilsham Cott., TD
LEHMKUHL Miss, Bronshill Road, E
LEIGH Edward. Myrtle Villa, U
LELEU John, Torbay Hotel, W
LEMAIRE, Paul F., 34 CarIton Road, E
LEMARCHANT Mrs. Mary, 1 The Birklands, S
LEMARE Leslie T., 3 Anglesea Terrace, T
LEMM Mrs. Astria, 25 Hoxton Road, E
LEMM, John Henry, 78 CarIton Road, E
LEMON Leonard, 4 Springfield Terrace, U
LEMON James T.. 1 Beenland Gardens, T
LEMON W. B., 168 Union Street, U
LEMON, James, 2 CarIton Road, E
LEMON, Henry, 14 CarIton Road, E
LEMON Ambrose Charles, Parkfield Rd., U
LEMON James, Parkfield Road, U.
LENEY Miss Annie, Pleasaunce, E
LENNON J., under 3 Upton Vale Ter., U
LENNON Bernard, 50 Hoxton Road, E,
LEON Dr. George A. Park Hill Road, TD
LEONARD, Hugh, 7 Plainmoor Terrace., B
LEONARD, Mrs. S. A., Empire Road, U
LEPPINGTON William, Oakhill T
LEBLEY, William, 5 Hatfield Terrace, C
LESLIE, Mrs. Annie, 15 Belmont Road, E
LETHBRIDGE W., 18 Park Cottages, U,
LETIRBRIDGE W. M.. 7 Moorlands Ter., U
LETHBRIDGE Alfred, 6 Queen Street, S
LETHBRIDGE Wm. C., Limefield Stables, T
LETHBRIDGE Samuel, St. James Road U
LETORI John junr., 2 Pleasant Place, U
LEVER Mary. Lincombe Road Higher, TD
LEWIS Richard, 25 Lr Union Lane, W
LEWIS Alfred W, 5 Belgrave Road, W
LEWIS Charles, rear 34 South Street, T
LEWIS Albert E., 2 Chester Place T
LEWIS Mrs. Annie, 3 Abbey Villa, T
LEWIS, Mrs. Susan, 9 St Annes Terrace, B
LEWIS John, 6 Brunswick Terrace, U
LEWIS C. G., 188 Union Street, U
LEWIS, Alfred W., 5 Belgrave Road, T
LEWIS, Richard P., 57 Broadmead Road, B
LEWIS, Gerard, Westhill Road, M
LEWIS, Miss M., Rear Fore Street
LEWIS the Misses, Torre Park Road, T
LEWTON, Mrs. Frances, York Road, B
LEY, Thomas, Hop Cottages, B
LIAS, Ernest J., 2 St. Marks Place TD
LEDDICOAT, Thomas (Capt.), Bryn Estyn, C
LIDDICOAT, Mrs. Clara, 7 Highfield Ter., B
LIDSTONE, William J. 21 Rosery Road, C
LIDSTONE George, 17 Kenwyn Road, E
LIDSTONE, Elizabeth, 3 Goschen Road, C
LIDSTONE E. J., 101 Lymington Road, U,
LIGHTFOOT Emmanuel 35 Queen St., S
LIGHTFOOT Sydney, 1 Bedford Row, S
LIGHTFOOT John, under 6 Queen Street, S
LINDFIELD, Mrs. Fanny, Gladdiswoode, TD
LINDOP, Thomas Crump, St. Ronans, TD
LINDOP T. C., 74 Fleet Street, S
LINNELL Miss Anne, Le Rocher, S
LINNINGTON T., 16 Prospect Place, U
LINNINGTON, Wm, 63 Westbourne Rd., U
LINTER, John Nicholas, Bedford Road, B
LINTER Reginald C., 21 Torwood St., S
LINTERN John, 12 Rowley Road, M
LINTON Samuel, 33 Pimlico, S
LINTON Samuel, Hapaway Hill
LIPSCOMBE George, rear 20 Princes Rd., E
LIPTON LTD., 45a Union Street, S
LISHAWA Miss Carsie, 76 Belgrave Road, T
LITTLE Mrs. Mary C., 4 Bexley Terrace, T
LITTLE, John F. W., Elmhurst, M
LITTLE, Rev. T. W., Church Road, M
LITTLE, Miss L., Church Street, T
LITTON Miss Mary, 2 Victoria Villas, W
LIVINGSTONE, Frank, Church Street, T
LLOYD S. W, 106 Union Street U
LLOYD, Mrs. Mary P., Warberry Lodge, TD
LLOYD J. A., 2 Farley Terrace, U
LLOYD Ernest, Richmond, T
LLOYD Mrs. Laura, Shirburn Road, U
LLOYDS Branch Bank. 9 Walnut Road, C
LOCK, Noah, 1 New Springfield Terrace, B
LOCK, Richard, 6 Petitor Road, M
LOCK William C.. 37 Ellacombe Road, E
LOCK Frederick, 38 Ellacombe Road, E
LOCK Henry, 36 Victoria Road, E
LOCK, Francis Spiller, Stanbury, TD
LOCK, George, 3 Fore Street, B
LOCK William Henry, 11 Mallock Road, C
LOCK, William, 6 Empire Road, U
LUCK Mrs. Alice, Redden Hill Road, B
LOCK, Charles T., 65 Broadmead Road, B
LUCKRAFT. Miss Annie, Wellesley Rd. Hr
LOCKWOOD Arthur, St. Vincent, T
LOCKYER Ernest Alfred, Herbert Road, C
LOFTUS Mrs., Torbay Road, C
LOGAN, Mrs., Warberry Road Higher, E
LOMAN, John, 2 Ashburne Villas, TD
LOMAX, Albert, 23 St. Edmunds Road, E
LOMBE, Mrs. Mary L, St. Luke's Rd. South
LON, Frederick W., 18 Fore Street, M ,
LONG Robert, 35 Hoxton Road, E
LONG George, 45 Pennsylvania Road. E
LONG Percy W., under 16 Hoxton Rd., E
LONG, Charles Wm., Sherwell Lane, C
LONGBOTHAM, Mrs., Babbacombe Road, B
LONGLANDS, Miss Louisa, Boscobel, M
LONG-SUTTON, B. J., Oulton House, C
LORAM, John, rear 11 Park Street, TD
LORAM William, 9 Cavern Road, E
LORAM Henry, 49 Ellacombe Road, E
LORD William Henry, Bythorn, E
LORD, Miss Maria, 65 Sherwill Hill, C
LORIMER Robert, Rosario, S
LORY William, 4 Cary Parade, W
LOTT Mrs. Jessie. 27 Windsor Road, E
LOUDEN, Alexander, The Undercliffe. B
LOUNT, John T., 5 Ashton Cottages, TD
LOUNT Albert Henry, 2 Mallock Road, C
LOUR, J., 4 St. Giles Terrace. B
LOVE Mrs. Anna. M., Sherwell Lane, C
LOVELL John, 25 Lucius Street, T
LOVERING (Major) H. M., SoIsbro' Road, U
LOVESEY Henry S., 1 Elm Tree Crescent, T
LOVETT, George, rear 19 East Street, T
LOVEYS, Sarah Pinsent, Elmside, C
LOW George, 1 Pelham Villas, U
LOWE, James, 42 Belmont Road, E
LOWE Albert, 30 Sherwell Hill, C
LOWE Sydney, 81 Sherwell Hill, C
LOWE James, 91 St. Edmunds Road, B
LOWE, Sydney, 25 Sherwell Hill, C
LOWIS Miss Harriett, 6 Lower Terrace,. S
LOWTON C., 3 Marchwood Terrace, U
LOWTON George, 25 Upton Church Road, U
LOXTON Isaac, 6 Alexandra Road, E
LUCAS, Miss Kate, 2 Victoria Parade, TD
LUCAS Frederick, 84 Belgrave Road, T
LUCAS Mrs. Lucy, 34 Crown Hill Park, T
LUCAS, Albert E.. 2 Trinity Place, TD
LUCAS William, Sherwell Lane, C
LUCIANI, Mrs. Emily, 4 Wellswood Park, TD
LUCKHAM, Jas. A., rear 1 Lisburn Villas, TD
LUCY, Mrs., 5 Hesketh Crescent, TD
LUKE, Wm. Bartlett, Empire Road, U
LUKIN Mrs. Emily, Stratford Lodge, T
LULY Mrs. Marian, Westgate, T
LUPTON, Henry, Devonia, TD
LUTTRELL, Mrs. M., 5 Homefield Cott., B
LUSCOMBE Miss Annie A., 81 Fleet St., S
LUSCOMBE Miss Mary A., 5 Vaughan Pde., S
LUSCOMBE, Thomas R., 3 Rosebank V's., C
LUSCOMBE, Thomas, 18 Belle Vue Cres t.,, C
LUSCOMBE, Richard, 24 Walnut Road, C
LUSCOMBE Wm., 59 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
LUSCOMBE, Henry, The Palk Arms, M
LUSCOMBE Arthur S., 1 Lauriston Villas; T
LUSCOMBE Miss Bertha, Monart, W
LUSCOMBE Mrs. E., 2 Scarborough Place, W
LUSCOMBE Thomas, 1 Warren Fill, W
LUSCOMBE, John, 29 Belgrave Road, T
LUSCOMBE Henry, 8 Brentwood Ter., W
LUSCOMBE, Richard, Cavern Road, E
LUSCOMBE Richard H., Ilsham Road, TD
LUSCOMBE Mrs. M. A., 5 Innerbrook Rd., C
LUSCOMBE, Thomas R., Goschen Road, C
LUSCOMBE, Wm. John, Vane Hill Road, TD
LUXMOORE, Charles N., Vane Cliff, TD
LUXMORE, H., 95 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
LUXTON Charles, 9 Thurlow Terrace, U
LUXTON H., Upton Vale Hotel, U
LUXTON George, under 6 Hoxton Rd., E
LUXTON, Charles, 15 Furrough Cross, B
LUXTON, Thomas, 5 Highbury Place, M
LUXTON Alfred, 15 Hoxton Road, E
LUXTON Isaac junr.,23 Melville Street, W
LYLE James, Leytonstone, U
LYLE, Albert B., 2 Walls Hill Villas, B
LYNCH, Mrs. Jennie, 14A Furrough Cross, B
LYNN, Mrs. Sarah, 2 Cambridge Terrace, M
LYNN William, Cambridge Road, M
LYNN, John Henry, 26 Ellacombe Road, E
LYON James, 3 Bexley Terrace, T
LYON Edward James, Tor Vale, U
LYONS, Mrs.. 88 St. Edmunds Road, B
LYONS Mrs. Fanny, Braddon Tor, S

MABIN W. S., 1 Union Street, S
MACANDREW, Mrs. Agnes R., Kilrock, B
MACBETH, Thomas, Dunsinane, 31
MACBETH Tom, 23 Fleet Street, St. Mch., S
MACBETH Thomas, 24 Rowley Road, M
MACDONALD, Hon. Lady A.. Mt. Vernon, TD .
MACEY Alfred G., Heatherdon. U
MACEY, Frederick, 4 Portobello Cott., B
MACEY, Thomas, 21 Broadmead Road, B
MACGREGOR Lady F. A., Glencarnock, T
MACINTOSH, the Misses, Warren Road, W
MACKENZIE Harry V. (Dr.), Elm Bank, W
MACKENZIE Henry T., 3a Strand, S
MACKENZIE Mrs. Josephine, Barton Rd., T
MACKINLEY Norman S., Braddonfield, S
MACLEOD, Rev. N. D., Babbacombe Rd., B
MACMAHON Charles, Osmund, U
MACMILLAN Mr., Granta, St. Luke's Road
MACMILLAN George, St. Luke's Road, W
MACONCHY, Capt. F. C.,6 Wellswood Pk.,TD
MACPHERSON, Mrs. F. J. B., York Road, B
MACREIGHT, W. Walkinshaw, Tulchan, B
MACTAGGART, Mrs., Cary Park, B
M ADDERN, William B., Babbacombe Road., B
MADDERN, John, Rose Villa, B
MADDERN Samuel D., 12 Princes Road, B
MADDERN James, 25 Innerbrook Road, C
MADDERN, Ernest, 39 Winsor Road, E
MADDERN, John James. 15 Westbourne Rd
MADDERS, James, 10 Goschen Road, C
MADDICK Thomas, 6 Braddons Terrace, S
MADDOCK George, 22 Union Street, W
MADDOCK G., Westover, Teignmouth Road
MADDOCK, Miss J., 12 Torwood Terrace, TD
MADDOCK Mrs. Eunice, 2 S. Town House, U
MADDOCK, Mrs. Mary, 25 Compton Place, M
MADDOCK Albert Ernest, Sherwell Lane, C
MADGE, Fredk. T., rear Palk Place. M
MADGE John, 4 Trafalgar Terrace. E
MADGE Charles, 1 Orchard Cottages, U,.
MADGE W. G., 205 Union Street U
MADGE Herbert, 28 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
MADGE, Wm., 114 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
MADGE, Wilcox H., 30 Dunmere Road, E
MADGE, Henry J., 96 St. Edmunds Road, B
MAEERs Fredk., 4 Laburnum Row, T
MAHONEY Mrs. S. B., 7 St. Michael's T., U
MAHONEY Joseph, Mill Leat Cottages, S
MAHONEY William, rear 15 Melville St., W
MAIR, James, Princes Rd., W
MAJENDIE, Preb. H. W., Ilsham Vicarage, T
MALLOCK the Misses, Seaway Lane, C
MALMBERG, Mrs. Susan, Lr. Erith Road, TD
MALONE Arthur 9 Barton, M
MANICO The Misses, Rousdon Road, C
MNLEY, Albert, 3 Coombe Park Ter., M
MANLEY W., 141 Lymington Road, U
MANLEY Frederick, Exmoor, S
MANLEY, Harry, 16 Victoria Parade, TD
MANLEY T. H, 66 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
MANLEY Joseph, 67 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
MANLEY Mrs., 7 Abbey Road, W
MANLEY Alfred, Waldon Crest, W
MANLEY Miss Elizabeth, 7 Abbey Rd. W
MANLEY Arthur G., Scarborough Road, W
MANLOVE Miss Emily, Scarsdale, T
MANN William James, 3 Princes Road, E
MANN S., 134 and 136 Union Street, W
MANN Edwin, 136 Union Street, W
MANN Mrs. Emily M.. Villa Alexandra, W
MANN, Mrs. M., Babbacombe Road, S
MANN, George, 1 Kents Terrace, TD
MANN, Mrs. Bertha, 15A Barton, M
MANN Wm. O'Connor, Newton Road, T
MANN Mrs. E., 10A Strand S
MANN Mrs. E., 23 Torwood Street, TD
MANNELL James T.. 23 Alexandra Road, E
MANNING, Samuel, 17 All Saints Road, B,
MANNING Charles, 3 Haytor Terrace, E
MANNING George, 7 Belgrave Cottages, T
MANNING John, 10 Belgrave Cottages, T
MANNING John H., 16 Laburnum St., T
MANNING William, 2 East Street, T
MANNING Miss G. H. G., St. Mark's Rd., TD
MANNING, Edwin, 26 Church Lane, T
MANSFIELD Dr. Orlando, Glenhaven, T
MARCH Fredk. T., 34 Fleet Street, S
MARCH, Nathaniel, Acadia Lodge, TD
MARCH Albert H., 21 Alexandra Road, E
MARCH Fredk., 90 Belgrave Road, T
MARCH, Alfred John, 22 Dunmere Road, E
MARCHANT, John, 6 Sunnybank M
MARCHANT, George, 3 Trumland Ter., M
MARCHANT, Oliver, Coombe Pafford, M
MARCHANT & CO., 63 Fleet Street, S
MARDON, Frederick G., 11 Victoria Road, E
MARDON Charles , 5 Jubilee Terrace, U
MARDON W., 186 Lymington Road, U
MARDON Frederick W., 7 Clifton Terrace, S
MARDON Wm. Henry, 1 Clifton Place, S
MARDON, Edwin Charles, Derewent Road, E
MARE John Barter, 30 Queen Street, S
MARGETTS, the Misses, Cleveland Road, T
MARGROVE Miss Lucy A.. Rathmore Rd., C
MARILLIER. Mrs. E., Wellswood Hall. TD
MARKHAM. Richard, 54 Ellacombe Rd., E
MARKER, Miss Emily, 28 Ellacombe Road, E
MARKER, Edward D Happaway Hill, S
MARKER Mrs. Alice, 45 Temperance St., W
MARKER Mrs Mahala Teignmouth Rd M
MARKS William, 6 Maranatha Terrace, E
MARLER William W., 47 Fleet Street, S
MARLES, James, 5 Old Mill Road, C
MARLES Mrs. Eliza., 4 Braddons Tce., S
MARLES Henry, 8 Grafton Terrace, S
MARLES W. T., 11 Thurlow Terrace, U
MARLES Ernest John, Rock Road, W
MARLES Mrs. Celia, 10 Rosery Road, C
MARLEY Mrs. Mary Ann, 65 Belgrave Rd, T
MARRINER, Rev. E. J., Cricket Field Lane, T
MARRIOTT Charles R., Kents Road, TD
MARSH, Albert, 5 Coombe Park Terrace. M
MARSHALL Wm., 52 Crown Hill Park, T
MARSHALL & WRIGHT, 47 Union Street, S
MARSHALL-STEVENS, Mrs. L., Homehurst, T
MARSHALL Charles, 12 Victoria Road, E
MARSHALL, Mr., 12 Thurlow Road Lr., U
MARSHALL., Mrs. E., Woodfield Rd. W, TT)
MARSLAND, W., St. Ives, Burridge Rd., C
MARTIN Mrs. Maria, 26 Alexandra Road, E
MARTIN Edward, 14 Camden Road, E
MARTIN John, 14 Cavern Road, E
MARTIN John, 2 Portland Cottages, W
MARTIN, Walter C., 7 Petitor Road, M
MARTIN, Mrs. E., 1 Greenway Terrace, M
MARTIN George H., 5 Lumaton Place, M
MARTIN A E rear 77 Union Street, U
MARTIN, William J., Oswalds, B
MARTIN, John, 7 Haredown Terrace, B
MARTIN, William 1 Beach Road, B
MARTIN George H., 6 Vaughan Parade, S
MARTIN Thomas, 5 Braddons Street S
MARTIN Henry, 1 Happaway Row, S
MARTIN George, 10 Corporation Buildings, S
MARTIN Mrs. Sarah, 1Arch Row, S
MARTIN, Mrs. Catherine, Clanmarina. TD
MARTIN, Frederick, 6 Victoria Terrace, C
MARTIN, Jehu (Rev.), Woodland Lodge, C
MARTIN William. R., 17 Windsor Road, E
MARTIN Humphrey, 15 Lr. Wellesley Rd, E
MARTIN Henry, 9 Warberry Rd. West, E
MARTIN Henry, 38 Princes Road, E
MARTIN William, 1 Belmont Cottage, T
MARTIN Mrs. Sarah, 2 Bexley Terrace. T
MARTIN Fredk., 47 Crown Hill Road, T
MARTIN, Charles H., 4 Braddons Street, S
MARTIN, Simon, Derewent Road, E
MARTIN, Mrs. Annie, 27 Dunmere Road, E
MARTIN, Frederick H., 5 East Street, T
MARTIN, Mrs. Elizabeth, Ilsham. Road, TD
MARTIN William, Princes Road West, E
MARTIN William, 12 Queen Street, S
MARTIN William, rear 15 Melville Street, W
MARTIN, Charles, 3 Union Street
MARTIN Miss Jessie, Walnut Rd. Upper, C
MARTIN, Miss Alice M, Madrepore Road, S
MARTIN Frederick Charles, 38 Kenwyn R, E
MARTYN Mrs. Annie M., 2 Hilldrop Tce., E
MARWOOD, William, 1 Portland Road, B
MARWOOD, Miss Maria, East Street, T
MARWOOD W., St Annes Road, B
MARYON Edward, 5 Chatsworth Terrace, E
MASLIN, John, 4 Lower Regents Terrace, M
MASON, John H, Cary Avenue, B
MASON Miss Anne Gill, Vicarage Road, C
MASONIC TEMPLE (Jordan Lodge), Torre Hill Road U
MASTERMAN Wm. A., 62 Windsor Road, E
MASTERS, Amelia, 1 Chelston Grove, C
MASTERS Daniel C., 3 Chatsworth Tce., E
MASTERS Daniel, 2 Croton Villas, W
MASTERS, Ernest T., 17 Endsleigh Place, B
MASTERS, D. C., 5A Fleet Street
MATHERS, Arthur, 16 St. Annes Terrace, B
MATTERS Henry, 2 Brunswick Terrace, U
MATTHEWS, Miss C., 3 Medina Terrace, B
MATTHEWS, William, 5 Springfield Ter., B
MATTHEWS, Frederick, 37 Fore Street, B
MATTREWS, John, 1 Homefield Cottages, B
MATTHEWS, John, 4 Park View Terrace, B
MATTHEWS G. R., 53 Lymington Road, U
MATTHEWS W., 2 Prospect Place, U
MATTHEWS Miss Anne, Highbeach, U
MATTHEWS John J., Mount Auburn, U
MATTHEWS W. H., 2 Lr. Shirburn Rd., U
MATTHEWS, Tom, 6 Victoria Place, M
MATTHEWS, Miss Minnie V., 1 Petitor Rd., M
MATTHEWS, George, 3A Petitor Road, M
MATTHEWS Sydney, 3 Trafalgar Ter., E
MATTHEWS, Mrs. Elizabeth, Hartop Rd., M
MATTHEWS, John C., 104 Forest Road, U
MATTHEWS Frank H., Shirburn Road, U
MATTHEWS S. W. G., 47 Union Lane Lr., W
MATTHEWS, Miss, Windsor Road, B
MATTHEWS, John R. C 106 Windsor Rd. E
MATTHEWS Ambrose, Union Street
MAUDE Mrs. Matilda, Old Mill Road, C
MAUDE Rev. Thomas, Vicarage Road, C
MAUDE, Walter, Warberry Road Higher, E
MAULE, W., 1 St. Giles Terrace, B
MAULE, Frank, 77 St. Edmunds Road, B
MAUNDER, Samuel, Warbro B
MAUNDER, William, 6 Lumaton Place, M
MAUNDER H. S., 4 Marchwood Terrace, U
MAUNDER John, 12 Laburnum. Street, T

MAXWELL, J. S., Seaway, Seaway Lane, C
MAXWELL Miss Lydia, Lamorna, U
MAXWELL William A., Park Street, TD
MAY Miss Hannah, 7 Lower Terrace, S
MAY, Mrs. Margaret, 10 Fairfield Ter., B
MAY Robert, 13 Waterloo Road, E
MAY, George Henry, Viewlands, C
MAY James, 32 Hoxton Road, E
MAY Miss Sarah, 2 Victoria Place, T
MAY Samuel, 1 Coburg Place W
MAYERS William, 13 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
MAYERS Robert J., 3 Cotford Terrace U
MAYERS W., 125 Lymington Road, U
MAYLE S., 173 Lymington Road, U
MAYNARD, Wm. T., Roughwood Hotel, B
MAYNARD James, 26 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
MAYNARD Ernest, Park Road, M
MAYNE, Harry, 13 Wellswood Place, TD
MAYNE William H., 14 Melville Street, W
MAYNE, Harry, Babbacombe Road, B
MAYNE W. H., 27 Market Street, U
MAYNE Charles, Market Street
MAYNE Richard, 9 Sherwell Hill, C
MAYNE, Miss E., 42 Walnut Road, C
MAYO, Henry, 7 Barewell, M
MAYO, Levi, 12 Regents Terrace, M
MAYO, Henry, 13 Fore Street, B
MAYPOLE DAIRY Co., 41 Union Street, S
MAYTUM Alfred, 4 Redden Hill Road, B
McALESTER, Miss Jane S., Loupe Cottage
McBRIARTY, Wm. J., 4 Albert Cottages, M
McCABE, Thomas, 9 Brentwood Terrace, W
McDONALD John, 1 BeaconsfieId Ter., U
McDONALD Hugh, St. Matthias, B
McDONNELL, Mrs. Jane, Avenue Road, T
McDOWALL, Mrs. Alice, 6 Rowley Road,
McDOWALL, the Misses, Church Road, M,
MclLVEEN, Joseph, 6 Albert Street, B
McINNES John, 5 Beaconsfield Terrace, U
McKEE, Cornelius (Capt.), Avenue Road, T
McKELLAR J. W., 16 Florence Terrace, W
McKENNY, William, 29 Victoria Road, E
McKENZIE William James, 64 Fleet St., S
McKENZIE, William J., Fosseway, C
McLAREN, Walter, Walnut, Rd. Upper, C
McMILLAN George, 11 Fleet Street, S
McMILLAN Miss M. J., 4 Abbey Crescent, W
McMILLAN Thomas, 20A St. Edmunds Rd.
McMORRAN, William, Warberry Rd. Wt., E
McNALLY, Walter, 8 Trumland Crescent, M
McNAMARA G. H., 153 Lymington Road, U
MEAD W. M, 1 Upton Ch. Road, U
MEAD G. A., 1 Upton Ch. Road, U
MEAD, Fredk. Wm., 114 Forest Road, U
MEARS George Henry, 45 Hoxton Road, E
MEDLAND Edward, 86 Belgrave Road, T
MEDLAND John, 3 Somerton Terrace, T
MEDLAND Mrs. Mary, 2 Belgrave Villas, T
MEDLAND, Mrs. Eliza, 9 Victoria Terrace, B
MEDLAND Martin T., rear 44 Abbey Rd W
MEDLAND, Martin, 30 Belmont Road, E
MEDLAND, George, 9 CarIton Road, E
MEDLAND Joseph, 17 Sherwell Hill, C
MEDLAND Thomas, 2 Melville Street, TD
MEDLAND, Thomas A., 36 Woodville Rd., E
MEDLAND, John, 108 Windsor Road, E
MEDWAY, John, 5 Woodside Cottages, M
MEDWAY Mrs. Sarah J., 13 Ellacombe Rd, E
MEDWAY, Richard P., 10 CarIton Road, E

MEDWAY James M., Redden Hill Road, B
MEDWIN, Fredk., Andrew, Wroxhall, S
MEGGIT, Fredk., Salt, 15 South Street T
MELHUISH, Frank, Delmonte Lodge, W
MELHUISH, William, 42 Victoria Road, E
MELHUISH, John, 44 Victoria Road, E
MELHUISH, Wm. R. G., 10 Princes Rd. Wt, E
MELHUISH, Samuel, 18 Ellacombe Ch Rd, E
MELHUISH, Geo., H., 3 Wellswood Park, TD
MELHUISH, Wm., John, 17 Dunmere Rd., E
MELHUISH Miss Sarah., 15 Innerbrook Rd, C
MELHUISH, Herbert, 2 Windermere Rd., B
MELLOR, W. M. F., Barton Road, T
MELLOR William, 36 Torwood Street, S
MELLOR W. M. F.. Rooklands, Barton Road
MELLUISH, Dick B., 1 Woodland Terrace, M
MELLUISH, William, 7 Watcombe Place, M
MELLUISH Mrs, Elizabeth, 8 Princes St., B
MELLUISH, Robert, Teignmouth Road, U
MEMBERY, Wm. H., 6 Albion Cottages, M
MEMBERY George 16 Church Street, T
MEMERY Josiah, 44 South Street, T
MEMERY Wm. H, rear 7 Laburnum, Row, T
MENIER, Wm. H:, 52 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
MERCER, John A., Walnut Road, Upper, C
MERES William F., St. Matthias, B
MERRETT Edwin, 2 Ingatestone Ter., W
MERRIFIELD Richard, 18 East Street, T
MERRIFIELD Henry, under 12 Queen St., S
MERRIFIELD, Richard, 11 East Street T
MERRIFIELD, George, Rear 19 East Street, T
MERRY Edward, rear Stanley Cottage, T
METCALFE Myles, 77 Fleet Street, S
METCALFE Mrs., Rutland Lodge, Babbacombe Rd
METCALFE Miss Jessie, Engelberg, S
METCALFE, Mrs. Lydia, Babbacombe Rd. TD
METHERELL, Frederick W., 22 Belmont Rd
METHERIL John, 60 Belgrave Road, T
MEWTON Mrs. Mary Ann, Blenheim, T
MEYER, Henry, 3 Richmond Cottages, M
MITCHELL Mr., Vine Cottage, Teignmouth Rd
MICHELMORE, Mrs. Jane, Lansdowne, M
MICHELMORE Mrs. Anne, Abbey Road, W
MICHELMORE, George (Dr.), Dulverton, C
MICHELMORE, James, 65 Dunmere Road E
MIDDLETON WM. Henry, 17 Fleet St., S
MIDDLETON, Alfred, 22 Princes Street, B
MIDDLETON Ernest A., 19 Chester Row, E
MIDDLETON C. H, 102 Union Street, W
MIDDLETON Sidney, 19 Chester Row, E
MIDDLETON, William, 11 Camden Rd., E
MIDDLETON, Mr., 11 Wellswood Park TD
MIDDLETON, Chas. S., 84 St. Edmunds Rd.
MIDDLEWEEK F. R., 1 Swan Street, W
MILDON Robert, 16a Braddons Street, S
MILDON, Mrs. Mary A., 9 Portland Road, B
MILDON Mrs M A Braddons St. (Higher)
MILDREN Francis Hicks, Crofton House, W
MILES, Emmeline Ann, Llanberis, C
MILES, F. W., Braddons Rd., (East) S
MILFORD Frank, 9 Church Lane, T
MILFORD George, 19 Prospect Place, U
MILFORD, John, 1 Mount Pleasant, M
MILFORD. John, Hele Cross Cottages M
MILFORD William, 26 Lr Wellesley Rd.. E
MILFORD John, 23 Mallock Road, C
MILFORD, Frederick, 98 St. Edmunds Rd.
MILFORD Thomas, 28 Kenwyn Road, E
MILES Charles Hy., 27 Mallock Road, C ,
MILLER Mrs. Clarissa, Ashfield, T
MILLER Mrs. Jane, 3 Braddons Street, S
MILLER, Frederick, 12 Princes Street, B
MILLER A. E, 7 Barlow Terrace U
MILLER Mrs. Jessie, 3 Wellbeck Terrace, T
MILLER Nathaniel, Larchmont, T
MILLER Sidney H., 4 Princes Rd. East, E
MILLER Mrs., Shirburn Road, U .
MILLMAN Mrs. M. J., 16 Park Cottages, U
MILLMAN John, 17 Church Street, T
MILLMAN Alfred, 25 Church Lane, T
MILLMAN, John, 7 Berachah Read, E
MILLS William John, Leahurst, U
MILLS Mrs. Sarah, 3 Grafton Terrace, E
MILLS Rev A. J. Babbacombe Road, S
MILLS Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Queen Street, S
MILLS Miss Elizabeth, 3 Moorlands Ter., U
MILLS, Miss Georgina B., Summerlands, M
MILLS, Thomas, 5 Victoria Terrace, C
MILLS, Albert J., 20 Belle Vue Crescent, C
MILLS Robert, 26 Mallock Road, C
MILLS Henry, 47 Sherwell Hill, C
MILLS, Miss Elizabeth, Upton Road, U
MILLS, Richard, 50 Broadmead Road, B
MILLWARD, Joseph, 10 Redden Hill Rd., B
MILMAN, Mrs. Rebecca, 9 Trinity Place, TD
MILMAN Edwin Herbert, Torre Church Rd.
MILNE Henry Ernest, St. Malo, W
MILNE Naomi Tracy, 35 Torwood Street, S
MILNP, Commander Charles , Glenthorne, T
MILNES, Mrs. Edith, Hurley, M
MILTON, Henry, 7 Trumland Crescent, M
MILTON William, 3 Church Street, T
MILTON Alfred, 7 Berachah Road. E
MILTON Thomas, 9 Braddons Street, S
MILTON Walter, 1 3 Braddons Street, S
MILTON John rear 12 Torwood Street, TD
MILTON: William, 7 Berachah Road, E
MILTON Mrs. Mary Jane, 41 Hoxton Road, E
MILTON, Henry Charles, 63 Windsor Rd., E
MILTON, Mrs 36 Highbury Road, E
MINCHENER, Mary, 8 Springmount, C
MINGO John. junr., 5 Happaway Row, S
MINGO, John, 3 Wellesley Rd. Lower, E
MINIFIE, William Henry , 25 Barton, M
MITCHELL, Mrs. E., 44 Ellacombe Road, E
MITCHELL Mrs. Susan, 12 Bath Terrace, T
MITCHELL, John, 14 Bath Terrace, T
MITCHELL, Sydney H., 20 Rosery Road, C
MITCHELL, Joseph S., 4 Mt. St. Bernard's, E
MITCHELL Mrs. A., 24 Morgan Avenue, U
MITCHELL, F., Braddons St., (Higher) S
MITCHELL, James, 67 Dunmere Road, E
MITCHELL, Mrs. Elizabeth 1 Highbury Rd, E
MITCHELL John T., Melville Street, W
MITCHELL, Miss Augusta, 24 Morgan Aye, U
MITCHELL Thomas, Sherwell Lane, C
MITCHELL, Charles, Sherwell Lane, C
MITCHELL, William H., Church Lane, T
MOASE. John H., 14 St. Margarets Ter., M
MOCK Mrs. Anna, Torquay Road, B
MOGAN Mrs. Annie, 2 Melville Street, W
MOGRIDGE. Thos.. Burwood, C,
MOGRIDGE James, rear 1 Trafalgar Ter., E
MOGRIDGE Fredk. C., 8 Laburnum Row, T
MOGRIDGE, Louncellotte, 23 Fore St., M
MOGRIDGE Thomas, 11-15 Fleet Street, S
MOGRIDGE, James, Nepaul Cottage, B
MOGRIDE, Thomas, Greenway Road, C
MOGRIDGE, Wm., 78 St. Edmunds Road, B
MOHUN Archibald, 26 Torwood Street, S
MOIST John, 10 Thurlow Terrace, U
MOIST, Thomas, 25 Forest Road, U
MOLES Thomas, 9 Highbury Road, E
MOLESWORTH, Lady J, F, Chelston Rd., C
MOLLON; Marshall, 12 Belmont Road, E
MOLYNEUX, Fredk. H. Erith Villa, TD
MONNINGTON John, 17 Lr. Wellesley Rd, E
MOON Arthur, 56 Kenwyn Road, E
MOONEY, Michael, 9 Trumland Terrace M
MOORE William J., 7 Pembroke Road, E
MOORE Joseph, Culross, E
MOORE Charles, 100 Union Street, W
MOORE C. L.. 101 Union Street
MOORE William, 39 Abbey Road, W
MOORE Frank, 8 Lucius Street, W
MOORE George, Allan Bank, T
MOORE John L., 3 Crown Hill Park T
MOORE, Miss Mary, Knebworth, M
MOORE, Frank, 27 and 28 Fore Street, M
MOORE, Samuel, 49 Belgrave Road, T
MOORE, Frederick, 16 Barton, M
MOORE, Fredk. G., 9 Fleet Street
MOORE, Wm. Charles, 28 Rowley Road, M
MOORE. Robert, 62 Sherwell Hill, C
MOORE Thomas, Springfield Road, E
MOORE, Ernest James, Warren Road, W
MOORE, Mrs. Mary H., Warren Road, W
MORAN, the Misses, Avenue Road, T
MORAN The Misses, Nympton, Ashfield Rd
MORCOMBE Charles, 3 Victoria Road, E
MORGAN Miss Mary, 3 Wellesley Terrace, E
MORGAN, Mrs. Janet, 16 Rowley Road, M
MORGAN Miss Sarah, Strathmore, W
MORGAN George, 26 Union Street, W
MORGAN Mrs. Jane, 10 Park Street, TD
MORGAN, Mrs. Annie. Melville Street
MORIARTY, Miss Kathleen, St. Winifreds, B
MORRISON Mrs. Catherine, St. Matthias, B
MORITZ MaX 16 Rosery Road, C .
MORLEY G. F, 24 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
MORLEY, Joseph Overton, Osborne Villa, B
MORLEY, Ernest A., Warren Road, W
MORRELL Frank, 5 Farley Terrace, U
MORRIS John Henry, 19 South Street. T
MORRIS, Mrs. Jane B., 11 Beacon Ter., TD
MORRIS, John Grant, Kincora, TD
MORRIS John, 6 Hillside Cottages, U
MORRIS, Wm. Hy, Goschen Road, C
MORRIS, Walter H., Goschen Road, C
MORRIS Alfred John, 46 Mallock Road, C
MORRIS George Henry, 37 Sherwell Hill, C.
MORRIS, Robert Matthew, Studley Road, U
MORRISEY Mr., Livermead Hill, C
MORRISH Miss Jane, Upton Hill, U
MORRISH, Mrs. Mary, Walnut Rd. Upper, C
MORRISON John D., 18 Kenwyn Road, E
MORRISON Alexander, Berisal, W
MORRISON Miss Ellen, 18 Crown Hill Pk., T
MORRISON, Mrs S. A., Summerland Cott, M
MORRITT James W., 27 Ellacombe Rd., E
MORRITT William, 9 Mallock Road, C
MORRITT, Ernest. J, 35 Westbourne Rd., U
MORTIMER BROS., 10 Torwood Street
MORTIMORE Thomas, 37 Cavern Road, E
MORTIMORE, Albany, 10 Albert Place, M
MORTIMORE, Henry, 3 Clifton Place, M
MORTIMORE, Henry, 3 Park View, B
MORTIMORE, Mrs. Mary, Teignmouth Rd., U
MORTON Misses, 9 Portland Place, W
MOSS, Joseph, 2 Arch Row, S
MOSS, Richard, Fernbank, T
MOSS, W. 24 Upton Church Road, U
MOSS, Edgar, Redden Hill Road, B
MOSSETT, Maria, 17 Belle Vue Crescent, C
MOUL Mrs., Bedford Road, B
MOULDER Stephen, Kents Road, TD
MOUNDER F. J., Co-op. Stores Yard, W
MOUNTFORD James C., 304 Union Street, T
MOUNTFORD, Lewis, 6 Fore Street, M
MOUNTFORD, J. C., 304 Union Street
MOUNTSTEPHEN Wm. J., 35 Crown Hill P,.T
MOUNTSTEPHEN Mrs. M. J., Edensore. U
MOUNTSTEPHEN Wm., 4 Braddons Rd W, S
MOUNTSTEPHEN John H., 80 Fleet St., S
MOUNTSTEPHEN Edred R. 179 Union St.
MOUNTSTEPHEN, John Henry, Warren Rd
MOXEY, William, 3 Pettiwell Cottages, M
MOXEY, William, 9 Orchard Cottages, M
HOXEY, Miss, Avenue Road, T
MOXHAY, William, 3 St. Denis, B
MOXHAY, John 7 Springfield Terrace, B
MOYSE John, 6 Princes Road, E
MOYSE, John, 142 Forest Road, U
MOYSEY Frank, 3 Warberry Grove, E
MUDGE, John H., 5 Park Hill Cottages, TD
MUDGE, John T,. 7 Meadfoot Lane, TD
MUDGE, Mrs. Mary J., 21 Fore Street, M
MUDGE, William F., 8 York Terrace, B
MUDGE Edwin, 3 Hr Queen Street, S
MUDGE, Mrs. B. A., Babbacombe Road, B
MUDGE Ernest, 2 Braddons Street, S
MUDGE, the Misses, 1 Coburg Place, W
MUDGE Mary, under 1 Hoxton Road, E
MUDGES Stores, 5 Hampton Place, M
MUDGE Fredk. G., 3 Mount Hermon Rd., E
MUDGE Edward John, Teignmouth Rd., U
MUGFORD Wm., 12 Corporation Buildings, S
MUGFORD Samuel, 16 Princes Road, E
MUGFORD Wm. Lawrence, Madrepore R., S
MUGFORD N. G., 215 Union Street, U
MUGFORD, Samuel, 1 Coastguard Station, b
MUGFORD, Mrs. Catherine,139 Windsor Rd
MULLERY William, Upton Road, U
MUMFORD John, 7 Grosvenor Terrace, W
MUMFORD, Arthur George, Warren Rd., W
MUMFORD, Simon, Vine Road, T
MUNFORD, Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Clairville, U
MUNN, Mrs. Louisa, 39 Pennsylvania Rd., E
MUNRO Miss Janet, Torre Hill Road, U
MUNSLOW Mrs. C., 20 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
MUNSLOW. John, 20 Warberry Rd. West, E
MURCH, John, 57 Windsor Road, E
MURDOCK Mrs. Emily, Westfield, T
MURDOCH John, 88 Belgrave Road, T
MURRAY Andrew G., Broxholme U
MURRELL, Charles, 8 Petitor Road, M
MURRIN W., 5 Lr. Shirburn Road U
MURRIN, Harry, 3 Meliora, TD
MURRIN William J., Park Road, M
MURPHY, Fredk. Geo., Braddons St. Hr., S
MURPHY, F. G., Braddons St. (Higher)
MURPHY Thomas, 81 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
MURPHY T., 20 Lr. Ellacombe. Ch. Rd., E
MUTTER, John, 1 Elstow Terrace, C
MUTTERS, Frank Charles, Upton Hill, U
MYLREA, Alfred, Westhome, B
MYLREA, William, Lota, TD

NANKIVELL A. H. (Rev,), Linden Grove, T
NANKIVELL. Wm., 4 Warbro Rd. Cott., B
NANKIVELL Joshua, rear 34 South Street, T
NARRACOTT R. B., 1 Lymington Road, U
NARRACOTT, William, Dunolly, C
NARRACOTT Robert B., 33 Abbey Road, W
NARRACOTT, David, under 9 Coburg Place
NARRACOTT, Henry, 20 Dunmere Road, E
NARRACOTT, Percy T., 57 Westbourne Rd.
NARRAMORE John, under Highcliff, W
NARRAMORE, Miss E. A., Babbacombe Dn. R
NATION William H., 11 Waterloo Road, E
NEAL, Rev. John, Lincombe Rd., Lower
NECK George, 3 Warberry Vale, E
NEELS, Mrs Mary, 3 Petitor Road, M
NEELS, John, Babbacombe Road, B
NELSON Walter Nugent, 1 Cary Place, S
NELSON & SONS, LTD., 30 Union Street, W
NELSON, William F., 52 Forest Road U
NELSON, Edgar Reginald, Westhill Rd., U
NENO Mrs. E., 3 South Town House, U
NESHAM Mr., 4 Vansittart Road
NESS Thomas H., 55 Market Street, U
NETHERWAY A., 9 Upton Ch. Road, U
NETHERWAY, Charles, 7 Goschen Road, C
NETHERWAY, Henry, 21 Goschen Road, C
NETHERWAY, Thomas, 22 Goschen Road, C
NETHERWAY, William, Church Road, M
NETHERWAY Samuel, 18 Upton Church Rd.
NETHERWAY William, 30 Mallock Road, C
NEVILLE, Mrs. Lucy L., 33 Belgrave Rd., T
NEVIN Joseph G., 11 Trafalgar Ter., E
NEVITT, Rev. Henry, 68 Windsor Road, E
NEWBAND John H., 23 Princes Rd. East, E
NEWCOMBE, Cornelius P., Beechhurst, C
NEWCOMBE Arthur; 2 Wellesley Terrace., E
NEWCOMBE William, rear 19 South St., T
NEWCOMBE George, 36 Crown Hill Park, T
NEWCOMBE, Joseph Squire, 2 Meliora, TD
NEWCOMBE, Miss Alice, Fore Street, M
NEWCOMBE, Albert Hy., 57 Woodville Rd.
NEWHILL, Mrs. Agnes, 138 Forest Road, U
NEWLAND Miss E. S., Ash Hill Road, U
NEWLAND Walter, Lime Avenue, T
NEWLYN, James, 9 Wellswood Place, Td
NEWMAN, Eliza M.. 10 Trumland Ter., M
NEWMAN George, 12 Tor Hill Road, W
NEWMAN E. E, St. Marychurch Road, U
NEWMAN Wm. James J., Studley Road, U
NEWMAN, Mr.. Flora K., St. Annes Rd., B
NEWMARCH Miss Isabella, Warleigh, T
NEWNAN Mrs. Emily, Villa Belvedere, S
NEWSAM, William Philip, Ravenhurst, C
NEWSAM, Florence, Coombe Martin, C
NEWTON John B.. Swanbourne W
NEWTON Frederick Wm., 20 Sherwell Hill, C
NEWTON, Clifford, 5 Broadmead Road, B
NIAS, W., Seacombe, Torbay Road, C
NIASS Wm., under 16 Queen Street, S
NIBBLETTS Frederick, 1 Highbury Road, E
NIBLETTS Mr., rear 3 Melville Street, W
NICHOLS, John, The Grey House. TD
NICHOLLS, Thomas, 12 Hilldrop Terrace, E
NICHOLLS William, 7 Buckland Ter., U
NICHOLLS Mrs. Bessie, Melville Street, W
NICHOLLS Levi, Pimlico, S
NICHOLLS Thomas, 18 Torwood Street, TD
NICHOLLS, William, 50 Windsor Road, E
NICHOLSON G. H., 69 Lymington Road, U
NICHOLSON. John A. McD., Fonthill, tD
NICHOLSON Richard, 100 Belgrave Road, T
NICHOLSON,, John, BampfyIde Road, T
NICKELS, John, 27 Princes Street, B
NICKELS J., 179 Lymington Road, U
NICKELS Richard, 3 St. James' Place, U
NICKELS John, 7 Upton Ch. Road , U
NICKELS, Henry, 1 Warbro Place, B
NICKELS, George, 17 Fore Street, M
NICKELS Mrs. G. D., St Margarets Road, M
NICKELLS, Samuel, 3 Warbro Place, B
NICKELLS, William, rear Palk Place, M
NICKELLS Ernest, 5 Ellacombe Road, E
NICKELLS Philip Torquay Road, B
NICKOLS, John J, 1 Portobello Place, B
NICKS Charles, 39 Kenwyn Road, E
NICKSON, Mrs. Helen, Church Road, M
NICKSON, Mrs. Helen, Westhill Road M
NIND MISS, 2 Alexandra Terrace, T
NOBLE Mrs. Georgina, 33 Windsor Rd., E
NOBLE Miss Anna J., Thurlow Road, U
NORCOTT, Miss Evelyne, 36A Fore Street, M
NORMAN, H. J., 3 Hillside Cottages, U
NORMAN, the Misses, Babbacombe Rd., B
NORMAN, Mrs. Ellen, 4 Albert Street, B
NORMAN William H., 21 Wellington Rd., E
NORMAN Thomas, 30 Princes Street, B
NORMAN. Mrs Elizabeth Jane, 4 Strand, S
NORMINTON, Mrs. Gertrude, Torbay Rd., W
NORMINTON Mr., 9 Cary Parade, Torbay R
NORRIS, Frederick G., Ambleside, C
NORRIS, Mrs. Lucy, 11 Albert Place, M
NORRISH F. W., 19 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
NORRISH Mrs, Warbro Road, B
NORRISH, Fredk. W., 69 St. Edmunds Rd.
NORSWORTHY, Mrs. E., 2 Hillside Ter., M.
NORSWORTHY T., 4 Lymington Terrace, U
NORTHAM, John, 30, St. Annes Terrace, B
NORTHEY, Mrs., Lincombe Road Lower, TD
NORTHCOTE, John, 15A Furrough Cross, B
NORTHCOTT Robert, 53 Market Street, U
NORTHCOTT George H., 4 Bedford Row, S
NORTHCOTT Wm. 20 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
NORTHCOTT T. S., 31 Temperance Street, W
NORTHCOTT W., jun., 4 Tor Square Cots., T
NORTHCOTT John, 36 South Street, T
NORTHCOTT James E., rear 20 South St., T
NORTHCOTT Mrs. Fanny, South Street, T
NORTHCOTT, Robert, 3 St. Edmunds Rd., E
NORTHWAY Robert, Perrett's Buildings, S
NORTHWAY R. junr., Perrett's Buildings. S
NORTHWAY G., 197 Lymington Road U
NORTHWAY William, 16 George Street, S
NORTHWAY Henry, 20 Alexandra Road, E
NORTHWAY Henry, 24 Princes Road, E
NORTON Frederick G., 10 Mallock Road, C
NORTON, Miss 20 Torwood Street, Td
NOSWORTHY, James, 2 Albion Cottages, M
NOSWORTHY Alfred. 2 Parkfield Ter., U.
NOSWORTHY R., under 8 Coburg Place, W
NOSWORTHY Mrs. K., 8 Florence Terrace, W
NOSWORTHY James, 24 Crown Hill Pk., T
NOSWORTHY, Mrs. Lavinia, Hatfield Rd., E
NOSWORTHY, Mrs. Mary 10 Braddons St, S
NOTT, Walter H, 20 All Saints Road, B
NOTT Miss Evelyn, Thurlow Road, U
NOTTINGHAM Edgar T., San Toy, U
NOURSE, W. E. C., Norfolk Lodge, U
NOWELL W. W., 113 Lymington Road U
NOWELL W. E., 4 Buckland Terrace, U,
NOWELL Alfred, Furzewell Gardens, U
NOWELL Stephen, 79 Lymington Road, U
NURSES' INSTITUTE, 17 Morgan Avenue, U
NUTT, John. Marine Tavern, S
NUTT, John, Castle Road, U
NUTTER, Mrs. Eleanor J., 19 Belgrave Rd

OAKELEY, Mrs. Frances. C., Herbert Rd., C
OAKS, Charles B., 4 Palk Street, S
OCKENDEN CONVALESCENT HOME, Warren Road (E.I. Domville, Sec,) W
O'CONNOR, A. E., 4 Warborough Mount, B
ODAM, John H. 3 Springfield Terrace, B
ODDFIELD, E. P., Wellswood School, TD
ODELL William (Dr.), Ferndale, U
O'DONNELL Peter, 21 Windsor Road, E
O'DONOGHUE Joseph, 172 Union Street, U
O'DONOGHUE Charles, 172 Union Street, U
O'DONOGHUE J. & C., 5 Victoria Parade. TD
O'DONOGHUE J. and C.. 180 Union Street
OGDEN Mrs., Tor Vale, U
O'KEEFE Thomas, 3 Shirburn Terrace, U
OLLINGTON John, Park Street, TD
OLDFIELD, Miss L. M., Wellswood School, TD
OLDFIELD Mrs. Susan H., Rushmore, W
OLDFIELD, Walter H., Melbourne Towers, C
OLDING, Alfred, 12 Victoria Terrace, C
OLDING Ernest G., 25 Warberry Vale, E
OLDING Mrs. C., 43 Windsor Road, E
OLDREY, Ernest, 5 Watcombe Place, M
OLDREY, Mrs. Eliza A., Western Road, M
OLDRIEVE Lewis, 20 Prospect Place, U
OLIVER Zipporah, rear 21 Chester Row, E
OLIVER Miss Mary 1 Edinburgh Villas, T
OLIVER Francis, 272 Union Street, T
OLIVER William, 272 Union Street, T
OLIVER, Wm. B.. 4 St. Mark's Place, TD
OLIVER George, 155 Lymington. Road, U
OLIVER Miss Susan, MonksiIver, W
OLIVER George, 28 Union Street, W
OLIVER Samuel, 9 Moorlands Ter., U
OLIVER Robert Sydney, 16 Strand, S
OLIVER George, 5 Hr. Terrace Mews, S
OLIVER-Jones, Oliver Geo., Rostrevor, TD
OLIVER, Miss Laura E., Walnut Rd. Upper
OLIVER Robert Sydney. Sunbury Hill, U
OLIVER, Richard, 10 Thornacre Terrace, B
ORAM John Henry. 25 Queen Street, S
ORCHARD James, 12 Pimlico, S
ORCHARD. James, J., 2 Lisburn Place, TD
ORFEUR, Charles H. (Dr.), Ventnor, C
ORGIL, Miss Fanny, 2 Elmfield Villas. M
ORMEROD MISS Helen J., St. Mary's, T
ORMEROD the Misses, Barton Road T
ORNSBY, Miss Mary P., 50 Belgrave Rd., T
OSBORNE, George, Elmbank, M
OSBORNE, Miss Georgina. Petitor View, M
OSBORNE Richard, 4 Hoxton Road, E
OSBORNE George Henry, Ilsham Road, TD
OSBORNE, Frederick, 26 Hoxton Road, E
OSBORNE James, Princes Road West, E
OSBORNE, Fredk. J., 8 St. James Cott., B
OSGOOD Robert, Sinkat, U
OSWALD-BROWN Miss Jane A.. Carn Brea, T
OTTLEY, Rev. F. H. B.. Glengyle, TD
OUGH, Henry, 1 Belle Vue Crescent, C
OULD, Alfred W. (Junr.), Happaway Hill, S
OULD William, 4 Clifton Place, S
OVER, George Herbert, 17 Sanford Rd. C
OWEN, Mrs. Elizabeth, Etruria. TD
OWEN Mrs. Emma, Brookfield, U
OWEN William S. 20 Fleet Street, S
OWEN, George, 106 Forest Road U
OWENS, John, 49 Forest Road, U
OXENHAM, Mrs. Susan, 4 Westbourne Rd.

PABST, Mrs. Charlotte, Lulworth, B
PACK William H., 16 Lr. Shirburn Rd, U
PACK Frederick, 6 East Street, T
PACK, John Henry, 4 Sunnydale, M
PACK John H., 25 Ellacombe Road, R
PACK Henry. 49 Hoxton Road, E
PACK Samuel. 22 Crown Hill Park, T
PACK Albert M., 27 Crown Hill Park, T
PACK John, 58 Hoxton Road, E
PACK William, 9 Shirburn Terrace, U
PACK Samuel, 19 Princes Road, E
PACKE Henry J., 137 Windsor Road, E
PACKE, Walter J. V., 13 Crown Hill Park, T
PACKER, Albert, 28 Woodville Road, E
PADY Edward G., St. John's Lodge; E
PAGE, E. S. (Rev.). Axenfels, C
PAGE, C. Greville, St. Helens, TD
PAGE, Henry Hunwin, Pembroke, TD
PAGE Mrs. Annie, 1 Megla Villas, E
PAGE, Henry, 40 Westbourne Road, U
PAGET-MAYNE Mrs. F. G.. Ashfield Road, C
PAIGE, Frank, 53 Woodville Road, E
PAIGE, Robert, Upton Hill, U
PAIGE, Owen, 18 Old Mill Road, C
PAIGE: Mrs. Louisa, 89 Forest Road, U
PAINTER Mrs. Sarah, Redden Hill Road, B
PAISH & Co., 78 and 79 Fleet Street, S
PALK, Henry A., 5 Wellswood Place. TD
PALK. S. J. Enmore. Innerbrook Rd
PALK, Miss Mary E., 59 Union Street, U
PALK John, 7 Grafton Terrace, S
PALK Alfred Henry, Hatherleigh, U
PALK Samuel John, 4 Innerbrook Road, C
PALMER Wm. G. H., 16 Cavern Road, E
PALMER John E., 21 Ellacombe Road E
PALMER Gilbert, 4 Pennsylvania Road, E
PALMER Samuel, 115 Windsor Road, E
PALMER, William, 27 All Saints Road, B
PALMER, B., Pallanza, Seaway Lane, C
PALMER Alfred C., 28 Queen Street. S
PALMER George, 6 Clifton Terrace, S
PALMER Edwin George, 1 Alma, Ter., W
PALMER. Wm. Pitt (Dr.), Kirkham, B
PALMER George, 28 Mallock Road, C
PALMER Thomas, 38 Sherwell Hill, C
PALMER Archibald T., Sherwell Lane, C
PALMER, Charles, 55 Woodville Road, E
PALMER, Mrs. Kate, Torquay Road, M
PALMER, Miss Cecilia, E. T., Vansittart Rd
PALMER, Mrs. Frances, 18 Queen Street S
PALMER, Edwin Gee., Madrepore Road, S
PALMER, William, Barton Road, T
PANNIZZI Pietro, 5 Hilldrop Terrace, E
PARDY William, 4 Grafton Terrace, S
PARFITT, Henry, 1 East Street, T
PARFITT, Henry, 12o Forest Road, U,
PARISH John, 2 Tor Square Cottages, T
PARISH Mrs. Emma, 22 Sanford Road, C
PARISH Richard E. Thurlow Road Lr., U
PARKE Charles F., 7 Crown Hill Park, T
PARKE, Ernest Henry, 15 Forest, Road, U
PARKER Miss Ria, 4 Vaughan Parade, S
PARKER H. A., Parkhurst, T
PARKER, Oliver, 1 Endsleigh Place, B
PARKER Walter E., 59 Union Street, U
PARKER Humphrey A,, 59 Union St., U
PARKER Walter E., Netherton, E
PARKER-JERVIS Mrs. Eliza, Rowley, Td
PARKER, Henry J. B., Empire Road. U
PARKES W. T., 20a Fleet Street, S
PARKER Mrs. Susannah, 1 Innerbrook R, C
PARKES, Wm. T., Cleveland Road, T
PARKES William T., Cleveland Road, T
PARKHOUSE John, 10 Trinity Place, TD
PARKHOUSE William, 29 Chester Row, E
PARKHOUSE, Percy, Ivy Cottage, M
PARKIN, Charles, 45 Forest Road, U
PARNELL, George, 15 Trumland Terrace, M
PARNELL, William, 14 Hoxton Road, E
PARNELL Jno M., 23 Highbury Road, E
PARNELL George T., 1 Coombe Pafford, M
PARNELL, William, 7 Rosery Road, C
PARNELL, William, 32 Cavern Road, E
PARNELL William G., 10 Alexandra Rd., E
PARNELL Geo. Wm., Princes Road West, E
PARNELL, the Misses, Palermo Road, B
PARR, Robert, 16 Springfield Terrace U
PARR Mrs. Harriett, 30 Windsor Road, E
PARR, John, 49 Belmont Road, E
PARSONS Henry, 10 Springfield Ter., U
PARSONS W. H., Hasbro, Warberry Rd. Lr
PARSONS, J. C., Woodlands, Westhill Road
PARSONS A. E., 82 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
PARSONS W. H., 44 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
PARSONS Mrs. Rebecca, Hardene, E
PARSONS Mr., 210 Lymington Road, U
PARSONS, Thomas, 11 Woodville Road, E
PARSONS, Joseph, Westhill Road, M
PARSONS, George, 47 Windsor Road, E
PARSONS, Joseph, Woodfield Rd. Middle
PARSONS, Thomas Charles, Upton Road. U
PARSONS, WM. H., Warberry Rd. Lr., TD
PARSONS, Mrs. Anna M., 43 Dunmere Rd.
PARTRIDGE John H., Beacon View, E
PARTRIDGE Wm. H., 2 Beenland Gardens, T
PASCOE Samuel, Market Street, U
PASCOE Samuel, Hill Park, U
PASCOE, Wm. S., 18 Westbourne Road, U
PASH Arthur, 76 Union Street, W
PASSMORE Philip. Perrett's Buildings, S
PASSMORE, Wm., 2 Coombe Park Ter., M
PASSMORE, William, 1 Happaway Ter., M
PASSMORE Thomas H., 22 Church Lane, T
PASSMORE, Mrs. M, 18 St. Annes Terrace, B
PASSMORE Mrs. M, 2 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
PASSMORE E., 10 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
PASSMORE, William. Coombe Pafford. M
PASSMORE Frederick John, Pimlico, S
PASSMORE Miss Mary, Princes Road Wt., E
PASSMORE, Wm. Hy., 33 Fore Street. B
PATCH William Henry, Police Station, U
PATEMAN Alfred, Empire Road, U
PATTON (Major) M, Furze Bank. Warberry
PAUL John E. (Dr.), Costebelle, S
PAUL, Alfred Wallis, Underbank. TD
PAUL, Mrs. Annie, Warberry Rd. Lr., TD
PAULEY George, 1 Jubilee Terrace, U
PAVEY Charles 10 Forest Road, U
PAWLEY John, 2 Abbey Villas, T
PAWLEY John R., 6 Beatrice Terrace T
PAYNE, William, 1 Myrtle Cottages, M
PAYNE, Wm., rear 1 Coombe Park Ter., M
PAYNE Frank G., 12 East Street, T
PAYNE William John, Newington, T
PAYNE Mrs. Lucy, 4 Moorlands Terrace, U
PAYNE William, 9 Park Cottages, U
PAYNE George, 9 Prospect Place, U
PAYNE Elstone G. (Rev.), Warburton, M
PAYNE William J., 19 Market Street, U
PAYNE Albert John, 75 Kenwyn Road, M
PAYNE Robert, 40 Mallock Road, C
PAYNE George, Melville Street, W
PAYNE,Mrs. Ann, Parkfield Road, U
PAYNE John E. (Dr.) Meadfoot Road, TD
PEACOCK Frederick, 2 Normount Cots.. E
PEAKE, P., Pomeroy, Ashfield Road, C
PEAKE Mrs. Emma, 135 Windsor Rd., E
PEARCE, Fredk. C., 17 Haredown Ter., B
PEARCE, George H., 5 Woodland Ter., B
PEARCE William J., 13 Pennsylvania Rd, E
PEARCE Cultheth N. B., Grosvenor Villa, E
PEARCE Henry, 15 Thurlow Terrace, U
PEARCE. William J..2 Regents Terrace, U
PEARCE Arthur, 2 Victoria Terrace, U
PEARCE, Mark, 10 Plainmoor Terrace, B
PEARCE Mrs. Martha, 10 Upton Ch. Rd., U
PEARCE: John, Elbury, T
PEARCE Edwin, 2 Torre Hill Road , T
PEARCE Francis J., 41 South Street, T
PEARCE George H., 250-2 Union Street, T
PEARCE, Henry, Barewell Court, M
PEARCE, John, 5 Broomhill, M,
PEARCE Mrs. Annie, J., 14 Braddons St., S
PEARCE Arthur, rear 1 Bedford Row, S
PEARCE N. H.. 37 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
PEARCE Fred Mortimore 19 Abbey Rd., W
PEARCE Edward, 1 Pimlico, S
PEARCE, John, 3 Bridge Road T
PEARCE Mrs Emily, Cambridge Road, M
PEARCE: Arthur, 20 Daison Road, U
PEARCE, Thomas 17 Fore Street, M
PEARCE Samuel, 19 Hoxton Road, E
PEARCE William, 1 Princes Road, E.
PEARCE Ernest, 4 Redden Hill Road, B
PEARCE, William, Teignmouth Road, M
PEARCE, George, WeIIington Road, E
PEARCE, William, Warren Road, W
PEARCE, Geo.. Hy., 12 Westbourne Rd., U
PEARCE, John, Warren Road, W
PEARCE, Leonard P 110 St Edmunds Rd.
PEARCE George, 9O St. Edmunds Road, B
PEARCH Miss Martha, 16 Westbourne Rd.
PEARDON Edward, Lime Grove House, T
PEARS Henry, 3 Hillesdon Bank S
PEARS, William, Barewell Court, M
PEARSE, James. Shillhay, Exeter, W
PEARSE James, 13 Wellington Road E
PEARSE, Samuel W . 31 Dunmere Road, E
PEARSE Percy, 66 Hoxton Road E
PEARSE, William, 51 Woodville Road, E
PEARSE & Co., Union Lane Lower, W
PEARSE, Arthur G., 29 Westbourne Rd.. U
PEARSON, George, Fairholme, C
PEARSON Mrs. M. A., St. Albans Road B
PEATHYJOHNS, George Shirburn Road, U
PECK, Miss Charlotte L, 8 Rowley Rd., M
PECKINGS George, over Arch, Spring Place, S
PECLARD Eugene, 5 Princes Rd East, E
PECORINI, Ambrose, 15 Church Street, T
PEDLER Joseph, Darlinghurst, U
PEDLER Harry, 9 Coburg Place, W
PEDLAR Charles, 2 Petitor Road, M
PEDRICK Frederick P. 1 Barlow Ter.. U
PEDRICK, William, 28 Broadmead Road, B
PEEK Richard, 10 Princes Road, E
PEEK Charles F., 10 Cavern Road, E
PEEK James H., 17 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
PEEK, Wm. Hy. 61 Kenwyn Road, E
PEEKE Charles Richard, Lezant, C
PEEKE, Robert T., 9 Park Street, TD
PEEKE Mrs. E., 91 Lymington Road, U
PEEKE William E., 248 Union Street, T
PEEKE, Mrs. Sarah, 9 Trumland Crescent. M
PEEKE Sydney A., 74 Kenwyn Road, E
PEEKE, Mrs., 16, Melville Street.
PEEKE William, 16 Melville Street, W
PEEKE, Mrs 16 Melville Street
PEEL, Susan Ann, 6 Goschen Road, C
PEERMAN, Alfred E., Cockington Lane, C
PEGRAM James, Shirburn Road, U ,
PELKE, Mr., Thurlow Road, Lower, U
PELLOW Richard, 31 Highbury Road, E
PELLOW George, 31.Highbury Road, E
PEMBERTON, G. H., Babbacombe Road, B
PENDER, Thomas, 4 Elstow Terrace, C
PENGELLY Mrs. Emma. 47 Hoxton Rd., E
PENGELLY, C. B., 3 Hatfield Terrace, C
PENNY, Wm. T., 1 Coombe Park Gardens, M.
PENNY, Wm. A., 2 Ashburton Terrace M
PENNEY Mrs. Emma, 5 South Street, T
PENNEY Mrs Bertha, Friedham T
PENNEY Mrs. B., 2 Bridge Road, T
PENWELL Samuel James, 16 East Street, T
PENWELL, Wm., 6 Warbro Rd. Cottages, B
PENWILL William, 4 Brentwood Ter., W
PENWILL Miss, Derwent, Walnut Road
PENWILL, Frank, Park Vale, C
PENWILL, Sarah J., Upper Walnut Rd., C
PENWILL George H., 1 Farley Terrace, U
PENWILL William, 51 Victoria Road, E
PENWILL, Albert, Thurlow Road U
PENWILL, the Misses, Walnut Rd. Upper, C
PENWILL, James, 14 Westbourne Road, U
PEPPERELL Henry, 10 Crown Hill Park, T
PEPPRELL, Miss M. G Efride's Road, T
PERING R. H., 5 Lr. Ellacombe Ch . Rd., E
PERING, Fredk. Thos., 20 Woodville Rd., E
PERKINS, William, 6 Fairfield Terrace, B
PERRINS Miss Amelia, Westholme S
PERRINS Wm. Henry, Endwood StabIes, T
PERRINS, Bessle, Penscombe, C
PERKINS, William, 4 Sanford,Road, C
PERKINS, William Hy. 12 Church St T
PERKINS William, Redden Hill Road, B
PERKINS the Misses, Warberry Rd. Middle
PERREN, John Charles, Meadfoot Rd., Td
PERRENS, Miss Fanny, Ashwood, M
PERRENS Mrs. Elizabeth L., Wilnecote, U
PERRETT Miss Martha, Shirburn Road, U
PERRIAM Fredk., rear 242 Union Street, T
PERRING, James, 12 Park Street, TD
PERRING, Mrs. Lucy, 29 All Saints' Rd., B
PERRING, John, Meadfoot Lane, TD
PERRING William, 280 Union Street, T
PERRING Fredk. Wm., 11 Laburnum St., T
PERRING N., 57 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
PERRING Richard. H.. 158 Union Street, U
PERRING Samuel J.,77 Lymington Rd U
PERRING, William A., 29 All Saints. Rd., B
PERRING, Albert, 2 Exmouth Terrace, B
PERRING, George T., 7 Forest Road, U
PERRING Wm. Alfred, 10 Hoxton Road, E
PERROTT, Frank, 2 Park Hill Cottages, TD
PERROW Thomas, 5 Warberry Vale, E
PERROW Wm. H., under 12 Hoxton Rd., E
PERRY Mrs. Harriett,, 17 Braddons St., S
PERRY, Mrs. Emma, 2 Albert Cottages, M
PERRY Albert, 10 Warberry Rd. West, E
PERRY, Miss Beatrice, Church Road, M
PERRYMAN Mrs. Elizabeth A., 7 Bath Terrace, T
PERRYMAN Henry, Torre Hill Road, T
PERRYMAN George Henry, Tor Hill Rd., W
PERSHOUSE, R, Chelston Towers, C
PESSERS, A., Babbacombe Road, S
PESTERIDGE, Joseph, 4 Highfield Ter., B
PETERS, Wm. James, 43 Fore Street, M
PETERS, Miss May, 43 Fore Street, M
PETERS William James, 37 Union St., S
PETERS Henry W., 31 Ellacombe Rd., E
PETERS Henry G., 193 Union Street, U
PETERS A. W., 20 Old Mill Road
PETERS Percy B. W., 19 Kenwyn Road, E
PETERS, A. Wm. Hy., 7 Old Mill Road, C
PETERS, Thos. Hy., 32 St. Edmunds Rd., E
PETERS Miss Monica, 24 Tor Hill Road, W
PETHERBRIDGE Mrs. C., 25 Ella. Ch. Rd., E
PETHERBRIDGE Ernest, 3 Highbury Rd., E
PETHERICK, John, 8 Clifton Grove, TD
PETHERICK Arthur, 296 Union Street
PETHYJOHNS, George, 1 Daison Cott., M
PETLEY, J. McLleod, The Nest, TD
PFIEL, Lucy, Fairfield, Huxtable Hill, C
PHARE, Henry, Jr., 16 Walnut Road, C
PHARE, Henry, 20 Walnut Road, C
PHILLIPS, Mrs. K., Edwinstowe, TD
PHILLIPS Miss Bessie, 53 Windsor Road, E
PHILLIPS William, 15 Princes Rd. West, E
PHILLIPS Frederick J., 5 Grafton Ter., E
PHILLIPS John W., 52 Kenwyn Road, E
PRILLIPS John Rt., 47 Hoxton Road, E,
PHILLIPS Walter, 64 Hoxton Road, E
PHILLIPS Frederick, 18 Cavern Road, E
PHILLIPS John, 18 Cavern Road, E
PHILLIPS Cornelius, 106 Union Street, W
PHILLIPS, George, 19 Haredown Terrace, B
PHILLIPS, R. M., 10 Haredown Terrace, B
PHILLIPS, Sydney, 4 Beaumont Cottages, B
PHILLIPS John, under 6 Happaway Row, S
PHILLIPS George, 10 Madrepore Road, S
PHILLIPS Thomas, 68 and 69 Fleet St., S
PHILLIPS, Charles, 4 Coombe Pafford, M
PHILLIPS, Samuel, 14 & 15 Fore Street, M
PHILLIPS Miss Mary Ann H, Torville, T
PHILLIPS George W., 29 Crown Hill Pk., T
PHILLIPS John, 2 Jubilee Terrace, U
PHILLIPS John, 8 Peditford Terrace, U
PHILLIPS Wm. Owen, Rockleigh, U
PHILLIPS George B., 10 Shirburn Ter., U
PHILLIPS, Albert, Babbacombe Road, B
PHILLIPS William, 9 Elstow Terrace, E
PHILLIPS, Pearse, 46 Belmont Road, E
PHILLIPS, William, 15 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
PHILLIPS, Alfred, Western Road M
PHILLIPS Sydney, 75 Lymington Road, U
PHILLIPS, Miss Lucy Mary, Cleveland Rd., T
PHILP, T. B., Holwell, Rousdon Road, C
PHILP, Charles E., Sherwell Lane, C
PHILLPOTTS, A. S. (Capt.), Chelston Cross, C
PHILLPOTTS, the Misses, BampfyIde Rd., T
PHILLPOTTS Charles, Clifton Cottage, W
PHILLPOTTS Eden, Eltham, T
PHILLPOTTS, the Misses, Church Road, M
PICEK Vincent, 67 Fleet, Street, S
PICEK, Vincent, 2 Sherwood Terrace, TD
PICKARD, Wm. H, rear 5 Kents Ter., TD
PICKARD, Mrs., Burrington, Croft Rd
PICKARD Robert, Burrington, Union St., W
PICKARD, Robert, Croft Road, W
PICKARDS' Dairy, 12 Tor Hill Road, W
PICKEN, William, 2 Prospect Terrace, B
PICKERING, Miss E., Falkland Road, T ,
PICTON, Thos., Western Road, M
PICTON Mr., 9 Rowley Road, M
PIDGEON, Walter, rear 12 Park Street, TD
PIDGEON Frank, 2 Myrtle Row, S
PIDGEON W. J. 103 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
PIDGEON Walter, 20 South Street, T
PIDGEON Walter, 44 Mallock Road, C
PIDGEON, Walter, 16 Church Lane, T
PIERCE, Arthur, 11 Happaway Hill, S
PIERCE, James, 10 Dunmere Road, E
PIGOTT, Mrs. Maria S., St. Matthews Rd., C
PIKE, Richard, 1 Victoria Terrace, C
PIKE Samuel, 51 Pennsylvania Road, E
PIKE Mrs. Mary, 2 Princes Rd. West, E
PIKE Claude G., 42 Princes Road, E
PIKE Edmund, Lynton, E
PIKE, Miss Eliza, 5 Trumland Crescent, M
PIKE, Joseph, 4 Clifton Place, M
PIKE Samuel, 1 Erin Place, T
PIKE Edward John, Clanleigh, T
PIKE James, 5 Faria Cottages, U
PIKE Edwin, 105 Union Street, U
PIKE Mrs. Emma, 9 Moorlands Terrace, U
PIKE G., 75 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E.
PIKE, James, Western Road, M
PIKE Frederick Wm., Plainmoor Road, B
PILE, Tom, 17 Compton Place, M
PILE Frederick George, 17 Queen Street, S
PILKINGTON, J. O., Wray Lodge, C
PILLER John, Sunnyhill Stables, S
PILLER Henry, 17 Waterloo Road, E
PIMM F. H, 88 Union Street, W
PINCHES, Lieut. -Col., Babbacombe Road, TD
PINE, George, 2 Laurel Cottages, M
PINFOLD Mrs. Olive, 67 Sherwell Hill, C
PINKHAM, Miss Esther, Victoria Parade, TD
PINKHAM, Mrs. Jessie, Avenue Road, T
PINN Mrs. Harriett, 16 Lr. Union Lane, W
PINNEY Mrs. Eliza, 4 Lower Terrace, S
PINNEY, James, 16A Furrough Cross, B
PINNEY James,. 10 Hoxton Road, E
PITT William M., 18 Victoria Road, E
PITT Edward Ernest, Luton Lodge, S
PITT, Miss Emily H., 30 Rowley Road, M
PITTS, Thomas, 5 Portland Road, B
PITTS, Charles, 5 Victoria Terrace, B
PITTS, James, Hillside, M
PITTS, Charles, 4 St. Annes Terrace, B
PITTS Frederick W., 4 Alexandra Ter., U
PITTS Miss Amelia, 12 Hr. Union Lane, U
PITTS, John Martin, 25 Woodville Road, E
PLOWMAN Mrs. M. A., 14 Madeira Cott., W ,
PLOWMAN Mrs., 215 Lymington Road U
PLYMSOL Arthur Philip, 31 Sherwell Hill, C
POAT Charles E., 175 Lymington Road, U
POAT Charles, 4 Beatrice Terrace, T
PODESTA Lewis, 1 Warbro Terrace B
PODGER H., 65 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
POLIGNAC, Countess de, 11 Hesketh Crescent TD
POLKINGHORNE W. T., 34 Ellacombe Church Road., E
POLLARD George G., 1 Chatsworth Terrace., E
POLLARD Mrs. Elizabeth, 22 Highbury Road E
POLLARD, Francis, 1 Haredown Terrace, B
POLLARD, Matthew, 1 St. Denis, B
POLLARD, Charles, 2 Sea View Terrace, B
POLLARD, Henry, 25 St. Annes Terrace B
POLLARD, Mrs. Beatrice Vicarage Road C
POLLARD, Wm. Hy. 19 St. Edmunds Rd., E
POLLARD, Matthew B., Warbro Road, B
POMEROY Mrs. B., rear 20 Hoxton Road, E
POMEROY Henry, 3 Thurlow Terrace, U
POMEROY Henry, 7 Warberry Road West
PONDER Stephen, 58 Windsor Road, E
PONSFORD, William, 2 Sunnydale, M
PONSFORD, George, 10 Barton, M
PONTING John, Manor Hotel, S
PONTING, John, Meadfoot Road, Td
POOK George, 11 Hilldrop Terrace, E
POOK William Henry, Market Street
POOK, Wilfred Louis, 15 Woodville Road, E
POOLE Mrs. M. E., Torquay College, W
POOLE G. (Rev. Canon), The Presbytery, W
POOLE William, 48 Sherwell Hill, C
POOLEY John, 2 Sherwell Hill, C
POOLEY, Richard, Victoria Parade, TD
POPE, George, 4 Portland Cottages: W
POPE, George, 14 Portobello Cottages, B
POPE, Allen, 6 Haredown Terrace, B
POPE Wm. F., 1 Hr. Braddons Street, S
POPE Harry, Maskeliya, S
POPE Mrs Anna 4 St. John's Place, S
POPE, Mrs. Sarah, 18 Barton, M
POPE John H., 6 Plainmoor Terrace, B
POPE, Arthur H., 1 Moor View, B
POPE, Alfred, 1 Lulworth Cottages, B
POPE, Joseph, 21 Endsleigh Place, B
POPE, John Henry, 140 Forest Road, U
POPE Charles, Teignmouth Road, U
POPE, Charles, 29 Victoria Road, E
POPE, Horace, 116 St. Edmunds Road
POPE, the Misses, South Street, T
POPHAM, William, 101 St. Edmunds Rd B
POPPLESTONE, Miss M.G 16 Union S., W
POPPLESTONE, Walter, Coombe Pafford, M
PORT Frank, 5 Thurlow Terrace, U
PORT George, Thurlow Road U
PORTER, J., Ashleys, Old Mill Road, C
Portland View, Home for Orphan Girls
POST OFFICE, Fore Street, M
POTTER Walter, Brunswick Terrace, U
POTTER. Caroline, Elmcroft, C
POTTER Wm. Henry, 4 Victoria Park, E
POTTER Frances, 9 Chester Row, E, ,
POTTER Thomas W., 2 Elgin Terrace, E
POTTER William D., 43 Pennsylvania Rd E
POTTER Wm. G., 88 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
POTTER George, Hill View Cottages, W
POTTER Mrs. Miriam, 6 Higher Terrace S,
POTTER, Simon Henry, 2 Palk Place, M
POTTER, William, rear Park Villa, M
POTTER, William, 3 Albert Place, M
POTTER, Mrs. Emma, 1 Home Cottages, B
POTTER Mrs. Lucy, 4 Kenwyn Road, E ,
POTTER, Samuel Walter, 44 CarIton Rd., E
POTTER, Edward John, East Street, T
POTTER Andrew, Hartop Road, M
POTTER George, 39 Mallock Road, C
POTTER Mrs., 103 Lymington Road. U
POTTER Samuel, 27 Princes Road , E
POTTER, Miss Mabel, Upton Road, U
POTTER Wm. Hy., 41 St. Edmunds Road. E
POTTER Geo. L., 27 St. Edmunds Road, E
POTTER Samuel, 5 Upton Church Road
POULTER, James, 16 Haredown Terrace, B
POULTON William, 7a Vaughan Parade, S
POULTON William, 4 Edinburgh Villas, T
POWE, Wm. Fredk.,1 Cavern Villas TD
POWELL, L., Sharon House, Sanford Road, C
POWELL, Henry, 4 Hr. Queen Street, S
POWELL, Arthur, 37 Fleet Street, S
POWELL, John, under 3 Happaway Row, S
POWELL, William (Dr.), 226 Union St, U
POWELL, Arthur. West Hill Road, U
POWELL, Mrs. Mary, Vane Hill Road, TD
POWELL, the Misses, Hartop Road, M
POWELL Miss E. F., Redden Hill Road, B
POWER John, rear167 Union Street
POWERS Thomas, Teignmouth Road, U
POWLESLAND Mrs. Jane, Maisonette, E
POWLESLAND F., 26 Alexandra Rd., E
POWLESLAND, Thomas, 27 Belgrave Rd., T
POWSLAND, John, 6 Orchard Cottages, M
POWSON, Miss Mary A., Innisfail, TD
POWSON. Mrs Elizabeth, Innisfail,TD
POZZI Miss Ida 15 Torwood Street, TD
PRATT Misses A. and L. 96 Belgrave Rd., T
PIRATT Fredk. Wm., 98 Belgrave Road, T
PRATT James, 21 Church Lane, T
PRATT Albert James, The Grange. U
PRATT John, 19 Upton Church Road, U
PRATT, the Misses, Avenue Road, T
PRATT Mrs. Clara, 1 Beenland Place, T
PRATT Albert, 39 Union Street, S
PRATT, George Thomas, 15 Walnut Road, C
PRATT Albert, Police Station, U
PRATT Elizabeth, under 15 Hoxton Rd., E
PRATT James Herbert, Shirburn Road, U
PRATT, Frederick, 33 Woodville Road, E
PRATT Arnold, 39 Union Street
PRESCOT, Miss E. Y., 19 Wellswood Park, TD
PRESCOTT John R. (Capt. ) Park Hill Rd, TD
PRESTON Wm., 6 Broad Park Terrace. M
PRESTON Wm. Henry, 24 Forest Road, U
PRICE William, 2 Crown Hill Park, T
PRICE Miss Fanny E., Sunbury Hill, U
PRICE, David Wm., Redden Hill Road, B
PRICKARD Mrs. M. E., Braddons Rd., (East)
PRIDDY Miss Flora G., 278 Union Street, T
PRIDDY, Wm. B., 41 Crown Hill Park, T
PRIDEAUX William Henry, Trevadlock, W
PRIDHAM Mrs. H. E., 2 Montpellier Tce., S
PRIDHAM William John, 9 Strand, S
PRIDHAM E. B.. Aberfeldie Braddons R. U
PRIDHAM, Ed. P. B., Grafton Road, S
PRIDHAM Henry, Terrace Road S
PRIDHAM, Mrs. Rose, 18 Waterloo Rd E
PRIESTMAN, the Misses, Babbacombe Rd. B
PRIESTLEY Charles W.. Richmond Lodge, T
PRIESTLEY Sam F., 9 Torwood Street TD
PRING William, 16 Mallock Road, C
PRIOR, George Pennell, Ailsa, TD
PRISTON Ernest E., 17 Market Street U
PRISTON Andrew G., 47 Market Street, U
PRISTON William L., 51 Market Street U
PRISTON Rt., 36c Ellacombe Road, E
PRISTON, 70A Union Street, W
PRISTON Sydney. J., 11 Pediford Ter U
PRISTON, Sydney T., 1 Cavern Road, E
PRISTON Mrs Julia., Springfield Road, E
PRISTON Alfred James 1 Woodville Road., E
PRISTON Mrs Laura, 72 Union Street
PRISTON Mrs. Laura, 103 Union Street,
PRITCHARD William, Park Road, M
PROCTOR Miss Isabella, Vicarage Road, C
PROUT, W., Hazelhurst, Ashfield Road, C
PROUT, Frederick, 2 Greenbank Terrace. M
PROUT William, 80 Sherwell Hill, C
PROUT John, Sherwell Lane, C
PROUT, John James, 22 Innerbrook Rd., C
PROWSE Mrs. Maria, 8 Park Cottages U
PROWSE Charles E., 21 Princes Rd. East, E,
PROWSE George H., 6 Somerville Ter.. E
PROWSE George., 14 Hoxton Road, E
PROWSE William E., 17b Hoxton Rd., E
PROWSE Miss Rose, 18 Hoxton Road, E,
PROWSE William, 68 Hoxton Road, E
PROWSE Albert, 22 Kenwyn Road, E
PROWSE C., 22 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
PROWSE Isaac T., 50 South Street, T
PROWSE, George, 5 Mount Pleasant, M
PROWSE Thomas, Pilmuir Lodge, T
PROWSE John Thos., 3 Church Street, T
PROWSE Samuel George, 3 East Street, T
PROWSE James Henry, 1 Bath Cottages. T
PROWSE, Aaron, 2 Park View Terrace, B
PROWSE, George. 6 Springfield Terrace, B
PROWSE, Tom, 10 Springfield Terrace, B
PROWSE, John, 45 CarIton Road, E
PROWSE, George H., 49 Dunmere Road E
PROWSE Samuel G., 27 Innerbrook Road, C
PROWSE William. Torre Church Road, T
PROWSE, Mrs. Harriett, Upton Road, U
PROWSE Mrs Mary Ann, 56 Hoxton Rd, E
PUCKETT William. 4 Grosvenor Terrace W
PUCKETT William, St. Luke's Road, W
PUDDICOMBE William, 19 Cavern Road, E
PUDDICOMBE Thomas, 1 Waterloo Road, E
PUDDICOMBE, Thomas H., 70 CarIton Rd., E
PUDNER, George R., 34 Princes Street, B
PUGH, Charles, 13 Home Cottages, B
PUGH Rev. Isaac, 1 Elmfield Terrace, M
PUGH Miss Selina, 19 Torwood Street, S
PUGH F. J., 84 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
PUGH Mrs. Louisa, 3 Hatfield Terrace, E
PUGH Joseph, 3 Brunswick Terrace, U
PUGH, Mrs. A, 5 Brunswick Terrace, U
PUGH, Herbert, 44 St. Edmunds Road, E
PUGH, Charles, 22 Broadmead Road, B
PUGSLEY, David L., 1 St. Mark's Place, TD
PUGSLEY, 63 Union Street
PULLEYBLANK, George, 5 Exmouth Ter., B
PULLEYBLANK Albert, 74 Union Street
PULLIN, Charles J., Hatfield Road, E
PULLMAN John Henry, Hele, M
PULMAN Mrs. Rose, 4 Union Street
PULLYBLANK , R. P., 53 Dunmere Road, E
PUNCHARD, Mary, Torbay Mount, C
PURVES Robert S. 5 Clarendon Park, U
PURVIS Gilbert, Walliscote, W
PUTT Charles, 14 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
PUTT Richard, 3 Petitor Terrace, M
PUTT William H, 9 Victoria Road, E
PUTT Percival, 12 Sanford Road, C
PUTTICK Mrs. Mary A., Sherwell Lane, C
PUXLEY James, 33 Kenwyn Road, E
PYM William, 5 Pembroke Road, E
PYM, Capt. Harry, Ayton, TD
PYM Robert E., 25 Laburnum Street, T
PYM Sydney, 3 Hr. Queen Street, S
PYM Robert, 10 Braddons Street, S
PYM, Miss A., Glanmire, Bronshill Road
PYM Amos, 9 Pennsylvania Road, E
PYM Richard, 27 Pimlico, S
PYM Henry, Pimlico, S
PYM Richard, 24 Queen Street, S
PYM Mrs. Maria, Queen Street, S
PYM Amos, 12 Braddons Street, S
PYNE John, 33 Queen Street, S
PYNE, William H., 3 Greys Cottages, B
PYNE Charles O., 2 Croft Place, W
PYNE James, 8 Braddons Street, S
PYNE, John R., 17 CarIton Road, E
PYNE Edward, 19 Laburnum Street, T

QUAINTANCE Susan, 7 Madeira Cottages, W
QUANT, William, 4 Goschen Road, C
QUANT, Ernest, 2 Park Crescent, TD
QUANTICK, Fredk., 31 All Saints Road, B
QUANTICK Thomas, 13 Chester Row, E
QUANTICK Charles, 1 Rose Cottages, U
QUANTICK George H., 9 Westbourne Ct., U
QUANTICK, Arthur E., 21 A Chester Row, E
QUANTICK William, 19 Sherwell Hill, C
QUICK John, 40 Victoria Road, E
QUICK William J., 12 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
QUICK James, 4 Hoxton Road, E
QUICK Frederick, 11 Chester Row, E
QUICK, Andrew, 14 Rosery Road, C
QUICK Mrs. Eliza, 7 Melville Street, W
QUICK, Dr. John, Pentreve, TD
QUICK, Jacob, 58 Woodville Road, E
QUICK, Philip, 19 Waterloo Road, E

RADFORD William, 4 Somerton Terrace T
RADFORD John, 3 Factory Row, W
RADFORD Charles, 190 Union Street, U
RADFORD Miss Elizabeth, St. Marychurch Rd, E
RADDON, Sidney, 1 Homer Terrace, B
RADMORE John, 23 Church Lane, T
RADMORE Albert A., 17 Queen Street, S
RADMORE, George, 36 St. Edmunds Road, E
RAIT, the Misses, Cleveland Road T
RALPH, James, 2 Coastguard Station, B
RAMSAY the Misses, Petitor Road, M
RAMSAY, the Misses, SoIsbro' Road, C
RANDALL, Mrs. A., 1Haytor View Cottage, M
RANDALL, Wm H., 5 Greenbank Ter., M
RANDALL Peter J., Teignmouth Road, U
RANSOM, Miss G. Mary, 40 Rowley Road, M
RAVENSCROFT Edward W., Villa Como, W
RATTENBURY, W., G., rear 4 Church St.
RAWCLIFFE, George, Happaway Hill, S
RAWLE, Harry 5 Broad Park Terrace, M
RAWLE Frederick, 121 Windsor Road, E
RAWLE William, 3 Belgrave Villas, T
RAWLE, Reginald, 3 Warberry Road West
RAWLING Mrs. Ellen, 9 Bath Terrace, T
RAWLINGS, Ernest. Babbacombe Road, B
RAWLINGS, Samuel, 6 St. Matthias Ter., B
RAYM0ND, Frank, 15 Goschen Road, C
RAYMOND Tom, 48 South Street, T
RAYMOND, Henry, 27 Church Lane, T
RAYMONT William, 4 St. Michael's Ter., U
RAYMONT Mrs. Fanny, St. Matthias, B
RAYNES, Thomas A., Chalvington, C
READ, Mrs. Emma, 30 Endsleigh Place, B
READ, Rev. Edward, Caervethan, M
READ, Mrs. E., Devons Road, B
READE, Thomas Glover, Holwood, M
READE, M., Rookwood, Herbert Road, C
READE, J. C. de Walton, Sonnenberg, C
REDAELLI, Mrs., Market Street
REDCLIFFE, Thos., 19 Fore Street, B
REDDICLIFFE W. P. 2 Chestnut Cott., M
REDMORE James William, Morwell, T
REDMORE James W., 53 Union Street, S
REDWOOD, Thomas, 12 Mount Pleasant, M
REDWOOD, Francis, 1 Crescent Place, M
REDWOOD Richard J., rear 19 East St., T
REDWOOD Mrs. Mary, Torre, Square T
REDWOOD, Rd James, 35 Victoria Road, E
REDWOOD, Robert, 18 Broadmead Road, B
REDWOOD, William, Hartop Road, M
REED Samuel, 24 Upton Ch. Road, U
REED Miss A. M. Anglesea Cottage, T
REED, Herbert, Watcombe, M
REED William E., Market Street, U
REED James, 107 Lymington Road, U
REED John, 8 Abbey Road, W
REED Thomas, under 2 Queen Street, S
REED Richard 72 Fleet Street, S
REED Willoughby E 3 Mallock Road, C
REED Mrs. Annie Princes Road West E,
REEVES Sydney H., 20 Lucius Street, T
REEVES Miss Margaret E., St. Moritz, W
REID Robert Warren Road, W
REIGNOLDS Mrs. Mary Ann, Parkside, T
REIN Mrs. Mary A., St. Marychurch Rd., E
RENDALL Mrs. Jessie, 14 Kenwyn Road, E
RENDALL Theo., S., 76 Fleet Street, S
RENDALL Theodore S., St. Matthews Rd C
RENDELL, Walter, 7 Regents Cottages, M
RENDELL, James, 4 Compton Place, M
RENDELL James, 2 Somerville Terrace E
RENDELL Ermond, 35 Hoxton Road, E
RENDELL Mrs. Harriett, 31 Morgan Ave., U
RENDELL Edwin, 216 Lymington Road, U
RENDELL Charles, 18 Upton Ch. Road, U
RENDELL Frederick, 3 Lymington Ter., U
RENDELL Wilfred, 1 Bradford Terrace, U
RENDELL, Tom L., 10 Park Hill Cott., TD
RENDELL James, Princes Road West, E
RENDELL, William, Brunswick Terrace, U
RENDELL, Rev. L. T., Meadfoot Road, Td
RENDELL, Albert, 2 Union Lane Higher, U
RENDLE, John Boyes, 13 Albert Place, M
RENDLE William, 24 Cavern Road, E
RENDLE James, 2 Pembroke Road, E
RENDLE: John T., 3 Cavern Road, E
RENDLE George, Waldon Hill Steps, W
RENDLE John T., 1 Lime Grove Terrace, T
RENDLE, Richard, Eventide Cottage, TD
RENDLE James, 6 Palk Street, S
RENDLE, John, 34 Woodville Road, E
RENNELLS William, 19 Queen Street, S
RENNY, Col. George B,, Warborough, M
RENTOUL James W, 107 Union Street, U
RENTOUL, Miss Lizzie, 107 Union Street, U
RENWICK & WILTON, 55 Fleet Street S
REPIK, Francois, 4 Victoria Parade, TD
REYNOLDS, Arthur, 8 Walnut Road, C
REYNOLDS Edwin, 15 Braddons Street, S
REYNOLDS, William, 7 Empire Road, U
RICE Albert J. S., 4 Hr. Queen Street, S
RICE Arthur George 16 Laburnum St., T
RICE Miss Sarah, 6 Cary Parade W
RICE Henry Froom, Kenwyn, E,
RICE Mrs. Mary, 40 Princes Road, E
RICE, William, 22 Barton, M
RICE George, rear 282 Union Street, T
RICE Arthur George, 21 Laburnum St, T
RICE Mrs. Jane, Parkfield Road, U
RICE Wm., Alonza, Tor Hill Road W
RICH Ernest Edward, 19 Sherwell Hill, C
RICHARDS Frederick, 11 South Street, T
RICHARDS, William, Fortune of War, B
RICHARDS Alfred, 1 Athenaeum Place, S
RICHARDS, John, 5 Meliora, TD
RICHARDS, Miss C. M., Riversdale TD
RICHARDS, Miss Annie L., Riversdale, TD
RICHARDS, Miss Laura E., Riversdale, TD
RICHARDS, Thomas, 1 Barn Cottages, M
RICHARDS John W., 76 Kenwyn Road, E,
RICHARDS Frederick, Primley, E
RICHARDS Phillip H., 2 Castle Terrace, U
RICHARDS Mrs. Jessie, Nepaul, W
RICHARDS, Albert H., Beach Road, B
RICHARDS, the Misses, Babbacombe Rd., S
RICHARDS W. J., 2 Lucius Street, W
RICHARDS & Co. LTD., 61 Union Street, U
RICHARDS William, 176 Union Street, U
RICHARDS John, 165 Union Street, U
RICHARDS John, 40 Tor Hill Road, W
RICHARDS, Miss M., 7 Torwood Terrace, TD
RICHARDS, William, East Street, T ,
RICHARDS Hugh Martin, Forest Road, U
RICHARDS Hugh M., 50 Forest Road, U
RICHARDS, Alfred E., 88 Forest Road U
RICHARDS, Miss Elizabeth, Fore Street, B
RICHARDS John S., 30 Innerbrook Road, C
RICHARDS William, 42 Sherwell Hill, C
RICHARDS, William, 23 Sherwell Hill, C
RICHARDSON, Mrs. S. M., Hollinwood, TD
RICHARDSON, Yorke, 8 Regents Terrace, M
RICHARDSON E., 105 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
RICHARDSON, James, 90 Forest Road, U
RICHARDSON Mrs. E., 61 Lymington Rd., U
RICHARDSON Ed, 35 St. Edmunds Road, E
RICHMOND Mrs C., Hr. Erith Road, TD.
RICKARD Richard G.. 1 Trinity Place, TD .
RICKETTS John H., 1 Brunswick Ter. U
RIDDOCK Capt. James L., Teignmouth Rd.
RIDEDALE, James A., rear 19 East Street, T
RIDER, Albert Edward, 2 Union Street.
RIDGE, Miss Elizabeth A., 3 Rowley Rd., M
RIDGWAY Albert B. (Col.), Durham Lge., S
RIDGWAY, Thomas J., 21 Fore Street, B
RIDGWAY James, 7 Camden Road, E
RIDLER Miss Constance C., Coniston, s
RIGBY, Mrs. Norah, 3 Greenway Terrace, M
RIGGS, Richard Hy., 13 Walnut Road, C
RIGGS, John James, 7 Sanford Road, C
RIGGS, Wm. H., 14 Wellswood Place, TD
RIGGS Thomas R, 29 Lr. Union Lane, W
RIGGS Thomas, 1 Lr. Union Lane, W ,
RIGGS F. T., Burton Ale House, W
RIGGS Edwin Charles, 11 Sherwell Hill, C
RILEY Miss, Avenue Lodge, T
RILEY Mrs. Elizabeth, Sherwell Hill, C,
RINGROSE Miss M. F., St. Marychurch Rd, E
RINT0UL Thomas, 83 Sherwell Hill, C
RIPPINGILLE, Harry T. Cary Arms B
RIPPINGILLE Chs. Fk., 42 Innerbrook Rd, C
RISDON, Mrs. Lydia, 24 Windsor Road. E
RIVERS Charles Edward, 10b Strand, S
RIVERS Charles, Thurlow Road, U
RIXON;. Miss Mary, Mildmay, M
ROACH, William John. Barton House, M
ROACH, John, Wilson Villa, T
ROACH Albert Edward, 13 Sherwell Hill, C
ROACH, Mrs. Eliza, 1 Broadmead Road, B
ROBERSON, Thomas (Capt.), Greenway Rd. M
ROBERTS, Joseph W.. 8 Lumaton Place, M
ROBERTS, Charles Wise, Barcoo, M
ROBERTS, James, 7 South Town Cott., M
ROBERTS, W., Loughton, Old Mill Rd C
ROBERTS William, 11 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
ROBERTS John, 7 Coburg Place, W
ROBERTS Mrs. Sarah A., 8 Orchard Cots., U
ROBERTS Reuben, 4 Faria Cottages, U
ROBERTS Charles, 12 Thurlow Park, U
ROBERTS Hubert (Supt.), Belliver, U
ROBERTS Geo. & Son, Abbey Road, W
ROBERTS Dr. Wm., 5 Wellswood Park, TD

ROBERTS Fredk., 6 Laburnum Cottages, T
ROBERTS, Alfred, 14 Furrough Cross, B
ROBERTS Robert G., 16 Dunmere Road, E
ROBERTS: Lionel E., 86 Forest Road, U
ROBERTS Charles. 10-11 Meadfoot Lane, TD
ROBERTS Arthur, 6 Redden Hill Road, B
ROBERTS Mrs., Redden Hill Road, B
ROBERTS William, 6 Sherwell Hill, C
ROBERTS Mrs. R. G., St. Margarets Road, M
ROBERTS Percival, Torbay Road, W
ROBERTSON, John, 2 Highfield Terrace, B
ROBERTSON G. (Capt.) 3 The Birklands, S
ROBERTSON, James, Beechmount, C ,
ROBERTSON Mrs. E. W., Park Hill Road, TD
ROBBINS Richard, 5 Mt. St. Bernard's, E
ROBINS, George, 5 All Saints Road, B
ROBINS William Ernest, 8 East Street, T
ROBINS Samuel, 17 Lr. Union Lane, W
ROBINS, Thomas J., 13 Forest Road, U
ROBINS Edwin, 1 Palk Street, S
ROBINSON, Phillip James, FoxIands, B
ROBINSON Samuel, 19 Lr. Union Lane, W
ROBNETT William H., 41 Kenwyn Rd., E
ROBSON, C. F., Aden, Seaway Lane, C
ROBSON, Miss E. D., Kennett Villa, TD
ROCKETT Samuel, 29 Temperance Street, W
ROCKETT Samuel, Upton Road, U
ROCKHEY, John Fry, 7 Belgrave Road, T
ROCKHEY J. F., Fleet Street, S
RODFORD James, 7 Higher Terrace, 8
RODGERS William Henry, Kirton, U
RODGERS Miss Betsy, 3 Rose Cottages, U
RODGERS, 96 Union Street, W
RODGERS Richard H., 4 Warren Hill, W
RODGERS William, 50 Abbey Road, W
RODGERS Albert E., 8 Upton Ch. Rd., U
RODGERS, Joseph, 16 Church Street, T
RODGERS Albert, Market Street
RODGERS, John, 21 St. Edmunds Road, E
RODGERS, Miss, Cary Crescent, W
RODWAY William H. (Major), Vale Lodge., U
RODWAY Miss Marianne, Vale Lodge U
ROFFEY Miss Elizabeth, St. Alban's Rd., B
ROGERS, John, 28 Endsleigh Place, B
ROGERS William, 19 Park Cottages, U
ROGERS William J, 3 Ebenezer Cots., U
ROGERS Thomas John, Shenley U
ROGERS, Thomas, 5 Furrough Cross, B
ROGERS Mrs. Mary, Tor Vale, U .
ROGLES Henry AIbert, 51 Kenwyn Road, E
ROGERS Mrs. Louisa E., St. Matthias, B
ROGERS Rev James, Braddons Rd., (East)
ROLFE, Joseph, Redden Hill Road, B
ROLFE, Joseph, Babbacombe Beach Rd., B
ROLLINS William, 6 Alexandra Road, E
ROLSTONE Mrs. Annie, 46 Windsor Rd., E
ROLSTONE, Miss Lucy, Bridge Road, T
ROOK, Mrs. Ann, 2 Warbro Rd. Cott., B
ROOK, Richard, 32 Belmont Road, E
ROOK Harry, 28 Union Lane Lower, W
ROOKE Samuel M, 13 Springfield Ter., U
ROOKE James, 2 Marchwood Terrace, U
ROOKE Thomas, 15 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
ROOKE, James, 28 All Saints Road, B.
ROOKE Reginald, 217 Lymington Rd., U
ROOKE, Mrs. Anne, 25 Church Lane, T
ROOKE, Frank, 16 Wellington Road, E
ROOKE Ephraim, Upton Road, U
ROOPE, Wm. T., 4 Bedford Terrace, B
ROOPE, Miss Emma, 32 St. Edmunds Rd., E
RONAYNE, W., 27 Walnut Road, C
ROSE, the Misses, Babbacombe Down Rd. B
ROSSITER, Mrs. Florence, Avenue Road, T
ROSSNER Harold, 62 Union Street, W
ROSS Mrs., Woodland Grove (2), Brads Rd.
ROSS Rev. Thos., 25 Morgan Avenue, U
ROUGIER, Mrs. Sarah S., Vicarage Road, C
ROUND Enoch C., 2 Thurlow Terrace U
ROUNSEVELL Walter, under 7 Queen St., S
ROUTERY William, 43 Market Street, U
ROUTERY, the Misses, Tor Hill Road W
ROUTLEY Mrs. Jane, 20 Laburnum St., T
ROWDEN. Wm. J.. 2A Balaclava Cott., B
ROWDON Thomas, 31 Kenwyn Road, B
ROWE, W.. 4 Wellswood Place, TD
ROWE, William, Ilsham Farm, B
ROWE Walter, 4 Queen Street, S
ROWE, John, Babbacombe Road, S
ROWE, Miss Julia, Argotti, B
ROWE, F., St. Alban's, Ruckamore Rd., C
ROWE, John, 13 and 14 Austen Place, M
ROWE, Mrs. Emma, 7 Lumaton Place, M
ROWE, Frank, 25 Cavern Road, E
ROWE Frederick Thomas, Hele, M
ROWE, Samuel, 92 Windsor Road, B
ROWELL John, 2 Meadow View, U
ROWELL Mrs. Emma, 7 Braddons St., S
ROWELL Sydney George, 98 Union St., W
ROWELL Miss Kate W., 98 Union Street, W
ROWELL William, 2 Portland Place, W
ROWELL, Geo. A., Vansittart Road T
ROWLAND, Miss H. W., Babbacombe Rd. S
ROWLAND, F. G., 17 Abbey Road, W
ROWLAND & CO., 140 Union Street, W
ROWLAND Mrs E. H., 6 Brentwood Terr, W
ROWLAND Mrs E, Bath Terrace, T
ROWLAND, Thomas, Aberdare, B
ROWLAND, William J., 98 Forest Road, U
ROWLAND Miss Mary, 5 Morgan Avenue, U
ROWLAND, Wm. J., 2 St. Edmunds Rd, E
ROWLANDS Henry H., rear 165 Union Street .
ROWLES, Wm. Walter, Queen Street, S,
ROWSE, Henry, 6 Trumland Crescent, M
ROWSE, William, Southparks; M
RUDD Edwin, 15 Cavern Road, E
RUMANN, Miss A., Meadfoot Road, Td
RUMBALL, James, 8 South Town Cott., M
RUMSAM Mrs. E., 1 Hr. Queen Street, S
RUNDLE Francis, 129 Windsor Road, E
RUNDLE George, 1 Rose Cottages, U
RUNDLE Brice, Junr,: Empire Road, U
RUNDLE Brice (junr), Forest Road, U
RUNDLE, William, 21 Forest Road, U
RUNDLE , Brice, 68 and 70 Forest Road, U
RUNDLE Charles Henry, 9 Petitor Road, M
RUSDEN Charles, Coastguard Station
RUSSELL Mrs. Mary A., Castle Grove, U
RUSSELL,, Miss Laura, Novar, TD
RUSSELL, Miss E., 15 Wellswood Park, TD
RUSSELL, George S., 18 Forest Road, U
RUSSELL, Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Windsor Rd., E
RUSSELL, Robert H., 202 Lymington Rd
RUTHERFURD, Mrs. Emily C., Warren Road.
RYAN, James, 7 Princes Street, B
RYAN John R. (Capt.), Elmscot, T
RYDER George R. A., Parish Rooms, T
RYDER Miss Sarah A., 2 Lansdowne Ple., T
RYDER, Samuel Allan, Rose Cottage, TD
RYDER, Mrs. Ellen, 28 Compton Place, M
RYDER Philip, 24 Kenwyn Road, E
RYDER John R., 4 Warberry Rd. West, E
RYDER, William, 26 Church Lane, T
RYDER Samuel, 34 Hoxton Road E
RYDER William, 63 Temperance Street, W
RYDING Miss Agnes E., Terrace Road, S

SADD John, 5 George Street. S
SADLER, William Lodona, C
SAGE Henry D., 3 Lr. Union Lane, W
SAGE Thomas Walter, 64 Mallock Road, C
SALISBURY Henry, under 3 Queen St., S
SALTER, Thomas J., 57 Fore Street, M
SALTER. Wm. Albert, 53 Fore Street M
SALTER Harry F., 14 Tor Hill Road, W
SALTER, F. C., 3A Lisburn Square, TD
SALTER, John, ApsIey Lodge, TD
SALTER Fredk. Bruce, 16 Lucius Street, T
SALTER Richard W., 290 Union Street, T
SALTER F. B., Babbacombe Road TD
SALTER Frederick Charles, Kents Road, TD
SALTER Henry F., St. Luke's Road, W
SALTER, Henry, 12 St. Edmunds Road E
SALTER, Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Walnut, Rd., C
SALTER, Miss Mary, St. Albans Road, B
SALWAY Fredk Wm. rear 4 Park Lane, TD
SAMPSON George, 48 Windsor Road, E
SAMPSON Aaron J., 3 Buckland Ter., U
SAMPSON William, 23 South Street, T
SAMPSON, John 5 Crescent Place M
SAMPSON, Charles, 13 Goschen Road, C
SAMSON Miss Susanna, Rathmore Road, C
SAMWAYS Miss Fanny, 2 Anglesea Tce., T
SANDARS J. S. (Rt. Hon.), Darwen Bank, W
SANDERS, George, 6 St. Annes Terrace, B
SANDERS William H., 9 Abbey Road, W
SANDERS, Charles Henry, Westacre, M
SANDERS, James, 16 BeIgrave Road, T
SANDERS, Harry, 25 Belgrave Road, T
SANDERS P. W., 3 Gloucester Place , W
SANDERS W. W., 12 Victoria Parade, TD
SANDERS, W. J., 3 Stoneycroft Terrace, C.
SANDERS Samuel J., Cliff Cottage, S
SANDERS J. R. 40 Ellacombe Ch Road, E
SANDERS J., 27 Lr, Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
SANDERS Frederick, 7 Hoxton Road, E
SANDERS William, 89 Windsor Read, E
SANDERS. Aaron, Castle Road, U
SANDERS J. Hy., 33 Princes Road East, E
SANDERS Mrs. Susan, 4 Rowley Road, M
SANDERS, Wm, James, 89 Windsor Road, E
SANDERS, Mrs. Isabel, Pimlico Road, S
SANDFORD George, Torquay Road
SANDFORD, William, Warren Road, W
SANDFORD, George, 35 Victoria Road, E
SANDOVER Robert H., 15 Kenwyn Road, E
SANFORD John T., 8 Abbey Road, W
SANSOM Thomas, 1. Berachah Road, E
SARAHS George, 6 Braddons Street, S
SARAHS Fredk. George, Clifton Cottage, S
SARAHS John, 2 Foundry Cottages, S
SARAHS William J., 31 Hoxton Road, E
SATCHWELL Mrs. Sarah, rear 282 Union S, T
SATCHWILL Alfred, 6 Bradford Terrace, U
SATCHWILL Miss Mary J., Templestowe, W
SATCHWILL Charles G., 9 Belgrave Cots., T
SATTERLEY John, 8 Hoxton Road, E,
SATTERLEY Frederick, 27 Cavern Rd, E
SATTERLEY Thos. H., Perrett's Buildings, S
SATTERLEY Samuel, 7 Happaway Place, S
SATTERLEY Robert, 3 Hr. Braddons St., S
SATTERLEY G. S.. 7 Westbourne Crescent, U
SATTERLEY Arthur J., 13 Prospect Place, U
SATTERLEY Miss Edith 39 Morgan Ave., U
SATTERLEY John, 20 Melville Street, W
SATTERLEY, Samuel, 15 St. Annes Ter., B
SATTERLEY, Mrs. Jane, Barn Cottage, B
SATTERLEY, James, 20 CarIton Road, E
SATTERLEY, Mrs. Grace, 54 Crown Hill Park
SATTERLEY John G., 25 Mallock Road, C
SATTERLEY, Albert Wm., 15 Broadmead Rd
SATTERTHWAITE C. (Mjr), 5 PortI'd Pe., W
SAUNDERS, Sidney, 4 Rosery Road, C
SAUNDERS Frederick, 1 Alexandra Rd., E
SAUNDERS, Miss E. P., Babbacombe Rd., TD
SAUNDERS Mrs. Mary 6 Castle Terrace, U
SAUNDERS Thomas, Walmer Cottage, U
SAUNDERS Mrs. Mary A., 15 Highbury Rd, E
SAUNDERS Mrs. Mary, Redden Hill Road B
SAUNDERS the Misses, Torre Hill Road, U
SAUNDERS Thomas, Torre Square, T
SAUNDERS, Mrs. A. B., Woodfield Rd. Middle
SAUNDERS, George, 80 St. Edmunds Rd., B
SAVAGE Francis E., 34 Windsor Road, E
SAWYER William, 7 Peditford Terrace, U
SAWYER Samuel, 29 Mallock Road, C
SCAGELL Samuel C., 8 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
SCHENKER, Walter, 12 Forest Road, U
SCHOFIELD, Mrs. E., Braddons Rd., (East)
SCHOLES, Richard D., 2 Bedford Terrace, B
SCHUCKBURG Charles, 12 Trafalgar Te., E
SCOLES, William Joseph, Shirburn, U
SCOTCHBROOK H. opposite, Westb'e Ct., U
SCOTT Albert, 29 Pimlico, S
SCOTT, William, 48 Fore Street, M
SCOTT Mrs. Sarah, Brondesbury. U
SCOTT George, 15 Crown Hill Park, T
SCOTT Ernest, under 3 Hoxton Road E
SCOTT Thomas, 185 Lymington Road, U
SCOTT, Thomas. 35 Woodville Road, E
SCOTT, Charles, Warren Road, W
SCOTT, John G. B., 52 Westbourne Rd., U
SCOTT, G. HY., 22 St. Edmunds Road, E
SCOTT-GALLOWAY, George, 21 Victoria P'de
SCOTTISH WOOL Co,, 51 Union Street, S
SCOURCE Wm. G., 21 Braddons Street, S
SCRAGG, Robert 1 Sunnybank, M
SCRAGG, Miss Oliver Avenue Road, T
SCRAGG, Mrs., Hele, M
SCRIVINGS Chs. John, 14 Pennsylvania R, E
SCUDDER Richard, 37 Kenwyn Road, E
SEALY, the Misses, Babbacombe Beach Rd
SEAMAN William, 35 Abbey Road, W
SEALE Mrs. Mary Helen, Sunbury Hill, U
SEARLE Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Peditford Tor U
SEARLE Henry J., 1a Ellacombe Road, E
SEARLE, John, Myrtle Cottage, M
SEARLE, Edwin, 3 Barnfield Cottages, M
SEARLE, Mrs. Lydia 14 Barton, M
SEARLE, Henry, 2 Watcombe Place, M
SEARLE Alfred, 19 East Street, T
SEARLE George, 8 Orchard Cottages, U
SEARLE, William, rear 2 Fore Street, M
SEARLE, J., Teignmouth Road, M
SEARLE, John Francis, Warren Road W
SEAWARD William R., 28 Highbury Rd, E
SECKER, Miss Louisa M., Southlands, B
SEELEY Ernest L., 2 Lawrence Place, S
SEELEY C, 4 South Town Cottages, U
SELDON Mrs. Mary, 1 St. James' Place, U
SELDON Mrs. Caroline, 32 South Street T
SELLEK Edward J., 13 Princes Rd. Et, E
SELLEK, Elias, 7 Furrough Cross, B
SELLEK, George, 16 Palk Place M
SELLEK, Albert Robert, 24 Walnut Rd., C
SELLEY, John 14 Dunmere Road, E
SENIER, Harold, Vicarage Road, C
SENIOR George, 5 Market Street, U
SENIOR George, St. Luke's Road, W
SERALE, James Scott, 82 Windsor Road B
SERCOMBE William, 9 Kenwyn Road, S
SERMON Edward H., St. Florence, U
SERMON, Mrs. Sarah A., Ash Hill Road, U
SERMON Frank E., Torre Park Road, T
SETTERS William, 188 Lymington Road, U
SETTERS Henry, 4 Bethel Cottages, E
SETTERS Emanuel, Hele, M
SETTERS Edward, Springfield Road, E
SETTERS George Springfield Road, E
SETTERS Frederick, 8 Temperance St., W
SETTERS Alfred rear 29 Union Street S
SETTON Miss Ada F., 6 Belmont Crest., E
SEVER, Miss Mary, St. Luke's Lodge, TD
SEWARD, Fredk., 1 Furrough Cross, B
SEWART, John, Happaway Hill, S
SHADBOLT A. E. 14 Orchard Cottages, M
SHANNON George, E., Beverley Lodge, T
SHANNON William, Rock Road, W
SHAPCOTT Joshua, 21 Kenwyn Road, E
SHAPCOTT Wm. James, 12 Albert Place, M
SHAPCOTT James, Park Road, M
SHAPCOTT & WEBB, Misses, 1 Windsor Rd.
SHAPLAND, Mrs. F. M,, 2-3 Bab'be B'h Rd.
SHAPLEY, Leonard 8. Exbury, TD
SHAPLEY Edward, 3 Laburnum Row, T
SHAPLEY, Wm. J., 15 All Saints Road, B
SHAPLEY, George, Aynells, M
SHAPLEY & SONS, E.. Lucius Street, T
SHAPLEY & SONS, 2 Strand, S
SHAPLEY, Edward John, Chelston Rd., C
SHAPLEY & SONS, Lucius Street, T
SHAPLEY, John, 61 Westbourne Road, U
SHAPLEY & SONS, 17 Walnut Road C
SHAFTER John, 85 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
SHARAM, Philip H., 3 Barton, M
SHARAM, Richard, 11 Barton, M
SHARLAND William, 4 Anglesea, Terrace, T
SHARLAND Aubrey, 2 Belmont Cottage, T
SHARLAND, Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Portobello, B
SHARLAND, Wm. G., 13 St. Annes Ter., B
SHARLAND, George, Coombe Pafford, M
SHARLAND, Archie, rear 6 Palk Place, M
SHARLAND, Thomas, 1 Plainfield Terrace, B
SHATWELL Joseph, 3 Bradford Terrace, U
SHAW, John, 6 Watcombe Place M
SHAW, A. M., Timaru, Vicarage Road, C
SHAW, John Lancaster, Ridgehill, TD
SHAW, Miss Gertrude B., Lynfield, TD
SHAW, Fredk., Woodfield Rd. Middle, TD
SHAYLER, Charles 6 Westbourne Rd., U
SHEARMAN Miss Hannah, Warren Hill, W
SHEARD Edward V., 52 Woodville Road E
SHEARS Edwin H. J., 14 Waterloo Rd., E
SHEARS Joseph, 24 Melville Street, W
SHEARS William, 9 Alexandra Road, E
SHEARS John, 8 Victoria Terrace, U
SHEARS John, 15 Hoxton Road, E
SHEERMAN, Daniel, 2 Asheldon Ter., TD
SHELDRAKE, John J., 20 St. Edmunds Rd.
SHELLY, Mrs. Evelyn 1 Meliora TD
SHENTON Frederick, 3 Pembroke Road, E
SHENTON, Albert, 16 Wellesley Rd. Lr., E
SHEPARD, Miss Elizabeth, 3 Western Ter., M
SHEPHARD C., 13 Corporation Buildings, S
SHEPHARD Thomas, 2 Bath Terrace, T
SHEPHEARD Mrs. Harriett, Bel Respiro, S
SHEPHERD, Richard, 8 Rosery Road ' C
SHEPHERD George R., 7 Lr. Shirburn Rd, U
SHEPHERD, Wm. H., 9 Happaway Ter., M
SHEPHERD, Arthur, 2 Clifton Place, M
SHEPHERD Mrs. Mary, 1 Warberry Vale, E,
SHEPHERD Mrs. Alice, 1 Grafton Terrace, S
SHEPHERD G A. 2 Hr. Braddons Street, S
SHEPHERD Mrs. Lily, Baveno, S
SHEPHERD Miss Helen. B., Hunsdon Rd., S
SHEPHERD MISS Blanche, Solsbro' Road, C
SHEPHERD the Misses, St Marychurch R., U
SHERIFF Harry, 62 Ellacombe Ch Rd, E
SHERMAN, Richard, 2 Church View, B
SHEVILL, William H., Old Mill Road, C
SHEW, John, 2 Parkmount Cottages, TD
SHILSTON Charles, 6 Moorlands Ter., U
SHILSTONE Edward E., 3 Beaufort Villas, T
SHIMMELL, E. J., 9 Meadfoot Lane, TD
SHIMMELL, Jas., 9 Meadfoot Lane, TD
SHINNER Richard, 8 Laburnum Street, T
SHINNER Samuel R., 194 Lymington Rd., U
SHINNER, Samuel, 2 Lulworth Cottages, B
SHINNER, Samuel, 4 Albert Cottages, B
SHINNER William, 8 Home Cottages, B
SHINNER, Miss Alice M., 41 Fore Street, M
SHINNER, Fred G., 54 Fore Street, M
SHINNER George, 6 St. Margarets Ter., M
SHINNER Edward M., The Glenkens, W
SHINNER Miss Ellen J., 2 Windsor Road, E
SHINNER William, 24 Innerbrook Road, C
SHINNER, Samuel, 13 Broadmead Road B
SHINNER, Thos. Hy., 19 Broadmead Rd., B
SHINNER, Miss M. rear Fore Street, B
SHIPWAY, Frank, Strand, S
SHIRT, George, 12 Endsleigh Place, B
SHOBBROOK, James, 1 Rosery Road, C
SHOBBROOK, Ernest, 2 Rosery Road, C
SHOBBROOK, Frederick, 15 Rosery Road, C
SHOBBROOK, William, 16 Warberry Vale, E
SHOBBROOK, Thomas, 4 Warberry Vale, , E
SHOPLAND, William, Thurlow Road, U
SHOPPEE, Oliver, 1 Park Hill Cottages TD
SHORT N., Lr. Westhill House, West Hill Rd
SHORT William J., 13 Hoxton Road, E
SHORT J. S., 15 Ellacombe Church Rd., E
SHORT John, 1 Ellacombe Road, E
SHORT John H., Wroxhall Stables S
SHORT George Parker, 1 Bannercross, W
SHORT, William, Westhill Farm, M
SHORT, Miss Miriam, 2 Mount Pleasant, M
SHORT, Nicholas, Cary Farm, M
SHORT, William, Redden Hill Road, B
SHORT, John J, 5 Babbacombe Bay Ter., B
SHORT Thomas, 219 Union Street, U
SHORT T. E., 101 Union Street, U
SHORT Thomas J., 38 South Street, T
SHORT Amos Watson, 45 South Street, T
SHORT William 46 South Street, T
SHORT Amos Balsom, Venture Stables, T
SHORT, Thomas, 11 Walnut Road, C
SHORT, John Hinves, Norma, C
SHORT, Amos, 29 Forest Road, U
SHORT Thomas, Thurlow Road, U
SHORTER William, 171 Union Street, U
SHUTE James, 17 Church Lane, T
SILBY, & BARROW, Misses, 3 Beacon Ter., TD
SILK Ernest, Babbacombe Road, B
SIMMONDS Albert, 6 Mt. St. Bernard's, E
SIMMONS Mrs. Emma, 11 Highbury Rd., E
SIMMONS, Wm, J., 18 Mount Pleasant, M
SIMMS A. H. (Rev.), St. Luke's House, W
SIMMS Mrs. A. M., Warberry Rd. Middle, E
SIMMS, Andrew, 11 Bridge Road, T
SIMPSON John, 23 Ellacombe Road, E
SIMPSON R. Aubrey, Kents Road, TD
SIMPSON, John, 37 Woodville Road, E
SIMPSON Miss Minnie, 32-3 Victoria, Parade
SIMS, George, 9 Greenbank Terrace, M
SIMS W. H., 6 South Town Cottages, U
SIMS, George, 47 Forest Road, U
SIMMS Samuel Charles, St. Luke's Road, W
SINCLAIR Fredk., 7 Braddons Terrace, S
SINGER'S Machine Depot, 89 Union St., U
SINGLETON, Frank, 51 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
SKEDGELL Mrs. Maria, 10 Bexley Terrace T
SKEDGEWELL Richard, 83 St. Edmunds Road
SKELTON, Miss Mary M; Shrublands, M
SKINNER Daniel, 31 Queen Street, S
SKINNER Charles, Mill Leat Cottages, S
SKINNER J. H., 1 Scarborough Place, W
SKINNER, Robert H., 5 Oxford Terrace, M
SKINNER, Charles, 3 Highbury Place, M
SKINNER Fred, 6 Princes Road East, E
SKINNER W. H., 12 Lr. Shirburn Road. U
SKINNER Flora, Market Street, U
SKINNER George, 8 South Street, T
SKINNER George Allen,14 Princes Rd., E
SKINNER Thomas, 8 Mount Pleasant, E
SKINNER, Thomas, 1 Windermere Road B
SKINNER, William, Teignmouth Road, M
SKINNER, the Misses, York Road, B
SKINNER Mrs. Fanny, 186 Union Street,
SKINNER The Misses, Babbacombe Downs Rd
SKIRVING, Robert, Warberry Road Hr., E
SLACK George. 4 Hoxton Road. E
SLACK, Miss Maud B., Elmina, M
SLADE Edgar, 17 Crown Hill Park, T
SLADE James, 2 Gloucester Place, W
SLADE Henry C., Harvington Mount, S
SLADE & SON, Abbey Place, S
SLADE John Thornton E., Kents Road, TD
SLADE W., Meadfoot Road, TD
SLADE HY. C., St. Matthews Road. C
SLADE, Mrs, J. J. E., Solsbro' Road, C
SLATER Mrs. Louisa, St. Luke's Road, W
SLEE George, Thurlow Road Lower, U
SLIGHT, Miss Margaret, Kendall Villa. TD
SLOANE, Mrs., 2 Barton, M
SLOMAN, Mrs. Martha L., Ivy Lodge, B
SLOMAN Mary, 282 Union Street, T
SLOMAN, Edwin, 9 Park Hill Cottages, TD
SLOMAN Charles, 282 Union Street
SLOWMAN, Samuel, 8 Barewell, M
SMALE Wm. Brookland, 31 Fleet St., S
SMALE John M., 142 Union Street,
SMALE James, 9 Warren Hill, W
SMALE, Samuel, 17 Palk Place M
SMALE, George, 1 Osborne Terrace, M
SMALE, William, 4 Albion Cottages, M.
SMALE, James k., 1 Compton Place M
SMALE, Charles, Happaway Road, M
SMALE, James K., Hillside, M
SMALE, George K. 1 Cambridge Terrace, M
SMALE, Issaac, 6 Warbro Terrace, B
SMALE, Henry, 113 Union Street, U
SMALE Thomas B., 64 Belgrave Road, T
SMALE William, Clydesdale, T
SMALE, Mrs. Mary, East. Street, T
SMALE Caleb Silas, 37 Lymington Road, U
SMALE Fredk. Chas., Teignmouth Road, U
SMALE, William, 49 Woodville Road, E
SMALE, James K. Cambridge Road, M
SMALL Charles, 1 Palk Street, S
SMALL, Richard, 1 Coombe Park Ter., M
SMALLMAN Alfred J., Sea View, E
SMALRIDGE, F. W., 53 Crown Hill Park, 1
SMART Miss Lucy K., St. Keverne, U
SMEARDON Alfred C.. 1 Banner Place, W
SMEARDON Mrs. Emily M., 30 Victoria Rd, E
SMERDON Mrs. M. E., 1 Lincombe View, W
SMERDON E. F., 2 Lincombe View, W
SMERDON Mrs. Jane, 2 Cary Villas, W
SMERDON, R., 11 Wellswood Place, TD
SMERDON Charles, 16 Bath Terrace, T
SMERDON George E., 17 Laburnum St., T
SMERDON Henry J., 6 Crown Hill Park, T
SMERDON Fredk., 5 Alexandra Terrace, T
SMERDON Albert W., 8 Castle, Terrace, U
SMERDON William, 4 Sunbury Terrace, U
SMERDON Mrs. Elizabeth, 5 Hillside Cots., U
SMERDON William, 17 Wellington Rd., E
SMERDON John. 4 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
SMERDON Miss M., 9 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
SMERDON T. H, 12 Coburg Place, W
SMERDON Thomas, 14 Coburg Place, W
SMERDON Miss Emily, 23 Abbey Road. W
SMERDON John, Stourton, W
SMERDON, Richard, 7 Kents Terrace, TD
SMERDON, Mrs. Mary, 9 Ellacombe Ch. Rd
SMERDON George M., Redden Hill Road, B
SMERDON, Edward, 102 Windsor Road, B
SMERDON, Edward, Ellacombe Church Rd.
SMERDON George Hy., 23 South Street, T
SMITH Charles, under 19 Queen Street, S
SMITH William, 25 Pimlico, S
SMITH, M. George, Babbacombe Road, S
SMITH, Mrs. Alice, Bedford Road, B
SMITH, Miss Augusta, 3 Avenue Road, T
SMITH Richard, 22 Abbey Road, W
SMITH & KENNY, 45 Fleet Street, S
SMITH & SON. G. R. 9a Strand, S
SMITH& SON W H. 7 5 Fleet Street, S
SMITH Thomas, 53 Temperance Street, W
SMITH George W., 8 Matlock Terrace, W
SMITH, Mrs. R., 3 Chenneck Cottages, M
SMITH John, 8 Hampton Place, M
SMITH, Frank, 3 Church Road. M
SMITH, Mr., Barewell Court; M
SMITH. Frank K., 11 Thornacres Terrace, B
SMITH, Rebecca, 1 Park View, B
SMITH, Miss Ella B., Thorncliffe, B
SMITH M. G., Gairlock, Babbacombe Road
SMITH Charles, 53 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
SMITH Edward Last (Dr.), Mayfield, U
SMITH Arthur, 11 Windsor Road, E
SMITH Mrs. M., 29 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E,
SMITH W. S., opposite Westbourne Ct., U
SMITH Thomas, 1 Ebenezer Cottages, U
SMITH Mrs. Lucy, 43 Morgan Avenue, U
SMITH Thomas R., Huish Lodge, T
SMITH John, 3 South Street, T
SMITH Mr., 23 Crown Hill Park, T
SMITH, John Foss, 8 Trinity Place, TD
SMITH-TAYLOR, Mrs. G. N., The Tudors, TD
SMITH & SONS, 15 Walnut Road, C
SMITH, H, Cravensea, SoIsbro Road, C
SMITH, Wm. A. W. (Dr.), Manora, C
SMITH. Edwin, Livermead House, C
SMITH, Mr., Barewell, M
SMITH, Mrs. Mary, 3 Brunswick Terrace, U
SMITH, John, Camden Road, R
SMITH, David, Cockington Lane, C
SMITH, Wm. Young, 23 Crown Hill Park, T
SMITH Thomas John, 36 Hoxton Road, E
SMITH, the Misses, Babbacombe Road, S
SMITH George Philip, 42 Kenwyn Road, E
SMITH Richard, Market Street
SMITH Francis, 21 Old Mill Road, C
SMITH Arthur, Plainmoor Road, B
SMITH Claude Wm., Princes Road West, E
SMITH Mrs. Annie E, 15 Morgan Avenue, U
SMITH William, 4 Queen Street, S
SMITH Alfred Ernest. rear 20 South St. T
SMITH, William, Cambridge Road, M
SMITH, Walter Charles, Warren Road, W
SMITH, George, Windsor Road, B
SMITH, Arthur, Warberry Rd. West, S
SMITH, Mrs F. W., Manor Road, B
SMITH, William 12 Cavern Road, E
SMITH, E, Western Road, M
SNELGROVE, Miss Lucy, Cary Avenue, B
SNELL John, 28 Warberry Rd. West, E
SNELL Andrew, 42 Ellacombe Road, E
SNELL, Andrew, 5 Park View, B
SNELL, Mrs. E., 6 Granville Cottages, M
SNELL Charles J. C., rear 4 Church St., T
SNELL, J., senr., rear 5 Coombe Pafford, M
SNELL, William, junr., 4 Austen Place, M
SNELL, Albert, 4 Chestnut Cottages, M
SNELL, William, 16 Orchard Cottages, M
SNELL, Thomas, 4 Coombe Park Terrace, M
SNELL, George, 20 Church Lane, T
SNELL, W., Torbay Road, W
SNELL, John Gregory, East Street, T
SNELL Edward James, 13 Mallock Road C
SNELLING James, rear 20 South Street, T
SNELLING Herbert G.. 8 Portland Place, W
SNELLING W. P., 5 St. Michael's Terrace U
SNOOK Arthur, 19 Church Lane, T
SNOOK, Mrs. P., 7 Waymouths Cottages, M
SNOOK, Richard, 1 Prospect Cottage, M
SNOW, Ernest, Coombe Pafford, M
SOANES Geo. H. B., Petitor Road, M
SOMERSET, Miss Anne, Avenue Road, T
SOPER, William, Mapleton Mews, W
SOPER, Wm. H., 2 Coombe Pafford, M
SOPER John, 13 Warberry Vale, E
SOPER Arthur T., 4 Maranatha Terrace, E
SOPER, Tom, 12 Belle Vue Crescent, C
SOPER, Ernest John, 15 Sanford Road, C
SOPER, Emma, 5 Goschen Road, C
SOPER John, 3 Brunswick Terrace, U
SOPER Percy, 6 Lr. Ellacombe. Ch. Rd.. E
SOPER William, 3 Exeter Villas, E
SOPER Henry, Torre Square, T
SOUTHCOMBE Mrs. B., 9 Pennsylvania Rd, E
SOUTHCOMBE, Wm., 47 Pennsylvania Rd, E h
SOUTHCOMBE W., 14 Corporation Buildings, S
SOUTHCOMBE Mrs.P.,2 Bowmanville Tce., E
SOUTHCOTE, Walter, 7 Portobello Cott., B
SOUTHCOTE, Edward H., 1 Plainmoor, B
SOUTHCOTE, Charles, 111 St. Edmunds Rd.
SOUTHCOTT John, 93 Ellacombe Church Rd, E
SOUTHWOOD Charles, 15 Princes Road, E
SOUTHWOOD, J.. 8 Lower Regents Ter, M
SOUTHWOOD E. Wm., 4 Tor Hill Road, W
SOUTHWOOD, Fredk. J., 30 Alexandra Rd. E
SOUTHWOOD William H., Steps Cottages, W
SOUTHWOOD Fredk. J., 4 Braddons St., S
SOUTHWOOD Wm., 8 Happaway Place, S
SOUTHWOOD Herbert C., Belgrave Cots, T
SOUTHWOOD William, 21 South Street, T
SOUTHWOOD, Mrs., 16 Daison Road, U
SOUTHWOOD & Co., 5 Fleet Street
SOUTHWOOD Hubert Chs., Torre Church Rd
SOUTHWOOD Ernest W., 6 Tor Hill Rd., W
SOUTHWOOD, Edward, Vansittart Road, T
SPARKE, Francis E., Teignmouth Road, T
SPARKES William S., 4 Athenaeum Place, S
SPARKES John, 49 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
SPARKES Charles, 36 Union Lane Lower, W
SPARKES Mrs. Lydia, 17 Melville Street, W
SPARKES Sydney, Shirburn Road, U
SPARKES, Thomas, 8 Wellesley Rd. Lr. E
SPARKS, William H., 80 CarIton Road, E
SPARKS, Alfred, under 7 Coburg Place, W
SPARROW Charles Alfred, 42 Mallock Rd., C
SPARROWE Miss Kate, The Nook, T
SPARROWE John E., 117 Union Street, U
SPATER Charles, 6 Madrepore Place, S
SPEAR, Edwin, 22 Endsleigh Place, B
SPEAR, Mrs. Mary J., 27 Endsleigh Place, B
SPEAR, W. T. M. 131 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
SPEAR Edward, 14 Union Lane Higher, U
SPEARS, the Misses, Old Mill Road, C
SPENCER Sidney G., 24 Alexandra Road, E
SPENCER Walter, 56 Sherwell Hill C
SPICER Henry, 7 Innerbrook Road., C
SPICER, William Hy., 3 Woodville Rd., E
SPLATT William K., 16 Princes Rd. Wt., E
SPRAGGE, Charles H. (Col.), The Quinta, B
SPRAGGE Mrs. Frances E., Belmont, T
SPRAGUE, Mrs. Mary, 4 Lisburne Crescent, TD
SPURR Joseph William, Trebartha, U
SPURWAY William, Golden Lion Hotel, U
SPURWAY Mrs. Sarah J., 10 South Street, T
SPURWAY Thomas, 1 Tor Ch. Cottages, T
SQUANCE, John, Sunnymoor, TD
SQUIRE, Reginald Chs., Victoria, Road, E
SQUIRES Josiah J., 3 Somerville Terrace, E
SQUIRES J., 23 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
SQUIRES George, 35 Cavern Road, E
SQUIRES, F., Greenhill, Seaway Lane, C
SQUIRES, William, 63 Woodville Road E
SQUIRES Mrs. Ellen, 9 Union Lane Higher, U
SQUIRES, Frank, 9 Westbourne Road; U
SRODZINSKI, Henry, 2 Pettiwell Cottages, M
STABB, Mrs. Maria P., 1 Western Terrace, M
STABB W. W. (Dr.), Croft Lodge, W
STABB, Mrs. Louisa, Gorton, TD
STACEY John Ryder, Pimlico, S
STACKHOUSE, J Cluse, Lanark Lodge, TD
STADDON, Mrs. Martha, 3 Albert Street, B
STADDON, Enoch, 7 Ashburton Terrace, M
STADDON, William, Hatfield Road, E
STADDON Mrs. Annie, Kenwyn Road, E
STAIMFORTH, the Misses, St. Marychurch Rd.
STAINES Albert Wm., 69 Union Street, U
STAMP, Alfred J., Thorndale, T
STAMP, A. J., 38 Fore Street, M
STAMP, G., 1 South Town House, U
STANBURY, Mrs. J., Lansdowne Stables, TD
STANBURY Philip , 7 Madrepore Place, S
STANBURY, Mrs. Barbara, 25 Victoria Rd., B
STANBURY W. F., 18 Lr. Ellacombe Ch Rd, E
STANBURY'S DAIRY, 189a Union Street, U
STANLAKE, John L., 2 Stoneycroft Ter., C
STANLAKE, Samuel, 10 Hatfield Terrace, C
STANLEICK William, Waldon Hill Steps, W

STANTON Mrs. M. E., 3 5 Pennsylvania Rd, E
STANWELL, (Rev.) John S,, 60 CarIton Rd, E
STAPLETON Ernest, 8 Madrepore Road, S
STAR TEA Co. LTD., 94 Union Street, W
STATHAM, Rev. Preb G. 11 Vane Hill Rd.
STATON Lewis, 5 Lauriston Place, T
STATON Miss Alice, 48 Crown Hill Park, T
STEAD & SIMPSON, 17 Union Street, S
STEBBINGS, Frederick H, 11 Forest Road, U
STEED Albert 21 Faria Cottages, U
STEED, Wm. H, 14 Mount Pleasant, M
STEEL Dr. Hugh, Torquay Road, M
STEELE, Mrs. Helen, Woodhouse, M
STEER Alexander H., 43 South Street, T
STEER John H., 183 Lymington Road, U
STRER Alfred L., 3 Farley Terrace, U
STEER, William, 5 Balaclava Cottages, B
STEER, Henry C., 24 Compton Place, M
STEER George, 17 Corporation Buildings., S
STEER George D. 16 CarIton Road, B
STEER Frederick, 24 Sherwell Hill, C
STEER, Ernest George, 10 Westbourne Rd.
STEDHAM, Ben W., Livermead Cliffe, C
STEDHAM, William, Trematon, U
STEINHELPER, Mrs. W., Warbro Road, B
STEINEITZ Rev. Bernard, Priory Road, M
STEMBRIDGE Frank, 51Braddons Terrace, S
STENT Robert G.. 38 Union Street, W
STENTIFORD, John H., Barewell Court, M
STEPHENS John, 10 Grosvenor Terrace, W
STEPHENS Jonathan, 18 Princes Road, E
STEPHENS J, 2 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
STEPHENS Frederick J., 174 Union St., U
STEPHENS, John, 22 Belle Vue Crescent, C
STEPHENS, Charles, 33 Forest Road, C
STEPHENS Thomas A., 47 Lymington Rd. U
STEPHENSON, Joseph, 3 Orchard Cott., M
STEVENS Gilbert, The Ferns, W
STEVENS, Mrs., 6 Albert Cottages M
STEVENS, Alfred, 1 Elson Place, M
STEVENS, Mrs. Mary, 1 Enfield Cottages, B
STEVENS James, 111 Windsor Road, E
STEVENS William, 7 Warberry Rd. Wt., B
STEVENS Mrs. E., 50 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
STEVENS Edward, Oakhurst, U
STEVENS, James Henry, 47 South Street T
STEVENS Archibald L., 17 Highbury Rd., E
STEVENS Mrs. Eliza J., 36 Princes Road, E
STEVENS Mrs. Ann, St Matthias, B
STEVENS Edward J, IR., Rowdens Road. T
STEVENS, William, 19 Daison Road. U
STEVENS, Wm. A., 7 Warberry Rd. West, E
STEPHENS, Russell, Wellesley Rd. Lr. E
STEPHENS, Miss Sarah, 38 Windsor Rd. E
STEWARD, G. C., 5 Torwood Terrace, TD
STEWART Ninian B., Park Hill Road, TD
ST. FAITH'S HOME FOR GIRLS, St. Marychurch. Rd.
STIDWORTHY Fdk. W 17 Ellacombe Rd, E
STIDWORTHY Albert E. 50 CarIton Rd., E
STIFF John C., Alfoxden House, T
STIFFLER Miss Myra, Warbro Road, B
STIGINGS, Sydney, Zweena, M
STIGINGS, William T. Babbacombe Rd., B
STIGINGS, Thomas, 9 Haredown Terrace, B
STILES, Mrs.,78a Belgrave Road. T
STILES, William, BampfyIde Road
ST. JOHN Miss J., Scarborough Road W
ST. JOHNS CHURCH, Braddons Road West,
ST. JOHN'S SCHOOLS, Braddons Street, S
ST. LUKE'S Home, Lincombe Road Higher
ST. LUKE'S SCHOOL,, Coburg Place, W
ST. MARY'S CHURCH, Fore Street, M
STOCKER Mrs. Ellen, 20 Camden Road, E
STOCKER, Samuel, 46 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E
STOCKMAN Samuel, 5 Athenaeum Place, S
STOCKMAN Enoch, 3 Alma Place, S
STOCKMAN John Wm., 3 Alma Place, S
STOCKMAN Alfred, 33 Lr. Union Lane, W
STOCKMAN Henry, rear 1a Ellacombe Rd, E
STOCKMAN Thomas, 27 Chester Row, E
STOCKMAN William, 4 Somerville Tce., E
STOCKMAN, William John, 31 Cavern Rd., E
STOCKMAN Charles E., Shirburn Road, U
STOCKMAN, Edward Charles, 5 Forest Rd.
STOKES James, Rose Cottage, U
STOKES J., under 6 Upton Vale Terrace, U
STOKES F., under 6 Upton Vale Terrace, U
STONE, John, 6 Babbacombe Bay Ter., B
STONE, George, 27 Compton Place, M
STONE, Miss Mary, 7 All Saints Road, B
STONE, James, 3 Regents Terrace, M
STONE, Charles W., 4 Lumaton Place, M
STONE John, 15 Lr. Union Lane W
STONE, George Henry, 23 Sanford Road, C
STONE, Charles T., 3 Lisburn Place, TD
STONE, N. R., St. Raphael's Home, TD
STONE, Edwin, 1 Torwood Gardens, TD
STONE John, rear 1 Erin Place, T
STONE James, 3 Old Woods Cottages, T
STONE Alfred Edward, 7 South Street, T
STONE James, 1 Alwyn Terrace, U
STONE Robert, 7 Faria Cottages, U
STONE, James, 68 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
STONE John W., 69 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
STONE William G., 2 Princes Rd. East, E
STONE George R., 7 Victoria Road, E
STONE Samuel, 67 Windsor Road, E
STONE Richard, Upton Hill, U
STONE, Miss Emily, Woodfield Rd. Middle
STONE Mrs. Louisa F, Teignmouth Rd., U
STONE Sidney George, Redden Hill Rd., B
STONE, Walter John, 49 Sherwell Hill, C
STONE Mrs. Ellen, Princes Road West, E
STONE George Robins, Madrepore Road, S
STONE Miss Sophia, Old Mill Road, C
STONE, Leslie, Efride's Road, T
STONELAKE Joseph, 43 Victoria Road, E
STONELAKE George, 7 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
STONEMAN, John, 17 Mount Pleasant, M
STONEMAN Henry, 56 Abbey Road, W
STONEMAN Henry, 28 Princes Road, E
STONEMAN W., 22 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
STONEMAN Wm. J., 10 Laburnum Street, T
STONEMAN, E. W. C., 6 Torwood Street, TD
STONEMAN, Tom, Hele, M.
STONEMAN John, rear 165 Union Street
STONEMAN William, Upton Hill, U
STONOR Charles John. Meadfoot Rock, TD
STOTE, William, 11 Goschen Road, C
STOTT William, 212 Lymington Road U
STOVELL Gerald (Col.), Cliff House, W
STOYLE, William, 32 Rosery Road, C
STOKES Daniel, Parkfield Road, U
STOYLE Fredk. W., St. Marychurch Road, U
STOYLES Henry, under 4 Queen Street, S
STOYLES James 11 Brunswick Terrace, U
ST. RAPHAELS HOME. Lincombe Rd. Higher
STRANGE, Miss Letitia, 14 Wellswood Pk.
STRANGER Thomas, 35 Union Street, S
STRANGER, Richard, 64 Woodville Road, E
STRANGWAYS, Ludlow Avenue Road, T
STRAW, Robert H, 16 Princes Street, B
STRAWBRIDGE A. C., 3 Melville Place, W
STRAWBRIDGE, George, 3 Tor Hill Cott., M
STRAWBRIDGE, Bertram, St. Edmunds Rd.
STRAWBRIDGE Mrs. Selina, Torquay Rd., B
STREEK, Miss Daisy, 131 Windsor Road, E
STRIBLING Enoch, 3 Myrtle Row, S
STRIBLING, John J., 4 Woodland Terrace, M
STRIBLING, John, 34 St. Edmunds Road, E
STRICK, Nicholas J., 5 Windsor Road, E
STRICKLAND Miss J., St. Marychurch Rd, U
STRICKLAND Mrs. Nellie, Sunbury Hill, U
STRONG, the Misses, Warberry Rd. West, E
STRUBEN, Fredk. Pine T., Kya Lami, TD
STUCKEY John, 10 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
STUCKEY, John T., 12 Orchard Cottages, M
STUCKEY, Miss M. A., 24 Broadmead Rd., B
STUCKEY, Miss Martha, 26 Broadmead Rd.
STUCKEY, Wm. H., rear Fore Street, M
STUCKEY, Joshua, 89 St. Edmunds Road, B
STUDHOLME, James S., 2 Sanford Road, C
STUDLEY, William, 11 Princes Street. B
STUPART, Miss Millicent, 52 Fore Street, M
STURE, Richard, 5 CarIton Road, E
SULLIVAN, William H, Cockington Lane, C
SULLIVAN Henry, Ilsham Road, TD
SUMMERFIELD, George, 180 Union Street
SUMMERS, William, Ilsham Road, TD
SUMNER Francis G., Meadfoot Road, TD
SUTTON, Miss Jane, Calderwood, B
SUTTON, Mrs. Mary Ann, Warbro Road. B
SWAYNE, Henry., Mornay Lodge, U
SWAYNE, the Misses, Barton, M
SWAYNES, 29a Union Street, S
SWAYNE'S ELLACOMBE BREWERY, Ellacombe Church Road Lower
SWEENEY, William, 12 Goschen Road, C
SWEENEY, Mrs. H. 5 Richmond Cott., M
SWEET Mrs. Rosina, Union Street
SWEETLAND Richard, 25 Melville Street, W
SWIFT, Percy, Ellacombe Church Road, E
SYLVESTER William, 87 Union Street
SYMES Frederick J., 60 Hoxton Road, E
SYMMONS James H., 3 Maranatha Tce., E
SYMMONS, Mr. and Mrs. E., Petworth, T
SYMMONS Charles, 20 Princes Road, E
SYMONDS Mrs. Mary, Rathmore Road, C
SYMONS, Henry, 2 Greys Cottages. B
SYMONS John H, 6 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
SYMONS Mrs. Mary A., 4 Columbia Ter., U
SYMONS Miss Mary A., Palermo Road, B
SYMONS Thomas, Redden Hill Road, B

TABB, Miss M. E., 16 Wellswood Place, TD
TABS, William, 3 Osborne Terrace, M
TABOR Mrs. Hannah, 1 Lucius Street , W
TALBOT Edward Wm., 2 Modena Tce., S
TALL, John Henry, 59 Westbourne Road, U
TALLAMY Wm., 66 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TALMA, Miss. G. H.. Teignmouth Rd., M
TAMBLING George H., 8 Camden Road, E
TAMKIN Charles E., 1 Beatrice Terrace, T
TAMLIN, Ellen, 31 Rosery Road, C
TAMLIN Charles, 16 Camden Road, E
TAMLYN, Henry sen., 100 Windsor Rd., B
TANCOCK Alfred, 4 Elstow Terrace, E
TANCOCK, Charles Grant, 48 Ellacombe Rd.
TANDY, George, 2 Waterloo Cottages M
TANNER Albert Henry, 9 Princes Road, E
TANNER Arthur J., 5 Highbury Road, E
TANNER, William John, Park View, C
TANNER Capt. C. J., St. Margarets Road, M
TANNER, Alfred, 21 Ellacombe Church Rd.
TAPLEY Thomas,, 5 Elgin Terrace, E
TAPLEY, Bernard, 12 Daison Road, U
TAPPER Miss Eliza, Vaenor, U
TAPPER Miss, 1 Croton Villas, W
TARR Mrs. E. M., 39 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TARR, George, 2 Warboro Place, B
TARR, Mrs. Sarah, 108 St,. Edmunds Road
TARRANT Frank G., 7 Princes Rd. Wt., E
TAVENER, William, 5 Fairfield Terrace, B
TAVERNER, Thomas A., 104 Windsor Rd., B
TAVERNER. Miss Elizabeth, 20 Windsor Rd.
TAYLEUR, Charles Wm., Hampton House,
TAYLEUR, C. Wm., Hampton House. M
TAYLOR William R., 1 Fleet Street, S
TAYLOR, Edward, 5 Portobello Place, B
TAYLOR, John, 3 All Saints Road, B
TAYLOR John, 264 Union Street, T
TAYLOR Robert, Hollydale, T
TAYLOR John, 15 Lucius Street, W
TAYLOR John, 16 Tor Hill Road, W
TAYLOR James, 19 Lucius Street, T
TAYLOR, Fredk. A., 10 Woodside Cott., M
TAYLOR John, Brooklyn, U
TAYLOR, Andrew H., Babbacombe Rd., B
TAYLOR Henry, 122 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TAYLOR Alfred, 4 Pembroke Road, E
TAYLOR Charles E., 1 Trafalgar Tce., E
TAYLOR, Wm. J., 15 Victoria Parade, TD
TAYLOR, Benjamin, 14 Compton Place, M
TAYLOR, Henry, 85 Forest Road, U
TAYLOR Samuel J. T., 5 Princes Road, E
TAYLOR James, 23 Queen Street, S
TAYLOR, Mrs. L. M, Vansittart Road, T
TAYLOR, Fredk., G. S., Vansittart Road, T
TAYLOR, Thomas, Warberry Rd. West, E
TELEPHONE Co., 15 Abbey Road, W
TEMPLE LODGE, Castle Road, U
TERRY, John P., 13 Victoria Terrace, B
TERRY, Rose, 2 Portobello Place, B
TERRY J. T., Sutherland Villa, Upton Hill
TERRY, Henry, 23 Endsleigh Place, B
TERRY, William, 6 Clifton Place, M
TERRY, Wm. Henry, Havelock Arms, M
TERRY, William, 2 Torwood Street, TD
TERRY Alfred, 3 Exeter Villas, E
TERRY, John T.. Upton Hill, U
TERRY, Mrs. Henry, Hartop Road, M
TERRY Mrs., St. Annes Road, B
TESDALE, Wm. Emes, 15 Windsor Road, E
TESSIER, Herbert A., Carrigbawn, B
THACKER, Mrs. Mary A., Glencairn, TD
THACKRAH, Tom, 3 Walls Hill Villas, B
THAIN, Osborne, Vansittart Road, T
THEATRE Co. Abbey Road, W
THELLUSON Charles, Collingwood, S
THELLUSSON, Mrs. Annie, Riviera, TD
THISTLE Frederick T. (Dr.), 1 Clairville, U
THOMAS, Josiah J., 2 Beach Road, B
THOMAS, Jonathan, 1 Portobello Cott., B
THOMAS, Mrs. Jane M., 10 York Terrace, B
THOMAS Arthur G., 10 Abbey Place, S
THOMAS Vivian, Royal Hotel, S
THOMAS, Ernest, 25 Endsleigh Place, B
THOMAS, John Charles, 7 York Tce., B
THOMAS, Jonathan, 6 Fore Street, B
THOMAS John V., Royal Hotel, Strand
THOMAS Hugh, Melrose, T
THOMAS Mrs. Sarah, 11 South Street. T
THOMAS Tom Rowe, 14 Florence Ter.. W
THOMAS Samuel W,. 191 Union Street. U
THOMAS Mrs. M. L., 45 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E,
THOMAS Alfred H., 2 Pembroke Villas, E
THOMAS Henry, 4 Windsor Road, E
THOMAS William John, under 20 Abbey Rd
THOMAS William J., 23 Windsor Rd., E
THOMAS A. H., 57 Union Street, S
THOMAS, Mrs. E. M., 3 Thornacre Terrace, B
THOMAS the Misses, Hele. M
THOMAS, James R., 54 CarIton Road, E
THOMAS, Arthur J., IB Daison Road, U
THOMAS & Co., 5B Fleet Street
THOMAS Mrs. Mary Ann, 20 Tor Hill Rd., W
THOMAS Miss Rebecca, Portland Road, B
THOMAS, Mrs. Anna Temple, Warbro Rd., B
THOMAS, William, 57 Victoria Road, E
THOMAS, Henry, Redden Hill Road, B
THOMAS W. Eliot, Torre Hill Road, U
THOMPSON Maurice, 2 Pellham Villas, U
THOMPSON Henry, 24 Ellacombe Road, E
THOMPSON William H., 167 Union St, U
THOMPSON, Ernest A., Westhill, C
THOMPSON, Mrs. E. A. Brookesby, TD
THOMPSON John 96 Union Street
THONGER Miss Marianne E., 3 Fern Cots., T
THORN Henry A., 2 South Street, T
THORN Wm., 6 Tor Square Cottages, T
THORN John W. Abbe y Road, W
THORN, Mrs. Mary A., 12 Brunswick Ter. U
THORN, John Laskey 25 Dunmere Rd., E
THORNE, Miss Lucy S., Westcott, B
THORNING, Miss Emma 53 Victoria Rd, E,
THORPE Miss L., 2 Scarborough Terrace, W
THUELL Henry A. (junr.), 21 Morgan Ave,
THUELL, Miss S., 2 Wellswood Park, TD
THUELL, Samuel, 14 Rowley Road, M
THUELL., Hy. Allen, 49 Westbourne Rd., U
TIBBS, Wm. James, 16 Compton Place, M
TICKELL, John, 7 Barton, M
TICKELL, Francis, 29 Compton Place, M
TICKELL, Mrs. Elizabeth, 6 Albion Place, M,
TIDBALL The Misses, 12 Clifton Terrace
TIDBALL Miss Lydia, 12 Clifton Terrace, S
TIDBALL Miss Kezia 12 Clifton Terrace, S
TIDSWELL Herbert H. (Dr.), Kartoum, U
TIFFIN, Charles L, Warberry Rd. Lr, TD
TILLEY, Archibald G., 31 Forest Road, U
TIMOTHY WHITE & Co., 57 Union Street, S
TINGAY, Arthur S., 4 Fore Street B
TINKHAM, Mrs. C., 4 Woodville Road, E
TINKLAR Arthur (Admiral), Petitor Rd., M
TIPPETT James, rear 2a Church Street, T
TIPPETT, William Henry, 4 Daison Road, U
TIZZARD Wallace W., Rose Bank, U
TIZZARD John, 34 Abbey Road W
TOBY John G., Lauriston Villa D
TOBY, Winifred, 40 Walnut Road, C
TOBY John, Parkfield Road, U
TOBY John Jerman, Parkfield Road, U
TODD, Dr. George, Sydenham, TD
TODD John Dowson, Ravensworth, T
TODD, Mrs Frances S., Cricket Field Lane,
TOLCHARD Fredk. W. A., 2 Southlands, T
TOLCHARD Arthur 4 Bradford Terrace, U
TOLCHARD John R., 4 Alexandra Road, E
TOLCHARD William, 34 Hoxton Road, E
TOLCHARD Arthur, Newton Road, T
TOLCHER, Alfred, 36 & 38 CarIton Road, E
TOLLEMACHE, Wm. A., Babbacombe Glen, B
TOLLEY, Frank, 2 Lower Regents Ter., M
TOLLEY James, 1 Chester Place, T
TOLLEY William, 7 Mount Pleasant. E
TOLLEY Samuel, 40 Sherwell Hill, C
TOLLEY John, Redden Hill Road, B
TOLLEY Edgar E. J., Redden Hill Road, B
TOLSON Mrs. C. E., 7 Marcombe Road, C
TOMLYN, Wm., 11 Barewell, M
TOMNEY Edward S., Kassassin, T
TOMS, James 12 Petitor Road, M
TOMS Mrs. Elizabeth C., Craiglands, U
TOMS J. & W., 34 Torwood Street, S
TOMS John, Lime Avenue. T
TOMS, Richard W., 86 Windsor Road, B
TONKIN Mrs. Nannie, Market Street
TOOP Henry, Glen Ville, S
TOOPE, Mark, Warren Road, W
TOOZE Albert, rear 1 Braddons Terrace, S
TOPE, William, 3 Rosery Road, C
TOPE Thomas, Cary Lodge Cottage, S
TORRE J. J., Seaway Lane, C
TORS Mrs. M., 8 Clifton Terrace, S
TOSELAND Miss Louisa, 3 Lr. Terrace, S
TOTHILL Wm. S., 60 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TOTHILL Thomas, Old Mill Road, T
TOTTENHAM, Mrs. L. E., Burridge Rd., C
TOVEY Mrs. Elizabeth, Old Mill Road, C
TOWELL Mrs. Mary J., 4 Hatfield Place, E
TOWELL, George, Lawes Bridge, M
TOWELL, Charles Thomas, Greenway., C
TOWELL William, 1 Park Cottages, U
TOWELL Richard, 6 Park Cottages, U
TOWER Mrs. Mary E., Crookham, E
TOWNSEND, Thomas, 11 Regents Ter., M
TOWNSEND, Mary, 3 Belle Vue Crescent, C
TOWNSEND William J., 2 Highgrove, U
TOWNSEND H. S., 38 Tor Hill Road, W
TOWNSEND William, 3 Hoxton Road, E
TOWNSEND, Rev. Dr., Cary Avenue, B
TOWNSEND, Mr. M., Hartop Road, M,
TOWNSEND Miss Mary, Sherwell Lane, C
TOYE Miss Annie C., Casa Esperanza, S
TOZER James T., 268 Union Street, T
TOZER, Francis, Coombe Pafford, M
TOZER Henry T ., 8 Hillside Cottages, U
TOZER Charles, 13 Camden Road, E
TOZER Arthur J., 2 St. Edmund's Ter., E
TOZER James, 5 St. Edmund's Terrace, E
TOZER Samuel, 42 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TOZER John C., 112 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TOZER Charles, 87 Ellacombe Ch. Road, E
TOZER George E., 17 Hoxton Road, E
TOZER Ernest R., 119 Windsor Road, E
TOZER Wm. Henry, Cliff House, S
TOZER John, 70 Fleet Street, S
TOZER Philip T., 3 Melville Place, W
TOZER, Henry John, 42 CarIton Road, E
TOZER, Francis, Coombe Pafford, M
TOZER, Charles E., 87 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TOZER, Wm. C., 110 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TOZER, Chas. R., Meadfoot Road,
TOZER, George, 67 Woodville Road, E
TOZER, Frederick, 47 Woodville Road, E
TOZER Edgar Arnold, Old Mill Road, C
TOZER Frederick George, 11 Park Street, TD
TOZER Mrs. Susan, 167 Lymington Road, U
TOZER William James, Rock Road, W
TOZER, Henry John, 5 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. T
TRACE, Thomas, 4 Home Cottages, B
TRACE, Alfred G., 3 Redden Hill Road, B
TRACE Arthur B., 6 Buckland Terrace, U
TRACEY, Miss Rosa H., Vane Hill Road, TD
TRACY Miss H., Longwood, Vane Hill Road
TRAINER Mrs. Mary, 2 Arch Row, S
TRAND William, 30 Hoxton Road, E
TRAND Robert, 35 Pennsylvania Road. E
TRATHAN Frederick, Parkfield Road, U
TRAVENTI Mrs. May, Solisbro' Road, C
TRAVERS, Miss Constance G., Bloomfield,TD
TREBY, Morrish, 13 Endsleigh Place, B
TREBY Richard, rear 2 Torre Hill Road, T
TREBY John, 39 Hoxton Road, E
TREBY Lewis, 52 Hoxton Road, E
TREBY Octavius, 11 Camden Road, E
TREBY, Horatio 1 Park Terrace, M
TREBY Walter, 1 Florence Terrace, W
TREBY, Frederick, Church Street T
TREBY, George, 37 Woodville Road. E
TREEBY Frederick, 21 Melville Street, W,
TREEBY Joseph, 33 Cavern Road, E
TREEBY Mrs. Mary, 25 Highbury Road, E
TREEBY John L., 52 Windsor Road, E
TREFFRY Henry, 1 Victoria Villas, W
TREFUSIS, the Hon. Misses, Croft Road, W
TREGALE Mrs. Malvina, 192 Union Street, U
TREGASKIS Geo. E., 1 Torwood Street, TD
TREGEA, Miss Prudence, Warberry Rd. Wt.
TRELEAVEN Miss Emma, 16 Windsor Rd, E
TRELEAVEN Edwin H., Sunnyvale, U
TRELEAVEN George, 23 Queen Street, S
TRELEAVEN, W. J., 46 Ellacombe Ch. Rd,
TRELEAVEN Miss, Madrepore Road, S
TREMAINE, Fredk., 21 Woodville Road, E
TREMAYNE, Hon. Mrs., Warberry Rd. Hr.
TREMBETH Wm. John, 12 Braddons St., S
TREMLETT, F. H ., 45 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TREMLETT, Mrs., 45 Ellacombe Road, E
TREMLETT Wm., 7 2 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TREMLETT A. T., 9 7 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TRETHEWAY, Mrs. K. E., Hatfield Road, E
TRETHEWEN, John, Barton, M
TRETHEWEY William H., Lea-Moor, E
TRETHEWEY Wm. G., 24 Fleet Street, S
TRETREWEY Wm. George, Thurlow Rd., U
TREVENEN Miss Adelaide, Kents Road, TD
TRIBBLE Richard, 8 Lr. Wellesley Rd., E
TRIBBLE William H., 3 Abbey Crescent, W
TRIBBLE, Wm. Hy., 5 St. Edmunds Rd., E
TRICKEY Mrs. Emma 0., Sudville, T
TRIMNELL, Mrs. Caroline, Avenue Road T
TRINITY CHURCH, Meadfoot Road .
TRIPP Miss Emily G., The Riffel, U
TRIPP Wolcot Curgenven, Fretherne W
TRIST, Alfred. 7 New Springfield Terrace, B
TRIST, the Misses, BampfyIde Road; T
TRIST Percy C., The Myrtles, W
TRIST Walter, 26 Princes Road, E
TROAKE Walter, Hele, M
TROTMAN, Harry, 1 Petitor Terrace, M
TROTT Robert, 24 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
TROKE Alfred, 7 Madrepore Place, S
TROULAN Frances, 8a Strand, S
TROULAN Miss Isabella, 31 Abbey Rd. W
TROULAN, Miss Frances, Hatfield Road, E
TROULLAN and Son, 178b Union Street, U
TROUP, Mrs. R. W., St. Margarets Road, M
TRUEFITT, Francis, Boscobel, C
TRUMAN Charles, 19 Barton, M
TRUMAN Alfred, 14 Union Street., W
TRUMAN, James, 6 Barewell, M
TRUMAN Wm., 8 Corporation Buildings, S
TRUMAN, Samuel, 27 Fore Street, B
TRUMAN, James S., 38 Dunmere Road, E
TRUMPER, William, Carclew, TD
TRURAN William, 1 Factory Row, W
TRUSCOTT Sydney, 6 Mt. Hermon Rd., E
TRUST, Elias, 30 Woodville Road, E
TUBB James, Torquay Road, B
TUCK, Wm. George, 1 Highbury Place, M
TUCK, John, Clennon Farm, M
TUCKER William, 60 Windsor Road, E
TUCKER, F. J. 6a Meadfoot Lane, TD
TUCKER Wm. H., 47 Pennsylvania Rd., E
TUCKER Miss, Jermyn, Babbacombe Downs Rd
TUCKER William H., 8 Warberry Vale, E
TUCKER Frederick, 78a BeIgrave Road. T
TUCKER Alfred M., 6 Waterloo Road, E
TUCKER George, Sunny Cottage, U
TUCKER George H., 1 Upton House, U
TUCKER John H., 19 Upton Ch. Road, U
TUCKER George. 22 Upton Ch. Road, U
TUCKER Richard P. 2 Rose Cottages, U
TUCKER Sydney, 1 Pleasant Place, U
TUCKER John H., 2 Pleasant Place, U
TUCKER, Mrs. Emily, 10 Albion Cottages, M
TUCKER, Miss Rose, 9 Barewell, M
TUCKER, George Edward, 14 Barewell, M
TUCKER Samuel, 10 Braddons Street, S
TUCKER Ell, 4 Happaway Place, S
TUCKER Fredk., Perrett's Buildings, S
TUCKER Mrs. E., Dew Drop Inn, S
TUCKER Fredk. C., 26 Queen Street, S
TUCKER, Wm. R., 8 Haredown Terrace, B
TUCKER, John, 2 Albert Cottages, B
TUCKER Frank, 17 Lucius Street, T
TUCKER, Mrs. F., 45 Belgrave Road, T
TUCKER, Joseph, 3 Belmont Road, E
TUCKER George. 70 Belgrave Road, T
TUCKER William A., Bexley Stables, T
TUCKER Mrs. E., 101 Lymington Road, U
TUCKER William G. A., 11 Florence Ter., W
TUCKER Ellen, Hill View Cottages, W
TUCKER Albert, Merther, W
TUCKER Mrs. Mary, Springcroft, W
TUCKER & PHILLIPS, 31 Torwood Street, S
TUCKER, Miss E., Babbacombe Down Rd. B
TUCKER, George H., Babbacombe Road, B.
TUCKER John, 50 Hoxton Road, E
TUCKER S J., Braddons Street, (Higher) , S
TUCKER Frederick, 64 CarIton Road, E
TUCKER, Ernest, 1 Cavern Road, E
TUCKER John, Derwent Road, E
TUCKER Mrs. C. C., Devons Road, B
TUCKER, Samuel L., 29 Dunmere Road, E
TUCKER & SONS, 22 Upton Church Rd., U
TUCKER, Ernest Wm., 42 Forest Road, U
TUCKER, William, 9 Woodville Road, E
TUCKER, Alfred J. B., 20 Woodville Rd., U
TUCKER, Messrs. F. and H., 31 Torwood St
TUCKER Robert, 31 Torwood Street, TD
TUCKER Edwin, Old Torwood Road, TD
TUCKER Sarah Jane. 5 and 7 Pimlico, S
TUCKER George, 4 Lucius Street. W
TUCKER George, 59 Sherwell Hill, C
TUCKER William, under 5 Queen Street, S
TUCKER Mrs. Elizabeth, Queen Street, S
TUCKER George B., Redden Hill Road, B
TUCKER, Charles, Warren Road, W
TUCKER, William, 28 St. Edmunds Road, E
TUCKER, Frederick, 17 Warberry Rd. Wt, E
TUCKER, Wm. Hy. B., 27 Warberry Vale, E
TUCKER, Sydney G. 92 St. Edmunds Rd., B
TUCKER, Edwin, Old Torwood Road
TUCKER, John, 9 Broadmead Road, B
TUCKETT Samuel L., 117 Windsor Rd., E
TUCKETT, Mrs. Susan, 5 Woodland Ter., M
TUCKETT, James, 1 Albion Place, M
TUCKETT, Nicholas, 32 Fore Street, M
TUCKETT Henry, Arcott, T
TUCKETT, Alfred, Warren Road, W
TUGWOOD Cedric, 2a Church Street, T
TULLY, William, rear 2 Albion Place, M
TULLY, Miss Margaret, 2 Greenway Ter., M.
TULLY George H., 45 Morgan Avenue, U
TULLY Alfred 14 Alexandra Road, E
TULLY, Mrs. Jane, 10 Fore Street, B
TUNKIN Robert, Oak Cottage W
TUNKIN William, 164 Union Street, U
TUNKIN John, 2 Castle Cottages, W
TUNKIN, John, 57 Broadmead Road, B
TUPHOLME Mr George E., 60 Ellacombe Ch Rd
TUPMAN James P. 10 Union Street, W
TURLE John G., 67 Abbey Road, W
TURNBULL, Mrs. Annie, The Priory, TD
TURNBULL, Lewis, Springfield Road , E
TURNER Thomas, 5 Highbury Road, E
TURNER, George, Osborne Mews, TD
TURNER, H. J., Firsleigh, TD
TURNER, Miss Emily, The Beulah, TD
TURNER Mrs. Edith H. Kenwyn Lodge, E
TURNER William, 68 Union Street, W
TURNER Henry, 8 Melville Street, W
TURNER John. 15 Park Cottages, U
TURNER James, 4 Springfield Terrace, U
TURNER Miss Helena H . Stewart Lodge, T
TURNER Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Wellbeck Tce. T
TURNER, John, 23 Fore Street, B
TURNER, George 2 St. Annes Terrace. B
TURNER, John, Union Hotel, B
TURNER, Harold E., 7 Warbro Terrace, B
TURNER, Walter, 2 Granville Cottages, M
TURNER, Misses F. & A., 58 Fore Street, M
TURNER, Miss Emma, 8 Western Terrace, M
TURNER, Mrs. Elizabeth U., Castle Road, U
TURNER, Frederick, 6 Westbourne Rd, U
TURNER John Francis, 5 Princes Road, E
TURNER Arthur, Princes Road West, E
TURNER William, Teignmouth Road, U
TURNER William, Thurlow Road, U
TURNER William, 19 Sanford Road, C
TURNER, Miss Ethel, Devons Road, B
TURPIN, Mrs. E., 6 Wellswood Place, TD
TURPIN, Rev. J. J., Torbay Road, C
TUXILL, Harry, 17 Goschen Road, C
TWEEDIE, Rev. Archibald G., Highcroft, T
TWENCENT PHOTO CO., 18 Union Street
TWINNING, Wm. L., 13 Torwood Ter., TD
TYE, Miss Esther. 9 Clifton grove, TD

UDALL, Mrs. Felicia, K., 4 Victoria Place, M
UDRAUFSKI, Mrs. Annie, Babbacombe Rd.
UGLOW Abel, 4 Happaway Row, S
UGLOW, Hubert George, 65 Woodville Rd
UNDERHAY Mrs. Mary Ann, 37 Pimlico, S
UNDERHAY, Mrs. Ellen, 23 Woodville Rd.
UNDERHILL C. R., 38 Abbey Road, W
UNDERWOOD the Misses, Wellesley Rd. Hr
UNDERWOOD, E., Westhill Road, M
U. M. CHAPEL Innerbrook Road, C
UPHAM Samuel Victor, 23 Fleet Street, S
UPHAM, Samuel Victor, Vicarage Road, C
UPHILL Miss Jessie, Rock Road, W
USHERWOOD William, 40 Fleet Street, S

VAIL George, 3 Finglewood, E
VALLANCE, Samuel. 4 Cleeve Terrace. TD
VALLANCE, Miss E. J. Thurlow Road, U
VALLEY William, 49 Union Street, U
VALLEY'S, Market Street, U
VALLEY Joseph, 93 Union Street
VALLEY Joseph, 234 & 236 Union Street,
VAN MAANEM, Cornelius, 128 Forest Rd., U
VANSTONE, Mrs. Selina, 5 Clifton Place, M
VANSTONE, T. E., 1 Ashton Cottages, TD
VANSTONE, E. S., rear 6 Kents Terrace, TD
VANSTONE John, 6 Alexandra Road, E
VANSTONE, Walford, 8 Ilsham Cottages, TD
VANSTONE, John E., 7 Union Terrace, B
VANSTONE, Sydney J., 39 Belgrave Rd., T
VANSTONE, Mrs. Mary Ann, 47 Belgrave Rd
VANSTONE Wm. junr., 21 Pimlico,S
VANSTONE, Mrs. E., Babbacombe Road, B
VANSTONE Wm. H., 1 Corporation Builds, S
VANSTONE Wm., 6 Hr. Braddons Street, S
VANSTONE, Christopher H., 4 Carlton Rd, E
VANSTONE Herbert, Shirburn Road, U
VANSTONE, Wm. John, 47 Westbourne, Rd.
VANSTONE, Mrs. Elizabeth, Babbacombe R.
VANSTONE & SONS, 12 Lucius Street, W
VARDON Herbert J., 220 Lymington Rd., U
VARLET, Mrs. Louisa, 56 CarIton Road, E
VARNHAM Edward W., 89 Union Street, U
VAUGHAN, Mrs. Ada, 27 Fore Street, M
VAUGHAN & MOORE, 27-28 Fore Street, M
VEALE William C., 43 Ellacombe Road, E
VEALF William H., 32 Kenwyn Rd., E
VEALE, William, 5 Coburg Place, W
VEALE, George Thos., 11 Crown Hill Park, T
VEALE Aubrey, 3 Pimlico, S
VEALE John James, 8 Pimlico, S
VEALE Arthur, 45 Sherwell Hill, C
VEALE Oliver, Upton Road, U
VEASEY Mrs. M. E., 9 Scarborough Ter., W
VEITCH, Mrs. Mary,, Vicarage Road, C
VENING Thomas, 8 Warberry Road W., E
VENING Miss Mary E. B., 51 Windsor Rd, E
VENING, Percy R., 35 Dunmere Road, E
VENTHAM Alfred John, 21 Old Mill Road, C
VERCOE, Wm. Henry, 53 Westbourne Rd.
VERTIGEN Jonathan, 27 Kenwyn Rd., E
VESELEY, Hynek , 20 Innerbrook Road, C
VEYSEY George, May Villa, U
VEYSEY William, Union Lane Lower, W
VICARY, John, Caledonia, TD
VICCARS Thomas, Lauriston Hall, T
VICCARS the Misses, Torre Hill Road, T
VICKERY, William, 5 Austen Place, M
VICKERY, Arthur, 12 Austen Place, M
VICKERY, Walter J., 1 Sunnydale, M
VICKERY, Joshua, 26 Victoria Parade, TD
VICKERY, Samuel H., 120 Ellacombe Ch. Rd
VICKERY, William J., Braddons Street, S
VICKERY, William, 58 Forest Road, U
VICKERY, Miss Lucy, York Road, B
VICKERY Miss Sarah, Park Street TD
VICKERY Hy. J. W., 82 Kenwyn Road, E
VICKERY, William James, Ilsham Rd., TD
VICKERY William, 47 Temperance St., W
VIDLER, Alfred Thomas, Avenue Road, T
VIGGERS Edwin T., 8 Bath Terrace, T
VIGURS George, 17 Princes Road, E
VIGURS James P., 6 Beaconsfield Ter. U
VIGUS William, rear 5 Church Street, T
VILLE William, 2 St. John's Place, S
VINCENT Arthur, Spring Cottage, U
VINCENT William, Thistledown, U
VINCENT James, 22 Upton Ch. Road, U
VINCENT Thomas, 21 Innerbrook Road, C
VINCENT, Mrs., Hr. Erith Road, TD
VINCENT, Samuel J, 8 Forest Road, U
VINCENT Frederick, Parkfield Road, U
VINCENT Chs. A., 196 Lymington Road, U
VINCENT, Geo. James, 85 St. Edmunds Rd.
VINE Edwin J., All Saints Road, B
VINE Edwin T., 8 Fore Street, B
VINNICOMBE, William, 48 CarIton Road, E
VINNICOMBE Wm. F. & SON, Tor Hill Rd. W
VINSON, William J., 15 Palk Place, M
VINSON Henry, 9 Happaway Place,. S
VINSON James, under 13 Queen Street, S
VINSON, Mrs. M. E., Babbacombe Road, B
VINTON Edward T., 13 Thurlow Terrace, U
VIVIAN, Mrs. Ann, 5 Brakefield Terrace, B
VOSPER, James, 26 Fore Street, B
VOSPER, MISS Mary J, 35 Belgrave Road, T
VOSPER, Geo., 11 Fairfield Terrace, B.
VOSPER, John, 5 Lumaton Place, M
VOSPER, Frank, Hartop Road, M
VOWDEN, William, 1 Peasland Cottages, M
VOWLES Miss, Thurlow Road, U
VOYSEY Thomas, 1 Lr. Shirburn Rd., U

WADDINGTON George Louis, Altona, T
WADHAM Alfred W., Empire Road, U
WADSWORTH Alfred W., 16 Old Mill Rd., C
WAGNER John Henry, 11 Marcombe Rd., C
WAGSTAFF Mrs. Mary, 49 Lymington Rd. U
WAIN, Albert, 4 Old Mill Road, C
WAKEHAM, Arthur, Park Villa, M
WAKEHAM Wm. J., 165 Lymington Rd., U
WAKEHAM John, 197 Union Street, U
WAKEHAM George H., 20 Braddons St., S
WAKEHAM Samuel, 5 Chester Row, E
WAKEHAM, George, 3 Orchard Cottages, M
WAKEHAM, Bertie, 5 Trumland Terrace. M
WALDRON Richard, 12 Camden Road, E
WALDRON Herbert, 2 St. James' Place, U
WALDRON Ernest, 87 Lymington Road, U
WALDRON, Frederick, 18 Goschen Road, C
WALDRON Richard, 1 Hoxton Road, E
WALDRON, Charles, 10 Camden Road, E
WALDRON, Edward, 5 Church Street, T
WALDRON, William, 37 Ellacombe Ch. Rd.
WALDRON, Sydney, Empire Road, U
WALDRON George, rear 3 Laburnum Row, T
WALDRON Andrew, 7 Mallock Road, C
WALDRON Thomas William, Market Street
WALES John, Norton Lea, Solsbro' Road
WALKER Stanley, 1 Princes Rd. West, E
WALKER H., Watcombe Hse, Teignmouth Rd
WALKER Arthur, 8 Marcombe Road, C
WALKER Clayton, 23 Union Street, S
WALKER, Wm. F., (Col.), Lauderdale, C
WALKER, Mrs. Louisa, 50 Belmont Road, E
WALKER, Miss, Cleveland Road, T
WALKER, Miss Elizabeth, 71 Fleet Street
WALKER Joseph, 7 Mount Hermon Road, E
WALKER Arthur, 6 Innerbrook Road, C
WALKER Mr., Lincombe Road Middle, TD
WALKER William, Springfield Road, E
WALKER Dr, Harry Roe, St. Matthias, B
WALL, Charles, Babbacombe Road, B
WALLER Charles, Redden Hill Road, B
WALLING, Julia L., Walnut Mews, C
WALLING, William, 6 Regents Cottages, M
WALLING, James, 3 Waymouths Cott., M
WALLING, Wm. J. F.. 13 Innerbrook Rd., C
WALLING, William, rear Fore Street
WALLIS, the Misses, 1 Hampton Place, M
WALLIS Thomas, 6 Pimlico S
WALLIS Mrs. Mary E., Madrepore Road. S
WALSH, Edward M ., 11 Western Terrace, M
WALSH John Henry, 20 Pimlico, S
WALSH, Miss E. S., Walnut Rd. Upper, C
WALTERS C. G., 37 South Street
WALTERS, Mrs., 14 Belgrave Road, T
WALTERS, Mrs. Jane, Barton, M
WALTERS, Mr. W. R., Wynleigh. T
WALTERS William, 2 Florence Terrace, W
WALTERS William H. V., 16 Abbey Rd., W
WALTERS, Miss Emily L., Vansittart Rd., T
WALTON Charles 2 Happaway Row, S
WALTON, Miss, Babbacombe Road, B
WALTON Mrs. A., 201 Lymington Road, U
WALTON, Mrs. Mary A., Bronshill Road, E
WALTON, Miss Mary, York Road, B
WALTON Charles, 201 Lymington Road, U
WANGENHEIM, Miss Ida A., The Priory, M
WANNELL Fredk., 11 Warberry Rd. Wt., E
WANNELL Frederick, Market Street
WARBURTON, Jesse, 13 Fore Street, B
WARD, Miss Kate, Fairlight, B
WARD-FOX Mrs. Eleanor, Bramhope, S
WARD, Harry, The Coombes, M
WARD, Thomas K., 4 Broomhill, M
WARD, Charles Wm., 1 Millbrook Villas, C
WARD Felix, 6 Union Street, W
WARD, Charles J., 26 Dunmere Road, E
WARD Mrs. Mary, 24 Sanford Road, C
WARD, Alfred E., Old Mill Road, C
WARDROP James D., Petitor Road. M
WARE William, 9 Hr. Terrace Mews, S
WARE Mrs. Mary A., 6 Victoria Road, E
WARE Alfred, York Hotel, E
WARE, Mrs. Sarah A., 8 Broad Park Ter., M
WARE, Henry John, 6 Victoria Road, E
WAILING Miss Emma 71 Sherwell Hill, C
WARNE, Thomas, under 2 Coburg Place, W
WARNE Richard, 1 Mt. Pleasant, E
WARNE Edward, Woodland Cottage, S
WARNER, C., Walston, Ruckamore Rd., C
WARREN Miss Laura., Luneville S
WARREN Stephen C., 1 Bethel Villas, E,
WARREN, Samuel, 17 Belgrave Road, T
WARREN Mrs. M. rear 20 Tor Hill Rd., W
WARREN John, 1 Cotford Terrace, U
WARREN, John, 3 St. Mark's Place, TD
WARREN Mrs. Ann M., 9 East Street, T
WARREN, Richard, 32 Dunmere Road, E
WARREN, John, 20 Ellacombe Ch. Rd. E,
WARRING Charles H. 4 Prospect Place, U.
WARRING James A., 1 Westbourne Ct,, U
WARRING John, 21 Hoxton Road. E .
WARRING William, 49 Temperance St., W
WARRING, William junr., Upton Road, U
WARRY, Mrs. Rose Babbacombe Road, B
WASHER Richard H.. 2 Braddons Cots., S
WASHER Henry, 63 Market Street, U
WASS Thomas, 5 Hatfield Terrace, E
WATERFALL, Sarah, Sunnymead, C
WATKIN, Miss Bessie, 9 York Terrace, B
WATKIN, Hugh R., Hummersknott, C
WATKINS Benjamin, Lamberhurst, T
WATKINS Thomas, Princes Road West, E
WATKINS Miss Louisa, Teignmouth Road, T
WATSON & WATSON, 36a Torwood St., S
WATSON Thomas, 8 Queen Street. S
WATSON, George, 3 Home Cottages, B
WATSON Mrs., Avenue Road, T
WATSON, Miss Amy, 34 Belgrave Road T
WATSON James, 9 Portobello Cottages, B
WATSON Wm. B., 2 Cavendish Terrace, E
WATSON Fred E., 91 Union Street, U
WATSON Andrew, Marquette, C.
WATSON, Emma Birkham, Fleete, C
WATSON, Edward C., Althorne, C
WATSON, John, Winterbourne, TD
WATSON, Arthur, 3 Torwood Terrace, TD
WATSON, Ellis CornIsh, 3 Belgrave Rd., T
WATSON Leonard W., 29 Highbury Rd., E
WATSON, William W., 51 Carlton Road, E
WATSON, Sydney, 51 Crown Hill Park, T
WATSON, John Robert, Empire Road, U
WATSON Arthur H., 39a.Fleet Street
WATSON Frederick E., 91 Union Street
WATSON John C., 219 Lymington Road, U
WATSON, Mjr. C. G., Warberry Rd. Middle
WATSON John Walker. 58 Broadmead Rd.
WATT, Frances John, 1 Sanford Rd., C,
WATTS Albert, 64 Kenwyn Road, E
WATTS Miss N. F., Western Hospital
WATTS Walter, 68 Kenwyn Road. E
WATTS John, 207 Lymington Road, U
WATTS George, 6 Alexandra Terrace, T
WATTS, George, 20 Braddons Street, S
WATTS, Mrs. Sarah Alice, Cleveland Rd., T
WAY, the Misses Cleveland Road, T
WAY Mrs. Jane, Perrett's Buildings, S
WAY, John Henry, 8 Lumaton Place, M
WAY, Miss Mary E. C., Homefield, TD
WAY Thomas SIbley, 23 Innerbrook Rd., C
WAY William 73 Sherwell Hill, C
WAYMOUTH, J., 27 St. Annes Terrace, B
WAYMOUTH W., under 21 Warberry Rd. West, E
WAYMOUTH S.. 206 Lymington Road, U
WAYMOUTH, Samuel, Park Road, M
WAYMOUTH, John Staines, Glenclune, M
WAYMOUTH, Cecil, 2 Victoria Place, M
WAYMOUTH, G., 5 Lower Regents Ter., M
WAYMOUTH, Thomas S., 34 Fore Street, M
WAYMOUTH, William J., Manor Cottage, M
WAYMOUTH, Wm, J., Vane Cliff Stables, TD
WAYMOUTH Charles F., 16 South St., T
WAYMOUTH Mrs. Thlrza, 8 South Street, T
WAYMOUTH George A., rear 4 Church St., T
WAYMOUTH Samuel S., 48 Mallock Road, C
WEARE, Herbert, 133 Windsor Road, E
WEATHERALL, William H., Ridgecap, C
WEATHERBURN, Robert, Ashton Lodge, M
WEATHERLAKE Charles H., Rl. Hotel Ms., S
WEAVER, William R., 10 Marcombe Rd., C
WEBB Thomas H., Lauriston Pines, T
WEBB. Charles J., 2 Warborough Mount, B
WEBB Fredk. W. E., 55 Windsor Road, E
WEBB Thomas, 5 Waterloo Road, E
WEBB Misses, Bardon Leigh, W
WEBB Wm. J., 65 Kenwyn Road, E
WEBB, Mrs. Lydia, 1 Windsor Road, E
WEBB John, 3 Upton Church Road, U
WEBBER & STEADHAM, Market Street
WEBBER William H., 3 Victoria Terrace, U
WEBBER Alfred, 2 Upton House, U
WEBBER J. T., rear 171 Union Street, U
WEBBER A. E., Highgate Lodge, U
WEBBER, John Henry, Avenue Road, T
WEBBER Frank, 1 Castle Terrace, U
WEBBER, Thomas, 8 Albion Place, M
WEBBER, Mark, 6 Austen Place, M
WEBBER, Miss E. M., 13 Wellswood Park, TD
WEBBER, Mrs. Jane, 7 Trinity Place, TD
WEBBER, Richard, 18 Wellswood Place, TD
WEBBER, Wm. H., 4 Wellswood Place, TD
WEBBER Wm. Distin, St. Norbert's, T
WEBBER Alfred E., 1 Avenue Villas, T
WEBBER, Charles, 3 Myrtle Cottages, B
WEBBER Arthur, Westor, E
WEBBER William, 28 Cavern Road, E
WEBBER, Samuel, 1 Braddons Street, S
WEBBER, Frank G., Castle Road, U
WEBBER, John E. Cavern Road, E
WEBBER, George, 28 Cavern Road, E
WEBBER, Mrs. A., 1 Goschen Road, C
WEBBER Reuben F., 39 Innerbrook Rd. C
WEBBER Andrew J., 14 Innerbrook Rd., C
WEBBER Albert H., 89 Lymington Road, U
WEBBER Albert James 18 Mallock Rd., C
WEBBER Henry, 14 Melville Street. W
WEBBER Harry Jordan Thurlow Road U
WEBBER, Henry, 98 Windsor Road, B
WEBBER, Frederick, Upton Road U
WEBBER, John T., 24 Warberry Rd. West
WEBBER, Charles, 49 Broadmead Road, B
WEBBER & STEDHAM, Newton Road, T
WEBBER & STEDHAM, Market Street
WEBSTER Mrs. Agnes, Thurlow Road, U
WEBSTER, Mrs. F, Harcourt Lodge, TD
WEBSTER & WATSON, 29 Fore Street, M
WEBSTER Mrs. Ada, Tor Vale, U
WEDDEN, William, Hele Road, M
WEDDEN, George, Cambridge Road, M.
WEDGE Frank, Vansittart Road, T
WEEKES Miss Mary, 20 Mallock Road, C
WEEKES William.J., 36-38 Mallock Road, C
WEEKS William, 52 Mallock Road, C
WEEKS Henry, 5 Regents Terrace, U
WEEKS, William, 13 Palk Place, M
WEEKS William, 300 Union Street. T
WEEKS William H., 17 East Street, T
WEEKS Charles, 7 Church Street, T
WEEKS Henry, 9 Church Street, T
WEEKS & MANLEY, 16 and 17 Torwood St., S
WEEKS, George, 15 Endsleigh Place, B
WEEKS, Alfred, 3 Homefield Cottages, B
WEEKS, Wm. H., 4 Sea View Terrace, B
WEEKS, H., 59 & 60 Belgrave Road, T
WEEKS, Samuel, Babbacombe Road, B
WEEKS, Albert, 2 Albert Street B
WEEKS John, 6 Melville, Street, W
WEEKS, Henry, Falkland Road, T
WEIDENFELLER J, 22 Warberry Rd. Wt, E
WELCH, William Hy., Abbey Road, W
WELLER Miss Caroline, Elim, U
WELLINGTON John, 2 Laburnum Tce., E
WELLS John, 223 Union Street, U
WELLS Mrs. Mary, 35 Pimlico, S
WELLS Walter, under 6 Happaway Row, S
WELLS, Arthur, 4 Babbacombe Bay Ter., B
WELLSMAN, Mrs. E., 3 St. Margarets Ter., M
WELLSMAN, James, 5 Wellesley Rd. Lr., E
WELSMAN William, 6 Hoxton Road, E
WELSH & Co., 37 Torwood Street, S
WERRY Henry, 6 Warberry Rd. West, E
WESLEY CHURCH, Babbacombe Road
WEST, Mrs. Annie, Albany Mount, TD
WEST John, 219 Lymington Road, U
WEST Charles, Perrett's Buildings, S
WEST Miss, Sandringham Hotel, Brads, Rd
WESTAWAY, C. F., 1A Woodfield Cott.; TD
WESTAWAY, Mrs., Osborne Hotel, TD
WESTAWAY, John, Lisburn Mews, TD
WESTAWAY, John, 4 Lisburn Place, TD
WESTAWAY Mrs. Fanny, 8 Coburg Place, W.
WESTAWAY Alfred, Park Lane, TD
WESTCOTE, John, 5 New Springfield Ter., B
WESTCOTT Edward. under 10 Coburg Pl., W
WESTCOTT, Samuel, 30 Alexandra Road, E
WESTCOTT, Miss M., 7 Broad Park Ter., M
WESTCOTT Mrs., St. Marychurch Road, U
WESTERN John, Hatfield Gardens, U
WESTERN, Albert James, 11 Sanford R., C
WESTERN, James H., 8 Old Mill Road, C
WESTLAKE Alfred B., 230 Union Street, U
WESTLAKE J., 55 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., F,
WESTLAKE, Thomas, Efride's Road, T
WESTLAKE, George, 11A Furrough Cross, B
WESTLAKE William, Abbey Road W
WESTLEY, Arthur, Hatfield Road, E
WESTON, Henry, 3 Chestnut Cottages, M
WETHERILL Mrs. Mary A., 48 Victoria Rd, E
WEYMOUTH, F., 19 Dunmere Road, E
WHARE, Edmund, 15 Fore Street B
WHARTON, Mrs. Sarah J., Bedford Road, B
WHATMAN, Charles, 36 Fore Street, B
WHATMORE Wm., 15 Princes Rd. East, B
WHATTON, John Swift, Chilworth, TD
WHEAR, Fredk. Charles, 5 Woodville Rd., E
WHEATLEY, Rupert, 4 Park Place, TD
WHEATON George. 3 Ellacombe Road, E
WHEATON Mrs.. E., 4 Ellacombe Road, E
WHEATON Henry George, 351 Sherwell Hill
WHEELER James, Garleiston, T
WHEELER Miss Lucy, 54 Victoria Rd., E
WHEELER, James, BampfyIde Road, T
WHEELER George, 2 Beechwood, W
WHEELER Miss Helen, Parkstone, T
WHEELER James, 31 Pimlico, S
WHEELER Mrs. A., 8A Meadfoot Lane, TD
WHIDBORNE, Miss Ada F Charant , TD
WHIDBORNE, the Misses, Haldon Road, TD
WHIDDON, Charles, 5 East Street, T
WHISH, Mrs. E. Maria, 40 Belgrave Rd., T
WHITAKER, James, Pinewood, TD
WHITE A., Market Street, U
WHITE Mrs. Agnes, 2 Hillside cottages, U
WHITE & CHATTON, Exchange & Mart, U
WHITE Frederick, 2 Barlow Terrace, U
WHITE R. F, 2 Corporation Buildings, S
WHITE Joseph, 5 Braddons Rd. West, S
WHITE, William, Hop Cottages, B
WHITE, William, 3 Plainmoor Cottages, B
WHITE Sidney J., 31 Princes Rd. East, E
WHITE John, 1 Princes Rd. East, E
WHITE Mark, 30 Princes Road, E
WHITE James, 13 Hilldrop Terrace, E
WHITE Arthur, 35 Ellacombe Ch, Rd., E
WHITE Fredk., 6 Ellacombe Road, E
WHITE Mrs. Emma G., 12 Brentonville T, E
WHITE CHATTON &CO., 92 Union St., W
WRITE Henry, 65 Temperance Street, W
WHITE William, 18 Melville Street, W
WHITE Samuel, 2 Warren Cottages. W
WHITE George, Melville Hill, W
WHITE, Wm. John, 4 Watcombe Place, M
WHITE, Mrs. Ann, 10 Regents Terrace, M
WHITE, James, 5 Gregorys Cottages, M
WHITE, W. D., Cranbourne House, TD
WHITE John, Belgrave Mews, T
WHITE Frederick, Goldthorn, T
WHITE William, 11 Lr. Shirburn Road, U
WHITE, James, Braddons St. (Higher) S
WHITE, James W., 39 Dunmere Road, E
WHITE, Stanley, 2 East, Street, T
WHITE, Joseph, 125 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
WHITE W. J., Torquay Road, M
WHITE William John, Madrepore Road, S
WHITE Mrs. Mabel, Springfield Road, U
WHITE Pilkington (Col.), Meadfoot Rd., TD
WHITE William J .,Torquay Road B
WHITE Wilfred D., 28 Sherwell Hill, C
WHITE Henry, 3,Sherwell Hill, C
WHITE, Samuel, 9 St. Edmunds Road. E
WHITE, Miss Margaret, 1 Forest Road, U
WHITE William, 25 Pennsylvania Road, E
WHITE, George P. L., 108 Forest Road, U
WHITEFORD Mrs. Sarah, 10 Queen St, S
WHITEHEAD Mr., Gnaton, St Luke's Rd St
WHITELEY, Henry, 18 Endsleigh Place, Bt
WHITESIDE Joseph, Sherwell Lane, C
WHITEWAY & BALL, Vaughan Road, S
WHITEWAY, Miss C, 2 Portobello Place, B
WHITEWAY Thomas, 18 Prospect Place,, U
WHITEWAY, William G., 32 Walnut Rd., C
WHITEWAY, John, 10-12, Woodville Rd, E
WHITEWAY Wm. Geo., Princes Rd. West. E
WRITEWICK, Dr. A., Walnut Road, Upper, C
WHITFIELD, Miss, Morgan Avenue,
WHITMARSH the Misses, Rousdon Road, C
WHITWORTH Mrs M. A., 56 Westbourne R..
WHITTAKER Mrs Mary J. C, 1 Victoria P, T
WHITTELL Charles L' M, Marsden, U
WHITTELL the Misses, Thurlow Road, U
WHITTINGTON, Mrs. H., 19 Forest Road, U
WHITTON William, Sulgrave, T
WHITWORTH Miss Ada M., Templestowe, W
WHTBREW Mrs. Jane, Rookfields, W
WICKETT John C., 35 Kenwyn Road, E
WICKETT Mrs. Kate, 36 Kenwyn Road, E
WICKS, Mrs. Matilda, 6 Union Terrace, B
WICKS, William, 55 Westbourne Road, U
WIDDEN, Thomas, 2 Victoria Terrace, B
WIDDEN, Richard, 1 Lower Regents Ter. M
WIDDICOMBE Mrs. C., 2 Victoria Villas, W
WIDDICOMBE Mrs R rear 44 Abbey Rd., W
WIDDICOMBE W, 14 Upton Ch. Road, U
WIDDICOMBE Wm., rear 5 Church St., T
WIDDICOMBE, James J. rear 17 East St., T
WIDDICOMBE Thomas,14 Upton Church Rd..
WIDDICOMBE Mrs Clara, Abbey Road, W
WIDDON George, 20 Victoria Road, E
WIDLAKE Frank, Park Lane, TD
WIGGIN Hugh P. V. (Dr.), The Moorings, E
WILCOCKS, T D., 1 Highfield Terrace, B
WILCOCKS William, 25 Melville Street, W
WILCOCKS Sydney, 33 Innerbrook Road, C
WILCOCKS Mrs. Elizabeth, Thurlow Rd.
WILKES, F., Postcard Depot, 01 Strand, S.
WILKES Mrs. Sarah A., 5 Higher Ter., S
WILKES, Miss, Armenian Depot, TD
WILKES F., 01 Strand
WILKES, Rev. A.. 10 Wellswood Park, TD.
WILKES Frederick, 5 Union Street
WILKINS, Wm T., 1 Ridgway Villas, TD
WILKINS Mrs. M.A.. Ruckamore Road, C
WILKINS Walter, 17 Forest Road U
WILKINSON A. 67 Market Street, U
WILKINSON, Alfred W., Ermington, B
WILKINSON Alfred, 8 Ellacombe Road, E
WILKINSON William J., 6 Cotford Ter., U
WILLATT John, Falcon Hotel, W .
WILLCOCKS, Samuel, 16 Union Terrace, B
WILLCOCKS, Fredk. J., 15 Union Terrace, B
WILLCOCKS Tom, 73 Fleet Street, S
WILLCOCKS, Mrs. Mary, Rose Villa, B
WILLCOCKS, Sarah, 1 Chester Row, E
WILLCOCKS, Samuel, Devons Road, B
WILLCOCKS, Arthur, Queen Street, S
WILLCOCKS Mrs. Hannah, Sherwell Lane, C
WILLIAMS, A, E., Treverbyn Innerbrook Rd
WILLIAMS & COX, 5 and 6 Strand, S
WILLIAMS & COX, 12 Strand, S
WILLIAMS Samuel H., 34 Queen Street, S
WILLIAMS, John, 53 Belgrave Road, T
WILLIAMS G., Adwell, Teignmouth Road
WILLIAMS & COX, 5 and 6 Strand
WILLIAMS Henry, 9 Chester Row, E
WILLIAMS James, 27 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
WILLIAMS Mrs. Ellen, 6 Camden Road E
WILLIAMS R. J., 7 Scarborough Ter., W
WILLIAMS Richard J., 4 Abbey Road, W
WILLIAMS W. Thomas , 9 Ashburton Ter., M
WILLIAMS, Isaac. 1 Palk Place, M
WILLIAMS, Isaac Mennell, Oak Villa, M
WILLIAMS T. R. J. 119 Union Street, U
WILLIAMS J. Wm., 211Lymington Road, U
WILLIAMS James E.. 6 Orchard Cottages, U
WILLIAMS, W., Bickleigh, Ruckamore R., C
WILLIAMS, Annie, 2 Old Mill Road, C
WILLIAMS, Hamilton, Layer Marney, C
WILLIAMS, Fredk., 20 Victoria Parade, TD
WILLIAMS Henry, 11 Park Terrace, U
WILLIAMS Mrs. M., 11 Innerbrook Road, C
WILLIAMS, Mrs. C. P., 29 Belmont Road, E
WILLIAMS, Albert E., 43 Belmont Road, E
WILLIAMS, James, 7 Daison Road, U
WILLIAMS, George, Union Street
WILLIAMS, Archibald E., Vansittart Rd., T
WILLIAMS, Frederick, 20 Victoria Parade, S
WILLIAMS George, 46 Union Lane Lr., W
WILLIAMS Fredk., 10 Princes Road East, E
WILLIAMS George, 26 Kenwyn Road ,
WILLIAMS Miss, St. Margarets Road, M
WILLIAMS Harry, St. Luke's Road, W
WILLIAMS Miss Sarah, Redden Hill Road, B
WILLIAMS Wm. James, 4 Sherwell Hill C
WILLIAMS, Frank, Old Torwood Road
WILLIAMS, Mrs. Clara R, Belmont Rd., E
WILLIAMS Henry, 21 Westbourne Road, U
WILLIAMSON Joseph, Torquay Road, B
WILLIAMSON, George E., 122 Forest Road
WILLIAMSON, Miss, Babbacombe Down Rd.
WILLIS Mrs. M. J. 4 Hr. Braddons St., S
WILLIS Francis Edmund, Stratton, E
WILLIS Charles, 3 Shirburn Cottages, U
WILLIS, Charles, 38 Fore Street, M
WILLIS, Harcourt C., 4 Church Road. M
WILLIS, Frederick C., 3 Peasland Cott., M
WILLIS, Thomas W., Mincarlo,, M
WILLIS, Mrs. Mary, Happaway Hill, S
WILLIS Mrs 2 Rowley Road, M
WILLOTT, Miss Caroline, 66 Forest Road, U
WILLS, Walter E., 4 Thornacre Terrace, B
WILLS, Robert T., 5 Thornacre Terrace, B
WILLS Samuel, 4 Lr. Wellesley Road, E
WILLS Mrs. E., 77 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
WILLS Frederick J., 5 Cavern Road, E
WILLS & WILLS, 84 & 86 Union Street W
WILLS Samuel, Dunkeld, W
WILLS Henry, 2 Coburg Place, W
WILLS Francis H., 10 Lucius Street, W
WILLS George A,, 4 Hr. Terrace Mews, S
WILLS Aaron 11 Melville Street, W
WILLS Mrs. Frances Anna, Bilington, W
WILLS Mrs. Annie, Clovelly, W
WILLS Mrs. Susan, Melbourne, U
WILLS, Richard Henry, 8 Goschen Rd., C
WILLS Ernest A., 13 South Street, T
WILLS, William, 12 Braddons Street, S
WILLS Miss B. E., 2 Mount Hermon Rd., E
WILLS William, 198 Lymington Road, U
WILLS Mrs. Mary, 2 & 4 Market Street
WILLS Robert, Springfield Road, E
WILLSMAN, Simeon, 2 Berkley Cottage, TD
WILLSON Miss E. C., 7 Matlock Terrace, W
WILMOT Mrs. Anna, 1 Montpellier Ter., S
WILMOT Mr., Shirburn Road, C
WILSON Mrs. Sophia, 2 Wellington Pl., E
WILSON, Geo., 5 St. Margarets Terrace, M
WILSON, Wm. H., 11 St. Margarets Ter., M
WILSON, Mrs. Fanny, 6 Greenbank Ter., M
WILSON Edmund, Branscombe, T
WILSON, Jesse. 4 All Saints Road, B
WILSON, Alfred, The Hermitage, M
WILSON William, 1 Galheta Villas, T
WILTON Charles, 3 Morgan Avenue, U
WILTON Mrs. J. E., Woodfield Rd. Middle
WILTSHIRE, Leonard A., 11 Daison Road, U
WILTS & DORSET BANK. Fleet, Street
WINDEATT, Robert,13 Furrough Cross, B
WINDEATT, Fredk., 2 Enfield Cottages, B
WINDEATT, Mrs. Emily, 6 Victoria Place, B
WINDEATT William, 9 Palk Place, M
WINDEATT Edwin B., 2 Park Terrace, U
WINDFATT Edwin B., 14 Princes Rd. East
WINDSOR Harry, 12 Waterloo Road, E
WINDSOR Mr., 28 Alexandra Road, E
WINDSOR Mrs. Harriett, Bay View, S
WINGET, William, 4 Chelston Grove, C
WINN Mrs. F. J., Lincombe Rd. Lower TD
WINSBOROUGH Tom. 37 Crown Hill Park, T
WINSBORROW, P. W., 3 Victoria Place, M
WINSOR, Wm. J.. 7 Woodland Terrace, M
WINSOR W. F, 12 Marchwood Terrace, U
WINSOR George, Mizpah Stables, T
WINSOR, Samuel T., 34 Belmont Road, E
WINSTON James, 25 Princes Road. E
WINTER Charles H., 20 Hoxton Road, E
WINTER Charles, 13 Kenwyn Road, E
WINTER George M. (Dr) Wynnstead M
WINTER William, 9 Victoria Terrace, U
WINTER R., 4 Ebenezer Cottages, U
WINTER, Charles H.. 3 Gregorys Cott., M
WISE Mrs. Emma, 15 Alexandra Road, E
WISE Lewis, 3 Alexandra Road, E
WISE Lewis, 11 Hoxton Road, E
WITHERIDGE Mrs. E., 16 Union St., W
WITHERS, Care, 2 St. Margarets Terrace, M
WITHINGTON, Capt. S., Ulverstone, TD
WITHYCOMBE Mrs. Mary, 5 Chester Row, E
W0DEHOUSE Mrs P. C., Torbay Road, W
WOLFF, Eugen, 47 Fore Street, M
WOLFF, Richard, 22 Fore Street, B
WOLLACOTT William, Spring Cottage, U
WOLLACOTT Samuel, 19 Alexandra Rd. E
WOLLACOTT Ernest W., 34 Princes Rd., E
WOLLACOTT George T., 1 Laburnum. Tce, E
WOLLACOTT Samuel, 18 Warberry Rd W, E
WOLLACOTT, Wm. 10A Furrough Cross, B
WOLLACOTT John, 2 St. James' Place, U
WOLLACOTT, William, 18 CarIton Road, E
WOLLAGOTT, Samuel, 33 Ellacombe Ch. Rd.
WOLLACOTT, G. T., 33 Ellacombe Ch. Rd.
WOLLAND William, 39 Pimlico, S
WOLLAND John S.; St. Clements, T
WOLLAND William, 22 Pimlico, S
WOLLEN. Miss A. R., Surrenden Lodge, B
WOOD William G., 121 Union Street, U
WOOD, John B., 30 Fore Street, M
WOOD, Edwin, 4 Mount Pleasant, M
WOOD, John B., Rosedene, M
WOOD Sidney P., 36 Union Street, W
WOOD Frank T., 36 Union Street, W
WOOD, Miss Kate, 9 Fore Street, B
WOOD, William, 29 Fore Street, B
WOOD, John, Hill House, B
WOOD, John, 5 York Terrace, B
WOOD Arthur Exley, Maplestead, S
WOOD, Edwin, Barewell, M
WOOD, Mrs. Emily F., 24 Belgrave Rd., T
WOOD Alfred, 5 Lower Terrace, S
WOOD R. C., 36 Union Street (Wood & Son)
WOOD Miss Edith, Torre Square, T
WOOD Mrs., 10 Torwood Street. TD
WOOD Mrs. Isabella, 14 Sherwell Hill, C
WOOD, Alfred H., Vicarage Road, C
WOODS, Samuel, Warberry Road, Middle, E
WOODS, A., St. Omer, Greenway Rd., C
WOODFIN Alfred, 23 Cavern Road. E
WOODFORD, E. C., 5 Redden Hill Road, B
WOODGATE, Mr., St. David's Falkland Rd
WOODGATE Wm., 10 Princes Road East, E
WOODLAND Albert, 6 Pennsylvania Rd., E
WOODLEY William, 7 Sherwill Hill, C
WOODROW Wm., Upton Road, U
WOODWARD Mrs L. A., 2 Laburnum Row, T
WOOLAWAY Mrs. Mary, Abbey Road. W
WOOLCOCK William, 3 Barlow Terrace, U
WOOLCOCK George, 4 Cotford Terrace, U
WOOLCOT Mrs., SoIsbro' Road, C
WOOLDRIDGE E., 111 Lymington Road, U
WOOLLAND John Hill, 5 Church Lane, T
WOOLLAND Wm., 6 Pennsylvania Road, E
WOOLLCOMBE George, 209 Union Street, U
WOOLLCOMBE, R. (Maj.), Chelston Lodge, C
WOOLLEY Henry, 44 Tor Hill Road, W
WOOLLEYS, 83 Union Street
WOORE, Miss Leila, Old Mill Road, C
WOOSNAM, J. F., 10 St. Matthias Terrace, B
WOLLEN, C S., Glengariffe, Warberry Rd. W
WOPLING, Arthur, 11 St. Edmunds Rd.; E
WORDEN William, 6 Orchard Cottages, U
WORSFOLD, Lieut. Walter H., Fernwood TD
WORSLEY William, 7 Hr. Terrace Mews. S
WORTH, James, 123 Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
WORTH James, Meadfoot Road, TD
WORTH Mrs. Selina E., Springfield Road, U
WOTTON John S., 183 Union Street, U
WOTTON Mrs. Anna, 1 Westbourne Ct., U
WOTTON Bertie E. G., 1 Victoria Ter., U
WOTTON, John, 37 Belgrave Read, T
WOTTON William Glendower House. T
WOTTON Robert, 18 Lucius Street, T
WOTTON William, 22 Tor Hil Road, W
WOTTON John, 4 Cavern Road. E
WOTTON, Clara, Croft Road, W
WREFORD, Wm. T., 19 All Saints Road, B
WREY, Arthur Bourchier (Rev.), Trebigh, B
WREY, Rev. B. Wm. T., Harracott. TD
WREYFORD, Wm. E., Park Lane. TD
WRIGHT, Douglas A., Dunolly, B
WRIGHT E. E., 12 Lr. Ellacombe Ch. Rd, E
WRIGHT William, 36a Ellacombe Road, E
WRIGHT Mrs., 9 Abbey Crescent, W
WRIGHT William J., 6 Abbey Road, W
WRIGHT, Stanley, 4 Gregorys Cottages. M
WRIGHT Charles H., 288 Union Street. T
WRIGHT William, Royston, T
WRIGHT William J., 5 Victoria Terrace, U
WRIGHT James, Upton Farm, U
WRIGHT, M. L., Hillside, Old Mill Road, C
WRIGHT, E., Hillside, Old Mill Road, C
WRIGHT, Mrs. Louisa, 19 Daison Road, U
WRIGHT, James, Derwent Road, E
WRIGHT Mrs. Edith, Terrace Road S
WYATT Mrs. E., 47 Ellacombe Ch. Rd., E
WYATT Mrs. Mary, 9 Laburnum Row, T
WYATT Wm. Thos., rear 6 Church Street, T
WYATT Charles, 189 Union Street , U
WYATT William, 3 Park Cottages, U
WYATT, Francis George D., 60 CarIton Rd.
WYATT John Shears, 75 Sherwell Hill, C
WYATT, Geo. Hy., 37 St. Edmunds Road, E
WYATT Ernest, Parkfield Road, U
WYATT, James, Happaway Hill, S
WYATT, Edwin James, 20 Forest Road, U
WYATT Mrs. Mary, 34 Innerbrook Road, C
WYLIE W. F., 3 Union Street, S
WYLIE Charles A., 50 Victoria Road, E
WYLIE Frederick W., 169 Union St., U
WYLIE, W. F., 5-6 Union Street
WYMAN. W H., I0 Hr. Union Lane, U
WYNNE Mrs., Etruria, Kents Road, TD

YARWOOD John, 22,South Street, T
YARWOOD Frederick, 14 Sanford Road, C
YEA, Albert, The Engadine, TD
YELLAND John, Hill View Cottages, W
YELLAND Wm. H., 20 Highbury Road. E
YELLAND Hermon A., Vale Avoca, U
YELLAND James, 115 Lymington Road, U
YELLAND William James, Upton Hill, U
YEO William Charles, Iddesleigh, S
YEO, Henry J., 3 Bethel Cottages, E
YEO & SONS, 35 Torwood Street, TD
YEO, Richard F., Babbacombe Road, S
YEO, Thomas, Barton, M
YEO Richard Louis, Barton Road, T
YEO Frank. C., Teignmouth Road, T
YEO & SONS, Coburg Place, W
YEOMAN George H., 3 Lime Grove Tce., T
YEOMAN George Henry,7 Queen Street, S
YOULDEN Walter, rear 24 Tor Hill Rd., W
YOULDEN, Mrs. Sarah A., South View, B
YOULDON Richard, 10 Victoria Terrace, U
YOULDON James 12 Church Street, T
YOULTON George E., 42 Hoxton Road, B
YOUNG, J., Dart Bank, Burridge Rd.. C
YOUNG, Charles, 5 Belle Vue Crescent C
YOUNG James E.. 119 Lymington Rd., U
YOUNG Charles, 5 Upton Ch, Road, U
YOUNG James, 18 Fleet Street, S
YOUNG, Mrs. Catherine, Pathada, M
YOUNG, N. T., Braddons Rd. (West) S
YOUNG, James R., Castle Road, U
YOUNG lsaac Nathaniel, 31 Queen Street, S
YOUNG, Mrs., Rathmore Road, C
YOUNGE Henry, Princes Road West, E
YOUNGE, Miss Edith Mary, Tor Crest, TD
YULE Alexander S., Glenview, T
Y.W.C.A., St. Marychurch Road, U

ZACHARY Henry, Seaway Lane, C
ZAPLE, Frederick, 4 Plainmoor, B
ZAPLE Henry, 1 Laburnum Cottages, T
ZAPLE Frank, 1 Pleasant Place, U
ZAPLE Mrs. Mary, 18 Hr. Union Lane, U
ZAPLE G. O., 5 Hr. Braddons Terrace, S
ZAPLE Wm. T., 6 Hr. Braddons Terrace, S
ZAPLE, Ernest, 6 CarIton Road, E
ZAPLE, Frederick, 74 CarIton Road, E
ZAPLE, Henry, 84 CarIton Road, E
ZAPLE, Frank, Victoria Road, E
ZELLEY, Miss Emma, 6 Park Street, TD
ZELLEY Albert Scarborough Road, W
ZWINGER, T., Barton Road, T

Brian Randell, 20 Jul 2002