Description, Residents and Tradesmen List

Extracted from Kelly's Post Office Directory for Devonshire, 1856

By Terry Leaman terryleaman[at]tiscali.co[dot]uk



Gentry       Torquay Tradesmen       Magistrates, Bankers, Public Establishments, etc

TORQUAY is a seaport, market town, and watering-place, in the parish of Tor Moham, situate in the Hundred of Haytor and Union of Newton Abbott, distant 1 mile south-east from the railway station, 220 west south-west from London, 6¾ south-east from Newton Abbott, 8 south-west from Teiqnmouth, 9½ east from Totnes, 7½ north-east from Brixham, and l2 north-by-east of Dartmouth. This place is delightfully situated on the Strand and the picturesque acclivities of the shore of the northern recess of Torbay. Its terraces and suburban villas extend nearly a mile and a half westward, including the old village of Tor, or Tor Moham, to the railway station of the South Devon railway company; for such has been the rapid increase of buildings, and population during the last 25 years that they may now be considered as one town. The parish of Tor Moham, or Tor Mohun, comprises about 2,000-acres of land occupying most of that bold promontory which projects eastward into the English Channel, about three miles in length and two in breadth, to Hope's Nose -the point which divides Torbay and Babbicombe Bay. The population of its parish, in 1801, amounted to 838, and, in 1851, the population had increased to 11,474, besides about 1,800 men and boys at sea, but including Upton, the central portion of it, between Tor and Torquay, which has, within the last few years; been made ecclesiastically a district parish, with a population of 4,722, comprising most of the higher parts of the town . The population, in the season, sometimes reaches 20,000, In the reign of Henry II. the manor of Tor Moham belonged to Wm. De Briwere and his younger daughter carried it in marriage to the Mohuns, who had a seat here in the 13th century, but afterwards sold the manor to the Ridgways; It was purchased, about 1768, of the Earl of Donegal, by Sir Robert Palk grandfather of its, present owner, Sir L. V. Palk Bart.
Torre Abbey, in the south-western part of the parish, was founded in 1196, by Wm. Briwere for Premonstratensian canons, who endowed it with considerable revenues, which were afterwards augmented by his son. On its suppression, in 1539, its yearly income was valued at £392 lls., and it had then fifteen monks,-besides the Abbot. It was granted, with the adjacent estate, in 1543, to John St. Leger, Esq., who conveyed it to Sir Hugh Pollard. It subsequently passed to the Seymours, Ridgways, and Stawells, the last of whom sold it, in I662, to Sir George Cary; Knt., an ancestor, of its present owner, Robert Shedden Sulyard Cary, Esq., who resides at the Abbey House, which, is situated in picturesque and well-wooded grounds adjoining the coast, .and commanding a fine view of the noble bay and the rocky tors, or hills, in the neighbourhood.' The house is chiefly modern, though some parts of the Old Abbey are still preserved; it consists of a centre and two wings, one of which is connected with a castellated gateway, having octagonal towers and battlements. Beyond this, gateway is a large barn, which formerly belonged to the, Abbey, and is decorated with loop holes and buttresses, and mantled with Ivy. There is a Roman Catholic chapel attached to the house which is ornamented with a beautiful altar and superb paintings of the Crucified Saviour and the Virgin Mary. In the grounds are several interesting ruins, among which is a large Norman arch, With a small one on each side; richly sculptured, and clad with ivy. The parish is the property of Sir. L V. Palk and Mr. Cary, with one exception of 8 to 10 acres which belong to Lord Sinclair.

The houses, which have a handsome appearance, are built of a sort of transition limestone, or marble, of which the cliffs are composed, varying in colour, and containing numerous remains of shells and madrepores: under the hands of the lapidary, this is susceptible of as fine a polish as the best Italian marble. During the last 15 years the increasing influx of visitors to Torquay has been so great that its number of dwellings has been more than doubled in that period, and there are now many wealthy families who have handsome mansions here, in which they reside continually, or during the autumn and winter months.
Torquay is open to the sea breezes of the south, and sheltered. by lofty hills from the piercing winds of the north, east, and west, and few places possess a more inviting appearance, especially as a winter residence.
The lower part of the town, which is occupied chiefly by the shops and residences of the tradesmen, is built round three sides of the harbour, with the quay and piers in front. The next tier comprises handsome terraces, which are approached by a winding road at each end and, by steps in other places, as also do the Upper tiers, and the detached hills, on each side, where there are ranges of neat and commodious houses, and delightful villa residences towering one above another on the rocky platforms, gracefully exhibiting their marble fronts amid the luxuriant foliage of trees and shrubs which bedeck their gardens, the carriage roads, and intervening slopes. The views from the various terraces are beautiful in the extreme.-taking in the whole of Torbay, where the entire English fleet could ride in safety.
Here are hot, cold, shower, and vapour baths for the invalid and the convalescent, as well as an illimitable ocean bath of spotless purity for the healthy bather. Public, baths are now in course of erection, one of the greatest natural beauties of Torquay (the Beacon hill) having been partly cut down to make way for them. A great variety of beautiful pebbles are found on the beach and sands. Here are all the requisites of a watering place, including a club, with billiard and reading rooms attached, assembly-rooms, literary institution, libraries, a museum &c. A regatta-takes place yearly in July or August.
The climate of Torquay ,is extremely mild so much so that citrons are produced in the open air and myrtles grow in gardens to a great age and size, as also do many tender exotics:; it is not subject to great or sudden variations of temperature, is comparatively mild in winter, cool in summer, and most remarkably free from thunder storms.

The first houses at Torquay where built about the end of the last century, for the accommodation of the families of Officers and Invalids belonging to the Channel fleet, which, during the French was often at anchor in Torbay. After this, its reputation for the restoration of invalids rapidly spread throughout the kingdom; and from that time it has continued to increase in buildings and population to a greater extent than any other watering -place Devon. A small market-place was erected near the Strand in 1823; but the Torquay Market Company obtained an act of Parliament in 1849 for the building of a spacious market-place, slaughter-houses &c. The market days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays when, there is an abundant supply of all kinds of provisions. A small booth fair is held here on Easter Monday. The gas works were constructed, in 1835, by a company of proprietors, in £5 shares. The town and parishes are under the immediate control of a local board of health, consisting of twelve members, four of which retire every year in rotation, and their places are filled by others elected by the ratepayers. Petty Sessions are held at the Town hall every Monday when two, three, or more of the resident county magistrates attend. Four guardians attend the Poor-law Board at Newton Abbott every week. Manor courts are held once a year, one for the manor of Torwood, Sir L V. Palk, Bart. and another for the manor of Tor Abbey, R. S. S. Cary, Esq., lords of the manors respectively. The town is well supplied with water, brought in iron pipes from springs in the neighbourhood, and is within the limits of the port of Dartmouth. Here is a good but small harbour, well sheltered from most winds. The imports by sea are chiefly coals from the North of England and timber from Canada; the import, of dry fish from Newfoundland was formerly of some importance, but is now almost given up. The exports, which are very few are chiefly limestone from the adjacent quarries, and clay from the neighbourhood of Newton. Steam packets ply regularly to Plymouth, Portsmouth and Southampton as well as several trading vessels to London &c.. The Town-hall is a plain building, in Lower Union Street where most of the public business of the town is transacted. Another public building, in the same street is called Union-hall, and is used for lectures, theatrical exhibitions, &c. The public gardens are situated on the Torwood road, adjoining the town; they comprise about four acres of land, lately appropriated by the lord of the manor for the use of the public, and tastefully planted and laid out with gravel walks forming a pleasant sheltered promenade. There are two local weekly publications; the "Torquay Directory and South Devon Journal," and the "Torquay Chronicle and General Directory," which give lists of residents and visitors, and register their arrivals and departures, in addition to giving local and other news.
The parish of Tor Moham is in the diocese of Exeter, and archdeaconry of Totness. The parish church of Tor Moham is situated 1 mile west of the town, it is an ancient structure with nave, chancel, and embattled tower, it was repewed and thoroughly repaired in 1849; it contains a good organ and some handsome monuments one of which supports the effigy of a member of the Ridgway family, father of the first Earl of Londonderry, who resided at Torwood Manor House, since pulled down. The living is a perpetual curacy valued at £360 per annum, with that of Cockington annexed to it, in the patronage of C. H. Mallock Esq. and incumbency of the Rev. J. H. Harrls. D.D. The district parish church of Upton (St. Mary Magdalen) is situated on the high road between Tor and Torquay; It is a handsome structure, in the Gothic style of architecture, with a lofty tower and spire with 8 bells; It was erected by subscription and was consecrated April 12th 1849. It is neatly fitted with open seats, and has accommodation for about 1,000 persons. The site was given by, Sir L. V. Palk; and the late P; Dawson Esq., gave £2,000, on condition that a Iarge portion of the sittings should be free. It has been endowed and constituted at Parish church by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners; it is a perpetual curacy, valued at £130, in the patronage of the Crown and the Bishop of Exeter alternately; the Rev R. R. Wolfe, M.A., is the present incumbent. St. John's chapel of ease, at Montpelier-place, about the centre of Torquay was built by Sir L. V. Palk Bart., in 1822; it is a plain structure, partly in the Doric order, and has a small cupola and bell. The benefice, which is a perpetual curacy, valued at £207 per annum is in the gift of the incumbent of Tor Moham; the Rev. J. R. D. Pycroft, M.A. is the perpetual curate. Trinity chapel, situate at Park hill, Torquay, is a plain cemented edifice, of mixed architecture it was erected by subscription in 1837-8 and cost about £5,500. and will accommodate nearly 900 persons: the Rev. Richard Fayle, M. A. is the incumbent and patron.
On the summit of a hill in Tor Moham parish is the shell of St. Michael's chapel; and there was formerly a small chapel at Torwood, built by Reginald de Mohun in 1251. Here are also places of worship for Baptists, Independents, Unitarians, Wesleyans and Roman Catholics. Here are several National and Infant schools. The Torbay Dispensary and Infirmary was established in 1844 ; but the handsome building which it now occupies was not erected till 1850 . Here are clothing clubs, a Shipwrecked fishermen and Mariners' Benevolent Society, a lying-in charity, several friendly societies, and a lodge of Freemasons; the last is held at the Union-hall. The poor parishioners have the interest of £62; left by Thomas Kingsley and other donors, and the dividends of £468 8s. 6d. Navy Five per cent stock, now Three per cent. Reduced, purchased with £500, left by George Baker in 1800.


Alexander Mrs. Admiral, Park hill ldg
Almond Rev George, Fairlie lodge, Torwood gardens road
Anstey Miss, the Brake, Teignmouth rd
Ashcroft Mr John, 2 Rock Cotts. Tor
Atkinson George, esq. R. N.. Thornton, Meadfoot road;
Attree Miss, Underwood villa, Upper Braddons hill road
Attree Mrs, Underwood villa, Upper Braddons hill road
Aymler Lady Louis, Meadfoot lodge
Babington .Rev John, M.A. Mornay Lodge St Mary Church road
Bacon Mrs, Woodstock cot. Orchard st
Baldry Alfred, Bythorn, St Mary Church road
Baldwin Mrs. Barry, Rock view, Meadfoot road
Balman Thomas, esq. M. D. Monkton house Abbey road
Bastow Mrs. Belvidere Lodge; Braddon's road west
Battersby Robert, esq. M.D. Glen cottage, Meadfoot road
Bayly Charles, esq. Garston; Lower Warberry road
Bazalgette Miss F. E. Hesketh house, Hesketh Crescent
Beasley Mrs. Torwood lodge, Torwood gardens road
Beasley William John, esq. Newstead, Middle Warberry road
Beckett John Staniforth, esq. the Knoll, Tor
Benthall Mrs. Furzeswell house, St. Mary Church road
Best Mrs. Nathaniel, Lisburn, Lower Warberry road
Bezzi John, esq. Villino, Meadfoot road
Bezzi Mrs. Villino, Meadfoot road
Bibbens Misses, Palestine villa, Teignmouth road
Bird Mrs. Oaklands Low. Warberry rd
BIack Glass, esq. M.D. Meadfoot villa, Meadfoot road
Blake Charles Paget esq. M. D, Beulah, Silver hill
Blakiston Dowager Lady, 7 Beacon ter
Bogle. John, esq. Woodside Upper Braddon's hill road
Bolland Mrs. Landowne, OldTorwood rd
Bolton Mrs. 7 Portland pl, Abbey road
Bovill Edward,esq. Glenthorne Lower Warberry road
Boyle Hon. John Ditton, Lower Warberry road
Brandon Right Hon. Lady, Homefield, Lower Warberrv road
Brittain Miss, Lausanne, Telgnmouth road
Brockedon Mrs. Landour, Lower Woodfield road
Brownlow Countess, Belton Lodge, Upper Lincombe road
Buckley Joseph, esq. Fairfield Teignmouth road
Bulley Mrs. 7 Geneva cottages,
Calverley Charles Calverley, esq. Dunstone, Middle Warberry road
Campbell George Colin, esq. I Claremont, Tor Church road
Carr Capt. James, Elm villa, Higher Union street
Carter Frederic Roger, esq. Conniger villa, Teignmouth road
Carthew Arthur esq. Abbey vale, Tor
Cartwright Misses, Beech house, Upper Braddon's road
Cary Lieut. Lionel Stuart Traquair Munro, Torre abbey
Cary Lucius Falkland Brancaleone, esq. R. N. Torre abbey
Cary Miss, Torre abbey
Cary Mrs, Torre abbey
Cary Robert Shedden Sulyarde esq. Torre abbey
Champnes Rev Edward Thomas Meadfoot rock Hesketh road
Cholwich Mrs . Upton cottage ,Upton
Clarke Miss, Sulyarde house
Cole Capt. The Vale, Teignmouth road
Cole Mrs, Hill garden, Higher Union st .
Cole Mrs, Lauriston hall, Tor Hill road
Colhoun James Esq, Madeira Villa, Tor hill road
Combe James esq. Beaumont, Middle Lincombe road
Cope Miss ,7 Beacon terrace ,
Cornish, Mrs Charles, Chapel hill, Tor
Cornish Miss, Chapel Hill, Tor,
Courtenay Hon. Mrs. Thomas, Torre mount, Tor
Cramp William Archibald esq. Cresswell Cottage, Teignmouth road .
Curtis Mrs, Brunswick house, Tor
Dashwood Hon, Lady, Braganza cottage, Braddon's road west
Davis Weston Brocklesby, esq. M. A. 3 Portland place, Abbey road
Dean James, esq. Middleton lodge, Lower Warberry road
De Burgh Rev. Robt. M.A 10 clifton ter
Dennis Mrs, Warbstowe, Lower Warberry road
Dennis Mrs. Samuel, the Vale, Teignmouth road
Dibbins Mr Samuel, l Rock cotgs, Tor
Douglas Rev. Phillip H. Ash hill house, St. Mary Church road
Dove Mrs Castell -a-mare, Middle Warberry road
Dunsany Lady Elizabeth, Overton, Lower Lincombe road
Dyott Miss , Heathfield, Middle Warberry road
Eardley Sir Culling Eardley, bart. Frognel, Middle Woodfield road
Earle Percival Hare, esq. Walton lodge, Middle Warberry road
Elliott Miss, Mornay lodge, St. Mary Church road
English Mrs. Charles, the Vomero, Stitchill road
Evans James, esq. Verney house, Abbey road
Evanson Richard Tonson. esq. M. D. Buckingham ho. Lower Warberry rd
Eyre Miss Henrietta, Cintra, Upper Braddon's road
Fanshawe Misses, St. Mary's, Tor
Fayle Rev. Richard, M. A. Park hill villa, Park hill road
Fleteher Mrs. Warberry lodge, Lower Warberry road
Ford Rev. James, M. A. (prebend of Exeter cathedral), Hirondelle, St Mary Church Road
Fox Rev William, M. A. Lauriston Villa, Upton road
Fysh Rev. Frederick, M. A., 6 Lower ter
Gale Mrs, Cintra, Upper Braddon's road
Gardner Richard, esq. Teignmouth road
Gautherot Miss, 1 Tamar villas, Warren road
Gooch Miss, Gray's lodge, Upper Braddon's road
Goodenough Miss, Bay Mount, Park Hill road
Gotbed William Esq., Irene Cottage, St Mary Church road
Green George, esq. I Wellswood park
Grenfell Miss Sophia, Victoria place, Tor Square
Gribble Edward Wynne, 8 Park place
Griffiths Misses, Bloomfleld, Meadfoot road
Griffiths, Mrs.Bloomfild, Meadfoot road
Grove Rev. Charles, Villa-a-Mare, Lower Lincombe road
Guiness Misses, Albyn lodge Torwood gardens road
Hack James, esq . Firgrove, Upper Braddon's hill road
Hall Misses, Fernhill, Meadfoot road
Hall Radclyffe, esq. M.D. Plymswood, St Mary Church road
Hall Mrs T. M. Fernhill, Meadfoot road
Hamblett Miss, the Brake, Teignmouth road
Harris Rev. Joseph Hemington, D.D., Sorel, Tor
Harris Geo. Hemington, Rooklands, Tor
Harrison Mrs, Exbury, Old Torwood road
Harvey Mr Jacob, 6 Park crescent
Harvey Mrs. 10 Waldon ter. Abbey road
Hawksworth Mr, Amory, 1 Chesnut cottages, Orchard terrace.
Higgins Misses, Abbey villa, Warren road
Hill Rev. George M.A., Warwick house, Warren road
Hinton Alfred, esq., Leamington lodge, St. Mary Church road
Hives Charles, esq. Normount, Lower Warberry Road
Hodgkinson Francis, esq. Woodlands, Braddon's hill road east .
Hogg Rev., J. R., Westholme, Middle Warberry road .
Hope Miss, Overfield, Old Torwood road
Hope Mrs. Overfield Old Torwood road
Horne Miss, Hillside, Lower Woodfield road
Houghton Sir Henry Bold bart. Marne villa
Hughes Mrs Bridges, Ashfield, Tor
Hulme Rev.Thomas (Wesleyan), Ellacome view, Warren road
Hunt Arthur, esq. Hillstead, St. Mary Church road
Hunter Thos. esq. Woodburn, St. Mary Church road
Hurry Rev. Nicholas [independent],1 Warley cottages, Upton vale
Ironside Charles, esq. Rozel, Middle Lincombe road
Jameson Miss,Woburn lodge, Hesketh road
Jefferies Edward, esq. 4 Modena ter
Jellard Misses, 5 Portland pl. Abbey rd
Jermyn Mrs. Stokeleigh, St. Mary Church road
Johnson Capt. Charles Henry, Needwood, St. Mary Church road
Jolley Wm.esq. Waterloo cott. Abbey road
Jones John, esq. I Modena terrace
Keith-Falconer Adrian William, esq. Rockend, Park hill road
Keith-Falconer Hon. Mrs. Rockend, Park hill road;
Ker Misses, the Castle, St. Mary Church road
Ker Mrs, the Castle, St. Mary Church road
Ker William, esq., the Castle, St Mary Church road
Kerr Hon. Arthur, Tudor lodge, St. Mary Church road
Kitson Charles esq., Collaton, Old Torwood road
Kitson William esq., 2 Vaughan Parade
Kitson Wm. Henry esq., 2 Vaughan Parade
Lanfear Mrs, Kennett villa, Lower Lincombe road
Le Breton James Edward, esq Braddon's cliff, Braddon's road west.
Lee John Hutchinson, esq. Balsdon lodge, Abbey road.
Lucas Carr Ellison esq. M .D. Ashfield, Tor
Lushington Mrs. Oak hill, Tor
Lysons Mrs. & Miss, Belvoir, Meadfoot rd
MacDonnell Misses, Orchard Hill, Middle Warberry road
MacDonnell Mrs. Orchard Hill, Middle Warberry road
McGowan Francis esq., Vale Lodge, Upton vale
Mackay John esq., R. N. Abbey Villa, Warren road
Mackie Misses, 2 Portland pl. Abbey road
Macintosh Charles Hills, esq. M. D., 5 Higher terrace, & at Cawsand
Madan Mrs. Spencer, the Elms, Tor
Madden William Herries, esq. M. D., Gorton, Lower Woodfield road
Maddock Col. the Cove, Park hill road
Maitland Mrs., 1 Osborne vil. Upton-vale
Maitland Wm. Esq., Park vil. Upton rd
Mallock Miss , Oakfield, Meadfoot road
Mansfield Misses., Birstal, Upper Braddon's road,
Mant Mrs. 21 Orchard ter. Abbey road
Mare John esq. 23Waldon ter. Abbey road
Marsden Mrs & Miss, Burntwoood lodge, St. Mary Church road.
Martin Misses, Park Hill house
Master Charles legh Hoskins, esq., Collingwood house; & at Barrow green house, Godstone, Surrey.
Masterman Rev Thomas, M. A. Highfield, Lower Warberry road
Milnes Misses, Fryston Lodge, Meadfoot road
Minter Major George, 2 Shrublands, Tor hill road.
Mitchell John, esq. 4 Torwood mount
Money Mrs. 5 Wellswood park
Montagu Mrs. Edgar, Ilsham, Lower Warberry road
Morgan ,General, Singleton, Middle Woodfield road
Morgan Mrs. General, Singleton, Middle Woodfield road
Moxon Col. Stratford, Teignmouth road
Mudge Nicholas esq. . Myrtle grove, Warren road
Mudge Richard Bell, esq., R. N. Rose cottage, Meadfoot lane.
Myers: Jaques, esq. the Warboro, Stitchill road.
Nankivell Charles Benjamin, esq. M. D.. Layton House, Abbey road
Nankivell Mrs. Albert cot. Abbey road.
Nepean Miss, 9- Lisburne crescent, Middle Woodfield road.
Nicholson Rev. William, Brotherton, Teignmouth road
Nicholson Misses, 9 Clifton terrace.
Oldfield Thomas, esq. Greenstead, Lower Warberry road .
Orange Rev John [lndependent] Vine cottage, Teignmouth road .
Paige Philip, esq. Montvidere house, Teignmouth road
Palk Miss, Exmoor cot. Stitchill road .
Parker Rev .Charles Frederick, Hartford cottage, Abbey road.
Paul Miss, 2 Mountain villas, Upton vale
Pearson Thomas, esq. Hillesdon, Upper Braddon's hill road .
Perry Miss, 1 Tamar villas, Warren road
Phelps Miss, Old Torwood road
Phillipps Miss, Lugwardine, St Mary Church road.
Phillips Henry Cranmer March, esq. Wellswood, Lower Warberry road
Phillips Miss, Derwent house, Middle Warberry road
Phillips Philip Lovell esq. M. D. Torville, Teignmouth road
Pincherd Miss, Stockton cottage, Teignmouth road
Pitcairn. Rev. David, Albyn Lodge, Torwood gardens road
Pollard William. Esq., Southland House
Pollard William jun., 1 Park crescent
Poulton Mrs. 2 South Street, Tor.
Power Rev., Maurice John (Catholic), 1 Banner cross, Abbey road
Price Miss, Old Torwood road
Price Hon. Mrs, 2 Wellswood park
Purdon Rev. Robert M. A. , 3 Cary parade
Putt Mr William, 15 Higher union street
Robinson Randolph Esq., St Catherine's , Tor
Rodway Henry Barron esq., 5 Park place
Rossiter Mr John, 13 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Rossiter Mrs, George Street
Roxburgh Rev Adam, 10 Wellswood park
Row John esq., 23 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Row Mrs, 23 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Row William Bickford esq., 23 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Rowe Mrs, Mount Pleasant, St Mary Church road
Rudge Mrs, Hesketh house, Hesketh Crescent
St. George Richard James Mansergh esq, Hatley, Lower Lincombe road
Sandham Mrs, Collina, Middle Lincombe road
Saunders Mrs & Miss, Ellacombe, Union street
Savile Mrs, the Grove, Park hill
Scoles Joseph esq., Shirburn cottage, St Mary Church road
Scoresby Rev William D. D. F. R. S, Grosmont, Lower Warberry road
Scroggs Misses, 1 Montpelier terrace
Selley Mr. Edward, 1 Claireville, Tor
Steppings John M. esq. Greenfield, Tor
Shedden Robert, esq, Torre Abbey
Sheppard Alfred Byard, esq. the Hove, St. Mary Church road
Shinner Mr.Jas. 29 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Short Mrs Geo. Agra villa, Hesketh road
Short John Hassard, esq., Hillsborough, Braddon's road west
Shute Theodore Henry, esq M. D. Adwell lodge Tor
Sinclair Right Hon Lord, Pilmuir, Tor Church road, & at Herdmanston, Haddington, & at Nesbit, Berwick
Sinclair Lady, Pilmuir, Tor Church road
Sinclalr Hon Miss, Pilmuir, Tor church road
Smith Col. Florence villa, Waldon hill ,
Smith Rev. William George Parks, M. A. Belvidere house
Smith Miss, Florence villa, Waldon hill
Smithwick Rev. William John, M. A. 4 Montpelier terrace
Spragge Fras. Hoare, esq. Octon house, Tor
Stabb William Wilkinson esq. Torbay infirmary
Staddon Mr. Thomas, 1 Bellevue, Higher Union street
Steward Miss, Lechallet, Braddon's road west
Stewart Robert, esq. 7 Park crescent
Stockdale Frederick Welton esq. 2 South Town cottages, Tor
Stonestreet Fetherstone, esq. San Roque, Lower Warberry road
Strong Capt. R. H., 6 Wellswood park
Strong Leonard, esq., Brampton, Waldon hill
Surtees Miss., Redworth, Old Torwood road
Sutherland Alexander esq. M.D. Silver hill, Lower Woodfield road
Swete John Beaumont, esq. 1 Park place
Tamlin Mrs. 12 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Tanner John Marshall Comins, esq., l Cary villas, Warren road
Taylor Rev. William, ,M. A. Warberry lodge, Lower Warberry road
Tetley James esq., M. D. , Belmont, Teignmouth road
Thomas Mr John, 1 Rock cottages, Tor
Thoresby Col. Charles, Waldon castle, Waldon hill
Tighe Robert Richard esq., Merton lodge, Middle Lincombe road
Timm Isaac, esq., Stantaway villa, Upton vale
Titchener Misses, Chichester lodge, Babbicombe road
Togood Baruch Isaac, esq., Braddon's villa ,Braddon's road west
Tower Alexander, esq. Crookham house , St. Mary Church road
Tracey Miss, St. Lawrence, Teignmouth road ,
Trant William Henry, esq. St. Ann's, Middle Woodfield road
Travers Mrs., Grey's lodge, Upper Braddon's road
Tucker Mrs. Lynsted, St. Mary Church rd
Turner Rev. Charles C., 1 Shrublands Tor hill road
Vivian Edward., esq., Woodfield ,
Wakefield Mrs. Gilbert, Trelawne, Teignmouth road
Walker Edward esq. Sorley, Park hill road.
Walker Joseph, esq. Broadlands, St Mary Church road
Walker Misses, Fortescue house, Warren road
Walker Rowland, esq ., Sorley, Park hill road
Ward Capt. R. N., Sydney lodge Park hill road
Ward Hon. Mrs., Sydney lodge, Park hill road
Ward Mrs & Miss, Springfield, St. Mary Church road
Warner Rev. George Townsend, M. A., Highstead, St. Mary Church road
Warrington Mrs. & Miss, Percy lodge, Abbey road
Were Mrs, Uplands, St. Mary Church road
Williams Mrs, Elm bank, Abbey road
Williams Mrs, 4 Warren place
Willyams Mrs Brydes, Mount Braddon, Braddon's hill road east
Wish Mr. William, 3 Park Street
Wolfe Richard Robbins, M. A. Furze park, St Mary Church road
Wollen Rev. James, I Portland place, Abbey road
Wyatt Mr. John, Braddon's hill
Yorke Hon. Mr., Kanescombe, Lower Warberry road
Zelley Mrs., I Southland house, Tor hill road


Aaron Brothers, Goldsmiths & Jewellers, 4 Torwood row.
Abbott Agnes, (Miss), dress maker, 4 Abbey place
Abbott John, fly proprietor, Tor square, Tor
Abbott Thos, boot & shoe maker & sub-postmaster, Tor
Abbott William, butcher, 13 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Addems William, butcher, 88 Lower Union street
Aggett Richard, dairyman, Meadfoot row
Allams Daniel James, glass & China dealer, 25 Lower Union street
Allen Giles, French polisher, 18 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Allen John, boot & shoe maker, Meadfoot row
Allen William, baker, 34 South street, Tor
Amphlett James, grocer, 4A Lower Union street
Andrews William, shopkeeper, George street
Angel Alfred Lee, tailor, 57 Higher Union street
Angel John, builder & Lodging house, Ford cottage, St. Mary Church road
Angel Thomas, grocer, 14 Melville street
Angel William, mason & plasterer, & lodging house, Holne cottage, St. Mary Church road
Anson Elizabeth (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Pimlico
Anthony Richard Blacklar, Dairyman, 89 Lower Union street
Appleton Edward, architect & surveyor to the board of Health, 2 Woodville, Abbey road
Ardley Daniel, hairdresser & stationer, Fleet street
Ash William & Son, coachbuilders, 45 Lower-Union street
Ash Christopher, beer retailer, 11 South street, Tor
Ash John, boot & shoe maker, 7 South street, Tor
Atwill Maria Mrs, grocer, 95 Lower Union street
Austin Thomas, dairyman, Church street, Tor
Back James, boot & shoe maker, Market lane
Bailey John , carpet warehouse, 1 Higher Union street
Bailey William, carpenter & lodging house, 1 Beechwood cottages, Abbey road
Bailey William, bootmaker, 4 Lower Union street
Baker John, timber merchant & shipowner , Temperance street
Baker John Spiers; emigration agent, 2 Market street
Baker William, lodging house, Grafton house, Upper Braddon's Hill road
Ball Eliza (Mrs), Lodging house, 1 Spring cotts, Abbey rd
Ball Thomas, lodging ho. Fountain villa, Torwood gardens road
Balman Thomas, Physician, Monkton house, Abbey road
Balsom Susanna, (Mrs), lodging house, Beaulieu vil. Waldon hill
Barnes John, Tailor, East street, Tor
Barnes Joseph, baker, George street
Barnes William, grocer, 5 Madeira place
Barrett Edward, chemist, 1 Madeira place
Barrett Grace Mrs, lodging ho. Melville ldg, Tor Church road
Barrett Wllliam, Marine tavern, Palk street
Bartlett John Adams, coal merchant, Market yard
Bater John, poulterer, 10 Victoria parade
Battersby Robert, Physician, Glen cottage, Meadfoot road
Baughan Thomas, french polisher, 17 Higher union street
Bayly Charles, solicitor, 1 Lower terrace
Bearne Andrew, boot & shoe maker & postmaster, 24 Lower Union street
Beasley,Thomas & Co. wine & spirit merchants, 6 Victoria parade
Beasley William John, agent to the West of England fire & life office, 6 Victoria parade
Beavis George, lodging house, 10 Portland place, Abbey rd
Bennett Richard, miller, Torquay steam mills
Berry Williarn, beer retailer, Park lane
Bertram Eliza & Susan(Misses), seminary, 2 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Bird Lucy (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Park crescent
Bishop Richard Elias, Solicitor, 80 Lower Union street & Rose cottage, Marldon
Blackmore Robert, grocer, 2 Fleet street
Blackmore Sarah (Mrs.) lodging house, 7 Lisburne crescent, Middle Woodfield road
Blake Charles Paget, physician, Beulah, Silver hill
Board Ann (Miss), respirator & fur cleaner, 12 Lower Union street
Board Susan (Miss); toydealer, l2 Lower Union street
Bond Edmund, candle manufacturer, George street
Boole John, lodging house, 5 Geneva cottages
Border Samuel, linendraper, 8 Braddons row, Fleet street
Boss William, lodging house Alma villa, Rock road
Bovey James, painter & Glazier, 68 Lower Union street
Bowden Geo., beer retailer & shopkeeper, Mason's row, Tor .
Bowden Henry, baker & confectioner, 19 Brunswick sq. Tor
Bowden Jolm, cooper, 54 Lower Union street
Bowden Susan (Mrs.), lodging house, 4 Beacon terrace
Bowyer Elizabeth Mary (Mrs) boot & shoe maker, 8 Torwood row
Bradford Brother, watchmaker & Jeweller, 4 Victoria parade
Bradford Edwin, goldsmith & jeweller, 8 Strand
Bradford James, watchmaker & jeweller, 7 Victoria parade
Brand John Free, lodging house, 8 Beacon terrace
Bridgman Bill , Railway hotel, Tor square, Tor
Bridgman John, Timber dealer, 43 Lower Union street
Bridgman Mary (Mrs.) , brewer, maltster & hop merchant, 9 Warren place
Bridgman Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 2 Torwood row
Bridle Joseph Payne, beer retailer, Temperance street
Broad & Co. grocers, 4 Braddon's row, Fleet street.
Brooks William, glass & china dealer, 47 Higher Union street
Brown & Son, linendrapers & silkmercers, 2 & 3 Fleet street
Brown & Co. linendrapers & silkmercers, 2 & 3 Fleet street
Brown James, linendraper & silkmercer, 51 & 52 Lower Union street
Brown John, master of National school, 11 Brunswick sq, Tor
Brown Samuel, grocer, 7 East street, Tor
Browning William, beer retailer, George street
Browse Arthur & Co.,. hatters, 27 Lower Union street
Brunt Elizabeth (Miss), linendraper, 15 Fleet street
Bryett George, Tailor, 11 Market street
Bryett John, Pony chair proprietor, 1Market street
Bull Ann, (Mrs), staymaker, 51 Higher Union street
Butge John, clothier, 65 Lower Union street
Burridge Jane (Mrs), lodging house, 6 Montpelier terrace & 3 Low terrace
Burt Elias, bird preserver & lodging house, 4 Higher Terrace
Burt William Charles, cabinet maker, upholsterer & undertaker. auctioneer & appraiser, 9 Strand
Burton Martha (Mrs), staymaker, 7 Braddons row, Fleet street
Bussell Caroline (Mrs), lodging house, 5 Park crescent
Butland Robert, baker, 3 Laburnam row, Tor
Butland WiIliam, blacksmith, 2 Melville place
Butland William, blacksmith, 12 South street, Tor
Callaghan Humphrey, clothier, Madrepore place
Callard George, Old Market, Market lane
Callard Isaac, fly proprietor, 84 Lower Union street
Callard Thomas, baker, 3 Higher Union street
Cameron John, working cutler, 3 Swan street,
Campell Ceorge, shopkeeper, 51 Higher Union street
Carleton William, watch & church-clock maker, 2 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Carroll, Fisher & Co. grocers & italian warehousemen, 2 Strand
Carter Frederic Roger,solicitor,,5 Fleet street, &, Conniger villa, Teignmouth road
Cash Southarn, linendraper & silkmercer, 12 Strand,
Cawdle Elizabeth,(Mrs), grocer, 30 Tor square, Tor,
Cawdle.Thomas, fly proprietor,2 East street,Tor
Cawdle William, Watch & clock maker, 26 Lower Union street
Chadwick John Taylor, bookseller & stationer, I Market St
Chaffe John , 'Star' , Higher Union street
Chambers James , linendraper, 38 & 39 Higher Union street
Charles Emanuel, town crier, George street
Chave Joseph, beer retailer, 49 Higher Union street
Chave William, confectioner., 5 Victoria parade
Chenoweth John Cyrus, boot & shoe warehouse, I Cary place, Fleet street
Chilcott Joseph Webber, linendraper, 4c, Lower Union street
Ching David, marine store dealer, Church street, Tor
Churchfield Edward, fancy repository, 71/2 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Churchward Matthew, butcher, & farmer, 9 Lower Union street
Clark Samuel. fruiterer & greengrocer, 66 Lower Union street, & 2 New Market
Clarke Courtenay, manager of the Devon & Cornwall bank, 1 Cary parade
Clarke John, pony carriage proprietor, Terrace road
Clarke Joseph, mason &'plasterer, 14 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Clarke Samuel, fruiterer & greengrocer, 2 New market
Clarke Sophia,(Miss), boarding establishment, Sulyarde house
Clode Henry, cabinet maker, 8 Warren place
Coast Guard Station, (Richard Bell Mudge , R. N. chief-officer), Victoria parade
Cockings Samuel, coal Merchant & surveyor for Lloyds, 2 Banner cross, Abbey road
Cockrem Edward, printer, bookseller, stationer, & publisher of "Torquay Directory & South Devon Journal", 10 Strand
Cole P. (Mrs.), boarding establishment, Lauriston hall, Tor hill road
CoIlings Patience (Miss) ,berlin wool repository, I Braddon's row, Fleet street
Colliver Richard George, gentlemen's boarding school, Heber house, Upper Braddon's hill road
Colton Samuel, tailor, 3 Torwood row
Coniam John, lodging house, 3 Geneva cottages
Connor John, gentlemen's boarding school, Belvidere cottage, Braddon's road west
Cook Charles, tailor, 23 Higher Union street
Coombe Daniel, builder, 3 St. John's place, Braddon's hill
Coombe Joseph. baker, 19 Lower Union street
Coombes Henry, linendraper, silkmercer & Milliner, 5 Strand
Copping Harry, saddler & harness maker, 9 Market street
Copplestone Richard, carpenter & shopkeeper, Tor hill road
Coram Henry, baker, Church street, Tor
Corless Jane (Mrs) fly proprietor, 19 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Cornish Robert, coal merchant & coal dealer , Tor
Cosway Philip, lodging house, 28 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Cother Susan (Mrs) Private family hotel, Osborne House, Hesketh crescent
Cove Richard, Tailor, 3 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Cove William GiIlard, baker & agent to the Temperance permanent land & building society, 1 Swan street
Coysh William, baker, l Melville street
Coysh William. carpenter, 2 Cary villas, Warren road
Crabb James Hynd, dyer, 4 Madeira place
Crocker Anna Maria (Mrs), bath chair proprietor, 1 Higher Union street
Crane Thomus, portrait painter, 3 Park place
Crockwell Henry, cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker, appraiser, house agent, & house decorator, 33 & 34 Lower Union street
Crossman John, timber merchant & shipowner, Low. Union street
Crowle Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 8 Geneva cottages
Croydon Edward, bookseller, musicseller, stationer, printer & Royal library & reading rooms. 2,Victoria parade
Custom House, (Colin McNab, principal officer), Victoria parade
Damerel James, marine store dealer. Temperance street
Dark Sarah (Mrs.), milliner & dressmaker, 12 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Dart, Charles, bootmaker, Park street
Dart Henry, master of National school, 8 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Dart Jas. working cutler & umbrella maker, Low Union street
Dashper Mary (Mrs), shopkeeper, Mason's row , Tor
Davies Sarah (Mrs), lodging house, Monkton house, Abbey road
Davis Thomas, beer retailer, Pimlico
Davis Weston Broklesby, M. A., gentlemen's boarding & day school, 3 Portland place, Abbey road
Davis William Evastus, lodging house, 2 Tamar villas, Warren road
Daw Charles Adam, builder, surveyor, house agent & undertaker, 3 Lower terrace
Daw Samuel John, treasurer to the local board of health & to the market company, & agent to the Sun fire & life office, Stanley cottage, Tor hill road
Dawson Joshua, lodging house, Orestone villa, Meadfoot rd
Day John, brush manufacturer, 48 Higher Union street
Dear William, Half Moon, & livery stables, 87 Low. Union street.
Dear William shopkeeper, Queen street
Deem Thomas, boot & shoe maker, 59 Lower Union street
Dennis James, fly proprietor, Meadfoot row
Densham George Beavis, ornamental painter & glazier , 7 Torwood row
Derrick George, marine store. dealer, 12 Higher Union street.
Devon & Cornwall Bank (Courtenay Clarke, manager), 1Cary parade
Diamond Abraham, master mariner, I Gothic cottages, Tor hill road
Diamond Thomasin (Mrs.), lodging house, I Gothic cottages, Tor hill road
Dolbear John, dairyman & lodging house, Warren house, Warren road
Doutch George, marine store dealer, Swan street
Dowdell Robert, Castle hotel, 62 Lower Union street
Dowdell William, Globe, Higher Union street
Down William, Dolphin, I Torwood row
Dreaton Geo., lodging house, Southtown hou., Teignmouth road
Drew George, butcher, 15 South street, Tor
Drower Geo. & Co, upholsterers, 73 Lower Union street
Duffield Charles, bookseller & berlin wool depository, 16 Fleet street
Duffield William, news agent & universal news room, Madrepore road
Dyer William, toydealer, 32 Higher Union street
Eales, George, beer retailer, Meadfoot row
Eales John, shopkeeper, Park lane
Earle Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, 1 Torwood mount
Easterbrook Thomas, pony carriage proprietor, 2 Higher terrace mews
Easterling John, baker, Pimlico
Eastley Yard, solicitor & notary, 2 Market street, & Halswell villa, Paignton
Ebbells Jane (Miss) lodging house, 11Beacon terrace.
Edward & Son, coach builders, 46 & 47 Lower Union street
Edwards Jsh. Bookseller & stationer, 1 Banner cross, Abbey road
Edwards Maria (Miss),milliner & dressmaker, 12 Lower Union street
Ellicott Elizabeth (Mrs), staymaker, Park street.
Elliott Edward, blacksmith, Church lane. Tor.
Elliott Henry, collector of rates, & inspector of nuisances, 2 Oak cottages, Melville street,
Elliott William, boot & shoe maker, 41 Higher Union street
Elliott William, printer, bookseller, stationer, library, & reading rooms,& publisher of the Torquay Chronicle & Directory, 2 Lawrence place
Ellis Amelia (Mrs.), haberdasher, 2 Terrace road
Ellis Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, I Oaklands, Abbey road
Ellis James Parker, hairdresser & fancy repository, 3 Vaughan parade;
Elston Samuel, chimney sweeper, Pimlico
Evans George, stone & marble mason, 52 Higher Union street
Evans James, surgeon, Verney house, Abbey road
Evanson Richard Tonson, physician, Buckingham house, Lower Warberry road
Farrant William, corn factor, & agent to the South Devon railway company,101 & 102 Lower Union street
Farrier Ann (Miss) lodging house, Clevedon, Meadfoot rd
Fegan Hugh, clothier, 85 Lower Union street
Fice Thomas, miller, Herring's Mill, Cockington
Fincher Henrietta (Miss), straw bonnet maker, 55 Higher Union street
Fisher Henry, gardeners & nurseryman, Torwood gardens
Fisher John Thornhill, chemist, I Lawrence place
Fletcher William, beer retailer, East street, Tor
Ford James, bookseller, Abbey place
Fouraker James, whitesmith, & bellhanger. Market lane,
Fowler Charles, professor of music , 1 South town Bldgs, Tor
Fowler Samuel. cooper, 90 Lower Union street
Fowlstone John, importer of Italian sculptures,6 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Fox Edward, baby Iinen warehouse, 67 Lower Union street
Fragull George, poulterer, 6 Torwood row
French John, shopkeeper, 19 Melville street
French Mary Ann (Mrs), Maritime, Victoria parade
Frost John, chimney sweeper, Swan street
Gale William, farmer, Upton
Gardner William, lodging house, 2 Lauriston cot, Tor hill road
Gedge Eliza (Mrs), seminary, 2 South town buildings, Tor
Gee Frederick, straw bonnet manufacturer, 4 Fleet street
George Matthew, lapidary, Park hill
Gibbs Elizabeth (Mrs), milliner & dressmaker, 36 Higher Union street
Gillev Jane (Mrs.) & Jane (Miss), dressmakers, Vane hill ho
Gilley Louisa & Elizabeth (Misses), milliners, Vane hill ho
Gillson Thomas, fruiterer & greengrocer, 5 New Market
Glanfield George, chemist, 97 Lower Union street
Glynn William, chemist, 47 Lower Union street
Godfrey Misses, lodging house, 18 Victoria parade
Godfrey Ann (Mrs), haberdasher, 11/2 Strand
Godfrey Catherine Elizabeth(Mrs,),lodging house,4 Lower ter
Godfrey Elizabeth (Mrs.), lodging house, 16 Victoria parade
Godfrey Francis, coal merchant, George street & Nth. Quay
Godfrey William, canal merchant & shipowner, 25 Orchard terrace & Victoria parade
Goodridge Susan (Mrs), milliner, 76 Lower Union street
Gosling Richard, builder, 1 Portland row
Goss Henry, plasterer, 15 Brunswick Square, Tor
Goss Thomas, builder & grocer, 20 Higher Union street
Goss William, carpenter, St Mary Church road
Gould Mary Ann (Mrs), grocer, 1 Braddon's hill road west
Gould Nicholas, painter & glazier , 11 Queen street
Graham Susan (Mrs), lodging house, Delaware, Middle Warberry road
Graham Thomas Francis, master mariner, Delaware, Middle Warberry road
Grant Brothers, papier mache, trunk & portmanteau, whip & fishing tackle, juvenile carriage, boot & shoe, watch & clock & cabinet manufacturers, basketmakers, toy & glass merchants, silversmiths & jewellers, cutlers & stationers, 228 High street, Exeter; & 6 Victoria parade.
Grant Mary (Mrs), lodging house, 7 Higher terrace
Grant William, beer retailer, Braddon street
Grant William, currier & leather cutter, 20 Lower Union street
Greenfield James, manager of the, gas works, Tor hill
Gregory John, beer retailer, 6 Madrepore road
Gribble Edward Wynne, architect, 8 Park place
Griffiths Ann (Miss), cook & confectioner, 9 Victoria parade
Grills Richard, beer retailer, 6 Madrepore road
Grist Alfred, greengrocer & fly proprietor, Market lane
Haines Emma (Miss), glass & China dealer, Fleet Street
Hall Benjamin Ambrose, postmaster, Rockville, Park street
Halll Henry, lodging house, Peamore, Middle Woodfield road
Hall John, shoeing Smith, George Street
Hall Radclyffe, physician, Plymswood, St. Mary Church road
Halls Joseph, lodging house, Lorrain villa, Babbicombe road
Hambling Edward, ironmonger, 2 Market street
Hambling John, tailor, Park street
Hammett George, grocer, 4 Braddon's hill road, west
Hammett Henry, hairdresser, Madeira place
Hammett Susan (Mrs.), grocer, 5 Queen street
Hammick Mary (Mrs.) lodging house, 2 Oak cottages, Melville street
Hammon William, wood dealer, Swan street
Hammond Sarah (Mrs.) lodging house, 2 Southland house, Tor hill road
Hardham Susan (Mrs), Matron of hospital for consumption, Lower Warberry road
Harland Charles James, gentlemen's boarding, & day school, 2 Madeira place
Harris John, baker, 16 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Harry David, greengrocer, Mason's row, Tor
Harvey John Tapley. & William, architects, surveyors & builders, Torwood house
Harvey Rebecca & Susan (Misses,), linendrapers, 15 Strand
Harvey Emma (Mrs,), lodging house, 22 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Harvey Isabella (Mrs), lodging house, l Higher terrace
Harvey John, builder, surveyor & agent for Davidson & Co's stoneware drain pipes, 1 Melville street
Harvey John, shipowner & lodging house, 17 Victoria parade
Hatcher Geo. Master of Torquay band, 5 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Hatcher John, baker & confectioner, 3 Torwood row
Hawker Edwin, grocer, 98 Lower Union street
Hayward John, painter & glazier, paperhanger & house decorator, 19 Higher Union street
Haywood William, tailor, Church street, Tor
Hearder George Elliot, clerk to the magistrates & local board of health, Town Hall
Hearder Sarah Coyte, (Mrs), Hearders family hotel, Victoria parade
Hearder, William, chemist & manufacturer of mineral waters, 1 Victoria parade
Heath Richard , grocer, 65 Lower Union street
Heath Robert, shoeing smith, 2 Higher Union street
Henley Louisa Mary (Mrs), milliner, 2 Madrepore place, Fleet street
Henley Robert, builder & undertaker, Coburg place, Rock road
Henley William Codner, grocer & candle manufacturer, 14 Lower Union road
Hex James, Exeter Hotel, Lower Union street
Hext John, lodging house, Anglesea cottage, Tor
Hexter Thomas, carpenter, Croton villa, Warren road
Heyward Thomas Nosworthy, grocer, 58 Lower Union street
Hill James, market gardener & lodging house, 2 Weston cottages, Abbey road
Hingson John, dairyman, East street, Tor
Hinton Alfred, surgeon dentist, Leamington lodge, St. Mary Church road
Hodge George, baby linen warehouse, 4 Strand
Hole Joseph Greenaway, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 18, Higher Union street
Holman, William, fly proprietor, 10 Braddon's hill road west
Holmwood, Stabb & Co .merchants, 2 Cary parade
Hooke Mary (Miss) grocer, 48 Lower Union street
Hopperton & Hockin (Misses), ladies' boarding school, Leighcourt, Upper Lincombe road
Horsey Robert, cabinet maker, 16 Lower Union street
Hosking & Co., grocers & bakers, 11 Higher Union street
Hospital for Consumption (C.Redclyffe Hall, physician; William Pollard, jun. surgeon & secretary ; Mrs. Susan Hardham, matron), Lower Warberry road
Hughes Ann (Mrs.), honiton lace manufactory, 23 Lower Union street
Hunter Thomas, surgeon, Woodburn, St Mary Church road
Hutton Mary Anna (Miss), dressmaker, 7 Torwood row
Hutton William, manager of the Torquay Club, Beacon terrace
Huxham Henry, beer retailer, 84 Lower Union terrace
Huxham Emma (Miss), lodging house, 2 Park crescent
Huxham Mary (Mrs) Lodging house, 8 Portland place, Abbey road
Huxham Richard, beer retailer, 92 Lower Union street
Institution for Gentlewomen of Limited Income, (Mrs Thompson, lady supt.), Erith House, Lower Warberry road
Jeffreys George, lodging house, 7 Vaughan parade
Jenkins John, lodging house, 6 Higher terrace
Jenkins Martha (Miss), fancy repository, 8 Fleet street
Job William, blacksmith, 77 Lower Union street
John Jane Mary (Mrs), lodging house, 2 Gothic cottages, Tor hill road
John Robert Shute, omnibus proprietor & lodging house, 1 Lauriston cottages, Tor hill road
Jordan James, grocer , 77Lower Union street
Jordan William, Swan, 2 Swan street
Josland John, lodging house, I Beacon terrace
Joyce William Stanley, secretary to the Torquay extra-mural Cemetery company, I Woodlands, Warren road
Julian Edward Banks, architect & surveyor, 11 Waldon terrace , Abbey road


Keen John, fly proprietor, 84 Lower Union street
Kempster John, billiard rooms & lodging house, 8 Cary parade
Kentishbeer Joseph, 'Old Church.' Church lane
Keppell Elizabeth & Mary (Misses), dressmakers, Myrtle villa, Warren road
Keslake Thomas, grocer, Park street
Kilby Charles, superintendent of police, 2 South street, Tor
Kitson William & Charles, solicitors, 1 Vaughan parade
Kitson Charles, solicitor & perpetual commissioner, 1 Vaughan parade
Lamble Elizabeth Honor (Mrs), pawnbroker & clothier, 79 Lower Union street
Lambshead Samuel, butcher, 15 Lower Union street
Lander William, boot & shoe maker, 7 Market street
Lane John, baker , 1 Madrepore road
Lane Peter, dairyman, 24 Higher Union street
Langford William, working cutler, Pimlico
Langler Samuel, Steam Packet, Victoria parade
Lark John, shopkeeper, Braddon's street
Lavis David, shopkeeper, 3 Madeira place
Lawless William, Commercial hotel, 1 Market street
Lawrence John, tailor, George street
Leaman Alexander, plasterer, Brunswick place, Tor
Lear Benjamin, tailor, Lower Union street
Lear Samuel, watch & clock maker, Park lane
Le Clair Mons. Narcise, , professor of the french language, 1 Waldon cottages, Abbey road
Lemon Ellen (Mrs), dress & cloak maker, 30 Lower Union street
Lemon Richard, auctioneer, house agent, upholsterer & undertaker, Abbey place
Lethbridge Frederick John, baker & confectioner, Abbey place
Lewarn Thirza (Mrs), lodging house, 9 Cary parade
Lock John, shopkeeper, George street
Lombardini Francis, Watchmaker & working jeweller, 6 Lower Union street
Loutten Anna (Miss), lodging house, 2 Park street
Love John, linen & woollen draper, 35 Lower Union street
Loveband Matthew Richard, brewer, 40 Lower Union street
Lowton George, beer retailer, 4 South street, Tor
Lugg Thomas, lodging house, Antigue villa, Upton vale
Luscombe Betsy & Susan (Misses), milliners & dress makers, 5 Vaughan parade
Luscombe Edwin, carpenter, 8 Warren Place, Fleet street
Luscombe John Wreyford, butcher, 18 Lower Union street,
Luscombe Petronel (Mrs), straw hat maker, 7 Warren p1ace
Luscombe William, builder, 94 Lower Union street
Mackay Misses seminary, Abbey villa, Warren road
Macintosh Charles Hills, physician, 5 Higher terrace & at Cawsand
McNab Colin, principal officer of customs, Victoria Parade
Madden William Herries, physician, Gorton, Lower Woodfield road
Maddock James, grocer, 5 Lower Union street
Maddock Robert James, lodging house , Greenwood house, Torwood gardens road
Madge John, ,agent for Pickford &Co., 5 Braddon's hill road west
Madge Mary Grace (Miss), dairy, 5 Braddon's hill road west
Major William, baker, Bostonfields, St. Mary Church road
Maldon Ann (Miss), lodging house, Waldon hill house, Warren road
Mallett Henry, eating house, 8 Higher Union street
Mant Bingham, inland revenue officer, 21 Orchard terrace
Marchetti Joseph, Private family hotel, house agent & proprietor, Apsley house, Meadfoot road
Marks William, boot & shoe maker, 2 Higher Union street
Marler Williarn David, plumber, gasfitter, painter & house decorator, Madrepore place
Martin William Riley & Co., chemists, 3 Strand
Martin George Richie, shopkeeper, 7 Madrepore place
Martin John, beer retailer, George street
Mathew Mary (Miss) lodging house, 3 Lisburne Crescent, Middle Woodfield road
Matthews Arthur, hatter, 6 Strand
Matthews Edw. Jas., bookseller, stationer & printer,14 Strand
Matthews John Redaway, cabinet maker, upholsterer, undertaker & house agent, 14 Victoria parade
Matthews William, shipowner, 2 Warren villa, Warren road,
May George, boot & shoe maker, Temperance street
Mayne William, builder & lodging house,4 Orchard terrace, & Woodville, Abbey road
Mayo William, lodging house, 2 Woodville, Abbey road
Medland Joseph, town carrier, George street
Medland Thomas, grocer, 15 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Melluish William, pianoforte warehouse, 93 Lower Union street
Michelmore Philip, wine & spirit merchant, 36, Lower Union street
Mildon Robert, fishmonger, 2 Market street
Milton Joseph, pony carriage proprietor, 7 Higher terrace mews
Mogridge John, Union commercial hotel & posting house, Lower Union street
Moore Robert, tailor, Church street, Tor
Moore William, plasterer, Meadfoot row
Morgan James Ball, dairyman, Meadfoot lane
Morgan John, boot & shoemaker, 4 East street, Tor
Morgan Joseph, fruiterer & greengrocer, 1 New market
Morgan Joseph, nursery, seedsman & florist, Higher Union street
Morland John, lodging house, Bank cottage, Braddon's hill
Morrison Amelia (Mrs), staymaker, 12 Braddon's row,
Mortimore Charles, plasterer, Park lane
Mortimore William, saddler & harness maker, 2 Market street
Mortimore Wm. Lodging house, Overfield & 2 Torwood mount
Moyse Charles Westaway, academy, 2 Oaklands, Abbey road
Mudge Eleanor (Miss), lodging house, 1Victoria cottages, Abbey road
Mudge Matthew, farmer, Upton
Mudge, Richard, corndealer, Cobourg place, Rock road
Mudge Thomas, dairyman, 76 Lower Union street
Mugford Mary Ann (Mrs), straw hat maker, 3 Strand
Mugford Richard Lear, tailor, 3 Strand
Muller Anne (Mrs) lodging house, 24 Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Munford Helen (Mrs), lodging house, 11 Vaughan parade.
Munford John, baker, 4 Brunswick square, Tor
Murch Edward, chemist (and agent for Savory & Moore, Bond street, London), 28, 29 & 30 Higher Union street
Nankivell Charles Benjamin, physician, Layton house, Abbey road
Narracott Brothers, bakers & confectioners, 10 Strand
Narracott Brothers, grocers & wine & spirit merchants, 7 Strand
Narracott Henry, chemist, 6 Strand
Narracott John Laskey, bookbinder & stationer, 5 Brunswick square, Tor
Narracott Mary Jane (Miss), lodging house, 6 Lisburne crescent, Middle Woodfield road
Narracott Susan Jane (Mrs.), lodging house, Kendall villa, Meadfoot road
Narracott William, dairyman & lodging House 1 South Town cottages, Tor
Nethaway Thomas, lodging house, 5 Beacon terrace
Newcombe James, fly proprietor, 1Waldon terrace, Abbey road
Newsam William Waterhouse, lodging house, Preston, Meadfoot road
Nickles Philip, lodging house, 4 Geneva cottages
Nieass William, beer retailer, George street
Niner John, hosier, glover, & shirtmaker, 7 Victoria parade.
North Anne (Miss), lodging house; 1 Lisburne Crescent, Middle Woodfield road
Northcot John, butcher, 2 Braddon's hill road west,
Northcott William, beer retailer, 45 Higher Union street
Northway Samuel, wine & spirit merchant, 2 Abbey place
Nunn Martin, laceman & ladies' linen warehouse, Strand
Oak John, mast &. block maker ,North quay
Oliver John, farmer & road contractor, Upton
Oliver Richard, linendrapcr, 1 Brunswick square, Tor
Oliver Thos., cabinet-maker @ upholsterer, 38 Lower Union street
Page George, lodging house, The Grange, Lower Woodfield road
Page George, lodging house, The Mount, Meadfoot road
Paige Philip, gentlemen's boarding school, Montividere house, Teignmouth road
Paish Thomas, lodging house, 8 Higher terrace
Parker John Chudleigh, house decorator, plumber & gas fitter, 11 Lower Union street
Parr Charlotte (Mrs), lodging house, 2 Lower terrace
Partington George Joseph, lodging house, Abbotsford, Middle Warberry road
Partridge Maria (Mrs.), lodging house, Glenview, Teignmouth road
Patch Mary (Miss), honiton lace manufacturer, 3 Torwood row
Pater Aaron, baker, 65 Lower Union street
Payne Martha (Mrs), lodging house, 2 Lisburne crescent, Middle Woodfield road
Pearsall Robert, surgeon dentist, 6 Torwood row,
Pearse George, baliff to Sir L. Palk, Church street, Tor
Pearse George, junr. carpenter, Church street, Tor
Pearse John, builder, Church street, Tor
Peckins William Neck, auctioneer, appraiser & house agent, 1 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Pedlar Philip, marine store dealer, 10 Higher Union street
Peeke Edwin, builder & lodging house, Elm cottage, Middle Woodfield road
Pengelly William, teachers of mathematics, Lamorna, St Mary Church road
Pentecost Grace (Mrs), lodging house, 1 Park street
Pepperell Nicholas, blacksmith, Park lane
Pepperell S. G. (Mrs), laundress, Church street,
Pepprell Eliza (Mrs), milliner & dressmaker, 22 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Pepprell John,. market gardener, fruiterer & greengrocer, 22 Orchard terrace , Abbey road
Perrett Frederick George Newton, auctioneer & surveyor, 13 Braddon's hill road west
Perrott William, beer retailer, Park lane
Perry Elizabeth (Miss) artist, 1 Tamar villas, Warren road
Perry John, painter & glazier, 11/2 Lower Union street
Phillips Emma (Miss), ladies boarding school, Derwent house, Middle Warberry road
Phillips William, dairyman, 4 Swan street
Pike David, poulterer & fruiterer, 11 Fleet street
Piller John Charles Curtis, pastrycook & confectioner, 53 Higher Union street
Pitts William, veterinary surgeon, 18 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Pollard William, junr., surgeon, 1 Park crescent
Pook John, painter & glazier, 7 Fleet street
Pope James, builder, Oak cottage, Melville street
Pope Samuel, pony carriage proprietor, 3 south-street, Tor
Poulton Wm. Musicseller & coalmerchant, 3 Lawrence place
Power Mary (Mrs). lodging house, Enmore, Lower Lincombe road
Pratt Thomas, greengrocer, Fleet street
Pratt William, lapidary, 6 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Preston Mary (Mrs.), lodging house, 2 Beechwood cottages, Abbey road
Prowse Wm. Brewer & maltster, Fleet street & Warren hill villa
Public Baths, (John Josland, attendant), Victoria parade
Pugsley George, hairdresser, Pimlico,
Pugsley James, grocer 2 Brunswick square, Tor
Pullman Anne (Miss), seminary, 5 Park street,
Pullman Henage (Mrs), lodging house, 5 Park street
Punchard Betsy (Mrs), lodging house, 9 Portland place, Abbey road
Pyle Charlotte (Mrs), ironmonger & tin plate worker, 50 Higher Union street
Quint John, cooper & shopkeeper, South street, Tor
Raby Charles, coal merchant & house agent, 8 Victoria parade
Raby Joseph Cowell, auctioneer, Oswalds, Babbicombe road
Rattenbury Hugh, baker, 78 Lower Union street
Rattenbury Richard, lapidary, 11 Victoria parade
Reaison James, shoemaker, 17 Waldon terrace, Abbey, road
Reed Joseph, builder, Alma terrace, Rock road
Reeves George, riding school, adjoining Trinity church, Meadfoot road
Rendall John Murly, chemist & teadealer, 3 & 4 Cary place, Fleet street
Rendell Francis, painter, glazier, & toydealer, 4 Strand.
Rendle Martha (Mrs), dairy, 'I'or Hill road
Rendle Mary & Susan (Misses), lodging house, 5 Montpellier terrace
Reynolds William, musicseller, 9 Torwood row
Rice John, tailor, 18 Brunswick square, Tor
Rice John, tailor, I East street, Tor
Richards Grace (Miss), stationer, 21 Lower Union street
Richards William , baker, Tor hill road
Richardson Geo., painter & glazier, Oak cottage, Abbey road
Rider Mary (Mrs) lodging house, Hope villa, Teignmouth road
Rippon Thomas, fruiterer, 9 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Robbins Elizabeth (Mrs), lodging house, 6 Geneva cottages
Roberts Jane (Mrs), lodging house, 5 Cary parade
Robinson John, printer & stationer, 10 Lower Union street
Rodway Henry Barron, surgeon dentist, 5 Park place
Roe William, marine store dealer, Braddon's street
Rogers Elizabeth (Miss), lodging house, 3 Montpellier terrace
Rolph Geo., cook & confectioner, 5 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Rook John; umbrella maker, Park lane
Rose William, trunk maker, 57 Lower Union street
Rossiter Frederick, butcher, 2Market street
Rossiter John, tailor & woollendraper. 3 Lower Union street
Rotton Miss, ladies boarding school, Ellerslie, Park hill road
Routley George, greengrocer, 6 South street, Tor
Rowe Henry, coal merchant, Mount Pleasant, St. Mary church road
Rowe Wm., lodging house, 2 Chestnut cottages, Orchard terrace
Rowland John, plumber, glazier & Gasfitter, 65 Lower Union street
Rowland Maria (Mrs), lodging house, 27 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Rowland William, grocer, Church street, Tor
Rowse John, grocer, 50 Lower Union street
Ruby Mary (Mrs) shopkeeper, 13 Lower Union street
Ryder Thomas, painter, glazier & lodging house, 10 Vaughan parade
Salter John, professor of drawing, 2 Park crescent
Sanders William, chimney sweeper, 2 Warren place
Sandford William, tailor, 3 Brunswick square, Tor
Sawyer Samuel, builder, Braddon's street
Sawyer William, agent to Leeds & Yorkshire fire & life office, 3 Modena terrace, Braddon's hill road west
Scott Charles, carpenter, 7 Melville street
Scott Edward, farmer, Upton
Sealy William, baker, St Mary Church road
Searle Eleanor (Mrs), Rising Sun, South street, Tor
Searle Thomas, hairdresser, 1 Lower Union street
Selley Mary Ann(Mrs), lodging house, 4 Portland place, Abbey road
Sewart Charlotte (Mrs), beer retailer, George street
Shapley James, Cheese & bacon factor, 4b Lower Union street
Shapley John, assistant overseer of Tor Moham, 2 Waldon cottages, Abbey road
Shapley Thomas James, butcher, 1 Market street,
Sharland Hen., stone & marble mason, Madrepore pl, Fleet Street
Shaw William, ship builder & owner, Beacon cottage
Shopland Hugh Thomas, carver & gilder, 41 Higher Union street
Shute Theodore Henry, physician, Aidwell lodge, Tor
Sins John, cooper & lodging house , Beacon terrace &, Market lane
Skelton William, butcher, Tor hill toad
Skinner Richard, slater & plasterer, George street
Slade & Sons, grocers, 1 Abbey place
Slade Robt. Jope, shipowner & harbourmaster, 12 Victoria parade
Sloggett William, Dyer, 46 Higher Union street
Smale Ann (Mrs), laundress, Ellicombe cottage
Smerdon Richard, Devon Arms, Madrepore place
Smith John J., superintendent of railway station, 1 Marine cottages, Waldon steps
Smith Thomas, linendraper, 22 Lower Union street
Soper Joanna (Mrs), staymaker, 30 Lower Union street
Soper William, fly proprietor, 4 Higher terrace mews
Spark Robert, poulterer, 1 New Market
Sparrow George James, veterinary surgeon, Tor hill road
Spuraway Richard, grocer, 8 Madeira place.
Squier William, ropemaker, 5 South street, Tor
Stabb John, merchant, 2 Cary parade
Stabb Mary Ann (Mrs), fishmonger, New market
Stabb William Wilkinson, surgeon, Torbay Infirmary
Staddon Thomas, butcher, 4 Market street
Staddon William dairyman, George street
Stark & Burt, auctioneers, Auction rooms, Braddons hill road west
Stark John Cowell, manufacturing & furnishing ironmonger, house agent, auctioneer, appraiser & undertaker, 13 Strand
Steel Thomas, shipowner, Edgely house, Abbey road
Stelling Charlotte (Miss), milliner & dressmaker, 30 Lower Union street
Stenteford John, fruiterer, 10 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Stentiford Francis, beer retailer, Pimlico
Stentiford Thomas Francis, beer retailer & shopkeeper, Pimlico
Stephens James Mount, assistant surveyor to the board of health & inspector of nuisances, Melville place
Stevens James, butcher, 16 Higher Union street
Stewart Robert, surgeon, 7 Park crescent
Stidworthy Richard, boot & shoe maker, 5 Fleet street
Stockdale Frederick Welton, artist, 2 South Town cottages, Tor
Stocks Frederick, baker, 40 Higher Union street
Strong Thos., lodging house, Hartford cottage, Abbey road
Symmons, Edward, grocer, 1 Market street
Symons Jane (Mrs.), lodging House, 2, Sulyarde terrace,
Tancock William, grocer, 34 Higher Union street
Tanner Elizabeth (Mrs), lodging house, 2 Beacon terrace
Tanner John Marshall Comins, surgeon, 1 Cary villas, Warren road
Tapley John, lodging house, Pitville
Tapper Eleanor (Mrs), lodging house, 1 Shrublands, Tor hill road
Tapper Richard, blacksmith, Market lane
Tarr John, shoemaker, Pimlico
Tarring Robert Helms, plasterer, 2 Rock cottages, Tor
Taylor Jane (Miss), seminary & lodging house, 7 Cary parade
Taylor Richard Henley, surveyor, 31 Tor Square, Tor
Taylor Thomas, ironmonger, plumber & tinplate worker, 33 Higher Union street
Teed Catherine (Mrs), lodging house, 3 Park crescent
Tetley James, physician, Belmont, Teignmouth road
Thomas Franklin, cabinet maker & upholsterer, 1 Higher Union street
Thomas John, fishmonger, 11 Fleet street
Thompson Michael, lodging house, 6 Lisburne crescent, Middle Woodfield road
Thornton Thomas, jeweller & lapidary, 3 Braddon's row. Fleet street
Titcher & Co, chemists, 5 Torwood row
Toms Josiah & son, tailors, 10 Lower Union street
Toogood Baruch Isaac, surgeon, Braddon's villa, Braddon's road west
Torbay Infirmary, & Dispensary,(William Wilkinson Stabb, house surgeon),Higher Union street
Torbay Athenoeum, (Elias Burt, curator), Park lane
Torquay Club Reading & Billiard Rooms (William Hearder, chemist, sole proprietor), Beacon terrace
Torquay Extramural Cemetery Company, (Wm. Stanley Joyce, sec.), office, Lower Union street
Torquay Needlework Society, (Mrs Mary Rattenbury, superintendent), 78 Lower Union street
Torquay Pump Room (William Hearder, chemist, sole proprietor) adjoining the Club, Beacon terrace
Towel David, lodging house, 2 Clairville, Tor
Tozer Edward, beer retailer, 1 Queen street
Treby Richard, cabinet maker, 2 Melville street
Treeby Eliza (Miss), lodging house, 2 Spring cottages, Abbey road
Treeby Nicholas, lodging house, Enfield, Meadfoot road
Ttrist James, working jeweller, 3 Braddon's hill road west
Tucker John, shopkeeper. 3 Madrepore road
Tucker William, lodging house, Carclewe, Hesketh road
Tully George Henry, butcher, 20 Brunswick square, Tor
Tully John, butcher, 26 & 27 Higher Union street
Tully John, junr., butcher, Higher Union street
Turner George, working jeweller, I Lower Union street
Turner John Pratt, cabinet maker, Union lane
Turpin Joseph, lodging house, 26 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Twose Adeline Susanna (Mrs), lodging house, 4 Park place
Vanstone William, lodging house, 1 Beenland place, Tor
Veal Elizabeth (Miss), poulterer & fruiterer, 2 Market street
Veall George, baker & confectioner, 17 Lower Union street
Vinson John Codner, stoneman, Hill view , Warren road
Viret Sophia (Miss), lodging house, Torwood villa, Torwood gardens road
Vivian Edward & Kitson Wm. & Kitson Wm. Henry, bankers, Torquay bank, Vaughan parade.
Wakeham, Henry, tailor, 3 Market street
Wakeham John, lodging house, Abbey place
Wakeham Nicholas, bellhanger & lodging house, 1 Mountain villas, Upton Vale
Wakeham William, Torbay Inn, Tor square, Tor
Walters Wm. Boot & shoe maker, 1 St John's place, Braddon's hill
Watson William, painter & glazier, 13 Higher Union street
Watts George, carver & gilder, 91 Lower Union street
Way & Sons, artists' colormen, house painters, picture frame makers & gilders, 13 Victoria parade
Way Charles, sen., drawing master, 13 Victoria parade
Way James, boot & shoe maker, East Street, Tor
Way Robert Thos., master mariner, 20 Orchard terrace, Abbey road
Way William, fruiterer & greengrocer, 23 Brunswick square, Tor
Webb Thomas, Royal Hotel & Posting House, Strand
Webber George William, chemist, 11 Strand
Webber James, baker, East street, Tor
Webber James, iron & brass founder, Torquay foundry
Webber John, slater & plasterer, George street
Webber Joseph, slate & cement merchant, Temperance street
Webber William, painter & glazier, Braddon's street
Weekes Betsy (Mrs), lodging house, 6 Lower terrace
Weeks Ann (Mrs), honiton lace manufacturer, 1 Market street
Weeks Caleb, chemist, 82 & 83 Lower Union street
Weeks James, dairyman, Fleet street
Weeks Thomas, tailor, 6 Fleet street
Wells John, Chimney sweeper, 12 Higher Union street
Welsford James, shopkeeper, Temperance street
West & Mudge, dressmakers, 4 Market street
West James, chemist, Fleet street
Westaway John, beer retailer, 7 Higher Union street
Wharram Elizabeth Jane (Mrs), lodging house, 6 Portland place, Abbey road
Wheeler Caroline (Mrs), honiton lace manufacturer, 30 Lower Union street
Wheeler James Wm., watch & clock maker, 30 Lower Union street
Wheeler John, boot & shoemaker, Meadfoot road
White Mary Ann (Mrs), lodging house, Woodstock cottages, Orchard terrace
Whiteway Thomas, lodging house, 2 Beenland place, Tor sq.
Whiteway & Ball, coal merchants, 2 Montpellier terrace & 1 North Quay
Whittaker Charles, baker, Pimlico
Whittick Richard, Golden Lion, 96 Lower Union street
Widger William, statuary & photographic artist, 44 Lower Union street
Wilkinson Robert Carne, wine & spirit merchant, & agent for Guiness's stout & Bass & Co's & Allsopp's ales, Victoria parade
Williams John Octavius, ironmonger, plumber & gasfitter, 7 & 8 Lower Union street
Williams Louisa (Miss) lodging house, 3 Beacon terrace
Wills John, baker, George street
Wills John, lodging house, Hermosa, Middle Woodfield road
Wills Joseph, shipowner, 2 Worley cottage, Upton vale
Windeatt John, linendraper, 29 Lower Union street
Wing William, baker & confectioner, 25 Higher Union street
Winsborrow Mary Ann (Mrs), lodging house, 3 Cary parade
Wolfinden Thomas, London commercial hotel, Fleet street
Wood William, cabinet maker, 60 Lower Union street
Woodley William Henry, poulterer & fruiterer, 1 Torwood row
Wooton James, cabinet maker, 42 Lower Union street
Wray William Beresford, professor of music, 7 Geneva cottages
Wreyford Henry, glass & china dealer, 1 Fleet street
Wright Thomas Andrew, honiton lace manufacturer, 9 Braddon's row, Fleet row
Wyatt John Henry, grocer, 11 Fleet street
Wyatt Richard, chemist to her Majesty, 1 Strand
Wylie Alexander, wholesale confectioner, 2 Madrepore road
Yeo & Son, builders, undertakers, & house agents, 2 Woodlands, Warren road
Yoldon Richard, lodging house, 4 Cary parade
Zelley William High, tailor & woollen draper, 8 Victoria parade
POST OFFICE. Benjamin Ambrose Hall, Park street, postmaster. Letters arrive from London & all intermediate places at ¼ past 5 a.m., & dispatched at ½ past 7 p.m. box closes at 7 p.m. North mail, via: Newton, arrives at 20 min to 2 p. m., & dispatched at 10 a.m.; box closes at ¼ to 10 a. m. Bags are made up for Brixham, Paignton & Galmpton, which are dispatched one hour after the arrival of the London mail. Money orders are granted & paid at this office from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Robert Shedden, esq. Torre Abbey
H. C.H. Phillips, esq. Wellswood
James Hack esq. Firgrove
Edward Vivian, esq. Woodfield
John Belfield. esq. Primley hill, Paignton
C. H. Mallock. esq. Cockington Court
Rev. Thomas Kitson. Shiphay, St. Mary Church
Capt. H. Phillpotts, Watcombe
Rev. J. R. Hogg, Westholme


Devon & Cornwall Bank, 1Cary parade, Courtenay Clarke, manager, draw on Barclay, Bevan & Co. London
Torquay Bank, 1 Vaughan parade, Edward Vivian, Wm. Kitson & Wm. Henry Kitson: draw on Dimsdale, Drewett & Co, London
Devon & Exeter Savings Bank(branch of), 13 Strand, John Cowell Stark, agent hours of' business daily between 9 & 10 morn. & from 7 to 9 on Saturday evening
Bank of Deposit (branch of) (3 Pall Mall east, London), John Cowell Stark, agent; attendance daily, 13 Strand


Argus Life, John Cowell Stark, 13 Strand
Atlas Fire & Life, George Elliot Hearder, Town halI
Beacon, W, Farrant, Lower Union street
Birmingham District Fire, Philip Michelmore, 36 Lower Union street
Birmingham Fire , John Octavius Williams, 7 Lower Union street
Brittania Life, John Redaway Matthews, l4 Victoria parade
British Empire, Edward Appleton, Town Hall, T. D. Chater, Town hall
British Provident Life & Fire , Wm. Melluish, 93 Lower Union street
Briton Life, William Gardiner, 2 Lauriston cottages
City of London. W. R. Martin, 3 Strand
Clerical, Medical & General Life, Courtenay Clarke, I Cary parade
County Fire, Henry Elliott, 2 Oak cottages Melville street
Deposit Bank National Assurance & Investment Company, J. C. Stark, 13 Strand
Eagle, Rt. T. Wyatt
English & Cambrian Life, Henry Wreyford ,1, Fleet street
Equitable Fire, Richard Elias Bishop, 80 Lower Union street
General Indemnity Life & Plate Glass, John C. Parker, 11 Lower Union street
Globe, William Stark, Braddon's hill road west
Guardian Fire & Life, John Taylor Chadwick, 1 Market street
Imperial Fire & Life, Joseph Cowell Raby, Babbicombe road
Indisputable Life, Philip Michelmore, 36 Lower Union street
Lancashire Fire & Life, William Harvey, Torwood house
Law Property & Life, Richard Elias Bishop, 80 Lower Union street,. Yard Eastley, 2 Market street
Law Reversionary Society, Charles Bayly, 1 Lower Terrace
Law Union Fire & Life, Charles Bayly, 1 Lower terrace
Leeds & Yorkshire, Joseph Hole, 39 Higher Union street
Leeds & Yorkshire Fire & Life, Wm. Sawyer, 3 Modena terrace
Legal & General Life, Charles Bayly, 1 Lower terrace
Liverpool & London Fire & Life, Rich'd H. Taylor, 31 Tor Square
London Fire & Life, John Tapley Harvey, 4 Park Crescent
London Mutual Life, Richard Lemon, Abbey place
London Union Fire & Life, Caleb Weeks, 82 Lower Union street
Manchester Fire, Joseph Morgan, Higher Union street
Medical, Invalid & General, R. C. Wilkinson, Victoria parade
Minerva Life, Edwin Hawker, 98 Lower Union street
Mutual Life, Samuel Northway, 2 Abbey Place
National Live stock, Josiah Toms, 10 Union street
National Provincial Fire & Life, Edward Barrett, Madeira place
National Provincial plate glass, J. C. Parker, 11 Union street
New Alliance, Charles Driffield, 16 Fleet street., John Shapley, 2 Waldon cottages
Norwich Union Fire & Life, Geo. Wm. Webber, 11 Strand
Pelican Life, Fred'k Geo. N. Perrett, 13 Braddon's hill road west
Phoenix Fire, Fred'k Geo. N. Perrett, 13 Braddon's hill road west
Plate Glass, Wm. David Marler, Madrepore place
Professional Life, B. I. Toogood, Braddon's villas
Promoter Life & Annuity, James West, Fleet street
Protector Loan & Annuity, Henry Crockwell, 33 Lower Union street
Provident Life, Henry Elliott, 2 Oak cottages, Melville street
Prudential Mutual, E. Cockrem, 10 Strand
Royal Exchange, Whiteway & Ball, 2 Montpellier terrace, & 1 North quay
Royal Farmers' Fire & Life, Henry Crockwell, 33 Lower Union street
Royal Fire & Life, Narracott Brothers, 7 Strand
St. George Life, Thomas Oliver, 38 Lower Union street
Scottish Provincial Fire & Life, F. Thomas, 1 Higher Union street
Scottish Union Fire & Life, George Hodge, 4 Strand
Solicitors & General Life, Rich'd Elias Bishop, 80 Lower Union street., & Charles Bayly, 1 Lower terrace
Star Life, Joseph Morgan, Higher Union street
Sun Fire & Life, Yard Eastley, 2 market street
Temperance Permanent Land & Building Society, Wm. Gillard Cove, 1 Swan street
Union Life, C. Weeks, 82 & 83 Lower Union street
United Kingdom Temperance & General Provident Life, Josiah Tomas & Son, 10 Lower Union street
Unity Fire, Richard Lemon, Abbey place & Josiah Toms & Son, 10 Lower Union street
Unity Fire & Life, Yard Eastley, 2 Market street
Universal Life, Caleb Weeks, 82 Lower Union street
West of England Fire & Life, Wm. John Beasley, 6 Victoria parade
Western Annuity, John Cowell Stark, 13 Strand
Western Life, John Rossiter, 3 Lower Union street
Western Provident Association, Broad & Co, Fleet street
Westminster Fire, W. S. Joyce, 1 Woodlands, Warren road
Widows' Fund Life, Wm. Carleton, 2 Braddon's row, Fleet street
Yorkshire Fire & Life, Wm. Neck Peckins, 1 Orchard terrace.


Assembly Rooms (at Union Hall) , John Mogridge, proprietor. Union street
Royal Hotel, Thomas Webb, Strand
Billiard Rooms, at Torquay club, Beacon terrace, Wm..Hearder, proprietor;
Custom House, Victoria parade, Colin McNab), principal officer
Coast Guard Station, Victoria parade, Richard Bell Mudge, esq. R. N. chief officer
Inland Revenue Office, 21 Orchard terrace, Bingham Mant, resident officer
Hospital for Consumption, Lower Warberry road, C. Radclyffe Hall, physician, William Pollard, jun. surgeon & sec; Mrs Susan Hardiman, matron
Institution for Gentlewomen of Limited Income, Mrs Thompson, lady superintendent, Erith house, Lower Warberry road
Local Board of Health, office, Town hall ; Mr. G. E. Hearder, clerk; Edward Appleton, surveyor; James Mountstephens, assistant surveyor &c.; Henry Elliott, collector of rates & inspector of nuisances; Samuel John Daw, treasurer
Royal Library & Reading rooms, Edward Croydon, 2 Victoria parade
Mechanics' Institute, Abbey road
Office of land & Assessed taxes, l Orchard terrace, Wm. Neck Peckins, assessor & collector
Office of Torquay Market Co; I Orchard terrace, William. Neck Peckins sec; Samuel John Daw, treasurer
Office of Torquay Extramural Cemetery Co., Lower Union street, William Stanley Joyce, sec
Police Station, Town hall, Charles Kilby. superintendent
Public Baths, Victoria parade, John Joslin, attendant
Station of the South Devon Railway Co. Tor, John Lane Smith, superintendent
Stamp Office, Hearder's hotel, George E Hearder sub distributor
Torbay Infirmary & Dispensary, Higher Union street, William Wilkinson Stabb, house surgeon .
Torquay Athenoeum, Park lane, Elias Burt, curator
Torquay Club, Beacon terrace, Wm. Hearder, Proprietor; & William Elliott. 2 Lawrence place
Torquay Pump Room, adjoining the club, Beacon terrace, William Hearder, chemist, proprietor
Torquay Gas Works, Temperance street, William David Marler, sec, James Greenfield, manager
Torquay Needlework Society, 78 Lower Union street, Mrs. Mary Rattenbury, superintendent
Town Hall, Lower Union street


Agent to the Devon & Exeter Savings Bank & Agent to the Bank of Deposit, 3 Pall Mall east, London, John Cowell Stark, 13 Strand
Assessor & Collector of Land & Assessed Taxes, Wm. Neck Peckins, 1 Orchard terrace,
Assistant overseer of To Moham, John Shapley, 2 Waldon cottages, Abbey road
Clerks to the Torquay & Newton Bushell Turnpike Trusts, Wm. . & Chas. Kitson, I Vaughan parade
Clerk to the Magistrates & Local Board of Health, George Elliot Hearder, Town hall
Collector of Rates & Inspector of nuisances, Henry Elliott, 2 Oak cottages, Melville street
Commissioner in Chancery & Auditor of Torquay Extramural Cemetery Company, Chas. Bayly, I Lower terrace
Harbour Master, Robert Jope Slade, 12 Victoria parade
Perpetual Commissioners, Charles Bayly, I Lower terrace.; Charles Kitson, I Vaughan parade,
Registrar of Births & Deaths, William Prowse, Warren road
Registrar of marriages & Deputy Registrar of Births & Deaths, Caleb Weeks 82 Lower Union street
Secretary to the Torquay Market Company, Wm. Neck Peckins, 1 Orchard terrace
Secretary to the Torquay Extramural Cemetery Company, Wm. Stanley Joyce, 1 Woodlands, Warren road
Solicitor to the Torquay Cemetery Company, Frederick Roger Carter, 5 Fleet street & Conniger villa, Teignmouth road
Surveyor for Lloyds, Samuel Cockings, 2 Banner Cross, Abbey road
Superintendent of Police, Chas. Kilby, 2 South street, Tor
Town Surveyor, Edward Appleton, 2 Woodville, Abbey road
Assistant town Surveyor & Inspector of nuisances, James Mount Stephens, Melville place
Town Crier, Emmanuel Charles, Melville place.


St. John's chapel of Ease, Montpellier terrace, Rev. J. R. D. Pycroft M. A., perpetual curate.
St. Mark's Church, Rev. J. R. Hogg, incumbent
St Mary Magdalen, Upton, Rev. Richard Robbins Wolfe, M. A. , incumbent
Tor Church, Rev. Jsph. Hemington Harris D. D. incumbent
Trinity Church, Meadfoot road, Rev. Richard Fayle M. A., incumbent
Baptist Chapel, Temperance street, Ministers-various
Independent chapel, Abbey road, Rev. Nicholas Hurry, minister
Independent chapel, Lower Union street, Rev. John Orange, minister
Plymouth Brethren Chapel, Warren road
Salem Chapel, Braddon's hill road west, William Neck Peckins, lecturer
Wesleyan Chapel, Rock road, Rev. Thos Hulme , minister
Roman Catholic Chapel, Abbey road, Rev. Maurice John Power, priest


Infant, Melville street, Miss Emma Chipman & Miss Emma Cornish, mistresses
National, Pimlico, Henry Dart, master,;Mrs Keren Dart, mistress,;& Mrs Hester Hole, infant mistress
National, Tor, John Brown, master,; miss Rebecca Self, infant mistress
National infant, Boston fields, St Mary Church road, Mrs Cawdle, mistress
Public school for all Denominations, Abbey road, Wm. Joseph Hurry, master,; Miss Marion McKillop, mistress
St. John's (girls), St. John's place, Mrs Laura Williams, mistress
Trinity, Meadfoot row, John Harris, master,; Mrs Mary Harris, mistress,; Miss Anna Kingwell, infant mistress


Commercial Hotel, William Lawless, 1 Market street
Hearder's Hotel, (Posting), Mrs Sarah C Hearder, Victoria parade
London Commercial Hotel, Thomas Wolfinden, Fleet street
Royal Hotel (posting), Thomas Webb, Strand
Union Commercial Hotel (posting), John Mogridge, Lower Union street


Torquay Chronicle & General Directory (Tuesday), William Elliott, publisher, 2 Lawrence place
Torquay Directory & South Devon Journal, (Wednesday), Edward Cockrem, publisher, 10 Strand


Omnibuses to Paignton, Brixham & Dartmouth, from the Railway station, calling at the London Commercial Hotel, daily at ¼ past 9 morning & ¼ to 6 evening, arrive at Torquay 9 morning and ½ past 5 evening


Crowley & Co to Bristol, Exeter & Plymouth, daily; Robert Shute John, agent; office 65 Lower Union street
Pickford & Co. to London & all parts of the Kingdom, daily; John Madge, agent, office, 5 Braddon's hill road west
Chaplin & Horne, to London & all parts of the Kingdom, daily, Robert Shute John, agent, office 65 Lower Union street;
The South Devon Railway Company, William Farrant, agent

ASHBURTON- William Edgecombe, from Maritime Inn. Monday, ½ past 3 afternoon & from Steam Packet Inn, Friday ½ past 3 afternoon
BELSTONE- John Woollan, from Maritime Inn arrives Monday & leaves Tuesday at 12 noon
CHAGFORD- Geo. Hatherley, from Maritime Inn arrives Monday leaves Tuesday 12 noon.
SOUTH ZEAL- George Powesland & John Gidley, from Maritime Inn, both arrive Monday & leaves Tuesday at 12 noon.
TOTNESS- George Stoyle, from Maritime Inn, Monday, Wednesday & Friday arrives at 1 & leaves at 5 afternoon


Steam packet from the Quay, to Plymouth, Wednesday & Saturday at 6 morning: to Portsmouth & Southampton, Monday & Thursday at 6 evening. Robert Jope Slade, agent, 12 Victoria parade
Sailing packets to & from Chamberlain's wharf, Tooley street, London, & Torquay, every ten days; Robert Jope Slade, agent, 12 Victoria parade


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