Will of Nichlas Minto, Widow of Torquay (1832)

Proved 18 December 1832

© Crown Copyright

PROB 11/1809, Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Tenterden Quire Numbers: 751 - 792

Transcribed by Ros Dunning

This is the last Will and Testament of me Nichlas Minto Widow of Park Hill Torquay Devon published and declared this thirtyth day of December and Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty And I nominate and appoint my Cousin George Liddell Esquire and his son Henry Thomas Liddell his Majesty's Consul at Gothinburg in Sweden to be my Executors and I give devise and bequeath unto them in trust as my Executors to be disposed of in manner hereafter following all my Personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever and of what nature kind or quality soever the same shall consist and be at the time of my decease either in possession reversion remainder or expectancy the following legacies I give and bequeath namely a legacy of five hundred pounds to my Cousin Clarence Rhind of Chatham also a legacy of five hundred pounds to his brother Lieut William Rhind of the Royal Navy both these legacies to be paid within three months after my decease free of legacy duty I likewise give an annuity of one hundred pounds per annum free of the legacy duty to Mrs Charlotte Liddell of Blackheath near London Widow of my brother Mr William Liddell deceased to be secured to her by the interest of £3333 -6 8 in 3 per cents consolidated annuities which sum I direct may be immediately transferred in the books of the Bank of England to the joint names of my said Executors and of the said Mrs Charlotte Liddell at her decease my will is that the said capital sum of £3333-6-8 3 per cents consolidated annuities Consols shall revert to my Executors as part of my Effects and be by them disposed of together with the residue as aforesaid I give devise and bequeath unto my said Cousin George Liddell Esquire the whole residue of my Effects whether in possession reversion remainder or expectancy which may remain in the hands of my said Executors after payment of the legacies and annuity as already directed for his life with the exception of my leasehold dwellinghouse and ground situated at Park Hill Torquay which with my furniture and plate is to be at his absolute disposal At the decease of my said Cousin George Liddell the whole aforesaid residue of my effects is to be distributed in the following proportions one half to my said other Executor Henry Thomas Liddell Esquire and the other half to be equally divided between his Sisters Mrs Helen Rodwell and Miss Mary Charlotte Liddell all being the children of my said Cousin Charles Liddell _ N Minto

Signed and Sealed in the Presence of Jno Aplin Capt Rl Navy _ Ann Aplin

Proved at London 18 December 1832 to George Liddell power reserved to other Executor