Name Index


Handbook for Torquay; or Visitors Guide To the Walks, Rides, Drives and Excursions
in the Neighborhood

With much historical and general information respecting the various objects of interest

Torquay: Matthews, 14 Strand, 1856, illus., 95pp.

Index prepared by Michael Steer

E. J. Matthews, Booksellers of Torquay produced this handsome, informative' vade mecum' (ready reference) in 1856 for the visitor's market. An original copy is held at the Oxford University Library. It was digitised 25 April, 2007 and can be downloaded via the search engine at: https://books.google.com/ Google, in partnership with a number of public libraries has sought to make more widely accessible, old, hard-to-get books on which copyright has expired.

Adelaide, Queen37
Allworth family58
Audley family48
Bartlot family26
Bath, Marchioness of23
Belfield, Rev F.52
Bokeland, William de86
Bourchier family49
Brewer, Alice22, 87
Brewer family27, 83
Brewer, Lord William (de Bruera, Briwere)22, 27, 84-6
Bryant family61
Buller, Sir John Yarde80
Bushell family73, 75
Carew family44, 61, 77
Carew, Sir Henry78
Carew, Nicholas Lord77
Carew, Sir Walter, By.77
Carol, Mr94
Cary, Edward Esq29
Cary, Sir Edward of Stantor33
Cary family of Cockington & Devon24, 26, 30-2, 42-4, 49
Cary, Sir George30, 32-3
Cary, Henry Lord of Hunsdon31
Cary, Sir Henry32-3
Cary, Sir John31
Cary, R.S.S., Esq7, 24, 87
Cary, Robert, Lord of Lepington31
Cary, Sir Robert31-3
Cary, Sir William32
Champernowne family, of Modbury58
Charles I, King73-4
Clare family72
Clarence, Duke of80
Cockington family43
Cockington, Sir James43
Compton family45
Corbet family77
Courtenay family72, 74-5, 77
Courtenay, Sir Hugh77
Courtenay, Sir W.72
Cove, Mr93
Cranston, Lord59
Cromwell, Oliver51
Dawson, Charles Esq20
De la RueAdvertisement
Dennis, Sir Thomas87
Dinham family44
D'Oldenburg, Prince Peter20-1
Donegal, Arthur, Marquis of87
Donegal family26, 87
Donegal, Lucy87
Dunster, Lord22
Durant, R. Esq59
Dykes, R. Esq16
Edward, King (Confessor)79
Edward I, King61, 70
Edward II, King70
Edward III, King30, 43, 45, 61
Edward VI, King87
Elizabeth, Queen30
Englishville (d') family75
Englishville, Theobald de75
Ercedekne, L', family77
Ethelred II, King70
Fairfax, Sir Thomas62
Falaise, William de42
Fayle, Rev Richard36, 94
Ferrers family73
Fitz-Martin, Robert42
Fitz-Stephen family61
Fleming family61
Ford of Bagtor49
Garrett, F. of Marldon45
Gilbert family45
Gilbert, Sir Humphrey45
Gladstone, Rev John E.95
Grandisson, Bishop73, 77
Haccombe, de, family77
Harris G. Esq25
Harris, Joseph Esq25
Harris, Mr95
Harris, Rev J.94
Harvey, Messrs J & W15
Hawley (Dartmouth)61
Hearder (Family Hotel)9
Hearder, Mr William (Chemist)Advertisement, 13
Henry II, King67, 84
Henry III, King83-4
Henry V, King31
Henry VI, King32
Henry VII, King61
Henry VIII, King29, 85-6
Hulme, Rev J.95
Hurry, Rev. N35, 95
James I, King26, 30, 74
John, King54-5, 75, 84
Julian, Mr E.B.12
Kirkham family51
King, Rev J.95
Knight, Charles10
Lander, Mr94
Lane family, of Coffleet76
Mallock, C.H. Esq42
Mallock family43, 52
Mallock, Rawling33, 42
Mallock, Roger42
Matthews, E.J.Advertisement, 94
Maurice, Prince62
Mohun family27-8, 61, 83, 87
Mohun, Alice de87
Mohun, Reginald de22, 84, 87
Mohun, William de87
Montague family72
Monthermer family72
Morgan (Horticultural)23
Neville family72
Newland, Rev Henry49, 94
Northam, Mr S95
Novant family79
Oliver, Dr22, 28, 77
Orange, Rev J.95
Palk family20, 87
Palk, Sir Lawrence V. Bt.10, 18, 20, 46, 87
Palk, Sir Robert Bt.87
Parks-Smith, Rev W.G.36, 94
Paulet family44
Peckins, Mr W.N.95
Petre, John87
Phillips, M.H.C. Esq19
Pola, Lady Alice de45
Pole family45
Pollard, Sir High29
Pomeroy family54-5, 67, 77, 86
Pomeroy, Sir Henry de54
Pomeroy, Sir Ralph de53
Pomeroy, Sir Thomas54
Power, Very Rev M.J. Canon95
Prince (Worthies of Devon)29, 32, 74, 77
Rede, Simin de86
Reynell family, of Ogwell74
Reynell, Lucy73
Reynell, Sir Richard of Ford House72, 73-4
Reynell, Sir Thomas74
Richard I, King54, 84
Richard II, King31, 74
Ridgeway family26-7, 87
Ridgeway, John87
Ridgeway, Lucy87
Ridgeway, Sir Thomas26-7, 29, 87
Risdon, Tristram31
Robinson, R. Esq25
Rotomago, de- family48
Rowe, Mrs93
Scrope family72
Seale, Sir H. Bt.59
Seymour family54
Seymour, Sir Edward28-9, 55
Sharland, Mr23
Simon, Abbot of Torre22
Smith, Col. Robert, CB.52
Southcote family61
Speke family28
Stark, Mr J.C.12
St Ledger, John de86
St Ledger, John Esq29
St Mary Church, de- family48
St Vincent, Lord88
Stowell family30, 33
Studdy, H. Esq59
St Vincent, Lord29
Tayleur, Charles Esq50
Tewkesbury, Nicholas de61
Totnais, Judhael de44, 79
Ulf (Brixham)79
Veale, Thomas76
Vere, de, family72
Wake, family27, 87
Walker, Mrs93
Wall, Mr76
Waller, Margaret73
Waller, Sir Richard73-4
Watson, Rev A.49
Waymouth, Mr John95
Webb (Royal Hotel)9
Weeks, Mr C.95
William I, King (Conqueror)42, 45, 53, 83
William III, King74
Wolfe, Rev R.R.94
Woodland, Walter de43
Woodley, Mr49
Yarde family73, 76
Zouche family61