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The Gild Merchant of Totnes

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 12 (1880) pp. 179-191.


P.F.S. Amery

Prepared by Michael Steer

Merchant's Guilds (or Companies) were established primarily to obtain and maintain the privilege of carrying on trade. Having secured this privilege the guilds guarded their monopoly jealously. The organization of the merchant guilds is known from the few constitutions or guild rolls that have survived. These documents are only four in number, but fortunately refer to towns in four different parts of England. They are the guild statutes of Berwick, Southampton, Leicester and Totnes. This paper provides a wealth of information on the Totnes Guild. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Alfred, King180
Athelstan, King180
Baddaston, Michael de185
Baddaston, Ysota de185
Bartholomew the chaplain183
Bon, Walter le184-5
Bon, William le189
Bona, Agatha185
Bovey, Roger de184
Brendone, William190
Brentano, Dr Lujo179-81
Buckfast, Abbot of183-4
Buffestra, Richard de184
Burel, Richard186
Cantelupe, William de183
Cissorur, Laurence188
Cobeton, T de190
Cobeton, William de188
Cochela, Alicie185
Cochela. Emma185
Cochela, Walter185
Coffyn, Peter184
Cornworthy, Richard de184
Cornworthy, William de184
Cotton, Mr181
Crespin, William186
Criditone, Azoun de186
Crockele, Aubraye185
Cyrecestre, William de189
Dartmouth, Robert de184
Dinyet, Benedict190
Dinyet, Lucy190
Draper, Thomas184
Edeward, Walter184
Edward I183
Edward II183, 186-7, 189
Edward III190
Elyot, Roger184
Erper, Thomas de185
Exonia, Gilbert de184
Faber, Galfridus le186
faber, Margreta185
faber, Oggis185
Faci, Cicelota186
Faci, Katarine186
Fela, Robert186
Filia, Robert186
Fina, Lucy186
Fina, Robert186
FitzAde, Richard184
Folaton, William de184
Fonte, Benedict de184
Fonte, John de185
Frensshe, Robert190
Gamelyn, William184
Garston, William de (also Gerston)184
Gerston, Bartholomew de185
Gilbert, John190
Gomar, William186
Hamelin, Matilda185
Hamelin, William185
Henry III183
Henry IV191
Henry VIII182
Hurburneford, Robert de184
Hynget, John189
John, King182
Lenfaunt, Matilldis186
Lenfaunt, Nicholas186
Lenfaunt, Richard186
London, William184
Lorimer, John le184
Luxcumbe, Sonata de184
Medicus, John the (Physician)190
Mestre, Richard le184
Mobberya, Radulf de184
Monur, Walter189
Newhall, John190-1
Paris, John186, 190
Paris, Richard184, 186
Paris, William Reda186-7
Person, Katherine190
Persum, William189
Plimpton, Richard de184
Ponderman, William188
Ponta, Letitia de185
Ponta, William de185
Porta, Ricardus de183-4
Powderham. Thomas de184
Prage, William190
Pyn, Florence185
Pyn, Thomas185
Pyster, Hugo184
Richard II189-90
Riley, Mr187
Rowe, Mr Brooking179
Russel, Richard jnr184
Russell, John190
Rusticus, Galfrid184
Rusticus, Walter184
Ryder, William190
Savery, Annas185
Scoteneala, Geoffrey190
Slapton, Robert de185
Slapton, William de185
Smith, Miss L Toulmin180
Smith, Mr Toulmin179, 186-7, 189
Sopcombe, Walter190
Sor Matthew190
Sparkewill, Thomas de184
Spicer, William de185
Stile, Richard185
Stock, Jordan de la184, 186
Streta, Thomas de185-6
Taverner, Geoffrey le186
Taverner, Matildis le186
Torre, Abbot of183-4
Wasseburna, Hugo de184
Wilwey, John de185
Wodelonde, Galfrid de la184-5
Wuwelburth, Walter de184
Wyke, Alicia de185-6
Wyke, William de185-6
Wylway, John186
Wynburne, Thomas de190
Yollalonde, John de la185
Zouche, Sir William de la190