Hayman Family

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 9 (4), 1916, pp. 119-20.



Prepared by Michael Steer

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Note 102. Hayman Family (IX., p. 96; par. 87). - Members of this family were connected with Totnes, but there was a Dartmouth family and they were connected with the family of Duck. On 25th April, 1588, Nicholas Hayman subscribed £25 towards the defence of the country from the attack of the Spanish Armada. The following entries are in the Registers of Totnes Church : -

6 Nov., 1579, was chrystened M'gett, daughter of Nycholas Heman.
13 Nov., 1580, was chrystened Rychard, son of Nycholas Heman.
13 Aug., 1582, was chrystened Amis, daughter of Nycholas Heman.
12 Sep., 1583, was chrystened Jenne, daughter of Nycholas Heaman.
16 April, 1586, .... daughter of Nycholas Hayman.
10 May, 1586, was buried Amis, the wife of Nycholas Hayman.
3 Nov., 1586, was buried .... daughter of Nycholas Hayman.

In 1579 Nicholas Hayman was Secretary of the Merchants Company in Totnes and a Freeman, and William Hayman took the oath of apprentice. In 1586 Mr. Hayman was M.P. for Totnes, and was Mayor of Totnes 1589, and subsequently left Totnes and went to Dartmouth to live. Wood's Athena Oxoniensis mentions Robert Hayman, sojourner, of Exeter Coll., Governor of Plantation at Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. Notes and Queries, Sept., igio, has a note showing that Robert Hayman the poet was the eldest son of Nicholas Hayman. Robert Hayman the poet has a piece describing a visit of Sir Francis Drake to Totnes and his meeting him.

Robert Hayman, Quodlihet (1628), Book IV., No. 7: "Of the great and famous ever to be honoured Knight, Sir Francis Drake, and of my little - little self."

"The dragon that our Seas did raise his crest,
And brought back heaps of gold unto his nest,
Unto his foes more terrible than thunder
Glory of his age, after-ages wonder,
Excelling all those that excell'd before ;
It's fear'd we shall have none such any more.
Effecting all he sole did undertake.
Valiant, just, wise, milde, honest, godly Drake.
This man, when I was little, I did meete,
As he was walking up Totnes long street ;
He asked me whose I was ? I answered him.
He asked me if his good friend were within.
A faire red orange in his hand lie had ;
He gave it me whereof I was right glad ;
Takes and kist me, and prays God bless my boy.
Which I record with comfort to this day.
Could he on me have breathed with his breath
His gifts Elias-like, after his death,
Then had I beene enabled for to doe
Many brave things I have had a heart unto.
I have no great desire, as e're iiad hee
To joy annoy : friends, foes, but 'twill not be."'

Richard Hayman was Mayor of Dartmouth 1601.
E. W.