Transcription by Terry Partridge from Pigot & Co.'s Devonshire (1830)


A MARKET and corporate town and parish, in the hundred of Coleridge, is 196 miles from London, 24 from Exeter, and the like distance from Plymouth; situated in the centre of the 'south hams' of Devon; and so surrounded and protected by high and fertile hills, that it may be said to be seated in a valley. The town consists principally of one good street, nearly three quarters of a mile in length, terminated on the east by the Dart, over which a superb bridge has been lately built; the river dividing Totnes from the suburb Bridge-town. Craft of 60 tons burthen belong to the town; other vessels keep up a constant intercourse for the transportation of heavy goods from London, Liverpool, and Plymouth; and boats continually ply on the river, for the conveyance of goods and passengers from hence to Dartmouth, a distance of ten miles. The principal manufacture is woollen goods generally, and serges; but the main trade of Totnes arises from extensive exports and imports, by which a populous and extensive district is supplied and supported. The importation of culm, for the burning of lime, which abounds in this neighbourhood, is to a considerable extent; whilst upon the river, and its many tributary streams, are numerous grist-mills.

Totnes is a borough by prescription, and a corporate town by several charters; the last charter that was granted, by which it is at present governed, was conferred by Queen Elizabeth, in the last year of her reign. It directs that 14 masters or councillors shall be chosen from the resident burgesses (whose number is indefinite), and that one of such shall be elected mayor; that a recorder and town-clerk shall be likewise appointed; and that 20 of the freemen (commonly called 'the twenty men') shall be chosen to superintend the letting of lands vested in the corporation. The members of parliament are returned by the masters (or councillors) and burgesses, resident and non-resident, indiscriminately; the number of voters is about 60; the mayor is the returning officer; and the present representatives are the Earl of Darlington and Peregrine Courtenany, Esq. The corporate privileges are numerous, and comprise, amonst others, freedom of quayage, wharfage, &c. throughout the kingdom, and exemption from serving on juries beyond the precincts of the borough. A court of quarter sessions is held before the mayor, town-clerk and recorder; and a boro court, for the recovery of debts, on a 'town-plaint,' with power of arrest, is also holden.

The church is an ancient structure, of Gothic architecture. The screen which separates the nave from the body of the church is much admired, as the most perfect specimen of the Gothic that is now to be found: the stone pulpit also engages the attention of the curious; it is formed from a solid block, and elaborately ornamented. The patronage of the living, which is a vicarage, is in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, who presents on the recommendation of the inabitants generally; the present vicar is the Rev. Jos. Cumming, and his curate the Rev. Thomas Cleave: all the tithes are impropriate, and belong to the Duke of Somerset. This is likewise an archdeaconry, extending over one-third of the county, and includes nine deaneries and 153 parishes. There are several places of worship for dissenters, comprising independents, Weslyan methodists, Socinians, &c. Here is an excellent grammar-school, founded in 1554, and endowed in 1658 by Sir John Maynard with an estate worth £70. per ann.: the corporation sends two boys to this establishment, to be educated gratis; the present master is the Rev. Thomas Cleave. There are other establishments, of the best description, for the education of boys for commercial purposes; besides a charity-school for 63 boys and girls, of whom 29 are annually clothed; also an extensive school upon Dr. Bell's system. The 'South Devon library,' established here in 1810, is an excellent and prosperous institution; it is supported by annual subscriptions of a guinea each member.

The general features of the country surrounding this respectable town is meadow, rich pasture and wood; it is intersected by a number of small streams, for which the whole of 'the south hams' is so remarkable; and from its central situation (being midway between Plymouth and Exeter), its proximity to the sea and its communication with the Dart, render it one of the most eligible places for business and residence in the kingdom. Its vicinity also boasts numerous elegant mansions, and beautiful seats; several antique edifices and picturesque ruins; in particular. Totnes castle, adjoining the town, built in the reign of the conqueror William; Berry Pomeroy castle, about two miles and a half distant, erected in the reign of the same monarch; Compton castle, about five miles distant, &c. There is a fine mineral spring at Sharpham, and most of the springs in the neighbourhood are strongly impregnated with iron.

There is a large and general market every Saturday, and one of the finest cattle-markets in the west of England on the first Tuesday in every month. The town is plentifully supplied with every article of food, and the amrkets abound with the choicest fish from the surrounding coast; the annual fairs are, the 12th May and the 28th October. By the census for 1821, the number of inhabitants in the borough and parish of Totnes was 3,128.

POST OFFICE, Lower Main-street, William Hannaford, Post Master.
Letters from LONDON arrive every night at six, and are despatched every night at six, and are despatched every morning at seven. -- Letters from BATH and BRISTOL arrive every night at half-past nine, and are despatched every night at eight. -- Letters from PLYMOUTH and DEVONPORT arrive every night at eight, and are despatched every night at half-past nine. -- Letters from BRIXHAM and DARTMOUTH arrive every morning at half-past 6, and are despatched every night at half-past 6.


Adams Major General Geo. Pownall, Ashprington house
Adams Mrs. Bowden house
Bastard Captain John, R.N., M.P. Sharpham house
Baxter Rev. - , Cornworthy
Bennett Captain, Sandwell
Bentall Thornton, esq. Lower main st
Bentall Wm. Searle, esq. Plains
Boardman Lieut. Thomas, R.N. Kingsbridge Inn st
Bowden William, esq. Garston
Brentford Captain, R.N. Puddavin
Brown Richard, esq. Englebourn
Bundock Wm. purser, R.N. Brdge twn
Carew Sir Henry, bart. Marley house
Champernown Mrs Sarah, Dartington house
Clarke Mrs. Mary, Upper Main st
Cole John, esq. Lower Main st
Coles the Misses, Plains
Cornish Rev. Wm. Floyer, B.A. Plains
Cranch Mrs. Elizb. Lower Main st
Cumming Mrs. Elizb. Lower Main st
Cumming Mrs. Letitia Luscombe, Windsor, Upper Main st
Cumming Rev. Jos. Lower Main st
Edwards Rev. John, Blagdon
Elford Sir Wm. bart. Washbourn hse
Epworth Mrs. Little Hampstone
Farwell Christr. esq. Lower Main st
Farwell Mrs. George, Upper Main st
Farwell Rev. Arthur, Lower Main st
Folliett Mrs. Plains
Froude Rev. Archdeacon Robert Heron, Dartington parsonage
Hill Lieut. Colonel, Woodhouse
Lane Mrs. Bridget, Lower Main st
Lees Mrs. and the Misses, Plains
Lewis Captain, Berry Pomeroy
Ley Rev. Jacob, Ashprington
Luscombe Alex. P. gent. Upr. Main st
Mallock the Misses, Priory
Marshall Richard, esq. Upper Main st
Martin Rev. the chancellor, Harbertn
Martin Rev. Wm. Staverton
Maye Wm. Bennett, gnt, Plymouth rd
Maypowder J. W. esq Woodhouse frm
Mitchell Capt. Kingsbridge Inn st
Mitchelmore Mrs. Betty, Bridge town
Noake Mrs. Susannah, Plains
Perrott Jasper, esq. Dundridge house
Petherick Rev. John, Lower Main st
Price Captain John, R.N. Cistern st
Prideaux Walter, esq. Upper Main st
Shore Rev. James, Totnes mill
Sumpter Lieut. N. Kingsbridge Inn st
Taylor Wm. gent. Upper Main st
Toms John, esq. Upper Main st
Tucker John, esq. Tuckenhay
Vassall Wm. esq. Weston house
Wallace Mrs. Mary, Plains
Wills Mrs. Sarah, Bridge town
Wingatt john, esq. Lower Main st
Wise Mrs. Rectory house
Worth Wm. gent. Plymouth road

Not otherwise described are Day Schools.

Browe Arthur (Bell's system) North side of Church
CHARITY SCHOOL, Cistern st - James Yabbicomb, master
Curtis Saml. Periam, Upper Main st
FREE GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Plains - Rev. Thomas Cleave, A.M. master
Jackman Samuel, Shambles
Old Martha (boarding) Upper Main st
Rowe Wm. Sloman, Upper Main st
Rundle John (commercial and mathematical) Church walk
West Maria (boarding) Lower Main st


Chaster Albert, Chaster place
Cornish James, jun. Upper Main st
Maye Philip, Pymouth road
Michelmore Chas. Upper Main st
Parrott Jasper, Upper Main st
Prideaux & Farwell, Lower Main st
Taunton Wm. Doidge, Upper Main st


Collin Henry, Upper Main st
Jacobs Lewis, Lower Main st
Teasell Henry, Upper Main st
Tippett Robert, Lower Main st


Angel John, Upper Main st
Bowden Henry, Upper Main st
Earle Robert, Upper Main st
Gumbrell William, Lower Main st
Hannaford Wm. Kingsbridge Inn st
Hardin Nicholas, Bridge town
Heath Richard, Lower Main st
Lane Samuel, Lower Main st
Lane William, Upper Main st
Pinson William, Upper Main st
Reynolds Susannah, Cistern st
Tippett Robert, Lower Main st


Prideaux & Bentall, Upr Main st - (draw on Williams & Co. London)
Wise, Farwell, Baker and Bentall, Lower Main st - (draw on Stevenson and Salt, London)


Gillham Samuel, Bridge town
Heath Henry, Pickamore st
Heath Samuel, Pickamore st
Knight Nicholas, Castle lane


Daw Thomas, Upper Main st
Hannaford John, Lower Main st
Hannaford Samuel, Upper Main st
Martyn Richard, Lower Main st
Taylor John, Upper Main st


Callender Thomas, Lower Main st
Callender William, Lower Main st
Colman James, Bridge town
Farleigh Valentine, Bridge town
Gilbert James, Upper Main st
Heath Edward, Lower Main st
Hernaman Fras. & Wm. Lowr Main st
Parnell Samuel, Upper Main st
Parnell Samuel, jun. Upper Main st
Perrott Richard, Bridge town
Putt William, Upper Main st
Sharpham Saml. Penny, Upr Main st
Shute John, Upper Main st
Weeks William, Upper Main st
Whiteway Josias, Dartington
Whiteway Josias, jun. Upper Main st
Woodmason John, Lower Main st


Anderson William, Bridge town
Hardin Thomas (fancy brush and mop) Bridge town


Bearne Peter, Lower Main st
Collin Henry, Upper Main st
Groves Stephen, Plymouth road
Hill John, Plymouth road
Patey Samuel, Bridge town
Ponsford Thomas, Upper Main st
Webber James, Upper Main st


Harris Nicholas, Lower Main st
Holberton William, Upper Main st
Shute Francis, Kingsbridge Inn st
Sparke John, Lower Main st
Webber William, Upper Main st


Bennett Thomas, Lower Main st
Pulling William, Upper Main st
Teasell Henry, Upper Main st
Trist Browse, Upper Main st


Calley Chistr. Clarke, Upper Main st
Rees William, Lower Main st
Talbot Hugh, Upper Main st


Blackler William, Bridge town
Pulling William and Co. True st


Fogwill John, jun. Plains
Hicks William, Plains
Phillips & Searle, Plains


Hannaford Thos. Lower Main st
Tippett Robert, Lower Main st


Gillard Peter, Upper Main st
Sanders John, Upper Main st
Venning John, Lower Main st


Andrews Richard, Upper Main st
Langmead Richard, Upper Main st


Adams Richard, Upper Main st
Bawden Isaac, Upper Main st
Putt William, Upper main st


ALLIANCE, J. Parrott, Up. Main st
ATLAS, Geo Presswell, Up. Main st
GLOBE, Jn. Oldreive, Upper Main st
GUARDIAN, Jas. Hannaford, Lower Main street
NORWICH, Jno. Johns, Kingsbridge Inn st
PHOENIX, Wm. Worth, jun. Upper Main st
ROYAL EXCHANGE, Geo. Hannaford, Upper Main st
SUN, Wm. Calley, Upper main st
WEST OF ENGLAND, Chas. Michelmore, Upper main st

( See also Shopkeepers, &c.)

Earle Samuel, Upper Main st
Fitze George, Lower Main st
Gidley Nicholas, Upper Main st
Hamlyn Thomas, Upper Main st
Hannaford Henry, Lower Main st
Hannaford John, Upper Main st
Heyward Aaaron, Upper Main st
Huxham John, Upper Main st
Huxham Samuel, Upper Main st
Oldreive Edmd. Browne, Upr Main st
Quick Richard, Upper Main st
Reeve John, Upper Main st
Taylor Charles, Upper Main st


Browse Arthur, Upper Main st
Nicholls Peter, Upper Main st


Seven Stars, John Goss, Plains
Somerset Hotel (& posting house) Henry Collin, Bridge town


Angel Thomas, Lower Main st
Distin Richard, Upper Main st
Gill Robt. Wills, Upper Main st
Hannaford James, Lower Main st


Dover Hy. (& boot tree) Lr Main st
Hannaford James, Lower Main st


Colston Wm. & Peter (& silk mercers & Haberdashers) Up Main st
Friend George, Upper Main st
Paige John Browne, Lower Main st
Phillips Nancy, Upper Main st
Snell William, Upper Main st
Webber Wm & Charles (& hosiers and silk mercers) Upper Main st
Worth William, jun. (& hosier ans silk mercer) Upper Main st


Pengilley Robert, Bridge town
Salter Thomas, Bridge town


Holditch Samuel, Peter's quay
Shore Ths. (& miller) TOTNES MILLS


George Sarah & Ellen, Lower Main st
Hannaford Ann, Lower Main st
Luscombe Sarah, Upper Main st
Mitchell Mary, Bridge town


Croydon William, Lower Main st
Harris Robert, Lower Main st
Mudge Samuel, Lower Main st
Oldrey William, Upper Main st
Ryder Robert, Upper Main st
Scott Wm. Kingsbridge Inn st
Toope William, Upper Main st


Bundock Wm. Thos. Upper Main st
Cross Richard, Plains


Compton Henry (music) Plains
Old John (dancing) Upper Main st


Mills Nicholas, Bridge town
Prout Walter, Upper Main st
Prout William, Bridge town
Screech William, Bridge town


Chaster Walter, Kingsbridge Inn st
Cridland Henry, Upper Main st
Gardner Alan, Rutherfold
Melhuish Alexander, Lower Main st
Tucker Robert, Upper Main st


Tucker R. & Son (and shoe thread) Totnes


Holditch Samuel, Peter's quay
Phillips and Searle, Plains


Ash Charles, Lower Main st
Barter Nicholas, Bridge town
Beare George, Upper Main st
Braddon William, Upper Main st
Diggins George, Upper Main st
Ford Robert, Lower Main st
Gardner Alan, Rutherfold
Gortley James, Upper Main st
Harris Martin, Upper Main st
Harris Mary, Lower Main st
Holman Benjamin, Bridge town
Kinsman Susannah, Upper Main st
McGuire Margaret, Lower Main st
Miller Sarah, Bridge town
Mitchell William, Lower Main st
Napman Wm. Kingsbridge Inn st
Searle Elizabeth, Bridge town
Shepherd Eleanor, Kingsbridge Inn st
Smith Jeremiah, Lower Main st
Worth John, Bridge town


Ash William, Lower Main st
Jackson William, Upper main st


Abel Mary, Lower Main st
Blackler Maria, Bridge town
Holberton Mary, Upper Main st
Welch Sarah, Lower Main st


Derry John, Lower Main st
Kellock William, Upper Main st
Matthews John, M.D., Lower Main st
Tompson Gilbert N. Lower Main st
Wills William, Lower Main st


Adams Richard, Upper Main st
Bartlett Henry, Kingsbridge Inn st
Bishop John, Lower Main st
Blake Thomas, Bridge town
Cloke John, Upper Main st
Lane Samuel, Lower Main st
Mitchell James, Bridge town
Reynolds George, Upper Main st
Welch Richard, Lower Main st
Welch Thomas, Lower Main st
Worth Robert, Upper Main st


Huxham John, Upper Main st
Sumpter James, Lower Main st


Bay Horse, Richard Denbow, Cistern st
Bell, William Shinner, Bridge town
Bull, James Willis, sen. Upper Main st
Castle Inn, James Sawyer, Upper Main st
Commercial Inn, John Luscombe, Lower Main street
Dartmouth Inn, Samuel Gillham, Pickamore street
Devonport Inn, Jas. Pack, Upper Main st
Exeter Inn, John Turpin, Bridge town
King's Arms, Wm. Leach, Shambles
Kingsbridge Inn, Sarah Taylor, Kingsbridge Inn st
Lion, George Denner, Upper Main st
London Inn, Rbt. Whiteway, Lower Main st
Lord Nelson, Wm. Fogwill, Lower Main st
New Inn, Wm. Holman, Bridge town
Oxford Arms, Jane Stammers, Lwr Main st
Plymouth Inn, John Bowden, Uppr Main st
Shambles Gate, Wm. Bovey, Shambles
Town Arms, John Evans, Lower Main st


Browse Arthur, Upper Main st
Cambell William, Lower Main st
Harrison Jane, Lower Main st


Fogwill John, jun. Plains
Phillips and Searle, Plains


Elliott John Savery, Upper Main st
Mitchell James, Bridge town


Carter John, Lower Main st
Evens Nicholas, Upper Main st
Jacobs Lewis, Lower Main st


Hawkins John, Pickamore st
Turpin John, Bridge town


Baker Henry (and brewer) Plains
Bundock Wm. Thos. Upper Main st
Sawyer Jas. (dealer) Upper Main st


Bentall William and Thornton and Co. woollen manufacturers, Plains
Bond Matthew, violin maker, Rutherfold
Brimicombe Wm. plumber, Upper Main st
Bunker Dorothy, haberdasher, Upr. Main st
Burton Samuel, farrier, Plymouth road
Busby John, wire worker, Upper Main st
Chaster John, conveyancer, Waterloo pl
Cload Thomas, perfumer, Upper Main st
Cole Geo. Harnaman, surveyor of taxes, Mount dart
CORN MARKET, Lower Main st - Robert Wills Gill, inspector
Cross Richard, accountant, Plains
Gilbert Jas. & Son. iron fndrs. Bridge town
Godfrey Wm. nurseryman, Upper Main st
Hakewill Thos. & Jos, fullers, Totnes mill
Hallett Wm. wood turner, Bridge town
Hannaford Geo. maltster, Upper Main st
Hayward George, tanner, Bridge town
Heath Henry, fruiterer, Upper Main st
Heath Saml. whitesmith, Upper Main st
Holman Avis, hardwareman, Lowr Main st
Lampen Rbt. basket mkr. Lower Main st
Oldrey Edw. plasterer & hellier, Church st
Prout Walter, hair and hemp sacking manufacturer, Upper Main st
Pulling George, woolstapler, Behind the walls
Pulman Abel Brown, fishing rod, &c. maker, Lower Main st
Sanders Samuel, coach builder, Lower Main st
Sloggett William, dyer, Upper Main st
STAMP OFFICE, Lower Main street - William Hannaford, distributer
Symons Jas. umbrella mkr. Upper Main st
WORKHOUSE, Rutherfold - Sarh. George, matron


To LONDON, the Defiance, from the Somerset Hotel, every day at twelve - and the Subscription, every afternoon at five; both go through Newton Abbott, Chudleigh, Exeter, Yarcombe, Ilminster, Wincanton, Mere, Amesbury, Andover, Overton, Basingstoke, Bagshot and Staines - and the Celerity and Pilot, from the Seven Stars, every forenoon at half-past eleven; both go through Newton Abbott, Chudleigh, Exeter, Axminster, Bridport, Dorchester, Blandford, Salisbury, &c.
To BATH & BRISTOL, the Royal Mail, from the Seven Stars, every night at 8.
To PLYMOUTH & DEVONPORT, the Royal Mail, every night at half-past nine; snd the Celerity and Pilot, from the Seven Stars, every day at ½ past 12; the Defiance, from the Somerset Hotel, every afternoon at half-past 4 - and the Subscription, every afternoon at one.


To ASHBURTON, William Edgcumbe, from the Town Arms daily.
To BRIXHAM, James Shears, from the Exeter and Devonport Inns, every Fri.
To BUCKFASTLEIGH, George Elliott, from the Town Arms & Commercial Inn, every Monday, Wednes. & Satur.
To EXETER, Henry Tapper, from Plymouth road, - Foales and Robert Smale, from Lower Main st, every Mon. & Thurs. - Wm. Foales, from the Bull, every Tuesday and Thursday.
To KINGSBRIDGE, Henry Tapper, from the Plymouth road, every Wednesday and Saturday - William Foales, from the Bull and Commercial Inns, and William Lidstone, from the Town Arms, every Mon. Wednes. & Satur.
To MODBURY, Richard Lavers, from the Commercial Inn, every Wed. & Sat.
To NEWTON ABBOTT, William Quint, from behind the Walls, daily
To PLYMOUTH, John Arscott & James Quint, from Upper Main st - and John Scott, from the Town Arms, every Monday & Wednesday - John Tozer & James Shears, from the Exeter and Devonport Inns, every Wednesday.
To SALCOMBE, William Lidstone, from the Town Arms, every Mon. Wed. & Sat.
To TORQUAY, John Tozer, from the Commercial and Devonport Inns - and John Perriman, from the Commercial Inn, every Saturday.


To DARTMOUTH, Boats to meet the Coaches every day; for further information apply at the Town Arms and Somerset Hotel: - fare for passengers one shilling per head.


The Commerce, George Thomas, master:
the Charles, R. Lamble, master:
the Brothers, J. Gurst, master:
the Albion, J. D. Bowden:
the Lark, W. H. Cllings, master:
the Fame, H. Langworthy, master:
the George, Thomas Pullman:
the Lord Nelson, John Brien:
and the Pyramus, - Carey, master.