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The Dismissal of Sir Edward Seymour from the Recordership of Totnes by James II, 1687

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 8 (1876), pp. 360-369.


Edward Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

The paper, presented at the Association's July 1876 Ashburton meeting focusses on turbulent times in Totnes. On 12 Dec. 1687, the corporation was ordered to replace Sir Edward Seymour as Recorder and elect the Papist Sir John Southcote; 33 refused to do so, two abstained and only four voted for compliance with the King's letter. This defiance was followed by a purge; three aldermen and 14 assistants were dismissed, and Richard Burthogge MD, one of James II's most valuable collaborators entered the corporation. Next month the mayor, seven aldermen and six assistants were removed. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by Princeton University Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Richard 362, 365
Amyatt, John 362, 365
Babbidge, Charles 367
Babbidge, Richard 367
Babbidge, Roger 367
Bateman, Mr 368
Beare, John Esq 365-6
Berry, Robert 364
Berry, Sir Thomas 367
Blackhall, Thomas 362, 365
Boone, Anthony 364
Bowden, Thomas 366
Bowden, William 366
Bridgeman, William 361, 365
Brockwell, George 362-3
Brooking, John Esq 364-7
Bullock, Richard 363
Burdwood, Mr James 364
Burthogge, Richard Esq MD 364, 366, 368
Byrch, William (also Byrch) 363
Champernowne, Arthur Esq 367
Charles II 367-8
Cheeke, Andrew 362
Clarke, Richard 364, 366
Cockey, James 362-3
Cockey, Mordecai 364, 366
Cockey, Richard 362-3
Col, John 362
Cole, James 363-4, 366
Corbin, Luke 362-3
Courtenay, Sir William 367
Crosse, John 362-3
Deeble, Samuel gent 366
Fairfax, Sir Thomas 361
Farwell, Christopher Esq 365, 367
Fowell, Sir John Bt 367-8
Gifford, Thomas Esq 366
Gipps, Sir R 368-9
Goodridge, Anthony 367
Goring, Lord 361
Gould, Walter 362, 365
Guthridge, Anthony gent 364, 366
Harlowin, John 362-3
Harris, John 364, 366
Hernaman, Jonas 363
Hewett, John 362-3
Holwell, Edward 363-6
Hyre, Samuel 362-3
Inglett, Giles 366
James II 360-1, 364-5, 367-9
Jarvis, William 364
Kellond, John Esq (also Kelland) 363, 365, 367
Langworthy, Joseph 364, 366
Lavers, William gent 366
Leath, Sir Symon, KB 367
Locke, Christopher 362, 365
Lux, Richard 366
Macaulay 360
Mallock, Rawlyn Esq 367-8
Maynard family 367-8
Maynard, Sir John 367-8
Monmouth, Duke of 363
Oliver, John 366
Orange, William Prince of 367
Parker, Edmund gent 366
Perrott, Edward 364
Pole, John Esq 367
Polexfen, James gent 366
Pomeroy, Elias gent 367
Pomeroy, Roger Esq 367
Powys, Sir Thomas 367
Pridham, Edward 363, 365
Punchard, Isaac 366
Risdon, Francis Esq 366
Rolle, Denys Esq 367
Rolle, John Esq 367
Rooke, George jnr 362, 365
Rounsevall, Edward 362-3
Rowe, James jnr 366
Rowe, James snr 366
Searle, William 362-3
Seymour, Edward Esq 367
Seymour, Sir Edward Bt 360-2, 368
Seymour, Henry Esq 367
Shapleigh, William 362, 365
Short, Richard 364
Shorte, Luke gent 366
Southcote, Sir John 360-5
Strode, Richard Esq 367
Sunderland, P 362
Symons, Robert 361, 362, 364-5
Tothill, John 364, 366
Torr, Peter 363, 365
Trewman, Edward 363
Trounson, Alexander 362-3
Tucker, Mr Richard 363, 367
Vavasor, Richard 362
Venning, Samuel 364
Wakeham, Ralph 364
Watson, Rowland Esq 366
Wauchope, Frederick gent 363, 365-6
Waymouth, John 362-3
William III & Mary 368
Willing, John snr 362-3
Willing, John jnr 362-3
Willing, Thomas 362-3
Yarde, Mr 368