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Totnes: Its Mayors and Mayoralities, 1627-1676. Part 1

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 32 (1900), pp. 111-141.


Edward Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Totnes' borough charter was granted by King John, probably in 1206. Totnes lost its borough status through local government reorganisation in 1974. It was served by Totnes electoral borough from 1295 until the reform act of 1867, but was restored by the 1884 Franchise Act. The constituency of Totnes was abolished a second time in 1983, and formed part of the South Hams until 1997, when it was restored as the Totnes county constituency: as such it returns one MP to Parliament. Totnes has a mayor who is elected by the 16 town councillors each year. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Ackrell, Christopher140
Acland, Sir John137
Acland, Sir John Dyke127
Adams, Laurence115, 129
Adams, Richard139
Albemarle, Duke of141
Alford, William136
Amyatt family132
Amyatt, John132
Amyatt, Toby122, 132-3
Barber, Jeffery125
Bastard, Mr112
Bath, Earl of137
Bearnes, Mitchell122
Bedford, Francis Earl of112-4, 116
Berryman, Matthew138
Blake, Admiral129
Bogan, Katherine117
Bogan, William117
Broadbent, Sargant122
Brooking, Christopher112
Brooking, Mr John134, 137
Brooking, Thomas128, 130-1, 133
Brooking, Mr William124-5
Browne, Timothy140
Buckingham, Edward141
Carew, Sir T140
Cary, Mr132
Chaff, Thomas Esq133
Charles I123
Charles II130, 136
Chudleigh family119
Chudleigh, Sir George119
Chudleigh, Sir John119
Chudley, Captain123
Clifford, Thomas Esq133, 134
Cockey, Mordecai139
Cockey, Mr W121
Codner, John122, 134
Codner, Nicholas115
Codner, Philip136, 141
Cooper, Captain128
Coplestone, Sir F130
Corbin, Edmund130
Corbin, the young122
Courtenay, Mr114, 130
Courtenay, Sir William130, 133
Cowre, Tristram140
Crewkerne, Mr118
Crosse, Mrs Mary141
Desborough, Major General128
Dolber (Dolbeare)134
Down, Mr125
Drewe, Thomas117
Edwards, Thomas135, 140
Ellis, Thomas128
English, Richard116
Eveleigh, Gilbert MP116, 129, 131, 133, 135, 137
Evens, Giles141
Fairfax, Sir Thomas125
Farwell, Christopher129
Farwell, William114
Ffell, Mr William124
Field, Nicholas122
FitzMartyn, Robert117
Fowell, Colonel125
Foxe, Captain128
Garrad, Mark120
Garrett, Mr121
Gildons, Mary (also Goldinge)137-8
Giles, Sir Edward, MP112, 117, 120
Giles, Lady120
Gisborne, Hugh119
Goodridge, Mr Anthony128, 135, 137
Goring, Lord125
Green, William125
Harlowin, John137
Harlowin, William138
Hart, Mr127
Harwood, Leonard122
Hawkins, John130, 132
Henry VII116, 119
Hernman, Jonas138
Herrick, Robert120
Hodge, Christopher115
Holditch, Philip121
Holditch, Robert140
Holmer, William122
Irish, Samuell140
Jacobb, Mr122
James, Henry120, 128
Kelland, John136
Kelland, Justice136
King, Mr R J118, 120
Lande, Mr125
Langton, Samuel140
Laud, Archbishop118
Lewkenor, John118
Ley, John115, 136, 138-9
Ley, Mr Philip114-6, 125-6, 133
Locke, Christopher130-1
Martin, Richard117, 122, 129, 136
Martin, Richard jnr126
Martin, Thomas (Martyn)117-8, 141
Martyn family (Martin)114, 116-7
Martyn, Katherine117
Martyn, Richard115, 118
Martyn, William116
May, Zacharias141
Maynard, Christopher114, 127, 130, 133, 135
Maynard, Serjeant (Mr Recorder)122, 125, 127, 129, 131, 136
Maynard family114
Maynard, Sir John Knt114
Miller, Roger the128
Nicholls, Jane138
Norris, John113
Norris, Richard113
Osborne, Will123
Parker, Robert133
Paton, Richard114
Peeke, Willmott138
Pembroke, Lord112
Perrott, Robert140
Piper, Colonell137
Pitts, Mr John119, 123
Pollarde, Colonel Amos124
Pothurne, Sir Thomas113
Pott, Mr137
Prestwood, Mr George123-4
Prestwood, Mr Thomas111, 113, 123, 127
Pridham, Christopher138
Prince112, 120
Pulman, Henry139
Punchard, Richard123, 129, 131, 137
Punchard, Thomas114
Putt, Samuel117
Reeve, widdow132
Renoff, Henry125
Risdon, Mr112
Rode, Richard111
Rooke, Arthur136
Russell, Earl Francis116
Russell, Sir William117
Ryder, Mr121
Salter, Mr125
Sanders, Richard118
Savery, Mr John120, 131-2
Searle, Edward141
Sewton, William130
Seymour, Sir Edward134, 137, 141
Seyrett, Mr Luke129
Shapleigh, John115
Shapleigh, Robert123, 129
Shapleigh, William137
Sheere, William122
Short, William122
Skelton, Sir John137
Slanning, Nicholas137
Soannes, Mary130
Stevens, Robert134
Strafford, Earl of123
Symons, R134
Teige, Mr John134
Thomas, Henry122
Tillard, Simon117, 128-9
Tillard, William119, 126
Tippett, Mr112
Torring, Michael128
Treneman, Mr129
Treweman, George122
Wadding, Captain123
Walstead, Captain125
Waterman, Robert140
Weaze, Mr125
Webb, Jeremy140
Webber, Mr John128-9
Weston, Christopher122
Whiddon, Rev Francis MA134
White, William139
Wise, Mr Christopher113
Wise, John128, 134
Wise, Richard122
Wise, Mr Richard jnr113
Wise, Mrs Susan128
Wise, Samuel113
Wolfe, Mr112-3