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Early Nonconformity in Totnes

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 32, (1900), pp. 412-430.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Nonconformists were those who did not conform, or belong to the Church of England. The Church of England was established when Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church in the 16th century. Groups who disagreed with the beliefs and practices of the Church of England formed congregations and were known as dissenters or non-conformists. They were persecuted and often had to meet in secret or go into exile. They might be Protestants (among these were the Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, Independents, Congregationalists and Quakers) or Roman Catholics. By 1851, a quarter of the English population was nonconformist. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, George419
Adams, Hannah419
Allen, Mr429
Allyn, Mr John421
Allyn, Mrs Judith421
Arlington, Lord415
Atkins, Henry425
Babbidge, Roger418-9
Barter, John418
Bartlett, John418
Baynham, Mr Henry428-9
Bickle, Mr Richard423
Blackaller, Anne418
Blackaller, William418
Blackhall, Thomas416
Boyle, Hugh418
Brommell, Susannah418
Brooking, Mr John413, 416-7
Bruges, R427
Buckley, Mr413
Burdwood, Mr James414
Burthogge, Honour414
Burthogge, Mary414, 419
Burthogg, Mary jnr419
Burthogge, Dr Richard414, 418-9
Burthogge, Richard jnr414
Calamy412, 423, 425
Carkeet, Samuel425, 427
Chaplin, Mr429
Chapman, Mr428
Charles II414
Chase, Mr Gamaliel424
Clarke, Edrus419
Cleland, Mr413
Coake, Edward419
Cockey, Mordecai418
Codner, Phillip419
Cole, James419
Cole, James jnr419
Constantine, Lady425
Coole, Edward418
Coole, Philip418
Cotton, Edward419
Courtney, Lady425
Crispin, Thomas415
Crook, Mr429
Deeble, Mr416
Derry, Hugh418
Doddridge, Dr428
Down, Mr Thomas MA422
Dunning, John430
Edgeby, Thomas425
Edmunds, Edward417
Edmunds, Joan417
Edward VI428
Evans, Dr425
Eveleigh, Mr Gilbert415
Farwell family427
Field, Mr Nicholas418
Firly, John415
Flavel, Mr John422-4
Ford, Mr420
Furneaux, Christopher418
Galpine, Mr John snr422, 424, 426
Galpine, Mr John jnr422, 424
Garrett, Mr John413-4
Geare, Mr Allen413
Giles, Edward419
Giles, Sir Edward419
Giles, Mary419
Giles, Richard419
Gilling, Mr Isaac424, 427
Goodridge, Mr Anthony415-6
Gould, Mr Walter416-7
Hammond, Elizabeth425
Hammond, George MA424-5
Hancock, Mr427-8
Hannaford, William416
Harlowin, Mr John413, 416
Hart, Richard417
Hawkins, John snr418-9
Hawkins, John jnr418
Hawkins, Zachary snr418
Hawkins, Zachary jnr418
Haydon, Frances414
Haydon, Gideon414
Hayes, Mr428
Hayne, Mr422
Hernaman, John419
Hernaman, Mary419
Horwood, John418
Hughes, Mr George BD420
Hyre, Samuel419
Inch, Mr Christopher419
James II414
Jetsome, Barbara430
Jetsome family (also Jutsham)430
Johns, Mr429
Jones, Mary417
Jutsham, Agnes (or Anne)430
Jutsham, Henry430
King, William418
Lamber, Susannah418
Lane, Mrs Mary snr418
Langworthy, Joseph418
Langworthy, Michael417
Lee, Lawrence418
Lydstone, John MA412, 422
Lydstone, Margaret412
Marks, Thomas419
Mills, William418
Monmouth, Duke of419, 425
Mortimer, Mr George418, 423
Mountstephen, Edward418
Mullins, Mr Samuel424-7
Mullins, Sarah427
Newton, Mr George425
Nosworthy, Mr E421
Olive, Nicholas, snr418
Palmer420, 423-4
Parish, Mr429
Pearce, Mary419
Pike, Mr429
Powell, John419
Prideaux, Mrs430
Pridham, Edward419
Priestly, Dr429
Prince, Rev John419, 423
Punchard, Henry418
Punchard, Joanna419
Reader, Rev Mr429
Reynell family428
Reynell, Mr428
Reynell, Mr Thomas428
Reynolds, Mr John425, 427
Rooke, Mr Arthur416-8
Rooker, Rev S429
Rooker, Mr W429
Rowe, James418
Rowe, Michael418
Rowell, John418
Saunders, Mr Richard425
Searle, Mr Edward413, 416-7
Searle, Sarah427
Searle, Mr William427
Sell, Mrs Anne418
Seymour, Sir Edward415
Shapleigh, Mrs Elizabeth418
Shapley, Mr William413, 416
Shaw, Edward418
Short, John418
Short, William418
Shorte, Thomas419
Shute, Thomas418
Simons, Mr413
Snow, Ann412
Snow, Robert MA412
Somerset, Duke of415
Southmead, Anne412
Southmead, Mr John412
Sparke, Mr John430
Sparrow, Dr Anthony415, 420
Steele, Mr Richard425
Symons, Robert416
Syms, Mr John423
Tolcher, Henry417-8
Tolcher, Maria419
Tucker, Mr William413
Usher, Archbishop425
Veale, William418
Vivian, Colonel414, 419-20
Walker, Dr424
Wallace, Rev James Cowden429
Wallace, Sophia Wilton429
Ward, Bishop420
Warren, Lydia418
Warren, Mr426
Watts, Dr427
Weeks, John418
Welsford, Mr Giles428
Westcott, John418
Whiddon, Anne412
Whiddon family414
Whiddon, Frances414
Whiddon, Francis Esq412
Whiddon, Francis MA412
Whiddon, Rev Francis MA412-8, 420-4
Whiddon, Mrs Joanna419
Whiddon, Sir John420
Whiddon, Judith421
Whiddon, Margaret412
Whiddon, Richard Esq420
White family424
White, Mr William418, 420, 427
William III414
Windeatt, Mr Samuel429
Windeatt, Miss Sophia Wilton429
Windeatt, Rev Thomas White420, 427
Wise, Mrs Susannah418
Woolcombe, Mr Robert412-3