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The M.P.s for the borough of Totnes

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 32, (1900), pp. 431-453.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

An original parliamentary borough of Totnes or Totness had been created in 1295. It returned two MPs to the House of Commons until 1801 then was abolished under the Representation of the People Act 1867 with effect from the 1868 election. Windeatt's list of MPs is taken from the Parliamentary Returns, to which he has added information about the lives of most of those listed. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Sir George Pownal451
Adams, William Esq448-9, 451
Aisshe, Johannes (Ayssh)432-3
Amyatt, James Esq447
Anderson, John Procter Esq449
Anne, Queen444
Arden, Charles George, Lord447
Arden, Charles George Percival, Lord447
Austyn, Henricus436
Ayssh, Johannes436
Baldwin, Mr Charles Barry450-2
Ball, Nicholas439
Ballard, Willielmus432
Barnard, Gilbert Lord447
Barnard, Lord Viscount447, 450
Barneburgh, Robertus435
Barrett family447
Barrett, Peter Esq446-7
Bastard, Augerus (Augustinus)432
Bateman, Mr444
Beale, Robert Esq439
Beauclerk, Lord George445
Bent, John Esq450
Bere, Elias435-6
Berkely, Henry436
Berry, Sir Thomas Knt442
Blount, William Esq451
Bloyard, Walterus432
Blakedon, Johannes de431
Bogan, William439
Bogans, Christopher Esq439
Boringdon, Lord450
Boson, Johannes436
Boughten, Robertus437
Brasyeter, Johannes435
Bredon, Willielmus434
Bremell, Henricus436
Broch, Henricus437
Brooking, Christopher439
Brounyng, Walterus (Browning)435
Brown, Launcelot the younger447
Buggin, Edward Esq439
Buller, Francis443
Buller Yarde Buller family447
Burland, Hon Sir John, Knt, LLD448
Burland, John Berkley Esq448
Burleston, Willielmus434-5
Burthogge, Dr Richard444
Button, Henricus434
Calf, Henricus434
Calwodlegh, Thomas437-8
Campbell, Lord448
Carolina, Queen447
Carr, Colonel445
Cary family443
Carye, George440
Chafe, Thomas Esq441
Champernown, Sir Arthur Knt438, 440, 445
Charles I440
Charles II441-3
Chesewell, Henricus436
Chester, Colonel446
Churston, Lord443, 447
Clerke, Sir Phillip Jennings Bt447
Clifford, Baron442
Clifford, Thomas Esq441-2
Cobbe, Thomas de433
Cobbeton, Johannes de433
Cobeton, Thomas de432-3
Cohew, Nicholas437
Cok, Johannes le433
Cok, Willielmus le433
Cokkys, Adam437
Colbeton, Henricus de431
Colston, Thomas Esq443
Cooper, Mr445
Coppelstone, Johannes434
Cornish, James Esq450
Cosyn, Willielmus436-7
Coulson, Thomas Esq444-5
Courtenay, Bishop Henry Reginald449
Courtenay, Thomas Peregine Esq449-50
Courtney, George Esq444
Crese, Willielmus435
Cromwell, Oliver441
Cromwell, Richard441
Danvers, Joseph Esq446
Darr, Leonard gent439
Dawkins, Colonel453
Dent, Mr John452-3
Desborough, Colonel John441
Desbrow, John Esq441
Devon, Earl of449
Dobbe, Johannes436
Dobyn, Johannes435
Dottyn, Walter439
Dunn, John Esq, MP452
Edgecombe family438
Edgecombe, Peter Esq438
Edgecombe, Sir Piers438-9
Edgecombe, Richard Esq438-9
Edward I431-2
Edward II432
Edward III432-3
Edward IV437
Edward VI438
Elizabeth I438-9
Esse, Johannes de432
Eveleigh, Gilbert gent441
Eveleygh, Johannes438
Farwell family450
Fonte, Johannes de431-2
Fortescue, Johannes437
Fowell, Sir John Bt443
Fowell, Willielmus437
Fowey, Richardus435
French, Anne435
Frensshe, Robertus434-5
German, Sir John Knt, Bt445
Gibbs, George Abraham448
Gibbs, Sir Vicary448-9
Gibbes, Johannes armig437
Gifford, Earl of452-3
Gildon, Henricus438
Giles, Edward Esq439
Giles, Sir Edward Knt439-40, 443
Giles, John Esq439
Gille, Thomas437
Gipps, Sir J443-4
Gisborne, Mr Thomas Guy451
Gough, Sir Henry Bt446
Gregory, Mr452
Grey, Johannes435
Grymel, Johannes434
Gunne, Johannes436
Gwdyr, Lord447
Gwyn, Francis Esq444-5
Gylle, Thomas jnr437
Hag, Vincentius434
Hall, Benjamin Esq449
Hamelyn, Robertus432
Haules, Joseph446
Hay, George452
Hayman, Nicholas439
Henry IV435-6
Henry V436
Henry VI436-7
Henry VII437
Henry VIII438
Hert, Henry437
Herte, Willielmus437
Hille, Thomas437
Hobbys, Johannes437
Hody, Willielmus437
Holditch, Philip gent439-40
Holmes, William Esq450
Hoto, Walterus435
Huddesdon, Johannes433
Hude, Johannes433
Hulle, Johannes436
James I439
James II440, 442-4
James, Radulphus434
Jennings, Sir John Knt447
Jennings, Philip Esq446-7
Jennings, Robert447
Keary, Johannes434
Kelland, Charles443
Kelland, John jnr442-3
Kelwaye, Simon gent439
Kennicott, Dr443
Kyrkby, Thomas436
Lake, Willielmus atte437
Laud, Archbishop440
Lloyd, Sir Richard446
Lloyd, Richard Savage Esq446
Mackenzie, Mr452
Mackworth, Sir Humfrey Knt444
Malleston, Michael de431
Mallock, Rawlyn Esq443
Mallock, Richard Esq443
Martyn, Johannes433
Mary, Queen438
Mayhoun, Willielmus433
Maynard, John gent440
Mayne, Mr John Thomas451
Medelond, Johannes437
Merssh, Simon436
Milford, Willielmus437
Mills, Thomas Esq452
Monur, Walter432
More, Johannes437
Morley, Earl of450
Mosevenn, Walterus434
Mounsor, Robert Esq439
Musgrave, Sir Christopher, Knt, Bt444
Noreys, Thomas435
Northleigh, Stephen445
Northumberland, Earl of439-40
Northwyk, Stephanus434
Oke, Walterus de435
Orange, William Prince of442
Owen, Dr441
Parrott, Jasper Esq450-1
Pasford, Johannes435
Passe, Johannes435
Paye, Johannes433
Pender, John Esq452-3
Peny, Thomas437
Peres, Johannes433
Person, Katherine432
Persoun, Willielmus432
Peues, Johannes433
Philip & Mary438
Phips, Henry447
Pier(e)'s, Johannes433
Pim, Captain Bedford453
Pitt, William448
Pley, Captain John441
Pollard, Sir Hugh, Knt, Bt, MP442
Poltymoor, Johannes435
Pomeray, Edward de la436
Pomeray family436
Pomeray, Henry de la436
Pomeray, Johannes436
Ponderman, William432
Pope, Johannes434
Porte, Nicholas de la431
Portman, William Berkeley448
Powlett, William Powlett Esq447
Pralle, Johannes437
Praul, John437
Prescete, Johannes (Presticote)434
Priestwood, George440
Priestwood, Thomas gent440
Prince, John439
Prontx, Johannes434
Pyle, Willielmus432
Pyn, Johannes de433
Pyn, Thomas433
Pytte, Joannes filius Roberti atte433
Queynte, Stephanus433
Rawlyn, Johannes435
Reynell, Walterus437
Ricardo, Mr Sampson452
Rich, Captain Robert445
Rich, Sir Robert445
Richard II435-6
Ritte, Johannes437
Rode, Richard439
Rowe, Johannes435-6
Rowe, William435
Ryder, Willielmus436
Savery, Christopher gent438-9
Savery family438
Savery, Richard gent438
Sayer, Exton LLD446
Sebryght, Johannes436
Serle, Walterus436
Seymour, Alfred Esq453
Seymour, Edward Esq443
Seymour, Sir Edward440, 443-4
Seymour, Edward Adolphus450
Seymour family439
Seymour, Captain George449
Seymour, Lord George447-8
Seymour, Henry Esq446
Seymour, Lord439, 442, 451-3
Seymour, William Esq444
Small, Mr Alexander445
Smyth, Ricardus437
Smythe, Barnardus438
Somaistre, Adam437
Somerset, Duke of439, 450-1, 453
Sopere, Johannes433
Southdown, John433
Sparry, Richard Esq439
Spek, Radulphus432
Spenser, Henricus436
Spicer, Walterus le432-3
Spycer, Thomas le432
St John, Oliver Esq440
Stoughton, Dr441
Strange, Sir John Knt446
Stratham, Johannes435
Strecheford, Thomas435
Strete, Stephanus433
Style, Willielmus434
Suell, Johannes435
Taylor, Charles Esq446
Titela, Willielmus MP432
Tregold, Thomas437
Trist, Browse Esq446
Tweeddale, Marquis of452
Tylia, Willielmus432
Ude, Johannes433
Veale, Galfridus432, 436
Vane, Hon Anne447
Vane, William Harry447, 450
Vane, Earl William Henry450
Voil, Walterus431-2
Wales, Carolina Princess of447
Waltham, Ricardus de431
Warwyke, Johannes436
Wastell, Robertus436
Well, Johannes atte (also de la Welle)431-2, 436
Westleigh, Johannes de433
Wercomb, Robertus434
Wercomb, Rogerus de434
Wercomb, Walterus de433-4
Werf, Hugo434
Whitelegh, Ricardus434-5
Whytyng, Nicholas434
William III443-4
William & Mary443
Willesdon, Walterus435
Wills, Charles Esq445-6
Wills, Sir Charles KB445-6
Wills, Mary445
Wills, Richard445
Winard, Anne435
Winard, Robert434-5
Wise, Ayshford Esq449
Wode, Johannes437
Wonard, Johannes434
Wonston, Alfredus436
Worthy, Johannes437
Wyat, Richardus438
Wych, Johannes437
Wyke, Petrus434
Wyke, Willielmus de434
Wynkfeld, Johannes435
Yarde, Edward jnr443-4
Yarde, Francis Buller Esq447
Yeo, Leonard, gent438
Zouch, Lord433, 436, 438