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Totnes: Its Mayors and Mayoralities Part II.

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 34, (1902), pp. 704-714.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Totnes' borough charter was granted by King John, probably in 1206. Totnes lost its borough status through local government reorganisation in 1974. It was served by Totnes electoral borough from 1295 until the reform act of 1867, but was restored by the 1884 Franchise Act. The constituency of Totnes was abolished a second time in 1983, and formed part of the South Hams until 1997, when it was restored as the Totnes county constituency: as such it returns one MP to Parliament. Totnes has a mayor who is elected by the 16 town councillors each year. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Richard gent549
Albemarle, Duke of535-6
Amyatt, William538, 544
Angell, John542
Austin, John544
Aylmer, Hon Matthew Esq548
Babbage, Charles540
Babbage, Roger540
Barry, Christopher538
Bath, John Earl of542
Beard, Edward549
Beard, Katherine541
Beare, Elizabeth546
Beare, John545
Belfield, John Esq550
Berry, Sir Thomas Knt544
Berryman, Roger535-6, 550-1
Bevis, Mr539
Blackhall, Thomas537, 545-6
Blackler, Richard536
Bogan, Walter gent538, 549
Bolton, Duke of549
Bolton, Lieutenant William548
Bowden, Mr Gregory540, 549, 551
Broad, William539
Brooking, John541-2
Browse, Nicholas gent544
Bruford, John550-1
Buckley, James546, 549
Burcher, David540
Burscough, Mr Robert541
Burthogg, Richard MD540, 547
Calmady, Jonas547
Carmarthen, Hon Marquis of548
Chapernowne, Arthur Esq544
Charles II535, 540-1
Clark, John537
Clarke, James Henwood548
Cleed, James538
Clifford family542
Cockey, George535
Cockey, James538
Cockey, Mordecai542
Cockey, Mr Richard547, 549
Codner, Philip538
Cooper, Mary544
Cooper, Tobias544
Courtenay, Sir William Bt544
Cross, Mr John542, 545, 550-1
Cummings536, 538
Darracott, Ann545
Edwards, Thomas540
Efford, John546
Farwell, Christopher542
Field, Nicholas537
Fletcher, John Esq548
Ford, Robert536-7
Ford, Walter547, 551
Fowell, Sir John Bt544
Fox, Anthony537
Fox, Mr Joseph550
George, Nicholas550-1
Gipps, Sir Richard Knt547
Goodinge, Christopher536
Goodridge, Anthony539
Gould, Markes536
Gould, Walter538
Hannaford, Richard536
Harlowin, John539, 541-2, 544, 549-51
Hart, Roope542
Harvey, Peter540
Harwood, Grace541
Hawkins, John537
Hernaman, George546
Hewitt, Mr537
Hodge, R541
Horwell, Isaacke542
Hyer, Samuel540
Inglett, Mr Giles542
James II541-3, 548
Jellinger, Mr Christopher (also Gillinger)546
Johnson, Richard535-6, 540
Jones, Mary537
Jope, John541
Kellond. John Esq537, 544
Kellond, Charles Esq544
Lamplugh, Dr Thomas536
Langdon, Mr Richard544, 549
Langmead, Nicholas539
Langworthy, Mr Edward550-1
Langworthy, Michael535
Lavers, John544
Leach, Sir Symon, Knt544
Mallock, Rawlyn Esq544
Manne, James545
Marks, George540
Martin, Richard538
Martyn, Thomas544
Matthews, Richard539
Maynard, Sir John542
Maynard, Sergeant537, 545
Michel, Reynell539
Miller, Richard535, 541, 545
Miller, Richard jnr539
Mitchell, Lieutenant Hercules548
Monk, Christopher535
Monk, George535
Monmouth, Duke of535
Morey, Mrs Elizabeth539
Orange, Prince of542
Parden, Elizabeth544
Phillips, Mr John547
Phillips, Philip538
Pierce, Adam537
Pole, John Esq544
Pomeroy, Elias Esq544
Pomeroy, Roger Esq544
Prideaux, Mr Edward551
Pridham, Edward541, 548-9
Punchard, Isaac547
Quicke, John542
Reeve, Christopher536
Reynell, Sir Richard549
Rodd, James541
Rolle, Denys Esq544
Rolle, John Esq544
Rooke, Mr Anthony535, 537
Rooke, Mr Arthur539
Rooke, George541-2
Rooke, Samuell544
Rowe, Christopher536
Rowe, Peter545
Searle, Edward535, 538
Searle, Lieutenant Henry548
Seymour, Edward jnr542
Seymour, Sir Edward, Bt535, 542, 544, 546-7, 550
Seymour, Henry Esq544
Seymour, Lady536-7
Shapleigh, Mr William535, 547
Snell, Alice541-2
Sparrow, Bishop536
Stafford, Hugh542
Stancombe, Tristram542
Strode, Richard Esq544
Symons, Robert542, 544, 549-51
Taylor, John gent546
Taylor, William544
Tidball, Samuell545
Tolcher, Henry539-40
Torr, Peter535, 540, 550-1
Townsend, Elizabeth536
Trowman, Alexander535
Tucker, John547
Tucker, Richard541
Vaughan, Lieutenant Francis548
Vavasour, Mrs Susannah546
Verulam, Thomas535
Wakeham, Ralph541
Walker, James Esq544
Waymouth, Mr John541-2, 544, 546, 550-1
Webb, Jeremiah544
Webber, Robert544
Webber, Thomas547
Weeks, William538
Whitaker, Captain Edward548
William & Mary542, 548
William III548, 550
Williams, Thomas Esq544
Willing, Thomas550-1
Willings, John jnr545, 548-9
Winchester, Marquis of549
Wood, Mary544
Wyse, John gent547, 549-51
Yonge, James536
Young, Chichester Esq545