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Part 2 - The Muniments of the Corporation of Totnes

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 34, (1902), pp. 704-714.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

By the 12th century, Totnes was an important market town, due to its position on one of the main roads of the South West, in conjunction with its easy access to its hinterland and the easy navigation of the River Dart. By 1523 it was the second richest town in Devon, and the sixteenth richest in England. In 1553, King Edward VI granted Totnes a charter allowing a former Benedictine priory building to be used as Totnes Guildhall and a school. In 1624, the Guildhall was converted to become a magistrate's court. It was also used as the town prison with the addition of prison cells, and remained a magistrate's court until 1974. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Dacres710
Adams, George Pownall Esq708
Adams, Henry Bentall710
Adams, Samuel707
Adams, William710
Adams, Mr William Dacres708
Adams, Mr William the younger706
Adams, William Pitt710
Amery, Mr P F S705
Amyatt, James Esq, MP705
Amyatt, John706
Anderdon, Oliver Esq710
Austyn, Claricia712
Austyn, Henry712
Ayllamare, John712
Ayllamare, Matilda712
Babbage, Mr Benjamin706
Babbage, Mr Charles706
Baker, George Bt707
Baldwin, Charles Barry Esq, MP710
Barnard, Lord Viscount, MP707
Bartlett, Thomas706
Bent, John Esq, MP709
Bent, Thomas Esq710
Bent, Mr Thomas Hamling709
Bentall, Mr Henry708
Bentall, John709-10
Bentall, Thornton708
Bentall, Mr William707, 709
Bentall, William Searle708
Bignall, Richard Roe Esq710
Birdwood, Mr Christopher708
Birdwood, Mr Peter708
Birdwood, Richard706
Birdwood, Dr Roger706
Birdwood, William Ilbert707
Blackall, Dr John708
Blake, Joseph709
Blatchford, John706
Boly, John712
Boys, James Esq707
Boys, Thomas707
Brown, Lancelot the younger Esq, MP706
Browse, Arthur710
Buller, Francis Esq705
Bundock, William Thomas710
Burland, John Berklry, Esq MP708
Calley, Christopher Clarke709
Calley, Mr William708
Carew, Harry710
Clarke, Mr Richard707
Cleneneburgh, William713
Cobeton, Henry713\
Cobeton, William713
Colby, Walter712
Cole, Mr John708
Cole, Richard709
Coombe, Joseph711
Cornish, Mr Charles708
Cornish, William Floyer709
Courtenay, Thomas Peregrine, Esq MP709
Courtenay, William Esq710
Coysh, Mr William708
Cozen, John712
Cranch, Mr Richard705, 709
Cridland, Henry711
Crocker, Walter713
Cuming, Francis Brooking709
Cuming, Mr Joseph708
Cuming, Philemon711
Cuming, Samuel the younger706, 709
Dacres, James Richard706
Dacres, Mr John707
Delburn, Henry713
Derry, Mr James707
Earle, Edward708
Earle, Robert Charles711
Edward II713
Edward IV711
Elford, Sir William Bt710
Elton, Edward Esq710
Epworth, Mr Farmery Pridam707
Evans, John711
Farwell, Arthur705-6, 708
Farwell, Mr Arthur the younger708
Farwell, Arthur Henry709
Farwell, Mr Charles708-9
Farwell, Christopher Esq705-6, 708
Farwell, George705-6, 708
Fitze, George711
FitzGerald, John Coghlan710
FitzGerald, Thomas709
Fogwill, John711
Forord, Mr William707
Froude, Rev Arthur Hurrell708
Frowde, Richard Hurrell710
Fulford, Baldwin Esq708
Fulford, Baldwin the younger710
Fulford, Francis710
Fulker, Richard712
Gassell, John711
Gay, James710
Giles, William709
Gill, James711
Gill, Robert Wills710
Gill, William709, 711
Goodridge, Mr Philip706
Grant, Alan Bolte712
Gutch, John Matthew Esq710
Hakewill, Geoffrey711-2
Hakewill, Joan712
Hakewyll, John (Hakewill)711-2, 714
Hale, John atte712
Hale, Mabil atte712
Hamalyn, Gilda712
Hamalyn, Matilda712
Hamalyn, Peter712
Hamalyn, Richard712
Hamalyn, William712
Hannaford, James711
Hannaford, Samuel710
Hannaford, William711
Hannaford, Mr William jnr708, 711
Harrison, Mr James706
Hannaford, Mr John706
Hart, Henry712-3
Hawkes, John706
Heath, Samuel711
Henry III713
Henry VI712-3
Hicks, Thomas Esq707
Hodall, John712
Hodge, Mr James707
Holberton, William711
Holditch, Samuel710
Holman, Walter709
Huddesdon, John de713
Hunt, Mr Thomas707
Huxham, John711
Huxham, Samuel711
Ilbert, Peregrine707
Ilbert, Roop Esq707
Ilbert, William Esq706
Jackson, Richard gent706
Jacobs, Lewis711
Jennings, Charles Philip Esq707
Jones, Winslow Esq711
Kellock, William710
King, Joseph Esq710
Kitson, Rev William708
Lane, Samuel706, 708
Lane, Thomas the younger706
Leach, William Pinney711
Lear, Thomas Esq707
Light, Private Thomas704
Luke, Mr James706
Lukin, John Esq710
Luscumb, John712
Luscombe, Mr Alexander Popham705-6, 710
Luscombe, Richard James gent706
Luscombe, Mr Thomas706
Lyde, John Alan706
Mallaston, Florence de712
Mallaston, Michael de712
Manning, Mr Richard706
Marcys, Robert712
Marshall, Mr Edward709
Marshall, Mr Richard708
Marshall, William709
Marshall, William the younger710
Matters, Private Sidney James704
Mildmay, Captain Francis Bingham, MP704
Michell, Mr Arthur Taylor708
Michell, Charles708
Mitchell, Mr John705
Michell, John Taylor707
Michell, Reynell gent707
Michell, Mr William Forord707
Milleward, Henry713
Mitchelmore, Charles710
Moore, Mr John707
Mortacumbe, Robert de713
Mudge, Samuel710
Mudge, Mr Thomas706
Neauaunt, Christine713
Neauaunt, Gervase713
Nicholls, Peter711
Old, John711
Oldrieve, Mr John709
Oldrieve, John the younger709
Paige, John Browne710
Paige, Richard708
Parrott, Jasper, Esq, MP711
Pitt, William706
Pond, Mr William707
Ponsford, Thomas711
Powlett, William Powlett Esq, MP707
Predam, Christopher Esq705
Presswell, George710
Prestwood, William707
Prideaux, Walter gent708
Prowse, John710
Richard II712
Richard III711
Roe, Henry Richard Esq709
Rogge, Geoffry712
Roope, William710
Roundall, Richard712
Rowe, William714
Rule, Mr Charles705-6
Rule, Charles Blachford710
Rule, Mr William706
Rundle, Mr Robert706
Savery, Thomas Field Esq710
Sawyer, James711
Scoz, Richard713
Searle, Mr John706, 710
Searle, John the younger709
Seymour, Rt Hon Lord George, MP707
Shore, Thomas710
Soper, Richard710
Soper, William711
Sparke, John711
Stacchaforde, Thomas712
Stokes, Mr Richard708
Strode, Richard Esq707
Sumpter, James711
Sumpter, Nicholas710
Tarring, John the younger707
Taunton, William Doidge709
Taylor, Charles708
Taylor, Mr George707
Taylor, Mr John705, 710
Taylor, John the younger708
Taylor, Thomas Hore708
Taylor, William the younger711
Templer, James Esq707
Thorlock, Agatha712
Thorlock, John712
Thorlock, Walter712
Tompson, Gilbert Northey709
Toms, Mr John707-8
Tope, Thomas710
Tozer, Mr Aaron709
Trist, Hore Browse Esq705-6
Trist, Mr James705-6
Tucker, Richard711
Tukker, Agnes713
Tukker, Richard713
Tudor, Charles709
Vane, Rt Hon William Henry707
Vassal, William Esq708
Vaysy, Joan711
Vaysy, Richard711
Venning, Richard711
Warde, Richard712
Waryn, Cecil714
Waryn, William714
Waterfield, Thomas Nelson709
Webber, Charles711
Webber, James711
Webber, William711
Welch, George709
Welch, Mr Thomas706
Welsford, Mr Giles706
Welsford, Mr William Adams708
Wilkinson, Thomas710
William, parson of Totnes713
Williams, Private Arthur704
Williamson, George Timothy710
Willis, James the elder711
Willis, James710
Windeatt, Captain Francis Knowles704
Windeatt, John709
Windeatt, Samuel the younger706
Windeatt, Mr Thomas White709
Windeatt, William Fabyan710
Wise, Mr Arthur708
Wise, Ayshford, Esq, MP709
Wise, George Furlong Esq707
Wise, John706
Wolston, John Esq706
Yabbicombe, John711
Yarde, Francis706
Yarde, Francis Buller Esq MP707
Yol, William le713
Zouch, William la713-4