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Totnes: Its Mayors and Mayoralities - Part IV.

Trans. Devon. Assoc. vol. 36, (1904), pp. 487-505.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Totnes' borough charter was granted by King John, probably in 1206. Totnes lost its borough status through local government reorganisation in 1974. It was served by Totnes electoral borough from 1295 until the reform act of 1867, but was restored by the 1884 Franchise Act. The constituency of Totnes was abolished a second time in 1983, and formed part of the South Hams until 1997, when it was restored as the Totnes county constituency: as such it returns one MP to Parliament. Totnes has a mayor who is elected by the 16 town councillors each year. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, John493-4
Adams, Mr William, MP494, 504
Adams, William jnr500-1, 503-4
Amyatt, Mr James494
Amyatt, John490-1
Babb, Mr Abraham493
Babbage, Benjamin488-90
Babbage, Mr Charles488
Babbage, Miss496
Bagwill, Mr William494
Baker, Mr Archdeacon493
Bastow, Mr John494
Bastow, William495
Bastowe, Mr Christopher494-5
Bastowe, Mr Daniel494
Bentall, William505
Bere, Mr John493
Birdwood, Dr Roger (also Burdwood)501, 503-4
Bogah, Jane502
Bolton, Duchess of504
Bolton, Duke of497, 501
Boys, James504
Braddon, Mr498
Braun, Edward494
Brockedon, Philip504
Brockedon, William504
Brooking, Nicholas Esq494
Brown, Mr500
Browne, William Esq488, 494
Burrell, Peter494
Chadder, William488-9
Champernowne, Arthur Esq488
Champernowne, Rawlin Esq493
Clarke, John489-94
Clarke, Mr Roger493
Clarke, Mr Thomas494
Clarke, Mr William493
Cockey, Philip Esq494
Cole, Richard496, 500
Cowell, William gent493
Cranch, Mr Richard493-5, 499
Crawthy, Mr499
Cuming, Mr Hugh494
Cuming, Mr John493
Cuming, Mr Richard493
Cuming, Mr Samuel493
Cuming, Mr William488-93
Derry, Mr James500, 505
Earle, Timothy Esq494
Edwards, Mr John494
Edwards, Richard Esq494
Epworth, Farmery Esq494, 503
Fabyan, Mrs Grace488-9
Farley, George498
Farwell, Dr Arthur488-93, 498-501, 503
Farwell, Mr Arthur, jnr494, 503-5
Farwell, Christopher, MD494-5, 499-500
Farwell, Mr George501, 503-5
Farwell, Mr500
Field, Richard Esq494
Fox, Josheph493
Fox, Mr Philip494
Fredricke, Sir Charles, Knt494
Gaye, Peter487
Gearing, Molly497
George II488
George III493, 495
Graves, Captain Samuel495
Greenwood, William Esq494
Gylbert, Pomeroy Esq494
Gylcerte, Rawleigh gent493
Hannaford, Mr496, 498
Harris, Betty496-8
Harris, Joan496-8
Harris John493
Harrison, Mr James503
Hawkes, Mr Hugh493
Hayne, John493
Heath, Henry495
Hernaman, Richard495
Hertford, Marquis of504
Holdsworth, Arthur Esq493
Hollers, John Esq494
Hurrell, Mr Richard493
Jackson, Mr Richard493
Jacobs, Mr497-8
Jenkins, John490-1
Jennings, Philip494
Kennicott, Rev Dr495
Kitson, William Esq493
Lane, John496-8
Langley, James495
Lavers, Mr George488-93
Lavers, Mr Henry494
Leare, Thomas Esq494
Lloyd, Richard Savage Esq494-5
Luke, Mr497
Luscombe, Mr Richard James500-1
Lyde, John Esq493
Maddicks, Mrs497
Mallock, Rawlin Esq488, 495
Marshall, John494
Marshall, Richard493
Marshall, Mr William494
Martin, Mr Henry501
Michell, Jane502
Michell, Lieutenant Reynell, RN502-5
Milman, Francis493
Mitchelmore, John496-8
Nosworthy, John494
Pack, Hannah497-8
Pawlet, Hon Charles493
Payne, Philip493
Payne, Mr William493
Pelarum, Mrs497-8
Perring, Mr Richard494
Perrott, Jasper495
Phillips, Mr John493
Phipps, Hon Henry501
Pitt, William504
Predam, Christopher Esq488-93, 499, 501, 503
Predam, Mr500
Predam, Mr Samuel493
Predam, Mr William494
Pridham, Christopher494, 499-500
Rogers, Frederick Esq494
Rowe, John MD494
Rule, Mr Charles494, 498, 504
Rule, Mr George (also Rull)487-8, 490-4, 499
Sandford, Dol497
Scobel, Mr S494
Seymour, Henry Esq490-1, 493
Soper, Mr496, 498
Southard, Mr John493, 500
Spooner, John495
Stocker, Anthony490-1
Strange, Sir John, Knt488
Taunton, Mr Joseph494-5, 499
Taylor, Charles Esq488, 493
Taylor, George487, 490-4
Taylor, Jane502
Taylor, Mr John501-2
Taylor, Mr497-8
Teape, Samuel488
Tope, John495
Tremlett, Mr Thomas493
Trist, Browse Esq488-93
Trist, Hore Browse Esq494-5, 499
Trist, Nicholas Esq493
Trist, Mr Thomas493
Trownson, Mr John493
Vavasor, Mr Josias Short493
Vavasor, Mr Luke493
Webber, Mr William494
Welsford, Mr Giles503
Wise, John Esq501, 503
Withercombe, Mr David493
Yard, Francis (also Yarde)501, 503-4