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The constitutions of the Merchants' company in Totnes 1579-93

Trans. Devon. Assoc. 40 (1908). pp 102-109.


E. Windeatt

Prepared by Michael Steer

Merchant's Guilds (or Companies) were established primarily for the purpose of obtaining and maintaining the privilege of carrying on trade. Having secured this privilege the guilds guarded their monopoly jealously. The organization of the merchant guilds is known from the constitutions or guild rolls that have survived. These documents are only four in number, but fortunately refer to towns in four different parts of England. They are the guild statutes of Berwick and of Southampton, and the guild rolls for Leicester and Totnes. This paper provides a wealth of information on the Totnes Guild. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. This rare book was produced from a copy held by the New York Public Library, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Adams, Mr Bernard162, 168
Adams, Laurence163
Adams, William the younger162, 164
Albemarle, Duke of148
Austien, Thomas162, 164
Averie, William162, 164
Babb, Christopher164
Babb, Mr Jeffery151-2, 162
Ball, Mr Nicholas149-50, 152, 162, 164
Barr, Lenoard162
Bateman, Rowland (also Beatman)163, 165
Beer, Edward163
Beer, John162
Benthall, Francis Esq148, 166
Berryman, Mr148
Blackall, Mr167
Blackall, William162
Blackaller, Richard149
Blackaller, William149
Blackhall, Mr Edward162, 164-5
Blackhall, Leonard162-3
Blackhall, Mr Richard162, 168
Blackhall, William164
Bogan, Richard168
Bogyns, Mr Walter150, 165, 168
Brodredge, Christopher162
Brokynge, Allin (also Brooking)163, 170
Brockynge, Christopher162, 164
Brookinge, William162, 164
Buckley, Mr, Jne148
Bugyns, Mr Richard162, 164-5
Bugyns, Walter (also Bogan)162, 164, 167
Bullye, Thomas162, 165
Bulman, Robert152, 162, 165
Came, Mr Mathew163, 170
Cape, Harrie162
Carie, Richard162
Carswell, Mr Hary (also Harrie)162, 164
Chappell, Mr Thomas168
Cotton, Mr W149
Crappe, Henry164
Crowte, Edward163
Crowte, Symon (also Crout)163, 165
Dalye, Valentine149
Dattyn, Harrie163
Dattyn, Leonard163
Dattyn, Richard162-3
Dattyn, Walter (1)162
Dattyn, Walter (2)162
Davis, Mr John149
Daw, Leonard164
Dottinge, Walter (also Dottin)163, 164
Dowse, Richard162, 164
Ducke, William149, 163-4
Dunne, Sir Daniel170
Edborough, Peter149
Elizabeth I148, 151-4, 164, 169
Englishe, Richard162, 164
Englishe, Walter163, 165
Everye, Mr Harry (also Henry)149-50, 162, 164
Every, John163
Everie, Mathew165
Everie, Nicholas162
Everie, Mr Richard the elder (also Every)150, 162, 164
Everie, Mr Richard the younger (also Every)150, 162, 164
Everie, Thomas162, 164
Gilbert, Mr Adrian149
Gilden, Phillipip162
Goodridge, Christopher149
Goodridge, Nicholas162, 164, 167
Gould, Edward162, 164
Hackwill, Mr Richard151
Hadicke, Mr John152
Hadicke, John the younger163
Ham, Mr John162
Hanks, John the younger163, 165
Hawckyns, Harrie (also Henry)162, 164
Hawks, John168
Hayman, Nicholas149, 151-2, 162, 164-5
Hayman, William163
Hingstone, James162
Hodge, John163
Holdech, Philip162
Holle, John162-3
Hull, Mr150
Hutchyns, Mr John149
James I169
John, Mr163
Kellande, Walter162, 165
Kellond, Walter164
Kellonde, Richard163, 165
Ketyngale, John163
Lane, Mr165
Langdon, Richard163
Langworthy, Mr148
Lapier, Roger167
Laskey, Allan164
Laskey, Bartholomew162-3
Laskey, John162, 164
Lee, Phillip164
Lee, Richard162-3
Lepie, Roger (also Lipie)162, 164
Lepie, Zachery163-4
Macey, Nicholas152, 162, 164
Martin, Mr John162
Martyn, ___164
Martyn, George163, 167
Martyn, John150, 152
Martyn, Peter163
Martyn, Richard164-5
Martyn, Thomas the younger162
Martyn, William162, 165
Mortemer, Richard the elder162, 164
Mortemer, Richard the younger162
Mortemer, Thomas163, 164
Newman, Mr Nicholas149, 162, 164
Norecot, William163
Nowlande, John162
Obye, Martin162, 164
Plumpleigh, Mr168
Pope, Thomas168
Pridise, E163
Prowse, Philip162
Russell, William163-5
Salisbury, R151
Saverie, Allyn162
Saverie, John (also Savery)162, 164, 167
Saverie, Richard162-3
Saverye, Mr Christopher149-52, 162, 164-5
Serall, Edward (also Searoll)162, 164
Serett, Mr Luke (also Sizret)149, 162, 164
Serett, Nicholas162, 164
Shackwell, Richard162
Shaplie, Mr John (also Shaplye)162, 165, 168
Sheare, Philip162
Shorto, Walter (also Short)162, 165
Southcotte, Thomas163
Trewlle, John163
Vayse, John162
Venman, Philip163
Voysey, Mr149
Voyze, John165
Wackham, Joan162
Wallis, Mr Christopher (also Walles)162-5
Wallis, William (also Walles)162, 164
Weaver, Walter163
Wever, Nicholas162, 164
Wever, Richard162
Wever, Thomas162, 164
Wever, Walter163, 165
Wise, Christopher163
Wise, John (also Wyse)150, 152, 162, 164
Wylson, Mr Thomas149
Wyse, John the younger165
Yrishe, George162