Transcribed from William White's History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Devonshire 1850, by Terry Partridge.

UGBOROUGH is a neat and pleasant village, on the slopes of an eminence, surrounded by higher hills, 2½ miles E. of Ivybridge, and N.N.E. of Modbury, and 1½ mile S.W. of Kingsbridge Road Station. Its parish contains 1532 souls, and 8659 acres of land, generally fertile, and extending westward to the river Erme. It includes several handsome mansions, and many respectable farm-houses, and the small hamlets of Ludbrooke, Cheston, Nilham, Wrangaton, Fileham, and part of Ivybridge. There is a conduit in the centre of the village, and the church stands on the crown of the hill, which commands delightful views. Large cattle fairs are held here on the last Tuesdays in May and November, and here was formerly a monthly fair. The manor of Ugborough (Ulgeberge,) belonged to Alured Brito at Domesday Survey. It afterwards passed to the Briwere, Loring, Bonville, Grey, Harris, and Palk families. The heiress of the latter married Sir H. Carew, whose son, Sir Walter Palk Carew, Bart., is now lord of this and other manors in this parish, which comprises 200A. of wood, 150A. of orchards, and 2631A. of open common, rising in bold hills on the north. S. Savery, G. Mitchell, W. Widdicombe, J. Lang, J. P. Sawyer, and J. L. Templer, Esqrs., have estates here, and part of the parish belongs to several smaller owners, mostly freeholders. FOWELLSCOMBE, the large and handsome seat of Servington Savery, Esq., is a fine mansion, in the Tudor style, delightfully situated about a mile from the village. It was built in 1537, by Sir Thos. Foswell, whose family resided here for many generations. Sir Edmund Fowell was created a baronet in 1661, and on the death of his grandson, the last baronet, the estate passed to the Champernownes. It was afterwards held by the Herberts and Kings. The mansion has been enlarged in modern times, and contains many large and elegant apartments. Its ground are extensive, and tastefully laid out, and command charming views. Ludbrooke and Fileham were the seats of families of their own names, and Stone was long held by the Damarells. The Church is a large and handsome structure, with a lofty embattled tower, and a richly ornamented stone pulpit. It is in the perpendicular style of the 15th century, and the interior is about to be cleansed of the many coats of whitewash which now disfigure the beautiful capitals and mouldings. The vicarage, valued in K.B. at £20, and in 1831 at £260, is in the patronage of the Grocers' Company, London, and incumbency of the Rev. John May, B.A., who has a good residence, and 70A. of glebe. The rectorial tithes were appropriated to Plympton Priory. In 1768, Cphr. Savery, Esq., sold nearly the whole of these tithes to the principal landowners, and the remainder, with the advowson, to the Grocers' Company. By a commutation in 1842, the vicar has £185, and Sir W. P. Carew £202 yearly, in lieu of tithes. The poor parishioners have 50s. a year, out of Rope-ridge-field, left by Sir John Fowell. Sir John Kempthorn, an eminent naval commander, who died in 1679, was born at Witchcombe, in this parish. The Independents have a small chapel here.


Marked 2, are at Bawcombe; 3, Caton; 4, Fileham; 5, Ludbrooke; 6, at Wrangaton; 7, at Cheston; and 8, at Ivybridge.

Baker Ann, schoolmistress
Crimp George, saddler
Crocker Lieut. Hy., R.N., Newhouse
May Rev. John, B.A., Vicarage
Middleweek Robt. cattle dealer
Mitchell George, Esq. Venn
Sanders Mr John
Savey Servington, Esq., Fowellscombe
Sawyer Jno. Pearse, Esq., Fileham
Soper Mr Henry
Templer John Line Esq., Torr hill
Toms Mr Richard, Quarry
Velvin Robert, butcher
White Arthur, steward to Sir W. P. Carew
Widdicombe Wm. & Son, (John,) auctioneers & land surveyors and agents, Hey and Ludbrooke
Willing Mr Samuel, Peepmill cottage


Lavers John, Earlescombe
Parker Alexander, Owley Mill
Parker Edward, Bittaford Mill
Torr ____, Turtley Mill


Anchor, John Rogers
Aven Inn, (empty,) Newhouse
Carew Arms, Henry Langworthy
Church House, Philip James
8 Grocers' Arms, Wm. Atwill
Horse & Groom, S. Truman, Bittaford
Ship, John Newman


8 Blackmore Ts.
Garratt John


5 Bowey Richd.
Dodderidge Jph.
Henley Richard
6 Mumford Jno.
Newman John


Hurrell Henry
Kent Thomas
Moore Wm.
Scoble Joseph
Stentiford Chas.


Horswill Henry
Jeffrey Wm.
Watts Wm.

FARMERS. (* are Owners.)

Beable Edward
Beable Thos.
Beable Wm.
8 Blight Philip
Bradridge Thos.
Cole Richard
7 Crocker John
Crossing Thos.
4 Cuming Geo.
8 Curber John
Denbow John
7 Dennis Wm.
Dewdney Thos.
Gill Wm.
Goodman James
Heath J., Turtley
Hewitt John
* 2 Hodder Stvn.
* 2 Hodder Wm.
Hosking R., Stone
Kingwell Isaac
* Lang Jno. Z. S.
Lang Wm. & J.
Lavers Wm.
Luscombe Geo., Witchcombe
Luscombe Saml.
Luscombe Thos.
Luscombe Wm.
Marshall John
Matthews Henry
Middleweek Pp.
Moysey Nichls.
6 Newman Thos.
Newman Wm.
Paige Francis
4 Parsons Wm.
Pearn Joseph
Pulleyblank Fdk.
Pulleyblank Jno.
Sanders Thomas
Sherwill James
Sherwill Thos.
Smerdon Robert
Stolley David
Stroud Wm.
4 Tapson Wm.
Trist John
Trist Wm.
Veale Samuel
Velvin Robert
Wakeham John, Monks moor
6 * White John
* Widdicombe S.
Winter Richard
Wotton Wm., Tor


Baker Wm.
Hurrell Richard
Lethbridge Rd.
Lethbridge Rt.
Mabin Wm.


Chapple Eliz.
Ford Robert
Jeffrey Robert
Prettejohn Wm., Newhouse
Stentiford Chas.
Toulcher Wm.
Vollett _____


Beare John
Beare Robert
Toulcher Wm.
Tucker Thos.


Beable Edward
Willing G., Caton

at Rt. Beare's. Letters desp. 4 afternoon.

Trns. from Kingsbridge Road & Ivybridge stns.

To Plymouth, Veale & Toulcher, Thurs. & Sat.
To Totnes, Wm. Toulcher, Tu., &
To Kingsbdg. Monday