Memorial Plaque in the Church at Uplowman

To the Glory of god and in Memory of the Following Men of this Parish or 
connected with it who served their King and Country in The Great War. 

(These names are in two columns)

Fred Anderson           4th Devons              
George Anderson         4th Devons              
Archibald Bristow       4th Devons              
Arthur L. Bidgood       8th Devons              
William H. Bidgood      3rd Worchester          
George Bruce            Devon                   
John Chave              19th Machine Gun Corp   
John Cottey             H.M.S. Ness             
William Cottey          4th Devon               
Samuel R. Cottey        Machine Gun Corp        
Henry Cornish           10th Devons             
John Cottrell           Royal Flying Corp       
Richard Crook           R.E.                    
Ivan Crook              H.M.S. Coventry         
William H. Crook        3rd Devons              
Ernest Drew             8th Devons              
William Dunn            1st Devons              
John Dunn               8th Devons              
Frank Davis             7th Worchester          
Nicholas H. Germon R.E. Canada                  
Herbert B. Greenslade   4th Devons              
Hernest Hussey          6th Devon               
Walter J. Hussey        Royal West Kents        
Joseh Hucker            3rd Devons              
Albert C. Kingdom       Royal Marines           
John Norman             8th Devons              

William Norman          8th Devons
James Norman            3rd Devons
Herbert Pugsley         5th Dorsets
Frederick G. Pugsley    R.M. Devison
William Pugsley         3rd Hants
William Pearcey         10th R. Hussars
William Parker          8th Devons
Frederick W. Redwood    R.F.A.
John Rendell            Ox. & Bucks
Albert W. Rabjohns      8th Devons
Albert E. Sweet         N.Z. Mtd. Rifles
William H. Sweet        Austr. Machine G. C.
Arthur H. Scorse        Dorset Regt.
Daniel Sharland         Army Vet. Corp
Stanley Trevelyan       R.M.L.I.
Charles L. Trevelyan    Devons.
Walter J. Trevelyan     R.E.
James Trevelyan         R.E.
George C. Trevelyan     R.F.A.
Percy J. Trevelyan      H.M.S. Impregnable
William B. Trevelyan    M.I.A.S.C.
William J. Vickery      W. Som. Yeomanry
William Vickery         3rd Devons.
Albert C. Ware          Duke of Cornwall's L.I.
William Wright          8th Devons.

This Tablet (with the Window opposite recording the names of those who fell) 
was erected by Parishioners and Friends to commerate the share taken by this 
Parish in the great struggle of our Country and her Allies with the Central 
Powers of Europe.  And in grateful recognition of the courage and devotion of 
those who fought by sea and land in in the air, to avert the peril which 
threatened to enslave England and the World.

End of Plaque.

Transcribed by Martha Merson Frost. Emailed copies of a photograph of this plaque are available on request.

Brian Randell, 16 Nov 1999