Upottery Parish Registers


These Upottery parish register transcriptions, covering the years 1559 to 1902, have been made by Roy Parkhouse <roy[at]parkhouse.org[dot]uk> using fiche copies obtained from the Devon Record Office (DRO). Post-1837 marriage registers have not been included because the DRO state they are unable to copy them for sale since they belong to the Registrar General. Permission has been obtained from the Upottery Parochial Church Council (via the DRO) to publish the transcriptions here.

Sources for the Transcriptions

Abbreviations used


1761-1779 1793-1812
1823-1902 - ACKLAND to LEEK 1823-1902 - LEMON to YOUNG
1823-1902 - Unknown Surname  

An example of publishing the banns:

Publish the Banns of Marriage Between William Willims Sojourner of this Parish and Jane Mey of the Parish of Clayhidon if any of you Know Cause or Just Impediment why these two Persons Should not be joined together in holy Matrymony ye are to Declare it.
Dated February 17th 1805
February 24th
March ye 3rd

(Transcribed from Devon County Council fiche UPOTTERY PR 5,6 number 7.)
1702-1902 - ABBOTT to CULVERWELL 1702-1902 - CUMSTOCK to HUTCHINS
1702-1902 - HYATT to PYM 1702-1902 - PYNE to TUCKER
1702-1902 - TURNER to YARD 1702-1902 - Unknown Surnames

1702-1902 - ADDINGTON to CLARKE 1702-1902 - CLEAK to GREIG
1702-1902 - GUNNINGHAM to LOVERIDGE 1702-1902 - LOWE to PYM
1702-1902 - QUANT to STARK 1702-1902 - STEPHENS to YOUNG
1702-1902 - Unknown Surnames  

1702-1837 - ABBOT to GOLDSWORTHY 1702-1837 - GOODLAND to PYM
1702-1837 - PYNE to ZAME 1702-1837 - Unknown Surname