The Sources for the Transcriptions


These Upottery parish register transcriptions, covering the years 1702 to 1902, have been made by Roy Parkhouse <roy[at]parkhouse.org[dot]uk> using fiche copies obtained from the Devon Record Office (DRO).

The following fiche copies were used:

MF 3-5Baptisms, Burials1702/3-1768
MF 5,6Marriages1761-1792
MF 6,7Marriages1792-1812
MF 7Marriages1813-1837
MF 21,22Banns1823-1858
MF 13,14Banns1859-1894
MF 14-16Banns1898-1952
MF 8,9Baptisms, Burials1768-1812
MF 9-11Baptisms1813-1842
MF 11,12Burials1813-1862
MF 17,18Baptisms1842-1872
MF 22-24Baptisms1872-1931
MF 25-35Marriages1838-1939
MF 18-20Burials1862-1948