by The Rev. F. B. Dickinson
[Devonshire Assoociation Vol 33 (1901]

Transcribed by Jean Harris of Toronto, Ontario

This article gives a brief history of the parish Venn Ottery and includes a transcription of the parish registers from 1596 to 1680. It should be noted that, due to the upheaval during the years of the English Civil War (1642 to 1660), no church registers were kept for baptisms, marriages and burials However, for the years 1653 to 1660 a local parish official was appointed as Parish Register to record all births, marriages, burials and Venn Ottery is one of the fortunate parishes where these records have survived. Their Parish Register was appointed in November 1653:

The Firste daye of November 1653

A Certificate was brought unto me under the hands of the maior pte of the pishioners of Venottery in this county of Devon that they had chosen Richard Collins of the same pish to be their Register, for entering of such Marriages, Births & Burialls as shall happen wthin the said pish of Venottery: And for the due performance thereof hath taken his oath before me, the daye & yeere above written.

Joh: Tyrlinge

This old register must have been "lost" until 1838 as the Revd Dickinson quotes from a letter fastened inside of it:

Exeter, Nov. 29, 1838

MY DEAR SIR, - The accompanying Book is the relic I discovered in my Archives. It must have been preserved there for years - but how it travelled from one dormitory to the other is beyond my explanation. For its healthy appearance you are indebted to that indefatigable antiquarian Pitman Jones who took a fancy to have it put into gold & letters at his own expense - I am glad to restore it to its proper depository trusting that many years have yet [to] come ere' it will be handled by other hands than yours.

I am dear Sir,

               Yrs very faithfully

                             CHAS. HY. TURNER

The Rev. M. TUCKER


BAPTISMS 1596-1680
d. daughter; s. son; w. wife
1596 SMITH Wilmott xvijth April d. Charells
1596 CLARKE Joane December no names
1596 CLARKE Dyana iiij December d. John
1596 WHITNIGHT Catheren xxv February d. James
1596 BOWDON John xviij June no names
1598 BUCKNELL William xiiij July s. William
1599 CLARKE John xiiij June s. John
  WISE William xix Auguste s. Thomas
  CLARKE Thomas xxiiij August s. Gilbert
1602 WISE John xxv Aprill s. Thomas
1606 FROST Christopher xj April s. Georg
1606 CLARKE Charells xxth Julie s. John
1606 DARBY Ann xxjth November d. Gilbert
1608 AXE Mary 24th Aprill d. Amye
1608 HYND William 4th October s. Richard
1608 HEMAN Mathye vjth June s. John
1608 HEMAN John xxijth September s. Richard
1608 CLARKE Henry vijth February s. John
1609 FROST Humphry xxj May s. George
1609 HYND Marye xxvijth November d. Rychard
1610 HEAMOND Margeye first October d.John
1611 HINE Elline fore & twenyth June d. Rychard
1611 WEBBER Anne 8th September d. Frances
1611 ROW Edward 12th February s. Willia.
1611 WEBBER Elizabeth 9th February d. Fraces
1613 HYND Nathaniel & Hillinge xii April ss. Rychard
1613 HEAMOND Amye 9 Maij d. Jhon
1613 HEAMOND als CLARKE Johan xxxjth Maij d. Jhon CLARKE
1614 ROW Nicholas xth September s. Willia
1615 COUCKE Andrew 23rd April s. Andrew
1616 HAYMON Michael 4th May s. John
1615 BERYE Elizabeth 23rd April d. John
1615 EBDON Elizabeth 10th August d. Thomas
1615 WHITEROW Jhon 17th September s. Christopher
1615 PENEYE John 18th October s. Henerye
1616 WEBBER Mary 15th December d. Francis
1616 COOKE Mary 19th January d. Andrew
1617 WHITROWE Annis 19th April d.Christofer
1617 SOUTHWOOD Mary 12th September d. Michaell
1617 EBDON John 17th February s. Thomas
1618 COOKE Joane 7th August d. Andrew
1618 PENNYE Richard 18th November s. Henry
1618 WESTCOTT Bennet 28th December s. John
1618 GOAFE John 14th January s. Richard, gent
1618 WHITROWE Mary 7th March s. Christopher
1619 PALFREY James ixth Maij s. William
1619 PALFRIE Catterine ij Auguste d. Edwarde
1619 HAMON James 29th September s. John
1620 HILL John first October s. Robert of Woodbury
1620 WHITROWE Thomas xxiiijth Februarye s. Christopher
1621 PALFREYE Margerett xii Januarye d. William
1621 PALFREY Johannes nono die Februarij filius Edward
1622 STOCKES Janna primo die Maie filia Richardi
1622 PENNY Hellena sexto die Januarij filia Henrici
1624 STOCKES Hanna 29th September d. Richard & Katheren
1625 PALFERIE Mary 26th June d.William & Petternell
1625 LEE Mary 21th August d. Thomas & Mary
1627 STOKES Elizabetha tertio die Maij filia Richi.
1627 PINN Thomas 27 die May filius Thomas
1627 LEE Johana 29 die July filia Thomas
1627 KEIRSLAKE Prudeus 16 die Septembris filia Johi
1627 CUNNANT Willimus 25 die Februarij filius Willimi
1628 PENNEY Maria 25 die Aprilis filia Henrici
1627 HEATH Willimus 26th die Julij filius Willimi
1627 WHITROWE Elizabetha 30 die Julij filia xpheri
1627 GAISSERY Agneta 25 die Octobris filia Johis
1627 PALFREY Susanna quart die Januarij filia Willimi
1629 STOKES Joane 25th November d. Richarde
1629 KEIRSLAKE James xxth December s. John & Elixabeth
1629 LEE John xxvijth December s. Thomas & Mary
1629 HEATH Christian xxjth Februarie d. Wiliam & Christian
1630 PYNNE Elizabetha decimo sext Maij filia Thomas
1630 FROST Maria octav die Augusti filia Georgij et Marrian
1631 STOKES Richarde xixth November s. Richarde & Katheren
1631 WARE Richarde 10th March s. Frances & Agnis
1632 HAYMAN Marie nynth September d. Mathii
1632 WHITROE Richarde xvjth September s. Christopher & Mary
1632 LEE Thomas Thirde March s. Thomas & Mary
1633 PYN John xijth May s. Thomas & Elizabeth
1633 KERSLAKE John vijth July s. John & Elizabeth
1633 HAYMAN Margery xijth January d. Matthew & Mary
1633 FROST Humpfry ixth February s. Humpry & Jane
1634 WARE Samuel xxxth March s. Frances & Agnes
1634 CLAPP Elizabeth First January s. Richarde & Yeede
1634 PYN Mary First February d. Thomas & Elizabeth
1634 PALFREY Thomas xvth February s. William & Petronile
1635 HALL Susanna xxiiijth June d. Philip & Marie
1635 STOKES Marie xxjth October d. Richarde & Katherine
1635 HAYMAN Jone xvth January d. Matthew & Mary
1635 WARREN Richard xvjth January d. Richard & Julian
1635 LEE Richard xixth March s. Thomas & Mary
1636 HALL Thomazin iiijth August d. Phillip & Marie
1636 BALEHACHED Marie xxvijth November d. Andrew & Ruth
1636 CLAPPE Deborah xviijth Decenber d.. Richard & Yeede
1636 WARE Robert xxijth January s. Frances & Agnis
1636 FROST Rose xixth February s. Humphry & Jane
1637 BANDE Richard viijth October base borne s. Darothie
1637 BYRCH Isacke xixth October s. Isacke & Jane
1637 WARREN John xixth November s. Richard & Julian
1637 MARKER Thomas xxjth December s. Henerye & Willmet
1638 PIN John eight April s. Thomas & Elizabeth
1638 ROWE Richard xijth August s. Edward & Anstis
1638 HAYMAN Matthat xxiiijth August s. Matthew & Mary
1638 BALEHATCHED Andrew xth February s. Andrew & Ruth
1638 CLAPP Richard xth March s. Richard & Yeade
1639 FROST George xvth April s. Humphry & Jane
1639 MIDWYNTER Florence iiijth August d. William & Florence
1639 CLARKE Henery xviijth August s. Henery & Margery
1639 WARE George xxijth September s. Frances & Agnis
1639 CLARKE Hanna xxth October d. William & Mary
1639 WARRIN Thomas xvjth February s. Richard & Julyne
1639 CHURCHILL Anne xxiijth March d. Charles & Anne
1640 CLAPP Mary xxvth April d. Richard & Yeade
1640 RADFORD Roger tenth January s. Roger & Anne
1640 MARKER Jane vijth February d. Henery & Wilmott
1640 FROST William vijth February s, Humpfry & Jane
1641 BALCHATCHETT Thomas xxixth May s. Andrew & Ruth
1641 LYN Katherine xxijth June d. Thomas & Elizabeth
1641 PODBERIE Margery xvijth September d. Thomas & Martha
    (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Curate
1645 BALCHATCHETT Christopher iiijth October s. Andrew & Ruth
1645 RADFORD Jane xvivth October d. Roger & Anne
1646 PENNY Ellinor xxth April d. Richard & Dorothy
1646 ELLIOT Mary 30th April d. Thomas & Katherine
1646 WESTCOTT Joane 21th May d. Benedict & Thomasin
1646 WARREN Mary 28th October d. Richard & Thomasin
1647 LOUERAINE William three and twentieth August s. William & Mary
1647 PARBURY Richard 23th September s. Willm. & Jane
1647 FROST Jane eleuenth December d. Humfrey & Jane
    (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Curate
1647 PARBURY Joane twelth January d. Roger & Rebecca
1647 WHEELER Thomas three & twentyeth August s. Henry & Joane
1648 GRAUNT James second April s. Richard & Beaton
1648 PARBURY Margaret eleventh May d. Henrye & Elizabeth
1648 SEAMAN John eleuenth May s. Thomas & Marye
1648 MORRIS John & Samuell nineteenth May ss. George & Willmot
1648 WARREN Prudence twelth July d. Richard & Thomasin
1648 WARE Thomas twenty sixth July s. Francis & Agnes
    (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Curate
1648 RADFORD Joane thirtyeth Julye d. Roger & Anne
1648 PENNY Richard tenth August s. Richard & Dorothy
1648 PHILLIPS Thomas twenty fourth September s. Thomas & Elizabeth
1648 BALHATCHET Elizabeth twenty sixt October d.. Andrew & Ruth
1648 BASTONE Jane twenty fourth January d. Henry & Frances
1648 PARBURY Catherine twenty seuenth December d. William & Jane
1648 HEYMAN John fourteenth February s. John & Dorothy
1648 MAINE Joane seuenth March d. James & Mary
    (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Minister
1649 LOUERAINE Andrew fift November s. Willm & Mary
1649 TAYLOR George fift November s. George & --
1649 HAYMAN Dorothy one & twentyeth November d. John & Dorothy
1649 PARBURY John ninth February s. Roger & Rebecca
1649 GRANT Joane second March d. Richard & Beaton
1649 WISLAKE Mary sixt March d.. GeorgE & Agnes
1649 PIN Samuell sixteenth March s. Thomas & Elizabeth
1650 PENNY Joane ninth May d. Richard & Dorothy
1650 RADFORD Katherine twenty ninth September d. Roger & Anne
    (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Minist:
  PALFRYE Below the above (and) upside down, is one partly erased Wyllyam Palfre the sonne of Thomas also was baptized  
1650 MAINE James sixteenth October s. James & Mary
1650 CHICKE Charles second December s. Thomas & Thomasine
1650 PARBURY Emmitee nineteenth December d. William & Jane of Metcome
1650 WARREN Rosemary twentyeth December d. Richard & Thomasin
1650 CHURCHILL Thomas sixth February s. George & Thomasine
1650 HART Charles nineteenth March s. Thomas & Ellen
1651 WHEELER Mary first Aprill d. Henry & Joane
1651 PHILLIPS Roger tenth August s. Thomas & Elizabeth
1651 STONINGE Richard eighteenth December s. Robert & Joane
1651 CRUSE Mary second February d. Andrew & Joane
1651 STONINGE Isaac third March s. John & Mary
1651 PALFREY John tenth March s. James & Grace
1652 LOUERAIGNE Margaret fourteenth Aprill d. William & Mary
1652 SEAWARD Thomas fourth Maye s. Michaell & Susanna
1652 WISLAKE Thomas eleuenth August s. George & Agnes
    Richard COLLINS Register 1653  
1653 CHURCHILL no name eighteenth November first sonne of George and Thomasine borne eighteenth November and was buried the nineteenth of the same month
1653 CHICKE Joane twenty seconde December d. Thomas & Thomasine
1653 LOUERAINE John 24th February s. William & Mary
1653 ELLIOT Joseph sixth March s. Thomas & Katherine
1653 SEAWARD Michaell seaventh March s. Michaell & Susanna
1654 RADFORD Grace 25th June d. Roger & Anne
1654 PODBURY Margery seaventeenth January d. William & Jane
1654 PALFRAY William twentieth January s. James & Grace
1654 MOORE Jane laste day January d. Alexander & Joanna
1654 MARKER Richard twenty fourth March s. Richard & Dorothie
1655 CHURCHILL Ambrose thirteenth May s. George & Thomasine
1655 WARREN Francis (sic) ninteenth September d. Richard & Thomasine
1656 RADFORD Roger third April s. Roger & Anne
1656 LOUERAINE Robert 8th September s. William & Mary
1656 ELLIOT Joseph ioth September s. Thomas & Katherine
1656 GODFREY Gilbert seconde Nouember s. Thomas & Thomasine
1656 SEAWARD Susanna eleauenth February d. Michaell & Susanna
1657 CHURCHILL Agnes 25th March d. George & Thomasine
1657 HARTE Richard first April s. Thomas & Elionar
1657 RADFORD Mary 23rd June d. John & Mellany
1657 WARREN Dorcas last day July d. Richard & Thomasine
1657 PALFRAY James 25th August d. James & Grace
1657 HAYNE Sarah 14th March d. John & Susan
1658 STOAKES Thomas 23rd August s. Richard & Rebeckah
1659 RADFORD John 25th July s. John & Mellany
1659 LOUERIN George 20th August s. William & Mary
1659 CHURCHILL George 25th November s. George & Thomasine
1659 PALFRAY Thomas 23rd January s. Thomas & Mary
1660 GODFRY Thomas 23rd May s. Thomas
1660 HAYNE Susanna 7th June d. John & Susanna
1660 STOAKES James 14th September s. Richard & Rebeckah
1660 PALFRAY Richard 26th October s. James & Grace
1661 BASTONE Thomas 26th June borne bapt. 18th July following s. Henry & Barbara
1661 WARREN Sarah b(n) 4th September b(ap) 22nd of the same d. Richard & Thomasine
1661 GODFRY Grace b(n) 19th January & bap. 30th d. Thomas & Grace
1661 CHURCHILL Charles b(n) 25th February bap. seconde March s. George & Thomasine
1662 PALFRAY William seaventh May s. Thomas & Mary
1662 CARSLAKE John b(n) seaventh May bap. 22nd s. John & Margaret
1662 PODBURY Joane b(n) 12th July bap. 27th d. William & Jane
1662 STOKES Gilbert b(n) 26th September bap seconde Octobr s. Richard & Rebeckah
    From Nov. 1662 these are BAPTISMS  
1662 DAGGERY Michaell 6th November s. Richard & Margaret of Harpford
1663 KELLINGE Richard 16th November s. Thomas & Jane
1663 CARSLAKE Sarah 16th November d. John & Margaret
1663 PALFRAYE Mary 25th February d. Thomas & Mary
1664 PIGEON Sarah 14th April d. Sarah of Harpford
1664 CHURCHILL Thomas laste day July s. George & Thomasine
1664 PITFILL Agnis 26th January d. John & Sarah
1665 CARSLAKE Edward 27th March s. John & Margaret
1665 LOVERIN Thomas 22nd November s. William & Martha
1665 CHANON Mary 11th january d. Nicholas & Margery
1665 STOKES Honor 24th February d. Richard & Honor
1665 CHICKE Thomas 9th March s. Thomas & Mary
1665 CARSLAKE Mary 16th August d. James & Katherine
1666 WARE Henry sixth September s. Samuell & Francis
1666 PALFRAYE Grace 8th November d. Thomas & Mary
1666 FARRANT Joane 26th Decenber d. Charles & Joanna
1666 PITTFEILD John 11th January s. John & Sarah
1666 RADFORD Rose 14th March d. John & Mellany
1667 RADFORD Richard 27th October d. Andrew & Elizabeth
1667 CARSLAKE Robert first December s. John & Margaret
1667 PITTFEILD Sarah 13th January d. John & Sarah
1667 CHICKE John 13th February s. Thomas & Mary
1667 STOKES John 14th February s. Richard & Honor
1667 LOVERIN Richard 12th March s. William & Martha
1668 MITCHELL Thomas seconde Aprill s. Roger & Mary of Otery
1668 CHANNON John seconde Aprill s. Nicholas & Margery
1668 LIDFORD Nicholas 9th Aprill s. Nicholas & Tomsine of Otery
1668 PILE George 29th May s. Samuell & Jane of Ailsbeare
1668 WARE Elizabeth 21th February d. Samuell & Frances
1669 PALFRY Johan 15th December d. Thomas & Mary
1669 PRESSON Peeter 26th December s. Henry & Susannah
1669 KIRSLAKE John 28th December s. Jo. & Margaret
1670 STOKES Katherine 23rd August d. Richard & Honor
1672 CARSLAKE Thomas 12th January s. John & Margaret
1672 MITCHELL Elizabeth 16th March d. Roger & Mary
1672 BOUDEN Agnes tenth July d. Richard & Mary
1672 HANN Jane 18th August d. Alexander & Mary
1672 HORNE John 26th December s. Peter & Margaret
1672 LOVERIN Anne 21th March d. William & Martha
1673 STOKES Elizabeth 25th March d. Richard & Honor
1673 PITTFEILD Joyce first Aprill d. John & Satah
1673 WARE Sarah 24th Aprill d. Samuell & Frances
1673 CRUCHET Thomas last day July s. Thomas & Grace of Harpford
1673 PALFRY Peter 8th September s. Thomas & Mary
1673 FARRANT Richard 21th December s. Richard & Jone of Ottery
1673 ENGLAND George first of March s. Richard & Dorothy
1673 LOVERIN Anne 28th March d. William & Martha
1674 RADFORD Jane last of May d. John & Anne
1674 CHANNON John 11th July s. John & Bridget
1675 PITTFEILD Jane not recorded d. John & Sarah
1675 ENGLAND Willia. 17th february s. Richard & Dorothy
1676 CHANON Nicholas 4th May s. Nicholas & Margery
1676 RADFORD Andrv 24th May s. Andry & Elizabeth
1676 LOVERING Andrv 25th May s. William & Martha
1676 KARSLAKE Mary 22nd June d. John & Margaret
1676 SPARE Humpfry 5th July s. James & Jane
1676 RADFORD George 12th September s. John & Ann
1676 MICCHILL Rebecca 14th September d. Rogger & Mary
1677 PALFRY John fift day of Jluy s. Thomas & Mary
1677 PORTBURY Johan 22nd Aprel d. Henry & Mary
1677 PALFREY John 5th July s. of ? not recorded
1677 MARCH James 26th November s. Richard & Dorothy
1677 PENNY John 15th December s. John & Jane
1677 RADFORD Hanna 15th February d. Andru & Eleszabeth
1677 PITFILD Susanna Last day February d. John & Sarath
1678 AYER After (?Arter) 18th December s. Marshall & Dorothy
1678 TAYLOR Johan 9th January d. Petter & Johan
1678 RADFORD Roger 12th March s. John & Ann
1679 KIRSLAKE Joshua June the First s. John & Margarett
1679 PALFRY Hanna twenty sixth June d. Thomas & Mary
1679 BURCH Sarah twenty sixth June d. John & Mary
1679 PILE John twenty fifth March s. Samuell & Rebecca
1680 FARRANT Joan 9th May d. Richard & Johan
1680 PORTBURIE Roger 4th Julie s. Henerie & Marie
1680 TAYLOR Joan 15th August d. Peter & Joan
1680 SEARLE Sarah 19th December d. Thomas & Grace
1680 PILE Thomas 3rd October s. Michaell



MARRIAGES 1591-1680
d. daughter; s. son; w. wife
1591 xxv June BAWDON John was marryed no bride's name    
1594 xiiij Januarie HILL Robert   ARTHOR Dorothie  
1594 xv Januarie LAYE Richard   HELLYER Ellinore  
1594 xxij November BLACKINGTONE John   COLMAN Margarett  
1594 xv October HEAYMAN John was maryed no bride's name    
1596 xix April PEGION Ellice   HELLINGS Mary  
1596 xxvji Aprill PEGION Giles son Thomas PEGION of Sydberry no bride's name    
1596 x May WHITNIGHT James gent   WEBBER Jane  
1604 xxiiij June FROST George   PENNY Mary  
1606 2 daie May AXE Corrany   PALMOUR Marie  
1607 20th daye Aprill TOOKE John   WISSE Mary  
1607 21st Septembr WHITE Rychard   WESTCOTE Ellyn dau of Benet WESTCOTE
1608 xxjth Aprill HYNDE Richard sonne of Edward HYNDE HILLINGE Elizabeth dau of William BILLINGE
1608 xxvth Maye HEMAN Richard was maried no bride's name    
1609 xxvth Maye & licence SLADD Benet son of Bennett SLADD of Harpford deceased CHANNON Ellynor dau of Richard CHANNON of Harpford aforesaid
1610 11 of November FOXWILL William was maried no bride's name    
1610 18 of February HOUPPER William was marryed no bride's name    
1611 11 of June WESTROW Christofer was maryed no bride's name    
1611 11 of June WESTCOTE John was maryed no bride's name    
1613 17 of Januarye no groom's name   was marryed WESTCOTE Dorothy dau of Benet WESTCOTE
1613 vjth March ROGERS Christofer   TREE Margarett servants of Christofer WHITEROW
1614 12th June GOWE Rychard   COUPER Abygall dau of Mr William COUPER
1615 25 day of Aprill HAUCKES Thomas   EDMOND Marye dau of Rychard EDMOND
1617 27 Day of Aprell SOUTHWOOD Michael of Sydmouthe HELLINGS Margerie  
1617 19 day of May CHURCHILL George of Ottery St Mary PLINTRELL Em  
1618 28 day of September CALYE John of Auliscombe WESTCOTT Joanne dau of Benedict WESTCOTT of this pishe
1618 8th day of February HAYCRAFTE Edward   CHEEKE Mary  
1619 2 of Sept GONE John   no bride's surname Joane  
1620 27 of Aprill STOCKS Richard   no bride's surname Katherine  
1620 8 day of January COLLENERD John   no bride's surname Mary  
1620 8 day of January SPLATTE William   no bride's surname Jelyan  
1621 23rd die Januarij BUCKLAND Isaack uxor eius nupti no bride's surname Susanna  
1621 quinto die Nouembris SIBLIE Robert uxor eius erant no bride's surname Maria  
1624 first day of November POTTER Christofer   PIDGEON Ales  
1624 xxjth daie of December SYM Robt   BARONS Katheren  
1624 xxiijth of December TREE Daniel   CLARKE Grace  
1626 12th July PINNE Thomas   WARE Elyzabeth  
1626 20th day of November KERSLAKE John   HARRIES Elizabeth  
1627 28th of November BLACKEMORE Markes   no bride's surname Grace  
1628 9th of May TRABBE Thomas   LICHEN Thomazin  
1628 18th of December KNOLL Frauncis   SHEPPARD Mary  
1629 last day of Aprill FROST George   SYMMES Marrian  
1630 xxxjth day of January PIDGEON John   CONNATT Elizabeth  
1631 4th daie of May HEYMAN Matthewe of pish of Otterie St Marie PIDGEON Mary of this pish
1631 xvjth daie of January TANNER Gilburt   CHAPMAN Elizabeth of Otterie St Mary
1631 16th daie of February LUTTON Emmanuell of the pish of Kenn gent COOKE Johan dau of John COOKE esquire of pish of Otterie St Marie
1632 3 daie of May PORTBURY William of pish of Otterie St Mary PYNE Margery of pish of Otterton
1632 18th daie of May HELLIER Nicholas   no bride's surname Grace  
1632 viijth daie of November FROST Humfry sonne of George FROST PEEKE Jane of Newton Poppleford of the pish of Ailsbeere
1632 15th daie of November FORTYNE William of pish of Sidmouth CALIE Jane  
1632 vth day of March MORREN George   BRADMEAD Ellen of pish of Littleham
1632 vth day of March LYSWELL Roger   HERRINGE Elizabeth of pish of Littleham
1633 vjth day of March CLAPP Richard   GARLANTE Edith dau of Agnis GARLANTE widoe of pish of Comtom
1633 xiijth daie of Februarie GUPPIE Christopher of Farway FILMORE Jone  
1633 xixth daie of Februarie LABBET Edward of Limston HORSEY Margerie of the same pish
1634 2th daie of June PODGER Roger of Otterie St Mary PIDGEON Jane dau of John PIDGEON
1634 first day of July KELLWAY Francys   CREWES Mary  
1634 21th day of July CLY Michaell   CHUBB Debora of Otery St Marie
1634 xxiiijth daie of September MANLIE John of pish of Otterie St Marie NORISH Dinah of this pish
1634 2th day of Novemb: FILMORE William of pish of Rockbeare LEVERMORE Elizabeth of pishe of Ailisbeare
1634 2th daie of November TREWILLION John   LACIE Marrian of pishe of Salcomb
1635 15th daie of May BASTONE William of Colliton Rawleigh ELLIOT Mary of Newton Poppleford of pish of Aylsbeare
1635 24th daie of September GODFRY Richard   CRAMMER Anne of pish of Otterie St Marie
1635 vjth daie of November WARREN Richard   MORRISH Julian  
1635 xxth daie of January ROWE Edward sonne of William ROWE CARTER Aunstis dau of Thomas CARTER of Newton Poppleford of pish of Aylsbeare
1636 xxviijth daie of Aprill COTTERELL John of pish of Pehembery PIDGEON Katterine dau of John PIDGEON of this pish
1639 xvijth daie of July CHURCHILL Charles of Newton Poppleford of the pish of Aylsbeare WISLAKE Anne of Venawtry
1640 vjth daie of March MARSHALL Mr John of Ting-Grace STOFORD Mrs Grace of Otterie St Marie
1641 xiijth daie of October BALLYMAN Thomas of Whimple WATTS Melony of Broade Clist
1642 20th day of June POTTER Emanuell of Otterye St Marye POTTBURY Joane of the same
1642 viijth daie of October WESTCOTT Bennett   GODFRIE Thomazin  
1642 first daie of February REEDE Wm   EVELEIGH Elizabeth widdow of Harpford
1642 xxviijth daie of February CHEEKE Wm   HOLE Margaret of St Marie Otterie
1643 xxviijth daie of Aprill HAYCRAFT Thomas of Sidmouth DRASHER Sarah of the same pish
1643 xvijth daie of July SYMONS Thomas of Bicton MARSH Margaret of Broade Clist
1643 seconde daie of August MARTIN Richard   MARSH Frances of Broade Clist
1643 xixth daie of August WALLIS John   CALLY Rawlen of Sidberie
1643 xvth daie of January JARMAN John   ELLIOT Jane widdow of pish of Aylsbeare
1643 viijth of February DOWNE Richard   CRAMMER Margaret of pish Otterie St Marie
1643 xixth daie of March ROTTENBURIE William widdoer ADAMS Anne widdow of pish Otterie St Marie
1644 viijth daie of May DAVIE Thomas of Sidberie LEE [?] Joane of same pish
1644 xxth daie of May WESTCOTT Charles widdow LEATE Elizabeth widdow of Collyton Rawleigh
1644 xiijth of June KING William   no surname Elizabeth of Collyton Rawleigh
1644 xxth daie of June WESTCOTT Richard   PARKER Susanna of Sidberie
1644 xvth daie of July HIGGINS John of Otterie St Mary COUNATT Joane of Sidberie
1644 xvjth daie of July PARKINS Aurthor of Broade Cliste HALFEYARD Mary of Whimple
1644 xiiijth daie of August GININGES Raphe a Truper SAUNDERS Grace of Whimple
1644 vjth daie of October CALLY William   MORE Joane of Sidmouth
1644 iiijth daie of December SAUNDER John of Rockebeare LANE Elizabeth of Collyton Rawleigh
1644 thirde daie of February RAPHE Gideon   WESTCOTT Willmoth of Otterrie St Marie
1644 xvijth of February HUPPER Frances   SKEWES Rebekah of Colliton Rawleigh
1644 eighteenth daie of February GODFERIE Thomas of Sidberie STREATE Margery of Sidmouth
1644 xxth daie of March FARRANT George of Whimple no bride's name    
1646 4th of June PARBURY William   STOKES Jane  
1646 second of October PRINCE Edward   STOKES Anne  
1649 eighteenth of June BURROWE Richard   PARBURY Bridget  
      1649 - Aug 1652 GAP @ REGISTER      
1652 thirtyeth day of August BENDINGE Robert   CLARKE Dinah  
1652 4th day of November HAYDON Ralph   STOKES Elizabeth  
      From 1654-1658 Register records Banns      
    (with these words: and purpose of their marriage was published three lordes dayes following:)  
1654 twenty eightth day of Septembr AYER Mr John sonne of Baltazar AYER of Addington, gent. MARSHALL Mrs Cicill dau of John MARSHALL of fenotery gent (banns published) the three lords daies next before
1655 fourth daye of February GODFREY Thomas sonne of William GODFREY of fenotery husbandman COOKE Thomasine dau of Gilbert COOKE late of Otery St Mary weaver (banns published) the three lords daies next before
1656 twenty thirde day of February RADFORD John sonne of Roger RADFORD of fenotery Taylor WORY Mellany dau of Mr James WORY of Dorly in the County of Somerset minister of gods words (banns published) viz: the first the eighth and the fifteenth of february next before
1657 twentieth day of Aprill HOOPER Richard of fenotery sarge weaver sonne of Jane HOOPER of Ottery St Mary widdow HAYMAN Joane seruante to James PALFRAY of fenotery (banns published) the fifteenth the twenty seconde and twenty ninth of March next before
1657 first day of July STOAKES Richard sonne of Richard STOAKES of fenotery yeoman MARWOODE Rebeccah dau of Mr Thomas MARWOODE of Norly (banns published) viz: the eighth the fiftheenth and twenty seconde of March before
1657 seauenteenth day of December BARON James of Salcombe yeoman STOAKES Johan dau of Richard STOAKES of fenotery (banns published) viz: the 27 of Septembr the 4 and 11 of Octobr last before
1658 30 day of October HUNT John of Budleigh Taylor CLARKE Hannah dau of William CLARKE of Fenotery (banns published) viz: the 12 the 19 and the 26 of September before
1658 18th day of November GODFREY William of fenotery busbandman PODBURY Lucretia of Ottery St Mary widdow (banns published) viz: the last of October the 7 and 14 November before
1658 27th day of December PALFRAY Thomas of fenotery sergeweaver KELLINGE Mary dau of John KELLINGEof Harpford (banns published) three lordes days followinge accordinge to the acte
      1659 - Feb 1662 GAP @ REGISTER      
1662 laste day of March PINE Philip the sonne of --- PINE of the pishe of Otterton mason FROSTE Rose dau of Jane FROSTE of fenotery widdow
1662 day/month not recorded PRIDHAM Lawrence of Ottery St Mary CHURCHILL Agnis widdow
1663 15th Octobr WEEKES Adrian of Harpford BARON Anstice of Otery St Mary
1663 twenty ninthe day of January CHANON Nicholas sonne of John CHANON of Harpford PODBURY Margery dau of Thomas PODBURY of Fenotery
1663 fifth day of February PEIRCE Charles sonne of Sicile PEIRCE of Newton Poppleford widdow CURTIS Agnes  
1664 22th of 7br 1664 JEWELL George of Ailsbeare CRUCHARD Joane  
1664 tenth daye of November WARE Samuell sonne of Francis WARE TRIP Francis dau of William TRIP of Addrington
1664 26th day of January LOVERIN William   PODBURY Martha dau of Thomas PODBURY
1665 26th daye of January FARRANT Charles sonne of Willia FARRANT of Newton Poppleford NORCOT Joane dau of Thomas NORCOT of fenotery
1666 20th daye of December WISE Richard sonne of Mrs Susanna WISE of Totnes TIRLYN Mary dau of Mrs Rebecca TIRLYN of the parrishe
1666 8th of March DOWNE John of Otery St Mary PINE Mary dau of Mr Humphrey PINE of Otery St Mary
1668 18th daye of June GOWLE Roger of Littleham HULL Mary dau of Mary HULL of Otery St Mary
1668 17th of July WESCOT Thomas sonne of Nicholas WESTCOTT SANDERS Mary dau of John SANDERS of Whimple
1668 9th of September DRAKE Mr George of Harpford ASHWOODE Mris Susanna of Axminster
1668 10th of February TAYLOR Mr William   EBDON Katherine of Ottery St Mary
      1669 - 1673 GAP @ REGISTER      
1674 11th of October WARE John of Otery St Mary LEANE Jenefe of Woodbury
1674 6th January CHURCHILL John   HAYMAN Margery of Ottery St Mary
1675 20th of January CHAPMAN John   no bride's name   of Otery St Mary
1676 24 of Agust 76 (sic) SALTER John   PORTBURY Jann of Otery St Mary
1678 6 day of February MARKER Richard   CRECHED (?GRETHED) Margaret  
1680 23th August FAYTOR Samuell of Otterton SEAGER Elizabeth  
1680 17th Januarie CROSE Robert   PEATON Joan of Otterie St Marie





BURIALS 1587-1680
d. daughter; s. son; w. wife
1587 WEBBER Johan 3rd February w. of Humfry
1587 WEBBER Humfry 13th February  
1587 CAPLE Robert 15 Maie  
1587 CAPLE John 22 Maie  
1587 SLOWMAN Robert 26 Maie  
1587 ENGLAND Agnis 14th September w. of Robert
1587 COLWELL Johan 6th October  
1588 FOXWILL Johan 19 Decembr w. of Thomas
1588 ENGLAND William last daie December servant to Thomas WEBBER
1589 WYSE Saunder 9 Februarie  
1590 PASCOTH John 10th Maie  
1591 WARRINGE Elinore 20th June servant to Thomas WEBBER
1591 FOXWILL Johan 26 Septembr  
1591 FOXWILL Thomas 20 Decebr  
1591 PALMER Dyana 22 Decebr  
1592 PALMER Richard 28 Februarie  
1592 PLIMPTON Catheren 25th June  
1592 DYER Margarett 24 Septembr  
1593 CULSWARE Richard 26 Decembr  
1594 WEBBER Jesse 7 Aprill  
1594 WESCOTT Alice 15th June  
1594 COLWILL William 4th October  
1596 PALMER Sibilly xth March  
1597 WHITROW Richard 24th March  
no year HAYMAN Elizabeth 24th June  
no year WHITROW John 11th August  
1603 WISSE Wathen 5 Septembr  
1605 WYSE Thomas 14 Januarie  
1605 WHITROWE Joane 29 Januarie  
1606 COUCKE Margery 7th February  
1609 WHITROW Ann last of October w.of Christofer
1609 PENEY Jhon 11th Deceber  
1609 FOXWILL Ellyn xth Januaye  
1611 DARBEY Gylbert fifth May  
1612 PASCO Elizabeth 22 Aprill  
1612 PYNE Agnes xxix Aprill  
1612 PENNEY Ellyne 14 Maij  
1612 WHITROW Margarett xxvj Novenber  
1613 HYNE Nathaniell 30 Januarye s.of Rychard
1613 HYNE Hillings vjth February  
1613 TUCKE John 19 Marche  
1614 COUCKE Johan 17 Aprill  
1614 SPLATE Agnes 12 Maij  
1614 HYNE Elizabeth xxiijth Maie  
1614 WHITEROW Christofer first November s. of Christof
1615 HILLINGS Willia. second October  
1616 WEBBER Joane 27 Decembr w. of Francis
1617 COOKE Mary 7th May d. of Andrew
1617 MAYE Grace 17th June w. of John
1618 PALFRYE Annis 14th October w. of Thomas
1618 WESTCOTT Bennet first January s. of John
1618 PILKINGTON Robert 30th December  
1619 HEATH Dorothye 23rd May  
1619 HAMAN Alice 8th October w. of John
1619 BRAGGE Eyde 12 Decembr  
1619 HEAMAN John xiij February  
1622 WESTCOTT (illegible)erina nono die Junij uxor Bendtct
1622 BULLED Margareta decimo septimo mensis Novembris  
1622 BOWDON Johannes sexto Januarij  
1622 BOWDON Joanna dicemo secondo Januarij  
1622 BOWDON Sibilla decimo tertio Januarij  
1624 WHIDNEY James fyve and twentieth August  
1625 GOULE Johan twentieth October  
1625 FROST Xpoer third February s. of George
1625 WHIDNEY Johane sixe & twentieth February  
1626 FROST Mary 25th July w. of George
1626 LEE Marye nynth October d. of Thomas
1627 TUCKE Mary 14th Januarij  
1628 PALFREY Margret 8th July d. of Willia.
1628 PYGEON Johan 29th October  
1628 BULLAR Agnes 14th November  
1628 GOULE John 6th December  
1628 PYLKINTON Xpian 10th December  
1628 PULMAN Thomas 5th March  
1629 CLAPPE Robert 10th September  
1629 WEBBER Richard vth October  
1630 FROST Maria duodecimo August fillia Georij
1630 CLARKE John 4th November  
1631 PENEY Maria 2th July d. of Henery
1631 SPLATT Ursula 20th January w. William
1631 CLAPP Nicholas xiiijth March  
1631 CLAPP Elizabeth xxiiijth March  
1632 LEE Joane xxjth February d. of Thomas & Mary
1633 PYN John vth February s. of Thomas & Elizabeth
1634 FROST George xxiiijth Aprill  
1634 PENEY Henery xxvth July  
1634 SPLATT William 29th July  
1634 WESTCOTT Benett tenth November  
1635 PAULFRY Thomas ixth Aprill  
1636 BALEHACHED Robert xviijth Aprill s. of Andrew & Ruth
1636 WESTCOTT Jone first June w. of John
1636 STOKES Catherine xvth December w. of Richard
1636 ROWE Willmett xiiijth February w. of William
1637 LEE Richard xxvth May s. of Thomas & Mary
1637 COMBE Mary xxiijth June w. of Nicholas of Newton Poppleford
1637 GOULSWORTHIE John xxth August  
1637 PIGEON John ixth October  
1637 BANDE Richard xij November base s. of Dorothie
1639 MAUNDER Thomas xxth November of Newton Poppleford of pish of Aylsbeare
  (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Curate  
1642 WARE George 13th June s. of Francis & Agnes
1642 CARSLAKE John 27th July  
1642 STOFORD Richard gent 14th August  
1643 HITT Hanna xxiijth June d. of John & Ellinor
1643 WARREN Julian xxvth October w. of Richard
1643 LEATE Christian second January w. of William
1643 ELLIOT Margaret ixth January w. of George
1643 CLARKE Mary xith February of Otterie St Mary widdow
1644 HEATH Christian xixth June d. of William
1644 PENNEY alis PHILMORE Samuell xvijth October  
1644 BALCHATCHETT Mary first February d. of Andrew & Ruth
1645 TEAPE Michael tenth Aprill of Cotley
1645 PODBERIE Martha iiijth May w.of Thomas
1645 PAULFERIE Prudence first December widdow
1645 WISLAKE Elizabeth seueth March d. of George
1645 WISLAKE Alse fifteenth March w. of George
1646 WISLAKE George senior twenty ninth March  
  (Register signed) Justinian THOMPSON Curate  
1646 WEBBER no forename xijth Aprill w. of Francis
1646 CHURCHILL Anne seauenth May w. of Charles
1646 CHURCHILL Charles seuenteenth June  
1647 DARBY Abigail 27th December  
1647 PARBURY Richard eight January s. of William & Jane
1648 HEYMAN John sixteenth February s. of John & Dorothy
1649 STONINGE Katherine eleuenth November w. of John of Metcombe
1649 WESCOT Benedict twenty seuenth February  
1649 ROWE William twenty fourth March  
1650 GODFREY John tenth May  
1650 WESTCOT John seuenteenth December s.of Thomasin WESTCOT of Ottery St Mary widdowe
1651 PALFREY Petronell ninth June w. of William
1661 PODBURY Michaell seuenteenth September  
1651 WHEELER Mary fourth October d. of Henry & Joane
1652 GODFRY Alice eighteenth January w. of William
    Richard Collins Register  
1654 BISHOP Joane eighteenth July d. of Thomas & Allice of Newton Poppleford
1654 ELLIOT Joseph sixth January s. of Thomas & Katherine
1654 STONINGE Joane twentith December w. of Robert of Ottery
1654 PALFRAY William fowrth February  
1654 MOORE Joane eighteenth February d. of Alexander & Joane
1656 RADFORD Jane twenty ninthe May d. of Roger & Anne
1656 WESCOT John seconde June  
1656 MAUNDER Joane seauenteeth June of Newton Poppleford
1656 CRUCHET Dorcas 17th June d. of John & Joane
1656 FROST Humphry ninteenth October  
1656 GODFRY Thomasine tenth December w. of Thomas
1656 WISLAKE Dorothy 24th March d. of George & Agnis
1657 CHURCHILL Thomasine sixth September w. of Henry
1657 HILLINGE Mr William thirteenthe September  
1657 TAYLER Jane 19th October d. of Edward & Mary of Tippen in pish of Ottery St Mary
1657 CRUCHET John 15th March  
1658 WARREN Dorcas 18th Aprill d. of Richard & Thomasine
1658 STOFORD Mcis Judeth 15th Septemebr died 12th September
1658 (no surname) Jane 3rd November w. of blank of St Sidwills in Exon dyed seconde November 1658 bur third of the same
1658 HEANE Sarah 7th November d. of John & Susannah dyed 7th Novembr bur tenth of the same
1659 SEAWARD Susanna 12th May w. of Michaell died 11 May 1659 bur 12 of the same
1659 RADFORD John iith January s. of John & Mellany
1660 LEVERIN Mary 26th June w. of William
1660 GODOLPHIN Thomas 8th October s. of MR William & Mary died 8 October bur. same daye
1661 WESCOT Rose 19th May died 16 May 1661 bur 19th
1661 STOAKES Richard the elder 7th June died fourth June bur. 7
1662 CARSLAKE John seconde October s. of John & Margaret died first Octobr bur seconde
1662 WESTCOT Benedict 23rd January s. of Benedict & Thomasine
1663 GODFRY Thomas undecimo die Maij filius Gulielmi
1663 GRANTE Elizabetha vicessimo nono die Septembris filia Ricardi
1663 CARSLAKE Joane 25th October  
1663 CARSLAKE Sarah 19th Novembr d. of John & Margarett
1664 STOKES Rebecka 16th May w. of Richard
1664 STOKES Gilbert 21st May s. of Richard
1664 WARREN Joane 26th June widdowe
1664 WEBBER Franciscus quarto die Septembris  
1665 STOKES Thomas seconde February s. of Richard & Rebeckah
1665 CARSLAKE Elizabeth eighth February widdowe
1665 PINNE Thomas 18th February  
1665 BROCKENDEN Julian 11th March of Tingrace
1666 PITTFEILD John 17th January s. of John & Sarah
1667 RADFORD Mellany 16th October w. of John
1667 FROST Sarah 21th October w. of Hymphry
1667 PINNE William eighth Decembr s. of Thomas & Elizabeth
1668 RADFORD Rose third May d. of John & Mellany
1668 PILE Jane 28th May w. of Samuell of Ailsbeere
1668 MARSHALL Grace 11th June w. of MR John
1669 ROWE Richard 28th September s. of Edward
1668 NORCOT Agnes thirteenth November w. of Thomas
no year WARE Robert no day/month s. of Francis & Agnis
1671 PORTBURY Katherine 8th August d. of William
1671 MARSHALL John gent 10th March  
1672 GODFRY William 17th Aprill of Ottery St Mary
1672 HEANE Mary 20th May d. of John & Susanna
1672 HORNE Margaret 26th December w. of Peter
1673 CHURCHILL Emmilee 6th Aprill of Newton Poppleford, widdowe
1673 STOFORD Mstris Sarah 12th May  
1673 LOUERINE Andrew seconde November s. of William
1673 GRANTE Richard ninth November  
1673 CRUCHET Mary first February d. of John & Jone
1674 FROST Jane 7th October widdowe
1675 RADFORD George 6th Aprill s. of John & Anne
1675 ELLIOT Thomas 11th December  
1675 PODBURY Honor 7th February d. of William & Jane of Otery
1677 PALFRY John last day Septemb. sun (sic) of Thomas
1678 WARE Peter 4th May  
1678 RADFORD Andreu second Juely s. of Andreu
1678 ROWE Anstis tenth October w. of Edward
1678 FARANT Jonne seaventh November d. of Charles & Jonne
1678 GODFRY William 8th December s. of Pitter
1678 RADFORD John third January s. of John & Ann
1679 PORTBURY Thomas 27th August of this pish
1679 KIRSLAKE Joseph 29 Feb. s. of John
1680 MARKER Marie 18th Aprill d. of John & Margrett
1680 PILE John 24th June s. of Samuell & Rebecca
1680 PILE Thomas 12th Februarie s. of Michaell & Sarah
1680 HAYNES Agnis 20th Januarie w. of John
1680 PILE Thomas 24th June s. of Michaell