by The Rev. F. B. Dickinson
[Devonshire Assoociation Vol 33 (1901]

Transcribed by Jean Harris of Toronto, Ontario

This article gives a brief history of the parish Venn Ottery and includes a transcription of the parish registers from 1596 to 1680. It should be noted that, due to the upheaval during the years of the English Civil War (1642 to 1660), no church registers were kept for baptisms, marriages and burials However, for the years 1653 to 1660 a local parish official was appointed as Parish Register to record all births, marriages, burials and Venn Ottery is one of the fortunate parishes where these records have survived. Their Parish Register was appointed in November 1653:

The Firste daye of November 1653

A Certificate was brought unto me under the hands of the maior pte of the pishioners of Venottery in this county of Devon that they had chosen Richard Collins of the same pish to be their Register, for entering of such Marriages, Births & Burialls as shall happen wthin the said pish of Venottery: And for the due performance thereof hath taken his oath before me, the daye & yeere above written.

Joh: Tyrlinge

This old register must have been "lost" until 1838 as the Revd Dickinson quotes from a letter fastened inside of it:

Exeter, Nov. 29, 1838

MY DEAR SIR, - The accompanying Book is the relic I discovered in my Archives. It must have been preserved there for years - but how it travelled from one dormitory to the other is beyond my explanation. For its healthy appearance you are indebted to that indefatigable antiquarian Pitman Jones who took a fancy to have it put into gold & letters at his own expense - I am glad to restore it to its proper depository trusting that many years have yet [to] come ere' it will be handled by other hands than yours.

I am dear Sir,

               Yrs very faithfully

                             CHAS. HY. TURNER

The Rev. M. TUCKER


BAPTISMS 1596-1680
d. daughter; s. son; w. wife
1596SMITHWilmottxvijth Aprild. Charells
1596CLARKEJoaneDecemberno names
1596CLARKEDyanaiiij Decemberd. John
1596WHITNIGHTCatherenxxv Februaryd. James
1596BOWDONJohnxviij Juneno names
1598BUCKNELLWilliamxiiij Julys. William
1599CLARKEJohnxiiij Junes. John
 WISEWilliamxix Augustes. Thomas
 CLARKEThomasxxiiij Augusts. Gilbert
1602WISEJohnxxv Aprills. Thomas
1606FROSTChristopherxj Aprils. Georg
1606CLARKECharellsxxth Julies. John
1606DARBYAnnxxjth Novemberd. Gilbert
1608AXEMary24th Aprilld. Amye
1608HYNDWilliam4th Octobers. Richard
1608HEMANMathyevjth Junes. John
1608HEMANJohnxxijth Septembers. Richard
1608CLARKEHenryvijth Februarys. John
1609FROSTHumphryxxj Mays. George
1609HYNDMaryexxvijth Novemberd. Rychard
1610HEAMONDMargeyefirst Octoberd.John
1611HINEEllinefore & twenyth Juned. Rychard
1611WEBBERAnne8th Septemberd. Frances
1611ROWEdward12th Februarys. Willia.
1611WEBBERElizabeth9th Februaryd. Fraces
1613HYNDNathaniel & Hillingexii Aprilss. Rychard
1613HEAMONDAmye9 Maijd. Jhon
1613HEAMOND als CLARKEJohanxxxjth Maijd. Jhon CLARKE
1614ROWNicholasxth Septembers. Willia
1615COUCKEAndrew23rd Aprils. Andrew
1616HAYMONMichael4th Mays. John
1615BERYEElizabeth23rd Aprild. John
1615EBDONElizabeth10th Augustd. Thomas
1615WHITEROWJhon17th Septembers. Christopher
1615PENEYEJohn18th Octobers. Henerye
1616WEBBERMary15th Decemberd. Francis
1616COOKEMary19th Januaryd. Andrew
1617WHITROWEAnnis19th Aprild.Christofer
1617SOUTHWOODMary12th Septemberd. Michaell
1617EBDONJohn17th Februarys. Thomas
1618COOKEJoane7th Augustd. Andrew
1618PENNYERichard18th Novembers. Henry
1618WESTCOTTBennet28th Decembers. John
1618GOAFEJohn14th Januarys. Richard, gent
1618WHITROWEMary7th Marchs. Christopher
1619PALFREYJamesixth Maijs. William
1619PALFRIECatterineij Augusted. Edwarde
1619HAMONJames29th Septembers. John
1620HILLJohnfirst Octobers. Robert of Woodbury
1620WHITROWEThomasxxiiijth Februaryes. Christopher
1621PALFREYEMargerettxii Januaryed. William
1621PALFREYJohannesnono die Februarijfilius Edward
1622STOCKESJannaprimo die Maiefilia Richardi
1622PENNYHellenasexto die Januarijfilia Henrici
1624STOCKESHanna29th Septemberd. Richard & Katheren
1625PALFERIEMary26th Juned.William & Petternell
1625LEEMary21th Augustd. Thomas & Mary
1627STOKESElizabethatertio die Maijfilia Richi.
1627PINNThomas27 die Mayfilius Thomas
1627LEEJohana29 die Julyfilia Thomas
1627KEIRSLAKEPrudeus16 die Septembrisfilia Johi
1627CUNNANTWillimus25 die Februarijfilius Willimi
1628PENNEYMaria25 die Aprilisfilia Henrici
1627HEATHWillimus26th die Julijfilius Willimi
1627WHITROWEElizabetha30 die Julijfilia xpheri
1627GAISSERYAgneta25 die Octobrisfilia Johis
1627PALFREYSusannaquart die Januarijfilia Willimi
1629STOKESJoane25th Novemberd. Richarde
1629KEIRSLAKEJamesxxth Decembers. John & Elixabeth
1629LEEJohnxxvijth Decembers. Thomas & Mary
1629HEATHChristianxxjth Februaried. Wiliam & Christian
1630PYNNEElizabethadecimo sext Maijfilia Thomas
1630FROSTMariaoctav die Augustifilia Georgij et Marrian
1631STOKESRichardexixth Novembers. Richarde & Katheren
1631WARERicharde10th Marchs. Frances & Agnis
1632HAYMANMarienynth Septemberd. Mathii
1632WHITROERichardexvjth Septembers. Christopher & Mary
1632LEEThomasThirde Marchs. Thomas & Mary
1633PYNJohnxijth Mays. Thomas & Elizabeth
1633KERSLAKEJohnvijth Julys. John & Elizabeth
1633HAYMANMargeryxijth Januaryd. Matthew & Mary
1633FROSTHumpfryixth Februarys. Humpry & Jane
1634WARESamuelxxxth Marchs. Frances & Agnes
1634CLAPPElizabethFirst Januarys. Richarde & Yeede
1634PYNMaryFirst Februaryd. Thomas & Elizabeth
1634PALFREYThomasxvth Februarys. William & Petronile
1635HALLSusannaxxiiijth Juned. Philip & Marie
1635STOKESMariexxjth Octoberd. Richarde & Katherine
1635HAYMANJonexvth Januaryd. Matthew & Mary
1635WARRENRichardxvjth Januaryd. Richard & Julian
1635LEERichardxixth Marchs. Thomas & Mary
1636HALLThomaziniiijth Augustd. Phillip & Marie
1636BALEHACHEDMariexxvijth Novemberd. Andrew & Ruth
1636CLAPPEDeborahxviijth Decenberd.. Richard & Yeede
1636WARERobertxxijth Januarys. Frances & Agnis
1636FROSTRosexixth Februarys. Humphry & Jane
1637BANDERichardviijth Octoberbase borne s. Darothie
1637BYRCHIsackexixth Octobers. Isacke & Jane
1637WARRENJohnxixth Novembers. Richard & Julian
1637MARKERThomasxxjth Decembers. Henerye & Willmet
1638PINJohneight Aprils. Thomas & Elizabeth
1638ROWERichardxijth Augusts. Edward & Anstis
1638HAYMANMatthatxxiiijth Augusts. Matthew & Mary
1638BALEHATCHEDAndrewxth Februarys. Andrew & Ruth
1638CLAPPRichardxth Marchs. Richard & Yeade
1639FROSTGeorgexvth Aprils. Humphry & Jane
1639MIDWYNTERFlorenceiiijth Augustd. William & Florence
1639CLARKEHeneryxviijth Augusts. Henery & Margery
1639WAREGeorgexxijth Septembers. Frances & Agnis
1639CLARKEHannaxxth Octoberd. William & Mary
1639WARRINThomasxvjth Februarys. Richard & Julyne
1639CHURCHILLAnnexxiijth Marchd. Charles & Anne
1640CLAPPMaryxxvth Aprild. Richard & Yeade
1640RADFORDRogertenth Januarys. Roger & Anne
1640MARKERJanevijth Februaryd. Henery & Wilmott
1640FROSTWilliamvijth Februarys, Humpfry & Jane
1641BALCHATCHETTThomasxxixth Mays. Andrew & Ruth
1641LYNKatherinexxijth Juned. Thomas & Elizabeth
1641PODBERIEMargeryxvijth Septemberd. Thomas & Martha
  (Register signed)Justinian THOMPSONCurate
1645BALCHATCHETTChristopheriiijth Octobers. Andrew & Ruth
1645RADFORDJanexvivth Octoberd. Roger & Anne
1646PENNYEllinorxxth Aprild. Richard & Dorothy
1646ELLIOTMary30th Aprild. Thomas & Katherine
1646WESTCOTTJoane21th Mayd. Benedict & Thomasin
1646WARRENMary28th Octoberd. Richard & Thomasin
1647LOUERAINEWilliamthree and twentieth Augusts. William & Mary
1647PARBURYRichard23th Septembers. Willm. & Jane
1647FROSTJaneeleuenth Decemberd. Humfrey & Jane
  (Register signed)Justinian THOMPSONCurate
1647PARBURYJoanetwelth Januaryd. Roger & Rebecca
1647WHEELERThomasthree & twentyeth Augusts. Henry & Joane
1648GRAUNTJamessecond Aprils. Richard & Beaton
1648PARBURYMargareteleventh Mayd. Henrye & Elizabeth
1648SEAMANJohneleuenth Mays. Thomas & Marye
1648MORRISJohn & Samuellnineteenth Mayss. George & Willmot
1648WARRENPrudencetwelth Julyd. Richard & Thomasin
1648WAREThomastwenty sixth Julys. Francis & Agnes
  (Register signed)Justinian THOMPSONCurate
1648RADFORDJoanethirtyeth Julyed. Roger & Anne
1648PENNYRichardtenth Augusts. Richard & Dorothy
1648PHILLIPSThomastwenty fourth Septembers. Thomas & Elizabeth
1648BALHATCHETElizabethtwenty sixt Octoberd.. Andrew & Ruth
1648BASTONEJanetwenty fourth Januaryd. Henry & Frances
1648PARBURYCatherinetwenty seuenth Decemberd. William & Jane
1648HEYMANJohnfourteenth Februarys. John & Dorothy
1648MAINEJoaneseuenth Marchd. James & Mary
  (Register signed)Justinian THOMPSONMinister
1649LOUERAINEAndrewfift Novembers. Willm & Mary
1649TAYLORGeorgefift Novembers. George & --
1649HAYMANDorothyone & twentyeth Novemberd. John & Dorothy
1649PARBURYJohnninth Februarys. Roger & Rebecca
1649GRANTJoanesecond Marchd. Richard & Beaton
1649WISLAKEMarysixt Marchd.. GeorgE & Agnes
1649PINSamuellsixteenth Marchs. Thomas & Elizabeth
1650PENNYJoaneninth Mayd. Richard & Dorothy
1650RADFORDKatherinetwenty ninth Septemberd. Roger & Anne
  (Register signed)Justinian THOMPSONMinist:
 PALFRYEBelow the above (and) upside down, is one partly erasedWyllyam Palfre the sonne of Thomas also was baptized 
1650MAINEJamessixteenth Octobers. James & Mary
1650CHICKECharlessecond Decembers. Thomas & Thomasine
1650PARBURYEmmiteenineteenth Decemberd. William & Jane of Metcome
1650WARRENRosemarytwentyeth Decemberd. Richard & Thomasin
1650CHURCHILLThomassixth Februarys. George & Thomasine
1650HARTCharlesnineteenth Marchs. Thomas & Ellen
1651WHEELERMaryfirst Aprilld. Henry & Joane
1651PHILLIPSRogertenth Augusts. Thomas & Elizabeth
1651STONINGERichardeighteenth Decembers. Robert & Joane
1651CRUSEMarysecond Februaryd. Andrew & Joane
1651STONINGEIsaacthird Marchs. John & Mary
1651PALFREYJohntenth Marchs. James & Grace
1652LOUERAIGNEMargaretfourteenth Aprilld. William & Mary
1652SEAWARDThomasfourth Mayes. Michaell & Susanna
1652WISLAKEThomaseleuenth Augusts. George & Agnes
  Richard COLLINSRegister 1653 
1653CHURCHILLno nameeighteenth Novemberfirst sonne of George and Thomasine borne eighteenth November and was buried the nineteenth of the same month
1653CHICKEJoanetwenty seconde Decemberd. Thomas & Thomasine
1653LOUERAINEJohn24th Februarys. William & Mary
1653ELLIOTJosephsixth Marchs. Thomas & Katherine
1653SEAWARDMichaellseaventh Marchs. Michaell & Susanna
1654RADFORDGrace25th Juned. Roger & Anne
1654PODBURYMargeryseaventeenth Januaryd. William & Jane
1654PALFRAYWilliamtwentieth Januarys. James & Grace
1654MOOREJanelaste day Januaryd. Alexander & Joanna
1654MARKERRichardtwenty fourth Marchs. Richard & Dorothie
1655CHURCHILLAmbrosethirteenth Mays. George & Thomasine
1655WARRENFrancis (sic)ninteenth Septemberd. Richard & Thomasine
1656RADFORDRogerthird Aprils. Roger & Anne
1656LOUERAINERobert8th Septembers. William & Mary
1656ELLIOTJosephioth Septembers. Thomas & Katherine
1656GODFREYGilbertseconde Nouembers. Thomas & Thomasine
1656SEAWARDSusannaeleauenth Februaryd. Michaell & Susanna
1657CHURCHILLAgnes25th Marchd. George & Thomasine
1657HARTERichardfirst Aprils. Thomas & Elionar
1657RADFORDMary23rd Juned. John & Mellany
1657WARRENDorcaslast day Julyd. Richard & Thomasine
1657PALFRAYJames25th Augustd. James & Grace
1657HAYNESarah14th Marchd. John & Susan
1658STOAKESThomas23rd Augusts. Richard & Rebeckah
1659RADFORDJohn25th Julys. John & Mellany
1659LOUERINGeorge20th Augusts. William & Mary
1659CHURCHILLGeorge25th Novembers. George & Thomasine
1659PALFRAYThomas23rd Januarys. Thomas & Mary
1660GODFRYThomas23rd Mays. Thomas
1660HAYNESusanna7th Juned. John & Susanna
1660STOAKESJames14th Septembers. Richard & Rebeckah
1660PALFRAYRichard26th Octobers. James & Grace
1661BASTONEThomas26th June borne bapt. 18th July followings. Henry & Barbara
1661WARRENSarahb(n) 4th September b(ap) 22nd of the samed. Richard & Thomasine
1661GODFRYGraceb(n) 19th January & bap. 30thd. Thomas & Grace
1661CHURCHILLCharlesb(n) 25th February bap. seconde Marchs. George & Thomasine
1662PALFRAYWilliamseaventh Mays. Thomas & Mary
1662CARSLAKEJohnb(n) seaventh May bap. 22nds. John & Margaret
1662PODBURYJoaneb(n) 12th July bap. 27thd. William & Jane
1662STOKESGilbertb(n) 26th September bap seconde Octobrs. Richard & Rebeckah
  From Nov. 1662these are BAPTISMS 
1662DAGGERYMichaell6th Novembers. Richard & Margaret of Harpford
1663KELLINGERichard16th Novembers. Thomas & Jane
1663CARSLAKESarah16th Novemberd. John & Margaret
1663PALFRAYEMary25th Februaryd. Thomas & Mary
1664PIGEONSarah14th Aprild. Sarah of Harpford
1664CHURCHILLThomaslaste day Julys. George & Thomasine
1664PITFILLAgnis26th Januaryd. John & Sarah
1665CARSLAKEEdward27th Marchs. John & Margaret
1665LOVERINThomas22nd Novembers. William & Martha
1665CHANONMary11th januaryd. Nicholas & Margery
1665STOKESHonor24th Februaryd. Richard & Honor
1665CHICKEThomas9th Marchs. Thomas & Mary
1665CARSLAKEMary16th Augustd. James & Katherine
1666WAREHenrysixth Septembers. Samuell & Francis
1666PALFRAYEGrace8th Novemberd. Thomas & Mary
1666FARRANTJoane26th Decenberd. Charles & Joanna
1666PITTFEILDJohn11th Januarys. John & Sarah
1666RADFORDRose14th Marchd. John & Mellany
1667RADFORDRichard27th Octoberd. Andrew & Elizabeth
1667CARSLAKERobertfirst Decembers. John & Margaret
1667PITTFEILDSarah13th Januaryd. John & Sarah
1667CHICKEJohn13th Februarys. Thomas & Mary
1667STOKESJohn14th Februarys. Richard & Honor
1667LOVERINRichard12th Marchs. William & Martha
1668MITCHELLThomasseconde Aprills. Roger & Mary of Otery
1668CHANNONJohnseconde Aprills. Nicholas & Margery
1668LIDFORDNicholas9th Aprills. Nicholas & Tomsine of Otery
1668PILEGeorge29th Mays. Samuell & Jane of Ailsbeare
1668WAREElizabeth21th Februaryd. Samuell & Frances
1669PALFRYJohan15th Decemberd. Thomas & Mary
1669PRESSONPeeter26th Decembers. Henry & Susannah
1669KIRSLAKEJohn28th Decembers. Jo. & Margaret
1670STOKESKatherine23rd Augustd. Richard & Honor
1672CARSLAKEThomas12th Januarys. John & Margaret
1672MITCHELLElizabeth16th Marchd. Roger & Mary
1672BOUDENAgnestenth Julyd. Richard & Mary
1672HANNJane18th Augustd. Alexander & Mary
1672HORNEJohn26th Decembers. Peter & Margaret
1672LOVERINAnne21th Marchd. William & Martha
1673STOKESElizabeth25th Marchd. Richard & Honor
1673PITTFEILDJoycefirst Aprilld. John & Satah
1673WARESarah24th Aprilld. Samuell & Frances
1673CRUCHETThomaslast day Julys. Thomas & Grace of Harpford
1673PALFRYPeter8th Septembers. Thomas & Mary
1673FARRANTRichard21th Decembers. Richard & Jone of Ottery
1673ENGLANDGeorgefirst of Marchs. Richard & Dorothy
1673LOVERINAnne28th Marchd. William & Martha
1674RADFORDJanelast of Mayd. John & Anne
1674CHANNONJohn11th Julys. John & Bridget
1675PITTFEILDJanenot recordedd. John & Sarah
1675ENGLANDWillia.17th februarys. Richard & Dorothy
1676CHANONNicholas4th Mays. Nicholas & Margery
1676RADFORDAndrv24th Mays. Andry & Elizabeth
1676LOVERINGAndrv25th Mays. William & Martha
1676KARSLAKEMary22nd Juned. John & Margaret
1676SPAREHumpfry5th Julys. James & Jane
1676RADFORDGeorge12th Septembers. John & Ann
1676MICCHILLRebecca14th Septemberd. Rogger & Mary
1677PALFRYJohnfift day of Jluys. Thomas & Mary
1677PORTBURYJohan22nd Apreld. Henry & Mary
1677PALFREYJohn5th Julys. of ? not recorded
1677MARCHJames26th Novembers. Richard & Dorothy
1677PENNYJohn15th Decembers. John & Jane
1677RADFORDHanna15th Februaryd. Andru & Eleszabeth
1677PITFILDSusannaLast day Februaryd. John & Sarath
1678AYERAfter (?Arter)18th Decembers. Marshall & Dorothy
1678TAYLORJohan9th Januaryd. Petter & Johan
1678RADFORDRoger12th Marchs. John & Ann
1679KIRSLAKEJoshuaJune the Firsts. John & Margarett
1679PALFRYHannatwenty sixth Juned. Thomas & Mary
1679BURCHSarahtwenty sixth Juned. John & Mary
1679PILEJohntwenty fifth Marchs. Samuell & Rebecca
1680FARRANTJoan9th Mayd. Richard & Johan
1680PORTBURIERoger4th Julies. Henerie & Marie
1680TAYLORJoan15th Augustd. Peter & Joan
1680SEARLESarah19th Decemberd. Thomas & Grace
1680PILEThomas3rd Octobers. Michaell



MARRIAGES 1591-1680
d. daughter; s. son; w. wife
1591xxv JuneBAWDONJohnwas marryedno bride's name  
1594xiiij JanuarieHILLRobert ARTHORDorothie 
1594xv JanuarieLAYERichard HELLYEREllinore 
1594xxij NovemberBLACKINGTONEJohn COLMANMargarett 
1594xv OctoberHEAYMANJohnwas maryedno bride's name  
1596xix AprilPEGIONEllice HELLINGSMary 
1596xxvji AprillPEGIONGilesson Thomas PEGION of Sydberryno bride's name  
1596x MayWHITNIGHTJames gent WEBBERJane 
1604xxiiij JuneFROSTGeorge PENNYMary 
16062 daie MayAXECorrany PALMOURMarie 
160720th daye AprillTOOKEJohn WISSEMary 
160721st SeptembrWHITERychard WESTCOTEEllyndau of Benet WESTCOTE
1608xxjth AprillHYNDERichardsonne of Edward HYNDEHILLINGEElizabethdau of William BILLINGE
1608xxvth MayeHEMANRichardwas mariedno bride's name  
1609xxvth Maye & licenceSLADDBenetson of Bennett SLADD of Harpford deceasedCHANNONEllynordau of Richard CHANNON of Harpford aforesaid
161011 of NovemberFOXWILLWilliamwas mariedno bride's name  
161018 of FebruaryHOUPPERWilliamwas marryedno bride's name  
161111 of JuneWESTROWChristoferwas maryedno bride's name  
161111 of JuneWESTCOTEJohnwas maryedno bride's name  
161317 of Januaryeno groom's name was marryedWESTCOTEDorothydau of Benet WESTCOTE
1613vjth MarchROGERSChristofer TREEMargarettservants of Christofer WHITEROW
161412th JuneGOWERychard COUPERAbygalldau of Mr William COUPER
161525 day of AprillHAUCKESThomas EDMONDMaryedau of Rychard EDMOND
161727 Day of AprellSOUTHWOODMichaelof SydmoutheHELLINGSMargerie 
161719 day of MayCHURCHILLGeorgeof Ottery St MaryPLINTRELLEm 
161828 day of SeptemberCALYEJohnof AuliscombeWESTCOTTJoannedau of Benedict WESTCOTT of this pishe
16188th day of FebruaryHAYCRAFTEEdward CHEEKEMary 
16192 of SeptGONEJohn no bride's surnameJoane 
162027 of AprillSTOCKSRichard no bride's surnameKatherine 
16208 day of JanuaryCOLLENERDJohn no bride's surnameMary 
16208 day of JanuarySPLATTEWilliam no bride's surnameJelyan 
162123rd die JanuarijBUCKLANDIsaackuxor eius nuptino bride's surnameSusanna 
1621quinto die NouembrisSIBLIERobertuxor eius erantno bride's surnameMaria 
1624first day of NovemberPOTTERChristofer PIDGEONAles 
1624xxjth daie of DecemberSYMRobt BARONSKatheren 
1624xxiijth of DecemberTREEDaniel CLARKEGrace 
162612th JulyPINNEThomas WAREElyzabeth 
162620th day of NovemberKERSLAKEJohn HARRIESElizabeth 
162728th of NovemberBLACKEMOREMarkes no bride's surnameGrace 
16289th of MayTRABBEThomas LICHENThomazin 
162818th of DecemberKNOLLFrauncis SHEPPARDMary 
1629last day of AprillFROSTGeorge SYMMESMarrian 
1630xxxjth day of JanuaryPIDGEONJohn CONNATTElizabeth 
16314th daie of MayHEYMANMattheweof pish of Otterie St MariePIDGEONMaryof this pish
1631xvjth daie of JanuaryTANNERGilburt CHAPMANElizabethof Otterie St Mary
163116th daie of FebruaryLUTTONEmmanuellof the pish of Kenn gentCOOKEJohandau of John COOKE esquire of pish of Otterie St Marie
16323 daie of MayPORTBURYWilliamof pish of Otterie St MaryPYNEMargeryof pish of Otterton
163218th daie of MayHELLIERNicholas no bride's surnameGrace 
1632viijth daie of NovemberFROSTHumfrysonne of George FROSTPEEKEJaneof Newton Poppleford of the pish of Ailsbeere
163215th daie of NovemberFORTYNEWilliamof pish of SidmouthCALIEJane 
1632vth day of MarchMORRENGeorge BRADMEADEllenof pish of Littleham
1632vth day of MarchLYSWELLRoger HERRINGEElizabethof pish of Littleham
1633vjth day of MarchCLAPPRichard GARLANTEEdithdau of Agnis GARLANTE widoe of pish of Comtom
1633xiijth daie of FebruarieGUPPIEChristopherof FarwayFILMOREJone 
1633xixth daie of FebruarieLABBETEdwardof LimstonHORSEYMargerieof the same pish
16342th daie of JunePODGERRogerof Otterie St MaryPIDGEONJanedau of John PIDGEON
1634first day of JulyKELLWAYFrancys CREWESMary 
163421th day of JulyCLYMichaell CHUBBDeboraof Otery St Marie
1634xxiiijth daie of SeptemberMANLIEJohnof pish of Otterie St MarieNORISHDinahof this pish
16342th day of Novemb:FILMOREWilliamof pish of RockbeareLEVERMOREElizabethof pishe of Ailisbeare
16342th daie of NovemberTREWILLIONJohn LACIEMarrianof pishe of Salcomb
163515th daie of MayBASTONEWilliamof Colliton RawleighELLIOTMaryof Newton Poppleford of pish of Aylsbeare
163524th daie of SeptemberGODFRYRichard CRAMMERAnneof pish of Otterie St Marie
1635vjth daie of NovemberWARRENRichard MORRISHJulian 
1635xxth daie of JanuaryROWEEdwardsonne of William ROWECARTERAunstisdau of Thomas CARTER of Newton Poppleford of pish of Aylsbeare
1636xxviijth daie of AprillCOTTERELLJohnof pish of PehemberyPIDGEONKatterinedau of John PIDGEON of this pish
1639xvijth daie of JulyCHURCHILLCharlesof Newton Poppleford of the pish of AylsbeareWISLAKEAnneof Venawtry
1640vjth daie of MarchMARSHALLMr Johnof Ting-GraceSTOFORDMrs Graceof Otterie St Marie
1641xiijth daie of OctoberBALLYMANThomasof WhimpleWATTSMelonyof Broade Clist
164220th day of JunePOTTEREmanuellof Otterye St MaryePOTTBURYJoaneof the same
1642viijth daie of OctoberWESTCOTTBennett GODFRIEThomazin 
1642first daie of FebruaryREEDEWm EVELEIGHElizabethwiddow of Harpford
1642xxviijth daie of FebruaryCHEEKEWm HOLEMargaretof St Marie Otterie
1643xxviijth daie of AprillHAYCRAFTThomasof SidmouthDRASHERSarahof the same pish
1643xvijth daie of JulySYMONSThomasof BictonMARSHMargaretof Broade Clist
1643seconde daie of AugustMARTINRichard MARSHFrancesof Broade Clist
1643xixth daie of AugustWALLISJohn CALLYRawlenof Sidberie
1643xvth daie of JanuaryJARMANJohn ELLIOTJanewiddow of pish of Aylsbeare
1643viijth of FebruaryDOWNERichard CRAMMERMargaretof pish Otterie St Marie
1643xixth daie of MarchROTTENBURIEWilliamwiddoerADAMSAnnewiddow of pish Otterie St Marie
1644viijth daie of MayDAVIEThomasof SidberieLEE [?]Joaneof same pish
1644xxth daie of MayWESTCOTTCharleswiddowLEATEElizabethwiddow of Collyton Rawleigh
1644xiijth of JuneKINGWilliam no surnameElizabethof Collyton Rawleigh
1644xxth daie of JuneWESTCOTTRichard PARKERSusannaof Sidberie
1644xvth daie of JulyHIGGINSJohnof Otterie St MaryCOUNATTJoaneof Sidberie
1644xvjth daie of JulyPARKINSAurthorof Broade ClisteHALFEYARDMaryof Whimple
1644xiiijth daie of AugustGININGESRaphea TruperSAUNDERSGraceof Whimple
1644vjth daie of OctoberCALLYWilliam MOREJoaneof Sidmouth
1644iiijth daie of DecemberSAUNDERJohnof RockebeareLANEElizabethof Collyton Rawleigh
1644thirde daie of FebruaryRAPHEGideon WESTCOTTWillmothof Otterrie St Marie
1644xvijth of FebruaryHUPPERFrances SKEWESRebekahof Colliton Rawleigh
1644eighteenth daie of FebruaryGODFERIEThomasof SidberieSTREATEMargeryof Sidmouth
1644xxth daie of MarchFARRANTGeorgeof Whimpleno bride's name  
16464th of JunePARBURYWilliam STOKESJane 
1646second of OctoberPRINCEEdward STOKESAnne 
1649eighteenth of JuneBURROWERichard PARBURYBridget 
   1649 - Aug 1652GAP @ REGISTER   
1652thirtyeth day of AugustBENDINGERobert CLARKEDinah 
16524th day of NovemberHAYDONRalph STOKESElizabeth 
   From 1654-1658Register records Banns   
  (with these words:and purpose oftheir marriage was publishedthree lordes dayesfollowing:) 
1654twenty eightth day of SeptembrAYERMr Johnsonne of Baltazar AYER of Addington, gent.MARSHALLMrs Cicilldau of John MARSHALL of fenotery gent (banns published) the three lords daies next before
1655fourth daye of FebruaryGODFREYThomassonne of William GODFREY of fenotery husbandmanCOOKEThomasinedau of Gilbert COOKE late of Otery St Mary weaver (banns published) the three lords daies next before
1656twenty thirde day of FebruaryRADFORDJohnsonne of Roger RADFORD of fenotery TaylorWORYMellanydau of Mr James WORY of Dorly in the County of Somerset minister of gods words (banns published) viz: the first the eighth and the fifteenth of february next before
1657twentieth day of AprillHOOPERRichardof fenotery sarge weaver sonne of Jane HOOPER of Ottery St Mary widdowHAYMANJoaneseruante to James PALFRAY of fenotery (banns published) the fifteenth the twenty seconde and twenty ninth of March next before
1657first day of JulySTOAKESRichardsonne of Richard STOAKES of fenotery yeomanMARWOODERebeccahdau of Mr Thomas MARWOODE of Norly (banns published) viz: the eighth the fiftheenth and twenty seconde of March before
1657seauenteenth day of DecemberBARONJamesof Salcombe yeomanSTOAKESJohandau of Richard STOAKES of fenotery (banns published) viz: the 27 of Septembr the 4 and 11 of Octobr last before
165830 day of OctoberHUNTJohnof Budleigh TaylorCLARKEHannahdau of William CLARKE of Fenotery (banns published) viz: the 12 the 19 and the 26 of September before
165818th day of NovemberGODFREYWilliamof fenotery busbandmanPODBURYLucretiaof Ottery St Mary widdow (banns published) viz: the last of October the 7 and 14 November before
165827th day of DecemberPALFRAYThomasof fenotery sergeweaverKELLINGEMarydau of John KELLINGEof Harpford (banns published) three lordes days followinge accordinge to the acte
   1659 - Feb 1662GAP @ REGISTER   
1662laste day of MarchPINEPhilipthe sonne of --- PINE of the pishe of Otterton masonFROSTERosedau of Jane FROSTE of fenotery widdow
1662day/month not recordedPRIDHAMLawrenceof Ottery St MaryCHURCHILLAgniswiddow
166315th OctobrWEEKESAdrianof HarpfordBARONAnsticeof Otery St Mary
1663twenty ninthe day of JanuaryCHANONNicholassonne of John CHANON of HarpfordPODBURYMargerydau of Thomas PODBURY of Fenotery
1663fifth day of FebruaryPEIRCECharlessonne of Sicile PEIRCE of Newton Poppleford widdowCURTISAgnes 
166422th of 7br 1664JEWELLGeorgeof AilsbeareCRUCHARDJoane 
1664tenth daye of NovemberWARESamuellsonne of Francis WARETRIPFrancisdau of William TRIP of Addrington
166426th day of JanuaryLOVERINWilliam PODBURYMarthadau of Thomas PODBURY
166526th daye of JanuaryFARRANTCharlessonne of Willia FARRANT of Newton PopplefordNORCOTJoanedau of Thomas NORCOT of fenotery
166620th daye of DecemberWISERichardsonne of Mrs Susanna WISE of TotnesTIRLYNMarydau of Mrs Rebecca TIRLYN of the parrishe
16668th of MarchDOWNEJohnof Otery St MaryPINEMarydau of Mr Humphrey PINE of Otery St Mary
166818th daye of JuneGOWLERogerof LittlehamHULLMarydau of Mary HULL of Otery St Mary
166817th of JulyWESCOTThomassonne of Nicholas WESTCOTTSANDERSMarydau of John SANDERS of Whimple
16689th of SeptemberDRAKEMr Georgeof HarpfordASHWOODEMris Susannaof Axminster
166810th of FebruaryTAYLORMr William EBDONKatherineof Ottery St Mary
   1669 - 1673GAP @ REGISTER   
167411th of OctoberWAREJohnof Otery St MaryLEANEJenefeof Woodbury
16746th JanuaryCHURCHILLJohn HAYMANMargeryof Ottery St Mary
167520th of JanuaryCHAPMANJohn no bride's name of Otery St Mary
167624 of Agust 76 (sic)SALTERJohn PORTBURYJannof Otery St Mary
16786 day of FebruaryMARKERRichard CRECHED (?GRETHED)Margaret 
168023th AugustFAYTORSamuellof OttertonSEAGERElizabeth 
168017th JanuarieCROSERobert PEATONJoanof Otterie St Marie





BURIALS 1587-1680
d. daughter; s. son; w. wife
1587WEBBERJohan3rd Februaryw. of Humfry
1587WEBBERHumfry13th February 
1587CAPLERobert15 Maie 
1587CAPLEJohn22 Maie 
1587SLOWMANRobert26 Maie 
1587ENGLANDAgnis14th Septemberw. of Robert
1587COLWELLJohan6th October 
1588FOXWILLJohan19 Decembrw. of Thomas
1588ENGLANDWilliamlast daie Decemberservant to Thomas WEBBER
1589WYSESaunder9 Februarie 
1590PASCOTHJohn10th Maie 
1591WARRINGEElinore20th Juneservant to Thomas WEBBER
1591FOXWILLJohan26 Septembr 
1591FOXWILLThomas20 Decebr 
1591PALMERDyana22 Decebr 
1592PALMERRichard28 Februarie 
1592PLIMPTONCatheren25th June 
1592DYERMargarett24 Septembr 
1593CULSWARERichard26 Decembr 
1594WEBBERJesse7 Aprill 
1594WESCOTTAlice15th June 
1594COLWILLWilliam4th October 
1596PALMERSibillyxth March 
1597WHITROWRichard24th March 
no yearHAYMANElizabeth24th June 
no yearWHITROWJohn11th August 
1603WISSEWathen5 Septembr 
1605WYSEThomas14 Januarie 
1605WHITROWEJoane29 Januarie 
1606COUCKEMargery7th February 
1609WHITROWAnnlast of Octoberw.of Christofer
1609PENEYJhon11th Deceber 
1609FOXWILLEllynxth Januaye 
1611DARBEYGylbertfifth May 
1612PASCOElizabeth22 Aprill 
1612PYNEAgnesxxix Aprill 
1612PENNEYEllyne14 Maij 
1612WHITROWMargarettxxvj Novenber 
1613HYNENathaniell30 Januaryes.of Rychard
1613HYNEHillingsvjth February 
1613TUCKEJohn19 Marche 
1614COUCKEJohan17 Aprill 
1614SPLATEAgnes12 Maij 
1614HYNEElizabethxxiijth Maie 
1614WHITEROWChristoferfirst Novembers. of Christof
1615HILLINGSWillia.second October 
1616WEBBERJoane27 Decembrw. of Francis
1617COOKEMary7th Mayd. of Andrew
1617MAYEGrace17th Junew. of John
1618PALFRYEAnnis14th Octoberw. of Thomas
1618WESTCOTTBennetfirst Januarys. of John
1618PILKINGTONRobert30th December 
1619HEATHDorothye23rd May 
1619HAMANAlice8th Octoberw. of John
1619BRAGGEEyde12 Decembr 
1619HEAMANJohnxiij February 
1622WESTCOTT(illegible)erinanono die Junijuxor Bendtct
1622BULLEDMargaretadecimo septimo mensis Novembris 
1622BOWDONJohannessexto Januarij 
1622BOWDONJoannadicemo secondo Januarij 
1622BOWDONSibilladecimo tertio Januarij 
1624WHIDNEYJamesfyve and twentieth August 
1625GOULEJohantwentieth October 
1625FROSTXpoerthird Februarys. of George
1625WHIDNEYJohanesixe & twentieth February 
1626FROSTMary25th Julyw. of George
1626LEEMaryenynth Octoberd. of Thomas
1627TUCKEMary14th Januarij 
1628PALFREYMargret8th Julyd. of Willia.
1628PYGEONJohan29th October 
1628BULLARAgnes14th November 
1628GOULEJohn6th December 
1628PYLKINTONXpian10th December 
1628PULMANThomas5th March 
1629CLAPPERobert10th September 
1629WEBBERRichardvth October 
1630FROSTMariaduodecimo Augustfillia Georij
1630CLARKEJohn4th November 
1631PENEYMaria2th Julyd. of Henery
1631SPLATTUrsula20th Januaryw. William
1631CLAPPNicholasxiiijth March 
1631CLAPPElizabethxxiiijth March 
1632LEEJoanexxjth Februaryd. of Thomas & Mary
1633PYNJohnvth Februarys. of Thomas & Elizabeth
1634FROSTGeorgexxiiijth Aprill 
1634PENEYHeneryxxvth July 
1634SPLATTWilliam29th July 
1634WESTCOTTBenetttenth November 
1635PAULFRYThomasixth Aprill 
1636BALEHACHEDRobertxviijth Aprills. of Andrew & Ruth
1636WESTCOTTJonefirst Junew. of John
1636STOKESCatherinexvth Decemberw. of Richard
1636ROWEWillmettxiiijth Februaryw. of William
1637LEERichardxxvth Mays. of Thomas & Mary
1637COMBEMaryxxiijth Junew. of Nicholas of Newton Poppleford
1637GOULSWORTHIEJohnxxth August 
1637PIGEONJohnixth October 
1637BANDERichardxij Novemberbase s. of Dorothie
1639MAUNDERThomasxxth Novemberof Newton Poppleford of pish of Aylsbeare
 (Register signed)JustinianTHOMPSON Curate 
1642WAREGeorge13th Junes. of Francis & Agnes
1642CARSLAKEJohn27th July 
1642STOFORDRichard gent14th August 
1643HITTHannaxxiijth Juned. of John & Ellinor
1643WARRENJulianxxvth Octoberw. of Richard
1643LEATEChristiansecond Januaryw. of William
1643ELLIOTMargaretixth Januaryw. of George
1643CLARKEMaryxith Februaryof Otterie St Mary widdow
1644HEATHChristianxixth Juned. of William
1644PENNEY alis PHILMORESamuellxvijth October 
1644BALCHATCHETTMaryfirst Februaryd. of Andrew & Ruth
1645TEAPEMichaeltenth Aprillof Cotley
1645PODBERIEMarthaiiijth Mayw.of Thomas
1645PAULFERIEPrudencefirst Decemberwiddow
1645WISLAKEElizabethseueth Marchd. of George
1645WISLAKEAlsefifteenth Marchw. of George
1646WISLAKEGeorge seniortwenty ninth March 
 (Register signed)JustinianTHOMPSON Curate 
1646WEBBERno forenamexijth Aprillw. of Francis
1646CHURCHILLAnneseauenth Mayw. of Charles
1646CHURCHILLCharlesseuenteenth June 
1647DARBYAbigail27th December 
1647PARBURYRichardeight Januarys. of William & Jane
1648HEYMANJohnsixteenth Februarys. of John & Dorothy
1649STONINGEKatherineeleuenth Novemberw. of John of Metcombe
1649WESCOTBenedicttwenty seuenth February 
1649ROWEWilliamtwenty fourth March 
1650GODFREYJohntenth May 
1650WESTCOTJohnseuenteenth Decembers.of Thomasin WESTCOT of Ottery St Mary widdowe
1651PALFREYPetronellninth Junew. of William
1661PODBURYMichaellseuenteenth September 
1651WHEELERMaryfourth Octoberd. of Henry & Joane
1652GODFRYAliceeighteenth Januaryw. of William
  RichardCollins Register 
1654BISHOPJoaneeighteenth Julyd. of Thomas & Allice of Newton Poppleford
1654ELLIOTJosephsixth Januarys. of Thomas & Katherine
1654STONINGEJoanetwentith Decemberw. of Robert of Ottery
1654PALFRAYWilliamfowrth February 
1654MOOREJoaneeighteenth Februaryd. of Alexander & Joane
1656RADFORDJanetwenty ninthe Mayd. of Roger & Anne
1656WESCOTJohnseconde June 
1656MAUNDERJoaneseauenteeth Juneof Newton Poppleford
1656CRUCHETDorcas17th Juned. of John & Joane
1656FROSTHumphryninteenth October 
1656GODFRYThomasinetenth Decemberw. of Thomas
1656WISLAKEDorothy24th Marchd. of George & Agnis
1657CHURCHILLThomasinesixth Septemberw. of Henry
1657HILLINGEMr Williamthirteenthe September 
1657TAYLERJane19th Octoberd. of Edward & Mary of Tippen in pish of Ottery St Mary
1657CRUCHETJohn15th March 
1658WARRENDorcas18th Aprilld. of Richard & Thomasine
1658STOFORDMcis Judeth15th Septemebrdied 12th September
1658(no surname)Jane3rd Novemberw. of blank of St Sidwills in Exon dyed seconde November 1658 bur third of the same
1658HEANESarah7th Novemberd. of John & Susannah dyed 7th Novembr bur tenth of the same
1659SEAWARDSusanna12th Mayw. of Michaell died 11 May 1659 bur 12 of the same
1659RADFORDJohniith Januarys. of John & Mellany
1660LEVERINMary26th Junew. of William
1660GODOLPHINThomas8th Octobers. of MR William & Mary died 8 October bur. same daye
1661WESCOTRose19th Maydied 16 May 1661 bur 19th
1661STOAKESRichard the elder7th Junedied fourth June bur. 7
1662CARSLAKEJohnseconde Octobers. of John & Margaret died first Octobr bur seconde
1662WESTCOTBenedict23rd Januarys. of Benedict & Thomasine
1663GODFRYThomasundecimo die Maijfilius Gulielmi
1663GRANTEElizabethavicessimo nono die Septembrisfilia Ricardi
1663CARSLAKEJoane25th October 
1663CARSLAKESarah19th Novembrd. of John & Margarett
1664STOKESRebecka16th Mayw. of Richard
1664STOKESGilbert21st Mays. of Richard
1664WARRENJoane26th Junewiddowe
1664WEBBERFranciscusquarto die Septembris 
1665STOKESThomasseconde Februarys. of Richard & Rebeckah
1665CARSLAKEElizabetheighth Februarywiddowe
1665PINNEThomas18th February 
1665BROCKENDENJulian11th Marchof Tingrace
1666PITTFEILDJohn17th Januarys. of John & Sarah
1667RADFORDMellany16th Octoberw. of John
1667FROSTSarah21th Octoberw. of Hymphry
1667PINNEWilliameighth Decembrs. of Thomas & Elizabeth
1668RADFORDRosethird Mayd. of John & Mellany
1668PILEJane28th Mayw. of Samuell of Ailsbeere
1668MARSHALLGrace11th Junew. of MR John
1669ROWERichard28th Septembers. of Edward
1668NORCOTAgnesthirteenth Novemberw. of Thomas
no yearWARERobertno day/months. of Francis & Agnis
1671PORTBURYKatherine8th Augustd. of William
1671MARSHALLJohn gent10th March 
1672GODFRYWilliam17th Aprillof Ottery St Mary
1672HEANEMary20th Mayd. of John & Susanna
1672HORNEMargaret26th Decemberw. of Peter
1673CHURCHILLEmmilee6th Aprillof Newton Poppleford, widdowe
1673STOFORDMstris Sarah12th May 
1673LOUERINEAndrewseconde Novembers. of William
1673GRANTERichardninth November 
1673CRUCHETMaryfirst Februaryd. of John & Jone
1674FROSTJane7th Octoberwiddowe
1675RADFORDGeorge6th Aprills. of John & Anne
1675ELLIOTThomas11th December 
1675PODBURYHonor7th Februaryd. of William & Jane of Otery
1677PALFRYJohnlast day Septemb.sun (sic) of Thomas
1678WAREPeter4th May 
1678RADFORDAndreusecond Juelys. of Andreu
1678ROWEAnstistenth Octoberw. of Edward
1678FARANTJonneseaventh Novemberd. of Charles & Jonne
1678GODFRYWilliam8th Decembers. of Pitter
1678RADFORDJohnthird Januarys. of John & Ann
1679PORTBURYThomas27th Augustof this pish
1679KIRSLAKEJoseph29 Feb.s. of John
1680MARKERMarie18th Aprilld. of John & Margrett
1680PILEJohn24th Junes. of Samuell & Rebecca
1680PILEThomas12th Februaries. of Michaell & Sarah
1680HAYNESAgnis20th Januariew. of John
1680PILEThomas24th Junes. of Michaell