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Name Index


Ayer of Fen Ottery

Devon & Cornwall Notes & Queries 9:2, (1916) pp. 37-43 and 9:3, (1916) pp. 93-95.


A.J.P. Skinner

Prepared by Michael Steer

The first of these Notes is a continuation of the pedigree of Ayer of Wotton, in Colonel Vivian's Visitations of Devon, p. 31, and includes extracts from the Seaton parish church registers, as well as the will of John Marshall of 'ffenottery'.The second Note provides corrections and additions to the pedigree presented in the earlier Note. These corrections were obtained from Chancery Proceedings extracts. Google with the Archive Organization has sponsored the digitisation of books from several libraries. The Internet Archive makes available, in its Community Texts Collection (originally known as Open Source Books), books that have been digitised by Google from a number of libraries. These are books on which copyright has expired, and are available free for educational and research use. The copy of this rare book is held in the collection of Albert William Bryant Messenger, and is available from the Internet Archive.


Ayer arms 39-40, 42
Ayer, Arthur 37-8
Ayer, Baltazar 37
Ayer, Charles 39
Ayer, Cicill 37-8, 40-2
Ayer, Dorothy 37-8, 42
Ayer, Dorothy (2) 38
Ayer, Elizabeth 39-40, 42
Ayer family of Wotton 37
Ayer, Gideon 40
Ayer, Grace 37
Ayer, John 37-8
Ayer, John (2) 39
Ayer, Luttrell 39-40
Ayer, Marshall 37, 39-42
Ayer, Marshall (2&3) 39, 41-2
Ayer, Mary 37-8, 42
Ayer, Mary (2) 39
Ayer, Thomas George 40
Ayer, William Terry 40
Baker, Charles 42
Baker, Judith 42
Baker, Thomazin 42
Baker, Mrs Mary 39
Brutton, Joseph 43
Burnell, Rebecca 41-2
Carwithen, Rev George 40
Carwithen, Mary 40
Churchill, Charles, jnr 42
Churchill, Mary 42
Cooke of Thorn arms 40
Cooke, Dorothy 37
Cooke, Mr Phillip 37
Drake, George, gent 41
Duke, Anne 38
Duke of Otterton, arms 40
Duke, Dorothy 38, 41-2
Duke, George 38, 41-2
Duke, Mary 38
Duke, Robert 38
Duke, Thomas 38
Eliot, Thomas 41
Exeter, Archdeacon of 37
Exeter, Bishop of 43
fford, Elizabeth 43
Gilling, Mr Joseph 42
Godfrey, Thomas jnr 41
Godfrey, Thomas snr 41
Godolphin, Gentle 41
Godolphin, Katherine 41
Godolphin, Martha 41
Godolphin, William 41
Isaac, Mrs Mary 38
Isaack, Samuel MD 38
Isaacke, Elizabeth 38
Isaacke, Margaret 38
Isaacke, May 38
Lissant, John 42
Luce, John jnr 41
Luce, John snr 41
Lugg, Charles 42
Luttrell arms 39-40
Luttrell, Elizabeth 39
Luttrell, Southcote 39
Marker, Mrs Elizabeth 39
Marshall, Agnes 37
Marshall arms 40
Marshall of Teingrace arms 41
Marshall, Cicill 37
Marshall, Grace 37
Marshall, James 41
Marshall, John of Teigngrace 37
Marshall, John of Ven Ottery 37, 40-1
Maynard, James 39
Maynard, Mary 39
Mercer, John gent 41
Mundy, Anne 42-3
Mundy, Captain RM, Esq 40
Mundy, Cicill (also Cicilli) 42-3
Mundy, Dorothea 39-40
Mundy, Dorothea Isabella 40
Mundy, Dorothy 42-3
Mundy, Mrs Elizabeth 39
Mundy, Mary 39-40, 42-3
Mundy, Matthew AM 38, 40, 42
Mundy, Matthew (2) 39, 43
Mundy, Matthew jnr MA 38, 40, 42
Mundy, Sarah 42-3
Mundy, Thomas 39, 43
Mundy, Thomas gent 39
Murray, Mr O A R, CB 93
Ossingold, Agnes 37
Ossingold, Walter 37
Pratt, William 43
Radford, Elizabeth 41
Rugge, Mr Charles 42
Selfe, John 43
Shile, John gent 42
Simonds, Isayah 42
Slowly, Mary 37
Southcott, Thomas gent 39
Stoford, George 37
Stoford, Grace 37
Stoford, Sarah 41
Sweett, James gent 39
Sweett, Mary jnr 39
Thomas, John 42
Walrond, Anne 38
Walrond, Anne Jnr 38
Walrond, Edmond Esq 38
Ware, ffrancis 41
Ware, Jane 41
Whiddon, Francis 37
Whiddon, Grace 37
Wright, Thomas Esq 42
Yarde, Ezekial 41