Index: Licensed Victuallers 1651-1828

The following is an index of the North Shebbear and Hartland hundred Victualler's Recognizances granted at Quarter Sessions.
This index also includes the greater area of north-west Devon for annual Recognizances recorded in the 17th century.
Taken from individual annual lists 1651 to 1828, transcribed by David Carter 2016.
Refer to transcripts for further information about names of Sureties, etc.

Year Surname First name Notes Abode Reference
1664 ABBATT Thomas butcher Tetcott DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 ABEVENE Edward victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 ABEVIN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1744 ACKLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 ACKLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 ACKLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/17
1753 ACKLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 ACKLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1766 ACKLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/35
1751 ACLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 ACLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 ACLAND Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/24
1739 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1751 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 ADAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 ADAMS Grace widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1736 ADAMS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1743 ADDAMS Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1664 ADDAMS Nathaniel butcher Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1761 AERS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1755 AEZE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1739 ALFORD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 ALFORD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 ALFORD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 ALFORD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1770 ALLEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 ALLEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 ALLEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1749 ALLEN Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1736 ALLEN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 ALLEN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 ALLEN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1744 ALLEN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1749 ALLEN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1735 ALLEN Richard Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 ALLFORD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1732 ALLIN Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1743 ALLIN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1728 ALLIN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1747 ALLYN George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1738 ALLYN Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1738 ALLYN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1742 ALLYN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1746 ALLYN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 ALLYN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1754 ALLYN Susanna widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1751 ALLYN/HOLLYN? Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1731 ANDREW Eliza widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 ANDREW Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 ANDREW Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1743 ANDREW Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 ANDREW Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1751 ANDREW Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1730 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/3
1733 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/9
1738 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/11
1740 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 ANDREW John the younger Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/12
1741 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 ANDREW John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/14
1746 ANDREW Mary   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/16
1753 ANDREW Mary widow Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/23
1744 ANDREWS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1739 ANDREWS Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1749 ANDREWS Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1735 ANDREWS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1750 ANDREWS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 ANDREWS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 ANDREWS Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1732 ANDREWS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 ANDREWS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/6
1734 ANDREWS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/6
1754 ANDREWS Mary widow Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/24
1758 ARES John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1755 ARNOLD Elizabeth   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/25
1816 ARNOLD George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 ARNOLD George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1742 ARNOLD John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/13
1746 ARNOLD John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/16
1750 ARNOLD John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/20
1743 ARNOLL John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/14
1754 ARNON Elizabeth widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/24
1660 ARSCOTT Richard   ~~~~son [faded] DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1760 ARSE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 ARSE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1751 ARSE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1671 ASH Richard   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1660 ASHDON Richard   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1730 ASHPENSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 ASHPINSHAM Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1740 ASHPINSHAM Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 ASHPINSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 ASHPINSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1797 ASHTON Elizabeth   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 ASHTON Elizabeth Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 ASHTON Elizabeth   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 ASHTON Elizabeth   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 ASHTON Elizabeth   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/59
1671 ASHTON John   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1733 ASHTON Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/5
1728 ASHTON Nicholas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 ASHTON Nicholas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/3
1651 ASHTON Phillip   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1802 ASHTON Thomas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 ASHTON Thomas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 ASHTON Thomas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 ASHTON Thomas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 ASHTON Thomas   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/64
1728 ASPHINGER Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1736 ASPINSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 ASPINSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 ASPINSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 ASPINSHAW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1816 AUSTIN George   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 AUSTIN George   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 AUSTIN George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 AUSTIN George Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/2/02/012
1823 AUSTIN George Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/3/02/014
1743 AUSTIN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/14
1753 AUSTIN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 AUSTIN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 AUSTIN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1774 AUSTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/42
1799 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 AVERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1735 AVERY Katherine   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/7
1764 AYERS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1756 AYERS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1759 AYRES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1763 AYRES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1757 AYRES John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1752 AZE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 AZE John Mariner Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 AZE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1742 BACKWAY Jane   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/13
1746 BACKWAY Jane   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/16
1741 BACKWAY John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 BACKWAY John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 BACKWAY John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/15
1660 BADGE Edmund   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 BADGE Edward   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 BADGE Edward victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 BAGELHOLE Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1735 BAGGLEHOLE Elizabeth   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1728 BAGGLEHOLE Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/1
1736 BAGGLEHOLE Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1732 BAGILHOLE Elizabeth   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/4
1730 BAGILHOLE Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1733 BAGILHOLE Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1651 BAGILHOLE Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 BAGILHOLE Richard victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1734 BAGLEHOLE Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1768 BAILEY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1772 BAILEY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1767 BAILY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1774 BAILY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1824 BAILY James Kings Arms Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/06/026
1824 BAILY Thomas Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/4/06/015
1827 BAINSMEAD Henry Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/7/08/027
1755 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BAKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/51
1651 BALAMY Roger   Exbourne DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1807 BALE Edward   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 BALE Edward   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/64
1818 BALE Edward   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/66
1822 BALE Edward Swan Alwington DRO/QS/63/2/02/002
1823 BALE Edward Swan Alwington DRO/QS/63/2/02/020
1825 BALE Edward Swan Alwington DRO/QS/63/5/05/022
1787 BALE James   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 BALE James   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/54
1818 BALE James   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1822 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/2/02/013
1823 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/3/02/015
1823 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/3/02/016
1824 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/06/004
1825 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/5/05/039
1826 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/10/021
1827 BALE James Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/7/08/006
1766 BALE Joan widow Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1768 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 BALE Joan widow Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 BALE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/52
1736 BALE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/8
1741 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1770 BALE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1798 BALE John New Inn Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/56
1821 BALL Edward   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/67
1824 BALL Edward Swan Alwington DRO/QS/63/4/06/009
1735 BALL Orice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1756 BAND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BAND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BAND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BAND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1757 BAND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BANFIELD William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1660 BARDEN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1787 BARKWELL John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 BARKWELL John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1735 BARNAFORD Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 BARNARD Wilmot   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1660 BARNES Agnis   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1728 BARNESS Eliza widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1760 BARNFIELD William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BARNFIELD William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1651 BARNHOUSE Agnes   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1770 BAROW John, junior   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1778 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1781 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 BARROW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1753 BARROW Sarah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1750 BARRY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BARRY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1751 BARSEY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 BARSEY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 BARTHOLOMEW Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BARTHOLOMEW Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1750 BARTLAMY Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1651 BARTLET Joseph   Clawton DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1816 BARVE William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/65
1824 BARWICK Richard Royal Hotel Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/046
1778 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 BARZEY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1754 BASSETT Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1762 BASSETT Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1767 BASSETT Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1769 BASSETT Christopher Dublin Inn Northam DRO/QS/63/1/09/029
1770 BASSETT Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1816 BATE Edward   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/65
1797 BATE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 BATE John New Inn Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 BATE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 BATE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 BATE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 BATE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/60
1827 BATE William Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/7/08/025
1828 BATE William Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/6/04/045
1754 BATEN John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/24
1664 BATOR William butcher Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1800 BAWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1770 BAYLEY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BAYLEY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/39
1744 BAYLEY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1765 BAYLY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 BAYLY Jacob   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/35
1755 BAYNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 BAYNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BAYNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1754 BEALY Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1764 BEANON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1798 BEAR Elizabeth Blue Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/56
1772 BEAR John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/40
1787 BEAR John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 BEAR John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/54
1768 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BEARE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/50
1821 BEAVEN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1816 BEAVEN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1664 BECKLAKE William victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1827 BEEKLAKE William   Parkham DRO/QS/63/7/08/028
1797 BEER Elizabeth   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/55
1799 BEER Elizabeth   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 BEER Elizabeth   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 BEER Elizabeth   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 BEER Elizabeth   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/60
1784 BEER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/52
1783 BEERE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/51
1732 BEEVIN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1756 BELLWORTHY Katherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BELLWORTHY Katherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 BELLWORTHY Katherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/29
1755 BELWORTHY Catherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 BELWORTHY Catherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/28
1747 BELWORTHY Katherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 BELWORTHY Katherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/18
1734 BENETT Margaret Brandy Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/6
1663 BENETT Richard   Milton Damarel DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1730 BENHAM Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1739 BENHAM Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1761 BENNET Dorothy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1766 BENNET Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/1/09/027
1768 BENNET Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/37
1736 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1746 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1749 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BENNET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1783 BENNET Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/51
1671 BENNET Richard   Milton Damarel DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1773 BENNET William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1732 BENNETT Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1760 BENNETT Dorothy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1755 BENNETT George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BENNETT George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BENNETT George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BENNETT George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BENNETT George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1804 BENNETT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1766 BENNETT Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BENNETT Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/36
1772 BENNETT Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 BENNETT Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/41
1770 BENNETT Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BENNETT Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/39
1738 BENNETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1752 BENNETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BENNETT Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BENNETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1774 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 BENNETT Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/52
1664 BENNETT Phillip victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 BENNETT Richard victualler Milton Damarel DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1730 BENNETT Samuel Objection Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1663 BENNETT Willmett   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 BENNETT Wilmott victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1740 BENNON Jehonell   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1762 BENNON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1760 BENNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1765 BENNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1739 BENON Jehonell   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1756 BENON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1761 BENON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 BENON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1664 BENSON Agnes victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 BENSON Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 BENSON John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 BENSTON Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1783 BERREL Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1782 BERRILE Grace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1752 BERRILL Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1750 BERRILL George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BERRILL George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1747 BERRILL Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1660 BERRIMAN John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 BERRIMAN John victualler Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1816 BERRY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 BERRY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1651 BERRYMAN John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1767 BERRYMAN Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BERRYMAN Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BERRYMAN Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/38
1821 BERWICK Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 BERWICK Richard Royal Hotel Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/040
1827 BERWICK Richard Royal Hotel Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/020
1828 BERWICK Richard Royal Hotel Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/002
1732 BETEY(?) John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/4
1822 BEVAN Ann Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/035
1823 BEVAN Ann Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/043
1824 BEVAN Ann Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/038
1749 BEVAN Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1738 BEVAN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 BEVEN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1733 BEVINS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1739 BEVINS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1671 BEWES Henry   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1822 BEWICK Richard York Hotel Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/028
1825 BEWICK Richard Royal Hotel Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/011
1664 BICKELL John butcher Beaworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1771 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BICKFORD Anthony   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/44
1778 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BICKFORD Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/50
1764 BIDDER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1663 BIGELHOLE Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1758 BINMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/28
1746 BINON Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1663 BINSON Johane   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1765 BIRCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/34
1732 BIRCH Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1738 BIRCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/9
1754 BIRCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/24
1826 BISHOP George Swan Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/10/023
1664 BISHOP John victualler Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1818 BIVIN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1660 BLACKEMORE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1780 BLACKMORE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BLACKMORE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BLACKMORE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BLACKMORE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1773 BLACKMORE George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 BLACKMORE George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1777 BLACKMORE George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1779 BLACKMORE George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1746 BLACKMORE Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1749 BLACKMORE Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1751 BLACKMORE Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1739 BLACKMORE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1776 BLACKMORE Thomazine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1664 BLAKE Anthony victualler Alwington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1747 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 BLAKE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/34
1743 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/24
1770 BLAKE Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/38
1759 BLAKE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/29
1766 BLINSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1736 BOATFEILD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/8
1728 BOATFIELD Jana widow Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/1
1744 BOATFIELD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 BOATFIELD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BOATFIELD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 BOATFIELD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BOATFIELD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 BOATFIELD Mary   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/23
1732 BOATFILD John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/4
1651 BOLE Johanna widow Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1746 BOLWORTHY Catherine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/16
1784 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 BOND Alexander New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 BOND Alexander   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/64
1797 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 BOND George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 BOND George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/65
1753 BOND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BOND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BOND James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1651 BOND John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1765 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1767 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1777 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 BOND Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/52
1751 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1762 BOND Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1764 BOND Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 BOND Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 BOND Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1758 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/35
1770 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BOND William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/44
1741 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/13
1746 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 BONIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/32
1736 BONNIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/8
1764 BONNIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/33
1743 BORMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1739 BOURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1754 BOWDEN Anna widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1802 BOWDEN Betty   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1748 BOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 BOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 BOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1801 BOWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1804 BOWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 BOWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 BOWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 BOWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 BOWDEN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1738 BOWDEN Esther   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 BOWDEN Esther   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1763 BOWDEN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BOWDEN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1764 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 BOWDEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1761 BOWDEN Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1816 BOWDEN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 BOWDEN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 BOWDEN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 BOWDEN Thomas Ship Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/025
1823 BOWDEN Thomas Ship Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/044
1824 BOWDEN Thomas Ship Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/032
1825 BOWDEN Thomas Ship Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/020
1826 BOWDEN Thomas Ship Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/011
1828 BOWDEN Thomas Ship Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/001
1775 BOWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1742 BOWEN Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1772 BOWEN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1754 BOWEN Rees   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1758 BOWEN Rees   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 BOWEN Rees   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BOWEN Rees   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 BOWEN Rees   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1768 BOWEN Rees   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1735 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1740 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1744 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1764 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BOWEN Rice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1736 BOWERMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1741 BOWERMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/12
1746 BOWERMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BOWERMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/17
1772 BRADDEN Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/40
1763 BRADDON Humphrey   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BRADDON Humphry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/39
1801 BRADFORD Peggy   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/59
1798 BRADFORD William Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 BRADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 BRADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/58
1804 BRADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 BRADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 BRADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 BRADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/64
1664 BRAGGE Gideon butcher Pyworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1752 BRANNTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BRANNTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1736 BRANTLON Richard   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/8
1755 BRANTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1757 BRANTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 BRANTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 BRANTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 BRANTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/32
1754 BRAUNTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 BRAUNTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1760 BRAUNTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 BRAUNTON John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1735 BRAUNTON Richard   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/7
1772 BRETNSCHAM Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1762 BRIANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1759 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BRIDGEMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1762 BRIDGMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1765 BRIDGMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1770 BRIDGMAN John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1773 BRIMSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1781 BRIMSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BRIMSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1754 BRIMSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BRIMSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1759 BRIMSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1764 BRIMSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1771 BRIMSKAM Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1767 BRINSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1765 BRINSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1804 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 BRINSMEAD Henry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 BRINSMEAD Henry Blue Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/2/02/042
1823 BRINSMEAD Henry Blue Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/3/02/028
1824 BRINSMEAD Henry Blue Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/4/06/011
1825 BRINSMEAD Henry Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/5/05/015
1826 BRINSMEAD Henry Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/4/10/027
1828 BRINSMEAD Henry Anchor Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/6/04/031
1664 BROCK Thomas butcher Exbourne DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1749 BROOK Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1753 BROOKE Eliza widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1651 BROOKE William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 BROOKE William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 BROOKE William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 BROOKE William victualler Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1751 BROOKES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1754 BROOKES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BROOKS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1772 BROOKS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1762 BROOMSCOMB Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1651 BROTHER Mirian   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1671 BROWN James   Buckland Filleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1671 BROWNE Humphrey   [blank] DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1663 BROWNE James   Buckland Filleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 BROWNE James victualler Buckland Filleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 BROWNE John   Merton DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 BROWNE John victualler Merton DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 BROWNE Margaret   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1760 BROWNSCOMBE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1768 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1774 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1783 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 BROWNSCOMBE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1758 BROWNSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1761 BROWNSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 BROWNSCOMBE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1748 BRYAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1774 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1781 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1788 BRYANT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1742 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 BRYANT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1761 BUCKLER Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1728 BUDD Laurence   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/1
1733 BUDD Laurence   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 BUDD Laurence   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 BUDD Laurence   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/8
1734 BUDD Lawrence   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/6
1821 BUDICK James   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/67
1733 BUNAFORD Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/5
1744 BUNIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/15
1749 BUNIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/19
1762 BUNIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1730 BUNNAFORD Marged   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/2
1756 BUNNAFORD Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BUNNAFORD Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/27
1728 BUNNIFANT Margad   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 BUNNIFANT Margery widow Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/3
1740 BUNNIFANT Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1743 BUNNIFORD Margaret   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/14
1763 BURCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 BURCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 BURCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 BURCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 BURCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 BURCH Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/38
1728 BURCH Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1734 BURCH Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 BURCH Phiip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/8
1734 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/16
1750 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 BURCH Philip   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1816 BURDICK James   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 BURDICK James   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1746 BURDON Anne   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1660 BURGES Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 BURGES Phillipp   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1770 BURGESS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 BURGESS Margarett   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1744 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1750 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 BURMAN Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1754 BURMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1742 BURMOND Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1740 BURMONT Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1827 BURNACK William Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/038
1828 BURNACK William Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/011
1732 BURNAFORD Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/4
1759 BURNAFORD Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/29
1731 BURNARD John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1734 BURNETT Willmott   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1734 BURNIFORD Margery   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/6
1818 BURWICK Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1809 BUSE William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/64
1818 BUSE William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 BUSE William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 BUSE William New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/2/02/007
1823 BUSE William New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/3/02/022
1824 BUSE William New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/06/028
1825 BUSE William   Hartland DRO/QS/63/5/05/001
1826 BUSE William New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/10/031
1827 BUSE William New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/7/08/023
1828 BUSE William Kings Arms Hartland DRO/QS/63/6/04/019
1816 BUTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1663 BUTTON William   Bradford DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 BUTTON William victualler Bradford DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1736 BYNON Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1741 BYNON Petronell   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1751 BYNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1757 BYNON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1664 CADDE Phillip victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1731 CADE Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1735 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1749 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 CADE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 CADE Anne widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 CADE Anne widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1746 CADE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1749 CADE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1660 CADE Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 CADE Phillippe   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1764 CADE Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1728 CADE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1749 CALE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1728 CALL Margaret widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 CALL Margaret widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1734 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1744 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1747 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 CALL Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 CALL Margaret widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1824 CALLAWAY John Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/06/025
1773 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 CANN Francis   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/48
1754 CANN John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 CANN John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 CANN John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1821 CANN Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 CANN Samuel Bell Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/037
1823 CANN Samuel Bell Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/039
1824 CANN Samuel Bell Inn Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/045
1825 CANN Samuel Bell Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/009
1826 CANN Samuel Bell Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/007
1827 CANN Samuel Bell Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/018
1828 CANN Samuel Bell Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/014
1804 CANN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 CANN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 CANN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 CANN William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/64
1664 CANNE Hugo butcher Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1742 CARDREW [TARDREW] Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/13
1756 CARDREW [TARDREW] Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1736 CARTER Mary widow Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1664 CASEY Thomas victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1760 CAUNNELL Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1730 CAVE Barnaby   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1749 CAVE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 CAWLEY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1784 CHALK John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/52
1774 CHALK Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 CHALK Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/43
1783 CHALK Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/51
1787 CHALK Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 CHALK Margaret   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/54
1776 CHALK Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 CHALK Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 CHALK Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 CHALK Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 CHALK Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 CHALK Margarett   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 CHALK Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/50
1728 CHALK Robert   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/1
1770 CHALK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/38
1772 CHALK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/40
1804 CHANNEL Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1816 CHANNELL Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1807 CHANNELL Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 CHANNON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 CHANNON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 CHANNON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 CHANNON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 CHANNON Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/032
1823 CHANNON Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/041
1824 CHANNON Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/033
1825 CHANNON Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/010
1826 CHANNON Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/013
1664 CHAPMAN Edmund butcher North Petherwin DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1788 CHAPMAN Edward   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/54
1744 CHAPMAN Elizabeth   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/15
1753 CHAPMAN Elizabeth   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 CHAPMAN Elizabeth widow Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/24
1664 CHAPMAN Henry butcher North Petherwin DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1779 CHAPPLE Elizabeth   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 CHAPPLE Elizabeth   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 CHAPPLE Elizabeth   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/49
1805 CHARNELL Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1783 CHASE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1767 CHAULK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 CHAULK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 CHAULK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 CHAULK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 CHAVE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1777 CHAVE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1779 CHAVE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 CHAVE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1782 CHAVE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 CHAVE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 CHAVE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 CHAVE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1759 CHIDSELEY Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 CHIDSLEY Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/30
1757 CHIGSLEY Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/27
1818 CHRISTMAS Charles   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 CHRISTMAS Charles   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 CHRISTMAS Charles Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/2/02/010
1823 CHRISTMAS Charles Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/3/02/025
1824 CHRISTMAS Charles Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/06/027
1825 CHRISTMAS Charles Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/5/05/034
1826 CHRISTMAS Charles Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/10/032
1827 CHRISTMAS Charles Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/7/08/031
1756 CHUDSLEY Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/26
1663 CLARK Anthony   Alwington DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1746 CLARK John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 CLARK John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 CLARK John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/20
1759 CLARK Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 CLARK Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 CLARK Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 CLARK Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/32
1766 CLARK Rachel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/35
1753 CLARK Rachell widow Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/23
1736 CLARK Tom   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/8
1744 CLARKE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/15
1751 CLARKE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/21
1757 CLARKE Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 CLARKE Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/28
1764 CLARKE Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/33
1767 CLARKE Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 CLARKE Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 CLARKE Rachael   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/38
1755 CLARKE Rachel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 CLARKE Rachel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/26
1760 CLARKE Rachel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/30
1773 CLARKE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1752 CLEAVE Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1663 CLEMETT Oyne   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 CLEMETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 CLEMETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 CLEMMETT Owen victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 CLEMMETT William victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1754 CLERK Rachell widow Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/24
1822 CLEVEDON Anthony Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/2/02/006
1651 CLEVELAND John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 CLEVELAND John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1809 CLEVERDON Anthony   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 CLEVERDON Anthony   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 CLEVERDON Anthony   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 CLEVERDON Anthony   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 CLEVERDON Anthony Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/3/02/024
1663 CLEVLANDE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1827 CLIBBERT William   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/039
1740 CLIBBET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1743 CLIBBET Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1740 CLIBBET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1768 CLIBBET William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1772 CLIBBET William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1758 CLIBBETT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1761 CLIBBETT James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1731 CLIBBETT Maria widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1742 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1781 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 CLIBBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1770 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 CLIBBETT William Bell Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1827 CLIBBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/029
1827 CLIBBOTT William   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/016
1775 CLIBETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1827 CLIBETT William   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/044
1738 CLIBOT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1664 CLIMOCK Richard butcher Exbourne DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 CLINICKE Richard   Exbourne DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1671 CLINNICKE Richard   Exbourne DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1734 CLIPPETT Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1660 CLIVELAND John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 COALE Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1731 COALS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1736 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1740 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 COATS Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1663 COCK John   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 COCKERAM James   Winkleigh ? DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1755 COCKRAM George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1651 COCKRAM James   Winkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 COCKRAM James   Winkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1828 COCKS William Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/006
1664 COHAM John victualler Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 COHAM John   Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1825 COKE Richard Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/5/05/032
1826 COKE Richard Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/10/020
1827 COKE Richard Swan Alwington DRO/QS/63/7/08/036
1736 COLD Isot widow Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1744 COLE Anne   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1671 COLE Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1728 COLE Humfry   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/1
1664 COLE John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1741 COLE John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/12
1731 COLE Laurence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/3
1733 COLE Laurence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 COLE Laurence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 COLE Laurence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 COLE Laurence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 COLE Laurence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1734 COLE Lawrence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/6
1741 COLE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1748 COLE Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 COLES Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1732 COLES Lawrence   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/4
1778 COLLINS Joseph   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 COLLINS Joseph   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/47
1738 COLMER Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1660 COMBE Henrie   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1734 COMBER Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1728 COMBER Leonard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/1
1733 COMER Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 COMER Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 COMER Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1764 COOK James   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 COOK James   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1765 COOKE James   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1770 COOKE James   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1788 COOKE Peter   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1740 COOKS William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1664 COOLE Edmond victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1733 COOLE Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1663 COOMBE John   Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 COOP Alice victualler Beaford DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 COOPER Alice   Beaford DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 COOPER Allice   Beaford DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1760 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 COOPER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1787 CORRY John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 CORRY John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/54
1804 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 CORY Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 CORY Hugh Kings Arms Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/2/02/008
1823 CORY Hugh Kings Arms Hartland DRO/QS/63/3/02/026
1825 CORY Hugh Kings Arms Hartland DRO/QS/63/5/05/002
1753 CORY Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 CORY Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1660 COTCHING Hugh   ~~~lgory? [faded] DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 COTTLE Tristram victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1743 COULL Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1798 COURTICE John Hoop Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/56
1807 COURTICE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 COURTICE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/64
1774 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 COURTICE Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/54
1798 COURTICE Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/56
1804 COURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/61
1771 COURTIS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1742 COURTIS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 COWELE Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1738 COWELL Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 COWELL Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 COWELL Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 COWELL Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1746 COWELL Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1660 COWLE Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1735 COWLE Isaac   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1730 COWLE Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 COWLE Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 COWLE Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1660 COWMAN Phillipp   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1671 CRAB William   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1663 CRABB Hannah   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1663 CRABB Joseph   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1651 CRABB William   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 CRABBE Hannah victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 CRABBE Josias victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 CRABBE William   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1767 CRANG George   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/36
1774 CRANG John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1734 CRATER Francis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1773 CREEN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1777 CREEN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 CREEN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1775 CREN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 CRENN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1660 CRICKE Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1728 CROCKER Eliza widow Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 CROCKER Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/2
1733 CROCKER Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 CROCKER Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/6
1660 CROCKER John   Northlew ? DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1755 CROCKER Rebecca   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1804 CRONN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 CRUND John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1779 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 CRUNN John Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1807 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 CRUNN John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1809 CRUNN Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1664 CUDMORE John butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 CUPPER Daniell butcher Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1799 CURTICE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 CURTICE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 CURTICE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 CURTICE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 CURTICE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 CURTICE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/62
1799 CURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 CURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 CURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 CURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/60
1805 CURTICE Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/62
1761 CURTIS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1768 CURTIS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 CURTIS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1797 CURTIS Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/55
1807 DANIEL Bartholomew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 DANIEL Bartholomew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 DANIEL Bartholomew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/65
1804 DANIEL Elizabeth   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/61
1759 DANIEL William   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1762 DANIEL William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1762 DANIEL William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1805 DANNEL Bartholomew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/62
1763 DANNEL William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 DANNELL Martha Wife of Wm Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 DANNELL Martha Wife of Wm Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1761 DANNELL William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1809 DARK Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/64
1728 DARK William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/1
1741 DARRACOTT Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 DARRACOTT Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1787 DAVEY Robert   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/53
1767 DAVEY Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/36
1770 DAVEY Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/38
1783 DAVEY Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/51
1663 DAVEY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1784 DAVIE Robert   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/52
1771 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/39
1777 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 DAVIE Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/50
1660 DAVIE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1751 DAVIS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 DAVIS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1775 DAVIS Margaret   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/43
1751 DAVIS Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1773 DAVIS Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/41
1776 DAVIS Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/44
1765 DAVISON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1651 DAVY John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1730 DAVY John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 DAVY John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 DAVY John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/5
1749 DAVY Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1768 DAVY Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/37
1772 DAVY Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/40
1774 DAVY Thomas   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/42
1664 DAVY William victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1731 DAWS Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1761 DAY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1781 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 DAY Robert Beaver Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 DAY Robert, senior   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1818 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 DAY Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 DAY Robert Champion of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/033
1823 DAY Robert Champion of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/032
1824 DAY Robert Champion of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/030
1825 DAY Robert Champion of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/029
1826 DAY Robert Champion of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/017
1828 DAY Robert Champion of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/007
1750 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 DAY Susanna Spinster Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1758 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 DAY Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1757 DAY Susannah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1764 DAY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 DAY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1797 DAY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 DAY Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 DAY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 DAY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 DAY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1728 DEANE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1664 DENAFORDE Richard victualler Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 DENNES George   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 DENNIS George victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1747 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/17
1756 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1759 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1762 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1765 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1776 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/44
1778 DENNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/46
1787 DENNIS Grace   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 DENNIS Grace   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/54
1753 DENNIS Humphrey   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1756 DENNIS Humphrey   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/26
1749 DENNIS Humphry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 DENNIS Humphry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 DENNIS Humphry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 DENNIS Humphry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 DENNIS Humphry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 DENNIS Humphry   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1741 DENNIS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1744 DENNIS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1771 DENNIS James   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 DENNIS James   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 DENNIS James   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1777 DENNIS James   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/45
1730 DENNIS John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 DENNIS John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 DENNIS John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/4
1735 DENNIS John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 DENNIS John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/8
1728 DENNIS Samuel   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 DENNIS Samuel   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/2
1728 DENNIS Sara widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 DENNIS Sara   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 DENNIS Sara   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1738 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1749 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 DENNIS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1797 DENNIS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 DENNIS William Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 DENNIS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 DENNIS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 DENNIS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/59
1664 DENNYS John butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 DEYMAN Charles   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 DIAMOND Charles   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1805 DICKINSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 DICKINSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 DICKINSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/64
1663 DIER Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 DINICKE George   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1764 DINNIS George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/33
1772 DINNIS James   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1660 DOBLE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 DOBLE John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 DODGE Arthur   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1752 DOLTON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 DOLTON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1782 DOWLMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1779 DOWMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1775 DOWN Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/43
1783 DOWN Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/51
1651 DOWNE Henry   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1776 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 DOWNE Samuel   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/52
1767 DOWNING James   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1753 DOWNING John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 DOWNING John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 DOWNING John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 DOWNING John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/26
1738 DOWNMAN Petronell   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1780 DOWNMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 DOWNMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1755 DRAKE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 DRAKE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 DRAKE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 DRAKE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 DRAKE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 DRAKE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1734 DREW Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1651 DREW Elizabeth widow Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 DREW John butcher Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1735 DROWNING Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1671 DYER John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1755 DYER John   Landcross DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 DYER John   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/26
1664 EASTON William victualler Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1743 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 EASTON William   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/21
1768 EDDON John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1772 EDGER Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1779 EDGER Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1664 EDWARDS John butcher Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1770 EDWARDS Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 EDWARDS Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1783 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 EDWARDS Sarah Ship Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 EDWARDS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1775 EDWARDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 EDWARDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1779 EDWARDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 EDWARDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 EDWARDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 EDWARDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1755 ELLEN Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1828 ELLIOTT John Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/6/04/036
1828 ELLIOTT John Coffins Arms Parkham DRO/QS/63/6/07/029
1651 ELLIOTT Peter   Milton Damarell DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 ELLIOTT Peter victualler Milton Damarel DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1734 ELLIS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1738 ELLIS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 ELLIS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1761 ELLIS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 ELLIS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1664 ELLIS Giles butcher Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1756 ELLIS Katherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1671 ELLIS Mary   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1744 ELLIS Philip   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 ELLIS Philip   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1748 ELLIS Philip   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 ELLIS Philip   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 ELLIS Philip   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 ELLIS Philip   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1753 ELLIS Susanna widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1757 EMERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1742 EMMOTT Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1728 ENKER(?) Stephen   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/1
1671 ESSERY John   Ashwater DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1828 EVANS Elizabeth Full Moon Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/013
1728 EVANS Joanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1768 EVANS Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/37
1671 EVANS Scipio   Shebbear DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1772 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 EVERTON Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1765 EVERTON Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 EVERTON Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 EVERTON Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 EVERTON Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1758 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1765 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 EVERTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1764 EVERTTON Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1764 EVERTTON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1660 EXTER Beniamine   Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1749 EYRE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1651 FETER Charles   Ashwater DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1825 FIELDEW Thomas Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/021
1826 FIELDEW Thomas Coach & Horses Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/008
1771 FILLIPS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1664 FILLY Katherine victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1733 FISH Thomas   Welcomb DRO/QS/62/1/5
1772 FISHER Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1800 FISHER Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1816 FISHER Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1747 FISHER Matthew   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1732 FISHER Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1828 FISHER Thomas   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/6/04/032
1760 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1798 FISHER William Jolly Sailor Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 FISHER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1797 FISHER William, junr.   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1826 FISHWEEK Mary Red Lion Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/015
1816 FISHWICK Fairfax   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 FISHWICK Fairfax   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 FISHWICK Fairfax   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 FISHWICK Fairfax Red Lion Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/044
1823 FISHWICK Fairfax Red Lion Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/031
1824 FISHWICK Fairfax Red Lion Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/039
1825 FISHWICK Fairfax Red Lion Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/030
1827 FISHWICK Mary Red Lion Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/034
1741 FOLLET Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1740 FOLLET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 FOLLET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1749 FOLLET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1759 FOLLET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 FOLLET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1760 FOLLETT Margarett   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1733 FOLLETT Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1742 FOLLETT Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 FOLLETT Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1754 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1757 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1765 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 FOLLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1660 FORD Arthur   North Petherwin DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1751 FORD Margaret   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 FORD Margaret   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1816 FORD Thomas   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 FORD Thomas   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 FORD Thomas   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/2/02/004
1823 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/3/02/019
1824 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/4/06/022
1825 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/5/05/025
1826 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/4/10/029
1827 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/7/08/033
1828 FORD Thomas Green Dragon Langtree DRO/QS/63/6/04/038
1728 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1733 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1746 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 FORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/17
1743 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 FORTESCUE Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1788 FOWLER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1776 FRANKLIN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 FRANKLIN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 FRANKLIN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 FRANKLIN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1664 FRAYNE Thomas butcher Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1771 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/46
1781 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/51
1787 FREEMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/53
1779 FREMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 FREMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/48
1784 FREMAN Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/52
1770 FREMONT Samuel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/38
1663 FRIENDSHIP Margrett   Petrockstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 FRIENSHIPPE Margaret victualler Petrockstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 FULFORD William victualler Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1730 FURLAND Susanna widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 FURLAND Susanna   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 FURLAND Susanna   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/4
1728 FURLONG Susanna widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/1
1733 FURLONG Susanna   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 FURLONG Susanna   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 FURLONG Susanna   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/7
1767 GALAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1772 GALAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1775 GALAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1766 GALLAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1774 GALLAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1776 GALLAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1778 GALLAWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1761 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1764 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1768 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1773 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1779 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 GALLWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 GALLWAY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1660 GALSWORTHIE Eme   Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 GALSWORTHIE Emma victualler Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 GALSWORTHY Eme   Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1750 GALSWORTHY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1763 GALWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1771 GALWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1777 GALWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1660 GARD Josias   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 GARDE John victualler Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 GARDE Josias   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1728 GARLAND Jana widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 GARLAND Jana   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1671 GARNE Josias   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1734 GAUY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1750 GAY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 GAY Agnes widow Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 GAY Agnes widow Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1764 GAY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 GAY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1762 GAY Agness   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1767 GAY Agnis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/36
1736 GAY James   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1733 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1748 GAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1651 GENDALL Dunstan   Sandford Courtney DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1671 GENNET [BENNET] Wilmot   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1771 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 GENT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/54
1783 GENTT George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1651 GEORFORD Richard   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 GEORG Clemet   Ashwater DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 GERREY Clement victualler Ashwater DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 GEST Amey victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1822 GIBB Samuel Beaver Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/017
1731 GIBBINS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1730 GIBBONS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1735 GIBBONS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 GIBBONS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1741 GIBBONS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1818 GIBBS Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 GIBBS Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 GIBBS Samuel Beaver Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/038
1824 GIBBS Samuel Beaver Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/034
1825 GIBBS Samuel Beaver Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/028
1826 GIBBS Samuel Beaver Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/014
1828 GIBBS Samuel Beaver Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/010
1754 GIDDY Diana   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1728 GIDLEY George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1663 GIFFERY Elizabeth   Sutcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1671 GIFFEY Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1663 GIFFEY George blacksmith Bradworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1663 GIFTT Amey   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 GILBARD Eme   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1660 GILBARD Lewes   Cookbury DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 GILBERT Amey victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 GILBERT Eme   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1663 GILBERT Lewes   Cookbury DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1671 GILBERT Lewes   Cookbury DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1664 GILBERT Ludovic victualler Cookbury DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 GILES Egido [ie@ Giles] butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1768 GILL Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 GILL Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 GILL Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 GILL Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 GILL Evan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1765 GILL Owen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 GILL Owen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1728 GIST Roger   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 GIST Roger   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/2
1671 GLIDDON Edward   [blank] DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1733 GLIDDON Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 GLIDDON Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1738 GLIDDON Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1760 GLIDDON Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 GLIDDON Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1740 GLIDDON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1787 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/55
1799 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 GLOVER Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/60
1765 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 GLOVER John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/52
1798 GLOVER John Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/56
1763 GLYDDON Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1757 GODFREY Joseph   Landkey DRO/QS/63/1/11/010
1760 GOLLOWAY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1788 GOODRIDGE Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1783 GOODRIDGE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 GOODRIDGE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1762 GORDEN Thomazin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 GORDEN Thomazin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 GORDEN Thomazin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 GORDEN Thomazin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 GORDEN Thomazin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1671 GORDEN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1768 GORDIN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1765 GORDON Thomazin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1730 GORFORD John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 GORFORD Thomasin   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/4
1728 GORFORD Thomazine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/1
1733 GORFORD Thomazine   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/5
1671 GOUDE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1755 GOULD Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1660 GOURIE Clement   Ashwater DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1743 GRADEY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1804 GRAVES Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 GRAVES Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 GRAVES Simon   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 GRAVES Simon   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1747 GRAY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1760 GREENSLADE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 GREENSLADE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1735 GREENWOOD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/7
1804 GREGG Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/61
1743 GRIFFEY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1766 GRIFFIES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1768 GRIFFIES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1765 GRIFFITH Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1740 GRIFFITH Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 GRIFFITH Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1767 GRIFFYS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1780 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 GRIGG Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/54
1774 GRIGG Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/42
1777 GRIGG Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 GRIGG Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 GRIGG Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/47
1805 GRIGG Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 GRIGG Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 GRIGG Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 GRIGG Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 GRIGG Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1822 GRIGG Richard New Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/2/02/005
1824 GRIGG Richard New Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/06/006
1825 GRIGG Richard New Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/5/05/037
1827 GRIGG Richard New Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/7/08/007
1828 GRIGG Richard New Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/6/04/034
1664 GRIGGE Joseph victualler Shebbear DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1787 GRIME Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/53
1781 GRIMSHARE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 GRIMSHAW John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/50
1826 GRIMSHAW John Hunters Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/4/10/042
1783 GRIMSHIRE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/51
1798 GRIMSHIRE John Hunters Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/56
1800 GRIMSHIRE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 GRIMSHIRE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 GRIMSHIRE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/60
1822 GRIMSHIRE John Hunters Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/2/02/043
1823 GRIMSHIRE John Hunters Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/3/02/004
1824 GRIMSHIRE John Hunters Arms Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/4/06/016
1825 GRIMSHIRE John Hunters Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/5/05/008
1827 GRIMSHIRE John Hunters Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/7/08/002
1733 GROVE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 GROVE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 GROVES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1663 GUARD Josias   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1797 GUDARIDGE Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1799 GUDRIDGE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1787 GUDRIDGE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1660 GUEST Annie   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1671 GUST Eme   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1755 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1763 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1765 GUY Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1761 GUY Agnis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1730 GUY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 GUY William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/3
1828 HACKIN Robert New Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/6/04/018
1776 HAGGER [EDGER] Ceasar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1775 HAGGER [EDGER] Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1738 HALE Abigal   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/9
1746 HALE Abigall   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/16
1770 HALES John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1827 HALES Thomas Unicorn Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/041
1739 HALL Abigall   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/10
1748 HALL Abigall   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/18
1746 HALL Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HALL Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 HALL Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1734 HALL Christopher   Lancrass DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 HALL Christopher   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/7
1825 HALL Thomas Unicorn Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/019
1828 HALL Thomas Unicorn Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/016
1736 HALLS Abigall   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/8
1740 HALLS Abigall   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/11
1773 HALLS Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 HALLS Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1818 HALLS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 HALLS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 HALLS Thomas Unicorn Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/024
1823 HALLS Thomas Union [Unicorn] Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/037
1824 HALLS Thomas Unicorn Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/043
1826 HALLS Thomas Unicorn Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/016
1732 HALLSWELL Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1758 HALSWEEL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1757 HALSWELL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1760 HALSWELL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 HALSWELL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1734 HALSWILL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1759 HALSWILL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1763 HALWELL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1741 HAM William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 HAM William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HAM William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HAM William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1758 HAMET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 HAMET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1732 HAMETT Jale   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1753 HAMLYN John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1740 HAMMET Jael   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1728 HAMMET Jale widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1738 HAMMET Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1746 HAMMET Lydia   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1744 HAMMET Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1735 HAMMETT Jael   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1757 HAMMETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1761 HANCOCK Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 HANCOCK Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1761 HANCOCK John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 HANCOCK John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1660 HANCOCKE Danniel   Petrockstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 HANCOCKE Samuel   Petrockstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1762 HANDCOCK Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1741 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/14
1746 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/18
1753 HANGER Richard   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/23
1765 HAPGOOD Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1768 HARDING William   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/37
1735 HARPUR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 HARPUR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 HARPUR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 HARPUR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1739 HARRAGON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1739 HARRIN Elizabeth   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/10
1728 HARRIS Agnes widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 HARRIS Agnes widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1728 HARRIS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 HARRIS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1740 HARRIS Eliza widow Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 HARRIS Eliza   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/12
1744 HARRIS Eliza   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/15
1730 HARRIS Elizabeth   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/2
1733 HARRIS Elizabeth   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/5
1738 HARRIS Elizabeth   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/9
1743 HARRIS Elizabeth   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/14
1805 HARRIS John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 HARRIS John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/63
1660 HARRIS Roger   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 HARRIS Roger victualler Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 HARRIS William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1651 HARRISON Leonard   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1731 HARSWELL Maria   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1741 HARTNELL Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1738 HARTNOLE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 HARTNOLL William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1753 HARVEY James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1651 HARVEY Walter   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 HARVEY Walter   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 HARVIE Walter   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1762 HASELWHEEL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1775 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 HATHERLY Peter   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 HATHERLY Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/54
1753 HAUKINS Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 HAWKINGS Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1757 HAWKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 HAWKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 HAWKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 HAWKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1766 HAWKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 HEADON John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1779 HEADON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 HEADON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1660 HEADON William   Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 HEADON William   Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1781 HEALE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1764 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/38
1773 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 HEARD Ann   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/42
1772 HEARD Anne   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/40
1733 HEARD John B Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 HEARD John Brandy Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 HEARD John B Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1771 HEARD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/39
1728 HEARD Thomas Taylor Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1743 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HEARD Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1741 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 HEARD Walter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/32
1734 HEARD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1766 HEARDING William   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 HEARDING William   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/36
1770 HEARDING William   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 HEARDING William   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/39
1739 HEARNAM Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1735 HEARNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 HEARNAMAN Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1742 HEARSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1746 HEARSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HEARSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 HEARSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 HEARSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1759 HEARSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1753 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 HEARSON William   Woofardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 HEARSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1664 HEARSTON Jonathan victualler Halwill DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1749 HEDDON Samuel   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/19
1754 HEDDON Samuel   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 HEDDON Samuel   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/26
1782 HEDDON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 HEDDON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1664 HEDDON William victualler Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1777 HEDGER Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1780 HEDGER [EDGER] Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1778 HEDJER Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1747 HENRY Elizabeth widow Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/17
1728 HERNAMAN Eliza widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 HERNAMAN Eliza widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1733 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1740 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HERNAMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1651 HERNE Leonard   Martin [Merton?] DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1743 HERSON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1663 HES Silvanus husbandman Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1770 HEVENS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/38
1755 HEYDON Samuel   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/25
1775 HILL Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 HILL Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1749 HILLMAN Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1776 HILLMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1780 HILLMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 HILLMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1787 HILLMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1740 HILLMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 HILLMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HILLMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HILLMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1750 HILMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HILMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 HILMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 HILMAN Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1774 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1777 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1779 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1782 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 HILMAN Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1738 HILMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 HILMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 HINFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1663 HIRON James   Shebbear DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1728 HOCKIN Benjamin   Appledore DRO/QS/62/1/1
1735 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1744 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1748 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1760 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 HOCKIN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1762 HOCKING Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1746 HOCKING Jasper   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HOCKING Jasper   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 HOCKING Jasper   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1760 HOCKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/30
1763 HOCKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 HOCKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 HOCKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/34
1767 HOCKRIDGE Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/36
1753 HODDEN Samuel   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/23
1765 HODGE Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1773 HODGE Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 HODGE Cesar   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1807 HODGE Emily   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 HODGE Emlyn   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 HODGE Emlyn   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/65
1779 HODGE George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 HODGE George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 HODGE George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/49
1783 HODGE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 HODGE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 HODGE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 HODGE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/54
1804 HODGE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 HODGE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/62
1746 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 HODGE Mary widow Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HODGE Mary widow Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1766 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 HODGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/44
1738 HODGE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1728 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 HODGE Robert   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/3
1733 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HODGE Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1763 HODGES Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1766 HODGES Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1764 HODGES Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1782 HODGES George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/50
1764 HOIDGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1772 HOIDGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/40
1663 HOLAWAYE Mary   Winkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1760 HOLDFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1783 HOLEMAN James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/51
1735 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1741 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1746 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1757 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1766 HOLFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1824 HOLLAWAY John For good character Hartland DRO/QS/63/3/05/015
1824 HOLLAWAY John For suitability Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/04/015
1740 HOLLET Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1752 HOLLIN Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1750 HOLLING Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1660 HOLLOWAY Walter   Winkleigh ? DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1780 HOLMAN James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 HOLMAN James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 HOLMAN James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/50
1776 HOLMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 HOLMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 HOLMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1780 HOLMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1782 HOLMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1787 HOLMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1779 HOLMS Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1764 HOLMS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1749 HOMES Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1744 HONEY Elizabeth   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 HONEY Elizabeth widow Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/16
1753 HONEY Elizabeth widow Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HONEY Elizabeth widow Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HONEY Elizabeth   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HONEY Elizabeth   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1747 HONEY Mary (crossed out) Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1759 HONEY Mary   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1728 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 HONEY Samuel   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/14
1758 HONEY William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 HONEY William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/30
1664 HONNYWILL Michaell victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1748 HONYWELL Eliza widow Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/18
1756 HOOKAWAY Thomas   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/26
1781 HOOMBS [HOLMES] Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1747 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 HOOPER William W(idower) Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HOOPER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1761 HOPEGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 HOPGOOD Frances   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 HOPGOOD Frances   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 HOPGOOD Frances   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1746 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 HOPGOOD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1664 HOPPER John butcher Werrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1748 HORFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1753 HORFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1767 HORFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 HORFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1738 HORLAND Susana   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/9
1664 HORRELL Thomas butcher Tetcott DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1734 HORSETT William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/6
1651 HORSEY Gabriel   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 HOSEGOOD Joane   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1754 HOW Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1753 HOWELL Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1733 HOWEN Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1733 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1750 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 HOYLE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1773 HOYLE William   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/41
1761 HUDGE Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1781 HUGH Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 HUGH Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1748 HUGH Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 HUGH Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1751 HUGH Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1750 HUGHES Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1747 HUGHS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1752 HUGHS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1755 HUGHS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1663 HUNACOELL Michael   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1739 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1742 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1747 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1762 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1765 HURFORD George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1664 HURST Silvanus victualler Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1730 HUSBANDS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1772 HUTCHING John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/40
1651 HUTCHINGE Dorothy   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1779 HUTCHINGS Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 HUTCHINGS Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 HUTCHINGS Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 HUTCHINGS Frances   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 HUTCHINGS Frances   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1735 HUTCHINGS John   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/7
1771 HUTCHINGS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/39
1774 HUTCHINGS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 HUTCHINGS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/43
1775 HUTCHINGS John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/43
1787 HUTCHINGS Philip   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 HUTCHINGS Philip   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/54
1735 HUTCHINGS Sarah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 HUTCHINGS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 HUTCHINGS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 HUTCHINGS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1736 HUTCHINS John   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/8
1773 HUTCHINS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/41
1776 HUTCHINS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 HUTCHINS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 HUTCHINS John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/46
1728 HUXTABLE Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/1
1772 INELL Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/40
1664 IRON James victualler Shebbear DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1753 ISACK Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1671 ISBLE Thomas   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1671 JACKEMAN Richard   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1753 JACKS Elizabeth   Lancras DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 JACKS Elizabeth   Landcross DRO/QS/62/1/25
1651 JAMES Thomas   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 JAMES Thomas   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 JAMES Thomas   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 JAMES Thomas victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1772 JAMES William   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1772 JARES James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 JARES James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1772 JEFFAREY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1764 JEFFEREY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1660 JEFFERIE George   Bradworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1758 JEFFERY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1740 JEFFERY Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1778 JEFFERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 JEFFERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 JEFFERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 JEFFERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 JEFFERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1651 JEFFERY George   Bradworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 JEFFERY George blacksmith Sutcombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 JEFFERY Giles butcher Exbourne DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1730 JEFFERY Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1733 JEFFERY Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 JEFFERY Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 JEFFERY Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 JEFFERY Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1742 JEFFERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 JEFFERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 JEFFERY Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1744 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1753 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1756 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1773 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1776 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 JEFFERY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1765 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1774 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 JEFFERY Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1797 JEFFERY Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 JEFFERY Nicholas Blue Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 JEFFERY Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 JEFFERY Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 JEFFERY Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 JEFFERY Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 JEFFERY Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/61
1773 JEFFERY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 JEFFERY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1798 JENKIN Elizabeth Ship & Castle Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1754 JENKIN John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 JENKIN John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 JENKIN John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 JENKIN John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/29
1762 JENKIN John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 JENKIN John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/32
1797 JENKINS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1751 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1775 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1777 JENKINS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1776 JENKINS Joanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1753 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/23
1756 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/27
1760 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/30
1764 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 JENKINS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/36
1784 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1804 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 JENKINS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 JENKINS John Shipwright's Arms Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/023
1823 JENKINS John Shipwright's Arms Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/045
1824 JENKINS John Shipwright's Arms Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/031
1825 JENKINS John Shipwright's Arms Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/012
1826 JENKINS John Shipwright's Arms Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/012
1828 JENKINS John Shipwright's Arms Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/008
1735 JENKINS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 JENKINS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1768 JENKINS Rebeca   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 JENKINS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 JENKINS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 JENKINS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 JENKINS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 JENKINS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1742 JENNET(?) John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/13
1770 JENNY Mary   Westleigh DRO/QS/62/1/38
1773 JEWELL Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 JEWELL Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 JEWELL Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/43
1797 JEWELL Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 JEWELL Henry Black Horse Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 JEWELL Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 JEWELL Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 JEWELL Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 JEWELL Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/60
1826 JEWELL Hugh New Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/4/10/044
1751 JOANES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1751 JOANS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1774 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 JOHNS Richard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/52
1753 JONES Ann widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1752 JONES Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 JONES Anne widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1671 JONES Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1671 JONES Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1663 JONES John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 JONES John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1798 JONES John Crabb Tree Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 JONES John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 JONES John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 JONES John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/59
1732 JONES Lewis Brandy Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1740 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 JONES Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1738 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1746 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 JONES Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 JONES Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 JONES Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1736 JONES William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1660 JUELL Digorie   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 JULE Degorie victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 JULE Digory   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1730 KEEN Nathaniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 KEEN Orice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1767 KEEN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 KEENER Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1825 KELLAWAY John Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/5/06/003
1826 KELLAWAY John Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/10/035
1827 KELLAWAY John Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/7/08/035
1828 KELLAWAY John Hoops Hartland DRO/QS/63/6/04/022
1788 KILLMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1741 KILMAN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1768 KINBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1664 KING John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 KING Marie   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1797 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 KING Sarah Crown Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1816 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 KING Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 KING Sarah Full Moon Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/033
1824 KING Sarah Full Moon Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/035
1825 KING Sarah Full Moon Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/014
1826 KING Sarah Full Moon Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/001
1822 KING Sarah, widow Full Moon Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/038
1730 KING Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/2
1663 KING Walter   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 KING Walter victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 KINGE Johane   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1651 KINGE Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 KINGFARD John   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 KINGFORD John victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 KINSMAN Katherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1787 KIVELL Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1664 KNIGHT John butcher Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1824 KNIGHT William Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/036
1825 KNIGHT William Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/017
1826 KNIGHT William Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/006
1664 KNILL Gilbert victualler Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1759 KNILL Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1804 LABDEN William   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/61
1799 LABDON William   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 LABDON William   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 LABDON William   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 LABDON William   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/60
1805 LABDON William   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 LABDON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 LABDON William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1765 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/44
1778 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 LAKE James Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 LAKE James   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 LAKE James Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/2/02/018
1823 LAKE James Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/3/02/027
1824 LAKE James Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/4/06/010
1827 LAKE James Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/7/08/015
1828 LAKE James Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/6/04/030
1774 LAKE James, junior   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/42
1777 LAKE James, junior   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/45
1798 LAKE Jane Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 LAKE Jane widow Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/59
1804 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 LAKE Jane   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/66
1664 LAKE John butcher Belstone DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1797 LAKE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/55
1787 LAKE Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 LAKE Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 LAKE Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/55
1821 LAKE Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 LAKE Thomas Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/3/02/008
1824 LAKE Thomas Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/4/06/023
1825 LAKE Thomas Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/5/05/042
1826 LAKE Thomas Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/4/10/039
1827 LAKE Thomas Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/7/08/014
1828 LAKE Thomas Coach & Horses Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/6/04/044
1825 LAMERTON John Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/5/05/044
1826 LAMERTON John Ring of Bells Weare Giffard DRO/QS/63/4/10/026
1664 LAMPRY Mary victualler Littleham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 LAND John   Meeth DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1759 LANE Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1663 LANG Margery   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 LANG Margery victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1818 LANG Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 LANG Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 LANG Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/026
1823 LANG Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/034
1824 LANG Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/042
1825 LANG Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/013
1826 LANG Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/018
1828 LANG Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/012
1753 LANGDON Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 LANGDON Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1651 LANGE Christian   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1651 LANGE Humfrie   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 LANGE Margerie   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1763 LAPLEE Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1762 LAPPROO Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1663 LAPTHORNE Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 LAPTHORNE Peter victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 LASHBROOKE John   Belstone DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1651 LAURENCE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 LAURENCE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 LAWERENS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 LAWRENCE John victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1750 LEACH Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 LEACH Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1775 LEACH Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 LEACH Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 LEACH Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1779 LEACH Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1764 LEAG Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1783 LEE Edward   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/51
1816 LEE Edward   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 LEE Edward   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 LEE Edward   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 LEE Edward Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/3/02/001
1825 LEE Edward Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/5/05/026
1826 LEE Edward Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/4/10/028
1827 LEE Edward Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/7/08/026
1828 LEE Edward Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/6/04/029
1770 LEE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 LEE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 LEE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 LEE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1776 LEE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1762 LEGG Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 LEGG Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1765 LEGG Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 LEGG Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 LEGG Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1734 LEGG Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1664 LEGG Nicholas victualler Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 LEGGE Nicholas   Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 LEGGE Nicholas   Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1742 LEMMON George   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 LEMON Joane   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/14
1733 LERSON William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 LETHBRIDGE Christopher   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 LETHBRIDGE Christopher   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 LETHBRIDGE Christopher   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 LETHBRIDGE Christopher   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 LETHBRIDGE Christopher   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/10
1731 LETHBRIDGE Peter   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/3
1804 LEVI Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1780 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 LEVY Mary Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 LEVY Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1805 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 LEVY Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1771 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1779 LEVY Oliver   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1735 LEWIS Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 LEWIS Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 LEWIS Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1734 LEWIS Agness   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1779 LEWIS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1762 LEWIS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 LEWIS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 LEWIS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1776 LEWIS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 LEWIS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1774 LEY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1777 LEY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1754 LILLEY James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1761 LILLY [LEGG?] Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1753 LIMBERY Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 LIMBERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 LIMBERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 LIMBERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1766 LIMBERY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1770 LIMBERY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1773 LIMBERY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 LIMBERY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1754 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 LIMBREY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1778 LIMBREY Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1771 LIMBREY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 LIMBREY Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1767 LIMBRY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1762 LIMBURY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1736 LIMM George   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/8
1728 LINCH Eliza widow Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 LINCH Eliza   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 LINCH Elizabeth   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/3
1664 LITLETAR Robert victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 LITTLETARRE Robert   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1777 LOAN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1753 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 LOCK Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1802 LONGCAKE Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1827 LORRY [LANG] Philip Globe Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/008
1738 LOUSE Agnes   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1663 LOVELL Francis   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 LOVELL Humphry victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1755 LOVER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1752 LOVERIN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1751 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 LOVERING Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 LOVERING Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1762 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1766 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 LOVERING Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1757 LOVERING William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 LOVERING William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/29
1758 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 LOVERN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1758 LOVERN William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 LOVERN William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/30
1664 LUCASSE William butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 LUFFE Nic[olas]   Winkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 LUFFE Nicholas   Winkleigh ? DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1776 LUKE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1798 LUKE [LAKE] John Bell Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 LUKE [LAKE] John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/57
1824 LUXTON Grace Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/040
1664 LUXTON Richard butcher Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1818 LUXTON Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 LUXTON Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 LUXTON Robert Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/034
1823 LUXTON Robert Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/030
1651 LYELL James   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1744 LYLE James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 LYLE James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1748 LYLE James, junior   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1730 LYLE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 LYLE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1770 MACHIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/38
1756 MADDOCKS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1762 MADDOCKS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1760 MADDOCKS Margarett   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1763 MADDOX Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1799 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 MADGE Alice   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 MADGE Alice Crown Clovelly DRO/QS/63/2/02/031
1823 MADGE Alice Crown Clovelly DRO/QS/63/3/02/011
1824 MADGE Alice Crown Clovelly DRO/QS/63/4/06/019
1825 MADGE Alice Crown Clovelly DRO/QS/63/5/05/007
1827 MADGE Alice Crown Clovelly DRO/QS/63/7/08/019
1828 MADGE Alice Crown Clovelly DRO/QS/63/6/04/028
1736 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1757 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1767 MADGE Joan   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/36
1732 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 MADGE John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/13
1761 MADGE Jone   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1761 MADOX Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1826 MAIN Alice New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/4/10/037
1798 MAIN John New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/56
1822 MAIN John New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/2/02/041
1823 MAIN John New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/3/02/012
1824 MAIN Maria New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/4/06/021
1825 MAIN Maria New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/5/05/005
1771 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/39
1774 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/43
1780 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/55
1799 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/60
1807 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 MAINE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/64
1828 MAINE Maria New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/6/04/025
1772 MANING Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1771 MANNING Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1767 MANNING Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 MANNING Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 MANNING Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1827 MARIN Maria New Inn Clovelly DRO/QS/63/7/08/022
1751 MARSHALL George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 MARSHALL George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1663 MARSHALL Henry   Iddesleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 MARSHALL Henry victualler Iddesleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1734 MARSHALL John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/6
1743 MARSHALL John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 MARSHALL John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/15
1753 MARSHALL John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/23
1663 MARTEN Abraham   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 MARTEN Abraham victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 MARTENGALL Henry victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1788 MARTIN Elizabeth   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/54
1781 MARTIN Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/49
1771 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/48
1782 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 MARTIN William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/53
1663 MARTINGALL Henery   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1651 MARTYN Abraham   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1671 MARTYN Abraham   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1671 MAY John   Bradford DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1660 MAY Marie   [faded] DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 MAYNE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 MAYNE John victualler Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 MAYNE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1770 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1773 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/41
1776 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/47
1783 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/51
1804 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/62
1818 MAYNE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/66
1671 MAYNE Roger   Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1821 MEAN John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/67
1816 MEAN [MAINE] John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/65
1664 MEDLAND Joanna victualler Jacobstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 MEDLAND John   Jacobstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 MEDLAND John butcher Jacobstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 MEDLAND Margaret   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 MERIVELL John butcher Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1756 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 MILL Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/35
1755 MILLS Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1760 MILLS Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/30
1804 MOASE Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 MOASE Christopher   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1804 MOASE James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/61
1799 MOASS James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/57
1797 MOAST James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 MOAST James Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/56
1800 MOAST James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 MOAST James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 MOAST James   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/60
1651 MODGE John   [Peters] Marland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1748 MOFFAT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1746 MOFFATT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 MOFFATT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 MOFFET William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1743 MOGERIDGE Abraham   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/14
1747 MOGFORD Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 MOGFORD Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1741 MOGGERIDGE Abraham   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/12
1746 MOGGERIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 MOGGRIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1757 MOGGRIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 MOGGRIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 MOGGRIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1732 MOGGRIDGE Thomas   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/4
1742 MOGRIDGE Abraham   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1760 MOGRIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1671 MOOR John   Pancrasweek DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1771 MOOR Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1825 MOOR Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/5/05/006
1826 MOOR Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/4/10/038
1827 MOOR Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/7/08/011
1651 MOORE John   Pancrasweek DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 MOORE John   Pancrasweek DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 MOORE John victualler Pancrasweek DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1730 MOORE Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 MOORE Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/3
1770 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1773 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1778 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 MOORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1821 MOORE Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 MOORE Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/2/02/022
1823 MOORE Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/3/02/013
1824 MOORE Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/4/06/020
1828 MOORE Thomas Kings Arms Clovelly DRO/QS/63/6/04/026
1760 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 MORGAN Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1758 MORRICE Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/28
1762 MORRICE Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1732 MORRICE Int(?)   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/4
1770 MORRICE Susannah   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1758 MORRICE Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/28
1753 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/25
1757 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1764 MORRIS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/33
1738 MORRIS Joan   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/9
1735 MORRIS John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/7
1755 MORRIS Joseph   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1764 MORRIS Susanna   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 MORRIS Susannah   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 MORRIS Susannah   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1753 MORRIS Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 MORRIS Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 MORRIS Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 MORRIS Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 MORRIS Thomas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/27
1756 MORRISH Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/26
1765 MORRISH Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/34
1739 MORRISH Joanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1767 MORRISH Susannah   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 MORRISH Susannah   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/37
1763 MORRISS Anthony   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/32
1736 MORRISS John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/8
1664 MOUNSTER Richard butcher Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1777 MOUNTJOY Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 MOUNTJOY Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/46
1738 MOYES Gefferd   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/9
1734 MOYES Gefford   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/6
1739 MOYES Giffard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 MOYES Joan   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 MOYES Joan   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/13
1735 MOYLE Gifford   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/7
1740 MOYSE Geffard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/11
1736 MOYSE Giffard   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/8
1735 MUFFATT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 MUFFATT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 MUFFATT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1730 MUFFETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1663 MUGFORD John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 MUGFORD John victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1753 MUGFORD Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 MUGFORD Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 MUGFORD Robert   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1671 MUGFORD William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1761 MUGGRIDGE Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1735 MULLINS Samuel   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/7
1730 MULLINS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 MULLINS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 MULLINS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/6
1664 MUNGEY Emanuell yeoman Newton St Petrock DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1738 MURPHETT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1797 MUXWORTHY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 MUXWORTHY John Wool-Pack Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 MUXWORTHY John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1816 MUXWORTHY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/65
1807 NANECKIVILL William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/63
1758 NANSEKEVIL Mathew   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/28
1788 NANSKIVELL Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1671 NATT John   Bradworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1750 NEAL Christian   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 NEALE Christian   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1747 NEALE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1771 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 NETHERWAY Samuel   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 NETHERWAY Samuel   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 NETHERWAY Sarah   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/55
1671 NETHEWAY Stephen   Buckland Filleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1755 NICHOLAS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1735 NICHOLL Eliza   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/7
1730 NICHOLL Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/2
1663 NICHOLL John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 NICHOLL John victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1733 NICHOLLS Alliahah   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/5
1739 NICHOLLS Eliza   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/10
1736 NICHOLLS Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 NICHOLLS Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/9
1733 NICHOLLS John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/5
1749 NICHOLLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1671 NICHOLLS John, senior   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1750 NICHOLLS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 NICHOLLS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 NICHOLLS Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 NICHOLLS Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 NICHOLLS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1736 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 NICHOLLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/15
1772 NICHOLLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1774 NICHOLLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1783 NICHOLLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1788 NICHOLLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1734 NICHOLS Elizabeth   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/6
1780 NICHOLS Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1743 NICHOLS William   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/14
1773 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 NICHOLS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1651 NICOLL Hugo   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1651 NICOLL John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1671 NICOLLS Robert   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1759 NORMAN Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 NORMAN Eleanor   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1800 NORMAN John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/58
1824 NORMAN John Bell Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/06/007
1825 NORMAN John Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/5/05/043
1651 NORMAN Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1753 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1761 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 NORMAN Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1781 NORRISH Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 NORRISH Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1664 NORTHAM John butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 NORTHCOTT John   Iddesleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1754 NOY Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1663 OAKSY Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1767 OATAWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/36
1765 OATWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 OATWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/35
1768 OATWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 OATWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 OATWAY Elizabeth widow Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 OATWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 OATWAY Elizabeth   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/42
1766 OATWAY Henry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 OATWAY Henry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 OATWAY Henry   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/37
1730 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/4
1736 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/8
1744 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/17
1751 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 OATWAY John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/32
1663 OLLIVER Lattes   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1756 ORFORD [HURFORD] George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1764 ORFORD [HURFORD] George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1660 OSGOOD Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1732 OWEN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1735 OWEN Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 OWEN Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 OWEN Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 OWEN Anne widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1739 OWEN Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1738 OWENS Benjamin   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1731 OWNES(?) Anna widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1750 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 OXENHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1755 OYSTIN [AUSTIN] William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1738 PACKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/9
1663 PADDON John husbandman Highampton DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 PADDON Thomas victualler Highampton DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 PALMAR Elizabeth   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1730 PALMER Edward   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 PALMER Edward   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/3
1663 PALMER Elizabeth   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 PALMER Elizabeth victualler Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1728 PALMER Giles   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/1
1732 PALMER Giles   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 PALMER Giles   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/6
1664 PALMER John butcher Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1760 PALMER John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 PALMER John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 PALMER John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/32
1741 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1758 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 PALMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1663 PALMER Samuell   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1762 PALMOR Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1740 PARCKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1663 PARDON Penelope   Merton DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 PARKER John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1772 PARKER William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/40
1797 PARKHOUSE Ann   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/55
1736 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/15
1747 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 PARKHOUSE David   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1740 PARKHOUSE Sebastian   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1759 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/41
1775 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 PARKHOUSE William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/54
1756 PARKIN Irish   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1758 PARKIN Orice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1738 PARKIN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 PARKINS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1757 PARKYN Orice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1760 PARMER Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1660 PARON Penelopey   Merton DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1780 PARSON John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 PARSONS John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/49
1774 PARSONS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/42
1827 PARTRIDGE William   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/021
1827 PARTRIDGE William   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/040
1764 PASMOOR Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1733 PASMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 PASMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 PASMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/9
1741 PASMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/12
1746 PASMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/16
1753 PASMORE Martha widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 PASMORE Martha widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1765 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 PASMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1755 PASMORE Matthew   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1742 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 PASMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1734 PASSMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 PASSMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/8
1742 PASSMORE Andrew   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/13
1760 PASSMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1743 PASSMORE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1738 PASSMORE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1768 PASSSMORE Martha   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1767 PEAK Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1770 PEAK Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1750 PEAK Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1664 PEAKE Ambrose butcher Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1751 PEAKE Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 PEAKE Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1664 PEARCE Richard victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1728 PEARD John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 PEARD John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 PEARD John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 PEARD John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 PEARD John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/5
1664 PEARDON Penelope victualler Merton DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1771 PEARLES James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1664 PEARSE John butcher Halwill DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1741 PEARSON Mary   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/12
1755 PEDERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/25
1730 PEDLAR John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 PEDLAR John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 PEDLAR John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 PEDLER John   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/6
1754 PEDRICK Susanna widow Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/24
1824 PENGELLY Robert Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/63/4/06/018
1743 PENHORWOOD George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 PENHORWOOD George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 PENHORWOOD George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 PENHORWOOD George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 PENHORWOOD George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/19
1660 PENHORWOOD John   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 PENHORWOOD John   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 PENHORWOOD John   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1816 PENHORWOOD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 PENHORWOOD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 PENHORWOOD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 PENHORWOOD Thomas Prince of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/039
1823 PENHORWOOD Thomas Prince of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/036
1824 PENHORWOOD Thomas Prince of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/047
1825 PENHORWOOD Thomas Prince of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/033
1828 PENHORWOOD Thomas Prince of Wales Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/004
1787 PEPIN Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 PEPPIN Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1783 PEPPING Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1827 PERENEY John   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/010
1663 PERKEN Thomas   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1755 PERKIN Orish   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1660 PERKIN Thomas   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 PERKINGS Samuel butcher Pyworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 PERKINGS Thomas victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1767 PETERS William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 PETERS William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/37
1735 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/7
1753 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 PETHERICK Daniel   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/38
1768 PETHERICK Dorothy   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/37
1756 PETHERICK Samuel   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/26
1746 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 PETHERICK Susanna widow Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 PETHERICK Susanna   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1760 PETHRICK Susannah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1773 PHILIPS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1728 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1738 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1746 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1749 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 PHILIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1770 PHILIPS Thomazin   Westleigh DRO/QS/62/1/38
1740 PHILIPS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 PHILIPS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/12
1770 PHILIPS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1663 PHILLIPES Katheren   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1772 PHILLIPPS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1671 PHILLIPPS Katherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1771 PHILLIPS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1774 PHILLIPS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1731 PHILLIPS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1660 PHILPE Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1660 PIKE George   Winkleigh ? DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1827 PILLMAN John Westcountry Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/7/08/032
1828 PILLMAN John Westcountry Inn Hartland DRO/QS/63/6/04/023
1663 PILLMAN Jonas   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1800 PILLMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 PILLMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 PILLMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/60
1805 PILLMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/62
1816 PILLMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/65
1664 PILMAN Joan victualler Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 PILMAN Jonas   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1671 PILMAN Jonas   Little Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1660 PILMAN Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1804 PILMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/61
1799 PIPEN Nancy Ann crossed out Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1797 PIPPEN Nancy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1784 PIPPEN Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1798 PIPPIN Ann Duke's Head Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1753 PIPPIN Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1800 PIPPIN Nancy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1750 PITCHER Abraham   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1766 PITTEN Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/35
1763 PITTEN Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/32
1768 PITTEN Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 PITTEN Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/39
1767 PITTON Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/36
1764 PITTON Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 PITTON Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/34
1772 PITTON Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 PITTON Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/41
1770 PITTON Edward   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/38
1744 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1768 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 POLLARD George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 POLLARD Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 POLLARD Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 POLLARD Grace   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/46
1651 POLLARD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 POLLARD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 POLLARD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 POLLARD John victualler Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1743 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 POLLARD Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 POLLARD Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1765 POLLARD Mary   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1777 POLLARD Rachael   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/45
1728 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1734 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 POLLARD Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1764 POW Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1758 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1766 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1768 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1771 POW John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 POW John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/41
1773 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 POW John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/42
1778 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1783 POW John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/51
1783 POW John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 POW John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/52
1798 POW John New Inn Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/56
1660 POWE George   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1762 POWE Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1760 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1765 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1767 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1770 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1774 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/44
1776 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/45
1777 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1779 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/48
1780 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1781 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 POWE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1782 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/50
1799 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 POWE John   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 POWE Margaret   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 POWE Margaret   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/60
1660 POWE Marie   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1660 POWE Peter   Alwington DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1671 POWELL Theophilus   Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1732 POWER John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 POWER John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 POWER John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1746 POWER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1824 PRANCE John Hoops Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/06/005
1809 PRANCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/64
1818 PRANCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/66
1734 PRANCE William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/6
1741 PRANCE William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/12
1747 PRANCE William   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/17
1728 PRESTON Eliza Weaver Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/1
1748 PRICE Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 PRICE Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1738 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1742 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 PRICE Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 PRICE Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1763 PRICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1732 PRICE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1728 PRIDEAUX Arthur   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 PRIDEAUX Arthur   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 PRIDEAUX Arthur   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 PRIDEAUX Arthur   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 PRIDEAUX Arthur   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 PRIDEAUX Arthur   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/6
1738 PRIDEAUX James   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 PRIDEAUX Jane   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/10
1788 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/59
1804 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/63
1816 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/65
1821 PRINCE Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/63/2/02/020
1823 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/63/3/02/010
1825 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/63/5/05/004
1826 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/4/10/040
1827 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/63/7/08/009
1828 PRINCE Richard Red Lion Clovelly DRO/QS/63/6/04/027
1801 PRINCE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 PRINCE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1802 PRINCE William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/60
1753 PROUT Joan widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 PROUT Joan widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 PROUT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1663 PROUT Richard   Clawton DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1750 PROUT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 PROUT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 PROUT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1660 PROWTE Richard   Black Torrington? DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 PROWTE Richard victualler Clawton DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1736 PRUDHAM George   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 PRUDHAM George   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/9
1738 PRUST Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 PRUST Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 PRUST Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 PRUST Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 PRUST Edmond   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1735 PRUST Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 PRUST Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1744 PRUST Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 PRUST Edmund   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/16
1734 PRUST Edward   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 PRUST Edward   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1664 PRUST John butcher North Petherwin DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 PRUST Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 PRUST Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 PRUST Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 PRUST Nicholas victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 PRUST Nicholas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1651 PRUST Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 PRUST Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 PRUST Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 PRUST Peter victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 PRUST Peter   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1664 PRUST William butcher North Petherwin DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1809 PULLMAN Thomas   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/64
1784 QUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/52
1660 QUANCE Marie   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1651 QUANCE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1802 RADFORD William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/60
1664 RAIGES Phillip victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1755 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 RALEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1821 RANDLE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 RANDLE John   Hartland DRO/QS/63/2/02/009
1746 RAWLEIGH Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1748 RAWLEIGH Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 RAWLEIGH Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 RAWLEY Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1747 RAWLINS Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1747 RAWLINS Lewis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1753 RAYLEY Eliza widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1753 RAYLEY Elizabeth widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1762 RAYLEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1749 REALY Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1763 RECKARD Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1757 RECKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 RECKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 RECKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 RECKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 RECKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1797 REED Charles   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/55
1660 REED John   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 REEDE John   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 REEDE John victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1760 REES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1763 REES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 REES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1766 REES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1768 REES Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1671 RENDALL Francis   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1651 RENDALL John   Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1825 RENDALL John Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/63/5/05/031
1826 RENDALL John Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/10/033
1828 RENDALL John Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/63/6/04/020
1824 RENDELL John Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/63/4/06/029
1827 RENDELL John Blue Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/63/7/08/042
1816 RENDLE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 RENDLE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/66
1823 RENDLE John Blue Anchor Hartland DRO/QS/63/3/02/023
1761 RICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 RICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1767 RICE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1751 RICE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 RICE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 RICE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1740 RICE Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1746 RICE Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1764 RICHARD Elizabeth   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/33
1787 RICHARD Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1751 RICHARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/21
1765 RICHARDS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 RICHARDS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 RICHARDS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 RICHARDS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1788 RICHARDS Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 RICHARDS Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 RICHARDS Phillip Ship & Taw Boat Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 RICHARDS Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 RICHARDS Phillip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1742 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/13
1750 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 RICKARD William   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1816 RIGSBY John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/65
1821 RIGSBY John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/2/02/029
1823 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/3/02/006
1824 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/4/06/014
1825 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/5/05/045
1826 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/4/10/003
1827 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/7/08/037
1828 RIGSBY John Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/63/6/04/037
1818 RIGSLEY John   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/66
1826 RIMERS David Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/019
1827 RIMERS David Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/030
1828 RIMERS David Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/009
1651 RISDON Richard   Sheepwash DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1671 RISDON Richard   [blank] DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1770 ROACH Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 ROACH Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 ROACH Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1772 ROACH Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1664 ROBBINS Richard butcher Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1760 ROBERTS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 ROBERTS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 ROBERTS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 ROBERTS Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1747 ROBERTSON Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1751 ROBERTSON Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1664 ROBINS Richard butcher Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1748 ROBINSON Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 ROBINSON Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1764 ROD William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1741 ROGERS Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1751 ROGERS Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1739 ROGERS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1743 ROGERS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1749 ROGERS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 ROGERS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 ROGERS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1651 ROGERS John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1746 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 ROGERS Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 ROGERS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1736 ROGERS Rowland   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 ROGERS Rowland   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1731 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1735 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 ROGERS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1756 ROLESTONE Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 ROLESTONE Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1759 ROLLESTON Pasco   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1747 ROLSTON Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 ROLSTON Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 ROULSON Pascho   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 ROULSTON Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1754 ROULSTONE Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1760 ROULSTONE Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/30
1671 ROW Peter   Alwington DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1733 ROW William B Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1733 ROW William A Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 ROW William Brandy Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 ROW William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 ROW William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/8
1739 ROW William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1758 ROWE John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/28
1651 ROWE Maria   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 ROWE Mary   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1651 ROWE Peter   Alwington DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1728 ROWE William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 ROWE William Brandy Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1738 ROWE William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1663 ROWLAND Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 ROWLAND Edward victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 ROWLAND Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1761 ROWLSON Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 ROWLSTONE Hugh   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1765 RUE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1671 RYALL John   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1775 SAERS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1777 SAIER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 SAIER James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1748 SAM Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1730 SAMM Ph[ilip]   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1733 SAMMS Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1746 SAMS Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 SAMS Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 SAND Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1663 SANDERS Edward   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1802 SANDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/60
1805 SANDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 SANDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 SANDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/64
1821 SANDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/67
1821 SANDERS John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/67
1826 SANDERS Nicholas Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/4/10/025
1827 SANDERS Nicholas Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/7/08/046
1824 SANDERS Samuel Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/044
1825 SANDERS Samuel Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/035
1826 SANDERS Samuel Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/009
1818 SANDFORD George   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/66
1823 SANDFORD George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/3/02/018
1824 SANDFORD George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/4/06/008
1826 SANDFORD George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/4/10/045
1827 SANDFORD George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/7/08/045
1828 SANDFORD George Clinton Arms Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/6/04/029
1821 SANFORD George   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 SANFORD George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/2/02/003
1825 SANFORD George Old Inn Frithelstock DRO/QS/63/5/05/041
1784 SARELLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1779 SARES James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1651 SARGEANT Thomas   Halwill DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 SAUNDERS Edward   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1671 SAUNDERS Edward   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1822 SAUNDERS Humphrey   Parkham DRO/QS/63/2/02/021
1755 SAUNDERS Humphry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1801 SAUNDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/59
1804 SAUNDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/61
1816 SAUNDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 SAUNDERS Humphry   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1823 SAUNDERS Humphry Bell Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/3/02/017
1828 SAUNDERS Nicholas Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/6/04/043
1797 SAUNDERS Peter   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/55
1671 SAUNDERS Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1816 SAUNDERS Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 SAUNDERS Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 SAUNDERS Samuel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 SAUNDERS Samuel Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/030
1823 SAUNDERS Samuel Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/029
1828 SAUNDERS Samuel Kings Head Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/015
1728 SAWDON Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1774 SAYYERS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1730 SCAMP John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 SCAMP John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 SCAMP John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 SCAMP Julian   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 SCAMP Julian   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 SCAMP Julian   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1765 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 SCORE Deborah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/44
1763 SCOT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1768 SCOT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 SCOT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1761 SCOT Phliippa   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1764 SCOTE Phillippe   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1664 SCOTT John butcher Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1767 SCOTT Philip   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1773 SCOTT Philis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1757 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1762 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1765 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1770 SCOTT Phillis   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1760 SCOTTE Phillippa   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1770 SEARES James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1782 SEARLES John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 SEARLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1776 SEARS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1664 SEDON Richard victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 SELDON Richard   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 SELDON Richard   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1788 SHADDOCK William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1651 SHAPSTON Enos   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1822 SHAPTON Christopher Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/2/02/011
1823 SHAPTON Christopher Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/3/02/009
1824 SHAPTON Christopher Bell Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/63/4/06/024
1749 SHAXTON John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1730 SHEARIN Richard Brandy Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/2
1772 SHEPERD Abraham   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/40
1771 SHEPHERD Abraham   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/39
1773 SHIPEN Abraham   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/1/41
1763 SHOCKRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/32
1828 SHOOT [SHUTT] Thomas Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/017
1757 SHORRIDGE John   Woofardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/27
1660 SHORT John   Sheepwash DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 SHORT John   Sheepwash DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 SHORT John victualler Sheepwash DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1822 SHORT Richard Hotel Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/63/2/02/027
1732 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 SHORT Stephen   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/14
1736 SHORT Steven   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/8
1740 SHORT Steven   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/11
1807 SHORTRIDGE James   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/63
1816 SHORTRIDGE James   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1738 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/10
1743 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/26
1758 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1764 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/41
1776 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 SHORTRIDGE John   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/45
1768 SHORTRIDGE Samuel   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 SHORTRIDGE Samuel   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 SHORTRIDGE Samuel   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/39
1730 SHORTRIDGE Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 SHORTRIDGE Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/3
1733 SHORTRIDGE Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 SHORTRIDGE Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1755 SHOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1747 SHUTT John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/17
1753 SHUTT John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 SHUTT John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 SHUTT John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1664 SIMMES Roger victualler Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1762 SIMMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1767 SIMMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1804 SIMMONS Joseph   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/61
1828 SIMMONS Joseph Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/6/04/033
1764 SIMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1731 SKINNER Maria widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1738 SKINNER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SKINNER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1818 SLADER John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/66
1753 SLEE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1731 SLOLEY Hanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1766 SLOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/35
1664 SMALDON Margaret victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 SMALDON Margrett   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 SMALDON Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1728 SMALE Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1744 SMALE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1660 SMALE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1651 SMALE Thomas   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1671 SMALE Thomas   Frithelstock DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1664 SMALE William butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1764 SMITH Abraham   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1739 SMITH Alice   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1816 SMITH Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 SMITH Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 SMITH Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 SMITH Elizabeth Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/042
1824 SMITH Elizabeth Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/037
1825 SMITH Elizabeth Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/018
1822 SMITH Elizabeth, widow Royal George Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/036
1739 SMITH Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1797 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 SMITH John Royal George Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 SMITH John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1765 SMITH Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 SMITH Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 SMITH Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 SMITH Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 SMITH Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1651 SNOOKE James   Black Torrington DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1747 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 SNOW Alice   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1733 SNOW Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 SNOW Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1738 SNOW Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SNOW Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1743 SNOW Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1736 SNOW Julian   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/8
1651 SOAPER Hugh   Northlew DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 SOBY Abraham butcher Pyworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 SOPER Hugh husbandman Northlew DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 SOPER Hugo victualler Northlew DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1752 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/24
1756 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1764 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/34
1767 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 SOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/44
1755 SOUDEN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1761 SOUDEN Melania   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 SOUDEN Melona   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1762 SOUDON Melloney   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1734 SOUTHARD Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 SOUTHIER Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1742 SOUTHWOOD James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 SOUTHWOOD James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 SOUTHWOOD James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1780 SOUTHWOOD James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 SOUTHWOOD James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/49
1783 SOUTHWOOD James   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1782 SOUTHWOOD Samuel   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/50
1735 SOUTHWOOD Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/7
1743 SOUTHWOOD Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/14
1828 SOUTHWOOD Thomas Bear Hartland DRO/QS/63/6/04/021
1750 SOUTHYARD Matthew   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1733 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1738 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1742 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1747 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 SOUTHYEO Thomas   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1753 SOWDEN Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1752 SOWDEN Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1730 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1732 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1738 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 SOWDEN Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1734 SOWDEN Daniell   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1746 SOWDEN Hannah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1748 SOWDEN Hannah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 SOWDEN Hannah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1743 SOWDEN Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1760 SOWDEN Melonia   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1765 SOWDEN Melonia   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1764 SOWDEN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1744 SOWDON Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1747 SOWDON Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1751 SOWDON Anna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1742 SOWDON Daniel   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1664 SPEARE Anthony butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 SPEARE John   Monkokehampton DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 SPEARE John victualler Monkokehampton DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 SPEARE Robert butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 SPEARE William butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1770 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/51
1787 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 SQUANCE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/54
1768 SQUIRE John   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1746 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 SQUIRE Mary widow Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 SQUIRE Mary widow Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/18
1751 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 SQUIRE Mary widow Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 SQUIRE Mary   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/41
1738 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 SQUIRE Roger   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/15
1825 STANLAKE Robert Bell Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/5/05/040
1826 STANLAKE Robert Bell Inn Parkham DRO/QS/63/4/10/022
1828 STANLAKE Robert   Parkham DRO/QS/63/6/04/035
1816 STAPLEDON John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 STAPLEDON John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 STAPLEDON John   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/1/67
1826 STAPLEDON William Merry Harriers Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/4/10/043
1664 STAVELEY Abraham victualler Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1765 STAWT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1765 STAWT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1651 STEATE [STREATE] Edward   Bradford DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 STEEPHENS Prissilla   Beaford DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1660 STEEVENS Presilla   Beaford DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1735 STEPHENS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1664 STEVENS Ursula victualler Beaford DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1771 STEVENS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 STEVENS William   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/40
1742 STOAT Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1741 STOAT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1748 STOAT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 STOAT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 STOAT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 STOAT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1759 STOAT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1728 STOATT William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1753 STONE Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1764 STOOTE John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1768 STOT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1764 STOTE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1744 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1751 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1766 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 STOTT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1750 STOTT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1756 STOTT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1758 STOTT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1761 STOTT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 STOTT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 STOTT Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1743 STOWT John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1756 STOYLE Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1758 STOYLE Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1764 STRATTON Dorothy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1762 STRATTON George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1660 SWAELE Gerret   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 SWEATT Eauett victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 SWEETE Yearat   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1805 SYMMONDS Joseph   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/62
1768 SYMMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 SYMMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1824 SYMONDS John Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/4/06/017
1825 SYMONDS John Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/5/05/016
1818 SYMONDS Joseph   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 SYMONDS Joseph   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 SYMONDS Joseph Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/3/02/005
1826 SYMONDS Joseph Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/4/10/041
1827 SYMONDS Joseph Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/7/08/043
1752 SYMONS Grace   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 SYMONS Grace widow Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 SYMONS Grace widow Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 SYMONS Grace   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 SYMONS Grace   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 SYMONS Grace   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 SYMONS Grace   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 SYMONS Grace   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 SYMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 SYMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1765 SYMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 SYMONS Joan   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1822 SYMONS Joseph Old Bun House Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/2/02/001
1763 TALLAMY John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/32
1762 TALLAWAY John   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1663 TALLEN Prudence   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1743 TALLICK Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1664 TALLIN Prudence victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 TALLING Prudence   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1742 TALLYN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1765 TAMLEN Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1824 TAPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/4/06/041
1825 TAPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/5/05/024
1651 TARDREW Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1663 TARDREW Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 TARDREW Thomas butcher Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1753 TARDREW Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 TARDREW Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1758 TARDREW Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/28
1762 TARDREW Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 TARDREW Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/32
1660 TARDREWE Thomas   Parkham DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 TAVINER William butcher Ashwater DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1753 TAWTON Margery widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 TAWTON Margery widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/24
1651 TAWTON Tristram   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 TAWTON Tristram   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 TAWTON Truss[tram?]   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1739 TAYLOR Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 TAYLOR Lovelace   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1671 TAYLOUR Robert   Holsworthy DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1827 TEPPER George Tavern Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/005
1760 THOMAS Davey   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 THOMAS Davey   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1730 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/2
1734 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1750 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1753 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/29
1762 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 THOMAS David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/37
1763 THOMAS Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1773 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 THOMAS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1788 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 THOMPSON Sarah Golden Ball Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 THOMPSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1756 THOMPSON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1805 THOMSON Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1755 THOMSON Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1764 THORN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 THORN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 THORN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 THORN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 THORN William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1733 THORNAY David   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1762 THORNE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1751 THORNE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1651 THORNE Ebbot   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 THORNE Elizabeth   Newton St Petrock DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1651 THORNE John   Newton St Petrock DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1749 THORNE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 THORNE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1752 THORNE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 THORNE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 THORNE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1763 THORNE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1743 TIMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/14
1746 TOLE Anne   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/16
1664 TOMBES Henry victualler Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1663 TOMES Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1671 TOMES Henry   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1660 TOOKER Walter   Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1826 TOPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/4/10/010
1651 TOSER Jane   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1751 TOTHILL Leonard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 TOTHILL Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1750 TOTTOLL Leonard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1728 TRAMP John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1777 TREBBEL George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1776 TREBLE George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1728 TREMLET Martha   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/1
1744 TREMLET Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 TREMLET Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/16
1731 TREMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 TREMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 TREMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 TREMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 TREMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/7
1747 TREMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/17
1728 TRICK Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 TRICK Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/3
1733 TRICK Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 TRICK Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 TRICK Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 TRICK Francis   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/8
1751 TRICK John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/21
1816 TRICK John   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 TRICK John   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/66
1738 TRICK Julian   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 TRICK Julian   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 TRICK Julian   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 TRICK Julian   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1663 TRICK Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 TRICK Richard victualler Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1750 TRICK Richard   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/20
1827 TRICK Richard Hartland (sic) Yarnscombe DRO/QS/63/7/08/003
1797 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 TRICK Thomas Bell Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 TRICK Thomas   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/64
1755 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 TRICK William   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/35
1787 TRICK William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 TRICK William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/54
1651 TRICKE Richard   Hartland DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1740 TRIMLET Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1730 TRIMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/2
1736 TRIMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/8
1741 TRIMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 TRIMLETT Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/13
1762 TROUGHTON John   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1753 TUCKER Ann widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1750 TUCKER Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 TUCKER Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 TUCKER Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1754 TUCKER Anne widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1730 TUCKER Elizabeth   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/2
1664 TUCKER John butcher Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1821 TUCKER John   Welcombe DRO/QS/62/1/67
1822 TUCKER John Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/2/02/019
1823 TUCKER John Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/3/02/021
1824 TUCKER John Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/4/06/013
1825 TUCKER John Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/5/05/023
1826 TUCKER John Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/4/10/002
1827 TUCKER John Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/7/08/012
1828 TUCKER John Blue Fox Welcombe DRO/QS/63/6/04/024
1749 TUCKER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 TUCKER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 TUCKER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 TUCKER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 TUCKER Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1756 TUCKER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1663 TUCKER Walter   Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 TUCKER Walter victualler Langtree DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1728 TUCKER Walter   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/1
1822 TUPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/2/02/040
1823 TUPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/3/02/035
1827 TUPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/013
1828 TUPLIN Ann Swan Northam DRO/QS/63/6/04/003
1787 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 TUPLIN Gregory Swan Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1804 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1805 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1807 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1816 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1818 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/66
1821 TUPLIN Gregory   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/67
1749 TURTLE Leonard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1753 TURTLE Sarah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1755 TYER Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1768 TYKE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 TYKE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 TYKE Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1746 VALET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1768 VALLET Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1750 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1756 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1762 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 VALLETT Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1756 VANE Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 VANE Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1749 VAUGHAN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 VAUGHAN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 VAUGHAN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 VAUGHAN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1755 VAUGHAN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1760 VAUGHAN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1754 VAUGHAN Rebeccah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1758 VAUGHAN Rebeccah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 VAUGHAN Rebeccah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 VAUGHAN Rebeccah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1753 VAUN Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 VEAL Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 VEAL Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/25
1660 VEALE John   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 VEALE John   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 VEALE John victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1738 VENTON Martha   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 VENTON Martha widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 VENTON Martha widow Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 VENTON Martha   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/14
1742 VENTON Matthew   Monkleigh DRO/QS/62/1/13
1742 VERNAM Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 VERNAM Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1764 VERNAM Dorothy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1744 VERNAM Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1739 VERNHAM Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1763 VERNHAM Dorothy   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1730 VERNHAM John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1743 VERNHAM Katherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1765 VERNON Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 VERNON Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1746 VERNON Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1739 VINE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 VINE John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/11
1743 VINE Willmott   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/14
1742 VINE Wilmot widow Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/13
1671 VINSON Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1660 VINSON Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 VOGWELL William   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 VOGWELL William victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1660 VOGWILL William   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 VOSCOMBE George   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 VOSCOMBE George victualler Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1671 VOSCOMBE George   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1651 VOSCOMBE Nicholas   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 VOULER Henry butcher Broadwoodkelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1742 WADE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 WADE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 WADE John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/15
1783 WAGER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/51
1750 WALBERIDGE John   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/20
1754 WALKER John   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/24
1651 WALKEY Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1760 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1762 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/37
1770 WALTER Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/38
1755 WALTER John   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 WALTER John   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 WALTER John   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/27
1651 WALTER Mary   Shebbear DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1759 WALTERS Joan   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/29
1758 WALTERS John   Alwington DRO/QS/62/1/28
1728 WARD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 WARD John   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/2
1783 WARD Mary   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 WARD Mary   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/52
1764 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/36
1770 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 WARD Richard   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/1/50
1780 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 WARMINGTON Catherine   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/54
1749 WARMINGTON John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1751 WARMINGTON Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 WARMINGTON Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 WARMINGTON Susanna widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 WARMINGTON Susanna widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1776 WARMINGTON William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 WARMINGTON William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 WARMINGTON William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 WARMINGTON William   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/47
1664 WARREN Edward butcher Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1750 WARRINGTON John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1798 WATCHER Athalia Bear Inn Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 WATCHER Athalia   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/57
1797 WATCHER Athaliah   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/55
1763 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/43
1777 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/50
1784 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 WATCHER Mark   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/54
1741 WATERMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1743 WATERMAN Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1781 WATKINS George   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1751 WATTS James   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1733 WAY John B Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 WAY John Brandy Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/6
1744 WAY John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/15
1765 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/37
1771 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 WAY Peter   Woolfardisworthy DRO/QS/62/1/45
1758 WAY William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 WAY William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 WAY William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 WAY William   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1651 WAYATT Arthur   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1740 WEBB Eliza Spinster Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/11
1738 WEBB Elizabeth   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/9
1741 WEBB Elizabeth   Langtree DRO/QS/62/1/12
1671 WEBB Nicholas   [blank] DRO/QS/62/15/6/5
1660 WEBBE John   Hollacombe DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1728 WEBBER Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1736 WEBBER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 WEBBER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 WEBBER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 WEBBER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/11
1743 WEBBER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 WEBBER John   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/15
1740 WEBBER Mary Spinster Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 WEBBER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 WEBBER Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1731 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 WEBBER Robert   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1807 WEBBER Robert   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 WEBBER Robert   Yarnscombe DRO/QS/62/1/64
1728 WEBBER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1738 WEBBER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 WEBBER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 WEBBER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1664 WEEKES Henry butcher Jacobstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1664 WEEKES John butcher Inwardleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1651 WELLER William   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1742 WELSFORD Richard   Parkham DRO/QS/62/1/13
1660 WESCOMBE George   Buckland Brewer DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1822 WESTACOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/2/02/016
1827 WESTACOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/7/08/004
1739 WESTCOTT Agnes   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1738 WESTCOTT Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1821 WESTCOTT Thomas   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/67
1823 WESTCOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/3/02/007
1824 WESTCOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/4/06/012
1825 WESTCOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/5/05/027
1826 WESTCOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/4/10/030
1828 WESTCOTT Thomas Hoop Littleham DRO/QS/63/6/04/039
1750 WESTLADE Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/20
1755 WESTLAKE Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 WESTLAKE Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 WESTLAKE Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/27
1758 WESTLAKE Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 WESTLAKE Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 WESTLAKE Mary   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/30
1664 WESTLAKE Richard butcher Jacobstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1749 WESTLAKE Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/19
1751 WESTLAKE Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 WESTLAKE Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 WESTLAKE Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 WESTLAKE Richard   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/24
1730 WHEADON Edward   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1730 WHEADON Stephen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1728 WHEEDDON Stephen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1732 WHEEDON Stephen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1734 WHEEDON Stephen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1736 WHEEDON Stephen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1740 WHIDDON Christian widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1739 WHIDDON Stephen   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1749 WHILE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1773 WHILTSHARE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1771 WHILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1777 WHILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1774 WHILTSHIRE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1651 WHITE George   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1660 WHITE Jane   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1651 WHITE John   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1651 WHITE Martin   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1746 WHITE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 WHITE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1750 WHITE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 WHITE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1753 WHITE Mary widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 WHITE Mary   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1664 WHITE William victualler Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1765 WHITEARE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1767 WHITEHAIR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 WHITEHAIR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1774 WHITEHAIR William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1664 WHITEHAIRE Robert butcher Jacobstow DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1766 WHITEHEARE William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1663 WHITTER Nathaniell   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1663 WHYTE Luke   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1663 WHYTE Michael   Hatherleigh DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1784 WICKHAM Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1804 WIDDGERY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/61
1807 WIDGERY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/63
1809 WIDGERY Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/64
1801 WIDGERY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 WIDGERY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1805 WIDGERY William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/62
1663 WIETT Arthur   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 WILKEY William butcher Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1739 WILLIAM Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1738 WILLIAMS Abraham   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/9
1741 WILLIAMS Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1738 WILLIAMS Anne widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1739 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1742 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1743 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/14
1744 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 WILLIAMS Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1754 WILLIAMS Anne Spinster Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1788 WILLIAMS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1797 WILLIAMS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/55
1798 WILLIAMS Catherine Shipwrights Arms Northam DRO/QS/62/1/56
1799 WILLIAMS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/57
1800 WILLIAMS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/58
1801 WILLIAMS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/59
1802 WILLIAMS Catherine   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1777 WILLIAMS Dorothy   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 WILLIAMS Dorothy   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 WILLIAMS Dorothy   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/47
1802 WILLIAMS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/60
1731 WILLIAMS Grace widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1770 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1771 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/39
1772 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1773 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/41
1774 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/42
1775 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1776 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1777 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/45
1778 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1779 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1784 WILLIAMS Henry   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1740 WILLIAMS J~~~e?   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1746 WILLIAMS Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 WILLIAMS Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 WILLIAMS Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1749 WILLIAMS Jane   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1755 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1758 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1760 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1762 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1784 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1787 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 WILLIAMS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1762 WILLIAMS Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1763 WILLIAMS Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 WILLIAMS Rebecca   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1759 WILLIAMS Rebeccah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1761 WILLIAMS Rebeccah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1746 WILLIAMS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1766 WILLIAMS Richard   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1760 WILLIAMS Roberta   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1731 WILLIAMS Sarah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1734 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1735 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1738 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1742 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1744 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1746 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1747 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 WILLIAMS Sarah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 WILLIAMS Sarah widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 WILLIAMS Sarah   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1816 WILLIAMS Susanna   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/65
1660 WILLIAMS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1663 WILLIAMS Thomas   Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/3
1664 WILLIAMS Thomas victualler Northam DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1728 WILLIAMS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 WILLIAMS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 WILLIAMS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 WILLIAMS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 WILLIAMS William   Weare Giffard DRO/QS/62/1/5
1736 WILLIAMS William   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/8
1762 WILLIS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31a
1760 WILLS Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1758 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/28
1759 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/29
1760 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/30
1761 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/31b
1763 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/32
1764 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/33
1765 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/34
1766 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/35
1767 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/36
1768 WILLS John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1733 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/5
1739 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1741 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1744 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/15
1747 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1749 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/19
1750 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/20
1751 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/21
1752 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/22
1753 WILLS Margaret widow Northam DRO/QS/62/1/23
1754 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/24
1755 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/25
1756 WILLS Margaret   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/26
1757 WILLS Margarett   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/27
1784 WILLSHARE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/52
1778 WILLSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/46
1768 WILSHARE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/37
1776 WILTSHARE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/44
1770 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/38
1775 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/43
1779 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/47
1780 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/48
1781 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/49
1782 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/50
1783 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/51
1787 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/53
1788 WILTSHIRE Ann   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/54
1772 WILTSHIRE Anne   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/40
1660 WIOTT Anthonye   Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1664 WIOTT Arthur victualler Abbotsham DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1739 WISE Eliza   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1734 WISE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/6
1738 WISE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 WISE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 WISE Elizabeth   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1728 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/1
1730 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/2
1731 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/3
1732 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/4
1733 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/5
1735 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/7
1736 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/8
1738 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/9
1740 WISE George   Littleham DRO/QS/62/1/11
1731 WISE Hugh   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1660 WONNACOTT Jeffery   Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/2
1651 WONNACOTT Phillip   Sandford Courtney DRO/QS/62/15/6/1
1664 WROTH Nicholas butcher North Petherwin DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1747 YELLAND Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 YELLAND Henry   Clovelly DRO/QS/62/1/18
1728 YEO Edmond   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/1
1731 YEO Edmund   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/3
1735 YEO Edmund   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/7
1739 YEO Edmund   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/10
1740 YEO Edmund   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/11
1741 YEO John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/12
1742 YEO John   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/13
1664 YEOLAND Richard butcher Sampford Courtenay DRO/QS/62/15/6/4
1827 YEOLAND Robert   Northam DRO/QS/63/7/08/017
1747 YONGE Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/17
1748 YONGE Charles, junior   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/18
1746 YOUNG Charles   Northam DRO/QS/62/1/16
1770 ZOUCH John   Hartland DRO/QS/62/1/38