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Warkleigh Burials 1719-1875

Transcribed by Lindsey Withers

[Though all the entries have been double-checked, there might, of course, still be errors, so users are advised to also check the originals in the record office.]

DateNameAgeOccupationAbodeRelationshipParent/Husband AbodeOccupation of Father/HusbandComments
31 May 1719Joan BRAYLY   daughter of Arthur Brayly   
5 June 1719Isaac BEER       
24 October 1719Joan PLEASE Widow womanof Chiddenton [Chittlehampton]    
23 November 1720Arthur BRAYLY   son of Arthur Brayly   
18 January 1720Grace HARRIS   wife of Thomas Harris   
7 April 1721Agnes TAYLOR   daughter of John Taylor   
29 May 1721Agnes DAVY  of Chittlehamptondaughter of John Davy   
9 November 1721John DAVIE  of Kings Nympton    
2 May 1722Joan SKINNER  of Warkleigh    
14 May 1722Anthony BURGESS, senior  of Warkleigh    
26 May 1722John BUDD  of Warkleigh    
12 June 1722Simon LEY  of Chittlehampton    
25 July 1722Jane BLAKE   wife of John Blake   
23 September 1722John NOTT       
5 January 1722Elizabeth CUTLER  of Chittlehamptondaughter of William Butler   
30 January 1723Elizabeth CRANG  of Chittlehamptondaughter of Henry and Susanna Crang   
15 February 1723Joan GULLOCK widow     
8 March 1723Dorothy SKINNER   wife of John Skinner   
23 July 1723Thomas HARRIS       
3 October 1723Ann SLOCOME  of Chittlehamptonwife of William Slocome   
8 October 1723Wilmott DOWNE widowof Chittlehampton    
11 October 1723Magdalene RUDD widowof Chittlehampton    
15 November 1723Mary DISCOME   wife of John Discome   
3 April 1724Mary DAVY, als. HELLIER widowof Kings Nympton    
5 April 1724Elizabeth SLOCOME  of Chittlehamptondaughter of William and Ann Slocome   
22 April 1724Thomas WOOLWAY  of Chittlehamptonson of John and Ann Woolway   
11 August 1724Grace LAWDEY   daughter of Charles and Eleanor Lawdey   
16 August 1724Elias NOT  of Chittenholt [Chittlehamholt]    
16 August 1724Edward NOTT   son of John and Juliana Nott   
30 August 1724Edmund HILL   son of John and Sarah Hill   
10 November 1724Thomasin GOVIER       
30 September 1725Alexander SKINNER  of Chittlehampton    
16 January 1725Wilmet MILLS       
20 February 1725Charity SKINNER  of Chittlehampton    
26 May 1726Ann GULLOCK   wife of George Gullock   
3 June 1726Ann GULLOCK   daughter of George and Ann Gullock   
12 June 1726Joan GULLOCK   daughter of George and Ann Gullock   
10 July 1726Elizabeth SKINNER  of Chittenholt [Chittlehamholt]daughter of Alexander Skinner   
7 August 1726Elizabeth SKINNER   daughter of John and Elizabeth Skinner   
22 September 1726Samuel BARTLET       
16 October 1726Eleanor KELLAND widowof Chittenholt [Chittlehamholt]    
17 October 1726Ebbot THORNE       
25 October 1726Mary LEY       
28 November 1726Abraham PODGER yeoman     
28 February 1726Joan CAKE spinsterof Satterleigh    
3 February 1727Simon PLAISE       
21 April 1728Anthony DOCKET       
22 April 1728Ann STRIBLING       
24 April 1728John BLAKE, Junr.       
27 June 1728Luce COLE   wife of Christopher COLE   
30 March 1729Simon CAWSEY       
22 April 1729William BUDD  of Chittlehampton    
12 October 1729John EDWARDS  of South Molton   Buried from Hilltown
18 December 1729John BEAVIS   son of Peter BEAVIS Clerk, Rector of this Parish 
21 December 1729Mary HOOPER  of Chittlehamptonwife of Elias HOOPER   
24 January 1729Elias HOOPER  of Chittlehampton    
17 February 1729Arminel PINCOMBE       
12 April 1730John LEY       
12 April 1730Female DOWNE  of Chittlehamptondaughter of JOHN DOWNE   
14 April 1730Elizabeth BUDD widow     
15 April 1730Mrs WESTCOT  of Chittlehamptonwife of Argentum WESTCOT   
28 May 1730Philip STRIBLING       
29 September 1730John TUCKER  of Chittlehamptonson of John and Joan TUCKER   
16 December 1730Elizabeth PEARCE   daughter of Mr John and Charity PEARCE   
26 December 1730George PEARCE   son of Mr John and Charity PEARCE   
13 January 1730John BEER  of Chittlehampton    
24 January 1730Arthur BRAYLY       
11 February 1730Sarah BEER   daughter of John and Sarah BEER   
18 July 1731Sarah NICHOLS  of Chittlehamptondaughter of John and Mary NICHOLS   
25 July 1731Mary NICHOLS  of Chittlehamptonwife of John NICHOLS   
28 July 1731John NICHOLS  of Chittlehamptonson of John and Mary NICHOLS   
26 January 1732Eleanor HUXTABLE   daughter of Nicholas and Ann HUXTABLE   
18 February 1732John DOCKET   base child of Friswell DOCKET   
12 March 1733Mary PODGER       
23 August 1734Mary BRAINE widow     
29 August 1734Grace CAKE       
27 October 1734Mary VILE   daughter of James VILE   
2 February 1734Elizabeth FRAYNE       
24 February 1734Mary TRICKS       
18 October 1735Joan BEAR   wife of Andrew BEAR   
14 December 1735William SLOAKAM       
30 December 1735Elizabeth SKINNER       
11 January 1735Robert HELLIER       
16 January 1735George HILL   son of John HILL   
7 April 1735Elias NOTT       
8 June 1736George PIERCE   son of John and Charity PIERCE   
13 September 1736Mary DOWN   wife of Joseph DOWNof Chittlehampton  
25 October 1736Agnes TAYLOR   wife of John TAYLOR   
14 November 1736Mary NOT widowof Chittlehampton    
2 May 1737Thomas PLAISE       
29 May 1737Elizabeth CAKE       
18 July 1737Robert MOCK       
5 November 1737Mary BUDD   base child of Mary BUDD   
20 November 1737Mary HILL   daughter of Joseph and Mary HILL   
11 April 1738John BLAKE       
23 May 1738Ann WOOLWAY   wife of John WOOLWAYof Chittlehampton  
[?] December 1738John TUCKER  of Chittlehampton   date not clear
29 December 1738William CAKE       
19 June 1739Henry QUANTACK       
8 November 1739Richard HUXTABLE       
10 January 1739George POPE       
30 January 1739Grace COLE   daughter of Christopher and Susanna COLE   
7 February 1739Wilmot KELLAND  of Chittlehampton    
20 February 1739Joan FEATHERSTONE   wife of Francis FEATHERSTONE   
1740John FEATHERSTONE  of Chittlehampton   no date given
12 August 1740Elizabeth TIBBS       
11 March 1740Henry SNOW       
17 June 1741Sarah VENN   daughter of Henry and Jane VENN   
9 August 1741Margaret THORNE   wife of Richard THORNEof Swimbridge  
30 August 1741[?] YELLAND   wife of Nicholas YELLAND  no first name given
3 October 1741Elizabeth DOWNE   wife of John DOWNEof Chittlehampton  
11 October 1741Charity HARRISS       
18 February 1741Christopher COLE       
3 June 1742William BUTLER  of Chittlehampton    
11 June 1742Eleanor HUXTABLE widow     
28 April 1743Hugh GOVIER       
16 May 1743Agness TRICKS   wife of William TRICKS, junior   
25 May 1743Mary TRICKS       
26 August 1743Elizabeth HOW       
8 January 1743John MILLS       
27 May 1744Emma LORD       
4 June 1744Anthony BEER       
14 October 1744Argentum WESTCOTT  of Chittlehampton    
25 October 1744Mr John PEARSE       
28 April 1745Ann HARRIS       
13 May 1745John TRICKS       
27 August 1745Ann COLE   daughter of Peter and Ann COLE   
5 January 1745William BUDD  of Chittlehampton    
29 April 1746Elizabeth PODGER   relict of Abraham PODGER yeoman 
6 July 1746Rebecca PARKER       
16 November 1746Joseh DOWN   a base child of Sarah DOWNof Chittlehampton  
13 May 1747Joan DOCKET widow     
16 July 1747Susanna COLE       
10 September 1747John COLE  of Satterleigh    
3 November 1747Joanna MELDON   wife of William MELDONof Swimbridge  
21 March 1747Helena LOWDAY   daughter of Charles and Helena LOWDAY   
4 May 1748Grace HOOPER   wife of Philip HOOPERof Chittlehampton  
21 June 1748John DAVY       
8 August 1748Abraham PODGER   son of James and Friswell PODGER   
29 August 1748Esther FRAYNE   wife of John FRAYNEof Chittlehampton  
22 January 1749Mr Thomas MOCK       
24 May 1750Elizabeth COWLER widowof Chittlehampton    
13 October 1750Revd. Mr Peter BEAVIS Rector of these Parishs    Buried on Saturday
7 January 1750Rose BEER       
10 July 1751Reginald HOARE  of Chittlehampton    
14 September 1751William TUCKER  of Chittlehampton    
19 September 1751Johanna DENDLE   base child of Jane DENDLE   
12 December 1751Joan LAKE   daughter of William and Mary LAKE   
22 December 1751Andrew BEARE       
23 January 1752Elizabeth SNOW  of South Molton    
27 January 1752John PALMER   son of Andrew and Thomasin PALMER   
3 March 1752Lawrence HOW  of George Nympton    
8 April 1753Ann CROOK  of Swimbridge    
8 April 1753Joan BUDD  of Warkleigh    
8 August 1753John COLE       
2 December 1753William HUXTABLE       
13 May 1754Hugh BURGESS       
5 July 1754Robert HOW       
15 August 1754Elizabeth TAYLOR       
22 January 1755Margaret SELLY   wife of Christopher SELLY   
20 February 1755Humphry MILLS   son of Humphry and Thomasin MILLS   
31 March 1755Richord BEER       
27 April 1755Charles LOWDAY, Junr.       
8 June 1755Elenor WESTCOTT   wife of William WESTCOTTof Chittlehamholt  
9 June 1756Mary TAYLOR       
3 August 1756George BEER       
30 November 1756Joan PALMER   daughter of Andrew and Thomasin PALMER   
30 January 1757William CLATWORTHY   son of Richard and Mary CLATWORTHY   
6 February 1757Moses CLATWORTHY   son of Richard and Mary CLATWORTHY   
1 November 1757Wilmot QUANTICK       
9 December 1757John NICHOLS       
3 March 1758Christopher ZILLY       
29 March 1758Agnes LOWDAY widow     
15 April 1758Joan PLEACE   wife of William PLEACE   
23 April 1758Joan MOUNTJOY widow     
27 June 1758George CLATWORTHY   son of Richard and Mary CLATWORTHY   
3 August 1758Elizabeth BEER   daughter of John and Margaret BEER   
20 September 1758Robert HOW       
18 March 1759Argentum WESTCOTT  of Chittlehamholt    
21 March 1759Elizabeth SKINNER   daughter of John and Mary SKINNER   
4 April 1759Joan SNOW   wife of Nicholas SNOW   
6 April 1759Mr John PEARSE       
29 April 1759Helena LOWDAY   wife of Charles LOWDAY   
3 May 1759Nicholas SNOW       
6 September 1759Samuel FORD   son of Sampson and Ann FORD   
23 September 1759Mary SNELL   wife of John SNELLof Chittlehamholt  
21 October 1759William PARKER   son of William and Mary PARKER   
27 January 1760John GOUGH   son of William and Prudence GOUGH   
19 March 1760Charles LOWDAY       
5 May 1760James PODGER yeoman     
11 July 1760Mary MILLS widow     
20 July 1760Margaret SKINNER   wife of John SKINNER   
5 November 1760Mary FORD   daughter of Sampson and Ann FORD   
12 November 1760William WESTCOTT  of Chittlehamholt    
27 December 1760Owen MAURICE       
17 February 1761Nicholas HUXTABLE       
15 June 1761John FRAINE       
14 February 1762Sarah GRIFFIN       
21 February 1762Joan GOVIER       
25 February 1762Henry PICKARD       
12 October 1762Ann PICKARD   daughter of Henry and Jane PICKARD   
15 October 1762William PICKARD   son of Henry and Jane PICKARD   
15 January 1763Elizabeth PICKARD   daughter of Henry and Elizabeth PICKARD   
19 January 1763George BLAKE       
11 March 1763Richard CLATWORTHY       
9 May 1763Mary HILL   wife of Joseph HILL   
23 May 1763Lawrence HOW       
6 June 1763Joan SNOW   wife of Henry SNOW   
15 June 1763Ann BEARE       
27 September 1763Hugh SKINNER       
10 October 1763John BEER       
16 March 1764Joan SUMMERS       
28 March 1764William BUDD       
13 June 1764Elizabeth BUDD       
19 June 1764Joan HOWE       
4 July 1765John BOWDEN   son of John and Mary BOWDEN   
18 December 1765Thomas BAKER       
1 March 1766Francis COLE       
20 May 1766Agnes JARMAN       
29 May 1766William HUXTABLE       
5 August 1766Andrew BEER       
15 September 1766Anne SNOW   daughter of Henry and Elizabeth SNOW   
24 July 1767Joan BOWDEN       
29 September 1767Joanna PARKER   daughter of William and Mary PARKER   
21 October 1767Anne BEAVIS   widow of the late Revd. Mr Peter BEAVIS Rector of these Parishes; buried on Wednesday 
30 December 1767John SKINNER       
8 February 1768Elizabeth BEER   daughter of Andrew and Grace BEER   
5 January 1769William BEALE   son of William and Mary BEALE   
12 January 1769Alice PICKARD       
8 February 1769Judith SHOPLAND  of George Nympton    
20 February 1769Joan BUDD       
27 March 1769John HERD   son of Edward and Joan HERD   
19 July 1769Mary FRAINE       
18 August 1769John FRAINE       
11 January 1770Joseph HILL       
11 February 1770Agnes MOREMAN       
21 April 1770Charity PEARSE   relict of JOHN PEARSE   
31 May 1770Agnes MOREMAN   daughter of Robert and Agnes MOREMAN   
15 June 1770Jane MOREMAN   daughter of Robert and Agnes MOREMAN   
9 December 1770John TAYLOR       
15 February 1771William SKINNER       
31 March 1771Grace MORRIS widow     
19 April 1771Henry SNOW       
19 April 1771Elizabeth SHADDICK   daughter of Thomas and Ann SHADDICK   
25 April 1771Peggy HILL       
15 May 1771George MAIRE   son of Edward and Mary MAIREof Chittlehamholt  
8 July 1771Lois BEER  of Mariansley [Mariansleigh]    
20 August 1771Robert TURNER       
26 November 1771Mary MAIRE  of Chittlehamholtwife of Edward MAIRE   
15 December 1771James SOMERS  of Chittlehamholt    
27 December 1771Mary BLAKE   daughter of John and Elizabeth BLAKE   
1 January 1772Jane LAKE   daughter of William and Mary LAKE   
19 January 1772Salome FORD   daughter of Samson and Anne FORD   
23 January 1772Jane VENN   wife of Henry VENNof Chulmley [Chulmleigh]  
12 February 1772William PLAISE       
4 June 1772John HANDFORD       
14 June 1772Anne BALL   wife of William BALL   
7 July 1772Margaret BEER       
18 September 1772Joan DITCHETT       
10 February 1773Elizabeth BEAVIS   daughter of the late Rev Mr Peter BEAVIS Rector of these Parishes 
23 February 1773George BEER       
2 March 1773Mary SMITH   daughter of William and Mary SMITH   
5 March 1773Richard SMITH   son of William and Mary SMITH   
10 March 1773Henry HANDFORD   son of John and Susanna HANDFORD   
22 March 1773Mary BLAKE   daughter of John and Elizabeth BLAKE   
6 April 1773Mary BEALE   daughter of William and Mary BEALE   
23 December 1773William PARKER       
21 April 1774Mary WOOLLACOTT   daughter of Robert WOOLLACOTT   
27 November 1774Robert NOTT  of Chittlehamholt    
21 February 1775Thomasin MILLS   wife of Humphry MILLS   
2 March 1775Alice PICKARD       
14 March 1775Mary SOMERS   wife of William SOMERSof Chittlehamholt  
18 March 1775George BATERa child      
8 May 1775Joan PARKER       
27 August 1775Charles HUXTABLE   son of Charles HUXTABLE   
24 January 1776Anne BEAVIS   daughter of Peter and Mary BEAVIS Clerk; Rector of these Parishes 
12 February 1776Samson FORD       
28 February 1777Joanna LOWDAY   daughter of William and Joan LOWDAY   
24 July 1777William BEER       
25 December 1777Arthur BRELAY   son of Susanna BRELAY   
13 January 1778William HUXTABLE   son of Charles and Grace HUXTABLE   
27 October 1778Elizabeth BEER       
3 January 1779Samuel LOWDAY   son of William LOWDAY   
9 January 1779Thomas MILDON       
12 February 1779Miriam BURGESS   wife of William BURGESS   
28 October 1779John BAKER       
7 November 1779Thomas LOWDAY   son of William and Joan LOWDAY   
16 February 1780Elizabeth SHAPCOTE       
18 February 1780John SNELL  of Chittlehamholt    
23 March 1781Mary LAKE   wife of William LAKE   
5 August 1781Margaret BATTER       
11 October 1781Christopher SHAPCOTE       
20 November 1781Sarah BEER       
19 March 1782Mary SMITH       
2 April 1782Mary HILL       
16 July 1782Ann BURGESS       
11 January 1784Rachel BLAKE widow     
16 May 1784William PICKARD   son of Henry and Mary PICKARD   
22 December 1784William GARDINER       
3 February 1785Jane TURNER widow     
2 August 1785John SKINNER pauper     
5 October 1785Alice BOWDON       
1 January 1786Joan BAKER pauper     
19 February 1786Mary PARKER widow     
20 April 1786Thomas SHADDICK pauper     
8 May 1786Humphry MILLS yeoman     
16 June 1786Frizwell PODGER widow; pauper     
27 August 1786John LANE pauper     
22 October 1786William BAKER pauper     
24 January 1787Ann FORD widow; pauper     
31 March 1788Grace HILL       
18 May 1788Richard CLATWORTHY       
1 June 1788Mary PARKMAN       
11 September 1788Joan BRELAY pauper     
19 October 1788Ann LANE pauper     
9 November 1788Ann SIMONS       
7 January 1789William HILL       
4 June 1789William BATER       
30 June 1789Ann HUXTABLE       
2 March 1790John LOWDAY       
14 October 1790William GOUGH pauper     
29 October 1790Susanna BALL pauper     
9 January 1791Grace BEER pauper     
10 March 1791Elizabeth BATER pauper     
12 March 1791Michael DUNN pauper     
27 March 1792William MILLS   son of William and Elizabeth MILLS   
31 March 1792John HILL       
19 November 1793William BURGESS yeoman     
5 May 1793William FORD       
29 September 1793Hannah BUCKINGHAM pauper daughter of Ann BUCKINGHAM   
4 September 1794John SHADDICK       
10 September 1794Mr Peter BEAVIS Rector of Warkleigh     
17 February 1795Mary SKINNER pauper     
20 February 1795Mary BATER   wife of James BATER   
14 March 1795Tammy MILLS   daughter of John and Dorothy MILLS   
2 February 1796William SMYTH       
29 March 1796George THORNE yeoman     
30 April 1796Mrs Mary BEAVIS widow     
9 June 1796James WARREN       
18 July 1796Grace BEER       
27 August 1797John PARKMAN yeoman     
9 December 1797Frances THORNE widow     
4 January 1798Elizabth BEER       
8 June 1798Thomasin MILLS       
15 July 1798Elizabeth MILLS       
5 August 1798Thomas SHAPLAND       
16 August 1798Margaret PICKARD       
3 January 1799Elizabeth PICKARD       
21 February 1799James GARDINER       
30 April 1799John MILLS yeoman     
6 June 1799Jane BLAKE       
22 December 1799Frances BLAKE       
14 April 1800William SMITH       
29 June 1800Elizabeth FORD       
28 July 1800Grace BATER       
26 September 1800Grace SHADDICK       
26 October 1800Anne WARREN       
17 December 1800James HUXTABLE       
2 December 1801Frances BLAKE       
6 December 1801Emlin SKINNER       
27 December 1801Christian HOWARD       
2 February 1802George BLAKE       
28 April 1802Mrs Sarah BURGESS widow     
5 September 1802Hannah BEER       
3 April 1803Mary ROOK       
28 August 1803Thomas SMYTH       
8 December 1803Esther HILL       
25 January 1804John BLAKE       
25 January 1804John WHITEFIELD       
18 March 1804Elizabeth WARREN       
9 April 1805Michael DUNN       
14 June 1805John SMITH       
27 October 1805Philip SHADDICK       
13 November 1805Mary SKINNER       
5 January 1806Anne GOUGH       
28 February 1806William TAPSCOTT       
23 March 1806William BATER       
22 September 1806Charles HUXTABLE       
22 September 1806Mary BATER       
20 December 1806Miss Elizabeth MILLS       
26 December 1806Susanna SHADDICK       
26 December 1806William HUXTABLE       
6 January 1807Walter ELLIOTT  of Chittlehamholt    
29 January 1807Mary BEER       
14 May 1807Susanna BEER       
14 May 1807Lois HILL       
7 June 1807John DADDS       
25 September 1807William BUTLER       
3 January 1808John CHAPPLE       
22 January 1808John RATTENBERRY yeoman     
16 March 1808John BOWDEN       
15 July 1808William BEER, junior yeoman     
21 August 1808Maria BEALE       
2 October 1808Elizabeth LUXON       
1 November 1808Mary HILL widow     
15 January 1809Jane CHAPPLE       
3 July 1809Grace WHITEFIELD       
23 July 1809Joseph HILL       
22 October 1810Mary BAKER       
18 February 1811Mrs Anne MORTIMER       
5 June 1811Anne GOFF       
2 September 1811Anne SHADDICK       
28 December 1811James WARREN       
19 January 1812Anne WESTACOTTE       
15 July 1812William BEALE the parish clerk     
1 November 1812Richard SHADDICK       
14 February 1813Anne BALL58 years of Warkleigh    
27 February 1813Prudence GOUGH75 years of Warkleigh    
21 March 1813John BEER3 years of Chulmleigh   of the parish of Satterleigh
26 April 1813Mary BATER52 years of Warkleigh    
6 May 1813Joan GOUGH67 years of Chittlehamholt    
31 May 1813John BOWDEN74 years of Warkleigh    
1 June 1813William CONGRAM38 years of Chittlehampton    
20 June 1813Anne HILL90 years of Warkleigh    
3 November 1813Grace MORTIMER17 years of Warkleigh    
14 December 1813Henry WESTACOTT19 years of Warkleigh    
22 December 1813Eleanor MARSH94 years of Warkleigh    
15 March 1814Anthony BEER64 years of Satterleigh    
17 March 1814Mary SHAPLAND82 years of Warkleigh    
30 May 1814Thomasin RATTENBERRY27 years of Chittlehamholt    
31 July 1814William BALL98 years of Warkleigh    
18 October 1814William CLIGG  of Warkleigh    
24 October 1814William BURGESS53 years of Warkleigh    
11 December 1814Anne DADDS52 years of Warkleigh    
7 June 1815Elizabeth BOWDEN10 years of Warkleigh    
7 July 1815Hugh SKINNER56 years of Satterleigh    
2 September 1815William BURGESS32 years of Warkleigh    
6 October 1815Agnes WOOLLACOTT63 years of Warkleigh    
3 January 1816Bernard LUXTON82 years of Warkleigh    
10 March 1816Grace HUXTABLE74 years of Warkleigh    
3 November 1816Henry LEY3 weeks of Warkleigh    
27 December 1816Elizabeth DAVEY57 years of Warkleigh    
22 March 1817William BEER64 years of Warkleigh    
14 September 1817Thomas SKINNER63 years of Warkleigh    
24 November 1817John BOWDEN15 years of Warkleigh    
3 January 1818Mary WILCOX3 years of Warkleigh    
17 January 1818Edward BURGESS17 years of Warkleigh    
19 January 1818Richard BAKER71 years of Warkleigh    
6 October 1818Elizabeth BEER60 years of Satterleigh    
18 November 1818Elizabeth SKINNER22 years of Warkleigh    
26 January 1819Mary BOWDEN85 years of Warkleigh    
27 February 1820Michael PEARSE2 years of Chittlehampton    
4 May 1820Mary DUNN88 years of Chittlehampton    
30 May 1820William BEER38 years of Satterleigh    
8 October 1820Eleanor WEY22 years of Satterleigh    
21 February 1821Elizabeth BEAVIS20 years of Warkleigh    
11 October 1821Elizabeth ELLIOTT59 years of Chittlehamholt    
23 January 1822George WESTACOTT6 years of Warkleigh    
1 September 1822John SMITH39 years of South Molton    
15 October 1822William LAWDAY57 years of Warkleigh    
22 November 1822John WARREN6 years of Warkleigh    
16 March 1823John GOFF28 years of Warkleigh    
20 August 1823Jane GARDNER77 years of West Worlington    
16 January 1824Elizabeth MILLS57 years of Warkleigh    
8 February 1824Mary Ann WILCOX1 year of Satterleigh    
16 June 1825Elizabeth BEER73 years of Chittlehampton    
26 June 1825John BEER79 years of Satterleigh    
14 December 1825Robert WOONACOTT76 years of Warkleigh    
16 February 1826Bartholomew CHAPPLE85 years of Warkleigh    
6 September 1826Mary BEALE82 years of Warkleigh    
11 February 1827Eleanor RATTENBURY86 years of Chittlehamholt    
16 February 1827George THORNE72 years of Warkleigh    
6 April 1827Elizabeth LAWDAY68 years of Chittlehamholt    
9 October 1827William THORNE64 years of Warkleigh    
17 October 1827Grace SHADDICK9 years of Warkleigh    
15 November 1827Mary HILL42 years of Warkleigh    
24 February 1828Richard SMITH21 years of Warkleigh    
29 February 1828William HILL8 years of Warkleigh    
14 June 1828William MILLS62 years of Warkleigh    
27 June 1828Edward Bowden BRAYLEY7 weeks of Warkleigh    
8 July 1828Elizabeth BURGESS66 years of Warkleigh    
31 August 1828Mary Jane SAUNDERS5 years of Warkleigh    
18 October 1828Anne STEVENS60 years of Warkleigh    
1 November 1828Elizabeth DADS8 years of Satterleigh    
11 January 1829George WEY8 days of Satterleigh    
21 January 1829Richard PICKARD66 years of Warkleigh    
8 February 1829Abraham BATER65 years of Warkleigh    
29 April 1829William GREENSLADE83 years of Warkleigh    
31 May 1829Charles WILCOCKS1 year of Satterleigh    
10 July 1829John BAKER9 weeks of Warkleigh    
8 January 1830Alice CHAPPLE88 years of Warkleigh    
24 January 1830Richard HUXTABLE2 weeks of Warkleigh    
28 February 1830Elizabeth BALL78 years of Warkleigh    
15 April 1830Elizabeth STADDON72 years of Warkleigh    
7 May 1830John FORD77 years of Chittlehampton    
16 May 1830Sarah BEER75 years of Warkleigh    
26 September 1830Philip SHADDICK25 years of Chittlehampton    
21 October 1830Elizabeth BLAKE81 years of Chittlehampton    
5 August 1831John WESTACOTT77 years of Warkleigh    
15 September 1831Alice SKINNER72 years of Warkleigh    
6 November 1831John MANNITTON5 years of Warkleigh    
23 January 1832Richard HUXTABLE79 years of Warkleigh    
1 June 1832Benjamin BEER76 years of Warkleigh    
10 June 1832John FORD5 months of Warkleigh    
14 June 1832Susannah NEALE85 years of Chittlehamholt    
15 April 1833Hugh SULLEY76 years of Chittlehamholt    
26 April 1833Sarah PEARSE73 years of Warkleigh    
8 May 1833William DAVIE76 years of Warkleigh    
13 May 1833Anne SHAPHAM83 years of Warkleigh    
10 June 1833Sarah FORDinfant of Warkleigh    
1 August 1833Elizabeth HUXTABLE2 years of Warkleigh    
14 December 1833James BEER48 years of Chittlehamholt    
7 October 1834George STADDON82 years of Warkleigh    
30 November 1834George BATER83 years of Warkleigh    
14 January 1835William HOWARD74 years of South Molton    
31 May 1835Henry WOONNACOTT41 years of Warkleigh    
12 August 1835Elizabth SELLEY74 years of Satterleigh    
2 November 1835Mary TAPSCOTT25 years of Barnstaple    
6 March 1836Elizabeth WILLCOCKS4 years of Satterleigh    
22 May 1836George WEY5 days of Warkleigh    
25 December 1836Margaret DAVEY76 years of Chittlehampton    
11 April 1837Eleanor SKINNER78 years of Warkleigh    
16 April 1837John ELLIOTT77 years of Chittlehamholt    
6 May 1837John MORTIMER52 years of Warkleigh    
15 September 1837John BAKER73 years of Warkleigh    
21 September 1837William SUMMERWILL9 weeks of Chittlehamholt    
14 October 1837Richard John Brown BURDEN43 years of Burrington    
1 February 1838William BADCOCK72 years of Warkleigh    
8 April 1838John HUXTABLE2 years of Warkleigh    
6 December 1838John SUMMERWILL13 weeks of Chittlehamholt    
16 June 1839Hannah STADDON39 years of Satterleigh    
22 September 1839Mary BADCOCK80 years of Warkleigh    
15 November 1839Hannah BATER70 years of Warkleigh    
17 December 1839John GARDNER66 years of Blackpool, South Molton    
23 December 1839Elizabeth PHILPOTTS87 years of Warkleigh    
13 April 1840William RIDD69 years of Warkleigh    
19 June 1840William SKINNER76 years of Warkleigh    
10 July 1840Wiliam BUCKINGHAM6 weeks of Chittlehamholt    
17 July 1840Ann BATER85 years of Warkleigh    
2 August 1840Richard HERNIMAN1 year of Warkleigh    
25 December 1840Mary HERNIMAN5 years of Warkleigh    
4 January 1841Lucy Caroline BEVAN4 months of Preston    
7 January 1841William HILL59 years of Warkleigh    
8 January 1841Mary SMITH85 years of Warkleigh    
15 January 1841James BATER82 years of South Molton    
18 January 1841Matthew HODGE64 years of Chittlehampton    
7 February 1841Thomas SHADDOCK82 years of Warkleigh    
30 May 1841George TAPSCOTT68 years of Warkleigh    
23 June 1841Dorothy KNIGHT63 years of Warkleigh    
16 January 1842Richard SMITH67 years of Warkleigh    
1 May 1842William FORD4 months of Warkleigh    
11 March 1843Mary CARTER58 years of Braunton    
3 May 1843Elizabeth COLE4 months of Warkleigh    
17 October 1843Margaret HUXTABLE84 years of Warkleigh    
3 December 1843Susan COCK9 months of Warkleigh    
18 February 1844Sarah BLACKFORD71 years of Warkleigh    
28 February 1844Elizabeth SMITH7 years of Warkleigh    
29 February 1844Elizabeth BURDEN53 years of High Bickington    
30 May 1844Bartholomew CHAPPLE3 years of Beatford, Warkleigh    
2 October 1844Jane BADCOCK66 years of Hussen, Warkleigh    
20 November 1844John PICKETT60 years of Chittlehamholt    
26 January 1845Mary WESTACOTT84 years of Chittlehampton    
23 February 1845John SHADDOCK1 year of Chittlehampton    
27 February 1845James SMITH36 years of Beaminster    
15 June 1845Sarah PALFREMAN40 years of Chittlehampton    
17 June 1845Mary Ann CHAPPLE2 years of Warkleigh    
5 August 1845Maria BEER7 weeks of Desen, Warkleigh    
17 October 1845Samuel COLE1 year of Holt Gate,Warkleigh    
6 December 1845Jenny MANATON67 years of Hussen, Warkleigh    
21 December 1845Sarah SHADDOCK77 years of Snap-down, Warkleigh    
18 January 1846Grace HOWARD85 years of South Molton    
30 January 1846William PHILLIPS2 years of Warkleigh Hotel, Warkleigh    
15 October 1846James WARREN24 years of West Pugsley, Warkleigh    
3 December 1846Eliza SIMONS10 months of Little Beers,Warkleigh    
17 March 1847Ann HODGE67 years of Chittlehamholt    
23 September 1847James CLEGG83 years of Warkleigh    
29 December 1847Hannah BATER46 years of Warkleigh    
9 February 1848John CLARK60 years of Warkleigh    
27 February 1848William BLACKFORD77 years of South Molton    
18 June 1848Hannah CLARKE61 years of Chittlehamholt    
1 April 1849George FORD80 years of Chittlehamholt    
26 August 1849Mary BEER65 years of Warkleigh    
18 November 1849Eliza Jane WESTACOTT7 years of Bateford, Warkleigh    
3 January 1850Mary SUMMERWILL43 years of Satterleigh    
26 March 1850Mary ROUTLEIGH75 years of Warkleigh    
30 June 1850Ann BOWDEN76 years of Chittlehamholt    
1 September 1850Elizabeth SHADDOCK80 years of Chittlehampton    
18 November 1850Ellen GREENSLADE3 years of Greendown, Warkleigh    
14 August 1851Elizabeth SMITH78 years of Umberleigh Bridge, Atherington    
17 August 1851Ann SHADDICK65 years of Eastacott, Chittlehampton    
1 September 1851Edwin MORTIMER1 month of Warkleigh Barton, Warkleigh    
23 May 1852William WOOLACOTT9 months of Warkleigh    
11 April 1853Margaret BEER73 years of Warkleigh    
26 May 1853Frederick VICKERY22 years of Warkleigh    
15 September 1853Ann HODGE81 years of Warkleigh    
1 January 1854Thomas SHADDOCK4 months of Warkleigh    
5 March 1854Susan Jane STADDON2 years of Chittlehampton    
10 March 1854Mary GREENSLADE88 years of Warkleigh    
10 January 1855William WESTACOTT71 years of Higher Beer, Warkleigh    
18 April 1855John HEARD24 years of Warkleigh    
27 May 1855Elizabeth Ann RICE9 months of South Molton    
5 July 1855Aubrey Cadwallader COKER6 months of Warkleigh    
17 December 1855William MILLS58 years of Chittlehampton    
9 June 1856William GREENSLADE, junior19 years of Chittlehampton    
6 November 1856Elizabeth WHITFIELD70 years of Satterleigh    
4 September 1857William BADCOCK69 years of Chittlehampton    
13 September 1857William Henry WAY11 months of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
1 November 1857Frances Ellen WARREN2 years of Warkleigh    
4 April 1858John MANATON73 years of South Bray, Chittlehampton    
25 June 1858Elizabeth SHADDICK8 months of Warkleigh    
28 November 1858Sarah Ann CLEAL7 years of Warkleigh    
2 January 1859Thomas SHADDICK75 years of Warkleigh    
19 January 1859Mary CLEAL43 years of Warkleigh    
9 February 1859Anthony BEER71 years of Warkleigh    
20 February 1859Henry JENKINS4 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
22 April 1859Sarah MIDDLETON3 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
29 April 1859Eliza HERNAMAN7 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
23 June 1859Mary CROCKER45 years of Barnstaple    
3 December 1859John DARCH76 years of Hussen, Warkleigh    
3 January 1860John WARREN85 years of West Pugsley, Warkleigh    
24 February 1860Mary Jane WESTACOTT17 years of Desen, Warkleigh    
25 February 1860Mary HUXTABLE71 years of Chittlehamholt    
27 February 1860George CHAPPLE49 years of Chittlehamholt    
5 March 1860John HILL83 years of Huntown, Warkleigh    
16 March 1860John WILCOCK7 months of Methe Turnpike Gate    
28 March 1860Ann WAY65 years of Warkleigh    
4 May 1860Samuel STADDON67 years of Warkleigh    
30 June 1860Sarah DARCH84 years of Warkleigh    
26 September 1860William BAKER83 years of South Molton    
10 November 1860Lydia Ann HARRIS2 months of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
11 January 1861Alfred GREENSLADE6 months of Stonehays, Warkleigh    
29 January 1861John WAY66 years of Warkleigh    
1 March 1861Catherine BEER84 years of Warkleigh    
23 March 1861William KENT7 months of Warkleigh    
12 June 1861Thomas RUMBELOW47 years of Snapdown, Warkleigh    
25 June 1861Elizabeth WONACOTT3 days of South Molton    
16 July 1861John GREENSLADE28 years of Stonehays, Warkleigh    
7 November 1861John James Bater CHAPPLE9 years of Kings Nympton    
5 January 1862Elizabeth SMYTH77 years of South Molton    
12 January 1862Izet WONNACOTT36 years of Satterleigh    
8 February 1862William Henry PAW4 days of Warkleigh    
6 July 1862Betty WONNACOTT84 years of Chittlehampton    
31 August 1862Thomas Burgess CARTER6 weeks of Edgington, Warkleigh    
6 December 1862John BURGESS75 years of Warkleigh Cottage, Warkleigh    
8 December 1862Elizabeth HEARD63 years of Warkleigh    
6 May 1863Philip BURGESS63 years of Warkleigh    
14 October 1863Thomas WILLCOCKS74 years of Satterleigh    
1 November 1863Mary ISAACS16 months of Little Beer, Warkleigh    
22 November 1863James CLIEL54 years of Beatford, Warkleigh    
14 December 1863Mary SMITH71 years of Little Beer, Warkleigh    
23 January 1864Frances MORTIMER84 years of South Molton    
10 February 1864Jane Mary LEWORTHY5 days of Higher Beers, Warkleigh    
20 March 1864George BEER82 years of Warkleigh    
7 April 1864Ann GALLIFORD67 years of Beatford, Warkleigh    
25 September 1864George WONNACOTT17 days of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
9 January 1865Henry HARRIS14 weeks of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
15 January 1865Grace WILLCOCKS74 years of South Molton    
21 March 1865Thomas BURGESS80 years of Warkleigh    
18 April 1865Julia VICARY11 years of Warkleigh    
4 June 1865Elizabeth BAKER86 years of South Molton    
26 July 1865Mary Ann LEWORTHY38 years of Higher Beer, Warkleigh    
22 September 1865Fanny Louisa MORTIMER17 years of Barton, Warkleigh    
15 October 1865Elizabeth ISAACS25 years of Lower Beer, Warkleigh    
18 December 1865William WARE1 year of Poole, Warkleigh    
2 February 1866Thomas POWELL32 years of Beatford, Warkleigh    
18 May 1866Sarah Jane SIMONS18 years of Warkleigh Rectory    
6 October 1866Bridget Norton CARTWRIGHT84 years of Preston, Warkleigh    
27 January 1867Elizabeth WESTACOTT77 years of Raggs Cottage, Warkleigh    
30 March 1867Emma Jane HEARD38 years of Warkleigh    
17 January 1868Hugh SMITH72 years of Lower Beer Warkleigh    
28 April 1868Ann STADDON64 years of Chittlehampton    
29 April 1868John JENKINS45 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
2 January 1869Henry MORTIMER22 years of Warkleigh Barton    
7 January 1869Sarah GREENSLADE69 years of Stonehays, Warkleigh    
8 September 1869John STEVENS88 years of Warkleigh    
9 September 1869Ann WARREN85 years of West Pugsley, Warkleigh    
15 April 1870Elizabeth ARNOLD89 years of Beatford, Warkleigh    
10 July 1871John MILLS78 years of South Molton    
19 October 1871William GREENSLADE68 years of Stonehays, Warkleigh    
15 November 1871Eliza BOUCHER35 years of Raggs, Warkleigh    
30 April 1872William GREENSLADE71 years of Collacott, Chittlehampton    
4 March 1874George SIMMONS66 years of Lower Beers, Warkleigh    
22 June 1874Thomas SOMERWILL82 years of Old Parsonage, Warkleigh    
26 January 1875Martha FRANCIS22 years of Deson, Warkleigh    
9 February 1875Louisa BREWER7 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
18 February 1875Ann GREENSLADE64 years of Collacott, Chittlehampton    
5 March 1875Betsy Ann BREWER5 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
17 March 1875William LANE45 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh    
18 March 1875John WARREN49 years of Warkleigh Hotel    
14 April 1875Charles CROOK4 months of Newland, Warkleigh    
27 June 1875Edward STADDON72 years of Bateford, Warkleigh    
22 July 1875Robert HERNAMAN72 years of Little Shortridge, Warkleigh