Will of Simon Worthe, Gentleman of Washfield, Devon

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National Archives Catalogue Reference: PROB 11/47

Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Will Registers, Stevenson Register

Transcribed by Edna Marlow, with help from Devon-L subscribers.

Will of Simon Worth 1 August 1563

Probated 31 March 1564 Inq. p.m. 6 Elizabeth No. 20

In dei nomine Amen Primo die mensis Augustij Anno d[omi]ni mill[es]imo quingen[tesi]mo sexagesimo tercio I Simon Worthe gentleman of the parishe of Washfelde beinge whole of mynde and in perfect remembrance doe make my laste will and testament in this manner and forme following First I bequeath my soule to allmighty god, my bodie to buried in the Churche of owre Ladie of Washfelde by my father Item I give to Wenifryed berde my eldest daughter tenn poundes Item I give and bequethe to Elizabeth Sperry my seconde daughter tenn pounds Item I give and bequeth unto Ursula my daughter tenn poundes Item I give and bequeath to Johne my daughter forty poundes to the preferment of her marriadge so she doth marry by the advice of her mother Item I give and bequeath to Mary Worth my daughter twenty shilling[e]s Item I give and bequeath to henry Worth my sonne all my apparell belonging unto my bodie Excepte the worste of the apparell which my wife shall thinke metest to bee bestowed uppon the poore and nedy Item I give and bequeth to my sonne Arthure Worth my chaine of golde Item I give and bequeath unto Edward Will[ia]ms my man forty shilling[e]s Item I give and bequeth unto Edward hawkin my man forty shilling[e]s Item I give and bequeath unto Thomas Clarcke my boye the revertion of the teneme[n]t that Richard Ballman nowe dwelleth in Item I give and bequeath unto Avis my servant forty shillinges uppon the condicion that she continue her self in servis with her maistris and mary owt of her house Item I give and bequeth unto Eve my servant tenne shilling[e]s Item I give and bequeth unto the church of Washfelde fortie shilling[e]s Item I give and bequeath all the tennes of yeres that I have in the benefice of Washfelde that is yet to come unto Elizabeth Worth my wife for terme of her lief. And after her lief unto Henry Worth my sonne during his lief And if it happen the saide henry to die before all the yeres be expired I will that thos yeres that remaine shall go unto Winifried berde my eldest well and daughter Item I make my oversears of this my last will and testament to have it ^ truly performed my brother John Fortescue Will[ia]m Sommaster and Walter Babington, and their to have for their paines forty shilling[e]s apece / the rest of my goods not yet bequethed I give and bequeth wholy unto Elizabeth Worth my wife Whome I doe make my sole executrix she to see me honestly brought in earth my debtes paid. And the reste she to bestowe hit for the wealthe of my soule Witnes to the same S[i]r Thomas Tuckehay Clerke Edward Williams and John garde with other mo Item I given and be= queth to Arthure Spurry my godson ther revertion of that tenement that John hooge at Brufford and Johne his wife houlde nowe of in the manner of Furbie after the custome and manner

By me Simon Worthe

Probatum fuit suprascriptum testamentum coram Mag[ist]ro Walteri Haddon legum doctore

Curie Prerogative Cant[uariensis] Commissar[io] apud london ultimo die mensis Marcij Anno d[omi]ni mill[es]imo quingen[tesimo]

sexagesimo quarto iuramento Thome Upton Notarij pub[li]ci p[ro]cu[rat]oris Elizabethe Worth Relicte et execu[tri]cis in hui[usm]o[d]I test[ament]o no[m]i[n]at[i] Cui commissa fuit Administrac[i]o de bene &c ac de pleno et fidel[ite]r Invent[arium] &c Necnon de plano et fidel[ite]r Compo(utat)o &c Iurat[o]